The Universal Time Cycle and How it Works!

compiled by Dee Finney

The Mayan Calendar was never about time,
it was about following the flow of creation.
     by Ian Xel Leinguld

compiled by Dee Finney


Calleman on the "Fifth Night" of the Mayan calendar

The following is from an article by Carl Johan Calleman.  He wrote the book "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness."

Although there are clues to the possibility to massive economic change - it is difficult to know just when this might happen.  Some dates predicted by some people have already come and gone.  Calleman has a system of alternating days and nights that is based on his interpretation of the Mayan calendar.  Also, in his model, the Mayan calendar ends in 2011 rather than 2012.

Here is the selection from an article that Calleman wrote:

The difficult Fifth NIGHT ruled by Tezcatlipoca

At this point I feel it may be in its place to make a jump forward to discuss what is likely to occur after the two pulses of LIGHT in DAY 4 and DAY 5. In the Fifth NIGHT, (November 18 2007 – November 12, 2008, ruled by the energy of Tezcatlipoca, the god of darkness), we will see the last desperate attempts of the West, and power hierarchies based on materialism everywhere, to remain in control and strengthen their power in some new very oppressive way.

If the international monetary system collapses in DAY 5 we may for instance come to see this replaced by a centralized electronic control over everyone’s economic interactions (Not to mention control of whereabouts and other things). Except that I simply look upon it as a phase in a cosmic plan, this is the time period when many of the scenarios described by conspiracy theoreticians may come true. Regardless of the concrete forms it may take, this is when everything will be made to keep people in the fold.

In the same way as we, during the Fifth NIGHT of the Planetary Underworld (1932-52), saw an alliance between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union of Stalin we may well in the upcoming Fifth NIGHT come to see an alliance between the rulers of China and the United States – all in the interest of maintaining a hierarchically ruled world with a focus on material gains. And in the same way as the mentioned dictatorships of the Planetary Underworld enjoyed the overwhelming support of their subjects, we may well come to see a strong support by the subjects of the “democracy”  of the US and the “popular”  regime of China as the Fifth NIGHT begins to rule in the Galactic Underworld.

Especially in the United States people are already on a massive scale deluded into thinking that they are free. Those with knowledge of the changing energies of the Mayan calendar will not be as easy to manipulate by fear, since they are aware of the wave movement of history.

The Shift from Chaos to the Enlightened world
Following the Fifth NIGHT large groups of people will however in the Sixth DAY break away from hierarchical control and guided by their intuition find a path towards increased wholeness. This is when the hierarchies will really start to break down, probably largely in a chaotic way. Yet, this is exactly the kind of chaos that is needed for the recreation of an Enlightened world.

Creativity is born out of chaos and if you think more deeply about it you realize that there is no linear way from today’s world (2004) to the Enlightened (2011). Instead the enlightened world can only emerge out of a series of transformative pulses, including periods of destruction, such as the Fifth NIGHT.

The paradox to understand is that the very process that seems to break down the world economy and political dominance is also the one that paves the way for Enlightenment. The emergence of a fully enlightened collective state of consciousness can only thrive in a global consciousness that is balanced. This is because the imbalance that has been dominating humanity for some 5000 years has had its direct cause the dualist frame of consciousness that was ruling throughout this time.

I feel however that the kind of Enlightenment humanity will approach as the cosmic plan is completed in 2011 will not be like anything that has existed previously. Although there are many descriptions of enlightened beings and ascended masters from human history I personally think that their states of consciousness in various ways have been limited by the creation fields that were ruling at the particular time they were (or are) living.

Only in 2011 will all veils separating human beings from the divine be removed and the supramental consciousness of the Universal Underworld will be unexplored territory. In a sense we are talking about the emergence of an entirely new species of human beings. For the first time Enlightenment will take place in a balanced global creation field and this certainly will influence the depth and scope of the cosmic consciousness that may be attained.



During the Galactic Underworld, each Day and Night lasts 360 days. The 7th Day is the last one before the next Underworld begins in October 2011.

According to Johann Calleman the 13th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld begins on November 3rd, 2010 and then also the 1st Heaven of the Universal Underworld on February 11, 2011. In the Mayan pantheon of deity the 12th Heaven is governed by the God of Dawn, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli . We are, in other words, entering into a Yin cycle of night to await the new dawn as we integrate the lessons of the previous cycles.

The mid-point of the 12th Heaven or 6th Night is on May 27, 2010. This is the second Harmonic Convergence and represents the first true experience of a pulse of cosmic consciousness entering our collective soul as a whole versus scattered individuated experiences of it. It is during the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld that a balance between East and West should be attained in some fashion according to Calleman. Everything that has happened since 9/11/01 has been taking us in that direction even if we do not resonate with how it has been approached.

The 11:11 gateway follows our entry into the 12th Heaven by three days which is often esoterically considered to be a sacred cycle in and of itself. The three days from the time of Christ's burial to his Resurrection is an example. Also there is a three day window of time at full and new moons wherein the energy of that event is accessible. The 11:11 gateway is about activation of a genetic trigger in our DNA associated with ascension and our galactic memory circuits or Zuvuya.

So herein we have circumstances which are excellent for achieving some of the consciousness goals we have been dreaming of for so long. Passage through the 999, followed by entry into the Galactic Underworld's 12th Heaven and activation at a new octave via the 11:11 gateway. After our passage through 999 we are in a new position in consciousness as a collective to be drawn into the womb of deep integration to start a long exhale. As we do, our 11:11 galactic memory circuitry can be activated at the next octave of its matrix. All this ultimately preparing us for the final leg of our journey through the harmonic series of evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar (long count).

Keep in mind, that shortly after the start of the 13th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld on November 3rd, 2010, we also enter the 1st Heaven of the Universal Underworld. All 13 Heavens of the Universal Underworld will then unfold concurrent with the completion of the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld and ALL Underworlds will complete on October 28th, 2011. That is 13 Universal Heavens in only 260 days!

Its also important to realize that all the other 7 Underworlds that preceded these two are still running concurrent as well in their 13th Heaven modalities and will also complete at the same time when the Mayan Calendar ends on October 28th, 2011. The core message here to me is, take advantage of the integration period being offered here as we enter the 12th Heaven of the Galactic Underworld on November 8th and which runs until November 3rd, 2010. After that, things will be in a profoundly accelerated mode like we cannot imagine just yet.

Clarity within our being is what is required to maximize our realization of the potential being offered us here. Clarity about who we are and where we are headed. Not necessarily in specifics, but in essence, yet specifics follow essence. If we do not have clarity it is because we have conflicts going on within us.

I have come to realize that all inner conflicts stem from one root conflict having to do with our core sense of self-identity. If we are not truly anchored to who we truly are as a being of Pure Awareness, Love and Spirit, then we wind up trying to find our identity in many other things that are not nearly as expansive. Then, we try our hearts out to get free of what feels like restrictive limitations and for all the effort it never seems to bear much fruit. For every limitation we liberate ourselves from, three more show up.

However, if we can find a way to shift our inner sense of self-identity at a fundamental level far below the conscious threshold right within our DNA then we start navigating life with a whole new compass and things can shift and flow fluently very rapidly after this occurs. In order for this deeper self-identity anchor-shift to take place we have to have a direct experience of who we truly are, a means to experience our true identity at will -- which will lead to being there continuously -- and a means to record that direct experience of our true identity within our cellular consciousness and DNA so it becomes an autonomous perceptive modality much more quickly within us. It needs to be rooted right in the very marrow of our bones so to speak so that we intrinsically KNOW who we are and what that true identity FEELS like in our body and our being. Only then will we NEVER forget again!

12-15-08 - NAP DREAM/VISION - I was laying on the sofa and someone asked me what comes next after the end of the Mayan Calendar?  I said that  I didn't really know.  I never seriously studied what comes next.

So, the person gave me a blank calendar - it had a lot of squares on it, it was quite wide and deep but there were no numbers and writing on it.

They were leaving it to me to fill in the spaces.

12-30-08 - DREAM -  I was working on a large circular piece of stone - at least 5 feet across, and inscribing circles, triangles and lines onto this stone and then inserting pieces of silver around the edges of the stone and into the lines and polishing it.  This was a very big job and took a long time to do.  (It looked very much like the Mayan calendar)

Later on, I was in process of moving from one place to another, and had everything but the food packed.  I asked my two sons Michael and Ken to bring me a box to put the cereal boxes into for the moving. 

At the same time, I was putting on a belt made of stone and sinew.  The stone was black - about 2 1/2 inches in length with beveled edged corners and the sinew strung through its length.  I also had stone earrings that were also strung on sinew about 2 feet long of similar black stones strung together.

Ken told me that a man in the basement had stone or silver to give us, but I didn't want Ken to go down there alone, so I was going to go myself, even though I was already dressed to travel with all my jewelry on.

The basement stairway was all made of greyish stone - this was not a modern wooden home.

Recall that Xmas day 25th brought in the "8" resonance at higher level
as 80 series began.
8 shape is a loop back as well as loop fwd. Loopback is a recapitulation
of something previous. The Beijing 8/8/8 is the major recap influence

85 = December 30...Creation
95 = Tuesday...Process
180 ( here is the "80" of December 25 repeated )

180 as turning point of a sinewave or circle. Tarot #14 The Hanged Man
signifies a 180; today's 95 is a 14, and 85 is a 13 ~ the 13,14 of 3 day
Easter sequence. Tomorrow as 31st is the third day of this final 3 day

Today's 180 + 2008 = 2188, where 188 is the mathematical influence for
2009 relative to Cube 13. 31 = Cube, and its reverse 13 is the Cube 13
encoded in 31st. ( Cube 13 sum is 2197 - 2009 = 188; 189 for 2008, and
89 = Complete, Success )

December 30 as 85 = Rectangle.
December 31 as 86 = Triangle

Strangely, for the past few days a large empty rectangle aquarium has
been sitting under the staircase outside my apt door. No clue who put it
there. This apt porch is now an "open" rectangle, with the screen and
railings gone. hmm, the aquarium is open at top, the porch rectangle is
open at its front / side. Rectangles such as these are double cubes.

Tomorrow as Wednesday = 100, so full date sum is 186.
100 = Primary, Mirrored, Harmonics
86 = Triangle, Pyramid, Symbol

Harmonics symbol is a diamond. The new crystal ball for the "Times
Square New Year's Eve midnite countdown event" is made of diamond shapes
in a huge sphere. Diamond crystal like Ball.

Universal Harmonics Analysis

NOTE: I don't see any point in correlating the Mayan calendar to the English/American calendar. It's been changed too many times.

I put this together in the year 2000. 

GREGORIAN 2000 Pope Gregory XIII updated the Christian Calendar in1582. Only Europeans identified Year One with the birth of Christ.
BUDDHIST 2544 Year One marks the death of Buddha which was around 543 B.C. Not all Buddhists follow this calendar. The Tibetan monks follow a calendar that comes full cycle every 60 years. It is related to the Chinese calendar, with each year named after an animal and an element. The new year begins on the Gregorian day of Feb. 6, 2000 It will be the end of the year of the Earth Hare and the beginning of the Year of the Iron Dragon.
CHINESE 4697 China's calendar was invented in the Gregorian year of 2637 B.C. It has been revised many times. It runs in 60 year cycles, each year named for a constellation and for one of 12 animals connected to the Chinese Zodiac. The Chinese calendar is now in the 16th year of the current cycle, the year of the Rabbit. The year of the Dragon starts on the Gregorian Feb. 5, 2000.






Ethiopian Orthodox Christians date Christ's birth akin to the Gregorian year A.D. 7. The Ethiopian calendar is similar to ancient  Egypt with 12 months of 30 days and a 13th month of five days.

Coptic Christians follow the calendar of the Martyrs. It begins in the Gregorian year of 284, the year Diocletian, a persecuter of Christians became emperor of Rome.

HEBREW 5760 Year one of the Hebrew Calendar is the Gregorian year of 3761 B.C.E. It is a lunar calendar, in 19 year cycles, counting months from full moon to full moon. There is a 'leap month' added every few years to close the gap between lunar and solar cycles. Leap years run about 384 days, normal years with 354.
HINDU 1921 The Hindu calendar which was mentioned in the Rig-Veda was originally a lunar calendar. It was revised in A.D. 79 - Year One is known as 1 Saka. It has been updated in 1957 operating on the Gregorian leap-year system. Religious holidays are calculated according to the positions of the sun and moon.
MAYAN 5119 The Mayan's use three calendars. The 5,130 year Great Cycle ends on the Gregorian year 2012. The Maya based their original calendar on the true seasonal year with 365 days. They also have a 260 day calendar for astrological predictions. The third calendar is based on the moon's phases.
MUSLIM 1420 Muhammad's trek to Hegira marks the beginning of this calendar which was akin to 622 A.D. This is a lunar calendar of alternating months of 29 and 30 days. The Muslim year has 354 days. For this reason, seasons fall backward and birthdays are earlier and earlier each year. Each month starts with the new moon.



Mayan Calendar

The life of the Maya revolved around the concept of time. Priests were consulted on civil, agricultural and religious matters, and their advice would be derived from readings of the sacred calendars. Time was of such importance that children were even named after the date on which they were born.

Maya math uses only three symbols - a shell-shaped glyph for zero, a dot for one and a bar for five to represent units from zero to 19. For instance, the number 13 was represented as three dots and two bars.

Zero was an advanced concept in those days, something that the Romans were not aware of. Yet the Maya were comfortable enough with it to use a shell as its symbol, a tangible object representing an abstract concept. The Maya also used metrical calculation and place numeration, which were very clever for a culture that didn't use the wheel!

Although they had many calendars, they marked the passage of time with three cycles that ran in parallel.

The first is the scared calendar known as the Tzolkin. It combines the numbers from 1 through 13 with a sequence of 20 day-names. It works in a similar manner to our named days of the week, and their date within each month. So you might have 5-Chikchan (like our Sunday the 5th) followed by 6-Kimi (as we would have Monday the 6th). After 260 days the same number/name combination will re-occur, and the calendar starts anew. Their use of the vigesimal (base 20) numbering system probably relates to fingers and toes, whereas the 13 nicely fits the growth phase of the moon which isn't visible when new and appears full for two days on end, thus appearing to have a 13 day growth cycle. Alternatively, the length of the Tzolkin may be related to the human gestation period of nine months (273 days). It has been suggested that 260 days is the time between a woman suspecting her pregnancy (she doesn't menstruate) and when she gives birth.

The second is the agricultural calendar known as the Haab, or vague year. It consists of 18 months, each of 20 days. An addition of a five-day month (a period of apprehension and bad luck named Uayeb) gives us 365 days, an approximation of a year. This calendar's primary purpose was to keep track of the seasons, for seasonal and solar events would occur on roughly the same day of each year. The Maya were aware of the annual quarter day discrepancy, but it is not known if they ever did anything about it.

These two independently running calendars each begin again every 260 and 360+5 days. However, every 52 years they coincide:

"The Tzolkin and the Haab ran concurrently, like intermeshed cog-wheels, and to return to any given date, 52 years, or 18,980 days, would have to elapse (because both 365 x 52 and 260 x 73 = 18,980). In other words, the Tzolkin would make 73 revolutions and the Haab 52, so that every 52 calendar years of 365 days one would return to the same date. A complete date in this 52-year cycle might be, for example, 2 1k 0 Pop (2 1k being the position of the day in the Tzolkin, 0 Pop the position in the Haab). Fifty-two years would pass before another 2 1k 0 Pop date returned.

It was expected that the world would end at the completion of a 52-year cycle. At this time, among the Mexica in the Valley of Mexico, all fires were extinguished, pregnant women were locked up lest they be turned into wild animals, children were pinched to keep them awake so that they would not turn into mice, and all pottery was broken in preparation for the end of the world. In the event the gods decided to grant man another 52 years of life on earth, however, a night time ceremony was held in which the populace followed the priests through the darkness over a causeway to the top of an old extinct volcano that rises abruptly from the floor of the basin of Mexico, known today as the Hill of the Star, the hill above Ixtapalapa. There, with all eyes on the stars, they awaited the passage of the Pleiades across the center of the heavens, which would announce the continuation of the world for another 52 years. When the precise moment came, a victim was quickly sacrificed by making a single gash in his chest and extracting the still palpitating heart. In the gory cavity the priests, with a fire drill, kindled a new flame that was quickly carried by torches across the lake to the temple in Tenochititlan, and from there to all temples and villages around the lake. This was known as the New Fire Ceremony among the Mexica, and in some way this same completion and renewal of each 52-year cycle was recognized by all Mesoamericans."[i]                    

This is not unlike how the end of the last millennium may have felt for many Christians or doomsday cult followers.

Our modern Western calendar was first introduced in Europe in 1582.  It was based upon the Gregorian calendar, which calculated the Earth's orbit to take 365.25 days.  This was 0.0003 of a day per year too much, but still exceptionally accurate for scientists living over 400 years ago.

The Mayan calendars were derived from those of their predecessors, the Olmec, whose culture dates back at least 3,000 years.  Without the instruments of 16th century Europe, these Central American locals managed to calculate a solar year of 365.2420 days, just 0.0002 of a day short.  More accurate than the Europeans, and much earlier.

The Long Count

A Mayan date utilises three calendars. The third calendar, known as the "long count", is a continuous record of days that starts over every 5000 years or so. The current Long Count began in 3114 BC. And it will end very soon.

A typical Mayan date looks like this:, 3 Cimi 4 Zotz

4 Zotz is the Haab date.

3 Cimi is the Tzolkin date. is the Long Count date.

The basic unit is the kin (day), which is the last component of the Long Count. Going from right to left the remaining components are:

  • unial........1 unial = 20 kin = 20 days
  • tun..........1 tun = 18 unial = 360 days = approx. 1 year
  • katun.......1 katun = 20 tun = 7,200 days = approx. 20 years
  • baktun.....1 baktun = 20 katun = 144,000 days = approx. 394 years

            The kin, tun, and katun are numbered from 0 to 19.

