MAY, 1998

5-1-98 - DREAM - I saw a large round ball of golden light. I saw the ball of golden light again and it shot a beam of golden light down on me.  Then the light turned purple.

5-2-98 - DINOSAUR AND BUS DREAM - Part I - I saw a dinosaur coming down from the sky and it landed in a cave opening. I went inside the cave and there were two men in the cave who were archaeologists who were looking at the dinosaur.   I went over to see what they were doing.  It wasn't a live dinosaur, nor did it have skin on, and where the bones were supposed to be, it was made out of faceted jewels, many, many different colors.  It was really huge.  I went up closer to look at the dinosaur and the jewels were beautiful. The jewels were all finely faceted and it looked like it had been made by a person.  After we looked at the dinosaur, I and the archaeologists went to a restaurant where we were going to have lunch.  The head archaeologist ordered champagne and something really expensive.  The other archaeologist protested and said, "Oh, you shouldn't have done it, ".  He was appreciating it, but saying those words, and the first archaeologist got pissed off and started hollering at him.   But the guy really meant well.

Part II - Because of the jeweled dinosaur, I was given $2,500,000.  With that money, I bought a humongous silver and blue bus (like the Greyhound type - only bigger) This was to take people to church. I didn't know anyone in particular to do this with. I was living in the old A-C building on 70th and Greenfield. (I used to work there) I parked the bus on 72nd and Washington Streets. (I used to live there) I walked into the executive building of A-C which is on the west side of 70th St. (the opposite side of the street from where I was living).  I walked all the way through the building and gave my bus keys to the woman in charge of keeping the keys in that building. She hung them on a peg inside the door for safekeeping. She was in charge of all the keys and she had many pegs with keys on them in that room. I walked across the street then to the old A-C building which is where I lived. It was then about 9 a.m. Church began at 10 a.m. and I planned to drive the bus.  I knew it would be crowded there and thought about parking the bus in the middle of the street. The church was on 76th and Wisconsin Ave. I then walked back across the street to the executive building to get the keys to the bus and there were no keys in that room. A woman who was standing in the doorway of the room said that the woman who was the Keeper Of the Keys was making her rounds and had taken all her keys with her. I became very upset because I wanted to go to church and it was getting nearer and nearer to 9:30 a.m.  She ran around the building and found the Keeper Of the keys and brought them to me, and handed me the keys to the bus. I still didn't have anyone to go to church with, but as I walked down the hall, people began to notice that I had the keys to the bus that was going to church. I don't know how they knew this, but they somehow became aware that I was going to drive the bus to church. I met T.M. in the hallway and offered him a ride to church because I knew he was going there himself.  I told him I would meet him on 70th St. on the sidewalk and walk with him to the bus and drive him to church. At that point he didn't know I had the bus.  As I was walking through the hallway to the street, I noticed a room on the left where prostitutes hung out, did their makeup and changed clothes.  They noticed that I was going to church and they wanted to go with me. So, as I exited the building going East to 70th St., I had a troop of female prostitutes behind me. When I came out of the building on 70th St. I found myself on the edge of the ocean.  (Lake Michigan is about 25 miles East of that point, so this is not consistent with reality) Where the sidewalk was supposed to be, there was a very narrow wall holding up the earth between the building and the beach where the ocean was.  This wall provided a narrow place to walk down to the beach as an alternative instead of walking on the sidewalk. Walking along the ocean actually went to the same place, it was just more beautiful. I saw T.M. walking along the sidewalk way above me, and I waved and "Yoo hooed" to him and he came down the narrow walkway and joined me on the beach. I noticed that when I put my arm around his waist, he was very fat and soft (unlike reality) We met some other people along the beach. It was now about 9:30 a.m. (I remember one man was an attorney who lived in my Jackson St. building) He was laughing and jovial, but he told us there wouldn't be any room in the church for us when we got there. But I knew that when the church proper was full, you could climb the stairs and sit in the choir loft and that was what I was planning to do.  When then climbed the stairs and walked up Washington Street to where my bus was parked. At this point we were being trailed by a lot of people who were going to ride on the bus with us to church.

