MAY, 1999

5-4-99 - DREAM - I dreamed all night about a web page I was creating about Noam Chomsky. I had a background page about him and then I also posted individually all the comments other people made about him.

NOTE: I don't know what more clues one might need to do something, so I created a page about Noam Chomsky - American Dissident


5-4-99 - DREAM - I was getting ready for work and cleaning my house at the same time. It was obvious I had to sweep the floor.

A woman friend came to visit, dressed very fancy and colorfully with a little cap with a small brim with pretty flowers and the rest of her outfit was classic 50's with a little bolero jacket and huge full skirt with a huge flouncy petticoat underneath. (I used to wear clothes like that myself in the 50's)

We were talking about the state of the nation as I was putting things away. I picked up three small laundry baskets that were empty and collapsed over and put them in the bedroom. She was walking back and forth with me as I went about my chores.

I had two little strange looking trees which had rooted but weren't planted so I placed them in little baskets with water at the bottom to keep them alive. One was a wide tree at the bottom, not like a normal tree, almost like a thick hedge and the other was like new seedlings.

I looked at the floor then which had a long rose colored runner with flowers over a rose colored carpet.

Just then, three more lady friends walked in to visit on their way to work. They were dressed identically to the 1st woman except different colors.  I knew that the 1st woman had been estranged from the other 3 for some reason they had argued over, but she chatted amicably with the others. One woman said her son was now dressed exactly like her and they exchanged clothes and she showed off the various layers of her skirt.  

They began to discuss the state of the nation again and the last statement was "No one has been really hungry for over 200 years."

NOTE:  Obviously they haven't been in the poor neighborhoods of the inner cities nor in the Appalachians or Kentucky back hills.


5-5-99 - DREAM - (I'm missing the first half of this dream)  I was in a very large school. The students were all lined up and I went down to the front of the line where I was going to make each one of them an ice cream cone.

While I stood there, some people came in from outside and said that 10 kids had been awarded a ride in a helicopter but one of those kids hadn't shown up for school. I wondered out loud if I might take that child's spot and actually go up in the air. It was such an exciting thought.

As I thought this, I was suddenly looking at a web page about people and UFOs. It was a list of abductees.


5-5-99 - DREAM - This girl I saw was from AOL. She was dressed old fashioned with a lace cap on her head, long dress down to her shoes. She was on the chubby side. She ran quickly, seemingly along a line and then the number 79 appeared at the end.

I had the dream a second time and the numbers were 59 to 129.


5-6-99 - DREAM - I don't know where I was. I was in a large building and it seemed that every which way I wanted to go, my way was blocked by chains and gates. There was a stairway down and that was so chained and gated nobody could possibly go down it though I thought I saw someone dressed in black walk by down at the bottom.

I came to an area where there was a new born baby laying in a little baby chair. It's right eye was distorted and very small and it sat there all alone. I beamed a big smile at it and it's right eye went back to normal and it suddenly had little wire rimmed glasses on.

There were some women in the hallway beyond, pretty girls all with scowls on their faces and I beamed them a big smile and then they would smile. It seemed like such a chore to be the only one smiling.

In the livingroom where we were expecting guests, I spotted a huge black spiderweb from the wall to the ceiling. I quickly got a broom to get it down. As soon as I did though, I noticed that there were millions of gold stars on the ceiling and just the slightest brush with the broom would knock them off and leave a black streak from the broom so I had to be ever so careful not to knock the stars down.

I saw that there was no clock in the kitchen or the livingroom but there were two upstairs, one in the bedroom which I left there and one in the hallway which was shaped like a teapot with strawberries around the rim. So I took the one from the hallway to put it in the kitchen.

Someone said, "You can't take that clock! It belongs to Mary."  I said, "Mary can get another clock."

(I woke up here, Joe kissed me goodbye and left for work and I went right back to sleep. It seems that the dream continued. )

I was sitting on a chair and looked at my legs. It seems they were extra long and thin compared to reality. I began to see red veins very prominently on the skin and the more I looked closer some of the veins were dark blue and instead of veins they looked like racing stripes on a car and I realized that every time I did something that caused me to strain my muscles beyond their limits I got another stripe like a badge of honor.

I went outside then and a small midget appeared. He was normally shaped, just very small...about 24 inches. He said he had come to hook up the telephone wires.

I thought we were already hooked up but I took him into a work area where the wires were. I noted he had no tools belt like regular telephone guys, but amusingly thought that if he carried the tools real telephone guys did, he wouldn't be able to move.

In the work room there was a man standing, facing the place where the wires were hooked. He was wearing a green work uniform.

Between the two of us, we lifted the little guy up to the wires and he hooked them up. He then had to date and time stamp his work order. Actually the man in green did it, he said, "Here! Let me time stamp it for you!" and he did. I looked at it and it was facing the other way. I could see it was 3 something. I started turning it around. I thought it said 3:33, but when it came full around, it said 3:30.

The dream continued but Michelle appeared and it seems I was telling her the previous dream. One of my children brought in a bowl of something to eat. It looked like multicolored Jello flowers  and I didn't want to taste it but it was actually good and tasted like jello.

My son Bill wanted breakfast and was going to pour his own milk but the cereal box was in the way so I had to help him. I saw a piece of toilet tissue on my pants leg and when I picked it off, it was made of soft gauze.  I turned it over and there were 3 pictures on it, a dove, a heart and a hand.

(I got the impression that the kidney stone I passed yesterday was to help someone else...maybe Stan Deyo who is suffering with one right now) (That's just a guess)

I then looked where the gates and chains had been previously ad they were just strands of flowers.

Michelle said, "All those chains were of your own making!"

and I woke up.


5-7-99 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husband. There was some stuff prior to this but it ended where he was driving a car and pulled up to some men in a huge parking lot. The car started sliding around backwards and it was in danger of hurting someone. I opened the back door on the left where I was sitting and put my foot out on the pavement and dragged it like a brake until finally all the tires came off the wheels and we stopped.

We went into a house then and the men came in and confronted my ex-husband. I stood up to them and told them, "It wasn't his fault. He didn't it on purpose, he didn't do it on purpose."

We were standing under an archway and some pink stuff started oozing out of the joints in the archway. As it oozed down, it formed the shape of a pink reclining woman. Everyone was acclaiming, "Oh! My God! Oh! My God!" because they knew it was an award in honor of my heroism.

I then went into a dream where a web page was scrolling down Noam Chomsky links which I just finished last night, then went into ET links, then I saw the name "Nietzsche"

NOTE: I haven't had time to do a page on this subject. :-(


5-7-99 - (Short Nap Dream) I was at a house with several balconies and porches. The gist of the dream was that the story of the aliens was going to be released soon and everyone would be told about it.


5-8-99 - I had 3 dreams about my kidney/bladder infection which I've been treating with home remedies for two weeks. I went to bed, afraid I was losing the battle because my kidney's were aching and felt like they were swelling and it was very painful and burning to pee.

