MAY, 1993

5-1-93 - DREAM - I was in a car with my friend N. He was driving me through a town on the way to look at the house he used to live in. He would make a right turn, then a left, a right, a left, etc. we had to cross an intersection and when we got there, two men, dressed in light tan trenchcoats came up to us. They introduced themselves as Mike and Eddie. They told N. he had to pull back from me by 5/21. It had something to do with a shield of some kind with a small hole in the center that only I was to see through. These guys frightened me somewhat. They intimidated me, because they were so direct and let you know when they told you to do something, you didn't ask questions.

And N. didn't ask any questions, he just said, "Yes, Sir!" He back away from me and left me standing there by the shield with the small hole in it.

I didn't know if it was the same dream or not, but I met two other men who showed me how they created music. One had a guitar and just stood in a corner playing it. The other guy was there for moral support.

I commented that I eneded the raido going. It was yellow and was on a shelf in the other corner. This guy did it in silence.


5-2-93 - DREAM - The car was all packed to go West, but I could leave until I went to the library to get four books to take along. They couldn't be just any four books, they had to be the four widest/biggest books.


5-2-93 - DREAM - I was seeing my dream book and in it, was wirtten in green that I should take up a collection fund to pay for my trip west. However, I was too be sure not to go south.


5-2-93 - DREAM - I was at A-C on 70th St. I went across the street down to the Executive Bridge (to do what, I didn't remember) and saw my friend Alice down in the lobby, talking to a woman named Cynthia. Alice said, "Goodbye". to Cynthia and crossed the street back to the other side.

I wanted to stay where I was, but I knew I had to get back to my locksmith dispatch job, because it was almost 8 a.m. and I hoped that the phone hand't been ringing and I wasn't there.

I followed Alice and Cynthia back across the street. I stopped at Alice's desk to say 'Hello" and she said she had something to give me. It as a book titled, "21,000 ways to preserve ____". (unremembered) In the back, it looked like a clothing catalog, but in the front were all pickle recipies. It was book of how to preserve foods plus whatever else you can preserve.

I thanked her, then followed after Cynthia who said she wanted to show me a new model home she had designed. There was a reason for her design and I was trying to figure out what that reason was. I went along. The stairs to the entrance were steep and narrow and went up to the 2nd story for entrance. I was thinking that perhaps that was to discourage intruders or so you could see them or hear them coming.

When we got inside, I expected to go down to the lower level, but it didn't. The entire house was in the attic, it appeared. The floor had a huge bulge in the center like it was built on top of the peaked roof and then another set of rooms was built over it. We went into the bedroom first. There was no bed, but deep plush carpeting. Cynthia's husband came in after us and began teasing her. I noted that she was not a young, pretty , woman, but even being old and wrinkled, still had a man who loved and appreciated her.

I decided I should leave them along to enjoy each other's company and went out the door and woke up.


5-3-93 - DREAM - I had a baby in diapers intelligent enough to speak and talk in psychological terminology.


5-4-93 - DREAM - I was at the airport/museum/horticulture exhibit with Alice. We were waiting for T.M> and were going to make a tour together.

I was hoping that after I went out west, Alice and T.M., when they went to the A/M/H place, would write to me and tell me about it.


5-4-93 - DREAM - I came into a room where children could pick out their favorite crocheted stuffed animals and a woman there taught the animals to swim in a big blue pool.

I watched them as these little stuffed animals did the backstroke, the crawl, and the butterfly strokes.

I went away for a time. When I came back, I brought with me, a crocheted doll which looked like a little boy. I sat down on a blue chair and little stuffed puppets came to say Hello to me. There was Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, Cookie Monster, and other characters.

I introduced my little stuffed boy doll and my doll smiled at them. Then anothe rlittle boy bully doll came up to my little boy doll and said he liked his knitted sweater and wanted it. So the little dolls began to take off their sweaters and to wrestle with each other over them.

