MAY, 1995

5-1-95 - DREAM - (Vision or is this a dream?)  North Korea will be the first country to shoot down a UFo with a ground to air missile.


5-1-95 - DREAM - I was in high school where there was a curved twin staircase going up to a bridge across the upper floors from one side to another. I was like a tour guide for a woman who wanted to go upstairs and experience the view and the show on the other side.

It cost 10 cents to cross the bridge and see the show. I gave her some sheet music to hold while she went up, so she wouldn't feel conspicuous being alone.

When you crossed the bridge, you faced a series of doors which all opened at the same time like a horses gate at a race track, to let people into the inner viewing area.

Inside, each person was given a big cigar and a tour. I said, "The only thing worth 10 cents was the cigar."  I took my cigar even though I was the guide.

On the other side, a lot of people stood around talking. I went over to a couch where two people were sitting. The woman was trying to get some information from the man. I told him to be careful what he said to her because she might not be human. She got all upset because I sounded accusatory. I told her there was only one way to tell and that was to look at the bottom of the foot. The alien would have a blue birth-mark on the bottom of the heel.

Then it was his turn to be upset. He admitted that he had the mark and was all upset because he didn't want to be known as an alien because that was a derogatory remark. He wanted to be human.

I tried to calm him down. I told him it wasn't a bad thing to be an alien. The world was waiting for one of his kind to step forward and make themselves known.

I went on then to a circular tunnel, I came to some children that were Siamese twins. They were awaiting separation operations.

I met a woman there who was the mother of 3 sets of these Siamese twins. Each set was joined in a different place. The most successful separation operation would be the two who were joined at a finger.

The two best likely were joined at the top of the head.

She was there for a show put on by a group called Transformation. Each person was one we would call a freak because there was something wrong with them.

She took her 3 sets of Siamese twins out for all to see. The ones joined head to head, walked out with one balanced on top of the other.

There were dwarfs and one without arms or legs, just slits in the body where his arms and legs were supposed to be. He was waiting for surgery by displaying himself as part of Transformations.

NOTE:  In the late 1990s, and in 2000, these exact operations were performed to separate Siamese twins ... now called 'Conjoined twins' and they were successful.  There were many TV shows on showing how the babies were before and after surgery . It's pretty amazing how the medical world can transform these birth tragedies into successful lives for these babies.


5-1-95 - MEDITATION WITH AGGIE (We met Aggie in late April, 1995)  Aggie insisted that I had to take notes of everything. This meditation was done with automatic writing format.

"This is for the students. You will teach them. It is for preparation for their high school studies. They will be learning spiritual truths. We will be tracking them one at a time and there will be tests involved. You will be giving the tests as well.  We will begin shortly.  There will be many people involved. Hundreds. They will arrive one by one and will receive their lessons individually. It will begin now.

Start date 5-1-95
Place - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Time: 3:30 p.m.
Time for completion : Whenever accomplished.

The students are frightened. We will make it as easy as possible. Let us begin.

Start with Mary Cotten. She will be temporarily be transposing her curriculum into French. You will be helped.

In Chicago, there will be a translator with translation with which to work. It is very simple mae wee?

Yes! Of course!

Transpose the beginning of the union of two people to marriage, where zero is the possibility of composure. It cannot happen, therefore will fail. this is her problem and how she will deal with it. She cannot do it, so much come to us for help. Thank God! She will do it. She will meet the man tomorrow. His name is Jacques Bergner. Let's wish her every success and happiness.  Good luck Mary! That is all for today. Thank you."


5-1-95 - MEDITATION - I saw a deceased friend (Sandy) and many women brought me gifts. Sandy said we would start off in an 1852 farm house.


5-2-95 - DREAM - The most important thing was that I was cleaning up clothing for my son Tom and then found two little toy brown bears. One had some extra long whiskers on one side I knew had to be trimmed. The two brown bears were so important that I worried about them all night that it would be done right.


5-2-95 - MEDITATION WITH AGGIE:  done with automatic writing.

