MAY, 1994

5-1-94 - DREAM - I was in an office working on a project, deciding what should be saved, what should be shredded or hidden.

A man came and gave me several sheets which had a variety of 4 digit numbers on it. The man said these were the numbers of the Laws and they were from Section 1. I knew I needed to learn these. He also gave me the sheets for the Laws from Section 2, but I didn't look at them.  I put several sheets of paper into a sort of shredder and when I did, the hopper was full and pushed out a single sheet of paper from the back. I looked at it. It was a copy of a star map which I already had the original. I decided it was important enough to keep the copy too and placed it in the lower left hand drawer of my desk.

The stars were in clusters like planets circling a main star. There were many of them on the paper.


5-2-94 - DREAM - This was a repeat dream I had earlier and in the dream I knew I had been given this information before. (I didn't write it down)  Large books were given to me with names of people all over the U.S. I was to give gifts to all these people, then I was shown that the gifts should be appropriate to the person i.e. not everybody gets the same gift.

I was then given a list of star names that went with the star chart from yesterday.

I tried to call my friend Alice for some advice on this and all she would say was, "The Nestle horses are in the hallway."

I then went to work in an A-C office.  My job was to send out contracts and letters for signature. I knew I should make copies of them before I mailed them out. I went to a file cabinet where the copies made in a drawer came out way too large and were yellow and almost impossible to read. So I knew I had to go down the hall to another section where the copies would be white and the same size as the originals.

My Aunt came in then and told me that she wanted to see me because she had many things to give me and they were piled up in the corner of her room.

NOTE:  (I knew this was my Aunt Doris though she looked much, much, younger)  (She will die soon probably.)  She died in 1997. She was sick for a long time.


5-7-94 - DREAM - I went to a church after I cut my hair and dyed it dark brown. It had just a slight wave in it. The woman in the church came over to me and draped many, many pearls in my hair. I felt really blessed.


5-8-94 - DREAM - Becky and her kids and I were two miles out on a lake. Becky was swimming, the kids were in a canoe and I was on an innertube. For some reason, the kids were ind anger. Becky saved them by pushing the canoe towards shore, but then she herself went under the water and didn't come up again. I could see her curled up face down in the water several feet down. I went over to her with my innertube and caught ahold of her body with my feet. I knew I had to get her head above water so she could breathe. Finally I got her head above water and paddled over to the shore opposite where the kids were. An older, very thin, white man pulled us out of the water. I saw some black men standing there behind him. I said, "I didn't realize they had lakes like this in Alabama."

I looked at the man who saved us and he had white skin. I ran my hand up and down his arm and asked what we could do for him for saving us. He said, "You can pray for me every day at 3 p.m."  While he said it, he turned from a human being into a blue-white spirit-like figure.


5-11-94 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. My husband Jim was having a conversation with several men, one of whom was the Pastor of my Lutheran church. I was peeking around the corner, trying to hear what was going on without interfering. The Pastor saw me and started paying more attention to me than to the conversation.

He put his hand down the side of the couch and came up with a handful of stuff, things I had lost like hairpins, coins, and buttons. I thanked him for finding them and sat on the floor worting the things out.

He got off the sofa and sat on the floor next to me very close. Meanwhile my husband's conversation was dwindling and finally the men got up and left, but the Pastor stayed by my side, being romantically close. I could feel sexual tension and he would touch his head to mine and then finally kissed me gently a couple times.

I asked him questions about his counseling at a certain hospital for alcoholics so I wouldn't appear stupid, meanwhile still looking through miscellaneous things to keep occupied.

One thing I found in a sealed envelope was an ad for condoms. He asked for it so he could see how much they were. I kenw then he would be back one day with a pocket full of condoms and our tender loving feelings would become sexual next time. He kissed me a few more times and I was feeling more and more 'in love'. He finally had to leave and went out the back door. I knew he'd be back soon just to see me.


5-17-94 - DREAM - I was with Joe the maintenance man in an office working situation. He was talking about working less days. I wasn't happy about it. Then he quit altogether and said he wasn't coming back at all.  

NOTE: We worked together through 1996.


5-29-94 - DREAM - I was given some informaton at the place I worked that two cities had been completed and the third city would be begun. I didn't know enough information.

NOTE: I woke up, went down to the basement, watered my plants, came back up, ate breakfast, and read some, all the while thinking about the dream. I finally went back to sleep and went back to the same place to get an explanation of the dream.

DREAM - I went back to work to find out what the three cities were. The 1st one was Cuba City, the second was Jerusalem. Those are done. The next city to be worked on is ROME.

Lee another maintenance man and I went on a tour of a building. There was a young girl there in a pink dress who had been asleep so long thather parents went home and left her behind.

I asked her if we could help her, so we took her to McDonalds and she wanted a hamburger with pickles. I asked her where she was from. She said, "Milwaukee - from Gerden Garden City apartments"

I asked her if she would like to come home with us. She said, "Yes!" so Lee and I planned to do that.

While Lee and I were touring the building, a woman who worked there said that part of the problem with people, including us, was that we were too intense and we should learn to relax.