MAY, 2011

5-1-11 - DREAM -  I had a beautiful blonde dog standing on a table.  It was thin like a cheetah, and I can't say I really saw its face because it was facing sideways to me on the table.

A voice in my head said, "Sometimes, it's best just to cut its head off while its live."

I took a sharp knife, and feeling sick to my stomach, I cut the dog's head off.

There was no blood, no crying out of pain, no sound. 

When the head fell to the table, I cut off its legs, and put the four legs into a tall vase that was green into the freezer to keep them for some reason.

It felt sickening to do this, but it did it because I was told to/

It seems that I had that dream 3 times, but I really only remember it once.


5-1-11 - DREAM - I was in a house, making coffee for three men.  I saw the first man, I thought was my husband Ed, he was wearing a green and gold sweater tthat looked hand knit.  He was muscular and tall.  When heh turned around I didn't recognize him, but I asked him ifi he wanted coffee and he said, "Yes!"

Then a second man came through the room, and I asked him if he wanted coffee, and he said, "Yes!  and when I poured it for him, he took it outside to drink it.  The other man was outside too, but I had a feeling he wa watching me through theh window anyway, and I didn't have my underwear on under my clothes, and I didn't want him to see me put on my underwear.

This early in the morning,, I could see clouds over the sky, but nont all the way to the horizon.  At the horizon, the sun was shining bright old around the edges ofo the clouds.

I thought to myself, the breeze feels really good, once the clouds roll away, it will be really bright and hot.

I needed to make a third pot of coffee because my husband hadn't come down yet.  I knkew I needed to use fresh grounds because he deserved the best coffee.  So I made a fresh pot of coffee just for him.

Somewhere I was hearing a man's voice with an Irish lilt to it, but couldn't understand the words.

Then mhy husband came into the room.  He was ready to go to work.  I gave him his cup of coffee, then he bent over to kidss me ogodby for the day.  I was surprised to see that my husband was not who I thought he was.  He looked like my grandson Brian, but he was very very tall, and largebuilt.  He kissed me gently on the lips. It was a loving kiss, but not smootchy, just gentle.  And then the men left for workk and left me alone for the day.

and I woke up.


6-2-11 - dream -  i got a new job workng for a church.  My boss was female and she called me over to her desk and asked me to copy a page that was already done, except she wanted the extreme right hand side covered so it wouldn't copy - some small details.  Then we were all expected to follow the instructions on the parer ourselves, and that was to take self-defense lessons on 60th St.


5-3-11 - DREAM [- I iwas working late at an office with my friend and co-worker Barbara.

Barbara had cut the hair of one of our other co-workers, who was blonde like Barbara, and it was shoulder length like Barbara's hair, so they looked almost identical.  It was realy cute and bouncy.

Our boss, whose name was Harvey was sitting in a large office that was attached to our large office, and we had all worked late - probably unpaid.

Barbara saidi she stayed late because she thought I was going to a large banquet that was beiing held in our building down the hall, but I hadn't been invited.  I just hung around because because everyone else was staying late.

The dilemma came when I stole the bosses key to a cubby that was in the front wall of Barbara's desk that held a bowl of cookies and a noteobok.  We had to write down the initials of every person who bought a cookie, inccccluding ourselves.  I just wrote down cookie for my own cookie's I ate.  We didn't actually pay for them, but we were eating our own profits. 

I don't know why we had to be so detailed about who bought cookies. Evidently the boss had a reason, but we didn't know what it was.

So, when Barbara found out I wasn't going to the banquet, and I found out that she didn't have anything to do that evening either, we just decided to go home, but I pocketed the key to the cookie cubby, and took the notebook home with me too.


5-4-11 - DREAM -  I had climbed up onto the roof of the garage part of  alarger, taller barn.  The roof had just been replaced with an intricately carved rubber roof, which had a few loose places and I knew would never keep water from going inside.  I could see many places where water could go inside through the loose endings of the strips

  There were a couple men on top of the barn roof, and a young man came to inspect the roof of the garage where I was sitting.  I couldn't remember where the ladder was to let him come up to the roof, nor how I could get down to the ground again.  The ladder didn't stick up past the edge of the roof anywhere I could see.

An ice cream delivery cart  came to deliver ice cream for kids and tow o fmy kids were down in the yard, wanting to get some ice cream but I couldn't get down there to buy them any without knowing how to get down off the garage roof.

Somehow, all of a sudden I was on the ground and someone who looked like Daniel from The Young nad the REstless TV show, told me that my son Bobby needed his diaper changed.

At the same time I needed to take the garabe bag to the dumpster, so I told him, I'd change Bobby's diaper, if he'd take the garbage to the dumpster.  He agreed.

I then stood there looking up the stairway that went into the house, and for some reason I didn't want to climb those stairs to the upstairs sicne I had just come down from the roof.

I woke up psuddenly to the dogs barking outside, so I don't know if I wo9uld have overcome the reluctance to climb the stairs or not.


5-5-11 - MIXED MESSAGES DREAM -  I was living in jWisconsin in my Father's 16th St. house.  I had a pain in my left breast that was bothering me a lot  (this is true).  I went into the parlor where three doctors were sitting around studying their notebooks for the day to see what they were going to be doing.  

I sat down between them, telling them I needed to use the phone book to find the number for my doctor, and they allowed me to do that, not askikng me what was wrong, but  I was getting mroe and more comfortable being around them, and I ended up ruffling their hair on a couple of them before I left the room, realizinng that I was actually living with Dr. Gupta, who was then in the diningroom.

So I went into the diningroom, and Dr. Gupta was standing there ) it was actually Dr. Brian from my own doctor's office)  and I told him abotu the pain in my breast, and he looked dat it and touched it a second, telling me to come into the office, and telling me "You should be wearing a fully body bra." 

That made sense to me, so I went back to the parlor with th eother three doctors, and no matter how many phone oboks that were there , I could not find Dr Gupta's phone number,

I planned to call the office and tell them that Dr. Gupta lived with me, and get in right away -  a highlhy unlikely scenario - but I oped that would work.

The doctors lett for work then, and I went back into the house to get ready to go to the doctor, and when I left the house, without making an appointment, a man was driving me (perhaps my husband) and we drove down to Lake Drive in Mmilwaukee, and when we got there, near the harbor, we thought we were looking at a huge storm cloud coming in off theh lake.

As we looked at thisi nasty looking dark cloud, we realized it was actually a wave of ice and snow that had blown up in a sotrm, and all that ice and snow was hangning over, ready to fall back down into the lake.

As we watched, half of the ice wall fell into the lake, and someone said, "That's just how i twas in 1768."  The noise was immense as the ice andd snow fell into the water, it a screscendo of sound that sounded almost musical like a full blown orchestra would play.

Just then, our daughter-in-law Loran came along and we told her about it, so she grabbed her camera and took a picture of the smaller piece of ice and snow tha twas still there, but she missed the towering cloud o ficee and snow that had once been looming over the harbor.


a story from 1768

When Coleridge wrote The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, accounts of the daring sea voyages of the British explorer Captain James Cook (1728-1779) had caught the public's fancy. Cook had made three exploratory voyages in the Pacific between 1768 and 1779, traveling as far north as the Bering Strait (between Alaska and Russia) and as far south as the ice fields of Antarctica. One of his crewmen, astronomer William Wales, later taught mathematics to Coleridge at Christ's Hospital School in London after Coleridge enrolled upon the death of his father in 1781. Australian Bernard Smith maintains that Coleridge likely used a journal kept by Wales as a source of information for The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, according to Bill Whelen, author of Captain Cook's Navigator and Coleridge's Poem: William Wales, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' (Dunedin, New Zealand: University of Otago

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Cook had made three exploratory voyages in the Pacific between 1768 and 1779, ... (A pilot is an official who guides ships into and out of a harbor.) .... ship farther south as it passed through mist and snow to a land of ice, Antarctica. ..... The western wave was all a-flame (line 171) Wave refers to the ocean. ... -


6-6-11 DREAM -  I was lookikng out a window down onto a roadway,k where 3 donkeys in a line were hauling  some stuff.

Apparently they did this a lot, because over time, the ground turned black and had piles of donkey turds on it too.