"Let us begin. We are evoking for the name of the next student who will earn her way into the kingdom of truth. Her name is Louise Tischer. She will come to her demise at the beginning of a terminal illness. Her test will be to see how faithful she is to the Lord up to her termination. She is coming to her transition soon ... within a few weeks actually. We can help her by guiding her dwelling mode and comforting her salesman husband so he will sell her on the idea of transition into Heaven. His name is Joseph. They live in Florida. He is coming home soon from a sales trip and she hasn't told him what has happened yet. He will begin by comforting her and we will see what she does. This will be a good assessment of her problem with her believe in the spirit world. That is all."

MEDITATION WITH SANDY... Sandy said, " It's time to start advertising on the internet for people to join you in the project. Everyone is talking about it. It is so exciting. It must be done. It is so worthwhile. It is time to gather the people."


5-3-95 - DREAM - I was on a train coming back from somewhere out west. It was a long ride coming back into New Berlin. I kept remarking, "It's hard to believe there is still so much snow on the ground. " At about 124th and National Aves. the train suddenly transformed into a short school bus, the people who had been farther back int the train car were just gone. The bus went through some city streets and dropped us off at a school.

I was with a man who had to retake a test for the third time. He was very upset. (I know this person well, but can't remember for certain who it was). He was very upset about how hard the test was and how much pressure he had been under to get the answers right. The test was about history or something. I was going to tell the teacher off at how distressing this whole testing situation was. Then the teacher came in and began to tell me how distressed he was at having to give the test for the third time because his bosses were constantly after him, checking his credentials to make sure he was a good teacher so that hisi students would pass their tests. He didn't have it any easier than the students did.


5-3-95 - MEDITATION WITH AGGIE - This was done in automatic writing .

"Let us talk a bit about the project. It seems that we need to adopt some principles of working. Of course there are new cases every day and these must be dealt with. Just now we have a new case which must be dealt with as the girl is very sick and weak. She is not happy, obviously. She is in distress. She needs comforting. There is no one to do that for her, so we may step in and comfort her to give her some basis and grounding for her to continue without failing. She will, of courfse, need to deal with her situation but we can help. She needs a few colors sent to her, yellow for flower, red for job, blue for peace, green for healing, and salmon pink for love.  Peace, of course is necessary and we can send her that as well.

To do this, we shall meditate and call her name, then send the colors to her to attract the concept we are trying to achieve with her.

Send this to Joy Meyers in Pensacola, Florida and then we shall continue with another case tomorrow. Thank you!  Good by for now."


5-5-95 - DREAM - I was hired to manage a local restaurant. Besides food, they sold three different videos of UFOs. They showed me the list of contents on each of these videos, but they didn't register on my conscious mind.

I went home after the restaurant closed for the evening and in the morning at 6 a.m. the mailman came and delivered a package which contained 100, if not thousands of photographs, but I didn't have time to look at them before going to work.

When I got to work, the boss had cleared the shelves of all the inventory and was going through his list to reorder the stock. I had put one video on a shelf in the storeroom, but before I could go in and see if the boss missed it, the store slammed shut and locked itself. So, I have to wait until the shelves get restocked.


5-5-95 - DREAM - I was in a place like a shopping mall. During the week the weather was nice, but come the weekend, when people wanted to shop, it would rain and people got upset because they coulnd't go outside and enjoy their free time.

The following week, the same thing happened. It rained so hard all weekend, people didn't bother to try to do anything outside.

The following weekend, the same thing happened. The weather pattern continued that way. At first people only grumbled, then they started to get worried. They feared that if it continued, there'd be no place for the water to go. And that's exactly what happened.

The following weekend, when it rained, the sewers couldn't take any more water and the streets began to flood deeper and deeper. Traffic couldn't move and people were trapped. At first, therew as panic and pandemonium, but eventually there were just less people to contend with.

I went upstairs in this building and my sons were there. They were knocking ona door. A voice said, "If you ever want to knowo where your other son is, look for Ricky Chris and that'll be him.