5-3-98 - DREAM - It was December 24th. I was living with several women and we were preparing for Christmas. Some of these women had been collecting beautiful Christmas oriented objects for many years and had them displayed in round glass fronted cabinets which were very expensive and lined them up on the mantle piece.

I was concerned about the safety of those objects because the state would let my ex-husband #2 out of prison for Christmas and knowing his past bad behavior, I was expecting the worst.

I was so afraid that I tried making alternate plans to go to sleep in a different room or even the bathtub, but knew he'd find me in the bathroom for sure. I even thought maybe I could rent a room just for the night somewhere else in the neighborhood. I even thought abut asking a couple women to move to a different apartment somewhere else, but it was too late to do that. I opened a closet door and discovered a half drunk old bottle of liquor or beer hidden up on a shelf and I was shocked.

That meant he was probably already there and I hadn't even seen him. Stranger yet, nothing had been damaged or destroyed.

I concluded finally as I was waking up that the whole problem was all in my mind.

5-5-98 - DREAM - I was working on a web page. Another person was with me and encouraged me to click on "Dreams of the Great Earth Changes". I did that and another list page came up. On that page was a title "Dream ________ ". I was encouraged to click on that. That opened up a screen on which I could see my vagina opening.  A man said, "Watch!" I could see the tip of a penis at the opening. At that point I knew that my daughter was in the room and could observe this and I didn't want her to see it. The man then put in his hand and pulled out a baby head first and said, "Here's little Tommy!"  The baby's head was all read and the mouth was moving soundlessly. I said, "Oh! Put it back!"  The man shoved the baby's head back into the opening and I instantly felt this huge pressure coming up into my stomach.

5-5-98 - MEDITATION - Being very distressed because various attempts in starting a business was being blocked even to the extent of opening a simple bank account. I went into mediation and practically "begged" spirit to tell me what I'm supposed to do with my life. I saw a large white #10 envelope. On the left was my name and in the address part it said, "Dream Board -Dream Interpretation."

5-7-98 - VOICES/VISION:  I had just lay down and was hearing many different people making comments.  I was ignoring them because they didn't fit into any frame of reference for what I was doing or trying to do. Then I saw a small glass dish with a paper clip in it and two small golden snakes. I picked up the snakes with my fingers and the vision faded.

NOTE: 10-02-98 - I went to the Electric Dreams Site. Here is their logo picture:

5-7-98 - NOTE: - I was sent a very special file on the computer and I, in turn, sent it to many friends. When I got tired in the afternoon I lay down and had a vision, I saw my right wrist with a red and white ribbon pulled off. This was a reminder. Then I saw myself twice with the words superimposed all down my body numerous times with the words, "Melody, melody, melody, melody.  The song was:  How could anyone ever tell you you're not beautiful, how could anyone tell you you're not whole, how could anyone not notice that your loving is a miracle.

5-7-98 - VISION - I was seeing a shiny magazine cover. I couldn't make out what it said and Joe's snoring kept distracting the vision. I thought I saw EOSOFT & UFO (That is from the Starfriends list?) A woman appeared and brought a baby with her. The baby didn't want to co-operate and lay down. I said, "I guess she's not going to share her 'revelation' with us." Then the baby started to shit yellow baby poop. It just poured out like a river...tons and tons of it. I thought it would never stop but it finally did.

NOTE: The owner of the Starfriends list contacted me shortly after this, and I joined another one of her lists and I made friends with one of the other women who I had just missed meeting in Chicago several years ago. We decided to do an on-line book together.


