MAY 1992

5-1-92 - DREAM -  I had a fish tank which I hadn't been paying attention to. It was full of algae and difficult to see what was inside. I looked very closely and saw some amphibian animals that were thought to be extinct, They were alive and well, feasting on the algae. I went to the other side of the tank and saw a large form inside and wondered what it was. Just then it raised its ugly head out of the water. It was a huge dragon head and its body was green and leathery and where its front legs would be, it had huge leathery wings.

Somebody told me that they didn't have the sense to know that if you put on boxing gloves that you were faking them out and you looked formidable ad they thought they couldn't win, unlike human beings who would go down fighting if your threatened them. I planned to clean the tank so everyone could see what was inside.

I then went to make the bed and do laundry. I discovered that Ed was coming home and I wasn't ready.

My friend Alice came and told me that the washer would hold 5 blankets and to start with the white one, then the blue ones. I went to he bed and that's exactly what was on it. The top blanket was white and the rest of the blankets were various shades of blue. I was going to rearrange the layers but they weren't easily separated, so I left them the way the were.

I then took all the blankets to wash them, since he wasn't ready to go to bed yet and went down some stairs towards the basement. The carpeting was  being newly installed and was brown sculptured. The workmen weren't too thrilled that I was coming through while they were still working and I had to go around them. In doing so, I found myself on another stairway that went up that was also having brown carpeting put on. I was quite confused as to which stairway to use.

Also, in this dream was an old man and woman who stated that they wanted sandwiches brought from the local deli.I thought to myself that i was an unreasonable request and prepared to give them something else to eat that we already had in the house.

A woman named Mary Beth jumped up to get what they anted and planned to go to the local hospital to catch some nurses coming out at the end of their shift and see if they had brought any sandwiches out with them from the commissary machines.

I said to her, "One doesn't always get what one wants." She answered, "But that doesn't mean that we can't try to give them what they want."


5-1-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and a thrill ride was constructed on the hill by my house. It consisted of an icy path slide downhill backwards, strapped on a brown overstuffed square chair. People were lined up for blocks to take tis ride and were willing to pay for it. They offered me the chance to be the first one to demonstrate how thrilling it would be. They said it didn't even need boots to climb the hill through everyone else was wearing them. Then they said that there were no controls and it frequently wiped out. They said it would be an honor to be first.

I had already experienced the thrill and terror of what it felt like to come down that hill frontwards and some points being pushed on a sofa couch, so at the last moment, I declined the offer.

Then it was time to go to school and the bus was coming. I didn't have any money and my purse was in the house and no time to get it. The bus came and my purse was already on the bus and the driver had it and handed it to me, but you had to have exact change. I ended up walking toward school down the highway and saying I had better sign up for the school bus.

Someone picked me up with a car, but I didn't trust their driving, so I snapped in my own steering wheel on the right side and I was ready to take over the driving as soon as we reached the expressway entrance.


5-1-92 - DREAM - I got a phone call from my girlfriend Terry R. who just moved to South Carolina from Texas. The phone rang again and I got a call from someone in Texas. I put Terry on hold to talk to the person in Texas a moment, then went back to the South Carolina call. Terry wasn't available so I talked to her husband Dave. It was basically a one way conversation, asking what South Carolina was like. Can't remember more. I finally begged off because he wasn't saying much.

I went to the grocery store where I found my purse sitting amongst the vegetable and was grateful that no one had taken it.

I was at home, watching something on TV with a man. It could have been my son Tom. They gave a series of numbers for an event to come and I deciphered it to be Sept. 9 of 92, a date on the strange calendar I had previously seen in another dream. I remembered that calendar in the dream.

I then got a short note from someone and had to read it to one of my tenants, The date I thought was 1/8/92 but I wasn't clear about it and what I read to her was 10 times more than what was on the note.

Then they came with a wheelchair to get her to take her for tests. Another woman carried her things and I was just there for moral support. When she got into the wheelchair, she pinched her arm. the nurse was upset and said to me, I wish someone would have told her that we were going to come with a wheelchair.