I continued on down the hall and went through a door. It was like going into a past century. It was a dormitory and men were sleeping on cots everywhere and snoring. I didn't know where I was at that point, but I knew there were two extreme classes of people, the very rich and the very poor.


5-6-95 - EXPERIENCE - I did an experient to call my guides and have them old my hands through the veil between me and them. I said The Our Father prayer three times, raised my vibrations, pulled in white light to surround myself, then called Aggie and my guides. I put my hand out in front of me and within seconds my hands felt electrified and I could feel pressure like squeezing quite strongly.

The instructions were to do it for only 3 minutes because you would get very tired even to the next day. But, I felt extremely reluctant to stop bcause I didn't want to feel rude.

So, I thanked them, pulled my hands back into a prayerful stance in front of me and asked them what I was supposed to do for them.

I then meditated on Aggie:

AGGIE:  "Tonight we will concentrate on the youth ofo the area who are hurting and alone. These people are needy and will never grow without help. I certainly agree that they must have guidance and we will do that.  Pretend that you are one of them and hold your hope out for salvation. How does this feel and you cannot expect them to feel any better, so we will send them love ... salmon pink in color. We will surround ourselves with this color and then send it out in all directions. From your vantage point, you should achieve a great deal. You may begin. ..."


5-7-95 - DREAM - I was working in a company where I've been working for a couple of years. In my lower left hand drawer is a pile of work I was shown how to do, but I had never done it. I recalled several other times I felt guilty about it, but I never got around to doing it.

My boss was out of town, so I pulled everything out of the drawer to look at it and do it before someone noticed.

There were reports I was supposed to have done. I was supposed to have filed thousands of micro-mini cards, records of things, and eon reports . None of that had been done. There was a letter I was supposed to sent out for my boss a year earlier. There was an envelope with sheets of names and membership cards which I hadn't filled out and sent.  There were memberships in an Insurance company. The first one on top was President Clinton. He was on the board of directors of the Health Insurance Co.  I asked myself, "How could anyone know he was on the board of directors when I haven't sent out his card?"  So, I began to fill out the card for him and I had the envelopes and stamps ready to get it in the mail.


5-6-95 - DREAM - I was in a huge school-type building at about 16th and Oklahoma Ave. in Milwaukee. WI.  

 I went south and west to a job assignment which turned out to be to watch over a rich old man who had so much money, he couldn't keep track of it.  He was getting senile.

The woman who had the job regularly had to leave for a few hours, and just as she was leaving, the butler brought a money clip in and handed it to her. She was in such a hurry, she handed it to me and told me to put it on the old man's dresser. She said it contained a year's worth of interest from the bank ... $4.10.  She said from that amount, I could calculate how much he was worth.

I thought to myself ... "If this is a year's interest, he doesn't have as much money as she thinks he does."

She left and I went into the bedroom to put the money on the dresser and I saw a little plastic bag there with some pennies and other coins there. I picked that up and was holding it in my left hand and just then a thief came in and grabbed the money clip and ran out.

I was in shock from the suddenness of his move and just then, out the window, I saw a tremendous explosion to the north and east where I had just come from. The explosion was so large, I knew there wasn't a single survivor. I knew there was no point being sad or upset, otherwise I wouldn't be able to handle the disaster at all.

My job finihsed, I walked out of the building with the coins still in my hand. I hoped it would be enough for bus far, but when I tried to count it, I knew it wasn't. So, when a woman came up to me and asked me for enough money to make a dollar so she could ride the bus, I gave her everything I had and decided I would walk home.

I was wearing a huge fake fur bear-like coat and as I was walkinng west, I ran into Bob.. my painter. I told him what had happened. He said, "As long as you have that bear coat, I will protect you and keep you safe."

I thanked him. At the same time, I met two couples walking down the street and linked arms with them, but they were going a different way and left me. I saw the thief lurking behind me and still didn't feel safe despite Bob's pronouncement of protection.