            The unial are numbered from 0 to 17.

            The baktun are numbered from 1 to 13.

The Long Count is a great cycle of 13 baktuns (roughly 5,126 years), where the use of 13 may again represent the growth of the moon from new to full. The current cycle began on 4 Ahau 8 Cumku which correlates to Aug. 13, 3114 BC.

In Mayan mythology each Long Count cycle is a world age in which the gods attempt to create pious and subservient creatures.

The First Age began with the creation of the Earth, and it had upon it vegetation and living beings. Unfortunately, because they lacked speech, the birds and animals were unable to pay homage to the gods and were destroyed. In the Second and Third Ages the gods created humans of mud and then wood, but these also failed to please and were wiped out. We are currently in the Fourth and Final Age, the age of the modern, fully functional human. Is it possible that these Ages referred to evolutionary change? If they did, then what might occur when the current age finishes on December 21, 2012?



The Thirteen-Moon/28-day calendar is the chief instrument for implementing the Law of Time in the most universal manner possible. A calendar is a programming device. The Thirteen moon/28-day calendar is a perfection of harmony. Its effect upon the human mind and social organization can only be of immeasurable benefit to the future generations.

To make the Thirteen-Moon/28-day calendar the universal world standard by 2012 requires a comprehensive and far-reaching vision. This vision is known as the World Thirteen Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan. The initial stage of implementing this Peace Plan was called the Great Calendar Change of 2004. The purpose of the Great Calendar Change of 2004 was to announce to the world that the new calendar has been established and that a new world community is now forming around it. The purpose of this new world community - the Planet Art Network - is to establish a time of peace to replace the time of war. To promote and support every detail of this vast and far-reaching plan for peace and social reorganization is at the very heart of the Foundation’s activities worldwide.

Traditionally, calendars have long served as the centerpoint of culture.

The 13-Moon Calendar has been followed for over 5000 years.

"We find evidence of its use as a prehistoric synchronic measure in the remote past
 of China, Polynesia, and scattered across late Neolithic Europe and the Middle East."

- Dr. José Argüelles, PhD

Around the globe we find breath-taking reminders of the monumental role that calendars have played throughout human history.

Why are calendars so important?
What function do they serve in our lives?

The current world  calendar:
  • upholds a framework of standardized church, state, and global marketplace activities
  • defines the schedule of holidays and traditional cultural practices
  • coordinates the worldwide socio-economic program
In essence, a calendar produces the faculty by which we operate, and the lens through which we see...

What's wrong with the calendar we have?

The 12-month calendar is arbitrary and irregular, lacking any correspondence to actual cycles of nature.

Put simply by physicist Mark Comings: "The 12 month calendar has a cycle that is contrary to and out of phase with the natural annual 13 fold gravitational wave created by the Moon's orbit around the Earth."

This lack of harmony, though generally un-examined, has a profound effect on the way we relate to the Universe we live within.

Movements of the Stars, Moons and Planets have eternally served mankind as reference points for relating to the Nature of Time.

The current world calendar divides the year as if it were a 2-D circle. 360 degrees of a flat circle are portioned into 12 subsections of 30 degrees each, giving us "30" day months. This method of calendrics dates back to ancient Babylon and provides the template for the current 12-month calendar and 12-hour clock (doubling the calculation, we get 24 hours and 60 minutes). The 12-month model for measuring time fails for the 365-day year divided arbitrarily into 30-day months leaves 5 extra days!

How does it resolve this discrepancy?

Some of the months are 31 days, some 30, yet February gets 28 days, except for an extra day once every four years (but not on centuries, except those divisible by the number four).

"30 days has Septober. April, June, and no wonder. All the rest have peanut butter, except my grandmother, who has a little red tricycle." -Mad Magazine, circa 1958

Wonder why the months named September through December, which literally mean 7-10, are actually months 9-12? What's in a name?

The system of 12 months and a corresponding 12 hour : 60-minute clock, is known as the 12:60 timing frequency
, and has yet to be proven as a viable measure of time. This flat perception of time does not correlate to any actual cycles of time! It is an artificial model of reality.
It is encoding humanity with a comprehension of the natural world as disharmonious and non-coherent!

For example, today on the Gregorian Calendar is Tues, December 3rd. What day of the week will January 3rd be? What day of the week will February 3rd be?

The 13 moon calendar
is an obvious and ancient way to structure the year.
13 cycles of 28 days describe the year perfectly,
with one day of renewal before the new year.

Perfect Periodicity
For every one time we go around the Sun,
the Moon goes around Earth
13 times.

The year has already been divided by Nature-
13 'moon'ths of perpetual harmony.

The 12-month calendar hides the 13th moon. The number 13 is now surrounded by superstition and is considered taboo; unlucky; evil. This fear is reinforced by cultural antiquities like "Friday the thirteenth." Often buildings have no 13th floor, or avoid constructing a # 13 apt unit. Why? In the culture we have from Europe, there was a mass murder of many Templars in France on Friday the 13th.

The ancient Maya had an entirely different relationship to the number 13, actually revering it at as the Key to Time itself. 13 is the Mayan galactic prime number; the Force of The Universal Movement of Creation.

Associated with the powers of endurance and longevity, the ancient vertebrate Turtle has 13 scales on its shell. "The first calendar that North American Indians ever had was Turtle's shell...The Earth Mother, who was represented by the most fertile creature of our planet, the Turtle, showed our Ancestors how to mark the passing of each moon cycle. Turtle's shell bore the 13 moons of the year inside of a frame that formed the circle we call the Sacred Hoop, or Medicine Wheel - representing the relationship of all life to all life." -Author Jamie Sams

The name of "Turtle Island" to refer to Earth can represent our planet swimming in waves of radiant solar and cosmic energies.

"Without the Thirteenth Moon; without placing the Thirteenth Moon back into our consciousness, we remain absolutely trapped in the complexification of form. With the 13th we have the transcendence and also the circulation of time." -Valum Votan

The pattern of women's fertility cycles averages the 28-day, 13 moon ratio! Nature's rhythms live within us!

Why has the 13th moon been hidden from us? What is to be gained by suppressing the creational principle of Mother Nature?

As prominent theoretical physicist Gerard J. Milburn reveals, "The aim of modern science is to reach an understanding of the world, not merely for purely aesthetic reasons, but that it may be ordered to our purpose."

Living under the guise of the 12-month calendar, we have come to view nature as irrelevant - wilderness without intelligence, sentience, or order. It is from this fundamentally flawed perception that humanity attempts to progress 'beyond the limitations of nature.' In fact, it is our model of nature that is flawed, not nature itself.

As a comprehensive reflection of nature, the 13-Moon Calendar is an organization of creational elements that serves as a holistic tool for ongoing participation in life's cyclic processes. If humanity wish to produce harmony, we must use harmonic tools!

The 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar presents the Dreamspell - the interlacing of the 13-moon, 28-day solar/lunar round with the 13-Tone, 20-Tribe galactic spin.

13 X 20 = 260 distinct energies. This 260-day perpetual count is a perfect model of harmony - a universal expression of Nature's order, derived from the mathematics of the ancient Maya, referred to as the Harmonic Module, (called Tzolkin by the Yucatec Maya) this galactic count communicates the time ratios and patterns which unify our solar system with other star systems, and with the emanations of life-force from the center of the galaxy itself.

As a "galactic constant" the 260-day cycle does not correspond to any known astronomical period, yet the number 260 functions as a cosmic common denominator to synthesize the cycles of the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. In essence, it is the key factor of all the planetary periods. The 260-day cycle also corresponds to the human gestation period of approximately 9 months, perfectly expressing its power as a cycle governing the unfolding of creation! We also see 260 in macro-cycles such as the grand, 26,000-year precession of the equinoxes, which author John Major Jenkins points out is like a "collective, spiritual gestation for humankind." Even eclipses relate by a number whose factor is 260! As Jenkins assures us in his insightful book "Tzolkin" - the 260-day cycle has "multiple meanings," as it applies to "celestial, biological, agricultural, mythological, and chronological processes."

"Tzolkin is the 'key to both terrestrial and
celestial processes." It's kind of the common modulator or common denominator of the two realms. This is how we can understand Mayan astrology. They discovered the numerical and ritual key. Most important in the astrology is the reference to the human gestation period of approximately 260 days. As such, our own basic and shared rhythm of unfolding is seen to be intimately related to the cycles of the planets, moon and sun. This is more than just planets "influencing" us - rather we share the same rhythms of unfolding that the planets do because, ultimately, everything springs from the same source. Everything, on some level, has been imparted by the same rhythm of unfolding and is therefore related by a form of synchronistic correspondence." -Author John Major Jenkins

The harmonic numbers of the Tzolkin are as clear as our 20 fingers and toes - digits with which to measure the universe. Our body's 13 major joints, or articulations, move us through the universe. Through movement and measure, we experience each other and ourselves as the universe.

From a whole system perspective, time, humanity, and nature are inseparable. Our physical and emotional bodies are moved by the same lunar, solar and planetary forces. Where we appear separate in space, we are unified in time.

When we structure our lives by the artificial rhythm of the clock and 12-month calendar, we expose our central nervous system, and subsequently, our entire mental-emotional body to the frequency of a machine.

Renowned author and scientist Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D., has presented studies showing how: the stress of linear time contributes directly to an acceleration of the physical aging process, inclusive of deterioration and disease.

In modern industrial living, we wake up by the clock, we eat to the clock - we plan our lives and live our days in accord to the clock. We refer to the clock to program even our most basic of biological functions!

Quoting Mark Comings, Quantum Physicist: "The intrinsic folly of this unnecessary yet widely promoted artificial dependance upon machine technology is that it discourages the development of, and even serves to hide the existence of, a vast spectrum of inner capacities - psychic, mental, emotional and spiritual potentials - that lie dormant within the biological human body in time."

According to Dr. José Argüelles, PhD.: "The simple and easiest way to reprogram your daily awareness of the actual nature of time is to follow the 13 Moon Calendar."

Free your mind

and your world will follow!




Version 1:  Your viewpoint is sacred because no one else in creation can have your viewpoint
What is consciousness?  Consciousness is being conscious of being aware
What is a calendar?  It is the pinpoint center of any civilization, because everything in society revolves around the calendar.


Version 2: The Mayan consciousness is divided into 13 levels
Action - reaction
Then stimulus - response - which is the next step
Stimulous - individual response - is the next step
Familial consciousness - the recognition of individuals
Sometimes you are part of the herd - sometimes you an individual
It took 41 million years to get this far in consciousness
Tribal consciousness is  similarities and differences
Speaking to one another - reasons for things (con't in section II)


Version 1:  What you pay attention to is what you become conscious of
  Yout free will constitutes what you pay attention to
  1582 - was called 'Year of our Lord' by Pope Gregory
  This is when the Gregorian calendar began
  We go around the sun every 365 1/4 days
  Our whole concept of time is about this cycle and movement of moving things
  The Gregorian calendar did not go down well with indigenous people
  Most civilizations had their own calendars
  Millions and millions of people were killed to get them to follow the Gregorian calendar which was the physical measurement of our orbit around the sun through space
  It has pinned our civilization to physical evidence only
  But out consciousness has changed over time to include things that are other then physical because our calendar has directed our consciousness and that is 'insiduous


Version 2:  The Shamans had the information of consciousness - the reasons for living and sharing reasons with each other
  Then came the National cycle and when we learned how to write
  First comes 'his' story - then comes 'her' story
  The next cycle is 'law' - this goes past 'reason'. there are 16 million laws on the books and you need to know them all
  Planetary consciousness started in 1752 AD - all about the production and consolidation of 'power'.
  Galactic consciousness began in 1999 - its all about 'ethics'.  What is right and wrong
  Morals are 'reasons'.  Morals are from 'outer', ethics are from 'inside us'.
ethics and integrity are the issue of the day.  There is a struggle between 'ethics' and 'power'.
  This is level of the 4th day 1874 - 1894 - Law overcame 'Power" on the 4th day.
   The last time we were on the 4th day was in 1873-1893 when 'power' overcame 'law' and that came in a court decision.


Version 1:  Indigenous calendars, though physical also includes spiritual aspects and thus were shunned by the Catholic church 
  In every case - there is consciousness - then 'light' - then 'thought - then 'action'
  We have all been brainwashed with the focus on the Gregorian calendar
  All indigenous calendars were 360 days long
  The Mayans had a  360 day calendar - but they also knew how many days it took to go around the sun
  The HAAB calendar was 365 1/4 days long - it was used for taxes only - and was used by the city-state for administration purposes
  The Mayans also had the Tzolkin calendar - which means count of days.  It was 260 days long
  It is the astrological calendar of the Maya - Or the personal calendar of the Maya
  There are 13 Intentions on the part of Creation and 20 different aspects of Creation that are represented on this calendar
  So this calendar is a 20 X 13 calendar
  The purpose of each day resonates to the intention and aspect of the calendar and that is the purpose of the life of the person born on that day
  Your first name was the name of the day that you were born
  The Mayans believed that you chose to be born that day above all others so that was your intention for this life - therefore each Mayan knew why they were here on earth and so did every other person


Version 2:  Corporations were guaranteed all the rights of individuals, and now people are also Corporations.  corporations overcame government.  You can't have ethics unless you have some 'power' first.  If you are running for your life, 'ethics' has no place in it, but if you are standing your ground 'ethics' comes first.
  Universal consciousness cycle.  Conscious co-creation - starts Feb. 10, 2011.
This is what our evolution has been all about. We are becoming conscious creators
  This conscious co-creation is why we're here.  We do this with every situation through our whole lives.
  Each Day in our creations is 20 times shorter than the one before.
  More and more is available to us now than there ever was in any previous civilization
  There will be more and more acceleration to be possible and more and more opportunities coming.
  All you have to do is participate in the possibilities.
  During the 5th day is when things really get going -
These are the previous stages"
  1-the development of the solar system,
  2 -when life moved out of the water onto land
  3 - color vision occurred
  4 - man discovered fire
  5 - art
  6 - Jesus message went out all over the planet
  7 - 1913 - 1932 - EMC=Mc2 - Mr. Hubble discovered the Universe when we discovered that everything is possible. 


Version 1:  There is a third Mayan calendar - The TUN calendar
  The TUN calendar is the divine and prophetic calendar. It is not as well known by the archaeologists as well.  It is a 360 day calendar.
  Every 52  revolutions of the TUN calendar matches the same spot on the 360 day calendar.  On this date of celebration - every bit of fire was extinguished and the next day runners from the temple went to all the people and relit the fires. The next day all debts were absolved and the people could start over again.
  Each day was divided into 13 hours, each hour into 13 minutes and each minute into 13 seconds, etc. etc.
  There are no planetary objects going around the earth in 260 days, but all plantery objects spin in 360 degrees.


Version 2: During the 5th night when art was discovered - Neanderthal went extinct
consciousness changed - and its changing again
In the ethics period - what we should be seeing is meeting our galactic neighbors
1873 - 1893 - is when Nicola Tesla discovered free energy , but 'power' squashed him, but its coming back again
In 2008 - free is energy is returning
Everything is changing 360 days, but its coming that change is coming every 20 days now, and that's difficult for our mind to comprehend - 24 frames per second is all we can handle.  We can process less and less of what is going on - and that causes stress.
So we started adapt to stress - by fight or flight syndrome - then if we can't handle it, the mind goes unconscious or we don't notice - we find distractions from the stress
There is a whole other thing we are born with - intuition
Everyone is going to go out of their minds soon - your intuition doesn't have a speed limit - its your own connection to your own personal knowing which is all that an be known
Consciousness is always oriented by time and place
This place is what is called 3-D -
From 5-D comes a flow of potential to the 4th dimension to the third. that's when it comes into manifestation.  Have you noticed that intuition is always right? 
When you are centered in your intuition - you are in the 'zone' - it feels natural and you know the right thing to do.  That is the staging for creating your future - that's when you create your next moment.
We see these in consecutive moments, but its actually all a 'flow' - creation's flow
What we can do is entrain to this 'flow'


Version 1:  The Mayan calendar is constructed in nine levels.
  Each of those levels is divided into 13 parts.
  On the Mayan calendar, there are seven periods of light and six periods of dark.
  We heard that in Genesis.  Every civilization knew that.
  Each day is a period of enlightenment or increase in consciousness and each night is a period of applying that consciousness - sometimes we learn more from the application of that consciousness - that is called a 'mistake' but even that is part of the learning process.


Version 2:  The Mayan calendar was never a calendar - it was a meter - keeping track of creation, the flow, the rate, and the intent of creation.
 What you pay attention to, you become conscious of. You can't break that rule. Once you pay attention to, you become conscious of.
  If you are paying attention to something - now you are conscious of it.
  The whole purpose of the Mayan calendar,  and the civilization, if you are paying attention to it, day by day, to the flow of creation, what do you become conscious of?    The flow of creation, and the flow of creation contains all that can be known including intuition.  The truth is always simple.
  Intuition is going to be our lifeline through all coming situations.  
  The whole purpose of the Mayan calendar is to engage your intuition.
   The calendar us to entraiin your consciousness to allow your intuition to open.
   From our time and place, we pay attention to what is in front of us, what's actually there.  Our mind is really not there, its always in the past or the future.  When you mind is really on what you are doing, you aren't really thinking at all  you're just doing.
  How you address 3-D is by paying attention to the time and place where you're at,   then you develop an intent - or 'intention' and the intention is the focus of your attention.  What is it you desire in the next moment.
  The stronger your attention, the better your intention.
  Once you have the intention, then you have the integrity.  We address the physical universe with our own personal integrity.  When you use your integrity, then you bring it about.
   Intuition, knowing the right thing to do at the right moment.
   This is the kind of thing we're going to move further and further into, as we evolve consciousness.
   Intuition is going to be the key.
   Now is when it has to be applied.
   We are all creators, but what we want to create is peace of mind.