5-6-92 - MEDITATION - Using Zygon Tape:  I am seeing a series of day scenes as if I'm in a house, looking up at surrounding hillsides and valleys. I'm on a porch at the door and a man and his wife (blonde) in their 50's or so come up the porch stairs with suitcases in hand, smiling.

I am walking down a sidewalk next to a house, seeing surrounding trees and hillsides. It is dusk.


5-7-92 - Zygon Dream - Portions recalled.  I was in a doctor's examining room laying on a long narrow table. There was a table to my right with a woman laying on that one too. I was 5 months pregnant and just beginning to show. I hadn't told anyone I was pregnant yet and because I was fat, no one had yet noticed. I could feel the baby's movements. The doctors was going to examine me to confirm the pregnancy so he could tell me how to take care of myself until the baby was born.

The doctor came into the room wearing thick red rubber gloves. The woman on my right decided she didn't want to be examined by a doctor with red rubber gloves.

There were children playing on the floor to the left. I got up too, saying, "I'm not ready for the whole world to know yet." and left without being examined.

We were then in a school, somewhat Octagon shaped, divided into equal section s by glass walls set with brown wood beams. You could get from section to section through French doors.

I was then walking from Teutonia ave. to 16th St. with a woman companion and we noticed that people were collecting mechanical bicycles in their yards that seemingly ran by themselves or by car power with geared scissor action like the Edward Scissorhands movie.

We came to a house and saved two children from a fire by wrapping big brown overcoats around them.

ANOTHER ZYGON DREAM - I was walking along the shore of a lake or ocean with a lot of other people. They were looking for an unusual phenomena to happen. Suddenly, someone cried out, look... there comes an iceberg and a sharp, craggy , angry, red and white iceberg popped to the surface. As I watched, the face of a blue and white bull dog came to the surface followed by the face of a brown cat. We knew we had to get away quickly and I gathered up my children and left.

Later on I thought about the dream, wondering what it mean. I again saw the cat's face pop to the surface with a white tape or banner across it's face and the date 12/30/__ written across it.

ZYGON TAPE - SAME DREAM - I was in a corner windowed room that had brown shades on the narrow windows. There was a man standing in one window so close to the glass he looked like he was part of it. I recognized him as an ex-preacher. As I pulled up the shades to let the light in and to see the view, one of the shades had a long message written on it. The name that was repeated in many of the sentences was Jesse. I knew that the message shouldn't be hidden from the world and that I should copy it on the computer for distribution. I wasn't able to print it out immediately on that computer, so I sat on a street corner and began to type it as traffic went by.  (Jesse means 'wealthy) or (Jesse - Firm, or a gift, a son of Obed, the son of Boaz and Ruth (Ruth 4:17,22; Matthew 1:5,6; Luke 3:32). He was the father of eight sons, the youngest of whom was David (1 Samuel 17:12). The phrase "stem of Jesse" is used for the family of David (Isaiah 11:1), and "root of Jesse" for the Messiah (Isaiah 11:10; Revelation 5:5). Jesse was a man apparently of wealth and position at Bethlehem (1 Samuel 17:17,18,20; Psalms 78:71). The last reference to him is of David's procuring for him an asylum with the king of Moab (1 Samuel 22:3).


5-7-92 - chakra tape meditation. I was told to move to an apartment complex on 113th St. (When a job became available there, I decided I didn't want to go there.)


5-7-92 - ZYGON VISION - I was seeing an apartment complex with an oval garden in a courtyard. Out of the garden from between the flowers, came toddling a little boy baby.


ZYGON DREAM - I was with some women and I went into a small room where a group of women were sitting cross legged on the floor behind a low rectangular table about 3" high. The head woman told me that they would provide the total spiritual and financial backing for K-500, K-501, K-502, K-503, K-504, K-505, and K-506

NOTE: I found several references for K-500 in the Kabbalah, and in the Music of Mozart. When I looked up K-501, I found a series of books on motivation by Brian Tracy.