Both little dolls became human little boys, and wrestled each other over the sweaters. When the wrestling match was over, they became pals and enither one wore a sweater, they went off arm in arm, their pants held up by only one suspender and the other one just hanging there.

Then Orson wells came up to me and gave me a hug like he was my best lost long friend and wished me well.


5-5-93 - MEDITATION - Went to WESAK twice. All I saw was the moonlit sky with scattered clouds lit up by moonlight.

NOTE: WESAK is a spiritual time (a week) where special ceremonies and prayers are said, especially in Shamballah.


5-6-93 - DREAM - I was told to find out how much it would cost to rent a harp. I thougth the strings would hurt my fingers but when I reached out to play it, I had obviously played one before, because it was so easy.


5-6-93 - DREAM - I as in a car with a my daughter-in-law Becky and Debe going to the museum. We parked on 3rd and Clark in a lot. Debe left to go buy something first and didn't come back. Becky got upset and said that she might as well have stayed home. I couldn't remember where the museum was and I figured from where we were, it was too far fo rme to walk there, trudge through the museum, and then walk all the way back. I wanted to be dropped right in front of the place, then they could go park the car and come back to meet me.

Debe still hand't come back, so I went over to the street to see what store she might have gone into. The stores were all western looking, and I said, "This must be Branson, Missouri."

I went back to the car and got Becky and she and I went into a building like an old school.

There was a long hallway where snacks were sold from machines. I called it the Rainbow Room because there were neon lights like a Rainbow strung from one end to the other.

I came to aplace where new bodies were created, the lights were pink and blue - baby colors. They were going to create a new body for me, but the pattern wasn't set up yet as to whether I would be male or female. They would start the work on 16th and Center at myhouse as soon as the decision was made.


5-7-93 - DREAM - I was working at A-C. There was a big meeting going on in the executive office, but everyone else was told to go home at 4:30 p.m. because they wanted to save money on the phone system. 93% of the phone calls were outgoing.

My best friend Donna (from high school) was one of the secretaries who had to go to the meeting, so I was slowly making my way down to the other end of the building, hoping the big meeting would be over by 5 p.m. They were calling it the Big Bear meeting. All the offices were darkened as I walked along. I noted that a lot of secretaries were growing tomatoes in the building. They were green, but about 3 to 4 inches across and looked healthy. I was amazed that you could grow them indoors.

When I got to the north end, Mining Accounting was still all lit up, but nobody was doing anything; they were just atanding around, waiting for 5 p.m. so they could go home.

I went down to the first floor and some foreign guy, looked like the PLO leader Arafat was laying on a desk, talking on the phone and smoking cigarettes, one after the other. His desk was littered with cigarette ashes.

I heard that Ed Neuman and one other top notch guy from Compressor Div. had been called into the meeting. They were the ones who had bought out Compressor Div. and saved it from going under.

Then the meeting broke up. My friend Donna came out and another secretary. They were carrying dead bouquets of roses. I asked why they had them. Donna said, "Well!. After T-Jar got out of the hospital, they didn't need them anymore. I said, "Who is T-Jar?" She didn't know who he was, just some big shot from the Mining Division.


5-8-93 - DREAM - A man told me to cut 1/2 of the meat off of buns for meals and then cut the buns in 1/2 and only eat 1/2, that meat consumption was twice as high as it needed to be.

NOTE: this certainly is true. After 1997, Joe and I both quit eating beef completely because of the cholesterol.


5-8-93 - DREAM - I went out into the yard where a travel trailer was being constructed. It was divided into 3 sections - 1/3 was the kitchen galley, 1/3 was a livingroom seating area, and 1/3 was the driving/travel areea.

My family was going to go somewhere, but my Father was taking too long to get ready to drive them. So, I went out to the car mysef and began to drive up the hill. The road was narrow and winding, but I straightened out the path as best I could by driving up the middle and cutting the corners off. I got to the top where the road got narrower and narrower and the way finally was blocked by other cars. Knowing I could make it, I made a U turn around a yellow island and went back to get my family.