I had my purse, the bear coat, and as I walked alonng, I saw a nice vest which I put on because there was a chill in the air and then I picked up a brown flight jacket which I picked up just in case I might need it for something.

I continued to walk west to find the streetcar tracks which ran under the city with the intent to follow them north, hopefully to the west of the explosion. When I got to the terminal, I was told by a worker that there was no way through the subway system. The explosion had taken that out. (Note: there is no subway system in Milwaukee, so I knew I was in another city)

I noted that the thief was still behind me.

I stood there then trying to arrange my various coats and my daughter-in-law Becky came along. She said I didn't need all that so why didn't I leave the Bear coat behind. But, remembering Bob's pronouncement, I knew I had to take it with me. So, as I stood there with Becky, trying to arrange all this so I could walk north, the thief came along and grabbed my purse and Becky's purse.

The thief's friend was their too and they rummaged through the purses with great glee.

I let my purse go willingly, saying, "There's nothing in it. I couldn't even afford a bus ride."

He kept rummaging and way on the bottom, behind some papers, he found two $1.00 bills and a couple wadded up $20 bills. Then he waved a huge piece of paper in my face.  He said, "It's a check, for $617.00."  

With great Bravado,  I grabbed it out of his hand and said sarcastically ... "That's no check, it's a receipt, crumpled it up and shoved it in my pocket, keeping my hand in my pocket.

Becky was so upset at the loss of her money, she threw away the books she was carrying.

While the thieves moved aside to count their loot, I picked up Becky's books. All 5 were on radio channels and channeling. They were all white and looked precious to me, so I kept them. The thieves weren't looking, so I shoved the crumpled check into Becky's purse, knowing the thieves had already gone through it and wouldn't want it anymore.

Very steathily, I picked up Becky's purse and cinched it shut, picked up my purse and coats and sneaked up a stairway where I couldn't be seen.

I heard some familiar voices upstairs and I knew I would be safe. When I got up there, I saw Leonard Johns and Otto and some other guys. Leonard said, "Hi! What name are you going under now?" Annie?  Dee?"

I said, "Dee" and knew I'd be safe now.

Somewhere in the dream, I watched a video of the scene in the bedroom and saw the explosion again so I knew I wasn't mistaken about the death toll and remember driving a car north at 80 miles an hour on Highway 100 (108th St.) to keep up with traffic.

NOTE:  I gave this dream to a person on the east coast who was in contact with people where there were subways systems. Later on, he told me that they had caught some men who were planning to blow it up and they had prevented it from happening.  (Sometimes it pays to tell other people your dreams)


5-8-95 - I heard a telephone ring in my right ear, then fell asleep again.

DREAM - A man, twice as tall as me, told me that an athlete named Stacey was going to fall and be injured.

I read to a man named Jim. He wanted to go to a fortune teller because she dreamed of the future, but I read to him out of my book, he wouldn't believe and got very angry.

I read to him out of my book.

 ... A man (seen as a Gila monster) dipped his child's (infant) head in iodine for punishment for crying.

 ... The penny will become worthless. (this was written 3 times)

 ... Money will be devalued and people won't be able to pay their rent or mortages.

 ... People are going to consider suicide because of these changes.

 ... There's going to be 5 bombing total ... some in Europe.

 ... The man . about 5' 8" tall with glasses, and wearing a brown suit, said he was going to Hong Kong tomorrow, so I patted his cheek and said everything was going to be all right so he wouldn't commit suicide by jumping out the window.

 I had to hide my dream book so it wouldn't be destroyed by the non-believer.


5-9-95 - This was a meditation/automatic writing session with Aggie:

"Please begin to write. We will be studying several cases of CNI contact with you because of your experiences. These people are frightened and need help. They are aware of your help and will be looking for protection for them on the inner levels. Please send them blue and green for a long period of time. You will find them on the internet. I believe you already found one this evening. Kathryn is one. The other will present herself tomorrow.

Good night!


5-10-95 - DREAM - I was in Washington State on a farm with my mother-in-law. She said something about expecting a long string of black cars. She and the others all went out into the fields  to hoe the gardens and I was still in the house.