ZYGON DREAM - Later on I went to an upper room with many people I recognized as school mates and work mates from as far back as 30, 40, and 45 years ago. We were all lined up according to height, the women in an inner circle, the men in an outer circle. We marched around and around with little steps, forming the circles, a square, a triangle, and a cross. It was very formal and intricate. After we made all these shapes, the groups started to intermix the heights of the people as the shapes of the designs became more complicated. Finally, it seemed that the group had lost its cohesiveness and the people were must mixing for mixing's sake.  At that point, I decided that I didn't want to be there ... just to be there.



ZYGON DREAM - I was with my family. I was doing the dishes. I had to wash a big pizza pan where the pizza was burned on and disgusting looking. One of the lights above the sink was out and I asked my son to bring me a lightbulb from up[stairs. He went upstairs to get it, I thought, but as I continued to wash the disgusting slimy mess and had my arms in it almost up to the elbows, I yelled to him to bring me the light, he never came back. I finished washing the silver circular pan, and cleaned the sink, then went upstairs. Everyone was in bed. I had the feeling that my oldest son was suicidal at this point for not doing as I had asked. I didn't want him to feel that way, so I took a huge white quilt and pulled it around me and took his place, removing the guilt from him.


ZYGON DREAM - I was with a man, driving through the dark night, on a long strange narrow road. We were going very fast. I commented that I thought we were perhaps going too fast. We crossed an intersection and stopped the car. He was waiting for traffic to clear ahead. He said, "I'm going to show you what fast really is!"

But as we sat there, a car came racing towards us going the other way, totally out of control. It smashed left fender to left fender with a car just ahead of us which we had been waiting for to move on. We were appalled and remained there to help with the crash victims.

As it turned out, the men from the out of control car were like Nazi infiltrators. They grabbed all their gear and jumped into a ditch with it and began to scrambled around, trying to change clothes quickly to look like the rest of us. A younger teen came along on a bicycle and stopped to help. I was afraid that these Nazis would try to hurt him, but the boy found some light blue wrist bands and put one on. It had a weird strip to hold it on. He gave me another which I put on my own wrist, so he and I looked like we were together. There were 3 other light blue bands which I knew that the Nazis were going to want to put on, so they looked like us too, but they were missing the velcro strip and I knew they would never hold on their wrists ... they'd never be like us.


ZYGON DREAM - I met my friend David on a stairway upstairs. It was very wide with narrow treads. He tried to cut me off from continuing up, saying that he wanted something from me. I told him that I owed him nothing, that I had given way more than he deserved and I continued on up the stairs, leaving him behind.


5-9-92 - VISION - I was sitting on the couch in the livingroom, facing north, of my 16th St. house. I.R. was standing in the doorway between the livingroom and diningroom, facing southwest. I noticed that he was swaying a little. I asked, "I" are you all right?" The words were no sooner out of my mouth and he fell over backwards into a chair over the arm and made no attempt to catch himself with his hands.

VISION - I was standing on a porch with someone at night. The person asked me if I had ever seen a UFO. I didn't even have time to answer and one came flying over. It appeared round like a ball with jet engine type outlets in every direction. It flew just above the rooftops.

VOICE - "A good thing to invest in will be apples. They will go up to $54 a bushel."


5-9-92 - DREAM - I had several nightmares in a row, all took place in my apartment. Someone came to the door and gave me a big blue vase (similar to one I just bought at a rummage sale) As soon as I accepted it, weird things began to happen, like stabbing myself with a sharp pointed object that hand't been sharp moments before. I tried to slam the door on someone discovered that the hinges had come out of the door. Again I tried to close the door and the hinges were in, but it just swung through because it was several inches too narrow. Everything started to go wrong, my eyesight seemingly went weird when things seemed to go fuzzy or distorted. A man came over later and asked me to read a play called Easy Evil and during this play, I read the part as I felt it, but meanwhile the incidences in my own apartment were getting weirder and weirder. I eventually caught on that there was something evil in some of the things I had in my house and I started to throw them out in the hall one by one and they instantly zapped out of existence. I knew I was on the right track then.

Excitedly, I began to throw more things but they began to pile up and I thought to myself, "No! I must be wrong, it's all in my mind" and just as I decided I was going crazy, the whole pile zapped away in an instant.