5-8-98 - DREAM - This dream was a combination of live scenes with words superimposed over them. I was told this was the KHMER ROUGE. It was grassy and hilly with some trees and rock walls holding up an embankment by the road. I can't remember what the words were specifically but they were of different sizes and were under some kind of control which was being changed.

I then went to a school where I seemed to be in training for something. I was helping prepare dinner. I saw a rolled ham up on a shelf and started to slice it thickly for sandwiches. One of the girls was appreciative of the generous slices though it was very fatty. The head cook, in charge said she had some different ham she was going to serve and I could wrap mine u for another meal. However, I had made some toast too and she was eager to use that.

When I was going to get the plastic wrap she told me to take higher and longer strides like she didn't like the way I was walking.

5-8-98 - VISION/VOICE - I heard the words, "Politics from Heaven"  A female asked, "Are you a minister?"  Then I saw three white goddesses dressed in white lace and pearls with silver crowns upon their heads.

5-8-98 - DREAM - I had a dream that was faster than the meditation but identical to it.

5-8-98 - DREAM - I was in a hotel. It was hard to tell what I was in charge of, but walking around with a notebook and pen. I went into a large room with a maintenance man who asked me to examine his genitals because he thought something might be wrong. I thought we ought to close the door because his wife was right there in the hallway and so were several other people. I closed the big black door only to find that the whole wall was see-thru. "A lot of good that did", I thought.  The man's wife called him then and he ran out into the hall to see what the problem was. I grabbed my notebook and pen and followed him out into the hallway. Because of my slight delay, he was already talking to someone when I caught up to him. At this point I discovered I had an open box of oatmeal with a crushed top which fell off and I dropped the box on the floor. I picked it up and couldn't get the lid back on the box because the box top was crushed.

There were hundreds of people in the lobby, so I went outside and around the side of the building. At the back of the building was a huge area where a bunch of women were having a heated discussion. One woman in a beige dress (Michele?) wanted to sue her boss because he had hugged her too tight and her breasts hurt her.

While I was listening to this discussion, a long, sleek beige limousine pulled up which was open on the sides like the San Francisco cable cars. Along the top were a string of blue balls in a fringe which gave it a Spanish look. On this car also were 2 small boys who were like luggage porters and door openers.

This limousine was kind of like a game ride where people could go for a ride which was like a skill game where someone would throw baseballs at the car while you were inside to see if you could catch them. While I watched, someone was firing baseballs at the car faster and faster and they were all landing accurately inside. Then the car pulled away and the two small boys jumped in at the last second as it pulled away.

5-9-98 - DREAM - I was with a woman and her baby daughter who was wearing a diaper. The baby started to poop in her diaper and I made her lay down so it couldn't get all over. However, when she was done and I went to change her diaper, she wouldn't lay still and she had poop smeared all over her from head to toe and I had to give her a bath.

A veterinarian came in then and asked me to help him care for a bird. He handed me a brown owl. At first I was trying to figure out how to hold a bird because I had never had such a big bird and the doctor wanted to give the bird vitamin shots. He gave the bird a shot of some yellow vitamins under each breast. The bird at this point was a big green parrot. I was afraid it was going to bite me but it didn't. The doctor told me to wrap the parrot in a towel and put it in a plastic bag and it would be okay. I did this, but the bird wasn't happy in the plastic bag and started to talk and then grew in size and actually climbed up the wall because the wall was roughly plastered. At that point I saw that I had my own smaller parrot in a cage.

When I put the parrot in the cage, it had a wooden side which had a closed knothole so I couldn't see him, so I had to look at him only through the front of the cage.

Then the owner of the green parrot came and I had to find the right cage cover for his cage because it had specific words on it that belonged to only him.

The people took the parrot away then. But then the veterinarian said I did such a good job that he left me a huge blue parrot which stood about 3 feet high on the floor. I was a little afraid of it because I knew if it bit me, he could bite harder than the green parrot though the green parrot had never tried to bite me.