5-6-11 - VISION - Joe and I were talking about the donkeys, and I had my eye sclosed, and I had a vision of two female donkeys kissing each other on the lips with a big pucker.

5-8-11 - DREAM - I was watching my friend Mary using a blowtorch in her kitchen to fry chicken parts.  I finally made her stop before they turned black.  I looked at the checken closely and it was only 1/2 cooked, so I took the chicken parts and put them in a lsow cooker with a little water to finish cookikng.


5-8-11 - DREAM - The whole dream was about needing to go to the bathroom.


5-8-11 - nap dream -  I was at the meeting hall that was next to a church I've been before in dreams.  It seems that it might have b een Catholic. 

My Mom was there so I'm assuming it was in Wisconsin, and she some other ladies were having a meeting whihc included taking care of many children and doing their laudnry.

During this meeting, some ladies from the Catholic church came into the building to have a meeting of their own in the same room where my Mom and the other ladies were piling and sorting clean clothing on the very large meeting table.

I wanted to help remove the clothing from the table but I didn't have a clue where to put it, so I went to find my Mom or whoever was in charge and tell them that the Catholic ladies were there for their meeting nad we were in their way.

Meanwhile, I went outside to look and apparently a tragedy had take place, and I went to comfort Jack (who is the attorney on All My Children TV show).  His wife was also there but in one of the rooms off the meeting hall. 

I went up to him to say I was sorry, and drew me down onto his lap as he was sitting down, and I put my arms around him to hug him and give my condolences, and he told me that the parents of 22 children had just died, and I visualized them at a distance, falling out of something and downward, but I don't know if it was from an airplane or something lese, but I saw them falling through a doorway and downward.

I realzied his wife was there, so I got up and nearly tripped over his black dog, probablya black Labrador dog, and almost stepped on the dogs ears as it was sprawled right at the bottom of a short stairay that led back up into the meeting hall lobby.

I finally found my Mom, and she went outside to string some washlines to holdl the clothing, and she couldn't find anything tall enough to string the washlines on and the way the lines were hanging, anythhig hung on them would drag on the ground.  It seems like these lines were green and lights hanging on them as well. 

I tried winding some ofo the lines around the post at the end, but then the lines oculdn't hang free to hold all the laundry either.

I had a big dillema as to how to help and woke up.


5-9-11 - DREAM OF MEETING A FRIEND  I  was l iving with my brother and sister somewhere in a house.  My ssiter was short and stout - very unlikek my real sister - it looked more like she was my bridesmaid Stella from 1958.  My brother was abotu age 16 or so. 

Someone knocked on the door, and my brother figured the person at the door was there to see my syster, so he called her to the door.  My sister took one look at the visitor oand ran from the door.

My brother then invited the stranger into the house. 

I was immediately afraid of what I saw.  The person at the door was carrying a rapier type sword about 2 1/2 feet long - the sharpest , pointiest sword I've ever seen.  His skin color was like that of the sun you see on web page images - or like what we think of typical Indian skin - like a red man. His cheeks were very high and extremely rounded and his skin glowed like the sun as well.

When my brother asked him to comee into the house, the man was even more intimidating than before, so I said to him, "Please sit down, indicating the sofa near the door which was right in front of me.  This procedure seemed to take about 10 minutes becausse he did it so slowly and I kept saying, "sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down, until he was finally seated -  and I made myself wake up by then because I was too scared to keep doing this.


5-9-11 - THE FRIEND STARTS MAKING CHANGES -  DREAM -  i  was living in th esame house, and a workman came to the door, with somem instructions in his hands, telling me that someone had instructed him to build a playgroun d for my children. 

That didn't sound too bad, but I didn't have any children living with me, just my brother and sister.  I envisioned a fence around the yard and even that would be expensive, so I went outside to see what the owrkmen planned to do.  Then I was shocked.  They showed me a picture and escavations that told me they were going to remodel the entire basement and yard of my house and encase it completely in various shades of red rock.  I knew that would cost mmillionaires of dollars and I didn't even own this house.

I told the workmen not to do anything, and I took the instructions and photos of what they wanted to do, and took them upstairs where my sister was still in bed.  My sister now loooked like the attorney from One Life to Live TV show - Nora.  I woke her up and showed her the instructions and photos, and she told me I'd better look at the contract really well because I was going to have to sign it.  I knew I couldn't do that. We ddin't even own the house.


5-11-11 -  CASELUV - THE DREAM

This was not a ord - it stood for the end of a world.

I was workiing as a reporter seemingly in a television station.  There was a lot of work to do - meetings, announcements, alerts to the public - preparations, hopefully for survival.

i was in a room where there was a baby crib and inside the crib were seven chubby babies, just with diapers on, and nobody watching them but me.  All the babies were awake.  They didn'nt need blankets or pajamas as the room was very warm and was brightly lit from overhead lights. One owuld have to worry more about dehydration than being cold in this room.

The parents ofo thse beautiful little babies were all in a meeting, trying to decide the best way to tell the people that their world might end soon.

Finally, some other people came out of the meetings room, looking quiet worn out and tired.  It had been a long meeting. 

I was sitting at my desk with a hand written journal which I had worked on for many years.  It had doodles on the pages, along with notes I took.  The notes were of warning signs that things in the owrld were going from bad to worse. It had taken me years to write this journal.  It was in a three ring binder about an inch and a half thick, with many three hole punched sheets of paper in it.

One of the men came over to my desk and took a look at my journal and how messy some of the pages were.  The doodles on the pages told the story of my worry and frustation over the notes of the little disasters that had happened over the years and the whole notebook journal was similar events, storms, floods, tornados, increasing in size, wildfires, people getting sick from the sun, pollution of th eoceans, lakes, and rivers, increasing in intensity, people dying from trying to correct the pollution and nothing working permanantly.  It was just getting worse.

I went to the window and a huge dark cloud of dust and debrisi blew by.  I asked what that was from, and a man said, "That's a snowstorm these days!"   It was horrible ot look at and I rushed to get my camera to take a picture of it, but the cloud had blown by before I could capture it on film.  What I did get a picture of was of huge trucks, bull dozers, and other machines coming to clean up theh mess off the road so traffic could keep going nonrmally.

This was very hilly country - the hills being very high.  It seemed like Wisconsin.  I turned to a woman and asked her if she wanted to go outside and get some photos.  She agreed so we went out into the car and started driving along a levee between us and a river that seemed endless.  Maybe it was theh Mississippi?  But it turned out to be Lake Michigan.  workers had been building up levees for quite some time to keep Lake Michigan from inundating the road that was now lower than the lake itself.

I asked, "What would we do if Lake Michigan rose 100 feet?"  that was seemingly unlikely, but a good question - just in case it happened.  Even 10 fe3et would inundate the roads to impassable.

I said out loud to her, "We could probably go up on top of the hill where the hospital is located."

her reply was, "If that was even possible or even worth it.  Can you imagine how many people would be up on that hill?  Even if they survived and got up on the hill, how would they live?

That was a good question.  There was no answer.

We went back to the television station, and went into the room with the cameras where the reporter owuld stand in front of the various screens giving the weather report.

I looked towards that screens and everything was lit in yellow.

In the air, I saw flashing - the words  NO!  NO!  NO! NO! NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  NO1

All the screens started flashing yellow lit, with no real pictures on them .  It seeemd that even the television station had gone out of control.  There was nothing left to say, nothing to report.  Nobody wanted to work.  They wanted to be home with their families.  It seemed like the end was coming.  It was time to go home.

For the last time



THIS MALL HAD MORE THAN ONE FLOOR. PSTAIRS i WAS MEETING PEOPLE I kNEW AND WANTED TO TELL THEM THE DREAM i JUST HAD ABOTU THE END OF THE THE WORLD COMING, but ten I went downstairs, down a very strange stairway, and I could not find my way out of this mall. 

It was like being in a combination Sears/ JC Penney, but once in the hallways, it just kept going from store to store, an d I couldn't find my way outside.

I went into ao turnstyle doorway that was supposed to go outside, but there was no exit to outside so I ended ujp back in the halwlays.

Another odor ended ujp in a deead end, wehre people were groiwng tropical gardens. I wanted to steal one of the baby plants, but didn't.

Finallyh I found what seemed to be the right door outside, because I was getting so tired of walking, I just wanted to go home, and I opened a door and woke up. 