I woke up and all my symptoms were gone. A miracle.!!!!


5=9=99 - DREAM - A web page dream about my kidney infection. The last page had a clock on it and I said, "Oh! No! I'm not doing a web page on kidney infections!  and woke up.

The time on the clock in the dream was the same as current time. It was probably 4:44 p.m. though I can't remember 'exactly' what it was for certain because I didn't get up instantly and when I asked Joe what time it was, he said it was 4:50 p.m.


5-11-99 - DREAM - I was working in a large office building. My regular office was on the 3rd floor, but I also did small jobs for a boss on the 5th floor from time to time. This particular job was to write a letter and report about something a guy had done on the outside garage. He had hung an illegal sign on the garage door. I had 5 pieces of evidence including the sign. I don't know what the sign said but the boss on the 5th floor said he shouldn't have done it and he was going to have to go to court over it.

During the day, the boss put on a class or seminar. I was watching from the balcony and as the people sat at their desks waiting for the program to start, about 18 real life gorillas showed up. They lived up at the front of the class. I almost held my breath waiting to see what they were going to do; feeling really glad I wasn't sitting at one of the desks.  Then all the gorillas walked up had aisles between the desks and sat down on round backed wooden arm chairs lined up along the wall behind the desks. They were going to watch the seminar too.

We then went outside in a plaza where the boss was going to hobnob with all the people who worked in the building. I and a male co-worker didn't want to participate in this gathering considering gorillas had showed up for the class. We didn't want to see what or who would show up on the plaza. But we knew the boss would make note of everyone who was there so we made sure he saw us as he came out of the building to the gathering and then we hurried inside the building.

I saw the head secretary. She was dressed in a white dress suit. I knew they wouldn't promote a woman who dressed in just slacks and a blouse. You had to dress professional BEFORE you got promoted. Clothing bills were always high. My co-worker and I went into an underground garage area and a guy came in with a huge red air blower or heater. He hefted it fairly easily but I could see this machine was really powerful. This obviously had something to do with what was going to happen to the people out  on the plaza.

I then went back up to the 5th floor office to make a file for the evidence I had worked with earlier. A formal report had been typed up. There was still some question by a co-worker whether I should be involved in this, but I hadn't participated in taking the sign, I had just done the paperwork on the case.


5-11-99 - NOTE: I went to bed worrying about my kidneys aching and did a short healing meditation to heal them as I was falling asleep.

DREAM - I went into town to Waterford to see a doctor to get a prescription for my bladder and kidney infection. (It was the exact place I remembered a doctor's office in town) For some reason I didn't go in. I stood by the door in the darkness for a long time. There were a couple men across the street just  standing there and I felt intimidated by them. I was standing in the dark and felt dark and inside the doctor's office it looked dark as well. I don't know how long I stood there but it was a long time. I finally came to the realization that I had to go inside to see the doctor, so I went in and the farther I went in the lighter it got. I went up to the reception desk. The woman standing there had a prescription for me already written out. I could see there were two drugs written on the scrip...but I couldn't read them. Instead of handing them to me, the woman said, "do you have a job?" I simply said, "No!"  She stood there silently and didn't move and said nothing!  I said, "I can afford to pay for this", knowing there was money in the bank.  The receptionist then quickly walked into the doctor's office and I followed her. The doctor was a woman, my surprise.

Instead of commenting on the condition I came in for, she hollered at me, "What about your cholesterol and your weight?"

And I woke up.


5-11-99 - DREAM - I was seeing a short web page of links to two people who were walkins. Michelle and Larry Hunter. Michelle had 4 links and Larry had two. I went to each of the links and quickly scanned them. They were all green print on a white background. Michelle's was quite lengthy and the first line said, "When I walked in, the world became much wider."


5-11-99 - DREAM - I was sitting in  a recliner chair with N.M. I had invited him for dinner, and I had invited another man to dinner the following evening. N.M. was going to get hamburger and the other guy was going to get steak. I hadn't purchased either one because it was winter and was icy out and I didn't want to go out in such weather.

As I was thinking about that, a small helicopter appeared outside the window and I could see he was aiming a camera at me. (Dejavu of the helicopter experience I had in Milwaukee in 1996)

I couldn't see the man because the sun was reflecting off the round dome window of the helicopter. But the helicopter turned somewhat and then I could see him very clearly. I smiled broadly for his camera and he grinned back.

But I soon got tired of that and started to get irritated at his intrusion of my privacy. So I jumped up off the chair and went to the window.

To my surprise, buried in the ice below the window as two small aliens, wearing green hood suits, kind of chartreuse green.

The helicopter started to pull away and I could hear what sounded like numerous aliens talking in their own language. It was high pitched, almost like birds chirping but with more rounded tones.

I was really shocked and excited. I knew my son Tom was in the building. He was working at washing the walls in the hallways for the painting that was going to occur tomorrow. I was so excited, my mind was going 1,000 miles an minute, thinking about what I was going to say.

I opened the door and saw that Tom had washed most of the old paint off the walls from scrubbing so hard and the underpaint was red, white, and blue.

I knew too that I was too excited to tell the story and that nobody would believe me anyway so I went back to my own apartment, opened the door and woke up.


5-13-99 - DREAM - I was in a city and some strange stuff occurred which I can't remember Night came and all the people were laying prostrate on the ground but holding hands and singing..."Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.. Glory, Glory, Glory...Hallelujah, etc. While they were singing I was seeing a star chart bouncing in the sky like /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ - I thought to myself, "Oh my God, A UFO!" I shouted to everyone... "Look!" and pointed at the sky, but as soon as I did, there was no star. This happened a couple times.

then I saw the star cluster where the UFO had come from. It suddenly turned sparkly and golden and became a gold sparkling wooly spider, like a tarantula and it like crawled eastward across the sky.  One man who looked like Sean Connery in the "Last Crusade" when they were searching for the Holy Grail. He grabbed my hand and dragged me up the street towards the East, running as fast as we could.

Hew as telling me he was going to have to teach me German. As the spider followed across the sky, the man hid himself under a piece of paper. When the spider stopped, he again ran until we came to the next intersection.  He asked, "What should we do now?" I said, "You may as well start teaching me to understand German so I understand the basic language."  I knew that wouldn't help me to understand the big words I was going to have to memorize later.

All this had to do with the date 8-18-1888 which I had seen just before this dream started.

NOTE: As I was typing this, Joe showed me a chart of the fly by of the satellite named Cassini which is coming in towards earth and flying back out to Saturn. It's coming in to earth on 8-18-1999

Joe also showed me on a star chart that there was indeed a constellation named by the Hopi as the Spider.


5-13-99 - VISION - I saw a statement "Remove Y2K" and the date 1991.


5-14-99 - DREAM - I went to a secret factory that had a secret machine. It could duplicate anything that was placed in front of plastic. It could do it quickly as well, even multiple times.

