Change From Mechanical To Natural Time

by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles


This is a transcription of an audio recording of a video that was filmed by R.J. in Sedona, Arizona, as Jose and Lloydine visited with us to share their new message with the world, a message of peace, prophecy and calendar change. This article was first printed in the June issue of the Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE!. Lloydine begins the discussion.

At the time of the Harmonic Convergence, there was a great explosion of energy. No one knew quite what it was, why it happened. But for us, it was a part of an experiment in living according to the understanding the Maya had of calendars, timing systems, and a mathematics that describes time as the fourth dimension. So we're here tonight under a lot of umbrellas --of prophets and scientists that have gone before us, of much information that has moved through us.

And we are planetary peace pilgrims. At this moment we're going around the world in 80 days for a new time of planetary peace. This trip for me has been yet another teaching that when we relax and do not live in fear, everything comes together. So our message tonight is about getting rid of an old calendar and getting on a new time, because you really can't have a new age without understanding the new time.

We're here tonight as two human beings on a mission. After the Harmonic Convergence we learned not to use money. We are taken care of wherever we go, and fundamentally, we don't charge for this message.

[Jose:] Ho! This is a message of the truth. Because it's the truth we do not charge for it. This is a message of living prophecy, and this living prophecy is now churning and turning in the hearts and minds of many people in many places on this planet. This is a living prophecy, a living message, and we are messengers. We are planetary peace-pilgrim messengers and galactic  messengers. We are bringing news of the arrival of galactic culture.

We began our experiment in living totally in fourth-dimensional time six years ago when we first came to Sedona. That was in February 1989, when we were driving from Boulder, Colorado, to Malibu, California, on our way to nowhere. We stopped in Sedona because we had seen the Sedona Harmonic Convergence video, and we said, Wow, that Sedona is a pretty place and those people got it together to do something there. Someone else had sent me a copy of  Architectural Digest from 1988, which pictured a new home style called the Harmonic Convergence that was being built in Sedona. So we decided we had to go see those Harmonic Convergence houses! Thus we came here. Needless to say, we were here long enough to be enchanted by the rocks and depart knowing that there was certainly a powerful magnet for Harmonic Convergence architecture in Sedona. Not having met many people here, it was just a stop-over. But everyone on the planet knows Sedona; you should know that. (Of course, it also has an interplanetary reputation.)

I guess everyone here knows about us from the Harmonic Convergence or the books The Mayan Factor, Surfers of the Zuvuya, Mandala, Earth Ascending, The Transformative Vision or from the Dreamspell Calendar Game. I'm a messenger and a pioneer, I know now that I chose this birth for this specific reason; I've learned in the past two years that I chose this mission. Part of my choosing this mission was to come here and spend this moment with you, here.

Our feeling was, if there's any place with enough sparks to light a fire, it's Sedona.

Part of our mission was also to bring the prophecy of Pacal VOTAN to the Hopi elder Thomas Banyaca, and yesterday, thanks to Alan Leon and his shamanic-journey Chevrolet, we had a perfect shamanic journey to Hopi mesa.

He had sent brother elder Thomas Banyaca the prophecy of Pacal VOTAN, having sent him from Chile news of our mission at the beginning of the year. In Chile we could hear the pounding down from Hopi mesa to the Alchi valley there, so we knew that we had to come and see brother Thomas Banyaca.

I had met Thomas once or twice before; the first time was in 1972 when I heard him give the Hopi prophecy. From that time on, I carried the little booklet that told about the beginning of life to the Day of Purification that Dan Kachangra, the elder, had spokenand had had transcribed. It was clear from the  communication we had from Thomas yesterday that it's now time for the people. The prophets have spoken, and it's about time for the people to speak, to arise and become the prophets of peace. Thomas said that everyone knows now what the score is, everyone knows what's going down, who is running the show, and that it's been going on for a long time. And everyone knows whether they like it or not.

Everybody remembers the prophecy of Dwight D. Eisenhower: "There will come a time when the military-industrial complex will be so strong and powerful that it can't be stopped; only the people will be able to stop them." Well, that time has come. That is why we are here.

The Harmonic Convergence was the first step to our coming to Sedona. And the Harmonic Convergence was based on the studies of the Mayan calendar, the Mayan mathematics and the Mayan prophecy. The book The Mayan Factor has a now-famous picture on its cover of the sarcophagus lid of Pacal VOTAN in Palenque. He has been referred to as the Astronaut of Palenque by some Russian in the 1970s who thought it looked like an astronaut at his controls (close, but no cigar). It is thanks to Pacal VOTAN that the Harmonic Convergence really came about, and it is thanks to him that I'm here right now.

