MAY, 1990

5-5-90 Dream: I went into the school on 20th st. The highest grade was room 8. Visiting students were coming to the school I led them into the auditorium. The light switches were too high for me. There were 5 of them. They were too high for an ordinary person to reach so I had to stand on a chair to turn them on. I turned them on from left to right. A man I knew from the 7th floor who was an opera singer pulled up another chair to the right of me to assist me in turning them on. Then, still standing on the chairs, he took me in his arms as if to dance with me in a rhythm. He had a very happy smile on his face. An elderly woman who was from the 5th floor came to see me . She said, "My name is Paramhansa -Siva. I will come to see you today on the 2nd level.

I looked up references for these names. The Eye of Siva is the eye of intuition. Paramahansa means "I am He. - the Highest Swan". Siva is the God - destroyer/renovator of creation, preservation and destruction. The Cosmic Dancer is Siva in his aspect of Nataraja who works out the infinite modes of rhythm in the processes of universal creation, preservation and destruction.

AFter I woke up from this dream, I went into meditation and called Paramahansa - Siva along with Holy Christ. They both came and Paramahansa -Siva told me, "I will be back to see you again this afternoon."

At 1 minute past 1 p.m. I got a sharp pain in my chest, which went up to my neck and then down my left arm. I was dizzy, weak, and anxious. I was afraid the God Siva was making me have a heart attack. Gradually it passed, but then my esophagus and stomach bothered me all afternoon. The pain was so bad, I was afraid to move all afternoon.

At 6 p.m. I called Paramahansa - Siva and Holy Christ again. I heard her say, "I am tickled when you call me." She then gave me a green grape and a small orange slice to eat.

The next day at noon I called Paramahansa- Siva and Holy Christ again. This time the voice said, "For love and affection". I saw myself nude standing behind a nude male giving him a back rub and shoulder massage. I began to feel very strong sexual feelings for this man.


5-10-90 Dream: I and a man were in narrow canoes, skimming along the ocean's edge, along the shore. The water was a little choppy but we went along smoothly. He was admiring me for being able to handle the boat so well, but I had to admit that if the water got really rough I didn't know if I could handle the boat so well.

We landed at the edge of a mountain and disembarked. As we climbed the hill, I told him that as high as the mountain looked, the base of it was way deep in the ocean.


5-24-90 Meditation:

Q. Please show me Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 25, 1997.

A. I saw two men standing back against a wall. The shorter man said to the taller man, "How does it feel to be backed up against a wall and put aside?" I then heard a woman say to me, "I'm not going to stand here and tell you what to do."

NOTE: When this date came, my building was sold which I as managing, and I lost my job, and I had to decide whether to move to another state or get another job close by. It was a very difficult decision.  I actually, eventually did both.


5-24-90 - MEDITATION - I asked about the brown phone for T.M. to use on the spiritual level.   A. There is a rhythm going on with a swaying to the left and right.  the voice said, "There is a Shec to the Shacto."  I saw a glass roof over my head. A woman was looking down. She said, "I think there is something wrong." Another voice said, "Are you Marcella?"  There seemed to be something wrong with this level of consciousness and I tried to go to a higher one. I then saw two men. There seemed to be some difficulty. They put their hands over their faces and put their heads down as if in frustration.

A man said to a boy, "You're naughty, but you're important though.!" I saw a man, kicking backwards against a glass door on the right. He said, "Baby! You're learning."  He was laughing when he said it.

Someone took me by the hand and said, "We are going down now. There will be success."

I asked specifically about the brown telephone then. A voice said, "Oh yeah! It's California!"  (Little did I know then :-) what would happen in 1997)

Q. What is T.M supposed to do with the brown telephone? "  A. "Pick it up!"

There was a woman on my left coming towards me. She said, "I was supposed to be on my route. I should have started an hour earlier."

I saw some kind of a bluish and grey gadget, sort of butterfly shaped. It was opened and raised up. The voice said, "I haven't even heard from her."

Q.  Is T.M. supposed to work with Eckankar?  A" Yes! You are!"

Q. Is T.M. supposed to work with Eckankar in the physical?" A. "Yes! Basically. You are to start at 11."

Q. 11 a.m. or p.m.?  A. "That is no problem. It doesn't matter. You are to begin to study and you are to begin right now."

I then saw a woman carrying a little girl. She appeared to be leaving.  The voice said, "Does Dolores have money?"  There seems to be a mixup. I asked... Is Dolores supposed to win the lottery?"  I saw a little gadget open up with a blue light inside and they said, "Sure!"

Q. Will I be told the numbers?"  A man's voice said, "No! Someone else is going to." I saw a trail of women's magazines on the ground.

Q. What is the problem in Chicago?  (This refers to a group, not the city) A. "In Chicago, the Bab is sick. Sherkeef. She is as guilty as he is. Sherkeef is wrong."

Q. Who is Sherkeef?  A. "I'm afraid she is dead."

Q. Who is Sherkeef?  A. (There seems to be some question about that.)  I saw a woven basket, like the silver spoon earlier.  


5-25-90 - MEDITATION - A voice said, "Have you had too many husbands?"

Questions were raised indicating that there are jealousies about the abilities that I have. Someone is checking the records and they were checking into August.

Q. Are there any color rays or other rays coming in now or shortly?  A. I heard the name Joseph Salicka. The voice said, "Joseph Salicka does". (Name of a judge) "It will be a little while." There were questions and statement about money.The amount mentioned was $10,000.  I saw a pill box with the letters  S, M, T, W, T, F, S. Master Marcus was in the Monday slot The cover fell off of Sunday and hit the ground. Behind it was a big, empty, dark space.  The voice said, "It's a little bigger up here, folks!"  There was no further information coming. I saw a woman on the right who said, "I don't care!" Another voice said, "Oh Evelyn!" Another voice said, "Take it away Scot!"