I concluded reading the screen play and the man said to me, "You were so realistic with your reading, even the part where your tone inflection of your voice showed so authentically where you couldn't figure out if something was evil or not."

I grinned at him and said, "That's because that's' the way it really was." And I continued, "and I'm going to tell you something, "I'm going to write and produce the sequel to your movie and put it out before you produce your own move. I guarantee that people will be so scared by the sequel, that they'll come to see the movie you're producing knowing they'll be scared out of their wits. I patted him on the hands and grinned again and woke up.

NOTE: I wrote a short story called 'Easy Evil'.  It even gave me the willies to write it. But I never published it.


5-10-92 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee at my job and looking up people to say goodbye to, because I was leaving to move to New York.

DREAM - I was in Milwaukee at my job, teaching people to make preparations emotionally for the deaths of their loved ones. I had the feeling that their deaths would occur within 6 months.

MEDITATION - I saw a huge courtyard like at the Vatican - St. Paul's Square. Thousands of people were there. I kept seeing hundreds of people assembling. I tried to recognize where this was and finally in the last scene, I saw that the people were wearing clothes such as 18th Century. I think that each scene was a different time span.


5-11-92 - MEDITATION - I walked with Babaji and T.M. about T.M.'s dream of me being aggressive romantically towards him. I apologized for the intrusion of my astral body since my soul and physical body do not intrude where they are not desired. I then asked about Amadeus. A voice said, "I smell a fish."  He also made some other derogatory remark then showed me a map of a country shaped similar to Australia but I felt that it was part of Russia. Near the center but farther south and east. The word 'bomb' was next to the mark of the city. Another city was indicated a few miles south and east of that with the words August 1-3.

NOTE: I can tell now in the year 2001 that I was really stupid back then. The word 'fish' in relation to the name Amadeus is perfectly fitting, since the name Amadeus means ' love God' and is Mozart's middle name, and the is the name of the movie by the same name.  Fish is the symbol of Pisces and the Christian church.

NOTE: I found numerous references to bombings and war in Russia during the period mentioned. I can't identify the exact place so I don't know if this was correct or not, but it seems it was.


5-11-92 - DREAM - Can't remember any details but we were getting ready for UFOS to land.

I was in a restaurant where they had a service where you looked up reading material by number and they would bring it to you to read while you ate your meal.

The waitress hung over my shoulder looking for something she wanted to read about some food. They also had a digital type T.V. screen and we were watching a sailboat race, two men against two women. It appeared that the men won by inches, but it was so close it was virtually a tie.

We went outside and I needed to mail a couple envelopes, but I hadn't put stamps on them. A man tried to help, first he tried to mail them without stamps and then he grabbed my wallet to find the stamps and almost turned it upsidedown. I was afraid he was going to pocket some of the cards I had, but I got it in time.


5-13-92 - DREAM - I moved west and Wendy G. followed after me. She was wearing brown clothes and I was covered by a brown blanket. She stood and looked out the window. I said, "It didn't take you very long to get here," then I looked at my watch and saw that it was 5 minutes past 5. Then I said, "Oh, it's later than I thought."

NOTE: Wendy actually moved west 3 years before I did, and when I got to California, she had moved several times and I lost track of her.


5-13-92 - I was laying down and thinking about the above dream and a voice said, "She always called me her 'Chancell". Another voice said, "Always doesn't meant that's for certain."

I was thinking about the architect for our lodge house. A young voice said, "It has to have gas." Another voice said, "It doesn't have to have gas." The other one said, "Yes! It does, because after she turned 37, it opened wide up and I saw a huge valley with a mountain beyond that was snow-covered.

I then heard, "She followed after him, but she can't find herself. She'll find herself by August 3rd."

I then heard Wendy say, "I always wanted to be known as a mother, but that didn't happen. But I don't feel bad about that." Then I saw a woman driving a huge wagon, pulled by horses, loaded down with things and a woman on a bicycle riding out in front of it, leading it.

A voice said, "There is a thirst in all of us and she has hers," and I saw a shaft of light narrowing and narrowing to a point to the right.