It seems I as there for a banquet to introduce this machine, but it wasn't going very well and it seems there was rivalry between the men there and they were trying to get rid of each other. They were each trying to appear better than each other. Despite the fact you could produce anything you wanted, it wasn't a happy place.


5-14-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that was strictly links to my own pages including Deepage.htm.  It involved nobody elses links...just my own.


5-14-99 - DREAM - I was out in the country visiting. There was a huge white house half way up a high hill with many trees around it. The view was spectacular and I wanted to take a picture of it with Joe's camera but I didn't have it with me. I walked a little to the left and the picture wasn't quite so perfect, but it still was nice. I then saw three red foxes running across the hill and told Joe about it, but they didn't see it, the I saw three boys chasing the three foxes and throwing rocks at them.

I went into the house then and we were putting the kids to bed. My mother was with me. There was a girl baby and my mother took her upstairs and put her to bed, then came back down again. She said that the baby wasn't breathing right even with her oxygen mask on and she had a premonition about it. I said I wasn't taking any chances then and opened the door to the stairs going upstairs.

I immediately heard the boys playing and rough-housing on the stairs and there were toys on the landing and two huge telephone books. I moved their stuff so it wouldn't be dangerous and came upon two boxes of matches behind the toys. I was very grateful that I had gone this way because I may have prevented a fire.


5-14-99 - VISION - I had seen the words '12 glasses of water". I was thinking about that and what it meant and I began to see outlines of boxes. They were lined up to the left of a white water bubbler in a park and lined up on the right side of the bubbler was 12 children wrapped in colorful beach towels waiting to get a drink.


5-14-99 - VISION - I saw 6 children climbing up the back of the head of a huge black bear.

NOTE: This was about the Bear stock market which occurred for the following 6 weeks.


5-14-99 - VISION - I was sitting in a semi-darkened livingroom with an elderly woman. She had called in a cop/lawyer and told him this. I have written an article bout an unfair inheritance law.You see, I manufacture a certain kind of perfume lotion. Now my mother has passed away and I have inherited a great deal of money, but I can't touch the inheritance if I make money by selling my perfumed lotion. Therefore I must publish my article as anonymous so nobody knows its me. Thereafter 24 years I can access my inheritance. At this point the cop /lawyer was no longer visible, yet he was speaking with her and asking her what she was going to do.


5-16-99 - DREAM - We were on a hill in a sort of tent and wanted to preserve some kind of agreement of something and it wasn't working so we were told to go down to an icy football field where we would meet to preserve this thing. I woke up just as I came swooping down the hill onto the icy football field dragging my booted feet on the ground to stop. I remember seeing my son Tom there and we were all happy.

It was music we were trying to preserve. I was seeing the names of country western singers and songs. None of the names were capitalized and I was changing the letters to capitals where it was appropriate.


I saw an all white rectangle  
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the next white rectangle, it said:
.  . . . MIR-R . . . . .


and was supposed to be done in Japanese.

NOTE: MIR means Peace in Russian


5-16-99 - DREAM - I was in a hospital. I wasn't feeling too well. My lower stomach was starting to ache. I was going into labor. I went into the bathroom and checked myself and the bloody plug had come loose from the cervix. I hunted through some drawers and found a pad and put it on. Knowing myself well, I could easily deliver this baby with no further pain.

There were other women working here and I was helping them make the transition between jobs, helping them clean the unnecessary things from their purses and desk drawers. Helping them decide what was really important. A young boy was there. He was playing with a set of tinker toys . He was building a tower as high as he could. He almost let it fall. I told him to build it strong or I'd have to pick up the pieces and he wouldn't have them anymore.

I went home to my 16th St. house and it was full of teenagers. A tall blonde kid came in. He was waving a shotgun around, trying to show how tough he was. I told him the basics of survival history of mankind and they didn't own guns and how real tough men didnt need guns. He turned on me and aimed the shotgun right at my heart. His face had a look of rage on it. I told him that being tough wasn't what was important anymore and that he was a great kid and I really liked him. The look on his face turned from pure rage to pure embarrassment and he turned red. He walked away looking like he was thinking, "Oh man! She really likes me!"

I knew that wouldn't be the end of him though and I knew I needed to get away from him.

(The Littleton, Colorado shootings occurred on Apr. 20, 1999)

I saw that his father came to visit. They sat in the livingroom . . . in the same chair . . . he sat on his father's left side. He was a beautiful blonde kid, but I knew how dangerous he was.

I sneaked out the back door. I could see through the windows of the house and looked until I saw that the blonde kid was still sitting in the chair with his father. His father had his left arm around his kid still.

Seeing that, I ran like hell up the alley to get away from him.

But he must have spotted me when I ran because as I went into a yard across the alley to sneak through a yard, I could hear him calling my name . . . "Linda!  (means beautiful)

In front of me, a young girl came out of the house and I didn't want her to see that I was there so I had to hesitate a moment until she left. It turned out that this building was a girl's college dormitory and I ran inside and sneaked off into a side room.

The boy came in, pushing girls aside, looking for me, calling, "Linda! Linda! Linda!"

Seeing that he was only after me, I attempted to leave the building by a side garden door. It was really snowy out now with deep snow banks. I saw that the blonde kid was running down the sidewalk, really angry, still looking to kill 'Linda' , but he ran into a woman who had asthma. I knew he hated weakness even more than beauty, and he jumped on her and knocked her down. He took a knife and stabbed the girl in the chest over and over and over, yelling, "Die! Die! Die!"

I ran towards him. I took a brown leather jacket and threw it over his head and jumped on him. I knew I had to beat him. Everything depended on it and I used every bit of strength that I had and subdued him. But then, I was laying on him in the cold and dark and there was nobody around and I couldn't figure out what to do next because I couldn't let him get back up.

Then a black man came along, carrying a shotgun. I told him to hold the gun on the blonde kid so I could call for help. The black man stood there with the shotgun, shaking so hard I didn't know if he'd even be able to hold the gun up, much less use it if necessary.

As soon as the black man stopped shaking, I got up off the blonde kid. He was still covered over with the brown jacket over his head so he couldn't see.  I got up to go get help and woke up.


5-17-99 - DREAM - Numerous dreams that tell the story of humanity, reincarnation, death, rebirth, family reunions, being in a theatre and getting rewarded.

In the last dream, we were living in a big house. My friend R. was out of prison. I was listening to my radio with all the windows open and a strong wind was blowing through the house.

Several people were discussing going on vacation and how there is too much traffic and noise and we don't enjoy it. R. said that going on vacation meant rushing around going from vehicle to vehicle to vehicle. He listed off 5 of them.

R. rushed to the bathroom and the rest of us were all standing in the doorways of the bathroom just gawking at each other, not knowing what to do next.  It was 8:15 a.m. in the bedroom, rock and roll music was playing on the radio. I went out to the kitchen.