Thank God I got out of there.


5012011 DREAM - i  went to the dentist without checking to see if my Japanese dentist who I trusted was still in the office.  I ended up with a dentist who was wearing a dark blue dentist's uniform who had swarthy darkish skin, and he told me he wanted to buy one of my molars o the right side.

I started telling him about my problem with food allergies, and woke up before he could answer me.


5-`1-`` - I went to visit my mother-in-law Audry.  (She passed in 1996)  When I first went there, in the hallway was a huge bin full of cabbages.  In the livingroom was a huge pile of cooked turkeys, all still with their feathers on and people were stepping on them.  We questioned whether the meat was any good and she said, "Didi anone refrigerate them after they were cooked."   That told me the meat was no good either.

She served champagne for breakfast in broken plastic glasses.  Breakfast was served on small oval tables individually, and the breakfast food was powder sugared donuts and huge pastries with tons o ffrosting on.

The television was in the corner facing away from e veryone.  Nobody could see anything.

When i went to leave, I had the car on my lap which was black and red two tone. I tried starting it that way instead of going outside and getting into a car like everyone else did.  It didn't work of course and I realized I was doing it wrong.

I finally put the car on the floor so I could get more leverage on the buttons which had to be pushed in a certai order before stepping on the gas.



In this dream, I was paying attention to the development of some spring leaves that were large and triangular and whether they were fully developed or not.  In th ebeginninng, they were just coming out and by the end of the dream, they were fully developed.

The rest of the dream was about taking over as manager of the apartment building and some peripheral things going on in the building.  There were two black men in the dream - one was a man named David whose responsibility i twas to shovel off the snow as part of his rent, which he did, but I lost my left shoe in the snow and had to hop on my right foot until I got my shoe back on.  His room mate whom I'm calling Eddie was a tiny little scrawny guy who I invited to go with me to the keymaker because I had to have a key to th emanager's office repaired.  We never got there because I was watching the development of these large traingular shaped leaves.

I observed a large airplane going south - very low in the sky.  There didn't seem to be anything wrong with that. It was just an observance.

I went back into the building and saw that the large windows on the front of the building needed the glass washed, and the glass cleaner was in the bathroom for some reason.

I opened the door to the office with my key, and thjere was a whole ring o fkeys there as well.

While I was standing myt he door, it seemed my eyllow flowered dress was blowing up from below buy puffs of air, and another woman called my attention to it, and we looked own and there was anther woman laying on the floor lookiing up my dress.  dumb!

A woman dressed in yellow came along and she said that she was the bathroom maid o fsorts - in other words, she made sure people weren't stealing from each other in the bathroom.  I asked her if such things happened and he said they did.  Evidently that didn't hapen in the men's bathrooms, just in the women's bathrooms.

I was leaving the office to get the stuff to wash the windows with and I noticed that it was 5 p.. and dark outside, and my key to the office door was broken in half, though it still worked, but I still had to get that key fixed.

As I woke up, I heard an clock alarm sound and I asked for the message.  the voice said, "If it is fully spring, then ou need to do what you need to do."

I agreed, though I 'm n ot sure what that is yet -  Get my keys repaired? 


5-15-11  - DREAM - I was the apartment manager in an apartment building on Milwaukee's east side.  It was the end of the work day and several people were in the office with me.  Finally there was just one young man left with me.  He was about 18 years old and his name was Brian Gomez.  He sat calmly in a chair across from me, and he calmly said, "I have a gun." 

I looked over at him and he had a black gun in his hand on his lap, and he calmly said, "I want all you rmoney."

So I calmly picked up all the checks and rent receipts which were stacked up and wrapped with a rubber band and bobby pins because I didn't have any paper clips at the moment, and handed it to him. 

Just two checks was a thousand dollars, and I gave him a huge stack of checks so there were many thousands of dollars.

I couldn't imagine how he could pretend those were his checks and cash them, but perhaps he knew someone else who would give him some cash and those poeple could do something with them.

I told him, "The pink slips are the receipts".  He took those too.

Other people came into the office - these were all black people - and when other people came in the room,he slowly moved towards the door with the money and the gun inside his jacket, with hishand near the gun the whole time.

Once he was gone from sight, I whispered to one of the taller black men that I had been robbed, and he slowly and calmly walked to the door and follwed Brian down the hall. 

I have no idea what he did - if anything.  It seemed that he was going to try to stop him, but I have no way of knowing if he did -  he could have gone with him for all I know.

It was 5 p.m. then, and I saw the work crew come in to work - they were all dressed in dark blue uniforms, apparently there to do the landscaping before dark, but they all came into the office and were looking around and looking out the windows.

Meanwhile, I dialed 999 to call the cops, and I had a very slow and deliberate conversation with the cop, gave him the address of where I was, and he asked what apartment I was in, and I told him I was in the office.

The cop was talkikng to other people in his office,a nd they were also all black people from listneing to what he said.  Nothing was abotu the robbery where I was.  I didn't hear him say to anyone that I robbed either.

By the time I hung up, there was a beautiful black young woman standing at my door with s with what looked like test papers from school.  She asked me, "How do you prepare for grief?

She looked to be about 18 years old also, and was very concerned that she could pass her test about how to prepare for grief.

I said to her, "What if you are three years old?  You can't prepare for grief. You just do it."

By then I was waking up and all my thoughts were in my head and I was no longer speaking out loud to the 6 women who were now sitting around my desk waiting for me to teach them about how to prepare for grief.

See Brian Gomez,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=d4aa8c4668ed381b



5-25-22 - MEDITATION - While thinking abotu the billionaire, I had a vision of a man sitting on a chiir in his office.  He pulled out a cell phone, and looking at the blue screen he said,' hmmmm!  7:30

NNOTE:  I don't know if that means 7:30 a.m.,  7:30 pm. or the date 7/3-


5-26-22 - DREAM - I believe I iwas Kayla, an we were standing next to a dumpster.  She pulled out 5 large books - very thick serious books.  Then we retrieved two plastic wall plaques with mathcing large red hearts on them.

There were a couple other things we retrieved, but aparetly these things were discarded by someone with a royal background.


6-15-11 - NAP DREAM -  I was watching a bunch of little kids going dow a nararow ochannel in home made kayaks between a series of buildings.  A pregnant woman on the other side was scared to open the door and go into the building because she was afraid to see what was in there, but she go tup the courage and did it.

I then started for home, oging west on Beloit Rd.  When I got to Highway 100, which is 108th St.  I had to stop at the red light.  I watched long lines of cars from both the south and north turning onto Beloit Rd and head west. 

Then the light turned green and I expected to be able to cross right over the intersection and go west myself, but a huge truck going south, which looked like a cattle car with a huge ire cage at the back that looked empty, attempting to turn the corner and go west, was going too fast, and skidded into my path so I couldn't cross the intersection.

Just then, a cop car chasing another car going north skidded through the intersection right in front of me, and there just was no way to cross that intersection.


5-17-11 - DREAM - I was in a very large granite or concrete building.  Inside there was a water garden that was very beautiful.

I've dreamed of this place before, but I don't know where i tis.


5-17-11 - DREAM -  I was in someone else's house, but I don't know where.  At one point my mother-in-law came into the room, but she nevera llowed dogs into the house, and this hhouse had dog poop smeared all over the floora nd even on th ekitchen counters.

I tried very hard to clean up the dog turds but they only smeared worse.  I oculdn't get rid of them, because I was using a foam mop, so I finally found a wire mesh mop and some soapy water, and that started to work, but not before my mother-in-law came into the eroom.

I was quite upset when I realized that the dog poop smear on the counters was wiped off but there were likely germs still there.



5-17-11 - NAP DREAM -  This dream lasted for hours, and we partied the entire time.  All the poeple that were in the dream were my own family, mixed with characters from One Life to Live, and The Bold and the Beautiful, and all partied together in two places, at their house and then at my house.

Someoone gave me a thin gold bracelet and put it on my right wrist, and my daughter teased me and said, "Nobody gave meone like that!"

My grandmother was there, and I sat on the arm of her big old soft chair while all the young ones sat at her feet and talked about the things going on in their life.

Mhy husband went into the kitchen wtih some of the family and sliced up various sizes of sausaged to serve with cheese and crackers, and then he and I decided to go to the East side o f Milwaukee to a music concert in the Jackson theatre, which I don't think really exists, especiallyh where we ended up.