Voice: "She has faced life with gusto an that it should be, but she is where she belongs for now."

Voice. "She should build a health mobile."

Voice: "She is here for a bonus."  

I felt confused, and the voice said, "Either tell her this or shut up."

I then saw myself looking out an apartment window and seeing he city, and then out of the window next to it was a country scene. The voice said, "It is your religious avocation."

Voice: "If you're in a hurry, you can move into the same area."

Voice: "She can use mass transportation."

Voice: She can do what you do, manage an apartment building."

I then saw myself on a high level as though in a spotlight. I went over to a man seated at a huge book on a stand. It said, "The Akashic Records".


5-13-92 - MEDITATION for my friend Wendy G. Q. Were Wendy and I together in another lifetime?  A. voice "No! That was a different soul."  

Q. "Who was Wendy at the time of Christ?"  A. Vision:  I saw a Roman soldier.

Voice" She proved there was no death on tray."


5-15-92 - MEDITATION FOR WESAK: I tried to go to Shamballa.  It was very dark, but I had a sense of movement, then I saw a glowing sky past black silhouettes of people. Then I saw movement again, but nothing specific.


5-16-92 - MEDITATION - 10 p.m. Voice: " Some great truth will be imparted to you then as to the future."

DREAM - I was in highschool full of young kids. We were rehearsing for a funeral.

NOTE:  A man in my apartment building died on 5/17/92 at 11 p.m.


5-18-92 - MEDITATION; Voice:  "Start a healing circle."  I saw a group of people. 12 people sitting in a circle.

NOTE: I wish I had done this, but I never did, though I thought about it a lot. I was working two full time jobs, then started a business of my  own, and I was sick besides, so the excuses that I needed to work were stronger than the will to do the healing circle..  


5-19-92 - DREAM - I dreamed that I saw some playing cards. One was the 5 of spades and one had about 10 lemons on it. There were a couple of others which didn't register in my mind. Ultimately, these cards were laid across each other in a pattern on my flat stomach when I lay down on a table. There was some significance to these cards, but I don't know what.


5-19-92 - MEDITATION: I was taking all kinds of dark blue clothes and coats to the High Astral Healing Temple. A voice said, "The only reason I'm taking all this here is because you are the only one who knows what you're doing."

MEDITATION 2: I went again to the healing temple. There were men standing there in dark blue suits. One of the men pulled out a gun and arrested another man. (The man arrested was either blonde or white haired and slightly overweight.)


5-20-92 - DREAM - I was at a big warehouse of some kind. I had brought some things in for storage, but they were taken out of the large boxes. I left the boxes there for other people to use.) (Ecology)


5-23-92 - DREAM - I was with T.M. and his wife. We were watching something happening. We were sitting on a narrow stairway. T.M. and his wife were sitting on the stair above me and I was sitting between the wife's knees and she had her arms around my shoulders and hands clasped in front of me. I had my hands on her hands. Then I put my fingers against her wrist and felt her pulse and felt her heart beating. I thought to myself, "This is the first time I've been close enough to her to realize that she is a real person."


5-22-92 - SPECIAL MEDITATION FOR A KIDNAPPED GIRL TO FIND HER. This missing girl report was in all the newspapers and I wanted to find her alive. All the information below comes from the meditation, not from the newspaper articles.

She was abducted.
She was lured by a man with a white poodle dog.
He thought she was a teenager and would be fun to play with.
He crawls on his knees for a living, wearing a tool belt.
He is a carpet layer.
He wears jeans when he works.
The tool he used is wrapped in bloody tinfoil.
He had been there before in April.
They call him Jack.
I also heard the name O.V. Hunt
He drove around for awhile. He tried to rent a room somewhere and was refused.
He then drove East and didn't want anyone to know which way he went.
I saw the 'girl' with the color Dark Blue behind her.
He was wearing jeans and a blue shirt.
He is thin, but muscular.
He was driving a white pickup truck.

Separate Meditation - 5-28-92 -
I saw her name and address written at the top of a white sheet of paper, written in red blood and smeared across the page at the end. I called her soul. She was crying and in pain. I saw her information shift over 1/2 inch to the right. Her will to live is strong and I think she will survive.