A tall handsome, blonde man was there. I know I knew who he is, but I can't think of his name. He was making coffee and making breakfast for everyone. He said to me," didn't know you were awake yet?"  I said, "I've been awake a long time already, I just hadn't dragged myself out here yet."  The clock in the kitchen was 9:15 a.m. and religious music was playing on the radio.

When I woke up, it was 7:15 a.m.


5-17-99 - DREAM - I was cleaning the house to perfection and knew I had undergone a personality change. I was perfectly calm and had 5 brown coats to hang in the closet.


5-17-99 - DREAM - I was watching a screen like an Etch-a-sketch with the word 'Death' on it. It was flying through space.


5-17-99 - DREAM - This was a theatre dream. It was a huge theatre and there were beautiful actresses sitting in the audience and they were being united with their sons. One I hugged was blonde and one was dark haired. She had numerous layers of makeup on her face, like stage makeup. I went up to her and told her how beautiful she looked and that everyone admired the color of her skin. It was made up darker than everyone else. . . like suntan color.


5-18-99 - DREAM - There were multiple scenes within  the dream, some just web pages, some with people. One scene with my daughter I called her on the phone, and she got mad and told me, "You're being very oppressive!" I said, " I haven't called you in weeks and you are calling me oppressive?" I was so incensed I slammed the phone down. Yet after a few minutes later, she was begging me to let her live with me while she went to school.


5-18-99 - DREAM - I played a numbers game with someone. It was played by pressing numbers as fast as one could which added up to a larger number. Each number automatically went into the next spot on an electronic board. Whoever got the highest number was the game. It was a huge board so we only played across the board one time.

At the end  I was working on a web page about who was the best at various things.


5-18-99 - DREAM - I was looking out the window of a tall building and saw a blue bird land on the eve of the building across from the window. It was so pretty. There was somebody named Jim laying behind me. (My 1st husband?) I poked him to wake him up but he wouldn't wake up to see the bluebird.  Then the eve of the house changed to a triangle shape /\ and the bluebird hovered in the air beneath this triangle eve roof and again I poked Jim to wake up and see the pretty bluebird. Jim was dead to the world and wouldn't wake up. Then as I watched the bluebird, it began to fly slowly towards me until it was just inches from my face and looked humongous for a bluebird. It was so beautiful and I was the only one who saw it.

NOTE: In July, I had a vision of a bluebird sitting on a branch of the tree outside my window when a bird chirped during mediation.


5-18-99 - DREAM - I was in a huge office building. There were three little kids with me. Two boys and a girl. We were just sitting there, talking to each other. The boy across from me was somewhere between 6 to 10 years old. He was telling me that the ETs had done surgery on his left eye to change something in the rods behind the eye so he could see certain things other people couldn't see.  While he was talking, I had some little strips of beef or something brown and I was trying to arrange them to say a word. I turned around to arrange some layered brown trays that the ETs had planted seeds in. There were 7 of them. I thought to myself that I could water them and take care of them and I turned around and the beef pieces were gone. I looked at the little boy sitting next to me. He had just eaten them. He looked at me as if to say, "That was good food! Is something wrong?" I felt like laughing. Whatever that ET experiment was, it was now being digested inside that little boy.

 I went down to the lobby of the building. It was 4:25 p.m.. . . time to go home from work, but I didn't want to leave too early. It was foggy outside. There were no other people around and it felt really ominous. It seemed I was wearing my light green bathrobe (That's odd it seems) I pressed the button of one of the elevators. The door opened and the elevator was huge inside but it seemed so ominous...I didn't get on it. I went over to the other elevator. The door opened. That elevator was huge too. But it was empty. It still felt ominous so I didn't get on. I went back to the street door. It was so foggy outside and it still wasn't 4:30 p.m. and I didn't want to go outside early, but I saw a man coming down the street. He turned to come into the building and as he did, I used that opportunity to rush out the door and go home. I was rushing away from the building and I felt the building implode behind me and I woke up.


5-18-99 - DREAM - I was in a big house with some other people and I had to go to the bathroom to pee. I knew there was an extra bathroom in the extension to the house off the kitchen. To my surprise, construction had been going on, remodeling the bathroom into another kitchen. It had a light blue and white linoleum floor and was about 1/2 done. The crew was not there at the time, but their tools were so I knew they'd be back.

I went back to the regular part of the house and ended up in the diningroom where a man was doing a radio broadcast at the diningroom table. I lay done next to the table (like I was in bed actually) and the man who looked rather like Jerry Springer was telling Abraham Lincoln jokes, knowing I used to be Mary Todd Lincoln in a past life. I was laughing like crazy hoping I wouldn't pee my pants.

Just as I was waking up, he asked me, "If you had to choose, would you pick "Jesus Christ", or "advice" and why?"

NOTE:  I spent a lot of time thinking about that for the next few hours.


5-19-99 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building. I was working with a blonde woman. She was like a security  guard of some kind. We heard about a couple upstairs. (I can't remember what floor it was) This particular couple was known for fighting with each other. We were going up to prevent one from occurring. She was a gambler and loved war. To prevent her from fighting with her husband, the blonde woman sat down at Carole's gambling table which was round with a green cloth on it.

I examined their apartment while the others gambled. I sat that there were laundry hookups but they had no machines to do laundry. It was a dark apartment. The only light was over the gambling table.

As the sun came up, the man said it was time to go to bed to sleep because there was a lot of work to be done. The man was in charge of building gardens. These were raised gardens. Carole did the planting of the seeds, but the husband didn't measure anything. These gardens were all raised but at different levels and I saw that the man just drew lines and a corner board but didn't measure so no two levels were even. So, no two garden had equal treatment. It was very difficult to garden this way.


5-18-99 - VISIONS - I was looking at what looked like web pages about my fish catalog or something. All of a sudden one yellow page became an elevator and the door slammed down into the hole of the elevator shaft while someone shouted, "RICHARD! RICHARD!"

I didn't feel like getting up, so I went into a dream.

I was on a newly paved road that had no lines on it yet. I was headed east and caught a glimpse of what looked like Mt. Rainier in the distance.

There was a low rider motorcycle ahead of us. I could barely see if it had a driver or not. It continued east and we made a sweeping left turn onto a north going road. There was a long wide road, a dip down into a valley and then a long high hill beyond that. The road was so smooth and clean  . .  I said, "If we went fast enough, we could almost fly!"

All of a sudden, I was awake, hearing a truck going by outside. I listened carefully to make sure nobody was coming to the house.

I kept my eyes close and it was like I was on the phone and I was hearing people noises in the background. All of a sudden it sounded like someone jerked the phone cord out of the wall and there was dead silence.

The click followed by the dead silence scared me and I jumped up . . . listening carefully for any strange noise in the house.