I saw some black cars coming then and got worried but they all drove by and went to the house across the street. I went out into the fields. Everyone was working hard... they were all old people. ... all old relatives.

As I walked up the rows towards them, they were all perfect. There was not one weed.

I told my mother-in-law the rows were like sidewalks ... they were so perfect. I was in the last rows and thought I could help. I brushed away some soil from new plants that were coming up, but there was nothing further to do. The rows ended and I said, "It's all done!"

NOTE: My mother-in-law passed away within a year.


5-10-95 - DREAM - I was upstairs in my 16th St. house with a younger dark woman. The woman hwo ran the house was in the master bedroom. The dark woman accused me of killing my friends Terry and Alice and wrote their names down on a piece of paper.

When the police came, he questioned me about them and asked me if I knew who Elles and someone else was... the dark woman had spelled the names wrong.

I said, "No!" and the man went away. The older woman came out of the master bedroom and took the dark woman away.

End of dream

I knew it was time to get up but there were telephones ringing in my ear and I had to lay there and get the messages. Terry called me on the phone. I asked him what the time was, fearing I'd be late for work. He said it was 4:20 a.m. I knew it was later than that.

There were blue bubbles all over the ceiling then and I was directing them to move around the ceiling with thought. I moved them around and made them go down the wall and then vanished them with a wave of my hand.

I heard a loud bell ring in my right ear and wondered how no one else could hear bells that rang that loud. I mentally said, "Who is it?" A vision appeared in my head. It was a newspaper headline with a picture of a battleship on it. It said, "World War III."


5-10-95 - DREAM - I think I was in an apartment building on 16th and Clark Sts. in Milwaukee. Rather than 1 large brick building, it was a series of huge wooden houses attached to each other.

Joe, my maintenance man was with me and we were inspecting the place. I was trying to figure ouut how I could live in two attached apartments ... specifically 101 and 102.

Finally, we went out the back door and around the north side of the building. The wooden building, which was an assortment of houses attached in a row, were all painted forest green and the Asian people of various countries ... meaning Chinese, Japanese, Phillipino, Korean, Vietnamese ... each had built porches, gardens of amazing complicated structures on the alley side and each one was more beautiful than the last.

They all invited me to visit the place, but I declined. I went back into the building then where I had exited and Joe and I went for a walk over to 17th St. to where the elderly people lived in their low-income places.

We went into a building where I was amazed how small the units were. They all had their windows and doors open to the hallway trying to get a breath of air because the units they lived in were so small.

Each person had a bedroom and bath and they all opened into a hallway with a common livingroom and kitchen. None seemed happy because it was too hot in there and there was no air movement.



"Good! Here we go!  For tonight, we will discuss the rights of the students to fail. There is no law that they must pass their tests ... though we are here to give the tests and then to give aid and assistance when needed. It is difficult for people to acquaint themselves with the concept of life tests as it would be  a choice between acceptance or denial, most would rather deny the possibility.

Tonight we'll discuss the case of Marcia Farndale in Point Dexter, OH. She is carrying her 3rd child and will lose it in the 9th month. This will be very difficult fo rher and we will assist her with prayer and comfort. We may begin now because she is in labor as we speak.

You may begin!"


5-12-95 - DREAM - I was at home and very pregnant. I was not feeling well and asked a woman for help, not knowing what was wrong. She didn't know either. Then I noticed that my right hand was doubled over and very swollen. I thought perhaps I had had a stroke. I could move my hand though, but with great difficulty. Then my hand began to shrivel and become old looking and claw-like. I was very frightened.

Finally, after calling several people on the phone, I got a hold of the drug store. He said it was E-coli Justice and was very contagious and I should see no one.

Then a salesman came to my door to demonstrate an oven. He brought in an old model and a new one to show a comparison. I tried to tell him how ill I was and that I was contagious but he wouldn't listen. He was determined to be in my house.