 IAN Explains how long each of the 13 part takes in the billions of years.
 He explains it as though it is Darwin's theory of life, but he doesn't mention Darwin
 Monkeys showed up 40 million years ago - with individual response to stimuli - before that it was herds and flocks - where the whole herd or flock or school of fish take off all at the same time when startled.
   3.2 million years built the concept of family - which is the recognition of the individual
   2 million years ago, we started the tribal cycle - the first Palis ape.
   160 thousands years ago - Homo Saspiens showed up. - that was the beginning of the 7th day.
  This is similarities and differences and are part ofo the mind - our survival took is now the mind d- before that it was fangs and claws.
  Homo Erectus came up with the consciousness of fire.
  We no longer react - we decide and make choices.
  102 thousand years ago - we started the cultural cycle
  The cultural cycle had its own brand of consciousness - reasons
  The Shamans came up with the reasons for things.
  The basis for culture is shared reasons


Version 2:

 Anytime anything came into my life that I didn't intend - peace of mind went and mind took over. 
   How do you build peace of mind and get it back every time?  Peace of mind only happens when you are centered.
   Centeredness is the criteria for peace of mind.  How do you get that?
   Centeredness come from certainty.
   Every time certainty leaves, look for the pattern.  Look for the reason
   The more you recognize the pattern, the more you achieve certainty and centeredness.
   So, repeating the pattern is comfortable, and  familiar is done by our society.  That's what our culture does.  That is hypnosis.
   How do you break out out of a hypnotic state?  Do something different.
   Hypnotism is being done on purpose.  Kings and rulers have had 5,000 years to hypnotize people.  When people are being hypnotized, they are being created. They are being made into Christians, or Catholics, or Americans or Russians, or Britany Spears wannabes, or Howard Hughes wannabes.  


  8 thousands years ago - we developed agriculture
  3115 BC - The national cycle - the modern nation was produced in that consciousness - also when we learned to write - it began with 'her' story (mother nature?) and after we learned to write it became 'his' story.
   Each state is approximately 415 years.
   King Menos started the first nation - calling it Egypt.  It had borders, tariffs, armies, law.
   3115 BC is approximately when the Bible's Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. There were reasons but there were no laws - once they left the garden. - there were human laws and this has evolved to where we are now.
  The Planetary consciousness started in 1755 A.D.
  This is when the Industrial Revolution started.
   Each of these 'days and nights' were approximately 19.7 of our years.
  This whole consciousness cycle now is all about 'power' - raw unmittigated power.
   Water wheels, steam power, electrical power, internal combustion nuclear - all the beginning evolved from the one before.
  The beginning of the 7th day is 1992 - - the internet - manifesting the Planetary consciousness
  It is now a global consciousness - turned on www,com  We 'are on a schedule.
  The next cycle - is the Galactic consciousness cycle - which just started - January 5, 1999 - we are learning faster and faster.
  Each day and night is now 360 days - it's called 'ethics.
  The Universal consciousness cycle is coming next.  Begins Feb. 10, 2011 -  each shift and change will then take about 20 days.
  The Power Elite Corporations are being called on their ethics and questioned


Version 2:  Americans are hypnotized. That's why we can't see our nose on the front of our faces.  In nature this doesn't happen.  Nature doesn't run on a regular schedule - it doesn't run in a repetitive nature.  It constantly throws you curves.
   As above, so below - that also means so below - as above - its not a one way street. This translates into higher aspects.
   A gyroscope is a balanced mass around an agreed upon center.  We each have a center, and that center is intuition. 
   The way a gyroscope works, the faster it goes, the more change happens, and it becomes more and more balanced and stable it becomes.
   We have a more  constant acceleration of change in our future.  Everything is going to change faster and faster and faster.  As a being, if you remain centered, you will be more and more stable. More and more people know that intuition is the tool to remain stable and balanced.
   The animals in the tsunami of 2004 used intuition and none of the elephants died. (They all left the shore before the tsunami arrived.)
   What happens if you take a chunk out of the gyroscope and it loses it's integrity, it becomes unbalanced and loses its centered.  Some people don't believe in intuition. If you look at their lives, you are going to see integrity issues.
   When I'm talking about your integrity, I'm talking about following your heart.
   There are two brands of integrity - your personal integrity, fullness and forthrightness, and institutional integrity. Institutional integrity - Power integrity is:  'can you keep a secret?'. If you can you are an honorable man, and if you can't, you can't go any higher. That's the way that works. Power has had its own brand of integrity, but it doesn't have any wholeness - it has holes.  Corporations, religions and relations fall apart from lack of integrity.  Integrity is the issues and will become more and more so from hereon forward.
   There is no thing to do about this - there is no doing here - there is no having - there is just being.   This is where we are headed.
    We need to know how to manifest ourselves into new states of being, of havingness and doing.  There is a formula to follow.
    These are the foundations of manifestation in the third dimension.  Attention, registering, showing up, witnessing what is going on.  This is not easy.  


Consciousness is not just people.  It is all of creation.
We are now in conscious co-creation
We are already co-creating our experiences
The cycles are now 360 days long
All of the Mayan cycles end on October 28, 20ll
There is a constant acceleration in these cycles.
It seems like time is speeding up  it isn't - but creation is accelerating - faster and faster.
What used to happen every 19.7 years, now happens every 360 days
The time will come with these changes - where they will happen every 20 days


Version 2:  have an intent what you will be in the future.  When you are paying close attention to what's actually going on and having an intention, you are set you manifest your future.  Attention - then intention - is integrity.
  If you don't have personal integrity, you will not be able to touch or contact your intuition, which is your connection to 'source', and there your ability to manifest goes right out the window.  Attention, intention, integrity, and intuition.
  This is about manifesting the next steps in our evolution.  It's not only about 'stuff'.  What is going to take for us to  continue to go to higher and higher  in our abilities and being more responsible and it takes these steps and stages.
  We've been doing 'stuff', in order to 'have'.  Now we have to do 'stuff' just to keep going.  But we've forgotten about the 'being' part.  Be - do  - have.  You have these tools - you can use these tools, you can do the paying of attention, setting of intention, working on your integrity - being forthright and honest, the admitting of mistakes, and connecting to your intuition. This is what makes it happen.
  Integrity means sustainability.  A system without integrity falls apart.
  This is going to happen faster and faster. 
  We have more and more coincidences and synchronicities.  When you sent out an intention, its going to manifest 'right there'.


Version 1:  Some of the changes are good - we now think of them as miracles because several cycles ago - none of these things could have happened.
The bad thing is that you are getting overwhelmed. The good thing is that more things can happen all the time.
This process is a constant acceleration, and goes faster and faster and faster - each time it goes 20 times faster.
In the 5th day - is the biggest event - the birthday of our solar system. The biggest opening for consciousness.  315 million years ago. All development of life was under water, and then came crawling out onto the beach. Color vision was installed in mammals. Fire was discovered by homo erectus when their consciousness became aware of it. 

In the 5th night - everything gets applied. 
All the moons still have all the craters showing, from the meteors, but the earth doesn't show them all anymore.  All the water on earth is from the meteors that came flying in.
  97% of all life went extinct from a comet slamming into the earth.
All life evolved back.  The monkeys made it or we wouldn't be here.  

 Version 2

Version 2  As things go faster and faster, you will become more and more certain than you can manifest your own future.
From your first breath, you have intended your next one.  Most of what shows up in your life is what you intend - that is true for most everyone.
Now, more and more of what you intend exactly shows up.
Now you have to pay attention to more and more things, including the media. You have more and more opportunities for you.  The only thing that can hold you back is your integrity.
Ethics and integrity is the key.
What the Mayans say is that the being (God)  Itsamna -  where he came from we really don't know.
Itsamna came down to the Mayans and delivered the information about language, writing, mathematics and the calendar.  So they received the information as a gift.
They have sacrificed generations of people to hold this information.
Even though all their written information was destroyed by the Catholics who came from Spain and other countries, the Mayans still held this information within themselves.
We are now receiving some of the information from them (The Mayans).
There is a calendar stone in the grotto of the King, and it is 12 feet high. On one side of the stone is Mayan writing - all that is there is the periods of time.   



680,000 years ago we had the Ilonian Ice Age.
40,000 years ago in the Cultural Cycle was the development of art.  cave art, carved stone. Art was the consciousness of future.  The first expression of future.
The art was done so that future things would occur.  They carved a pregnant woman so there would be a pregnancy.  The drew a bear so they could catch one for food. It was like magic - shamanic for the future.
32,000 years ago was the 5th night.
Neanderthal went extinct.  Why?  Because they never changed.  They didn't travel. When they interacted with homo erectus, they started copying things,  but they never did anything on their own - they couldn't imagine the future.
In the National cycle - 40 AD - Jesus died, and he had told us that we were divine - every single one of us is a son or daughter of God, and nobody should get between us and God to do our speaking for us.  That was his basic message.
In the next 400 years, his message was being spread.
In 416 - Rome fell - the most powerful nation on earth.  Consciousness of Caesar became known that he wasn't a God and Rome was very far away so people stopped worshipping him as a God.  Recognition of that undermined the authority of Rome.
Planetary Cycle - 5th day - 1913 - e = Mc2 - Einstein's work was being published.
There is the blueprint of our reality.
1924 - Mr. Hubble discovered that we live in an infinite Universe.  Before that - people thought that the Milky Way was the whole of creation.
In an infinite Universe - everything is possible. There is an opening for consciousness.
1932 - we applied all that acceleration and understanding into WWII - we blew off the atomic bomb and brought upon ourselves the responsibility and knowing that we could be the 'last.  That has been our consciousness ever since.



680 thousand years ago was the Ionian ice age.
40 thousand years ago - the consciousness of art and future came to humanity.  They painted theiri future - not their past - the Shamans painted their prayers - the Bisosn they wanted for food - it was their power.  Art was not decoration - It was Shamanic.
32 thousand years ago - Neanderthal went extinct - because they never changed - they never did anything different.  They had no imagination for the future - so they didn't survive.
40 A.D. We learned that we are all Divine.  We learned that we a re conscious co-creators.  We learned Integrity.

Some people want - no motion - no change - They think that people out on the fringe can't do what they say is possible, especially related to intuition.
The Venus transit of JUNE 8, 2004 shifted people consciousness
Men are having emotions they never used to have.


In WWII all life did not go extinct. People had predicted nuclear winter and it didn't happen.  The Jewish people did not go extinct.  There was no 30 year war like when Rome fell.  Things are getting better.  Back when - women had no rights - now even animals have rights. Things are getting dramatically better, and you should expect it to get even better. All this accelerating is happening and it's getting faster and faster.

The mind:  The mind is a tool that consciousness uses to distinguish difference and similarities between things.  Some people think they 'are' their mind - get over that right away. The mind has a 'flicker frequency.'  It is used in subliminal advertising.  The mind works in a series of pictures.  The 'flicker frequency' is 24 frames per second. That is how fast your mind works.  It is the speed limit of the mind.  You can still clearly remember traumatic events in your life.  That is a demonstration of that you are not your mind. This 'flicker frequency - 24 frames per second is as fast as your mind can work.  When the mind is self-preservating - it has a built in safety over-ride system.  The first stage is called 'stress'.  When your mind is not sure of what's coming, it sends you a signal, which is to get up and walk away.  Animals do this really well. Humans, parents, and teachers would have us not get up and walk away so we have adapted to stress. How much stress can you handle?  The business world demands that of us. 80%  of what goes wrong with your body starts with stress.  It's a pandemic.
Consciousness is busy making 5 billion decisions a second - nano seconds - 1/100,000th of a second. Consciousness has sped away from your mind. People used to build everything with their own hands in their own house.  Very few exceptions.


There is still a lot of resistance to change.
We are in the 4th day - 2007 - heading for the 5th night, which is 2008.
The resistance coming is against the fact that 'We are God!'
The whole creation thing is becoming more and more structured and we are getting more and more control.
Change - good and bad - is becoming more and more specific. This resistance is going to create more heat - our consciousness is becoming more and more refined.
Consciousness is not going to tear up the planet when it's got conscious co-creation in mind.
There may be some earth destructions, but it's not going to destroy the whole world.
We are not in debt.  Debt was manufactured.
Animals have to expand energy to live.  We have to do the same - but more of a variety - but there is no debt for that.
The idea of commerce - is manufactured - Merchant Law. Merchant Law, Contract Law, British Law - which is our law. This system was built to fail, over and over again, and then one final failure.  Every 20 years, it fails.
Every one of the nights - it goes down - every one of the days, it goes back up.
In the 5th night - everything gets applied - that is 2008.


VERSION 1:  Go home and build a light-bulb. There is a source for stress. The stress just keeps building.  If you can't handle the stress, the mind goes into fight or flight.  All logic is suspended - there is no similarity or difference anymore. A drop of adrenaline in your system, and you have to flee or fight to preserve your idea of survival. This is desk rage, road rage, Columbine High School, terrorism, and all wars. That's what this is and this is on mass increase also.  If you can't fight or run away, what's left?  One last ditch effort to survive - unconsciousness.  Animals use this technique - they play dead.  It is a survival technique.  It is the mother of all addictions and the father of all suicides.  It is a denial of experience.  All addictions are a chosen method to stay unconscious.  This is the kind of thing that is going to happen in the future because of acceleration because things are going to happen faster and faster.  This is why the world looks like its going to pieces. 
The minds was not built for speed.  It looks like we are going to all be going out of our minds.  What's out there is intuition - your own personal knowing - your own personal power.  Intuition is personal knowing.  The Catholics in the Inquisition murdered over 44 million women for having intuition They were  declared a witch and then killed.  So intuition went out of style.  Intuition is your own personal power.
The Pope recently asked forgiveness for doing that.  [Killing all the women]



There is no money - there is no debt - read my website about this. 
Start allowing things to happen - do not resist anything.
Witness things but do not resist them.
Our consciousness is time and place - but the Mayans had more - they had intuition and attention, and intension and integrity.
They had an 8 section heaven - {See the chart in the video}
There is nothing we have to do with our emotions as they are already in place.
Ecstacy, enthusiasm, interest, conservancy, boredom, antagonism, covert hostility, (sarcasm), pain, anger, fear, sympathy, grief, propitiation (please don't hurt me), apathy, death.
There is more and more personal choice the higher your emotional status is.


We can afford to forgive them because we have greater understanding of the reasons for that.  [The church]
Athletes, on the field, under very stressful conditions, instead of going into the fight or flight syndrome, routinely go into the 'zone' and they make spectacular plays under tremendous stress. - they see and know everything that is happening 'in the moment'.  They see the play in slow motion. That's how they stay in the game - riding their intuition - with no time to think about it.  If you think about it, you've lost.  That's why we pay them the money, because they are doing something we admire.  We only pay for what we admire.  That is really the basis for all exchange - what we admire.  That is what beings exchange - admiration between one and another.  The economy is moving away from money - it's moving between one and another.  The economy is moving into admiration.
Being in the zone is very, very important - when it comes to the rapid change that is coming, that is the only thing that will work. In thinking, is all the fears, doubts and worry.  When you are engaged in your intuition, there is no fear - you just do it.  Direct action.  Your intuition will always be calm and knowing. Your mind will throw in the kitchen sink.  Even on 9/11 - those who followed their intuition survived.  (This is just an example) 



The lower levels have less choice  - particularly death.
Ian describes the emotions and how to acknowledge them.
In anger, we have less choice.
In propitiation - there is no choice "Please don't hurt me!" - you are being made to do things.
In apathy - there are only a couple of choices - to care or not - or to die or not.
In death - the only choice is to stay dead or not.
There is one famous man who shoed us this choice. His initials are J.C.
As we move forward, there becomes more and more choices.
We can now be brought back to life medically. 
The emotional tone scale - emotions go up and down - in higher there are more choices. -
In lower emotions - there is less choice.
Evolution - more choices - we are more highly evolved with more cells - so we have more choices.
In our human experience - we have more choices available, we get to choose which emotion we are in -  this is the key.
How many people have been in angry in one moment and laughing the next?
It can be changed instantly.  When we get new data, we make a choice to change. There is an escape door out of your mind.
Your mind has only one occupation - to give you choice - options - when you make a choice - your mind is out of a job - for a time.
When you make a choice - your mind becomes unplugged until it is time to make a new choice.
When you pay attention to your mind - you have a better opportunity and options to choose.  You can choose.  You can choose to be in that emotion - when you choose, you are automatically not in that emotional anymore.
If you've ever seen yourself as angry - you can't look at yourself and stay angry - but you can't stay that way - As soon as you choose - you pop up to the next line.
You can never evaluate for another person what emotion they are in.
The main thing is: Choose to be in the emotion you are in.
As we move forward - for every 13 stages we go  through - there are 20 changes to make.


This will become more and more critical as we move forward.  How do we find our intuition?  Usually it is fleeting - it comes quickly and then goes away - unfortunately the mind jumps in and starts making excuses.  It is not our friend. The mind would rather be right than be alive and will make different decisions. 
Intuition is your own personal knowing.
All knowledge comes from a source - we don't have to name it.  It comes in a flow of creation. 
The source of this flow is the source of all knowing.  Your consciousness is in this flow of events.
When you are in an intuitive moments, it's like there is no time at all.  In that moment, there is a flow.  When you are centered in the flow of information - the trick is to stay there.
Our consciousness is oriented by time and place.  They Maya had some other help - personal intent - 1 thru 13.
Have you ever been somewhere you didn't intend to be?  Did you feel centered? 
The Maya knew their personal intent - they could recognize when they weren't in their personal intention.  They also had a Divine Plan.  In our own place, we have no Divine Plan.
That's the way our science looks at it.  There were  20 different aspects to their creation.  Personal intent and their orientation to the Divine plan produce a symbol - Called the 8 Division - sky - place.  That symbol stands for Heaven.
There are some occasions we have been in that place and that we were feeling larger than ourselves.  It feels Heavenly.  That is the importance of the Mayan calendar. The calendar was never about 'Time' - it's about the flow of creation. 
There is one law in the universe - what we pay attention to, we become conscious of.  What would be conscious of?  Would it be easier to have our consciousness attuned to your intuition?  It's  automatic -without effort - it's just there.  Each morning when you wake up - know what your daily intent of creation for that day is and then went about their day doing that. 
Do you know what entrainment is?  It is the automatic syncopation of life forms or even mechanical objects.   