5-20-99 - DREAM - I actually started out with several visions about the Satan page. Those were little statements about the page. I didn't even want to bother writing them down. Then I went into a dream within a dream in which I was explaining to my daughter-in-law Becky about these two visions about the Satan page and not feeling like writing them down because they really weren't important.

As I was waking up from the dream, I heard the back door slam and rolled upward in bed and looked out into the livingroom, thinking, "If Becky really walks into sight, I'm going to freak out."  The sound had been that real. .  but there was no one there, so I relaxed, thinking about what a wild imagination I had.  

All of a sudden, Becky really did stride into view. . . looking radiant with a big smile and carrying two suitcases.  I got so excited, my mind was racing, trying to figure out how she had managed to get all the way to town from the airport in San Francisco and find our house all by herself.

I jumped up out of bed and excitedly started telling her about the dream I had just had of her and how I had woke up hearing the back door slam and there she actually was. She smiled and started cleaning the house. That gave me all kinds of enthusiasm to do the same thing except there was a little blonde boy in the house who kept asking for things. First he wanted crackers, then he wanted some specific action figure toys to play with.

My kids were all grown and gone. I wondered why this kid's other let her kid play at our house all day and never call to see how he was or call him home. He was a cute little kid so I didn't mind him being there, but I couldn't help wonder about what kind of mother he had.

I was wiping up the kitchen table. There was dried up veggies and cracker crumbs. I discovered then there were three layers of table cloths, each one had had holes in, as the garbage rather sifted downward through the layers until it got to the table. Finally, I whipped off all three layers of table cloth and shook them so I could wipe the whole table clean.

(Shades of earthchanges!!!!)

Becky was standing over by the ironing board by the wall. I was so happy to see her I went over to her and gave her a big hug across the ironing board. I had tears in my eyes. I really loved this girl. There was something special about our relationship even though she was a daughter-in-law and not my own. I felt very close to her.

NOTE:  Becky called me on the phone later that same day at 6 p.m. and said that she had seriously and strongly been considering visiting me that same day while I was dreaming about her.


5-21-99 - DREAM - I don't think this was a contest but I was asked to do an artistic work of Jesus sayings which were like a stone and then I was asked to present them in color.

I spent a long time transferring colored background which I worked on, then I noticed there were words missing in the middle and knew I'd have to go back and search for them so we didn't miss them.

I was then trying to work up a geneaology of the owners of our house which I managed to do all right.  There were more names than I thought though which my neighbors were able to name.

We went to the store then to buy potatoes, we already had some but were searching in the back room where we weren't supposed to be and I spoke up and said, "Do you have any American Standard potatoes?"  He got all excited and came up with numerous bags of reddish potatoes he said his sister and he were trying to breed along their driveway He was all excited that we were going to plant them too.


5-21-99 - DREAM - I was told to do the sayings of Jesus in 9 x 54 boxes. When I did this on colored backgrounds, they were beautiful.

Then I was told to do the same with  5 funny things he had said. I didn't know he had said anything funny. I saw the 5 funny things on the screen, but I couldn't read them.

NOTE:  I started working on this page, but it's not done yet. The name of the file is  jesussd.htm


5-23-99 - DREAM - I got a new job managing a big apartment complex. After I got the job, I heard the sound like a jet coming in to land, a descending high pitched whining sound, but the object that landed was round like a UFO, rather silver blue. The apartment I was moving into was 402. I had a husband. He was tall and dark like Clark Gable but he wasn't slick like CG, he was more workman-like type. His sister was coming along. She was tall, blonde and thin and wore a beige trench coat.

An insurance salesman came to the door. We needed insurance so I invited him in. I was sitting at a round table and the insurance agent brought in gifts of packages of chocolate-like M & Ms and other food which we were going to serve to others. We ended up with piles of cut up melon (orange) and chocolate.

There was another round table that was oak right behind my right shoulder.  At that table sat my daughter-in-law Karen. She is pretty, dark-skinned with a beautiful smile. She is of Mexican descent. I invited her over to my table, waving at her, "C'mon over! C'mon over!"

My ex-husband Edward walked in and was talking to the dark man who was my husband. My only thought was "Oh my God! How can we get rid of him!"  He then left.

The woman who had this job before me hadn't moved her clothes out yet and the blonde sister of the dark man was helping her move.  She was moving upstairs. They were carrying armfuls of voluminous pastel gowns in their arms and I was thinking to myself, "Gosh! I'm going to have to buy clothes like that for me to do this job."

I had been laying in bed and jumped up and offered to help them carry the clothes but they had already gotten the last piece. The last gown was caught on something by the door. I released the cloth from where it was stuck and they went upstairs together. The woman who had the job before me was a chubby blonde woman with short curly hair.

After they left, I sat there with a large circular crocheted doily-like tablecloth. It was extremely intricate made in three layers of fine white crochet thread but with embedded circles which were the same as the silver blue circles I originally heard coming in for a landing.. this table cloth was folded over in quarters. But I could still see the intricate design. The large circles were about about half way from the center to the outer edge but there were numerous smaller circles embedded nearer to the edge. Each one was like embedded in the pattern which held them secure between the layers.

Part of the job I had was to go out into the neighborhood and tell the people about this intricate table cloth I had and sell the "idea" of it and tell others about it.

I was again laying in bed, and the tall dark husband had his sister with him. He asked me if I minded if he took his sister with him out into the streets to tell the people instead of me. I was cozy in bed and felt kind of relieved that I didn't have to go out and do the physical labor they were going to do.

He and his sister went to the door and as he went out, he looked back at the apartment number so he knew where to come back to and said out loud, "402!"


I woke up and lay in bed trying to think what the number 402 had to do with the circles which were coming in to land. I was thinking maybe it meant mass landing of UFOs. I heard a telephone type sound ring in my upper left forehead. I knew that meant that a message was coming in from the spirit world, so I quieted my thoughts and thought mentally. . . "I'm ready for the message!"  Then I lay there quietly and had a vision of two silver words floating down. The words were:




5-23-99 - VISION - I meditated on the number 402 with acknowledging reference to the above dream. I saw a woman wearing a beige fairy-like dress, ankle length with all panels downward pointed all the way around \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/  The top of her dress had a white button on her left shoulder with a white line or ribbon pointed down to another button the same size at her waist.  From that same shoulder button was several more ribbons going t other white buttons in a semi-circle going from the first button at her waist upward to 'her' right on her bosom at what I would say was the 9 o'clock position if it were a clock face. It reminds me of a series of planets all in the 6 to 9 o'clock quarter with the sun in the 12 o'clock position.

I again asked what 402 meant and I heard the word 'beachpower'.


5-23-99 - I had a series of dreams that were telling me to prove reincarnation. Two identical separate dreams were just two sentences;  " I lived 15 times" and "I lived 129 times"

The numbers were in squares and animated.