5-27-90 - MEDITATION -  A voice said, "It is very good. You are accepted."  I saw myself separating a blue blanket from a white blanket. The blankets had been layered together into one.  A voice  said, "Is that man going to come?"  I answered, "Yes!"  (This was referring to the man who is going to help.)  Two people asked me how I am doing. They don't think I'm doing very well. They asked me if my boyfriend Bob Price is coming. They said that he would help. (I don't know anyone named Bob Price) I heard a young girl's voice say, "Yes! That's right!"  I then heard a man's voice asking me how I am doing. He said, "How is Bartel at Safety Value?"  I asked, "Who is Bartel?"  A. Bartel, from Safety Value is from a project in 1983.  Bartel from Safety Value is '80203' and will be available this afternoon."  I said, "If Tom is coming over, that's all I need.  I said, "Now, in order to work, I need orange and yellow paper." I was beginning to work and there were two clocks, one on the left and one on the right. They both fell upsidedown on the floor simultaneously.  I was working with an elderly lady in #805. They told me the name "KOEMP" was the name of the man. I asked, "What does Milwaukee look like on April 25, 1997?"  A voice said, "The volcanoes are the earth's natural way of air conditioning."  Another voice said, "The arrows are on the table fully covered.  Now, if you would catch the bullet proof vests!"  It appeared that we are getting ready for a war.  I picked up a mauve colored bath towel that was in a bathroom that was covering a black pair of slacks and what appeared to be a black person's braids.  A voice said, "This is going to be a big job with these communists."  Another voice said, "Shelling? Nobody really cares!"

I raised my vibrations again. Someone rang the physical doorbell of my apartment and on the astral level, a woman with a big shopping bag came in and said, "I am glad to come here."

Q. Milwaukee! April 30, 1995?  I saw a desk with a big crack in it. A voice said, "It doesn't matter!"

I called '80203' Bartel.  I saw a man sitting at a dinner table. He had his wife, (blonde or white hair) sitting around the corner on his left. I asked him if he heard me call him. He said, "Yes! I did hear you call me."  I asked, "If Bartel is married, how is he going to do me any good?"  Bartel answered, "Leave us until at least 10:00 o'clock at night." I asked, "Is Bartel available to have a relationship with me?"  A. "At a later date!"

I then called Bob Price. I saw a woman who was hysterical and she is afraid that he was going to lose his job and that she is afraid that he was going to lose her.

I was seeing something like an antenna. One rod fell down and bobbed me on the nose and I felt it in the physical.

I called the Master 'Marcus'. I saw a catalog like J.C. Penney. I saw some purple clothes. I was admiring them.


5-25-90 - DREAM - I had a handheld radio.  It was numbered 1 thru 13.  Number 11 was marked "Police". I heard my boss Tom W. speaking to his accountant. On another radio he said that he had 187 employees, that they were breaking for lunch and there was a differential of $1.10 an hour.


5-25-90 - MEDITATION - While I was raising my vibrations, I saw myself standing on the ocean shore on top of a cliff, watching the waves crashing against the shore. There was a triangular boy there. A voice said, "This is a better place than the earth zone."

I saw a girl and a woman wearing purple dresses with colorful flowers all over. They danced to the left, put down a black purse, then danced to the right again.

I called T.M. A voice said, "Call John Paul!"  I saw a very large group of people who appeared to be leaving a hospital. These were very heavy set people. A black woman came along who was very upset. She said, "What took you so long to get here? It took you over two hours."

I asked to see the 'Rod of Power'.  I saw it three times. It was held in the right hand. It was three feet long. It had a gold circular plate at the top with a hole in the center and out of the hole was coming a brilliant bluewhite flame, not like a candle, but shooting out like a blowtorch.  It was at least three inches wide.  There were people lining up along a sidewalk waiting for someone to come out of a house.  I saw a man, naked from the waist up, sweating profusely, having a great deal of trouble doing something like pushups. They were asking him why was he having so much trouble handling his problems. I was understanding that there is a heavy price to pay for having this responsibility also.

I saw a large white table with many herbs growing in various pots and jars.

I saw some people coming down a long hall with glass on one side like at the airport. They were asking what would go into a time capsule.

I saw something like a calendar. It was divided into three parts.  On the left half, January was at the top with a lion laying down. On the left half on the bottom was 'June'. The whole right half was March.

Then I saw many black people. They said, "The war is over!"  They were very happy.


5-30-90 - MEDITATION - Q. How are we to complete the C.D. lessons? A. (Unclear) but it appeared that T.H. was pushed out of the picture.

I saw seven men come in, stood in a very tight circle, all facing toward the center, holding onto the shoulders of the one next to him. They were wearing blue and white alternately.

Q. How are we to retrieve the truth from the Universe? A. "By wishing for it and asking for it."

Q. Who is to do the asking for the truth?   A. "T.M."

Q. Who is to write the truth?  A. "T.M."

Q. Who is to teach the truth? A. "T.M. and all others."

Q. Who is to write the truth and prepare it? A. "T.M."

Q. What is to be my position in this? A. "To support T.M."

Q. In what ways? A. "In all ways!"

Q. How are we to work on this information?  I saw a man dressed all in black working on a computer, one finger on each hand. He appeared to sign off, get up and walk away.

Q. Should I apply for that job at Decade Corp? A. "What do you have to lose?"

NOTE: I applied for the job, took a bunch of tests, got the job, then turned it down because it turned out to be way too far south in the city and I didn't have a car and there was no bus line near it.