Changes are happening faster and faster.
You will have more and more options for experiences as long as you are paying attention.
There will come a time when there is no death.
We are all creating our own experiences in the future.  There will be more and more opportunities to rise towards enthusiasm or ecstacy with ascension.
There is nothing you have to study about it or leaders to follow - just take advantage of more and more opportunities offered to you.
The Mayans had knowledge of what happens after death - in their cosmology - which goes toward Orion's belt - when someone passes on - he passes into the black hole and then is regurgitated back out.
Medical technology has brought us from the age of 45 to 75 to 80.  Our life span has almost doubled in the last few years. That gives us more choices and more opportunities.
In the 4th night we get free energy.
In the 5th day we get telepathy, levitation, free energy, gene therapy.
How old do you want to be? 
Time travel - electrons have been teleported.
What day is it really?
The mind is going to have a hard time with this.
We have so much change and opportunity, we have to wear 'shades' because the future is so bright.
The mind has one purpose - to look for danger - we have to know all about it, once we know, we can move on to life - food, survival, maybe even sex.
That's why bad new sells.
When we lose our job, we discover that we aren't our job.
It is a huge lesson and we get freed up from being stuck in just one thing.
Integrity has everything to do with how you feel about yourself.
We are all creating our own experience - no excuses - we are all making it as we go. Sometimes we aren't conscious of how we created it.  As evolution continues, especially as ethics and integrity become the focal point of your consciousness, you won't be able to create bad experiences. 


ENTRAINMENT:  When a mother and baby are together and the baby is nursing, their heartbeats start beating together - that is entrainment.  It's a natural matching up - even cuckoo clocks will be ticking and tocking at the same time within a week. 13 and 20 -  It's a weave of those two numbers.  Only what you know from inside is for your benefit.
Consciousness is the awareness of being aware.  Consciousness has a job to do - Consciousness divides creations. 
When you are really conscious - you can see the vein on a leaf, or the colors of a butterfly's wings -  When you aren't conscious, everything looks the same - the more conscious you  are, the more prejudiced you are.  The job of consciousness is to notice the differences. That's how you appreciate the experiences -  But noticing the differences. 
The Mayan calendar divides by 13 all consciousness.  That is the number that consciousness operates under. 
Creation has a job too.  All creation multiplies.  And all of creation multiplies by the factor of 20.  So, by following how this weave goes of 13 and 20 - by being aware of that entrains your conscious mind to the interplay of creation.
Everyone wants peace of mind. Peace of mind has a lot to do with intuition.  The only way to have peace of mind has a lot to do with intuition.  The only way to have peace of mind is when you are centered. How do you get centered?  There is only one time when you can be centered and that isi when you are 'certain'.  When you are 'centered, then you are centered. There is only one source of certainty - the recognition of patterns.  They more you recognize the patterns, the more certain you are. The more you are centered - the more you have 'peace of mind'.



At one time in history, we experienced cannibalism.  We don't do that anymore - that was the consciousness at one - not anymore.
We are in judgment day .  What is the difference between judgment and discernment? Judgment means that if you don't like something - the other person can't be allowed to do that thing - however, discernment means that you can see something that you don't like - but you can still allow another person to do it.  That is discernment - so be in allowment.
There is not an innocent victim anywhere. There are no victims - Those people created what is happening to themselves - they made the choice to go there and what is harming them.
What is on this planet now is only 1% of what had already gone before us and gone extinct.
Sharing what you know is your duty.
What you know is extremely important to pass on - but you need to allow everyone to be who they are and what they want.
Active resistance is not healthy at all.


VERSION 1:  The pattern of history shows us that things are getting better and better.  We are evolving and that will go forward into our future too, because this 'Ethics' will overcome 'Power'.
'Law' overcame 'Reason'.  'Power' overcomes 'Law'.  There is very little reason or sanity in the way laws are written.  'Power' overcame 'Law', when Carnegie, Rockefeller and Westinghouse became powers and overcame the laws of nations and people. 
We have 'Ethics' coming in now {2005] - 'Ethics' will overcome 'Power'.  We are watching the throes of a dying animal now. There are more people worried than certain these days.  There are more people afraid of the future than looking forward to it.

NATIONAL CYCLE - 1st Day - 3115 BC - The very first 'Day' of the 'First God'.
The 'First Idea' - During the 'First Night' - Abraham moved to Canaan and started up a church. 
The 'Third Day' - Always when the truth comes forward - Moses received the 10 Commandments. 'The 'Law' was laid down.
'Third Night'  - Islam was created.  Pythagoras was developing his theories of geometry.
'Fourth Day' - Confucius - Lao Tsu - Buddha - and the idea of reincarnation in India.
'Fifth Day' - Jesus
'Sixth Day' - Crusades - Catholic Church -Pilgrims and more Islamic development.


We are watching the throes of a dying animal but things are getting better.
In a plant, there are certain parts that go on to propagate more plants, the seeds, and seeds are pieces of the plant that decided to be a seed, some of the plant decided to be a leaf, or root, or stalk.  That's where they felt they fit in - that part of the plant's consciousness.  What happens to all those other parts - Like the stalk and the root and the leaves.  It gets to be mulch - it's very useful.  It goes in and builds ground that supports other seeds for other cycles.
This is 16 billion years.  Time is mental - it doesn't exist. 
We are not the first ones to go through this.  There were other people who went through this whole cycle before us - other consciousness.  Now we call them angels because they are not limited to physical.  They already went through this graduation ceremony - and we are coming up on it.  (graduation)   Not everyone makes it through it - in one time.
Remember 'Allow, allow, allow'.  We are all doing this collectively. - We are creating this situation, but we are putting out own two cents in. - This is our investment. - We are paying attention. The more you can allow things to occur and not resist, the more you can be in your intuition and the more you can be in your flow.
The next cycle starts in 2011 and lasts 260 days.
June 1st is the exact middle of this cycle.  {2005]
'Ethics' is looming over 'Power' - It's going to be traumatic for some people and exalting for others.
These 'New World Order' people want 80% of you dead.  - These guys have diabolical plants - Chemtrails, Soy, Aspertame, Fluoride, Coca Cola, etc.  On the other hand, Creation has a much grander plan and no disasters in mind.  These people have horrible Draconian plans.  It's going to be a test to  'Allow'. 
The media has already changed track - you read the 'crawl' at the bottom and you will get a wonderful education. - Look for 'Ethics' - Watch for that word.  The 'Whistle Blowers' that are coming out.  It's tremendous.
Soy is a carcinogen - It's a brain poison.
Crop circles are a communication and that is Life.  What Life does is communicate.


Some form of life is producing these [crop circles]   as a ramp-up.  Crop circles are a good interaction with extraterrestrials.  Very ethical. Nobody gets hurt - nobody 'has' to look. The crops actually grow better the next year.  It's a soft touch.  People get impressions from them.  They are talking to their intuition.
The reason the calendar ends is because everything has been moving faster and faster in every moment, so finally - everything happens which is infinitely possible happens all at the same time - which is the truth in the first place.  It's just that our consciousness hasn't caught up to that yet.  That' s what this evolution is all about.  So once we get to that point, there is no - not one single limit to time and space whatsoever - end of Mayan calendar and of calendars  and open to your own personal creation of whatever it is you wish to experience with no limit whatsoever - or anyone else either.
They Maya -current living Maya - they didn't present a clear idea of creation's purpose. They knew that they have the pattern and that the prophecies are important. They knew they could predict what is going to happen. and that seems to be where their consciousness is mostly focused - providing the warnings of what might happen, or what is going to happen in the future.


On my website, are the health articles you should read.
The Mayan elder is also presented on my website.  He is saying basically, "It's over".
The general plan for the government is to cause absolute chaos.  People are going to be dealt with very harshly.
Don't participate in the resistance. 
The limits of our experience will come off.  There is a whole lot going on that we aren't even seeing or hearing and all that is going to open up.
We aren't equipped, right at this moment to understand what is going to happen.
The Atlanteans figured it all out 15,000 years too early.  Ooops - it didn't work out so good.



We have now started the 4th "Day" of the Galactic Consciousness Cycle of the Mayan calendar as of Dec 4th, 2004.

For those not yet familiar, In the Mayan calendar there are 9 distinct levels of consciousness development that are each separated into 7 sections of time called "Days" and 6 periods of "Night". These 13 equal sections of time each have particular intentions that create similar effects during the time they occur. The effects of these "Days" and "Nights" of the Mayan calendar through-out creation, is very similar to the occurrence of the seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter here on earth. Each of the seasons has its own effects that WILL come to pass when its time has come. By studying the record of astro-physics and the evolution of our own planet next to the Mayan calendar we can plainly see a repeating pattern formed and even today, continuing to unfold. It is during this 4th "Day" section of time in each of the previous 7 Consciousness cycles that the foundations have been laid for the structure of new consciousness to be erected.

The Greek civilization was built during one of the 4th "Days". That particular 4th "Day lasted nearly 400 years and produced the developments of Art, Theater, Philosophy, Advanced Mathematics, Architecture, Politics and codified Laws. These developments did become the foundation of civilization. The next 4th "Day" was between 1873 and 1893. It was during this 20 year period that many new developments occurred that have become the foundation of our current civilizations consciousness. Included amongst them are; the telephone,
electric lights indoors, the automobile, the first oil pipeline, the trans-Atlantic cable was laid, and in a lawsuit, corporations (fictitious entities) wrested power from nations (the people) by winning the status of individuals with all associated rights. It was here at this time, that corporations overcame Law with raw Power. One of the demonstrations of this new Power was the creation of WW I in 1914. Starting in 1870 the financial intrigues and military adventures financed by the bankers were being played that would build into WW 1 during the 4th "Night (1873-1913). This was a deliberate plot by the leading financial groups to usurp Europe's Monarch governments and re-create nations that were deeply in debt and beholding to the banks. Over 10 million men and women were killed and over 6 million crippled during WW 1. As we can plainly see today, these developments have also become the foundation of our current consciousness.

The 4th "Day" we have just begun, will continue until November 28th, 2005. It is during this 360 day period that once again, new foundations of consciousness shall be laid. In this case, the foundations laid will have to do with ethics and sustainability with new perspectives on human relations as well as our more fully realized position as stewards of our planet and solar system.

The Orange Revolution going on in the Ukraine, as this paper is being written is a wonderful example of these new perspectives. In a seeming miracle, as millions gather in brotherhood against a corrupt government, crime of all types has stopped in the whole country. The
entire news media of the Ukraine has come off of self imposed strikes and has pledged to the public on air, to report only the truth. While the Supreme Court of the Ukraine has called for a new run off election in support of the public. This is not a fluke, nor a ploy. This is the
result of new consciousness, Ethical consciousness in this case, producing sweeping change in our reality just as it is called for by the Mayan calendar at this time.

* Note * There is a twenty times acceleration with each repeat of the cycles of consciousness so each of the "Days" or "Nights" are twenty times faster each time as well. In effect, more and more happening in less and less time. This is why time seems to be speeding up.

So what should we look forward to in the next 360 days or so of this 4th "Day"?

1. Dramatic swift change and a huge polarization in the consciousness of the public.

2. The complete failing of the western economic system and governments.

3. Cities will become unsustainable and awash in chaos.

4. Religious fundamentalism will rage against any personal freedoms.

5. Medical science will slow, may stop, and may even reverse the human aging process.

6. Free energy (5th dimensional energy) will be demonstrated as a fact.

7. Levitation (anti-gravity) will become understood.

8. Movies and TV will become holographic projections.

9. Teleportation of objects will begin.

10. Telepathy will become an acknowledged means of communication in some persons.

11.The schedule and pattern of the evolution of consciousness will become known and studied for application world wide.

12. Ethical conduct and the importance of personal and organizational integrity will be the natural and sustainable state of consciousness of most people that survive the turmoil.

These will be the foundations of consciousness that will carry us forward in the evolution of mankind's consciousness. And although there will be upheaval and many persons will "opt out" of their physical existence during this period, it should be noted that more good has always happened in creation than bad or we would not still be surviving at this time. The intent of creation to evolve over these last 16 billion years is a huge momentum that nothing, not even the evil plans of our current overlords can thwart. Please understand that the persons who are planning our total enslavement are all part of this evolution. They are only players in this unfolding. They are merely playing their part to; by demonstration and necessity, steer some consciousness away from what is doomed to failure and to drag the rest down with them in order to clear the decks for the continued evolution.

So what to do with these circumstances approaching?

Very simple, follow what the Hopi people have been giving as advice.

1. Know where your water is coming from. Most cities import 90% of their water over long distances.

2. Know where your food is coming from. (Know your garden) Again, cities import all food. Most cities have only a 3-4 day supply of produce and meat in stock.

3. Know all your relations. In the cities the vast numbers of persons are strangers to one another and so are not responsible to and for one another.

This basically means, get out of the cities to be near fresh water and land to grow your food if you want to survive. If a person's life style, status and holdings are so important that they can not imagine making such a move, this then is why they may not survive. Some types
of consciousness are not sustainable and those will be eliminated so that the greater good can be serviced in continued evolutionary steps and stages.

These measures, even if they sound frightful are something that you can prepare for without having to take drastic immediate actions. When it is time to move you will know, but you must be basically prepared to make that move and here are a few suggestions.

1. Have a full tank of gas and 10 gallons in your trunk along with 2 gallons of water for each person that will be in the vehicle. Gas lines are no fun when you gotta run.

2. Have 5 lbs of rice and 5 lbs of beans for each person along with some simple spices, dried soups, fruit ect.

3. Get camping gear including shelter, cookware, flashlights (lots of batteries) and a first aid kit.

4. Have a plan to meet your loved ones and a planned route out of the city and toward some rural area where your face and smile are known.

Actually, most of us that will be making these journeys will find that it produces a great freedom and a rebounding of personal worth and well being. (I just did this recently so I know from personal experience.) Imagine a world dotted with "Burning Man" or "Wood Stock" (for us oldsters) type settlements where people have gathered together to help each other over come great difficulties. This will be similar to what is going on in the Ukraine with the Orange Revolution but on a much larger scale.

Remember above all, that these changes are not only unavoidable but are in the best interest of our continued evolution. You are going to become the manifestation of the statement "We are the ones that we were waiting for." and then, the waiting, is over.

And now for the best part, Choose Your Destiny.

For those of you who were wondering how all the chaos and advancements in consciousness could be happening at the same time. Here is your answer;

During this 4th "Day" the new foundations of consciousness that lead to the future evolution of mankind are laid down. The future of our destiny contains the conscious co-creation of our reality. The persons who will take those completing steps will do so by creating their own reality as they go. "What you pay attention to is what you become conscious of." Your consciousness is your total experience. What you pay attention to, then becomes your experience doesn't it? As we walk forward from this point what you pay attention to will become even more important as more and more becomes possible in every moment. Once
you have establish a solid connection to your present moments in creation by paying attention you are then from that solid position, able to project an intention into creation. Out of all the possibilities that are around us and in all of the growing possibilities in every moment both good and bad, what are the most likely things to show up? What ever you intend or believe will occur, that's what!

Do you doubt that from your experience? Oh yeah? Let's take another look.

What has most shown up in your life so far, is what you have intended or believed. Take your first breath for example. Ever since your first breath you have been intending to get your next one and evidently it has arrived or you would be dead. You have intended approximately 21,600 or so breaths each day and you got every one of em too! I'll bet you have intended to eat at least once a day haven't you? And if the meal has showed up every day then you probably intended to eliminate the waste from your body haven't you? How bout your intention to learn to walk and talk and then your intent to remember how to do those things? You get the point? The vast majority of your life experience has been due to your intention and the manifestation of that intention. Now with more possible in every moment, it is ever and ever more likely that your exact intent is what will manifest in your life. Trust that you do intend your reality into being and grow like you have only dreamed. Doubt you can or should intend your own reality and you will be at the mercy of fate my friends. And fate is extremely fickle as has been amply demonstrated by billions who have
come before you.

We have only begun to learn the odds stacked against basic survival. Between the unthinking greed of some here on earth, environmental threats and disasters and panicked people committing mass murder, the only way through what is coming is going to be from your own intention to survive. And the success of that endeavor or the level of comfort
and ease of that survival, depends only upon the amount that you trust your ability to create your own experience. It is within your power to choose your own destiny to such a degree that none of those warned, dangerous eventualities become part of your personal experience. Want an example? Chances are that you are not sitting in a fox hole in Iraq
right now. If you are sitting there in an Iraq hole I am sorry, but you know full well you chose that destiny rather than jail or being made less of by family, friends and neighbors and you chose what ever may come from your experience.

The point here is that all the rest of you have made choices in your lives that do not include those deathly experiences other than to hear about it going on somewhere over the horizon.

This is you, creating your own destiny just as the guys over in the Iraq hole are.

We are already doing this creating you see? But, with very little trust that we humans are actually able or supposed to be doing it. (Really a weird situation isn't it?)

This mind set or belief in human in-ability (the victim, I am created rather than an "I CREATE" view point) was brought forward from times past when much less was possible in any given moment and a persons intention was not as straight a shot to an available possibility as it is today. Then there have been those pesky religious dogmas railing against any individual's spiritual abilities for centuries. The 4th "Day" is the time when the two realities of victim and Creator begin to really diverge. Eventually, maybe by the 4th "Night" something akin to the rapture just might start to happen as people leave one reality for the other completely and just flat disappear.

But for right now; "We are the ones we have been waiting for" and the waiting period is over.

Now people, it is all very good for me to sit here and tell you these things. I do think that anyone could come up with sage advice with enough time and thought given to develop it. But sage advice is not good enough during these times. This is going to take actions not just
thoughts. That is why I hit the road and started manifesting my intent to speak to thousands. I left with nothing but trust and that intent. Now, seven months later I have a car, a motor home, a network of hundreds of like minded people and dozens of homes or farms at which to live and work in beautiful territory with fresh water and lots of land to grow on. If I can do it, so can you.