In the last dream, I was laying on a bed with two babies, a boy baby whom I didn't feel anything special for, and a girl baby whom I felt instant love for. She seemed to recognize me too. I said, "Hello, my lover," and kissed her. She kissed me back several times. On her wrist band where the family name was, underneath the writing on a separate layer in a light purple color, were the words scrolling to the left  . . . "I am Brig. General  _ _ _ _ from the Spanish American War."


5-23-99 - DREAM - I was in a huge basement doing laundry for other people. I had been asked to dye one load red and was given a bottle of red dye, but I knew that you couldn't just dump red dye in a load that was already washing.

I went over to where the dryer was. It was done, but it had been overstuffed and only part of it was really clean. This was all heavy men's clothes. . . dark blue and green.  I was taking out each piece and checking it to see if it was clean and either hanging it up, folding it, or putting it in a pile for rewash. The laundry piles of men's work clothes were as high as my head. I said, "What do these people do?  Change clothes every day?"


5-23-99 - DREAM - I was working in a large office. There was nothing to do. The desks were empty. This was a maintenance supervisor's office. The contractors who were to do the work said they were going to have to go out into the city and find work because we weren't giving them anything to do. The boss came in and sat at the desk behind mine. There was a woman sitting at the desk behind him and another desk with a woman sitting there next to mine. All of our desks were empty. I told the boss, "We ought to find out what apartments are going to vacate in the future so we know what work is coming up because the maintenance crew is making noises about leaving us. There won't be anybody here to do the work if they leave."

The woman behind my boss was nodding, "Yes! I agree!"

My boss said, "I'm really glad you were promoted to this office."

My boss obviously had no clue how to run a maintenance office. I used to manage who complexes including supervising maintenance so I knew the whole operation.


5-24-99 - DREAM - I was with a young dark haired man. It was kind of like spring outside where you could see the lawn but there were snowbanks along the roads where the plows had come through.

We were walking quickly along and he showed me that if you took shortcuts to where we were going there were deep holes you could fall into. You didn't die from falling in, but it took you extra time to get back out of the hole before you could continue on your way.

He said, "That is the "Bob University!"  

We went into a house then. It almost seemed like home, but it wasn't. There were young children asleep in this house and I had to be ever alert because if they woke up and they were by themselves when they got up, there were huge holes in the floor just inside the doorway of the father's bedroom and the mother's bedroom.

I mean HUGE GAPING HOLES that went down into darkness. I thought about closing the doors so you couldn't fall in when you walked by to go to the bathroom or the kitchen, but then if someone came along and opened the door, the holes were right there and unexpected and one would take one step and fall right in, so I thought better of that and left the doors open.

I said to myself, "I sure wouldn't live in a house like this!"  Yet, here I was, making sure nobody fell in the holes.

The young man appeared again and someone else who seemed really huge and was so close to me I couldn't see who it was.

I was impressed with the idea when one person does this to someone else, they in turn do it to someone else, who in turn does it to someone else, who in turn does it to the next generation. I was told, "This is the Matrix!"

I woke up and instantly forgot the dream. A voice came into my head and said, "This is an exercise and I saw the dream typed out and then remembered words came into the picture and inserted themselves in front of the dream which were clear to read and I thought they were perhaps keywords to the dream, but then decided they weren't though they were good and spiritual words and I had to fight to remember the dream.


5-25-99 - DREAM - This was a computer screen dream about magnets and magnetics. It went on and on and I was checking it for errors and using search and replace though I didn't want to find any errors. I just wanted to get it done. It went on for a long time.


5-25-99 - DREAM - This dream had a nightmarish quality though some of it seemed normal as well. I remember all the scenes but not necessarily in the correct order.

I was with a lot of people in this dream. We were having a party, getting near to Christmas and celebrating. We were all having a good time until the celebration took on a circus quality.  I heard a circus band playing instead of religious music and when I opened a cabinet in the kitchen, clownish clothes started tumbling out; mens shirts with designs you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. Some fell out that were yellow and reds; large checks and somebody tried to shove the clothes back in until a retarded-like jerky blonde kid said, "No! No! No! Those are from me! I paid for all that! It's okay!"  And he gave me a sickly smile.

I was humiliated for him, if anything, but had to pretend I was grateful for his generosity.

I didn't want to be near this guy. It was so ridiculous to do this stupid thing for Christmas but it was out of my hands.

I went outside and got the bright idea to go for a bus ride. It only cost a quarter to ride to the end of the line and back. Then I asked my daughter, who was about 10 years old, if she would like to go too. I thought it would be fun and a treat for her. I calculated in my mind that it would only cost 50 cents. . . 2 quarters.  But then her friend Allison asked if she could go too. I said, "Sure!" and calculated that it would only cost 75 cents . . . 3 quarters.

We missed the first bus so I hurried the girls up the street, hopefully to catch the next bus at the transfer point but the street turned into a river and it wasn't doing so well. The street was getting marshy along the edges and the further I went, the worse it got. It seemed like the river was backing up and coming upstream.

There were a lot of black women here. It seems they were trying to tell me how to get across without getting my feet wet but can't remember what they said specifically.

I then went to the bus terminal garage. This place was huge with posts every so often, holding up the roof.This place was definitely a nightmare. Instead of busses, there were huge, oversize robotic elephants and their long trunks were like steam shovels, looking for garbage to throw over their backs. They were ominous looking, made out of steel and when you came near the sight of one, it would come rushing toward you. I was desperate to get through this underground garage which it seemed to be, but there were hundreds of these robotic elephants and if you got past one, you had the next one to deal with.  I had gotten past the third one and saw dozens more ahead of me.

I was feeling a little panicky when all of a sudden all the elephants were made to line up way down at the other end. It happened so fast, it was eerie and I don't know who gave the order to call them off.

I then went back to the house and I was showing apartments. I had a vacancy on the third floor and also on the first floor. An older teen wanted the one on the third floor. It was a nice apartment, but mostly older people lived up there. I was afraid his loud stereo music would bother everyone. At the same time, an older couple came and all that was left was the lower apartment, and then two of the first guy's friends, so I did some fast talking and convinced the first guy to live on the first floor with his friends in trade for letting the old people live on the third floor. Everyone seemed happy about the arrangement and I spent some time getting everyone settled down for the night and making sure they were comfortable.

I started to feel hungry then and decided to run downstairs to find something to eat. The steps were narrow and steep and I went down them really fast even where I could barely see the steps, the steps were made so that your natural rhythm of walking took your feet the appropriate stride and you couldn't miss.

I got downstairs. I remember lights blinking and I know that stupid older kid was teasing me about getting a late night snack, but all of a sudden I saw a baby in distress on the floor. He was choking and gagging and strangling to breathe. I picked him up and mushy, half digested peas poured out of his mouth. He gasped for air and started retching again and more peas stuck in his throat. I pulled a couple out with my fingernails which loosened a few more which came rolling out. He gasped for air again and then another round of retching made more peas stuck in his throat. Again and again I reached into his throat and loosened more peas and more rolled out.Each time he'd manage to get one gasp of air and then retch more peas which got stuck and I'd have to reach in his throat and loosen more whole peas which he had shoved in his mouth whole when the circus act had thrown them around when they had come to perform at the Christmas party.