Pacal VOTAN and His Tomb

Pacal VOTAN was the Mayan prophet who lived in the seventh century of this Christian era between the years 631 and 683. It took nine years after 683, when he disincarnated, to build the nine-leveled Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque, and at the bottom of the temple in his tomb. His tomb was dedicated in the year 692. When the departure of the Maya took place in 830 A.D. at the end of the tenth baktun, no one knew about that tomb any longer.

One thousand years later, in the year 1692, letters were written between a couple of Benedictine or Franciscan monks living in Chiapas concerning a lost text called "The Trials of Pacal VOTAN." No one has ever found this text, but there's information in correspondence about it that tells us a little about Pacal VOTAN.

Pacal VOTAN, the letters said, was alive at the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, at the time of Noah, and was one of the prophets who followed Noah. It was Pacal VOTAN, they noted, who sailed from the  old world to the new and founded the city of Palenque. It is also said that he traveled from a distant place called Valum Chivum, a star place, to this planet and built a tower. Beneath that tower was a rock, and Pacal VOTAN traveled through this rock by means of a serpent's ladder, and was said to have made four visits to this rock. This is what was told in the lost book of the tales of Pacal VOTAN.

In the same year, 1692, in the prophecies of the Chilam Balam, Juan Martinez, the shipwrecked sailor, tells the story of finding a golden house with four doors, nine levels and thirteen courtyards. If it were not for these two accounts about Pacal VOTAN, we would know very little of what we know today concerning time. In The Mayan Factor I refer to Pacal VOTAN as the head navigator of the Mayan technical expedition to planet Earth, which left behind keys and codes of time. Because of my description of him in The Mayan Factor, I was later rewarded for having understood this dimension of Pacal VOTAN.

In 1952 (when I was 13 years old) and archaeologist named Alberto Ruz discovered the tomb of Pacal VOTAN. He noticed a curious stone in the floor of the pyramid, Temple of the Inscriptions, at its top. He lifted up this stone in 1949 and saw some rubble and one other thing: a tube made out of something like ceramic tiles. Ruz said later on that if it had not been for that tube, he never would have removed the rubble. He started digging out the stairway that from the floor of the temple at the top of the pyramid down to the tomb and the sarcophagus below. As he dug out that rubble, he noticed that the tube ran all the way down into the tomb itself. He opened the huge door to that tomb on June 15, 1952. Ruz said it was awesome and mystical, because he knew that door hadn't been opened since 692. He said he could feel the breath of the last people who closed that door. He saw that that tube went right into the tomb. If it had not been for the tube, that tomb would not have been found!

What was that tube? Alberto Ruz figured it was a speaking tube through which Pacal VOTAN functioned as an oracle speaking from the Earth to the temple above. This tube was called Telektonon, the Earth-spirit-speaking-tube.

I knew about this tomb, too; even before the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 we traveled to Palenque on guidance from Pacal VOTAN to perform a ceremony. We went to Palenque again in 1989 with our beloved (and befuddled) friend Hunbatz Men, who was able to get clearance with the Mexican government and the archeological institute INA to have ceremony at Palenque on March 12, 1989. It was the first time there had been ceremony there in many years -- perhaps a millennium. When we marched in with Aztec dancers and arrived at the Temple of Inscriptions, Hunbatz Men asked me to do the invocation. I did the invocation, the opening of Palenque, and then we didi a meditation on the steps. Afterward, brother Hunbatz asked me, "What did Pacal VOTAN say to you, brother Jose?" And I said, "Brother Hunbatz, Pacal VOTAN came to me and said that he was going to return, or that his information was going to return and in a form that would make it universally available for every human being on the planet, no matter whether they'd ever heard of Palenque or not." That was March 12, 1989, day Nine Star on the Dreamspell calendar.

From the Harmonic Convergence we knew that we had to keep working with the mathematical codes, and that the Harmonic Convergence proved that the prophecy was correct. What prophecy? The prophecy of the Harmonic Convergence. This is a living prophecy, the prophecy of the thirteen Heavens and the nine Hells. I had learned this from Tony Shearer, in his book Lord of the Dawn, published in 1971. (Tony is a Moab hiding out.) Tony gave me this information in 1970, saying that the thirteen Heavens and the nine Hells each had 52 years, the first of these cycles beginning in 843 A.D.