Just to let you know, I am now on to much BIGGER intended manifestations that you will be hearing about soon. This is not for or about me, myself or I, this is a test and demonstration that what I am saying actually works in the real world, only then is it actually valuable.

Intending all of you the very best through our greatest tests.

In service to the God~Us

Ian Xel Lungold,

12 Ahau, Bearer of the Codex


The Beginning of the Fourth NIGHT of the Galactic Underworld - Integrating the Fourth DAY and preparing for the breakthrough of the Fifth DAY
by Carl Johan Calleman
A common misconception about the Mayan calendar is that this is about “something”, usually an astronomical event, that will happen “in 2012”. In such a view the Mayan calendar has little value as guidance in the present moment and its use is regarded as separate from the actual lives that we live, both as a global collective and as individuals. In order to make meaningful use of the Mayan calendar we need to be able to understand its alternating energies of time as parts of the context of the particular era we are currently living, in which the Galactic Underworld, which is the one that most directly influences human consciousness at the present time.
In the Galactic Underworld we have recently, as of November 29 2005, passed out of the Fourth DAY and entered the Fourth NIGHT and so this may be an appropriate time to summarize and look ahead. The article that I wrote at the beginning of the Fourth DAY is however still posted on my web site and may be evaluated as a prediction for some of the things that the DAY that we have now past brought along. I feel in two significant ways its predictions have turned out to be accurate: The shift making the Asian nations, and in particular China, to the engines of the world economy. Even though this may now seem obvious to everyone as recently as a year ago it was not. What in retrospect maybe I would have liked to have added is that this economic shift to the East now also includes Russia, which in no small way has experienced a growth in its economy.
Another thing that was predicted in my article of a year ago was the Mukti-Maya unification. The increasing awareness among people in a process towards enlightenment that this process follows the rhythm of the Mayan calendar. Hence, the midlight meditation of June 1-2, 2005, the midpoint of the Fourth DAY, was the world’s first globally synchronized diksha event, whose effects were even detectable from a statistically significant way from the random number generators of the Global Consciousness Project led by Dr. Roger Nelson. Although certainly the number of spiritual individual and movements that see their activities and goals as associated to the cosmic process of evolution described by the Mayan calendar is very limited, I feel there are reasons to expect that others will join in especially as the Fifth DAY begins on November 24, 2006. It is my feeling that only those movements and individuals that are in phase with the DAYS and NIGHTS of the Mayan calendar are heading towards making a viable contribution to the cosmic process in which we are currently involved. This process is in Christian terminology called the Apocalypse, the time of revelation of a higher truth.
One thing that my article of a tun (360 day period) ago did not predict, but nonetheless has now become evident, is the increase in natural disasters during the Fourth DAY. Starting with the Tsunami during the uinal of death the tun was marked by several earthquakes and an unusual series of hurricanes, including that which hit New Orleans, and the emergence of a lingering threat of a bird flu epidemic. The number of books about natural catastrophes is multiplying and at the current time it seems most people are waiting for more to come. The fact that the abovementioned disasters happened during a period that was a DAY which was pivotal for the continued process, the Fourth DAY, there are very strong reasons to expect new phenomena that we may collectively call natural disasters especially in the following DAYS of the Galactic Underworld. Thus, these may come to intensify as we enter its Fifth DAY in November of 2006. The explanation to why natural disasters may increase during the DAYS may in very general terms be that the world that the human beings have created is not consistent with the world that the divine process of creation aims to create and that this becomes the most evident as a new LIGHT enters. I agree that this may serve poorly to explain the specifics of many such occurrences. Yet, in the Galactic Underworld logic may turn out much more to be based on synchronicities than on cause-effect. Paradoxically then, the breakthroughs into a collective experience of the divine presence may come to take place in parallel with natural disasters. And as any student of the New Testament knows the description of the Second Coming of Christ is associated with exactly the same kind of paradoxical intensification of natural disasters. Here we may note that Jesus warns against any person claiming to be him and says that he will return “on the clouds of heaven” and maybe what is referred to here is as an energy, or more specifically, as an energy associated with a certain Heaven, which in the Mayan calendar is a time period. This is the kind of breakthrough into the divine presence that we have reasons to expect for the Fifth DAY, and I would like to discuss the significance of the Fourth NIGHT that has now begun in the perspective of this breakthrough. Although there is some time to get ready for them the years ahead will really put the lightworkers, or, probably better, spiritual warriors, to the test.
As usual, the way the Mayan calendar is to be used prophetically is by analogies with the corresponding DAYS and NIGHTS of lower Underworlds. In the National Underworld the Fourth NIGHT then corresponds to the time period 355 BC-AD 40 and in the Planetary to AD 1893-1913. This Fourth NIGHT can in significant ways be looked upon as a time when the innovations of the previous DAY were integrated as well as a time period which prepared for the breakthrough of the phenomena of the Underworld in question that took place during the Fifth DAY ruled by the energy of Quetzalcoatl - the lord of LIGHT - corresponding to AD 40-434 in the National Underworld and 1913-1932 in the Planetary. Of course, the kind of phenomena that these time energies are manifesting are very different as they are developed within the frameworks of different levels of consciousness; Hence, the National Underworld is dominated by a dualist, semi-enlightened, consciousness and the Planetary Underworld is dominated by an endarkened, materialist, consciousness. This difference between Underworlds clearly shows up in the different phenomena that the time energy of Quetzalcoatl brings forth in them.
When it comes to the National Underworld, all I will point to in this article is that the Fourth NIGHT was the time leading up to the arrival of Jesus. As we may sense for instance from the Dead Sea Scrolls there were signs of the impending new energy of Quetzalcoatl already in the latter part of the Fourth NIGHT. This emerging shift in consciousness expressed itself in a number of Jewish sects, such as the Essenes outside of the established religious framework. What may then be the most obvious breakthrough of this Fifth DAY is the emergence of the Christian religion with its message of love and forgiveness.
When it comes to understanding the detailed course of the Fourth NIGHT and its relationship to
the breakthrough of the Fifth DAY it is however probably easier to study the Planetary Underworld, if nothing else because in this era there is no lack of historical records. The breakthrough of the Fifth DAY of the Planetary Underworld in 1913 was however not a breakthrough of a new religion, but a breakthrough to the materialist modern world. Even though the latter phenomena are very different in the National Underworld, or in our current Galactic Underworld, we may nonetheless learn a tremendous amount from the rhythm with which the new phenomena were introduced.



The Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld
and the celebration of its midpoint, May 19-22, 2007

by Carl Johan Calleman

The Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld has begun and certainly many were very impacted by the energy change around November 23-24 2006. In terms of world politics a change began to be felt already with the US elections a uinal before the new DAY began. What seemed to emerge then was the realization that I forecasted in an article from the Fourth DAY, namely that in the Galactic Underworld wars can no longer be won. While this falls short of the realization that wars cannot be fought it nevertheless reflects the emergence of a very significant change in the perception of human beings. For 5000 years rulers and governments have been operating on the premise that wars can be won and dominance implemented. Because the Galactic Underworld tends to balance out this earlier imbalance we are living in a time that favors anarchy (“no rule”) rather than democracy, which is the rule of the elected. Governments will become aware that initiating wars will carry the risk of precipitating anarchy and ultimately the end to their own rule.

In the days of the actual shift point into the Fifth DAY, the weakness of the US dollar also was visible although this fell short of the downfall I had predicted. Its fate is essentially in the hands of the Chinese national bank that for some time will try to continue its balancing act to keep up the artificial value of the US dollar in order not to cause a depreciation of its own assets or a collapse of its own export incomes. These are then some signs in the external world of the changes that the Fifth DAY have brought and that will deepen as it continues, but why is it happening? From Latin America to the Middle East hardly a day has gone by without producing clear expressions of the shift away from Western dominance, a shift that incidentally I predicted based on the Mayan calendar long before it became a visible reality and the United States seemed all powerful. The answer is that the incoming LIGHT of this DAY influences the consciousness of human beings that are creating the economic and political reality in a broadly predictable way. It is not always realized when people talk about the shifting of the ages that it is all about shifting the consciousness of the human beings. External change is taking place because we ourselves are changing. There is no shifting of the ages outside of the perception of the human beings. We embody the change and the change is primarily a change in the relationship between the human beings and their external world, which is caused by the removal of a filter for the manifestation of consciousness.

But then, after this initial change in mentality there seemed some time into the Fifth DAY, to be a reversal of those changes that were under way. Absurdly, the US government decided to increase its number of troops in Iraq, and the drop of the dollar, that had started right at the beginning of the Fifth DAY turned out not to be very dramatic and was in fact reversed. It came to seem as if the changes that had been under way and many were able to experience on an inner plane (after all the Galactic Underworld is primarily about inner change) were now thwarted. A natural parallel that comes to mind then is the beginning of the Fifth DAY (1913-1932) of the Planetary Underworld, which was initiated by a tremendous amount of changes in all aspects of life that I have described previously. This was also perceived by some religious and spiritual groupings as the beginning of a Messianic age (theosophists, anthroposophists and Jehovas witnesses) and large peace meetings were held.

As we know however only a year (1914) into this Fifth DAY of the Planetary Underworld what seemed to have been initiated seemed to be reversed by the onset of World War I and it took at least until the end of this war (1918) until the mind set of the old autocratic rule was worn out. The actual breakthrough into the new world of democracy, women’s freedom etc. did not come until the roaring twenties after the midpoint of the Fifth day of the Planetary Underworld. If you like, you may look at the breakthrough of Christianity at the Fifth DAY of the National Underworld (AD 40-434) in the same way. The new religion was ignited shortly before its beginning with the teachings of Jesus, but it was only around the midpoint of the Fifth DAY that it became a massive phenomenon. Before this midpoint it had to fight itself through lots of persecutions. I feel these are parallels to what is going on at the present time in the first half of the Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld. Even thought the impetus to a new mentality was triggered at its onset in November this will have to work itself through a lot of resistance until the domination mentality wears itself thin.

It is not an accident then that preparations are happening almost spontaneously (Well, not quite spontaneously. Especially Joseph Giove should have a lot of credit for some painstaking preparatory work) for global peace meditations around the midpoint of the Fifth DAY, May 19-22, 2007. In a sense, you might say that May 22 is the high point of the Breakthrough Celebration, but in another sense it is just the beginning of the breakthrough. The global diksha movement, TM, the world Mayan calendar movement and the Club of Budapest are all involved in preparations for global peace meditations at this time. The Global Consciousness Project will monitor possible effects and plans are under way to gather people in the Old Town of Jerusalem in interfaith expressions of peace singing songs in all the languages of the world.

“Why participate in these global meditations?” someone may then ask? My simple answer would be: “For the beauty of creating peace in those days.” The very notion that different movements can co-ordinate their activities thus demonstrating a common intention, while not forcing them all into the same mold, is a beautiful expression of peace. Not working for creating peace in the future, but experiencing it in the present moment. Personally, I feel we should work towards combining unity in intention with diversity in spiritual expression thus allowing all movements sharing the intention of peace to participate on their own terms and yet invite others to take part in what they have to offer.

I feel if we are to make use of the energies favoring a breakthrough into balance that the Fifth DAY offers we should let this spontaneous movement towards peace meditations at its midpoint, May 19-22, 2007 grow and above all seek to broaden participation to other movements, individuals and organizations that share the same intentions. Whatever contacts we may have in global organizations should be explored allowing for the current desire for peace in the world to find a unified expression.
The Breakthrough Celebration has been growing throughout its existence thanks especially to Arthur Collins and Andi and Jag, but has been based mostly on individual participation. For its midpoint let us work to involve spiritual movements as such and let them know that they will be able to participate on their own terms.
Let us experience peace together.

The above article is Copyright by Carl Johan Calleman.
All Rights Reserved. Presented with permission of the author.

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Carl Johan Calleman is the author of The Mayan Calendar (Garev, 2001) and The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004). His web page is For further info see also and

2008 and the Fifth Night

   "In The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, the Swedish biologist Carl Johan Calleman, a cancer specialist and former adviser for the World Health Organization, raised the discourse on the ancient time-science of the Maya to a new plateau. According to Calleman’s thesis, the nine levels of the most important Mayan pyramids – The Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, The Pyramid of the Jaguar in Tikal, and the Pyramid of Kukulkan (Quetzalcoatl) in Chichen Itza – represent a model of time, from the origin of the universe to the upcoming phase-shift, in which each step, or “Underworld”, is twenty time more accelerated in linear time than the one preceding it.

   “The nine-story Mayan pyramids are thus telling us that consciousness is created in a hierarchical way and that each Underworld stands on the foundation of another,” writes Calleman. The initial level, starting thirteen hablatuns or 16.4 billion years ago, proceeds from the inception of matter in the “Big Bang,” through the development of cellular life on Earth. During the second step, beginning thirteen alautuns or 820 million years ago, animal life evolved out of cells. The third underworld, starting thirteen kinchiltuns or 41 million years ago, saw the evolution of primates and the first, rudimentay use of tools by human ancestors. During the fourth underworld, beginning thirteen kalabtuns or 2 million years ago, tribal organization began among the ancestors of Homo sapiens. During the next underworld, starting thirteen piktuns or 102,000 years ago, Homo sapiens emerged, developing spoken language. The sixth underworld comprises the Great Cycle of thirteen baktuns, beginning 5,125 years before the approaching birthdate, when we created patriarchical civilization, law, and written language – Calleman calls this the National Underworld. The seventh step, dubbed the Planetary Underworld, thirteen katuns or 256 years, beginning in AD 1755, introduced industrialization, electricity, technology, modern democracy, gene splicing, and the atom bomb. Our knowledge became Faustian power over the physical world. The eighth level – the Galactic Underworld – thirteen tuns or 12.8 years, began in 1999, with the development of the Internet into a global communications infrastructure. The final step, thirteen uinals or 260 days, will lead, Calleman believes, to the attainment of “nondual cosmic consciousness” across the Earth. By the end of this Universal Underworld, humanity will have crossed the threshold of the abyss, confronting the shadow projections of the Apocalypse, to become conscious creators of reality.
   Each step on the pyramid “corresponds to a certain frequency of consciousness,” in which evolution operates twenty times faster than the previous phase. According to Calleman’s thesis, “In the Galactic Underworld, as much change must happen in a tun (360 days) as happened in a katun (19.7 years) during the Planetary Underworld, or in a baktun (394 years) of the National Underworld.” Perhaps for this reason, the twenty-year “Generation Gap” of the previous era no longer seems applicable to our situation, which requires increasing flexibility and adaptability to navigate. Institutional structures formed over the last 250 years of the Planetary Underworld, from the nuclear family to the nation-state, seem to be losing their stability as we go deeper into the Galactic Underworld. At the same time, scientific breakthroughs proliferate, as we receive increasingly accurate data about the universe in which we are embedded. Calleman believes that understanding the spiral dynamics of evolution expressed through the Mayan calendar is, in itself, an aspect of the Divine Plan: “Taking responsibility as a cocreator with God presupposes a basic understanding of how creation works.”
   Confusingly, Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar puts the crescendo of all human history back a year – even more breathtakingly close to our dangerously fragmented present tense. According to his thesis, based on his own interpretation of the sacred calendar’s energetic shifts, global humanity will attain nondualistic enlightened consciousness by the end of October 2011, “It will simply not be possible not to be enlightened after October 28, 2011,” he confidently asserts, “or at least from a certain time afterward when the new reality has definitely manifested.” The final year of the calendar will be used, he conjectures, for celebrating and adjusting to our new circumstances of unlimited bliss and creative freedom…
   According to Calleman’s study of the Mayan knowledge system, within each of the nine underworlds, there are cyclical pulsations of light and dark energies, which he calls “Days” and “Nights,” Whether 16 billion years or 260 days long, each underworld contains a pattern of seven days and six nights, a partition into thirteen stages, each stage represented by a different Mayan deity. With its Seven Days of Creation, Calleman’s reading of the Mayan calendar neatly enfolds the Judeo-Christian creation myth presented in Genesis. He argues that the energy shifts that manifest within each cycle become predictable, once the entire pattern is understood. According to Calleman, the crucial forward step in the evolution of consciousness takes place during the “Fifth Day” of each underworld, ruled by the energy of Quetzalcoatl. The previous form of consciousness asserts itself through final acts of destruction during the Fifth Night that follows, ruled by the energy of Tezcatlipoca. The 256-year cycle of thirteen katuns that began with the Industrial Revolution [the Planetary Underworld] reached its darkest point during the Fifth Night of 1932 to 1952, the period of Nazism, the Second World War, the Holocaust, and the dropping of atomic bombs on Japanese cities (in the 5,125-year National Cycle that preceded it, the Fifth Night, AD 434 to 829, corresponded to the collapse of the Roman Empire). The cycle of thirteen tuns that began in November 1999 will, likewise, reach its midnight hour, its involutionary crescendo, during the year 2008. Interestingly, various studies on the imminent peak oil crisis point to 2008 as the year when resources of energy, food, and water will become critically stressed.
   Calleman proposes that this period could see a global financial and ecological collapse, accompanied by nightmarish misuses of power on the part of the ruling elite. “In Night Five, ruled by Tezcatlipoca, the lord of darkness…we will see the last desperate and at the same time most forceful, attempt to secure control by the forces seeking to maintain dominance.” Such an interregnum could also provide the opportunity to circulate a new vision of what this world could be, and disseminate the tools and principles to implement it."

-Daniel Pinchbeck
2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl



The Sixth Day of the Galactic Underworld begins...

by Dave
November 2, 2008

from MayanCalendarCode Website

Once the 5th Night is completed, the 6th Day –again a short year only: Nov. 13 2008- Nov. 7 2009 - is characterized as,

"Renaissance of advanced unifying synthesis; tense coexistence of East and West and between new spirituality and the remnants of the global materialistic powers."