I didn't trust him and knew that he was a scam. The neighbor, however, (Mary Baltes) from 208F wanted to see the demonstration so I gave up arguing. I assisted with cleaning the grease and crumbs out ofo the old mahcine because it wouldn't work at all. Finally, he was getting ready to leave and I told him I wasn't interested in anything but cornflakes and when he showed up with cornflakes, I told him I wanted potato chips instead.

When I turned back to my apartment, there was a whole work crew there, tearing all the plaster off the walls. They all had on masks with filters and there were dark clothes hanging down to keep the dust contained.

At the last moment, I saw a piece of paper which was a letter announcing the disease. It was E-coli Justice and the letter was signed by 'Sandy'.


5-13-95 - DREAM - I was in a town with a girlfriend and we were looking for ajob. We went into a bar/restaurant. The Pope was there. He asked for the people to sing a song with him. I saw the music and we began the song. We sang two notes, but nobody joined in, so we stopped singing. We decided to sing some music from a different book. I was turning the pages and I turend the page to one that said, "Death from the flu within 30 to 40 days."

My girlfriend went over to the bar and came back. She said we could work there on the night shift, serving beer. I asked her if there was an opening. She showed me the roster which looked like a lcock. The girl responsibile for the 12 to 3 shift was gone. I couldn't imagine serving beer especially as fat as I am and being on my feet that long. She said that the money was good. So I agreed.

I started to wake up and saw a deathly puke green box open up. It was so shocking that my left eye popped open.

Inside the box was a record player. An old fashioned 78 record with a bright red lable. The record was stopped. The handle with the needle had a red bar on it and it was at the stopped position. It had an ominous death look to it and overlaying the scene, the words popped up ..."Death in 30 days."

NOTE: Obviously, the Pope didn't die and neither did I.

ASSOCIATED PRESS - Sunday, 31 December 1995 - World News

Pope counsels against New Year's rowdiness

VATICAN CITY - Pope John Paul II cracked jokes Sunday about his fellow Poles and urged followers not to indulge in irrational "pagan" revelry during the final hours of 1995.

With only a few thousand still in St. Peter's Square after hours of driving rain, the 75-year-old pope looked down from his window and pronounced: "I'm trying to count the Poles but there aren't any.".

His cheery demeanor was in sharp contrast to his appearance Monday, when nausea from the flu forced him to shorten his traditional Christmas Day greetings.


REUTER INFORMATION SERVICE - Sunday, 31 December 1995

Pope, recovered from flu, appears in public

(c) 1995 Copyright

(c) 1995 Reuter Information Service

VATICAN CITY (Dec 31, 1995 - 13:17 EST) - Pope John Paul, apparently fully recovered from a bout of flu that spoiled his Christmas programme, made two public appearances on Sunday as part of New Year celebrations.

During the morning, thousands of well-wishers gathered in pouring rain in St Peter's square at the Vatican to hear the pontiff give his Angelus prayer.

"I give my greetings to everyone and ask them to live these last hours of the year in the spirit of praise and thanks to the Lord," the Pope said. A huge cheer had greeted the 75-year-old Pontiff when he appeared in the Vatican window above the crowd.

Later he officiated at the traditional "Te Deum" end of year vespers in the Jesuit St Ignatius Church in central Rome.

Pope John Paul was unable to say Christmas Day mass a week ago and later the same day he dramatically cut short his traditional "Urbi et Orbi" address, which is televised live worldwide, because of a sudden bout of influenza.

It was the first time the Pope had missed a Christmas mass since his election in 1978.

But on Sunday, he looked well and relaxed as he read in a firm voice the Angelus and later the Te Deum sermon.

In both texts he extolled the virtues of family life.

"The family, which by its very nature is the place of life and love, is infact often undermined by painful dangers or every kind," the Pope said in his morning prayer, in what appeared to be an oblique reference to abortion and divorce.

In his vesper's sermon the Pope also turned to the role of the Catholic church in the modern world, warning that in Italy there was a push towards a "radical secularisation" of society.