5-10-98 -  DREAM - I was starting a new job and had to move my stuff from my old office from the 1st floor to the third floor. I  looked at the calendar on the wall. It had 15 numbers across and either 5 or 6 rows down, so either 75 or 90 days in a month.

It was 8 a.m. at the time and I wanted to get all my stuff moved before the other people got there. I was walking around with a handful of blue candy and was afraid I'd drop some on the floor. I got sidetracked by some men who were also working in the building. When I went back to the office, there was food all over the floor, like popcorn and trail mix. There was so much on the floor there was hardly room to walk.

A series of women came in to be judged on their beauty. There were 15 of them. They all wore black swimming suits with a rose pattern. (I have a blouse exactly like it) One woman came in who was older, about 50 - 60 years old. she posed to show us that she had worked hard to keep her youthful shape. Then she moved over to be judged with the rest. The woman right in the center was Janet Reno. The women all sat down on stools then turned around with their backs to us and dropped their heads forward so we would be judging only the hourglass shape we saw...not the person.

5-12-98 - DREAM - I went back and forth between typing on a computer page about alien abduction and people dreams.

The most memorable people dream was this:  I was sitting by the window at my 16th St. house and the tree in the backyard began swinging it's branches like they were arms and the branches jumped off the top of the tree like leaping into the next yard to start its own tree. Meanwhile the remaining tree trunk turned white and died. Although no people seemed to be involved, I could see that the stumps of the tree were obviously sawed.

A man in New Berlin used that incident to be late 1 1/2 hours to work at a restaurant where we were employed which made it impossible to open on time. but the owners weren't angry and took it in stride. They went ahead with the food preparation anyway while I stored a gallon container of hamburger in the refrigerator.

5-12-98 - DREAM - I dreamed of a web page with a tremendous amount of beautiful little graphics on it. In the dream, I attempted to send it to my real computer.

In the dream, I then went home and a bluebird flew in the door with me. It didn't seem like a real bluebird. It was skinny and hard like a mouse and once he landed on a water pipe which were attached to the ceiling with brackets, he skittered along the pipes with his little feet, all scrunched over.

I told him to go over in the corner by the computer which he did, but when I walked into the next room, he followed me by skittering along the water pipes like before. He came over into the center of the room on a pipe and it looked like he was going to jump down on me, so when he leaped, I quickly stepped aside and he landed on the floor with a hard thud.

As I was waking up, a male voice said, "Go to the Wildworld"!

NOTE:  Wildworld on the Internet led me to a series of VRML sites where the graphics move around when you point your mouse at them.

5-13-98 - DREAM - I was at my 4800 N Pt. Washington Rd. address. I didn't have a car and needed to go shopping, so I called a taxi cab. When the cab arrived, the driver was a good looking blonde guy. We pulled around the corner and I could see a huge derrick moving earth next door to the south of us. I thought to myself, "I should get out more, I didn't even know they were doing that."

He pulled around the corner going north on Port Washington Rd. going north. All of a sudden I noticed we were going backwards. Then he let go of the steering wheel, climbed over the seat into the back with me.I didn't feel any fear, but I was trying to figure out how this was happening. I could see the steering wheeling making little movements left and right. At that point we were along the curb. I figured we'd just keep going backwards until we hit something. We weren't going fast enough to get hurt I didn't think so I didn't attempt to open the door and jump out though it crossed my mind. The man didn't try to hurt me, he just observed me to see my reaction to what was going on.  I decided to just sit there until we ran into something and then get out.

I was amazed because we were driving around people and obstacles like holed in the road that were being fixed in the road with workmen in orange hats standing around. I looked at the steering wheel again and it was moving back and forth. I thought maybe there was a small monkey driving or a midget who could see into the rear view mirror, but I could see nobody. We drove backwards more and more blocks and finally reached an area where there weren't many buildings. The car then ran backwards over some grass where I saw a bridge. a black woman ran behind the car and we just missed her and ran into a short yellow pole or something.