When we traveled, we each traveled in our individual cars, which were small and only big enough for one person.  But we drove side by side the whole way, including when we made a wrong turn and had to correct our direction, making several left turn turns and right turns where the lines were marked on the roadway.  That was rather exciting.

Then we finally got to the theatre, which I never saw the outside of, we were just suddenly inside of the theatre, listening to a couple singing. someone named Carol with a gloious female voice, who was in her 40's or older, and a man who looked very familiar, apparently another actor/singer. 

both of them were wearing silky, mssive mauve colored jackets with their stomach muscles showing - showing their six packs, and their voices were magnificent about traveling the world.

When they were done on that last gloious finale note, she bowed, and the man stood in the curtains behind her like he wasn't really part of a duet - like he had done it for fun to support her, and he gave a loud booming guffaw of joy.

I then hollered out, "You two can travel the world together!" 

and I woke up.

It was a wonderful dream.
I actually slept all afternoon - about 4 hours.
Surprisingly the telephone never range to wake me up.
It was wonderful


5-19-11   a string of dreamms

@1 -  I was coming home to a ranch style house and I could see a dim light inside.

Once I got inside, the humidity was high and the windows all fogged up quickly with the door open.  But the light was very dim inside.   I wemt tu sit down om a ;overstuffed chair and a light colored ccat and white dog came to sit on the chair as well and then started scratching at a board that was propped up in the corner so I turned the lgiht on brighter./

#2 = DREAM, = I was on the east side of Milwaukee.  It was eotjer ear;u ,morning or early evening as it was dimlty lt was either early mmorning  It was dimly lit and the street was made of old red brick and wet.  Cars parked along the curb were long and sleek and I watched several pull away from in front of brightly lit stores that were open.

Another block further on was a resturant I was familiar with and parked outu in front was my old boss I called H.P.  He was istting in a red convertible in front of the restaurant, eating a hamburger and french fries.

I didn't wawnt a whole meal, but thought I was get a few french fries from him, so once I had passed his car, I turn end around and went back.  Going the other direction, I couldn't see his car until I passed the restaurant the other way, then I could see his car again, parked in a deep snow drift.

So I went around the snow drift, and opeend the passenger door and got inside and sat cdown.

I told him that I had just gotten out of school, and he made a joke like he was the pilor of a large airplane, and announced KLA (NUMBER0 NOW REPORTING IN FOR LANDING INNSTRUCTIONS.....


At this poing, there were now two of him, one in the drivers seat and one in the back seat.  One was my husband (i the drivers seat) and the other one in the back was my lover.  So I couldn't say anything much, but exchange energies with the one who sat in the back.  They looked identical, I just knew which one was which.

The one in the back seat had the hamburger and french fries and offered to share them with me.  I took out a french fry and tasted it and it was bland and flavorless. 

I saw what looked like a breaded chicken breast or fish filet on my lap, which I didn't want to eat, and I reached fro it and couldn't feel it, at which point I realized I was dremaing, and woke up.

I lay there for quite awhile remembering the old days and reminicing my history at that time period I knew him.  Nice memoires, full of that energy I missed.

#3 -  I was at home and my daughter came to visit.  She said that she ad her final exam that afternoon and then she would graduate.  Then all of a sudden she said frustrated, that she was going to skip the final exam, and I asked her how she expected to graduate if she didn't take the final exam.  That was beyond my understanding.

Then I was sitting outside on the lawn with a young man who was to my right, wearing awhite T shirt.  A woman I know from a TV show but can't name right now came walking down the road and said to the young man,  Noah, how is your son?.
That's howo I knew he was old enough to have a son.

A few minutees went by and I heard two high-pitched whistles in my right ear, and in front of me someone in white stood, and then I saw a whirling white square which turned out to be a white folder T-shirt, and on the front of the T-shirt, it said,  JESUS FOR PEACE!


5-19-11 - NAQP DREAM -  I was managing a large apartment building that work crews that worked two shifts.   That's what time it was - when the crews were changing places.

I was in the lobby by the stairway and a tall young man came in the door and stood at th foot of the stairs.  He saw me standing at the top of the stairs, and he pointed at the 5 clocks on  the north wall whch were the different time zones in the United States.

The young man said to me, "What's the name of that stuff on top of the clocks, indicating 'what kind of metal are the made of? 

I said, "I don't know. I don't have a clue.

I then noticed tha the railings, and all the tops of everything was the same color silver, all reallyh beutiful and shiny.  I automaticallyh assume that he wanted to steel all theh metal in the building as soon as the work crews were gone for the day which is what it looked like at the time.

So oI quickly alerted the work crew, who were carpenters, doing repairs, and electricans and telephone installers who were stringing new lines throughout the building that the guy was going to try all the metal he could get ahold of.

I went all the way down to the far end of the building and alerted the cleaning crew whohwere just coming on duty and the night crew in the office - everyone I could find that could help stop the therft of metal.

Part of that time, I was on a rolling chair scooting along the hallway to go faster than walking could get me from place to place.

I got back to the other end, but didn't see the young man, but that didn't mean he wasn't hiding somewhere.

While I stood by the stairway, I touched the top of the railing and picked at the edge of the trim on top of the railing.  The shininess went out of it and it actually turned dark and dull.  I picked at it once again at the same time and lifted it and discovered that it had a coating of sticckiness on the bottom side of it to hold it onto the wooden railing under it, and then realized -  all that metal looking stuff was just paper that looked like metal.

We were all duped already - there was no metal there at all.


O ca,e tp a restairamt tjat served fast fppd. amd sottomg pitsode was ,u bpss J/{/ eatomg a ja,birger amd remcj froes/


5-20-11This was one of those dreams where you wonder if you ate some bad food before going to sleep.

DREAM -  i  was in an apartment somewhere, and when I first went into my room, there was a strange man stannding on the bed with a shotgun in his hands.  I merely threw him out of the room, but then I noticed there was dangerous stuff on the carpet so I got down on my hands and knees and started pickikng up bobby pins, hairpins, loose screws and nails until I thought I had them all.

I wanted to go to bed and just go to sleep, but I had a roommate and he wanted to listen to the radio to music.  The radio was in a corner with a bright light on the f ront, almost like a TV set would have, and neither one of us liked the music that was playing, so I attemped to retune the radio, and there was only one station with music, and a huge blank spot all along the right side of the dial that had a strange dangerous looking pattern, and I couldn't tune past it - the dial just refused to go any further into it, so I had to just turn off the radio.

A couple other strange characters came to the door, I don't recall well, but I felt in danger staying in the room, so when a man came to the door, wearing a dark trenchcoat and he seemed interested in saving me, I went with him.

I followed the man down the stairs, and to the corner, thinkikng we were going to go somewhere, he decided to go back into the building, and he was going to go right back into the same apartment which was now empty and I refused to follow him back into that building.

So I decided to go to the local all night diner, and have a cup of coffee.

I dug through my right hand pocket and came up with four misshapen quarts, a dime and a nickel, so I oped that was enough to spend in the restaurant.

On the corner, I met a smilikng black woman who wanted to know if she could have my phone number, but I couldn't remember what it was.  I told her it started with 933 but that's all I could come up with.

I told her, "Just go to the restaurant and tell them you are looking for Dee.  Everybody knows who I am."

and I woke up.


5-20-11  - DREAM -  I caled up the newspaper office in Scottsdale, and asked the woman who answered ifi she had gotten my business card on her bulletin board so people would know we were coming there.  She said, "I'm no good on the phone!"  so I traveled there in an instant and went into her office and sat down to converse with her at her desk.

So we talked about how we were going to advertise Earth Mountain View Educational Research Center events in her newspaper and her eyes were bright and siny and excited.  She introduced me to all the other girls in her office as well.  The black people in her office had rather purplish skin - not really black nor brown.  (That was interesting to observe)  Everyone was really nice and friendly and excited that we were coming to their city.

When I left there, I had all kinds of ideas about how to write a flyer that said, "HELP US HELP YOU!  that could be distributed to all the real estate offices in the area so they'd help us find proerty to purchase.