5-9-93 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji, Sohatiji and the teacher. I was following them towards the High Astral Healing Temple. One of them turned around towards me and said Happily, "Hi Jane!"

I had asked to go to the healing temple and someone said, "I don't have to marry just anyone, do I?" I saw a dark-haired woman sit up on a bed to my right and clutch the covers to her chest to cover herself with.


5-9-93 - Excerpts from Dream - I was supposed to write a book outline first and then the book.

I was pretending to have a toothache so I didn't have to work. They wanted me to take an aspirin and keep working. Finally they said I could go, but my boss said, "You'd better show up to work tomorrow."

I was walking along a path and to the left was a big blue lake with choppy water. I knew that the next day I as going to have to cross that in a small boat. I saw the lake twice with the same feeling of trepidation.

I had a nightmare about 'Baker's Dozen' - and that I should write a book about it.


5-13-93 - DREAM - I was in a school on a hill, working with a woman dressed all in gold. We were best friends.


5-13-93 - DREAM - When it was time to leave, places were assigned two by two for the ride home. My good friend G.H. got into a seat next to an old lady. I took him by the hand and said, "Wait with me?" He came and stood by my side.

Then my best friend Barbara came to me, cut off her own head and put it in a bread pan full of water. The head was face down. I couldn't bear the thought of her being face down in the ater, so I rolled her head over. Her disembodied head said, "I love you so much, Dolores, I want to be part of you."

I couldn't bear the thought of consuming her flesh. I didn't know what to do and woke up.


5-15-93 - DREAM - I was working in an office on a computer, putting in computer programming for the end ofo the month adjustments and the beginning of the next months adjustments. I had to send billing but for the previous month's entires. Then, I made a call to a computer expert ot make the actual month-end adjustments.

Alyse came into the office then to check on my work and told me that I couldn't arbitrarily make the adjustments without billing for them. I assured her I had done everything properly and went to the work drawer to prove it to her.


5-16-93 - DREAM - I was with T.M. at 20th St. school. We were both teachers there. We were working in an office of the classroom on the 1st floor, facing 20th St. I heard some noise outside and looked out the window. I saw some boys playing and a couple of older boys who were bullies had taken little round glass clumps and formed the shape of a human being on the lawn. I went outside and saw that these bigger boys had gardening tools and the lawn was damaged by their digging in it.

I also saw that when the older boys had dug in the lawn where it had been previously filled in. I was afraid that if we had an earthquake, it would cave in all the way.

I picked up the gardening tools and shoved the boys away. When I went back to the front door, I discovered that I had rushed outside without my keys and couldn't get back inside.

So I went over to the classroom window and tapped on it with the back of a trowel to get T.M.s attention.

I heard him in the men's room next door a, so went over to that window and tapped on it, but he had already moved to the teacher's lounge next door.

I tapped on that window. He came to that window with a woman who resembled Carla from Cheers.

I felt a twinge of jealousy and then he said something so romantic to me (unremembered) that I almost melted with feelings of love.

I asked him to let me back in and he did. We then went up to the 1st floor hallway where there was a bench along the wall. T.M. and the woman whispered something to each other and it seemed so intimate and her response was, "That sounds wonderful.", the twinge of jealousy came back.

He then said, "after Sept. 30, 1991, I won't have a job."


5-16-93 - MEDITATION. I called Babaji and Sohatiji and the teacher to go to high astral healing temple. Sohatiji did some manipulations on the teacher who was laying on an operating table. Sohataji blocked my view so I couldn't see what was going on, but he said to the teacher, "You're going to be all right."


5-19-93 - DREAM - I was in a huge office, wearing white socks, but no shoes. I was going through other people's old projects which were stored in suitcases to see if their was anything usable for a new project. I found nothing. I was told to find old software marked A & AA. I looked through an old brown suitcase full of toys which I saved for the future kids to come along, and what I saved of them was 4 radios.