The man seemed stunned and I opened the car door and started running towards a bus I saw coming. I got pretty far before I saw the guy get out of the car and limp away from it. I was running pretty fast, but I saw him coming up behind me. I had to pee really bad and I almost missed the bus. But he had to let a lot of people off so I managed to get on and stand on the steps right by the door. I had to pee so bad, I just let it go and it ran down my legs over my feet and out the door of the bus. Unfortunately, the old white lady standing next to me got some on her shoes too and when the people moved back in the bus, she noticed her feet were wet, but I didn't say anything.

 I looked in my purse then for change for the bus ride and couldn't find any. It was a very tiny purse.  I said out loud to the driver, "I can't find any change." The woman next to me helped me look, and while we looked, my purse turned from black to white and got larger and larger. We soon spotted some dimes and then I found a nickel. But when I picked up the dimes, they turned into diamonds, and the nickel turned into a white/silver buffalo. The bus driver didn't seem concerned. As I walked back in the bus, I noticed it was a gambling casino and shopping mall.

Suddenly, I had to pee really bad again and I got off the bus at a real shopping mall to look for the ladies room. I had to walk up a steep hill inside the mall. I saw the men's room, but where the ladies room should have been, a man came out the door. I kept walking and came to some shops and I knew I had gone too far. I really had to go bad, so I decided I would go back to where I saw the man come out and use that bathroom. I was in agony by the time I got there. I pulled the door open and woke up at the same moment. I really had to go pee bad and jumped out of bed.

5-17-98 - VOICE - "Lookout Sheniah Twain. On October 21st, there will be a ________".

5-17-98 - DREAM - It started out on the computer and I was making light green spaces between words. I wanted to show other people how to do this. When I flipped the web page over, I saw that the words were clouds and I was making them farther and farther apart by doing this.

I was in Milwaukee but not in a familiar house. I was moving to St. Louis tomorrow and going to have a goodbye party. But first I was in the car with some kids and we were going to go get some party food. One of the little girls was eating a jelly sandwich on the backseat and got red jelly on the seat. so I had to wash the seat. While I was washing the seat, a gang of teenage boys went inside the house to rob it. There were other people with me in the car and I knew that if I could start the car, we could escape. I was still in the back seat and reached forward to see if the keys were there. They were hanging in the ignition, so I turned the ignition key and started the car. It started, hesitated a moment and then took off forward as I pressed my feet to the floor. Everyone in the car cheered.

I don't know how far we went but when we came back the robbers were gone. I grabbed the seat covers out of the car which was now clean so I could wash them.

Inside the house it was a big mess but there were a lot of people there, characters from One Life to Live as well as my daughter. We were going to have a party.

My daughter brought in a box of chocolate. She opened the box and it was full of little leggy bugs...really gross. I looked at it closer and the bugs were numerous and some became green and yellow beetles which looked like jelly beans. I decided to take a photograph of them for evidence. I always kept the camera on top of the piano so I went to get it. It was a type of Polaroid. When I came back with the camera, I found a good angle to photograph the bugs but the flash didn't go off. I noticed the light wasn't connected, so I connected it and took the picture.

There were a lot of people there, whom I don't know but mostly characters from One life to Live. They all said they would help clean up the mess from the robber and then we would party.

We attempted to use one of the black and white sheets from the car as a table cloth but when I I opened it up it was full of dead mice and mice turds. I told her, we were not going to wash it, but throw it in the garbage.  

I was resting then and one character decided to put on a magic show for the others. I was almost sleeping but he called me forward to stand in front of all the people so he could make a fool of me. I agreed to do it, I didn't mind if people laughed at me if they enjoyed what ever they were learning from the magic trick.

5-22-98 - REAL EXPERIENCE: I was laying in bed with Joe and it felt like someone grabbed my crotch with its hand.