5-20-11 - DREAM -  Again I was in Scotsdale, in a very similar office, sitting at a desk, and tiny little black/Mexcian boy about two years old came and started singing and dancing as a childl his age might only like a well trained older child.  He was wonderful and so much fun to watch.

To my right sat a black/Mexican man also watching the child, and the longer he watched the child, the whiter his skin became, until by the end of the performance, he was as white as myself, but still wearing a sombrero on his head.  That was amazing.

The little boy saw that I had like a gift card on my desk that was square like normal cards but had the picture of clown sticking up on top ofo the corner of the card like a pop-up figure.  He wanted that clown really bad.

I noticed there was a phone number on the back of the clown figure that I neeed to have so I wrote down the phone number, and tore the clown off the card and gave itto the little boy.

That was quite an adventure.


5-21-11 - DREAM -  The beginning of the dream was a discussion about pornography  and how its getting worse every year, particularly in books.  (TV is getting worse every year too)

Later on, it was the end of the day at home in Wisconsin.  I had two little boys who rode in the glove box of the car.  I took them out and they started growing immediately, two llittle crew cut blondes with blue yes.

I took them into the hhouse, and the men came home fromm work, both my husband and my lover Charlier (from One Life to Live TV show)  My kids were all home from school too, and we all went upstairs, where I had a stash of so-called pornography recorded in Tylenol pills which you could play only once as the machine ate away the pill.    When the kids came home, I played one TV show, then put the leftover parts of pills on the shelf in the closet.

Charlie, my husband, and my son Ken all laid on the bed together.  My mother-in-law Audrey came in and din't notice us and covered us over with huge large pink coverlets.  She would have had to be blind not to see us.

We uncovered our heads and lay there wathcing TV. The next morning we all went outside to refurbish the garden out in back of the house.  Audrey didn't want the garden refurbished, she wanted it all to remain the same as it always was.  So, when she wasn't looking, Charlie fixed it and changed it, and when Charlie wasn't looking, Audrey put it back the way it was before. 

Even I got a hand in it digging away the old soil which was green.

Eventually, an old barbecue3 carcass was found.  I told my son Ken to throw it away, and Charlie ended up burying it in the trench in the dirt floor of the garage.  Ken pretend that he wanted to be buried with the barbecue.  We had to get him out of the trench before he got buried there too.


5-22-11 DREAM j Jor and I were living in a small house in a nice neighborhood somewhere.  We were discussing how to do laundry because Joe thought you needed a whole box of powdered laundry soap to do a load of wash.  I told him you never needed more than a cup ofo laundry detergent.  If you use liquid you don't even need that much these days.

I asked Joe why ne needed to know those details and he said it was becvause he didn't want to move to Arizona with me and he needed to know how to do things for himself.

Just then, three neighborhood women came to house, bringing me some gifts sof jewelry they had bought at a yard sale in Tucson, AZ.  They said they had gone there for a music concert and it was very loud threre.  The musical instrument being used at this concert had a special name, wich I can't remember - something that sounded like Iriquois, but I know that is not it - but it sounded similar to that.

They gave me five pieces of gold jewelry, some Christian and some not, plus two small keys for a jewelry box that were also gold.

One of the necklaces had three stones on it, one of them w as a quarter size goldstone o rsomething similar, plus sa cabachon of black onxy, and a third side had a cabachon of what I called lavendar stone because I couldn't think of the correct name for it.  Another neighborhood man who came into the house wanted to apppraise the cost of theh jewelry gifts and he said that one piece was worth $105.

Joe was impressed with one of the ladies and said she had a very calm presence. I had to agree with that.  She was very calm, and laid down a lot.  She didn't walk around with the others and was younger as well. 

I told the ladies that we were going to move to Arizona, and she said there were 17 million people there and we had to be careful what neighborhood we moved to, and I agreed that we were going to live in a nice neighborhood.

When the left, I looked in my hand, and I then had at least 12 gold chains coiled in a row on the palm of my hand.

NOTE: I've dreamed of these women before, and they brought me gifts then as well.


5-22-11 - DREAM  I made a pot of soup with a base of chicken broth. It contained large chunks of vegetables like carrots and potatoes, but I also added 14 eggs to the top of the soup which floated until they became soft boiled eggs.  On top of that floated some little white things called  Ansiii  which looked like  Tapioca. I was told that this Ansiii grew on beaches when it rained gently.  It was quite a delicasy, but I don't think it was stones - something cellular though as it grew in rainwater.


5-22-11 - DREAM - I was living in an appartment on 33rd and Wisconsin Ave., and I found out that my friend Norman was in arehab hospital on 36th and Wisconsin and I thought about going to visit him because it was walking distance.

I don't know why he was in a rehab hospital. (He passed from emphysema about 5 years ago) 

I may have spoken to him on the telephone briefly, but can't remember the conversation. now.


5-22-11 nap dream I was i my kitchen and there was a tall bird cage on top of my refrigertor.   The birdd I had had was gone, so I went out into the garage, and had a bird catcher net with me, and i captured a blue bird in it - and just then a male blue bird came along and landed o nthe back of the first lbue bird and I swooped the bird net and captured that blue bird too, so I quickly put my gloved hand over the net and carried both birds into the house and put thhe birds into the tall cage so they could live there with me.


5-23-11 DREAM  -I was working in an engineering office on the first floor.  I walked away from my desk for a few moments, and when I came back there were multiple yellow folders on the floor around my esk, all with my name on nthem  "Dolores Finney".  Each of them had folded drawings in them except one..  The last folder had a drawing number on it that I had to order - the number was a three sectioned number starting with 874 - like my phone number. 

The blueprint office was upstairs, and it was already almost 5 p.m.  and my roommate Barbara was already making wounded noises like she wanted me home on time, but I really had to order that drawing before I wen t home because it was needed first thing in the morning.

5-23-11 DREAM  -I was working in an engineering office on the first floor.  I walked away from my desk for a few moments, and when I came back there were multiple yellow folders on the floor around my esk, all with my name on nthem  "Dolores Finney".  Each of them had folded drawings in them except one..  The last folder had a drawing number on it that I had to order - the number was a three sectioned number starting with 874 - like my phone number. 

The blueprint office was upstairs, and it was already almost 5 p.m.  and my roommate Barbara was already making wounded noises like she wanted me home on time, but I really had to order that drawing before I wen t home because it was needed first thing in the morning.

I walked over to the front entrance and was surprised to see that it was similar to a country western bar, and the bar itself was shiny mahogany, and I knew everyone in it.

I walked through the bar, smiling at everyone because I had to go to the second floor to order my blueprint.

Upstairs, they had to work late, past 5 p.m. because the beautification specialist was visiting them.

Their offices really did need beautifying.  The drafting desks were made of beautiful woods, but nothing was shined up and the women were very unhappy.

I saw the beautification specialists over aways in the office, wearing what looked like mahogy sarapes, and they were danicng a bit while walking around in the space that was needed to create the drawings we needed for our project. 

I almmost flipped out watching the beautificationo specialist dancing in his mahogany srape, because he was a shorter Spanish man and he was a little too happy.  if you ask my opinion. :-)


5-23-11 -DREAM -  I and a group o f people walked up a pink silk covered plank to get into a kid's playland, and then up a flight of stairs that overlooked the playland.  The kids were on the lower level.  I don't really know why we were there. I didn't know any of the kids.  I was proud that my balance was good enough to walk up the plank though.


5-24-11 DREAM -  I don't know if this was one long dream or three dreams.

I was inn Wisconsin with my husband.  I was making sandwiches of brown and white cheese and sausage.  It had an odd flavor but he ate it..

We went for a ride in his car - I sat in the back seat.  when we got back home, when he got out of the car, I fell asleep.  I woke up again, and when I got out of the car, the car's tires went flat, and the body fell off the car, and was left with a car frame that was all yellow.

Then UPS came with a delivery from Florida.  He said it was 350 ice cream cones and on the package in the upper left hand corner it said BETTE. 

It turned out to be 350 or more flower bulbs that needed to be planted immediately and I was doing this in the kitchen.  Since I had to do it immediately, I had no room to make dinner for my husband.  I even found more unplanted bulbs in the closet whicch I had to plant.

My husband was delivered a celeriac plant that was four feet tall.  He said it was the last time he ever ordered anything with Florida.