To review, Pacal VOTAN lived from 631 to 683 A.D. The closing of his tomb and its dedication was in 692 A.D. The seven generations (which is also part of the prophecy) were from 692 to 830 A.D., at the closing of the tenth baktun. The thirteen years of waiting ended in 843 A.D. at the beginning of the thirteen Heaven cycles, which ended August 16-17, 1987. What was to come after the nine Hell cycles? The Harmonic Convergence was the opening to the final cycle.

The Harmonic Convergence prophecy said that these dates (August 16 and 17, 1987) mark the beginning of the final 25 years of the 13-baktun cycle, the cycle of history that ran from 3113 B.C. to 2012 A.D. as well as the final 26 years of the 26,000 year cycle, to the beginning of the new cycle in 2013, a 25 to 26 year closeout. The prophecy said that if 144,000 people were able to greet the Sun on this day, August 16, and remain in meditation circles for these days, that would open the doors to saving the planet. The prophecy also said that only by returning to nature would we be able to save the planet. In other words, the Harmonic Convergence prophecy said that the age of materialism was now to be over, and that we were to return to nature somehow or another.

An Error In Time

Now, I'm a child of the 60s, and it was in the late 1960s that we had what's called the back-to-the-Earth-movement. It didn't last long. Sun-Bear lasted it: I was with him when we started this community back then near Grass Valley, his first one. People asked, "Does that mean that we give up Haagen Dazs?" What does it mean to return to the Earth? No one understood that; it was very hard to hear that part of the prophecy. Some said, "Ah, this is the beginning of the New Age." Well, the New Age had been a great marketing concept since 1987, but it wasn't a great marketing concept for me. I'm a dangerous person.

After I got the message from Pacal VOTAN, back in March 1989, we knew we had to finish the codes. By the end of that year we had already let go of materialism, the first step. The second step was to continue to faithfully live the Mayan cycles and see if we could get that into this universal core.

We found ourselves, by destiny, in Geneva, Switzerland, in December 1989, visiting the Museum of Time. We were there for two hours on a cold Sunday morning, when Lloydine and I had the greatest mutual AHA! in all history.

The first stage of the mutual AHA! was telling the museum people that the Museum of Time is really the Museum of Mechanical Time.

I have been living the Mayan calendar faithfully every day for about five years, as a scientific experiment. In the works of Carlos Castenada you have to know the separate reality, you have to know, you have to have a texture of two different realities to know. We had our texture because we had dropped out. We had been living Mayan cycles on the island of Maui, and we now were in the Museum of Time in Geneva. We had made the discovery that what people think is time is totally erroneous. We are living an error in time; this is the message.

All of humanity at this moment, everyone here is wearing a watch, everyone here who believes that this reality is July 28, 1998 is living an error in time.

Because we knew the Mayan cycles, we could see this very clearly. We could see that mechanical times is based on an idea of movement in space, and space and time are two different things. We have to go back to a really basic level; we've been living a gross metaphysical error, and that's why our biosphere is about ready to die. Why? The mechanical clock is based on the division of space upon a two-dimensional plane in space. But that is not time; it's a concept, an illusion. That circle in space divided into twelve parts, the idea of the mechanical clock -- where did that come from? We're talking about bedrock levels of dogma, folks. Where did that division of twelve come from?

It came from the same place your 12 month calendar came from. The 12 month calendar and your clock with the 12 units around it both came from Babylon, from the priests of the calends (that's how we get the word calendar). The Egyptians had created this geometry of the circle in space and the 12 divisions, 30 degrees each. Then the Babylonians took it and made a 12 month calendar out of it. It's not a lunar calendar, is it, the Gregorian calendar? It's not a solar calendar, either. (Yes, there's a counting of the 365 days and nights that the Earth makes around the Sun, but it's not a solar calendar.) What's February got to do with the solar cycle? Or March? "September" means "seventh month", but is it? Why do you follow an irrational, irregular thing like that, a medieval device that was created in Babylon 5000 years ago?

Clocks are based on the same thing. A division of space is not time! Space you can see on the texture of your watch, the dimensions of it. But time; you can't touch time. Time is of the mind and space is third-dimensional.

Mechanical time keeps you in the third dimension. We're all still here in our physical bodies, and we're all still wanting to get to the fourth dimension. Well, you can get to that ultimate vortex if you understand that first of all, we're all living in an error of time. We came back to Maui in 1990, and we wrote it up and had some of it sent to the Academy of Science in Moscow. They were very interested in it. We understood that the first thing we had to do to straighten out humanity is get them off this Gregorian calendar because it's a fundamental dogmatic belief and error. We tried telling people, but we didn't get very far. It's a very bad thing to communicate.