Separate meditation - noon - I didn't make contact right away. Then a nurse opened a door and I heard someone say, "Where is she?", then I saw her hospital room which was somewhat darkened. There was a man sitting on a chair by the wall. He was wearing dark pants and a red plaid long-sleeved shirt. I could see the hospital bed at the bottom end. Then I saw her left eye was open and the right eye was partly open.

NOTE:  I will update this when I find more information. My journal is out of order here.


5-24-92 - DREAM - I was on my way to work. The way was narrow and I was riding on a yellow road construction vehicle with a man. He drove down the street and it got blocked by vehicles going the other way, so we had to go around the back and go in the shipping entrance. Just before I went in I pulled up the antenna on some kind of communication machine.

I was following a man dressed in a grey suit. I had a huge ring of silver keys. I was following him up the stairs and I dropped my key son the stairs momentarily. Somebody asked him where I was when he got to the top. He said, "She's always behind me somewhere."

When I did get to the top, I looked for him. There was an office to the right with a bunch of women at desks. He was under the desk of the head secretary fixing some kind of communication equipment, but it looked kind of suspicious because she was sitting at the desk.

I chose to ignore him and continued on up the hall. One the right, I came to an office where a bunch of girls were welcoming back. my old highschool buddy Donna P. I saw her, but for some reason I chose to ignore them all and continue on to my desk. I looked down at my arms to see what I was carrying as I said, "I'm ignoring them and they might think badly of me, but I have a good reason", and saw that I was carrying a newborn girl baby and I had to look out for her  concerns first of all.


5-24-92 - DREAM - I was at work and went through my bosses office to use a secret stairway to go upstairs to call T.M. and talk about my book for children title, "Love".

I called him on the phone. It wasn't 8.a.m. yet.

T.M. and I were then in the car going somewhere together. We were both sitting on the right side of the seat and I had to physically move him over behind the driver's wheel.

I told him that I was going to use my business cards with the hearts and house on it (I have these) to make my work look more professional when I sent it in.

He stopped the car on 19h and Center to go into a store to buy potato chips and donuts for breakfast. I told him to hurry because I still wanted to make it to work on time and that was on 15th and Center.


5-25-92 - DREAM - I was training some little fish and when I was done, they had to swim through a table to go to an area where they would be tested to be put through their paces. However, my little fish were being blocked from swimming through the tube by a bunched up pack of fish in the tube, taught by a man who wasn't urging them on through the tube. They were just huddled in the dark, halfway between the school and the testing area.

I asked him where the button for the light was. He said he didn't know, so I pressed every protrusion on the wall tile. I found it. The light came on showing a huge tank.

The tank couldn't be seen until the light came on. The fist didn't even know it was there.. The fish came alive, showing their brilliant colors and swam around the tank like normal fish and they were ready to be tested and put through their paces.

There was a huge colorful sea turtle in with the fish and he didn't have enough room to swim without bumping into the fish. Then I saw a huge extension of the tank where they had flooded an entire warehouse-type area around what looked like the ancient ruins of another building. This showed when the light came on. The turtle went off by himself into that big vast area all by himself.

Then I saw the name of the school those fish had come from. It was Thorst and it had been empty since 1985.


5-26-92 - DREAM - My mother asked me to get a map of Indiana because she wanted to pick out a new place to live by tomorrow, because the school system told my brother John that he had to tutor children who weren't as smart as him, and if his grades got higher, he would have to work even harder.


5-26-92 - DREAM - I was in Washington State with my mother-in-law, father-in-law, and my old friend G.H. They were all elderly. They were commenting on my weight and telling me how good looking I would be when I lost another 30 pounds or so and that I should remember how good looking these old guys used to be and save a dance for them at the dance hall when I went there.


5-26-92 - DREAM - I was in the hospital and my thyroid was check out as okay by placing strips of something over my feet and putting some chemical on the strips at each test point. They said I should celebrate because I was in such good health.