I was going down in the basement to do white laundry. People asked me to take their things down with me. One man gave me a yellow mountain bike. Another gave me the handles and wwands to a red vacuum cleaner. When I got down there, the basement was clean and everything was all neatly stored with the exception of the laundry and I began to wash it immediatly.


5-19-93 - DREAM - I was in an office which was large like a shopping mall size. I began to meet people from A-C whom I had worked and are now retired or laid off. Carol Hapke, Jan Carlson were there and I went over to each one and greeted them happily. They were both surprised to see me there. I put my arms around each one, hugged them and gave them a kiss on the cheek.

NOTE: This is so real, one has to wonder if it was real.


5-20-93 - DREAM - I had a friend who had store called "Tiny Pete". He brought two little furry creatures about an inch long. In 3 days, they were over a foot long and acted like kittens. By that time, he had ferrets that were brown and yellow and they were even bigger than the cats.

I threw white cardboard over them to quiet them down because there werre so many I couldn't even walk on the floor anymore. I had to walk on top of the cabinets.

I went to alibrary and asked where the medical section was. I was looking for one in particular. A doctor ws three. He pointed up the aisle for me that in the psychiatry, there was a book on Channeling. That was the one I wanted. It was Maroon in color.

I met Jim and we went dancing. I wore a long pale yellow gown. Afterwards I bragged about my dancing date to everyone I met.


5-22-93 - DREAM - I met with a group of people. Paul R., my boss, introduced us all. This had to do with some secret project because no one knew the real reason we were there. We began with a tour of the country, first learning the rules of how water operates, how it runs, how and why it floods, how it seeks its' own level, how to build so as to avoid being inundated by it. We saw a boat like an ark resting on dry ground way above water level of a river. A dry gravel road was nearby and the house it led to was at the top of a cliff above the water and yet, it was built on brick pilings so that when the water rose in spring, the house itself was above the water level.

We then were led to a tunnel and were going to be shown the workings of the land mass itself, we entered a tunnel led by an older chubby man. There was a tour group ahead of us and we were going a little slower. The group ahead of us came to a train. The older man, rather than making them wait for us, told them to go on ahead. He said, "Go ahead, we'll take Train 19."

I marveled, observing the earth and how it was formed around us. We rode the train aways, and got off. We began to descend down a tunnel into the bowels of the earth, deeper and deeper.

We could still hear the engines of the trains. The old man said, "Don't worry, soon you'll be able to hear the sound of the earth itself."

He pressed a button and a huge steel cover came down over the end of the tunnel where we were and the sound of the train was gone. In its' place was a humming sound, made by the earth movements itself. I marveled at this sound and we descended farther and farther down the steep tunnel. It was getting hotter and hotter, the farther we went. We passed by a man going up the tunnel. His face was white and he looked like he was in shock. He was carrying a booklet, titled something about the Pangean world. (Pangean is of an age in the past earth history)

The man looked dreadful. He had been on the train ahead of us. They were seated at a picnic table, resting. The man's wife was trying to convince the guy next to her to marry her. He looked totally incapable of having a compatible relationship with this woman. In appearance they were so different. He asked her where her husband was. She said, "That was him, trying to walk back up the tunnel. He couldn't handle knowing that there's no return once you get down here."

That kind of shocked me too, to hear that, because none of us had been told that.

My boss, Paul R. appeared and began giving a seminar on something. Then there would be a symposium of people of like-mind discussing what they knew about the subject.

I wasn't really paying attention. I had spotted a world Atlas way at the end of the table and I reached for it to look up something on a map .... and woke up.


5-22-93 - DREAM - I applied for a job in Wauksha County. I went for the interview. The lady said she wanted to hire me, but she didn't know when it would happen. I wanted to prove to her that I could do the job, so I volunteered to help her out while I did my other job. I went with her and she showed me what to do.