5-22-98 - NIGHTMARE - I was in my 16th St. house, but the house was a little different inside.  I looked out the back window and saw a 'bad' teenage type kid wearing a heavy brown winter jacket. Two other guys in heavy brown winter jackets challenged him. The guy quickly climbed a telephone pole and the other two guys climbed the pole to get him. The first guy physically picked up the 2nd guy and then the 3rd guy, held them over his head and then dashed them to the ground where they hit their heads on the curb in the alley and died.

I ran to the phone and dialed 911. A deep male voice answered, "Hello!" It was my son Bill. I had woke him up from sleep. I hung up and dialed 911 again. The 2nd time I was able to report the two bodies laying in the alley. I was so afraid that the brown coated murderer was going to come into the house, so I kept trying to close the door, but the hinges were broken off and I couldn't close it.  (NOTE:  Once the door opened to the other dimension, you can never close the door again.  I dialed 911 again and the 2nd time I was able to report the two bodies laying in the alley. I was so afraid that the brown coated murderer was going to come into the house, so I kept trying to close the door, but the hinges were broken off and I couldn't close it. There were other glass lobby doors that I could close and still see through and every time someone came in, they'd leave the door open and I'd have to go secure the door behind them. Three other men came into the lobby. They looked familiar and when I recognized them (no names, just faces) I let them in the door and then closed the glass doors again.

My son Bill came in with his two sons. they had just come back from skiing. I asked him if he had seen the brown coated man and he said, "No!"  (The sons skis = .11..11. )

I was waiting for sirens but never heard any. I saw flashing red lights reflecting in the sky and then saw two black men laying in the alley by the bodies which were covered over with a tapestry-like carpet and their feet (4) were still sticking out.  ( : : )

I was still so scared that the brown coated guy was going to show up and I couldn't keep the glass doors shut on my house.

Finally, I went outside with my husband (?) (I never saw his face) We were walking south on 16th St. and I saw the brown coated guy hiding in a cabinet shelf-type thing that was constructed in shallow levels and he was on one of the lower levels. There were 7 levels total and he was on the lowest. I didn't want to walk past him, so he knew of my presence, so  i started shaking the arm of my husband to get his attention and pointing the other direction towards the alley so we could go that way instead.

I was so scared, I woke up shaking from fear.

5-23-98 - VOICE: "Four of the transformation"

2 : 8

Two divided by 8 =

2 : 8

2 + 4 the world source

4 = 48 hours of silence

5-23-98 - DREAM - I went to a house and found some symbolic items on the floor in the hallway. There were two pillows with lace over them and some other things unremembered. An old nun (wearing a pink dress) came along and gave me some other things of hers because she knew I was psychic. She gave me a prophecy. She said, "You will go to a party and people will sense you are psychic and start asking for prophecies."

Joe came along then and helped me fold up a big blue blanket and mattress.

The nun came with a red candle and lit it and set a tape recorder of music next to it and went out on the balcony to meditate. My Father came in the room and turned off the music on the tape recorder. I knew the nun would be upset. My Father said something about it but I can't remember what.

There was a party going on and I had to go to the toilet and people even followed me in there to ask for prophecies. I said to them, "Could you excuse me for a moment? It's going to stink in here in a second!"

They walked out into the hallway. The nun came in then, still wearing the pink dress, and then while I was still sitting on the toilet, she said, "That man you are with; I've seen him before. He is Plato and Khutoumi."

I gasped on an in breath and woke up.

5-24-98 - DREAM - I had numerous dreams about violence and a man was shot in the head. The man who was shot in the head was named Michael. I had the feeling it was a past event, possibly the suicide of a Michael who died suddenly in Jan. of 1996.

5-24-98 - DREAM - The dream started when I was going into a huge schoolyard on 70th and Greenfield. The schoolyard was immense, but only 1 story high and had no windows at all. I had to cross the whole outer courtyard of the school to get to the door which was hidden between two buildings in a kind of alley way.