But I had to plant the 350 flower bulbs, so I just made him a sandwich of peanut butter and butter and thats all he got.  I had too much work to do.

Bette is derived from the Hebrew Beth - the first mother  Binah on the Tree of Kife.


5-26-11 DREAMS X 5 i was at home in my apartment late at night, and phone gave a strange ring, and I answered it with 'Hello!" and the woman on the other end was looking for a cleaning service to help out some men who needed someone to clean a mahcine she called a SONAGRAM or SONATRIM or something like that.

I told her I didn't do that service, but she said it was just like a vacuum cleaner, and  Ihad one of those with a hose on it, and that's basically all it was.

While she was talking, a window opened up and I was lookiing at two East Indian type men with black hair, the father being very tall with black hair and black eyes, with a beard and mustache well trimmed.  He was standing by apodium with a religious symbol on it similar to a Star of David or something, and his son was standing by a desk closer to me.

The younger man looked at me with his pitch black eyes, and in my heart, I said, OMG, OMG, OMG, his eyes were so black I knew he could see into my soul and I into his, and it was the kind of look you would be willing to die for if he loved you.  It was that incredible, but I knew he was too young fo rme.  He seemed to be in his 30's and the father more like in his 50's, but still with pitch black hair.


DREAM 2 -  I was in a stone house somewhere, looking out the window.  Two very blonde young men came up to the window, with wha tlooked like a horse, but was very furry, and byond the window was a huge giant-sized deep valley, much like one would see in Sweden or Switzerland but with short green grass like i n spring. I've never seen a vally that alrge before and so green.  I don't know who the two blonde men were - they looked like twins or brothers - with very similar faces - extremely handsome, but blonde men is not my thing evidently, but they sure were cute.

DREAM 3 -  I got a phone calle froma man with a very familiar voice.  He said he had started a one man band for himself, playing the piano and violin, and he sang love songs he wrote himself in a very scripted way.  I wished him mwell with that.  He described to me where he lived, and it sounded very familiar - somehwere in the country.  His voice was very pleasant to listen to as well, but I can't think of his name.

DREAM 4 -  I was in an apartment building, and I needed to go into my apartment hwich was on the second floor.  I had several gold key sin my hands, one of which I knew opened the door, but I wasn't sure which one yet until I got up there.  The problem was getting the use of the elevator because other people wanted to use it too and i twasn't that large.  Eventually I and another woman  went up to the second floor together.




dream 6  This might be part of one of the above dreams.  I was building a stone wall with my bare hands but it seemed to be part of a larger structure.  I had to balance these stone rocks that were very large and not evenly sized, so it was like creating a jigsaw puzzle without a picture.  It was very intricate and finally I got all the pieces to fit together, and it was successful.

There was something about using some kind of glue to hold this all in place that came froma tube of some kind, but I don't know what it was - its possible the womann I went upstairs in the elevator with was heling me with that part.


5-25-11 - CRAZY DREAM -  i was in my apartment and one of my telephone lines has almost forever been hooked up to the same phone on the other end,se I never had to dial that number. It was simply wired such that the lne was always open to that same person on the other end.

So I picked up the phone and my spiritual teacheer TM was on the line.  He wanted to talk about ufos and he suggested that I should know what mainstream media reporters knew or didn't know about ufos.  I thought that was a fine idea.  I could easily come up with a list of mainstream media reporters and look them up to see if they had ever commented about knowing anthing about ufos

That sounded like a fine project to me.

Then he suggested that I also call the phone commpany and make that line into a call in tip line and also for poeple to call in to get a message a day about ufos. 

That also sounded like a fine idea.

I went acrosss the room for a moment and came back and now there was a woman on the line.

She sai dher name was Cooy, but currently she was married to a Young.  She said the phone belonged to her son, but sometimes she visited him and thats what she was doing there.  Her voice sounded very familiar so I was okay with that.

I had visitors come to the door, so I put down the phone for a moment and went to find out who was at the door.  This time it was a very nnice couple I knew . She and her husband said they were looking for relatives whose name was Cooy, and hoping they could somehow find out where their relatives were.

I told them I had just been talking to someone named Cooy and perhaps they might be related.

Theye got all excitd, when I told them the woman was already on the phone in the other rom, and they got up and I saw them dancing together in my closet with joy.

So I went back to the phone and I was stunned to find the telephone in pieces and my brother Marty (who worked for AT&T all his adult life was there along with anothe rwoman who worked for AT&T.  They both agreed that my phone hookup ws illegal and thats why my phone had been dismantled.

I totally disagreed with them and yelled, "I PAY FOR THAT CONNECTION!"  So, my brother ebuilt the phone and hooked the line back up the way it had been and I was satisfied once I heard the other woman on the phone again.

So, I asked the woman I needed to ask her some personal questions and she said, "Okay!"

So I started out with, "Where were you born?"  Her response was, "The Milwaukee County jail!"

I respondned, "What ?????? " and she said, "Don't let that alarm you. That's not who I really am!" and she laughed.

I said, "Wel I just met someone who said they are looking for a lost relative, and the name is Cooy, and since you said your name was Cooy, I thought you might be related.  Let me put her on the phone.

So I went to get the other woman and she said down where I had been sitting.

Apparently, the phone was now on speaker phone, and I could hear a man on the other end of the line.

He was talking very formally and business-like. He said to my friend, "Are you prepared to pay the regular fee for adoptions?

My friend said, "Yes!"

He said, "How many children do you have?"  and my friend answerred, "Three!"

He then said,"Do they have Halberry names/"  and my friend said, "Yes!"

He said, "Are you proud ofo them?"

and I woke up instantly, feelinng stunned.




5-26-2011 MALL DREAM   -i went to the mall with a nurse friend who talked to me abotu the future and what was coming, annd what we needed to do about taking care of pets.  She told me that she would make her own quinine in that case to take care of dog problems that might arise.

We had arrived at the mall, and met another nurse that the first nurse had worked with who evidfdently that an opposing opinion of how to take care of pets in the future, and her opinion was that one should never go against the law in taking care of pets - which meant - you don't make your own medicine for any reason dire or not.

The two nurses started a heated conversation inside the store, which seemed similar to Sears and since I couldn't have an opinion to what they were aruging about, I checked my e-mail on my cell phone.

While I was doing that, I saw my daughter and her kids walkikkng past, with my father walking behind them, followed by a long line of people all going the same direction - probably out of the mall. They all looked quite content and happy, especially my father.

One of the e-mails I received was abotu that exact topic and gave an url to a website on the topic of how to take care of pets in the future.   It's not a real url - so don't try to use this one.  http://www.jamesamccannney/

By this time I got down to the opposite end of othe store where the restrooms and eating booths were outside of them and there I spotted an older nurse who was at least a generation older than we were - one who probably should have retired many years earlier but hadn't.  When I came up behind her, I could hear her talkikng about this same topicc about how to take care of pets in the futurue, and somehow she knew abotu the e-mail I had been sent.  perhaps she sent it herself.  However, she seemed very angry about the situation and especially against myself.

When I heard her talkikng against me, I grabbed her by the back of the neck and shook hher head and yelled, "You don't even know what my opinion on this topic is.  How can you speak against me that way?,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=f218629b1c0a0d2b&biw=982&bih=519&bs=1

and I woke up!


5-26-11 STICKEY WICKET - DREAM  -I was living in a huge new brick ranch type home, but it was an apartment building all on one floor.

My kitchen was outside and about 1/2 block away from the rest of the house.  I was cookikng potatoes in medium size white enamel kettles and had enough potatoes to make one more kettle full, but all the rest ofo my kettles were still in boxes in storage in the basement.

Our int he front yard, my husband a very large chubby young man were workikng on repairng something in the center of a very large hole and they n eeded a lot of dirt to fill it back up which they didn't have yet.  

Evidently it was early in the year and the grass had not yet greened up.  It was very hsort and yellow.

In the side yar, I had to step over a deep hole that was around a pipe sticking out of the ground, evidently another hole in the ground that needed repairing.

Onn my way back to the main house, I spotted two palm-sized red turtles in the driveway, which I picked up so no one would drive over them.  It threw them into a car parked nearby so they wouldn't get hurt. 

I saw one of the turled open wings on its back like it could fly, and as I closed the car door, I heard a turled cry out, "We are planning to Sticky Wicket!"