We went into another room where the file cabinets were. She showed me a computer run-off sheet with a lot of statistical data. The number 35 was prominent in several places. I thought it meant someone's age, and that the job was to make sure all data was correct.

NOTE: This dream came true in 1996


5-26-93 - DREAM - I was assigned the job of doing a study of weather patterns in two large areas of Wisconsin and especially to discover anomalies within those areas that had consistently better weather than their surrounds because of the topography of the land, that allowed earlier, faster growth of crops.

When I was done with this, a man named Bob came to the study center where I was in New Berlin. He was quite put out that I had been given the assignment rather than him. I felt sorry for him, but I had only done what I was told to do. Bob, his brother Charlie, who was his constant companion and myself got into the car. The two old men were in the front seat and I sat in back on the right. We were driving north on Calhoun Rd (172nd St.) and Bob wanted me to tell him about the study I had done.

As we drove along, I began to tell him about the weather anomalies in these two areas of Wisconsin. He made a right turn on National Ave. and headed East. As he drove along, he drove too close to the edge of the road, the right wheel of the car caught on the sharp drop-off and the car veered off into the ditch, hitting a post head-on.

I didn't experience the crash - I only 'knew' that it happened, like I wasn't part of it.

The next thing I knew was that I was in a large funeral home, attending the old men's funeral. Bob and Charlie were laid to rest, laying in state at opposite ends of the funeral parlor, each one dressed in pajamas. Bob was called by some, the ' pajama buddy' of Charlie. Someone else said that Charlie would like to be know as a 'pajama buddy' even if they were brothers.


5-29-93 - DREAM - I was working in a place where I was giving advice on how to raise chidren and did very well at it. However, someone found out that I had buried my own babies. I had to admit that I had done so. I went out into the yard and began digging in the dirt by the house. This took quite awhile, because for awhile, every time I took dirt out of the hole, dirt fell back in, so I made no progress. I had to dig faster and finally uncovered a blue plastic case in which 4 gallons of milk are delivery to stores. Inside of the case was a brown paper bag iin which my babies were wrapped. I turned the bag over to the woman who was overseeing what I was doing. (Not remembered what she looked like)

After this discovery of my buried babies, the newspaper got ahold of the story and when I came downstairs in the elevator, there were many reporters with cameras and microphones, waiting to itnerview me as I left.

I saw them and slipped out a side door to the right to escape to a waiting car.

I was wearing a thin dark brown coat at this time, and held it up to hide my face from the cameras. Only one man saw me leave and I manged to get away.

T.M. was driving the getaway car and we drove northward through Wisconsin.

However, when we got up towards Wausau, we got out the map to see what the fastest and easiest road to get to Washington State.

From Wausau, there was no easy way to get there without making big detours, because there were big gaps missing in large roads getting straight west from there. We studied the map at great length and decided it would be easiest to get to Washington State by going back to Milwaukee, because the quickest way to Washington would be to go out I94 from Milwaukee which wet diagonally across Wisconsin towards Minnesota, and then across the U.S. on the northern route. So, we had to decide whether to try to geet to Washington straight from Wausau, or come back to Milwaukee and start over.


5-31-93 - DREAM - I was with my girlfriend Marge. She was really thin and even thought I felt thin, I was still twice as thick in the waist as she was. I was wearing an avacado green dress over a gold and white slip. I got on the scale to see what I weighed, but it was too unsteady to read exactly what it said. I found her baby on the floor playing with a lot of little pills. I put the pills into her purse and picked up the baby to care fo it for her so it wouldn't get into her pills again.

I went into the next room and there were a lot of little teething type toys of various colors. One of my relatives wanted to get rid of all the toys and I said, "No! Don't do that because two more babies are expected yet."

I went into another room and I heard on the TV, a newscast about some boats being sunk in Hawaii. I saw small boats going down, with glub glub sounds as water forced the air upwards out of the boat. I was wading around out in the water with knee high brown boots on. The water level dropped real fast then, so those doing clean up work were actually on dry land where water was before.