"The church itself, without getting involved in chosing sides, should not stop itself from clearly stating the social Christian doctrine," the Pope said.

The Vatican has suffered two major international public setbacks this year. In November, devoutly Roman Catholic Lech Walesa was defeated by former communist Aleksander Kwasniewski in the Polish presidential elections soon afterwards a public referendum in staunchly Catholic Ireland supported a government divorce legislation package.

Pope John Paul told Christians to look at the social policies of political parties before backing them.

Sunday's public appearances were the Pope's first for four days. The Polish pontiff flew to the papal residence of Castelgandolfo just south of Rome last Wednesday to help recover from his influenza, returning to the Vatican on Saturday.

Police said that despite the illness Pope John Paul walked for three hours in the central Italy mountains during his break.

A Vatican official would neither confirm or deny the report, saying that the Pope had "completely recovered."

The Pope's health has been the focus of intense media speculation following intestinal surgery in 1992 and again since April 1994, when he required a hip replacement operation after falling in his bathroom and breaking his thigh.

Vatican officials, however, say his general health is good and the have been quick to quell any speculation that his Christmas illness was anything more than a mild attack of flu.

The Pope is due to celebrate the Catholic Church's world day of peace on Monday with a service in St Peter's at 0900 GMT.


5-14-95 - DREAM - I was in a big Greyhound-type bus ina parking lot of a school on 15th and Clark Sts. in Milwaukee, Wi. On the bus was the driver, Carole Henning, myself, and 14 others with their guides. The bus started to move forward towards the end of the parking lot. The bus had no brakes, so we continued to roll forward. My own car (a silver Volkswagon) was parked directly ahead of us on the street along with another Volkswagon parked to its' left. The bus continued to roll faster across the lawn and down the hill. I told the driver to aim at the two Volkswagons which she did, crushing both of them, but kept on rolling.

We bounced up, flew through the air, up and over a big brick wall and continued across another snowy lawn on the edge of the street.

We were now in the sreet itself, rolling downhill and coming to an intersection. The light for us was green, but changing to eyllow, then red. The bus could not stsop. We continued through the intersection and no one hit us.

On down the hill we rolled through two more intersections and no one hit us. No one got hurt. No one got injuired. Finally, we came to an incline and the bus began to slow down. We aimed for the curb and stopped.

We had to call for a repair man to fix the brakes but everyone was fine. I said, "I will never more be afraid, nor doubt the stability of the bus under any circumstances."

We sat in the bus for a long time, wiating for a repairman but none came. We expected the police but none came.

Finally, a vehicle pulled up behind us. It was Carole's girlfriend in a Volkswagon bus. I saw that all the other cars on the street were Volkswagons also. Carole and her friend went off together, so I just sat on the driver's seat by myself and waited. Carold had told me that the bus would be escorted by two white squad cras to the repair station, which was around the corner and up the hill.

Finally I woke up.


5-19-95 - DREAM - I was with some people where one of the guys was going to have to serve a prison term, but he had a couple days before he had to turn himself in.

He was trying to make an impression on his girlfriend who was going to have to wait for him and the person who owned a factory asked him if he could make some minor repairs while he was there.

He agreed and anxious to get the work done so he could be with his girlfriend, he was in a hurry. Four guys brought in 4 tires. He was going to use an acetylene torch to fix something. They went into the next room to make the repairs. Somehow I knew there was going to be an explosion so I hurried out of the place knowing I couldn't stop it from happening.

My guild told me there would be 6 deaths.

NOTE: The part where a friend of mine had to go to prison came true and he had to turn himself in. The girlfriend part was true. At least 4 guys were prepared to testify against him. He had a stroke (which might have been the explosion)  The deaths could have been spiritual ... speaking of the men who falsely accused him of the crime which he truely didn't commit.


5-22-95  - VOICE - I was awake, but had my eyes closed. There was a narrow window open in my vision. It was like a tall oval. I can't remember what I saw but what came was, "Satan's instructions are whispered so you have to listen intently. The Lord's instructions are magnified so that they are loud and clear."