Inside the building various scenes took place. I cannot remember all the scenes but the most memorable was when I picked up a blond woman wearing a beige rain and shine coat. I held her upsidedown and whacked her head violently against the wall several times as I carried her to the bathroom. She was not a heavy person (not like a person would be in real life) I entered the bathroom and dumped her head first into the bathtub and at the same time offered my hand to an older woman to pull her out of the same tub and had short reddish hair.  I helped wrap a white towel around her. Though she was naked, I didn't see her body...only her bare shoulders and arms.

I then went home which was just across the street on 70th at the old A-C building. (where I used to work for 10 years)  In that building I wanted to go up to my apartment which was #307. There were several elevators. I had to hurry because I was already late for work which started at 8 a.m. and it was almost 9 a.m.  When the elevator came it stopped about 1 foot below the hallway of floor.  It didn't have a just suddenly appeared. The elevator was full of people but I got on and turned around and faced the opening. I don't recall that it went up at all, but I was then laying on the floor of the elevator which had green carpeting facing a huge bedroom with two double beds in it. The only protection the bedroom had from the prying eyes of people on the elevator was a long pink fringe of string hanging over the opening of the elevator door. I picked at the edge of the fringe which was knotted and undid a knot. I then noticed that all the other knots were already undone except one.

It was time to get to work which was just across the street (where the school was). All I had to do was walk across the street, but the elevator turned into a bus and I and some other woman were taking the bus to work. The bus went west and I thought I would just get off at the 1st stop, but the bus kept going and I knew we had gone too far. I figured we could get off and get a bus back on a transfer or walk back. But we didn't have transfers so we got off the bus to walk back. We were now on 84th St. and had to walk south to Greenfield Ave. and then east to 70th St. to get back to work. As we walked south on 84th St. we came to a bridge over a river. But as we got to the bridge, it looked like the ocean with huge waves on it. As we crossed the bridge we were on the same level as the water and where the water was coming to the beach, the waves were tumbling over and becoming snow banks. This event so puzzled me because I had never seen ocean waves turn to snow. But then I saw that the snow was melting quickly like it was spring and little cartoon-like birds were singing a song about being on the shores of Gitchi Goomi.

I woke up feeling really happy.

5-25-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page with a small rectangular window on it on which positive statements were appearing. I clicked on the window and it became larger. More and more sentences appeared at various places in the window seemingly at random but increasingly filling in the space. A long narrow arrow appeared at the bottom of the window, such as like a pool cue. It was similar to a slide bar with one end smaller than the other. I knew that clicking on that arrow would affect the window and it's contents. I tentatively and hesitantly clicked on the larger end of the arrow and the window instantly got larger. More and more positive statements appeared at random within that window until the space was filled. When it was full, a large graphic appeared suddenly, superimposed over the window. It had large open eye within a Triangle above it, it said, "THURSDAY" which reminded me of the CBS logo and the dollar bill.  

5-27-98 - DREAM - I was with hundreds of little children headed for school. They were all about 5 years old. We were at the school building, but outside in the courtyard. All of a sudden a Fingerhut catalog appeared in my hand and it flipped open to the page where the plates were. It showed me the plates. The dinner plate and the salad plate were the same colors and the salad plate overlapped the dinner plate.

NOTE:  This looks exactly like the Weyhill crop circle.  See for comparison.

5-27-98 - VISION - I was in a house and called into the next room where a woman was holding my son Bill over the toilet. He was about 2 years old. She said, "It looks like he's got blood spots in his poopy."  I could see that he had poop smeared in his underwear.

We pulled his underwear down in the back.There was more poop and pee coming out of him. The poop had broken off like he had gone some in his underwear.There were 2 mole-like things on his buttocks on the left side.They were side by side kind of like plates I had just seen but of course smaller...about 1/2 inch across and reddish. He said, "I don't have time for this, I have two more sand paintings to complete."