A whole group of older people came running over to see what I was doing.  One of them said, "We thought you were picking up puppies!"  I responded, 'No, these were red turles, and one of them spokek in English.  It said, 'We are planing to Sticky Wicket!" 

We all went into the house and were all in one of the ladies apartment across the hall from my own.  Her Christmas tree lights were on, and I thought the reflection of the lights was my own Christmas tree, and I cried out, "Oh my gosh!  The trees are too dry to turn on the ligts. So I ran across the hall ot my own apartment to make sure my Christmas tree lights weren't turned on and they weren't.

I iwanted to tell my ddaughter not to turn on the lights, and I could hear her playingn somewhere but I couuldn't find her. I called out her name, "Heanne!  Jeanne!  Jeanne!  but she was too far away to hear me and it seemed she was out in the front yard with her Dad probably.

I still needed to check on the potatoes and make sure they didn't burn and I noticed that my apartment had not yet been decorated.  I didn't even see any furniture in it, just curving brick walls that were beautiful.

Sticky wicket

Sticky wicket (or sticky dog, or glue pot) is a metaphor used to describe a difficult circumstance; it originates from difficult circumstances in the sport of cricket.

A term that aludes to a situation in which a person is in trouble. Comes from cricket where on uncovered wickets after a short rainfall a pitch could dry into a 'sticky' which could make it extremely difficult to play on as the ball would be going anywhere. Not anything to do with sex R.munkey. Where the fuck you from?
Its a bit of a sticky wicket, my girlfriend and my wife just met up at the pregnancy clinic...

An early example of the term can be seen in Bell's Life in London, July 1882: "The ground... was suffering from the effects of recent rain, and once more the Australians found themselves on a sticky wicket."[1]

The Independent used the phrase in a story about the Bank of England.[2]

The Melbourne Age used the phrase in a headline "WTO on a sticky wicket against Japan's rice bowlers".

red turtle

The Red Turtle is also called Painted Wood Turtle. A brightly colored land turtle with a high domed back; back is brown around the edges but the larger side and top plates are usually decorated with patterns of red-orange, yellow, and black; underneath yellow with a wide, central dark bar; head green or brown with reddish stripes; jaw and chin yellow / orange, often with dark markings; front legs with red or yellow scales with black markings; toes slightly webbed; to 23cm (9 in). (Tortuga Roja).


Low elevation Pacific coastal areas; more common in cleared areas near streams, than in forests; found often after rains on roads or in pastures, but also in streams, pools, and ponds.

Found in the following Parks:

Carara National Park.
Palo Verde National Park.
Santa Rosa Nacional Park.


5-26-11 dream - I went outside where there was a larhe van was parked with both right side doors open like they were missing.  On the seat sat a very large hefty man.  Below the seat, the foor of the van had a lot of white sand.

I said to him. "So wgat do you think about symbolism?"

He just scoffed at me and said, I don't believe in stuff like that!"

As he said that. I saw drops of red blood dropping off the bottom of the van's seat, and I said. "What about the two red turtles I found yestersay?"

He didn't answer.

What causes Dengue hemorrhagic fever?

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    by JFMAM Jun - 2005 - Related articles
    Short Report: Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever outbreak in. Rawalpindi, Pakistan, February 2002. Am J Trop Med Hyg 69(3): 284-287. ...










5-27-11 - DREAM -  Again I was in Wisncon, running north on Calhoun Rd, trying to stay ahead of two yellow cars coming behind me.  I think I was pushing a yellow car as well, but ther running along th ehighway, staying ahead of traffice.

I ran north until I came to a cemetery entrance, and figured that was far enough becaue a vein on the back of my head was distended and hurting.  So I stopped running and two of my friends who had been in the yllow cars caught up with me.

One was a nurse, and one was a co-worker from earlier years. 

The nuse friend said that the vein on the back of my head was the parathyroid vein.  (I have no idea)  She pointed it out on her own head, and i could feel her vein too, but it wasn't as distended as mine and hers didn't hurt.

So we headed back home, walking this time, not taking the yellow cars back with us.

We had to stop in several houses along the way, turning off the lights as went and checking the refrigerators in those ho9uses and finding partically drunk gallons of milk and dumping them out because they were getting old.

When we finally got back to my house, one of my (deceased) uncles asked me to loan him $100 because I had more money than he had.  We just laughed about it, and I wolk up.


5-27-11 - DREAM - I was coming home from somewhre and it was cold and icy on the side of the road, so I slid down the ice and walked across the parkikng lot to where my apartment building was, alongside some stores, like a tool place and a drug store. 

I thought I didn't have my door key, but in my pocket I found a bunch of keys on a ring, and went inside the building.

Inside the building I met some strange people.  The first one was a guy who was like a pick pocket and he asked me if I had any quarters and I said NO, and then wen I felt in my pockets I had a whole bunch of them and I knew they were his and he had planted them there, so I gave them all to him and he was happy.

Then I met a chubby woman who was psychic and she gave readings to people in the mall and other places like that.  I adored her so much, I begged her to stay with me and leave her good for nothing hjusband.  She had three little blonde girls which she pushed around in a shopping cart to keep them safe.

Her husband was good lookikng, lookikng like JR Chandler.  I almost had her convinced to stay with me, and I heard him singing in the hallway, and I swear he was 10 times better than Frank Sinatra.

Then I told her find him a manager that would find him singing jobs, instead o ftrying to support herself on her psychic readings.  I looked into her eyes.  She had the biggest, blackest eyes I've ever seen in mylife.  They were so luminous - the type you could see the soul through.

I finnally had to leave them there.

I went into my apartment and inside there wa a little lbonde girl andd my mother, and in our apartment was three bicycles and a hobby horse and two chairs, all in a row and nowhere to walk at all, until I pushed aside a beautiful ivy plant I was growing. 

Those bicycles seemed more important than my ivy plant.


5-28-11 - DREAM  i was at my friend Diane's house who lived down the street from me.  I was sitting in her diningroom where she had a very large hutch-like piece of furniture with all kinds of things in it. 

I noticed there was a very large man sitting in the next room watching us.  I thought he was teasing us and he said I should critique what she had in her hutch.

Again, in a teasing manner I said to her, "I don't like your manner of decorating taste!"

So, she went to her hutch and took down all the pieces of glassware from her top shelf that were lavendar colored and gave them all to me, to omake room for oher books and other things she collected.

 was surprised, but happy to take her lavendar blassware because I had dreamed that samme color just a few days ago.

So, I asked her if she had an empty box, and she put the lavendar glassware in the box, and my three oldest sons came to help me carry the box home safely because I planned to take very good care of the lavendare glassware in her place.

Once I was home, Diane came over to visit and told me that I was wanted at the court house, as I was going to be taught how to be a witness to major crimes.  She said that the judge was very strict and he sometimes questioned a witness for at least three hours before testifying abotu a crime.

So, I went to the court house, where I was shown a symbol of major crime.  It looked like a piece of black fencing, with three upright posts and one horizontal black piece of wood that interlaced the three posts.

When i was done studying the fence posts and went home, a deep voice said to me in my head, "I wasn't happy with the results of that test, we are going to have to do that again.

I woke up and went back to sleep, whereuponn I was given another set of fence posts, this time, the fence posts were a little shorter and less dark, more a dark brown rathr than black, but the symbol was the same, three upright fence posts with one horizontal piece of wood interlacing them.

Again we had to go to the court house and testify abotu the lessor crime I had seen.

Evidently that went all right because I didn't get any feedback, however, when I was done at back at home, I was sitting at my computer and those two symbols of fence posts were sitting upright on my desk between my monitor and computer to remind me t obe a goodo witness for crime.



5-29-11 - DREAM - I     Had two dreams where I was standing outside in the yard watcching hooked shaped clouds of various colors whippinng across the sky, mostly red and balck, but some grey and white oddly striped ones that looked webbed, that could turn into tornados.  They were going so fast, it amazed me, and we all feared that a tornado might form and touch down.  It was very scary.


5-29-11 - DREAM -   i was sitting in the diningroom of my house going through my sister's wedding picturse who had remarried the same husband again after 300 years, wearing a long white gown just like her first wedding even though they had four kids and grandkids.  I had about 4 inches of pictures of the wedding to look through most ofo which seemed to be of a young rock and roll band. 