5-26-92 - DREAM - I telephone a company in Indianapolis and the woman on the phone said, "What a coincidence, I have your name on my screen now and I was just going to call you to remind you that your bill is due in 7 days. I thanked her, with amazement at the coincidence. I went to the kitchen where Shirley M. was washing dishes. I must have been in her house because I told her that I had made the call and took 3 dollars out of wallet, folded it, and tucked it into her sweater pocket to pay for the call.  Her youngest son came in and announced that he was going to check out the 'male' room.


5-26-92 - DREAM - I was driving a car and came to a speed bump. Instead of slowing down when I came to it, I revved up the engine and made the car fly through the air. I came back and practiced the maneuver until I could fly the car 20 feet in the air.


5-26-92 - MEDITATION - Q. Why am I having this pain in my shoulder?  A. I saw a sheet of paper with numbered statements on it. They were written in Greek except for one word I recognized and the word was Jesus.

Q. What do I have to do to overcome the pain in my arm? A. I saw Babaji lift the lid off of a trap door in the ceiling of a dark hallway. He said, "I've done this many times for you before."

Q. What do I have to do to overcome the pain in my arm? A. "Harbin is more concerned about the natural things."

Q. What do I have to do to overcome the pain in my arm? A. I saw my diningroom table pushed way over to the left creating a large space between it and the kitchen.

Q. What is the purpose of moving the table way over, away from the kitchen? A. I saw many green plants, not the ones I have growing here, but others. A. voice said, "This is much more comfortable."


5-28-92 -- DREAM - A man showed me that I should use healing technique #14 on level 5 1/2. It was on a red-orange card.


5-28-92 - DREAM - (a long dream) I was running away and hiding from many people in a dark city.

DREAM - I was with my friend David and took him to a school. 7 Masters came to teach and David doubted that they could do anything, so they told him that they could do miraculous appearing things, but David still doubted. So right in front of him, they took an ordinary object, made it fly through the air, change shape, and become a 3 sided equilateral triangle.


5-29-92 - DREAM - A man came on TV. He told me that I am to do a series of 12 excercizes in sets of 5  - 7 times.

DREAM - It was 6:30 a.m and I fed my Father a bowl of Mixed Chex cereals and told him that they were good for him.


5-30-92 - DREAM - I was at home in New Berlin. I was inside the house and I saw soldiers with rifles line up at the edge of our lot line where the crest of the hill was. They began to shoot at someone or people coming from the north. obviously, I wasn't supposed to see this and one soldier spotted me looking out the window and came over and blocked the view.

Then instead, he came into the house to prevent me from watching. He was tall and good looking, so we had sex on the floor.

I was being held captive then by a man who had only one thing and I remember it as a lamb statue lying down inside a box the size of a #10 envelope box. That was what I studied, played music from, etc. for meals. I know it is symbolic for something else, Christ probably. I was happy and content, having just this one thing that really wasn't mine, but the man let me use it while I was being held captive. I had nothing else and I was happy. I kept the house spotless. There was nothing to mess up. I was there to cook, clean, rest, eat, sleep, etc. for the duration. I was thrilled to have this box and I wanted to tell everyone about it. My father came and I told him about it. He wanted to know about it, so I told him how wonderful it was.

Some other people came, but they wanted to leave right away. They weren't enthralled like I was. I wanted to stay.

My captivity wasn't forever and it came time to leave. I had to go upstairs to leave and someone came up behind me. It was a man, but I don't know who for sure. He put his arms around me from behind and held me close to him.

I saw numbers on the steps, descending as the steps went up. The number 1 was the top step. I knew I had to go up there and I was so close to the top, so close to the end, but I didn't want that loving feeling to end from the man either. I either had to break free from the man who gave me the ecstatic feeling or he had to go with me.


5-30-92 - DREAM - I had to teach someone that a little tiny chicken was Christ and that Christ had been killed by stabbing him in the neck. To demonstrate, I took a butcher knife and spread out the chicken's neck. I killed the chicken by cutting the artery on its' throat. Then, knowing it was Christ, I fell to the floor and bawled like a baby, filled with guilt and torment to have killed Christ.