In summary,

"the new Galactic Age is ready to assert itself in such a way that the left-brained hemisphere Western dominance will be seen as a thing of the past. People all over the globe are realizing that they are living in a new reality. Many old, hard to die values are forgotten or collapse on their own."

The power systems built by the Age of Powers, -like dominoes- are about to fall one by one.


According to Calleman:

"This will mean not only a major downturn in the current economy but more like a total collapse of the international monetary system and the beginning of the end of quantitative abstraction of values mediated by the left brain."


"Toward the end of the 5th Night as we reach into the Fourth World –around August 15th 2008- things will begin to move much more smoothly for those seeking the enlightened path. At that point some minor expressions of the [next and final] Universal Age will have already began to manifest."

The Mayan prophecies recorded that we are on a Schedule of Creation; it is unfolding faster and faster right in front of our eyes. All there is left to do is: NO Fear, Stay on the path to Intuition by being Ethical and using the highest level of Integrity.


That is the only possible way to go through the "Eye of the needle".

How Exopolitics - the science of relations between our human civilization and other intelligent civilizations in the Universe - will be the paradigm of the Sixth Day, including possible open contact by our civilization with an ET civilization, ending a planetary quarantine since a solar system, Mars and Earth cataclysm of 9500 BC.


How the discovery of intelligent Life on Mars in NASA photos by Andrew D. Basiago, formally announced Dec. 28, 2008 by the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS) may a part of this Sixth Day paradigm.



November 8, 2009, the beginning of the Sixth night
of the Galactic Underworld

Before going into the specifics of the upcoming sixth night of the Galactic Underworld, November 8, 2009 – November 2, 2010, I feel I should clarify some of my basic points of departure for understanding the Mayan calendar, since the various ideas that are currently proposed for this vary significantly. There are for instance those that believe that the end date of the Mayan calendar only marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new. On my own part I however think that we are approaching something much more profound than just a point in a cycle that again will be repeated. Thus, there is overwhelming empirical evidence that we are approaching a point in time when nine evolutionary levels of the cosmic plan are simultaneously going to be completed. This is in accordance with the only Mayan inscription from ancient times, the Tortuguero monument, which describes what will happen at the end date. This would imply that we are approaching not another cycle or another shift, but the end to all shifts, something that all evolution has been a preparation for and a build-up towards. Only such an end to all shifts would conceivably provide the basis for a harmonious eternal peace on Earth.

What is about to transpire now is in other words not something that has ever happened before in the history of the universe. Maybe this impending, partially unknown, causes the widespread denial that I feel dominate many people at the current moment. Rather than facing a tremendous change in our socioeconomic relationships (since any change in human consciousness also implies a change in our relationships) many prefer to fantasize about some physical or astronomical event, that purportedly is going to happen on some specific date. In reality the Mayan calendar is however not about something that will happen on a singular date, but a description of a divine plan for the evolution of consciousness where quantum shifts between calendrical energies bring about shifts in consciousness. Human consciousness will continue to be transformed step by step in accordance with this plan until we come to the real end date of the process of creation, October 28, 2011. At this date the highest quantum state of the universe will be attained ( 13 Ahau) when the shifts disrupting the harmony will come to an end. Obviously, we are not there yet.

In this plan for the evolution of consciousness we are now approaching the sixth night of the Galactic Underworld, the eighth of the nine Underworlds, which will begin on November 8, 2009. If my understanding of the Mayan calendar is correct we will in this coming night be witnessing the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind. What is exciting about this is that a relatively clear picture of how a new world may be born is now finally becoming evident. On the other hand, what is also becoming increasingly clear is that this birth is likely to become very demanding. For this reason it becomes all the more important to understand how some of the difficulties ahead actually serve the delivery of this new world even though it may not always seem that they do in the moment. If people can gain a realistic understanding of how this new world will be born people may be able to keep a hope for the future, which is based on something more than mere wishful thinking. Unfortunately, much confusion reigns about the Mayan calendar and many that present themselves as experts on this deny the ancient Mayan knowledge that there are nine cosmic forces that are about to manifest, and that it is these, and nothing else, that explains why a new world will be born.

Thus, what will happen in the time ahead cannot be understood from the sixth night of the Galactic Underworld alone. The overlapping with the cycles preparing for the ninth, and highest, level in the cosmic evolution scheme; the Universal Underworld (see Figure) with the energy of the sixth night will also need to be taken into consideration. Because of this overlapping, and the speed-up of time associated especially with the latter Underworld, not only do I think that the upcoming period will be unusually intense, but also energetically quite complex.


At the time of this writing (October 26, 2009, 9 Lamat) we are still in the latter part of the sixth day, the period of flowering in the process from seed to mature fruit in the Galactic Underworld, which precedes the sixth night. As I predicted in an earlier article some economists have now started to say that the “global economic recession” (or the worst of it) is already over. There are however certain things currently going on in the world that belies this and are more in line with the prediction I made earlier of a further economic downturn, especially expressed in a fall in the value of the US dollar, as the sixth night begins. (November 8, 2009 is when the quantum shift in energy takes places in the Heavens, but there is always an uncertainty as to when the new energy lands in the world). This prediction was based on the observation that nights, at least in the second part of an Underworld, usually mean at the very least a slowdown of economic growth. An indication of such an impending downturn at this upcoming night is for instance that there has been a rush for gold, which for the first time passed the magical limit of USD 1000/troy ounce. Moreover, an index of insider trading shows that people knowledgeable about the actual basis for valuing US stock tend to think of this as highly overvalued. Most importantly, increasingly higher voices are now raised in almost all corners of the world for the replacement of the petrodollar system and thus also of the use of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. These various indices thus do not indicate that the “recession” is over, but if anything that an intensification of the economic decline, especially in the indebted West, is imminent. It seems that investors are escaping assets in the form of paper or digit values, which is exactly what we would expect from this late phase of the Galactic Underworld, when a shift in consciousness amounting to a shift from abstract to concrete economic values is taking place.

I thus believe that what is happening in the world’s economy is something much more profound and fundamental than a temporary recession. What is happening is instead a direct consequence of the particular transformation of consciousness that the Galactic Underworld is bringing. Consciousness in my view is primarily a relationship to the World Tree, which exists on many different levels of the cosmos and causes synchronized shifts on these different levels. What this means is that the shifts in consciousness that give new directions to our lives will also directly affect the world and society at large and how we relate to this. A shift in consciousness is hence not something that only happens in our heads, but also simultaneously external changes in the relationships of the world. If this argument is true we should expect an even further escape from abstract values as the sixth night begins, a shift that may be expected to especially severely hit the western economies of the United States and the United Kingdom, which remain the financial centers of the world and control much of its banking activities. At the present time these nations, and especially the United States, are so indebted that there really is no need to present an explanation as to why there would be another downturn in its economy. All that is needed is something to trigger what is going to happen one way or another. While many things may trigger such a downturn, and the media will place all the emphasis on this trigger, the deeper reasons for a downturn is in my view best understood from the Mayan calendar, since this explains its underlying reasons in how the human mind is influenced by shifts in cosmic energy. From a Mayan calendar perspective the ongoing decline in economic growth reflects a stepwise adaptation to the end of the economic cycles that will be associated with the Mayan end date (or beginning date of a new world if you like).

If the downturn of the economy is part of a process creating the conditions for the birth of a new world a relevant question to ask is how deep it is going to be. Even if it seems clear that the value of paper money, and especially the US dollar, will be hit, it is still somewhat of an open question how far-reaching the consequences of this will be. I think this can only be understood from a study of what might be the nature of the new world to be born. When it comes to understanding this it seems however that there are actually no ancient Mayan sources to consult. The Mayan sources only say that Nine Underworlds are going to manifest as the calendar comes to an end, but there is no ancient inscription, which talks about what will follow upon this. Because of this dearth of material I suggest that we turn to sources from the large Abrahamic religions such as the Bible or the Quran, which do say something on the matter. If we combine these with our understanding from the Mayan calendar I feel we may gain some idea of what is to come.

Hence, the Quran says this in Surah 82:17-19: “And what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is? Again, what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is? (It will be) the Day when no soul shall have power (to do) aught for another: For the command, that Day, will be (wholly) with Allah.” I believe this disappearance of dominance may refer to the Universal Underworld, which brings a consciousness of oneness and transparency to our whole beings and all of our past actions. If we take this seriously it would imply that all chains to people dominating others would need to be broken before this. The last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation 21:4-5 also describes a new world to be born: “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.” This would seem to imply that all chains to the past would need to be broken for the new world to be born. Taken together it would seem that as pre-requisites for the birth of a new earth we would need to free ourselves from the chains to the past as well as from chains to other people.

To some these changes may look so great that it might even be more comfortable to fantasize that the world would come to an end than to go through all of the necessary changes turning our world upside down. Certainly, there is also a tremendous amount of people in power, who do not want to see such a transformation towards equality and harmony coming about. These quotes may however give us a hint about how difficult the economic downturn may become. Will money for instance disappear completely? I think the answer to this is that money will disappear to the extent that it no longer chains the world to the past. In practice, this probably means that all thinking about profitable investing etc seem to be somewhat beside the point, since the emerging new world is not likely to be a growth economy based on the drive for accumulation of abstract values. More likely, the new world is going to be one based on sharing and care-taking of all members of society as the unity consciousness of the Universal Underworld, presumably after much turmoil, eventually is established. The more immediate time period in the sixth night will then be when the practical expressions of this transformation will need to be tested out and implemented. This may from the perspective of the current world seem unthinkable. Yet, we shall remember that there is no such thing as an eternal human nature and that our perception of reality, and what we are propelled to create, always varies between the different Underworlds. The human beings of the Regional, National, Planetary and Galactic Underworlds are completely different in their approach to life and the universal human being that will be created by the Ninth and Universal Underworld will represent the crowning step of the evolution of consciousness. Thus, she is then likely to embody a different perception of the world and different qualities compared to previously.

So how in practice will this transition come about from a human being, who essentially looks after herself to one that sees the unity of all and shares the fruits of creation? Such a transformation of our experience of life may now seem as impossible as the fall of the Berlin Wall once seemed. But similarly to how the fall of the Berlin Wall ultimately was a reflection of a transcendence of an east-west polarity in human consciousness the new world to be born is designed to result from a transcendence of the inner and outer walls maintained especially by the western mind. Thus, my suspicion is that during the first half of the sixth night the world’s economy will increasingly slow down and the consumption of the US population will no longer be able to keep the industrial engines of the world going. Yet, because of the indirect effects of this downturn, no part of the world can expect to be untouched. In this downturn it will then come a point when it will start to dawn on many people that it will never be possible to resurrect the old growth economy and that there will be never be any return to a “business as usual.” At that point very radical socio-economic solutions will need to be explored for people to survive also in a literal physical sense as it becomes obvious that it is the nature of the economic relationships and the chains to the economy of the past that cause this situation. We may for instance ask what will happen if major portions of the population in economically significant countries like will not be able to pay their mortgages? Will these people then have to leave their houses in mass so that countless houses owned by banks will sit empty when people are out on the streets? This is the kind of situation that has already appeared in the some car manufacturing suburbs of Detroit. Hence, this scenario is not hypothetical, but has already to some extent happened on a limited scale.

What likely will happen then is that demands will be raised for a moratorium on all debts, so that people will no longer have to pay to the banks to stay in their homes. Maybe this will be preceded on a larger scale on a larger scale as some nations see it necessary to push for the cancellations of national debts as a means of stabilizing the world. If such a moratorium on debts is instituted it would in fact be like cancelling the power of money as it exists now. It would mean a shift into an economic system, which no longer is enslaved by the past. This would then obviously also mean an end to the borrowing of money effectively creating a break for the growth economy. Instead what would be emphasized is that the needs of people are met in the present moment (returning to the theme of cutting the chains of the past). This of course would be nothing short of a revolution, and most likely a worldwide such, since the worlds’ economies at the current time are so deeply entangled. Most likely this would spread from the US to much of the rest of the world. Such an enormous transformation of the world’s socio-economic system would then be likely to take place in the time period between July 17, 2010 (the Cosmic Convergence)* and the beginning of the Seventh day of the Galactic Underworld (November 3, 2010). Naturally, it would have repercussions for all of the systems of dominance that the world has inherited especially from the National, but also the Planetary, Underworld. Energetically speaking this time period, July 17-November 3, 2010, is created through the overlap of the pre-Universal Underworld and the Galactic Underworld.** What this revolutionary time period most likely is going to amount to is a corresponding decrease of governmental and national authority (not that of any particular government, but governmental authority as such, something which humanity has inherited from the National Underworld). It will seriously come into question what we need governments and national borders for “when no soul shall have power (to do) aught for another.” My vision for the time period from the Cosmic Convergence until the beginning of the seventh day of the Galactic Underworld is thus a total overhaul of human civilization. This then would also be a time to make choices of path individually.

Why would this particular time period, July 17, 2010 – November 2, 2010, bring such a revolutionary transformation? Well, there are two earlier time periods that are noteworthy as parallels to this upcoming one. One is AD 1498-1617, the Renaissance, which in a broad sense meant the overturning of the feudal system that saw the Vatican as the ultimate source of worldly power and the beginning of the modern era. The other is 1986-1992, which carried a revolutionary wave of democracy (including the fall of the Berlin Wall) resulting in a world whose hemispheres were no longer separated. We may also notice that these two revolutionary time periods gave rise to new expressions of spirituality, in the first case the Reformation and in the second the Harmonic Convergence*** that became somewhat of a starting point for the eclectic spirituality of our own time.

I feel it is an open question whether this transformative revolution between July 17 and November 3, 2010 will be violent or not. What seems clear however is that people will be divided as to whether they want to flow with the incoming energies leading towards a new world or if they will resist them and seek to hold on to or go back to the system of the past. How they relate to this change will however also depend on the understanding people have of the Mayan calendar and the cosmic plan, which at the current time only a very small minority is aware of at least in its true form as a manifestation of nine cosmic forces. People at large may in fact never recognize any conscious warning signals for what is to come. Yet, inasmuch as they understand that the large-scale changes emanate from a divine plan this would mean that a spiritual awakening could take place. If this happens they will not be inclined to look at the changes around them as just meaningless chaotic events as they surely will be presented by the dominating media.

Considering that this is all about the participation in a process of evolution of consciousness there is a great danger in people believing that the Mayan calendar is about a singular date (such as December 21, 2012) when some event will happen, whether this is made up as a “pole shift”, “galactic alignment,” “Planet X,” “end of the world” or “shift in consciousness.” This is an incredibly naïve view of an essentially religious, or superstitious, nature where changes are believed to simply fall down upon the human beings from the sky without their active and conscious participation in the processes leading up to a state of unity consciousness. In reality, there is overwhelming evidence that the Mayan calendar describes sequential shifts in consciousness, which will begin to be experienced at an even higher frequency after July 17, 2010 and even more markedly so after the beginning of the actual Universal Underworld on March 8, 2011. Only at October 28, 2011 will the shifts come to an end and a unity consciousness stabilize that will provide the basis for a millennium of peace. This frequency increase incidentally also explains such a tremendous overhaul of all systems of dominance could take place in such a short period of time. A recommendation I would like to make, in addition to ethical living and telling the truth, is to learn to flow with the ninth level ( Stay in the middle of the river with a focus on the manifestation of the new world!

Carl Johan Calleman
Berlin, October 26, 2009 (9 Lamat)

* In my earlier books I have vacillated when it comes to the duration of the Universal Underworld, sometimes thinking that it will be a tzolkin round of 260 days and sometimes that it would be a twentieth of the Galactic Underworld, which would amount to 13 x 18 = 234 days. As we are now getting close to the final transformation scenario I have come to lean over to the idea that the Universal Underworld will indeed be 234 days long placing its beginning at March 8, 2011 and the beginning of the preceding pre-Universal Underworld at July 17, 2010. The uncertainty with this is that there seems to be no ancient Mayan source describing such a 18 day oxlahunkin time period, even if it would seem to be the logical one. On the other hand the ancient Maya did not have to deal with the transformation scenario into a new world and so may have ignored it, while it still may become very important in our own time. There is however a precedent to how a cycle only became followed by the Maya as its effects became a reality. This is the so-called Short Counts of 13 katuns, which were not observed in Classical Mayan times presumably because their effects were then not yet strongly felt. Only later in Post-Classical times did the effects of these short counts become so strong that they became the dominating cycles followed by the Maya and so came to replace the Long Count as the central calendrical cycle. Thus, if the Classical Maya did not base their calendars on the Short Counts they would have had even less reason to take a 18 day cycle into account, which to them would have an effect only in a very distant future.

** What is played out here is the interaction between overlapping time periods produced by dividing the Galactic Underworld into 13 and 20, respectively, as a parallel to the energetic overlaps of the trecena and the uinal in the tzolkin. If the Galactic Underworld of 4680 days is divided by 13 it generates a day or night of 360 days, but if it is divided by 20 it generates a wave movement totaling 234 days.

*** The Cosmic Convergence called for on July 17-18 is thus a direct parallel to the Harmonic Convergence in the sense that what the Harmonic Convergence was to the Galactic Underworld the Cosmic Convergence will be to the Universal Underworld. This means that the Cosmic Convergence may not only become the beginning of a transformative political period similarly to what happened in 1986, but also the first breeze of a spiritual awakening that will later be fully expressed in the Universal Underworld.


The Collapsing Tower Newsletter 08
February 17th, 2009

Newsletter #8 Robert Lorenz, Ph.D.

Co-creation of Human Inter-connectedness and Planetary Healing:
The Birth of Post-ego Civilization

The Seventh Day of the Galactic Underworld begins on November 3, 2010 and ends October 28, 2011. It’s during this last 360 day Heaven of this Underworld that the final, or Universal Underworld begins on October 9, 2010 and ends, as do all Nine Underworlds, on October 28, 2011.