You have to understand that time is of the mind. No matter how independent you think you are, no matter how evolved or spiritual you think you think you are, sometime or another you still know it's, say, April, or perhaps "afternoon," because you've got an appointment. We understood that we're all hooked in and living in this. We had made a discovery of the Law of Time.

That law is very simple: It says that there is one timing frequency that unifies the whole galactic order, from its largest constituent to its smallest, most minute microbial part. This was the unified field theory that eluded Einstein. Time is the unifying field. Time is the unifying frequency that keeps it all together. Time is of the mind, it is the fourth dimension.

If you follow, or are hooked into via collective consciousness, a timing device that is irregular, inharmonic, based on no cycle of nature, artificial, connected with another device that is mechanistic and speeded up, that's what's going to happen to your mind , to your life, and to your civilization. The end result will be a disaster for the planet.

We're the only species not living according to our natural timing frequency. We're the only species that wears a watch. That might seem like a topological joke, but it's true. We're the only species that follows a calendar, a Gregorian calendar that is neither solar nor lunar.

Origins of the Gregorian Calendar

We use a Gregorian calendar, which came from Pope Gregory XIII, 1582, who took ten days out of time. On October 6 he went to bed, and woke up on October 16. It was a unilateral decision by the Vatican. Why? Because the Christian armies of Europe had pretty well conquered most of the indigenous peoples on the planet and needed to have a mental time framing device for imposing all their new religious holidays.

The papal edict of 1452 called the Doctrine of Discovery paved the way by announcing that if any Christian discovered a land occupied by non-Christians, the Christian had the right to confiscate that land. That was the beginning of real estate. And the indigenous peoples have always been the losers. Once the Church enacted the Doctrine of Discovery during the Age of Discovery, then in 1582 it was followed by Pope Gregory's new artificial calendar, which we all use today. Within 200 years everybody in Europe and the colonies was using it; it's the calendar of colonialism. The U.N. says the 90s is the decade to end colonialism. Well, one way would be by getting rid of his calendar, because it's a belief system you're going to get rid of. By the beginning of the 20th century this calendar was used by every people on the planet. Why? Because every single bank is based on this calendar: mortgages, interest rates, everything is based on it. Every single law that exists by any government in the 20th century is based on this calendar.

We first proposed getting rid of this calendar in 1992. We had come up with the "Dreamspell," which is actually the mathematics of fourth-dimensional time. Albert Einstein stated that time is the fourth dimension, but he couldn't tell you how to get there or what that meant. Why? Because all the mathematics we had were the mathematics of space, the mathematics of the third dimension. Why do we live in a materialist world? Why are we captured on the material plane? Why are we still denizens of the prison of the physical plane? Because we don't know what time it is. And what's worse, we're imprisoned by a false time, an artificial time. This false time that we call the 12:60 time has a 12 month year and a 60 minute hour. This 12:60 time is the artificial time, and we're the only species that lives by it.

We're also the only species destroying our planet. We have come across the error in time that is the fundamental error at the root of all our problems. If we solve this error, we will have taken the first step toward the rapid solution to everything that's bothering us on this planet today. This is the message and we are the messengers. The true timing frequency is the 13:20.

[Lloydine:] I wish to talk about the natural timing frequency of 13:20. At the root of 13 is a woman's menstrual cycle. So women have biologically held the natural cycle, the solar calendar cycle of 28 day cycle that occurs 13 times per year. Multiply that 13 by 28 days, and you have 364 days. That extra day is called the Free Day. The cycle of 13:20 was used by the Maya in their sacred calendar, the Tzol'Kin. Twenty is our base of numbering, because we have a total of 20 fingers and toes. The decimal system is based only on our hands. Because we have 20 digits, 13:20 is the natural timing frequency.

Harmonic Convergence II

[Jose:] In 1992 Sedona came up on our TV screen again when we watched Dan Rather on July 26 and saw that Harmonic Convergence II was taking place here in Sedona -- another reason for our being here now. We understood at that time that the purpose of the Harmonic Convergence II was to set the calendar in order. By the end of 1992 and 1993 I was receiving more "calls" from Pacal VOTAN. He had written a number texts including Harmonic Convergence:

The Inside Story; The Treatise On Time; and the Story of Time. We sent all these manuscripts to a major publisher who was also our agent. The editor of this publishing company was very much in favor of all our work.