I wondered who was watching the baby then. How could he have swallowed all those peas and nobody watched him?

I save the kids life but I was angry that all this had been allowed to happen in the first place.


5-26-99 - DREAM (I swear I'm stupid when I'm dreaming)  I was reading a web page on reincarnation. It was really well done and had links to some other great pages but weren't hyperlinked. The print was really big and easy to read. I thought it would be good if I typed in the urls for the links, copied it into an e-mail and send it to myself to make my own web page out of it. I was doing really well with my typing, but the closer I got to waking up, the smaller the print got, the harder it was to read and finally I couldn't type nor read the print and finally realized that even if I could I couldn't send it to my physical computer.

NOTE:  I woke up feeling very frustrated and stupid for thinking I could have accomplished that project.


5-26-99 - DREAM - EVER SEE A BUILDING SING?  I was standing out on the sidewalk in front of a building that had wide double doors made of steel and glass. I remember thinking, "This building looks like an auditorium.  Then the front of the building morphed so that it looked like the face of a sad dog was inside the building. It was blue and white, cartoon-like, not like a brown dog. It sang a song like, "Don't Let The World Get You Down!!!   When the song was done, I went inside the building and it was a large restaurant.

The head owner/chef was Chinese. One of the waitresses which was from another foreign country had quit. She was of Jewish nationality. the owner decided to shift the position of the other waitresses who were sitting at a square table. The girl who was Korean or Asian was very upset to be shifted to a lessor position. I asked the owner/chef if Alice (the waitresses name) could work from a different position which was better though the table was scorched in front of her. He said, "No!" He turned the light off in the kitchen and was bemoaning his fate. I took the Korean girl by the hand.She seemed very frail. I wanted her to come with me and encourage the restaurant owner/chef to remain open. I pointed out to him that is was almost noon and the lunch crowd would soon be in. The clock on the wall showed about 5 minutes to 12. He was shaking his head in the negative. The Korean girl, instead of standing with me in support of the Chinese owner/chef handed in her resignation and walked out. The Chinese owner/chef closed the restaurant. He would no longer serve the people.


5-26-99 - EXPERIENCE/VISION/DREAM - In the physical world, I went online and was contacted by a male friend who said he had a dream page, so I went to look at it. I liked it and asked him if he'd like to join my dream web ring. He said "Yes!", so I put him on it. I then got really tired so I lay down to see what was going on in the spirit world I needed to know.

As I lay on the bed, I heard three high pitched beeps. They kind of ended like a truck backing up type of beep, but the pitch was higher than that. I was hyper-alert to hear it again but I didn't.

I then had a vision of the dream page I had just looked at on the computer. On the page it said, "These dreams on this page are worth $1,075."  It was written in red.  I then saw the date "1199" .  I rather thought, "WOW!"  Three dreams are worth $1,075." Thinking about that and that date, I slipped into a dream.

In the dream, it was Saturday and I was working in an office. I was working at my own pace in the Purchasing office. I was a typist clerk. The boss was R.R. or someone like him. . . tall, dark, large, Italian, Mafioso type person. He said he had been called by a buyer in France who wanted a price on a piece of steel. It was my job to type up the request and get the price and the boss wanted it TODAY!

I was more interested in telling someone about my Chinese Restaurant dream of this morning which I new was prophetic and Joe wasn't interested for some reason. . . even antagonistic, saying he wanted to sleep and I should be more considerate. I wanted to tell the others on-line who also have prophetic dreams.

So, I got up from my desk to go find someone to tell my dream to. I went to another building. I didn't see the outside of it or perhaps it was just another room in the building I was already in.

I saw two things  . . . a church-like window high above my head and a white diamond ring I wanted.

As I gazed up at the window which I'm remembering as blue, red, and other colors in a sort of Fleur de lis pattern surrounded by diamonds, but perhaps I'm remembering that because I want it to be that.

I heard a woman's voice say, "Be careful of  E and B. They work on the dark side."

I turned and I was in a room with some dark skinned women. Not, black, but they were kind of brown. They were either French, Italian, or Mexican and I keep thinking Haitian, Voo Doo, though that wouldn't fit the dream.

There were actually two women here, one thin and one more chubby. The dark skin and black hair felt comfortable like I was like that too though I didn't look down to see.

They were eager to support me emotionally with my dream so I didn't go over to the dark side.

My boss called me again. He said he realized it was Saturday and if I would get him that price for the man in France, he would give me my choice of rings for free. I had already seen the ring I wanted. It was #15. (pictured above)  The boss told me that all I had to do was pick out the ring I wanted and he'd send in the steel plate for that ring and order it for me.

He reached in his pocket and brought out a big ring of rings. There was like a steel plate. . . the rough shape of an artist's easel for each ring but all the ring samples were also on this ring. He dropped the ring of rings on the floor and I bent over and picked it up. I told him I wanted #15 and showed him the ring I wanted on the end and he could give me this one, so he did, and I put it on  my right hand.

Instead of going to work though, I went to a large school with the women. Out in the school yard was the statue of the head master who started the school. It had his name, the country. . . FRANCE, and the dates May 25, 1189 - Nov. 11, 1199.

I said, "Who is the head master of this school?"  The women didn't know the answer, but then I was by the door which was supposed to be locked, but the door was propped open by a small round stone, about 2 - 3 " round diameter. Two little giggling girls were holding the inner door open as well. So there was an outer and inner door in order to get into this school.

We went inside and went upstairs. This was like a bathroom area and there was a shower stall with the shower head stretched way out on the metal conduit so that the water was spraying full force on the hallway floor.

Being the maintenance supervisor that I always am, I went into the shower stall to put this shower head where it belonged. It would not cooperate with me. It was like a snake and I struggled to subdue it and finally did.

I then went with the two women into a side room where I was going to tell them my Chinese dream. We were standing together and I said I wanted to take a shower first. I took off my clothes and wrapped a towel around me and walked across the hall to the shower stall where I had struggled with the shower head.

When I got into the shower stall, a maintenance man who was dark skinned and chubby that matched the color of the chubby dark skinned girl, came into the shower. At this point, I was holding the towel in front of me and told him to get out so I could take a shower. He didn't say anything but seemed leave, but I heard a sound behind me and there stood a tall dark - black haired man like the black man on One Life to Live. (His name is              ) He had a black mustache and beard kind of like a goatee. He said in a low pitched voice, "I'm the Head Master. You can get down on your knees and suck me off."