What’s important to understand is that the Seventh day of each Underworld represents the fruition of that particular Underworld, and also introduces the theme of the next one. Each of the nine Underworlds is a step in the evolutionary progression to the attainment of cosmic consciousness in the Universal. Each step begins with the sowing of the seed-idea of each Underworld in Day 1 and evolves during the course of the thirteen Days and Nights of the particular Underworld, culminating in the fruition of the seed-idea in the Seventh Day. The seed idea of the next Underworld is then introduced toward the end of the prior one.

In order to illustrate this let’s look at the evolution of life and consciousness during the course of the National Underworld, what’s known as the historical period, from 3115 BCE to the present, which culminates in 2011 in what the Maya called “the end of (linear) time.” This doesn’t imply the “end of the world” as doomsayers and many religious fundamentalists maintain, but rather the end of 5,000 years of egoic domination: materialism, separatism, and hierarchy, along with the progressive disconnectedness these have produced.

According to Calleman, the purpose of the National Underworld was the evolution of civilized consciousness. It began with the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt and culminated in the organized nations of today. This was a dualistic Underworld in which the Light favored the left-brain hemisphere, the masculine mode of consciousness, and the West. It gave rise to written language, major constructions, patriarchal religions, science and fine art. It began during the Seventh Day of the prior Regional Underworld wherein the fundamental tone of the National Underworld was established—male domination and war. This was when the goddess/nature-based cultures of the Regional Underworld came under the domination of the male gods of war.

During Day Seven of the National Underworld the unitary Planetary Underworld began, with the primary purpose of evolving global consciousness. It was initiated by the Industrial Revolution and ushered in materialism, industrialism, communication technology, democracies, republics, and the idea of globalism. During the Seventh Day of this Underworld communication technology reached great heights with the creation of the World-Wide Web, personal computers, international satellite communication and international trade. Also during the Seventh Day of the Planetary Underworld the seeds of the dualistic Galactic Underworld were sown, with the evolutionary aims of transcending the material frame of life and consciousness, and also the balancing of the dualities established during the National Underworld—between East and West, the left- and right-hemispheres of the brain, spirituality and materialism, and men and women. Thus, we must neutralize the imbalance that was established during over 5,000 years of the National Underworld—the dominance of the West, left-brain hemisphere, materialism, and male domination— in less than 5,000 days in the Galactic Underworld. It’s no wonder that this is a time of great stress and conflict. The old order resists and fights the evolutionary thrust of the Divine, yet its efforts will be futile.

Thus, during Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld we’re likely to see very significant signs of balance between East and West, as well as a more balanced consciousness. The balancing of the left- and right-hemispheres of the brain will also lead to gender equality and, also, the rise of spiritual awareness that will transcend duality, as well as the opening of psychic capabilities such as telepathy that will come to supplant materialistic technology.

The final or Universal Underworld begins during Day Seven of the Galactic Underworld, the evolutionary aim of which is the manifestation of cosmic consciousness. The transcendence of ego separateness, time, hierarchy and all these represent occurs. By the Seventh Day of this Underworld, that is only 260 days long, we arrive at the promise of the Mayan Calendar: adual cosmic consciousness, Self-realization, and co-creation with the Divine.

It seems unimaginable that we can arrive at this point in less than three years. It’s essential to remember that time radically speeds up twenty-fold with the entrance into each new Underworld. Thus, the pace of events in the National Underworld was based on thirteen Heavens, each approximately 400 years long. In the Planetary Underworld the pace of events was based on approximately 20-year long Heavens, and in the Galactic Underworld the pace speeded up to 360 days, and, finally, 20 days in the Universal Underworld.

If you look back at the last Newsletter that predicted events for the Sixth Day of the dualistic Galactic Underworld based on the Sixth Day of the dualistic National Underworld, the marked increase of the pace of events becomes clear. The economic collapse that began during the Fifth Nights into the Sixth Days of both Underworlds is happening at a greatly accelerated rate in the Galactic Underworld. We are only three months into this current Sixth Day and the economic decline is dramatically accelerating at a pace that shocks most people. This decline has consequences that go beyond the economic realm, and particularly for Europe.

Calleman predicted that the Armageddon drama would take place in Central Europe during the Fifth Night of this Underworld. Although this didn’t happen despite the escalating Muslim violence since the 2005 rioting in Paris that has spread to other European nations, there is the likelihood of escalating major Christian-Muslim conflict—a modern Crusades scenario—now that the European economy is showing significant signs of collapse. Because the Muslim population is increasing at a much more rapid rate than the European population, coupled with the severe economic downturn, the possibility of explosive religious/ethnic conflict looms. If the Crusades that began in the middle of Day Six of the National Underworld have predictive value for events in the current Sixth Day, it’s possible that by the Sumer of 2009 major conflict could ensue, with the likelihood of international repercussions.

Occurring in parallel with all of the catalytic difficulties we are facing, and likely will face, are very positive evolutionary movements that lead to transcendence of materialism, disconnectedness, and all of the egoic manifestations that have wreaked pain, war, and inequity for millennia. These positive movements are also transpiring at a highly accelerated pace. In The Mayan Calendar—The Transformation of Consciousness Calleman states:

The Galactic Underworld is more about telepathy and intuition than technology, and although many will resist the change, the emphasis of the future will be less on things and gadgets, as was the case in the Planetary. Because of the blindfolded consciousness that ruled the latter, all nature was assumed to exist only for human beings to exploit based on economic calculations of the left-brain hemisphere. Although the intuition of the right-brain hemisphere in the Galactic Underworld may indeed lead to technological advances, the overall emphasis of human endeavor is now about to shift. Despite humankinds immense technological advances up until now, the advances it has made in attaining an inner state of happiness have been very small, and this will become increasingly evident. The main purpose of the current Underworld is to remedy this imbalance, this state of Koyaanisqatasi. The frame of consciousness that is now emerging will simply not allow us to deny the existence of a living cosmos. If we do there will be a backlash of some kind. This is the reason for the urgency of delivering the message of the Mayan Calendar.

Because of the nature of this Underworld’s yin/yang polarity, its Days will bring forth intuitive, rather than analytical, expressions of the human mind, and may often seem to appear out of the blue. Nonetheless we will see a return to the enchanted cosmos, and we will, thorough our increasingly more open senses, become sensitive to its true spiritual energy. Because of their different locations in relation to the World Tree, however, different parts of the world are likely to be affected differently by the Galactic Underworld. Thus, we may expect, at least initially, that in the Western Hemisphere the Galactic Underworld will generate a fascination with the new technology and the new economy, while the focus in the east—India, China, and Russia (the leading edge will gradually move north)—will be directed more toward spiritual enlightenment. As the Galactic Underworld progresses, the effects of the energy shifts between different tuns (360 day periods)—Days and Nights in the creation sense—will be increasingly more marked.

Predictions for the Seventh Day of the Galactic Underworld

From the mid-Seventeenth through the Eighteenth Centuries Europe experienced The Age of Enlightenment. The human mind was freed from much of the oppression of the Church, reason transcended dogma and an exciting era of free exploration was initiated. Philosophical and scientific speculation bloomed, and the seeds of humanism began to germinate. Individuals began to identify with humanity as a whole rather than with nation states. At the mid-point of the Seventh Heaven of the National Underworld, during Day One of the Planetary Underworld, the Industrial Revolution began and the world radically changed. The French and American Revolutions created deep changes on the societal level and brought with them fundamental changes in how people viewed themselves. All of the changes reflected a new sense of freedom—from monarchy, religious hegemony, and superstition. It wasn’t, however, enlightenment on a spiritual level.

In the Seventh Day of the Galactic Underworld spiritual enlightenment on a mass scale is designed to emerge—not in the sense of enlightened (or free) thought, but a transcendence of thought. In the Planetary Underworld the left-brain hemisphere, the thinking mind, was freed from the yoke of dogma. In the Galactic Underworld the left- and right-brain hemispheres achieve balance, and transcend both the thinking mind and materialism and technology, and the seeds of cosmic consciousness begin to germinate as we enter the Universal Underworld. More and more individuals realize their unity with All-That-Is.

Predictions for the Seventh Day of the Universal Underworld

The Universal Underworld is approximately 260 days in length, with each Day and Night less than three weeks long. The rate of change, therefore, is astonishingly fast compared even to the Galactic Underworld. In The Mayan Calendar: The Transformation of Consciousness Calleman states:
Paradoxically, as the Mayan Calendar system draws to a close, on one hand time will be experienced as moving faster than ever before, and on the other hand as if it is not moving at all. The enlightened consciousness developed in the Universal Underworld will be pulsed onto humankind in a wave movement of the Thirteen Heavens that covers a period of only 260 days (or possibly, if it is one-twentieth of the Galactic Underworld, 234 days; I cannot tell yet). This reflects a frequency of change of the heavenly energies that by far surpasses anything anyone has ever experienced. Yet there is every reason to believe that, at the same point “time” will come to an end, since “time” is an experience that is predominantly mediated by the left-brain hemisphere. In actuality, the experience of time exists only in a world dominated by the imbalance created by duality. As balance between the two hemispheres is created, instead of time we may expect to experience pure being moment by moment.

This paradox, of course, is not easily resolved by someone whose mind is still dominated by the dualities generated by lower Underworlds. The ego was established to serve the dualist mind in navigating their changing waters and to maintain a sense of continuity for the individual is the midst of them simply can not survive at the high frequency of the Universal Underworld. The ego is not consistent with the unitary field of light that will be ruling the world. In a dualist frame of consciousness, the ego was an important tool for survival; in a unitary frame of consciousness, it will jeopardize the survival of the individual. In an Underworld dominated by unity and enlightenment, acting and thinking based on a dualist frame of mind will become impossible. At the frequency change that will prevail in the Universal Underworld, with shifts between Days and Nights every twenty kin (days), the mind has to be disengaged if it is not to lead the individual to complete heartbreak or total collapse. Even with proper preparation, for a person who is well aware of the workings of the cosmic plan, the conflict between the five-thousand-year-old dualist mind and the unitary consciousness of the Universal Underworld can only be successfully resolved in one way—through the excision or “slaying” of the ego and the ensuing creation of space for the enlightened way of being to take over…

By 2011 the dominance of the dualist mind will wither, and all the conflicts of humanity originating in lower levels of consciousness will be resolved. From the perspective of the enlightened state, the old order will no longer be real. The advanced technologies developed by the dualist mind will find the place they were always meant to have, in service to humanity and the living cosmos, not as tools of domination. By then not only the old monarchic rule, but also democracy, will be a thing of the past (if everyone lives in unity and harmony with the Divine, why elect someone to rule them?). All hierarchies will have crumbled. With the end of duality, the dominance of one soul over any other will naturally come to an end, and so there will be no need for a government (which is like the ego of the nation) to steer people through conflicting interests. All human beings will, in a much deeper sense than at present, be recognized as having equal value—each as her or his own manifestation of the Divine. In the process of climbing the universal level of consciousness, all limiting thoughts will disappear.

What then? Callenan believes that “the end of time” doesn’t mean that a new cycle will begin. It’s the end of the Mayan Calendar, the end of cycles. An again, none of this necessarily implies the “end of the world”. It’s certainly the end of the world how we’ve known it, but it doesn’t mean a “new game” won’t start. It’s possible that we’ll have the option of merging with the Divine and create on a non-physical level of existence. Calleman also suggests:

With the ego slain in the Universal Underworld, the Heavens will favor a consciousness that is devoid of inner conflicts and produces no external conflicts. The year 2012 in particular, however, will be required for this inner state to settle in a number of individuals who have not been fully prepared for it. For the final settling of the enlightened consciousness of the Universal Underworld, the celebrations on the occasion of the Venus transit of June 6, 2012, will be very important. They will be expressions of gratitude to the divine cosmos for having brought us to where we are.

Getting to 2011

Given all of the catalytic events we must deal with that are predicted for 2009 and 2010, and likely at least part of the Universal Underworld of 2011, the obvious question that will arise for every person reading this material is: Can I make such a monumental change in under three years? It’s clear that in the context of what’s been discussed in this and the last Newsletter that this is a very legitimate question. To be completely realistic, many people, for a variety of reasons, may not get through the next couple of years. The purpose of this current Newsletter is to provide you with a very workable formula, not only for survival in the time ahead but for developing very positive polarization of consciousness and ego transcendence.

About two weeks before I started writing this material I asked for spiritual guidance and help in finding the most effective method for evolving during these turbulent times. The “veils” between our world and higher, more subtle, planes of existence is quite thin now. There is spiritual help available if we simply ask. It’s very important to understand that higher beings of light must be asked to assist us, and answer our requests through the faculty of intuition, while beings of darkness come unbidden and operate through the channels of thinking and emotion.

A few days later an individual in my weekly discussion group handed me a copy of Conversing With the Future, Visions of the Year 2020 by Jenna Catherine. His only comment was, “I think you might find this interesting.” I did, but only after I set aside my judgment of the author’s New-Age style. I found many of the concepts quite profound and realized that the book was a significant part of the answer to my earlier request for assistance. It’s very much worth reading. I’ve incorporated a number of the concepts Jenna Catherine presents in her book, particularly her treatments of joy, fear, and energetic flow, with those I discuss in The Collapsing Tower, in what I consider a succinct and practical formula for survival and ego transcendence.

The Fundamental Polarity: Joy Versus Fear


Joy is a state of consciousness, not an emotion. It’s synonymous with the spiritual light or pure love of Essence that underlies all of creation, and is experienced as a flowing aliveness that creates an awareness of universal inter-connectedness. It’s physically experienced as vibrant health and can be thought of as the fundamental agent for healing. On the everyday level we experience it as deep connectedness, humor, and laughter, a lightness of spirit that simply feels good.

Joy is neither frivolous nor self-indulgent. It’s our spiritual birthright. To experience and bask in it may be the basic meaning of life. During a vision quest in the Southwestern desert many years ago I had the experience of the entire universe pervaded by a living, lilting laughter—a universal joy that connected everything to everything else. I knew then that my goal in life was to maintain that state of awareness. Of course it only lasted for a moment, but it was a glimpse of eternity that I knew I had to find my way back to. And it appears that this might be the promise of the Mayan Calendar. However, to participate in the fruition of this promise we must be more than passive recipients of universal grace. We must become active co-creators in our own salvation. If we simply wait for delivery, it won’t be salvation that comes.

The Many Faces of Fear

Joy expands, flows, and connects. Fear, on the other hand, is the energy that contracts, stops, and disconnects. When fear is denied and/or unexpressed it prevents you from feeling love and creates a powerful filter through which your perceptions become distorted. You then experience life through the eyes of fear. It’s essential to know when the transition from joy to fear occurs, but one of our greatest problems is that we’re so used to fear that we assume it’s normal. Jenna Catherine repeatedly stresses that when fear is blocked and not allowed to flow, we block the flow of all other feelings. In order to experience flow, therefore, we must be willing to experience the entire emotional spectrum.

In The Collapsing Tower I build the case that nearly all fear comes from the ego, which is simply a temporary stage in the evolution of consciousness that we’ve mistakenly identified as the essence of who we are—the true or eternal Self. When you examine the functions of the ego it becomes evident how fear-based it is. The ego maintains its integrity by creating separateness (I not-I) by contracting and disconnecting from others, the environment, and even the physical body housing it. It then preoccupies itself with controlling everything that threatens its illusion of sovereignty. What psychology call “ego-defenses” are central to this purpose. Thinking, however, is its main strategy to maintain fear-based control. And this is the crux of our problem: To experience joy we must experience a free flow of energy, but thinking/controlling blocks this. This is why every enlightened human being has maintained that the ego is our greatest block to spiritual evolvement, and that we must transcend it in order to evolve.

Giving up control, therefore, is the key to creating energy flow and joy. This is tantamount to giving up the methods we use to mitigate fear, and these can be quite subtle, such as giving up illusions of predictability. For example, when we define something we place it in a category and believe we’re accounted for it, i.e., “know” it and can predict its behavior. When we “define” or name a disease-entity, for example, we reduce fear by creating the illusion we have some control over the disease. This goes back to the ancient superstition that if one names an “elemental entity” one has control over it. The same is true when we define a person. We think we know the person and can safely predict his or her behavior.

Thus, thinking in this manner is driven by fear. We attempt to “understand” or predict conditions or people by placing them in some familiar category from the past. We essentially create “cages” in which to place people or conditions in order to render them safe. The problem is that we can never really know anything or anyone in this way. With regard to people, in particular, we blame them for being unpredictable when they don’t act in accordance with the category we’ve caged them in. We say we can’t “count on them”, and frequently use this as a justification for feeling betrayed.

When we define something we limit it and block energetic flow. This can occur, as Jenna Catherine points out, in some subtle ways. For example, when we have an expectation or prediction, we are essentially shutting ourselves down, blocking flow, by defining and restricting possibilities. Similarly, “wondering” is also a form of control, because when we wonder we perceive through a filter.

The ego also controls memory to maintain its sense of identity. It does this by holding onto beliefs and filtering memories of the past through them. This creates a sense of static permanence, blocks energetic flow and aliveness, and imprisons us in a past based on limiting beliefs. The fact is, however, that we’re not who we believe we are, but who we feel we are. Thought blocks feeling and prevents us from knowing who we are.

Because thought constricts flow it creates fear and disconnectedness. Therefore we must practice knowing by feeling and intuition, which is a higher octave of feeling, as opposed to knowing by thinking. This can, at least at first, cause anxiety because it threatens the egos illusion of control, but it also opens us up to a reality of greater possibilities and an increased experience of energetic flow and aliveness.


Prior to writing the next section of this Newsletter I had a lucid dream. I was walking down a beach with several people at night and noticed two bright shooting stars. We sat on a sand dune to watch the ocean. Suddenly a fireball passed overhead. Someone excitedly pointed and said, “Look at the comet!” I said that it wasn’t a comet, but a space ship. Without any warning I found myself in a warehouse-like building knowing I was being held captive by aliens. In the distance I saw one of them. He was large and had the menacing appearance of a medieval depiction of the devil.