I hadn't gone to the wedding myself for some reason.  I might have been baby sitting or something because I had her grandchildren with me, who were about 2 and 4 yeeears old.

Standing next to me next to the diningroom table was my old boss T%om (the locksmmith) who was holding my left hand very romantically, and talking like he wanted to take me to bed.  He made a joke tht he was the mailman, but I knew he wasn't.  It was hard to turn him down, so I just let him hold my hand as long as he wanted to.  It felt ogod anyway.

At some poing, I got up from the chair I was sitting on to put away the groceries I had bought for the house, and on the edge of a wooden cart was a slice of banana, which I offered to the adorable little blonde two year old girl.  She picked it up and I watched her eat it.  I knew I had a whole banana for the 4 year old boy to eat, but I didn't see him right then.

Later, I went into the bedroom with my husband and looked in the mirror to admire my new figure in a very slim, fitted almost see-through white flowered nightgown. My waistline was about 24 inches which was less than half of what it once was.  I was very happy and excited abotu that.  I looked really good.  Very good in fact!

I was VERY happy.


5-29-11 DREAM - MY BEST FRIEND NANCY - I was working in a large briightlhy lit office where we had a lot o fpeople working, both men and women, but mostly women.  I was typing (remember those?) a letter to a business person for my boss Richard.  (haven't seen him since 1984)  I made a mistake in my typing and wanted to retype the letter, and when I took it out of the typewriter, somehow it got mixed up in the other papers I had in a light green folder on my desk.

That set me off to looking through every light green folder on my desk and everyone else's desk too, which I never found itit,k but I foun d all kinds of other neat stuff I can use in the future.

While I was going through the folders, my best friend Nancy sat down next to me, and she was near tears, and whispered to me whether she might get away with sleeping at the teatre down the street that evening because she didn't have anyhwhere to live.

I said to her, "I have  atwo bedroom apartment -  picturing the one I lived in during the mid 90's.

She responded, "What about David?"  (David means love)

I said, "Do you ever see me hanging out with any guy?"  and she shook her head, "No!"

i said back, "That settles it then, You are moving in with me!"  and she said, "Okay!  and walked away somewhere in the office.

I started looking again for the green folder with my mis-typed letter, and un derneath the little sink at the end of our office, I found a whole bunch of light green folders that had cut out picitures, each folder being for a different Holiday for use in a Newsletter or Holiday letter to groups of people.  The problem was that someone was also sewing things and there was a beautiful hand embroidered baby quilt that someone had washed and then laid it on top of the folders, and it was getting the folders wet.  So I separated the wet cloth out so it could dry from the folders and put them in a separate pile.

Just then, two young blonde men who worked in another part of the office came over and complainef that I was going through their friends stuff, and I told them that the wet fabric was getting the paper wet. 

One of them responded, "Wet cloth can't get paper wet! "  and I answered, "Better guess again!" and they just grabbed everything away from me and took it back to their desks, including the wet baby quilt.

So I went back to my desk and I had no folders at all, and another boss I had in the late 80's  Mr. Reich was leaning against the wall, looking at another light green folder.

Then Nancy came back, all smiles, with a large cell phone in her hand like we had in the 90's, and she said, "Where is the remote control for his phone"

I didn't know what she was talking about, and she reached over and pushed a button on my belt and then started talking to someone cheerfully on the cell phone.  She was really happy again!

And just then I saw my own light green folder dumped onto my desk like those two blonde guys had taken it along with the newsletter folders and had unceremoniously returned it in a hurry.  It was now back on my desk.


5-30-11  NOTE:  I actually fel t muy friend Nancy move in with me (into my body) yesterday.  The energy she expressed was the lonliest I've ever felt in my life.  I couldn't fall asleep for love nor money either until 4 a.m.

5-30-11 - DREAM -  My friend Nancy lived with me and my husband and kids in a big old house in a city somewhere.  My husband evidently liked to party and when he wanted to get some beer, he attached a big wagon to his car and took all of them with him, including two lines of uniformed soldiers.  But he didn't invit me and Nancy to go along.

That made Nancy upset, so she got up and left the house by herself.

After the party, I saw my husbandget into his square red car and go find Nancy, leaving me home alone, after he forcefully buttoned my pink housecoat over my clothes and it seemed like it was inside out.

I had a blue car of my own and I could have taken it to go look for Nancy, but I didn't want to leave the house with out telling my husband, so I stayed home and waited for the enivitable.

I woke up before he returned.


5-30-11  - DREAM  it was early morning and I came out of my apartment intending to go get some breakfast at the corner restaurant, but when i went to get the elevator, knowing I was on the 8th floor - I stopped the elevator and got back off because I realized I had no money in my purse.

Once back off the elevator, I realized I had a credit card and a paycheck in my purse, but I'd have to go to the bank to get some money to buy some food, so I asked my friend Donna if she wanted to go to the drug store for a burger, but I had to step at the bank drive thru on the way  - and she said, "Okay!"

We went out to my blue car and on the way, picked up another girfriend and a guy who all said they were goihng to get some food too, so we decided to go together.

I have to admit here, I'm a bad two foot driver and thats what I was doing - one foot on the brake and one foot on the accerelator - makes for bad driving - believe me.

I don'[t recall stopping at the bank, but we ended up driving to a country place where there was some kind of festival going on and drove right into a huge barn where most of the people were.

A whole bunch of women were sitting around picnic tables.  I saw a lot of white dinner ware, but no food.

By then I had aleady lost track of Donna and the other girl, and the guy evidently was on his own somewhere else, and then I heard some women cheering over in a corner so I headed that direction thinkikng  that Dona might be oveer there.

I got aroun d the corner, and bheind some gaudy picturs on a wall and doorway, I could hear the cheering even louder.

As it turn ed out, you couldn't get into that room withou tbuying ticket, but I didn't know what was in there until they opened the door and saw they were playing some kind o fgame, and I did spot Donna on the other side of a high counter - she had bought a ticket and got all the way inside the placce.

The man was busy telling people that you could only get in if you bought a ticket, but at that point you couldn't buy a new ticket, you could only buy a used ticket where people had already won some money and the price of those tickets inccluded the winnig mney that someone else wanted out of the game so there was a premim on those tickets up to the point the game was at.

I could see there was no food in that room, just the game going on.  Then I saw what the prize was, and about gagged, it was a set of yellow ceramic dishes with a gaudy fat Christmas tree painted on the side and there sat Donna playing the game like her life depended on itAll I wanted was some food and evidently I wasn't gettinga ny.


5-31-11 - DREAM  i was in a house somewhere with my cousin Judy and another woman.  Judy was bakikng a cake for her mother who was coming to visit, and the layers weren'ta ll the same size.  I told her that frosting can fix anything, so we made a four layer cake with butter cream icing in the layers and chocolate frosting on the o0utside.

I saw Judy's mothe rarriving by car just as we finished.  The car was a boxy white station wagon with a chocolate brown stripe around the side.

We quicklyh cleaned the sink and the stove which had coffee stains all over the top that were acidic so we had to be careful washing them off. 

But the cake looked great!


5-31-11 - DREAN 0  Nt giysbabd was beubg renideked abd we were fubakkt gettubg tge yostaurs byukt tge wat ut sgiykd gave heeb,  Tgere were aall kind of people helping us including my friend Casssie.

Unfortuantely, my hips were in pain and so weak that I could barely stand up and walk, so I decided to go upstairs and take some pain pills so I ccould walk without pain.  But whwen I got upstairs i discovered no handrail had been installed on the right side of the stairway and it was unsafe to descend without it, so I needed to order one so someone could install it.

I was taking bags of garbage downstairs with me from the boy's room and discovered a bag of potatoe chips nobody wanted to eat, but I liked potato ship crumbs so decided to save thos for myself.

Whenn I got downstairs with the garbage bages, I ccouldn't take them outside by myself because I was still in pain.

In the back hall, Joe's son TJ was there and he said he had to g4t to work, but then an electrician was standing on the stairs, askikng me to sharpen his stub of a pencil.  He tried to hand me a yellow box off the wall which I refused to touch,because I thought I would get a shock a nd then he said, "Always use an Iriquois Homestad pen!

and I woke up