I didn't see his face clearly, but I said, "Yes!"  and I dropped to my knees in obedience. I grabbed him and pulled him down on top of me. He was like in shock or something from the eager sounds I heard coming from his throat. He started kissing me between my breasts and I could feel his mustache and beard scratching me. It felt good and agony at the same time and I realized he was sucking on my chest like he was trying to suck my heart out.

I pulled his head up to my mouth and we started kissing passionately, open mouthed, sucking and breathing each other's breath. I was having a wonderful time and we kept this up until I gradually woke up with a headache like my eyeballs had been sucked out of my head.


5-27-99 - VISION - As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw my name floating in the air like a white light on the light blue background.


5-27-99 - DREAM - I was on Jackson St. in the front lobby. I went to greet someone at the door and saw Cary Loose go past me real fast without saying anything to me. (She is a good friend who is a psychiatrist)

I then went upstairs to my apartment #311 and discovered that Cary had dropped off a whole bunch of different colored kittens. Two orange, two white siamese and two that looked like little blue bunnies.

The little blue bunnies were so cute I wanted to take them downstairs and show them to everyone. I went to pick them up and they had already grown to twice their size and I saw that the blue bunnies were actually little girl babies in blue pajama suits. They were so cute, I still waned to show them off. I went to pick them up and they were again twice their size. . . almost too big to carry one in each arm. By the time I got my arms around them, they were now full grown girls, almost teens. I hugged them and made them welcome. I took them with me into the elevator and as we descended, I whispered in the ear of the one closest to me, "What did you say your name was?"  She whispered back, "Nada!"

NOTE:  I didn't know it at the time, but Nada is an Ascended female Master. The Master Lady Nada offers assistance to those seeking to heighten the level of the Spiritual Self.

This Master emphasizes the benefits of being non-judgmental in one's attitudes and is ever willing to help those who are inclined to be over-critical, even of themselves, and will manifest a more evenly balanced attitude within. Her Love works with you.


5-27-99 - VISIONS - I was calling Lady Nada. Other people were coming through. Two men. Then I fell asleep and a tall woman came in. First it seemed her skin was blue and white on her arms, then I looked up at the woman. She was 7 feet tall, dark hair, little freckles around her nose and under her eyes. She had a pretty face which I would call handsome. She was not made up with makeup. She didn't say anything to me, just gazed into my eyes.

I took her by the hand to say, "Hello!"  I said "Does the name Nada mean anything to you?"  She didn't say anything, but there was a light blue light light ribbon just below her collar that reacted by shifting in size. I said, "Oh! It's really you!"

She smiled and then moved to leave the room. I was holding her hand firmly. I said, "Please let me walk you to the door."  I reached for the door knob behind me with my other hand and opened the door for her. She walked through the door and just vanished as I let go of her hand. I closed the door and slumped to the floor almost in a swoon. All of a sudden, there was a sweet baby sitting on the floor. I leaned it back and cradled it in my arms and rocked it gently, looking into it's dark eyes.

As I woke up, I heard a bell in my left forehead. I waited in silence and then beautiful chimes rang in an upward crescendo. . . like tinkling.

I almost passed out with delight.

The Ascended Masters


5-27-99 - VOICE - The voice said, "You want to meet Dorothy Peck!"   (Maybe that's who she is in real life now. I didn't find her on the internet.)


5-29-99 - DREAM - I was in the bedroom with my daughter. There were other teens and kids around and we were moving.

She told one that someone's boyfriend Victor had left and we could divvy up what he left behind. She brought out of the closet, a bunch of stuff and clothes to wear. There was a whole lot of shoes , but there were none that matched.

I noted that the shoes were size 10, and saw at least one girl's shoe, but mostly it was unmatched men's shoes.

I noted that also left behind by Victor was toys including a tall thin gadget that looked like a red plastic flame thrower.

To take my baby home in, there was a plastic covered see-thru case that he could stand inside like a stand up tall shoe box shape. I had to struggle to get him in it. I finally got him standing up but the the plastic covering fell off and there was no protection for him.

It seems that the people all stood around laughing that this wasn't working. They enjoyed seeing me have problems.

NOTE: This scene follows the U.S. problem in Kosovo and Yugoslavia.

I went into a different dream before I woke up where I was watching words scroll down a page. It seems it was about war. The only letters I recall was MFIT.


5-30-99 - DREAM - I went to a huge office building to do a typing job. When I got there, I saw there were tiny little spiders over on one end of the counter near where I sat. I was afraid they ere going to think that I caused it because I ate food there. I saw a metal insert between where two sections of desk came together and I knew that the spiders wouldn't cross that line. The men in the office were characters from One Life to Live. The boss was Asa Buchanan. The maintenance men were Kevin and Joey, his two sons. I told them about the spiders and they went into overkill mode and I regretted telling them, knowing I could have just gotten a can of spray much faster. Kevin and Joey blocked my typewriter while they discovered what to do and their Father, Asa, lay down on a wide railing on his back, telling some guy on the phone that he had to go to school. There were no women in the office. I didn't know where they were.

Asa finally left to go to school and Kevin and Joey went the other way to find spider spray. I couldn't do any work until they came back and all the lights were turned out.

I decided I could do the job faster so I decided to go get some spray myself. I turned to leave and heard Asa coming back.

I didn't want him to see me leaving so I hurried out to the hallway and made a right turn. Asa was coming fast and I didn't think I could make it to the stairway up before he came to the same corner so I ran into the ladies room.

That's where all the women were. The stall I went into , there was a woman laying back on the toilet naked with her legs spraddled like she was giving birth.

In the next stall, which was like a separate room, my friend Sandy was standing with two other women, discussing something.

Sandy pointed out that my skirt was up and I had grass on the back of my skirt. This room was bright with a window to the outside and I could see the sun as shining outside.


5-30-99 - VISION - I saw a tall, dark green bottle of wine. The label said:  





NOTE:  Joe told me that Ptah is the god who builds causeways and waterways. Enke is also the god of the builder of causeways and waterways.


5-31-99 - DREAM - I was sending links of metaphysical and ESSIAC (every 3rd link) to my friend Ruth. As I was waking up, wondering why I was sending these files to Ruth. I had a vision of the word 'CANCER'.

I then went into a dream in which I was putting away or sending underwear to the top of a desk which was representing a post office box. There was a hole in the door of this upper desk which we hadn't repaired and it would have to be repaired before I moved out.

All of a sudden it seemed there was a 'ghost' in the upper desk and while I was storing the underwear into the desk, it actually pulled a white bra into the hole.

Then the door evaporated completely and handed me three little objects like a receipt. The only object I recognized was a large chinese stamp with the number 7cents on it.

On the floor was three books that had to be taken back to the library was a huge picture book with a black and white picture on the front of an Indian Tribe.


5-31-99 - VISION - I was at the Astara garden. There was a group around the outside of a large square. But a small group was in the center, with their hands held up in prayer, they seemed attached to each other in a line, from their hands and head lowered to the backs of the one in front of them.