A thin, dark-haired man, somewhat disheveled and badly in need of a shave approached me. I intuitively know he’s a “stooge” of the devil/alien and has been enlisted to seduce me into the devil’s service. I found it odd that I didn’t experience any fear. I asked him, “Are you aware that you’ve sold your soul to the devil?” The man pulls back from me and I see tears and fear in his eyes. “Let me ask you a couple of questions”, I said. “The first one is, ‘What did he promise you in exchange for your soul?’ and the second is, ‘Did he deliver?” At this the man began to sob uncontrollably. I hugged him and said, “Look man. I’m just trying to help you.”

Suddenly the devil/alien appeared. He looked menacing and quite angry at this turn of events. I found it odd that I felt little fear, but knew that if I didn’t handle this situation right my mind could cause fear and things could go very badly for me. I detached from my thoughts and focused on the alien/devil and the sensations and feelings in my body. I noticed that he didn’t like this and tried to look more menacing. However, I detected some fear and confusion in his eyes. He withdrew slightly. He said, “Stop it! What are you doing?” I continued to observe. He really didn’t like this, and I noted that he backed off a little more. Then I pointed at him and started to laugh. He seemed ridiculous to me. I could now feel the fear coming from him, and he appeared to get a little smaller. I looked over at the dark-haired man and noted his confusion. Then I woke up to my alarm clock ringing.

Interpretation: I interpreted the alien/devil to symbolize the ego. This is consistent with the Hindu interpretation. The devil represents fear, domination, and materiality. I took the dark-haired man to symbolize human bondage—“selling his soul” for false promises of power, material gain, and the like. The man sobs when he realizes he’s been tricked. I saw the central idea of the dream as my detached observation of the devil/ego. He didn’t like this and it brought fear to his eyes. This was accomplished by observing him and whatever feelings and sensations I had, but keeping thoughts detached. This is the key method for disempowering the ego. If I had allowed fearful thoughts to enter he would have gained control over me. The fact that I laughed at him instead was very significant. I took that to be an instruction of how best to deal with the ego—that humor and joy could be used as an effective weapon against the “forces of darkness” depicted by the ridiculous figure of the devil. That his fear increased and he began to shrink I felt was the evidence that the ego/devil was fed by thoughts of fear and destroyed with joy.

Two-Stage Formula to Transcend the Ego and Increase Positive Polarization

These two stages entail 1) increasing joy (connectedness and universal flow) and 2) transmutation of negative feeling/emotion into positive flow.

1) Increasing Joy

Many people are conflicted over feeling joy. Frequently they think it’s frivolous and that seriousness is more “adult”, or they think they’re causing others to feel bad by expressing or even feeling joyous. In her book Jenna Catherine makes the interesting observation this this conflict is evident in the “jerky” way many people laugh. Most laughing is controlled, restrained, and the result is a staccato jerkiness, as if they were afraid of losing control. When we control laughing we block joy and flow, which is our essential nature and birthright and rob ourselves of a powerful healing energy.

Jenna Catherine also notes that we must learn to feel joy/humor on the cellular level, and that this is a very powerful method of healing. We are fully capable of “tuning in” to our bodily organs and feeling the emotional energies operating at this level. By seeing our cells and organs as sentient entities we can establish an energetic flow with them. By doing this we interconnect with them and thereby create joyousness that is healing. This is particularly important for individuals who have diseased cells or organs, because the cause of nearly all disease is disconnectedness. When a part of the physical body (or psyche) is wounded, hurt, or diseased we typically isolate or disconnect it from the totality of ourselves. All this does is make the condition worse. To heal we must do the reverse and flow loving compassion to the damaged part and establish a healing flow. As we proceed toward the fruition of the Mayan Calendar in 2011 I suspect that standard allopathic medicine, which is based on fear and assaulting sick cells and organs with dangerous drugs, will be replaced by the conscious creation of joyous flow.

In our daily living we must seek opportunities for creating more joy. I’ve noticed that people are spending more time connecting with friends and family as the economy worsens—staying home and playing board games and eating at home rather than going out and spending, for example. Many people have told me how much more joyful and rewarding they find these activities. In a similar vein, many people are finding service work a source of joy and rewarding replacement for more self-serving activities.

We can also extend moments of joy. We don’t have to rush through these moments to get on with the “more important things in life.” Perhaps the creation of joy is the most important thing in life. After all, it connects us with the source of life, promotes psychological and physical health, connects us with others and Nature, and creates positive life experiences.

Jenna Catherine offered a good general rule that I think is important and useful: “When fatigue, disorientation, resistance are in control of us, and nothing seems to ‘go right’, we are bucking and resisting the flow of universal energy. When we are peaceful, productive, in rhythm with our environment, we are aligned with the flow.”

2) Transmutation of Fear and Negativity into Free Energy

You can refer to The Collapsing Tower and prior Newsletters for additional treatment of this subject. The central idea, supported by modern physics and quantum mechanics, is that universal energy is the medium from which everything that exists is created. This energetic substrate has a number of different names: Akasha, Tao, Orgone, Vril, Ether, and many others. This energy is infinitely malleable and from it come all the manifested forms of the phenomenal world. On the emotional level these forms are the spectrum of all emotions and feelings, and on the physical level we perceive them as objects, including biological life forms, and experiences. Thus everything in creation can be considered structured universal energy.

It is thought that structures universal energy into all of the forms we know. Thought-forms maintain the integrity and functioning of everything on the physical, biological, and psychological levels of existence. Thus, if the form of the thought changes, then the structuring of the universal energy changes. If the thought-form is detached from the structured universal energy it maintains, then that structure “de-structures” or dissolves back into free universal energy, which we experience as flow or joy—and it is this point that is the key to transmutation or, to use the old term, “alchemy”.

This is the purpose of the Buddhist method of detachment. It’s not to change one thing into another thing, such as lead into gold, but to transmute leaden structured universal energy into the spiritual gold of the flowing universal energy of joy by removing the influence of thought. Let’s now consider the method of transmuting fear and other negative emotional states into the free energy of joy.

First of all it’s important to understand that all thoughts—beliefs, expectations, evaluations, and the like constrict, structure, and dam up universal energy into thought-forms. When we base our identities on a system of beliefs, therefore, we feel tight and constricted and limit our perceptions to conform to those beliefs. Such belief-based thought-forms create corresponding emotions. Confusion arises from this, because most people don’t discriminate themselves from beliefs about themselves or the emotional energies these beliefs generate about themselves. For example, if a person has been taught to believe he’s bad and unacceptable he’ll likely have belief-generated self-hatred. He may spend his life hating himself, and do things to justify this self-hatred, not realizing its all derived from a negative belief he accepted that probably has nothing at all to do with who he really is. Furthermore, not only do the emotional reactions he has toward himself have to do with beliefs about him, the emotional reactions he has toward others are generated by his beliefs about himself. Thus, he projects his self-hatred onto others.

Whether the fear and other negative emotional states—which are based on fear—that we carry within us are generated from corresponding beliefs we’re adopted or created, or are the result of empathic contagion from others or the general collective is quite irrelevant. All negativity can be transmuted to joyful flow by using the following method:

1) Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Be aware of your breathing, feelings and sensations in your body, and any constriction along the central vertical axis. Note particularly constriction in your throat, chest, solar plexus/diaphragm, abdominal area, and pelvic/genital area.

These areas of constriction reflect blocked emotional flow. Don’t be concerned about exactly what emotions are blocked. To start with, however, we’ll work to transmute only one negative feeling. We’re looking to open up blockage, regardless of what is blocked, in order to increase flow.

2) Become aware of the feelings in your body, and select one that you want to unblock. It could be sadness, fear, guilt, hate, or anger for example. Notice where in your body that feeling seems to constrict. If you can’t find a corresponding constricted area just be aware of the feeling.

3) Breathe a little deeper. Breathe into the constricted area where the feeling seems to be located, or just breathe into the feeling if you can’t locate the physical constriction.

4) Now, become aware of the feeling as simply energy—not labeled as fear, anger, etc., but just energy. Keep breathing into that structured energy “mass”, and also become aware of the sensations in your body.

5) Fully embrace the structured energy with your breath. Fully feel the energy and any associated sensations.

6) Allow thoughts, images, or memories to simply be there. Don’t suppress or focus on them. Let them drift by. Keep your focus on your breath, the energy you’ve been embracing, and the sensations. As you do this for a minute or two you may notice the energy changing, as well as the sensations. Keep letting your thoughts drift by and maintain your focus. Breathe a little more deeply and notice how this affects the feeling of the energy. Don’t try to stop anything, or make anything happen.

7) As you continue to do this you may feel an emotional release. You could also feel energy coming out of your fingertips, feet, or face—or your body may tremble. Don’t try to control any of this if it happens. Keep your focus on your breath and observe what’s happening. Continue your breath and observation for a few more minutes.

8) As the original structured energy becomes de-structured you may begin to experience a floating sensation, a flow in and around your body. Flow is different than defined or structured emotional reactions. Flow is subtle and constant, while emotional reactions are like bursts of energy.

9) Be still and breath normally for a few minutes. Notice how the experience of flow feels.

Flow and Manifestation

When you are in the Flow you are in direct connection with the creative substrate that underlies all existence. In this state your intentions and thoughts have much more power than in the typical state of constriction in which most people live. There is also great healing potential here, because you have a greater ability to make connection with the organs and cells of your body. By maintaining the joyful universal flow of life you can influence cells, organs, others, and different life-forms by focusing on them with the intention of bring them into the Flow with you. This is the essence of healing. The truth is that no one heals anyone or anything. The Flow does it all. We can only serve as facilitators to bring others into the Flow when we are there ourselves.

The more joy we can experience the greater the Flow we can likewise experience. This is how avatars and great spiritual adepts heal simply with their presence. To attain this level of service takes a great deal of practice and focus. We can, however, move in this direction with diligence. The more of us who do this, the greater the influence we exert on the human collective.

In the difficult times we are in, and will be in, this will be our greatest protection and guarantee of survival and spiritual development. From a state of joy we manifest positive conditions in life. Things naturally go right. We don’t have to plan positive life experiences as they flow naturally to us, and we to them. Thus, it not necessary to do anything, because simply being in the flow of joy is sufficient. Also, as we cultivate more joy in our lives and transmute negative emotions we become more positively polarized, and this serves as a protection against negativity. On the physical plane opposites attract, such as the negative and positive poles of a magnet or male and female biological bodies but this doesn’t seem to be the case on the nonphysical, where like attracts like. Positively polarized beings are attracted to one another, and likewise for the negatively polarized.

Dissolution of Negative Thought-Forms

Thought-forms are structures that are created from the universal flow of energy—just like any other structure. The difference between these and any other structured forms is that they exist on the mental plane and are maintained in existence by an even higher plane—the causative. My guess is that it would take a very evolved Self-realized being to operate on the level required to dissolve thought-forms. Thus, from our perspective they could be considered more or loss eternal. However, we do have choice in the quality of thought-forms we identify with and entertain.

We serve that with which we identify. The existence of powerful negative and positive thought-forms on the higher mental plane may serve our spiritual development. They are truly the agents of creation, and depending upon which of these we identify with we co-creators in the furthering of love and Light or fear and Darkness. It’s in this choice that we have power and hold the keys to our destiny and the destiny of our planet.

Planetary Healing Through Human Interconnectedness

When we choose thought-forms that create joy, love, cooperation, and connection we choose to co-create with the Great Beings of Light that exist on the highest planes. We align with lesser beings of Darkness when we identify with thought-forms that create fear, separateness, domination, and disconnection.

When we choose to increase our joy and the joy of others, either through the seeking of sources of joy and/or transmuting negative emotions to joyful Flow, we are doing the greatest service for ourselves, others, and the planetary eco-system. As mentioned in a prior Newsletter human disconnectedness and the resulting negative thought-forms have a powerful negative effect on all life forms.


A new perspective on the Mayan calendar end date controversy
William C. Treurniet, March, 2007

Summary. A previous study found a relationship between the number of earthquakes in the lower mantle and the structure of the Mayan calendar. As predicted by a model proposed by Calleman (2004), the number of earthquakes alternated in successive 360-day periods corresponding to the Days and Nights of the Galactic Underworld. The present study investigated the strength of this alternating pattern beginning in 1973. The data show that the pattern weakly appeared in 1991, but faded away only to reappear in 1996. It increased in strength from 1996 up to the present. These observations indicate that the pulses of the universal consciousness field proposed by the model were felt perhaps three years before the onset of the Galactic Underworld. The magnitude increased with each successive Underworld Day, and the trend suggests that it will continue to increase in the future.

As described in Carl Johan Calleman's book, "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness", the Mayan calendar consists of nine embedded cycles, or Underworlds, all ending on the same date. A cycle is subdivided into 13 equal intervals, each ruled by a particular deity representing certain principles. Calleman sees opposing characteristics or yin/yang traits in successive pairs of intervals in a cycle, and describes an Underworld as a sequence of six Day/Night pairs plus a final Day. We are currently in the Galactic Underworld spanning the interval from January 5, 1999 to October 28, 2011. An earlier report found a relationship betweeen the Day/Night structure of the Galactic Underworld and earthquake activity in the lower mantle next to the earth's core.

Each Day or Night of the cycle has a duration of 360 of our 24 hour days. Earthquakes in the lower mantle were counted for each of the Days and Nights up to the present, and the counts were observed to vary as a function of the Day/Night structure. A wrinkle was thrown into the study by a controversy regarding the actual end date of the calendar. Calleman maintains that the end date is October 28, 2011, while the more conventional view is that the end date is December 21, 2012. A change in the end date obviously alters the time span occupied by the fixed length Galactic Underworld. Therefore, the earthquake counts were obtained for the Day/Night intervals corresponding to both end dates of 2011 and 2012.

  Figure 1 shows the relationships discovered in the previous study.

For the 2011 end date, almost all of the Night counts are higher than the Day counts, while the converse is true for the 2012 end date. The phase shift in the counts over Days is obviously a result of the 420-day difference in the end dates. The observed oscillations over Days and Nights were taken to be consistent with predictions made by a physical model proposed by Calleman. Figure 1 

Although the observed patterns were consistent with the model, the disagreement over the calendar end dates resulted in an ambiguous conclusion. It is possible that a better understanding of the overall structure of the earthquake data might help in our interpretation of the results. The purpose of this study is to create such a wider context. To begin, a visual representation of the actual distribution of lower mantle earthquakes was created. Figure 2 shows a histogram of quake frequency from 1973 to the present, and Figure 3 shows the same data smoothed with an exponential filter (coefficient= .001) and a moving average filter using a triangular kernel with a width of 300 days.

Figure 2 

 Figure 3 


The figures clearly show an increase in the frequency of earthquakes over time. Further, there appears to be a step-wise increment at around the 4200 day point and again, at around 8800 days. These may represent actual increases in earthquake frequency, but might also be an artifact if more sensitive detection technologies were introduced around these times.

Figure 4 shows the data of Figure 2 smoothed with a sliding rectangular window with a width equal to the Galactic Underworld Day; that is, 360 of our days. Selections from this data were used to create Figure 1. Thus, this is the wider context that we want to examine.

 Figure 4 


The periodicity of the earthquake count shown in Figure 4 was measured using a Hann window and a Fourier transform on 4096 data points. Data was extracted starting at points 4230 and 8334, and the resulting power spectra are shown in Figure 5. The figure shows a relatively large spectral component in the second interval at 745 days/cycle, while the first interval has a much weaker and broader peak component. The 745 days/cycle corresponds well to the alternating pattern of Figure 1 where each point is the number of quakes in successive 360-day intervals. The latter is close to half a cycle at the peak frequency.

 Figure 5 

In the previous study, Figure 1 was created by conceptually placing a single measurement window over the data of Figure 4 at the start of the first Day of the Galactic Underworld. The window was subdivided into seven (2012) or eight (2011) adjacent 360-day segments depending on the available Days and Nights. The counts corresponding to each segment were used to create the lines in the graph. It is of interest to see whether or not the oscillating patterns of Figure 1 are unusual. This was determined using a spectrum measurement obtained with a Hann window and an 8-point Fourier transform. The strength of the alternating pattern is proportional to the power of the highest frequency component of the spectrum. Figure 6 shows how the magnitude of this component varies as the start of the measurement window is positioned over successive days in Figure 4.

 Figure 6 


The graph of Figure 6 is specifically designed to show the occurrance of the oscillating pattern seen in Figure 1. The pattern appears if the earthquakes are appropriately distributed in time according to a chosen segment width of around 360 days. The larger the value on the graph, the greater the amplitude of the pattern at that point in time. Clearly, the pattern is a relatively recent phenomenon. There is a tendency for the pattern to appear between days 7000 to 9000, but the most interesting events begin to occur after about the 9000th day. The successive sharp peaks indicate that the pattern is periodic, and the consistent growth in amplitude says that the pattern is becoming more pronounced as old data from Figure 4 is moved out of the measurement window on the left and new data enters on the right. Figure 7 shows the oscillatory patterns corresponding to the two right-most peaks of Figure 6.


Figure 7 

The legend of Figure 7 shows the start dates of the patterns as January 18, 1999 and January 28, 2000. If these are used as start dates for the Galactic Underworld, the calculated end dates are November 10, 2011, and November 19, 2012, respectively. These dates are not very different from the disputed end dates of October 28, 2011, and December 21, 2012. It is not surprising, then, that Figure 7 appears similar to Figure 1 which is based on the disputed end dates. Figure 6 suggests that the two patterns are part of a larger sequence of patterns that appears to be growing in amplitude with each successive Underworld Day or Night.

On the basis of this physical evidence, it is reasonable to consider the possibility that both end dates are meaningful. Both were approximately derived using earthquake data that point to the existence of a single underlying wave-like process. The disputed end dates may both be in the Mayan record because the record may be more about the single underlying event than about the elements of which it is composed.

The results of Figure 6 were obtained using a 360-day window segment, but they are not affected much if the width is changed to 365 days. Therefore, alternative interpretations based on the solar year are not excluded.