We had had some feeling already that our communiques were not being well received by the powers that be, especially since we were calling for a return to the old time and an end to money, because the philosophy of mechanical time is Time Is Money. You can't do anything without it, it's true. Why do we live in materialism? Because every single value that exists is pro-rated -- that's materialism. We learned that my name was being black-listed and that no one was going to publish any of my new works. And we realized that we should just keep moving.

We'd been lying very low as it was; in early 1993 we moved onto the big island of Hawaii, where we have generous patrons. We were there on July 26, 1993 (July 26 is the solar galactic synchronization date, when the third and fourth dimensional cycles hook up. When we talk about the fourth dimensional cycle, we're referring to cycles of time that are mentally knowable. Once something is mentally knowable, it is livable.) So on this day, which was the day of Magnetic Seed, Kin 144 (which of course is the mystic Harmonic Convergence number again), July 26, 1993 yours truly received a manuscript from a dear friend in Mexico. Tynetta came to Hawaii to deliver a manuscript which at first I looked at very skeptically. It had been published in Cuba in 1970 and was supposedly a lost Mayan text. I began to read it and had very profound experiences -- the most profound altered-state experiences I had every known were triggered simply by reading this text. It stirred up deep memories, and soon after, I began to receive the prophecy of Pacal VOTAN -- the Telektonon. The Telektonon of Pacal VOTAN is the last prophecy; because the cycle ends in 2012/2013, it's the last prophecy for the cycle.

The prophecy itself says that if we don't "get it," we going to lose our biosphere. On the right hand of this map it shows that Earth had a population explosion after the Machine Age began in 1753; the population doubled in only 90 years, and doubled again in another 90 years. Since 1930, it's nearly tripled. The invention of the clock and the adoption of the Gregorian calendar occurred in the same year, 1582. The scientific revolution began in 1618, and its byword was that God was a clock-maker and the universe His giant clock. The scientist's mission was to figure out how the universe works and create the Industrial Revolution. Modern materialism was born this way.

And what we don't understand but have to understand right now is that with the discovery of the Law of Time, when we entered the age of industrialism, we attempted to set our DNA to a machine frequency, 12:60. That's why the population exploded, and it's still exploding: because we're trying to keep up with the machines. We can make machines faster than we can make ourselves, so we try to make ourselves faster to keep up with our machine production. If you can become a galactic anthropologist and travel around the planet, you can see what's going on. We are the bees: ultimately, we fornicate so the machines may flower -- Toyota! Chrysler! -- all of them, every year more of them. Why? Santiago, Chile gets 50,000 more automobiles every month! Between May and December 1994, Rio de Janeiro had another 100,000 cars on its streets. We were there and we couldn't walk.

We've reached the point that's technically called the biogeochemical combustion. But the biosphere is a finite, limited thing. It can take only so much stress. And we're increasing our population by a quarter million every day. And another 200 species become extinct at our expense. The biosphere lives by a type of tensegrity, the pressure of species, so that when one species dominates, artificially creating biogeochemical combustion, we have an imbalance in the biosphere. Our species is racing to maintain itself in an artificial timing frequency that no other species here  maintains.

The Last Prophecy

I began to receive the prophecy of Pacal VOTAN in 1993, and it's the last prophecy because of this situation. The prophecy simply says that we are living an error in time. Because of this error in time you are all living in the Tower of Babel. But you can change your way simply by eliminating the Gregorian calendar and immediately adopting the 13 moon, 28 day calendar, which is an actual, biological, and solar timing frequency. It's harmonic, it's regular, it's in tune with the biosphere and the planet and the Sun. It's in tune with the fourth-dimensional timing frequency, which is bringing the galactic culture fast. And the only escape from materialism is galactic culture.

We began receiving this prophecy from Pacal VOTAN in August 1993, and we knew we had to go immediately to Mexico. We knew the time was right to leave the Hawaiian Islands and the United States, so we left everything we had. We haven't been on the mainland of the United States for three years; Sedona's our second stop. Because of the situation regarding the ideas of Jose Arguelles in this country, we consider ourselves to have been in exile for three years.

We arrived in Mexico and there was a great deal of interest in our work. We spent four or five very intense months there. The prophecy of Pacal VOTAN was completed on Gregorian calendar date January 22, 1994 (day 12 Seed); the written part of the prophecy was received in the nine-day period from about January 13 through 22. I've received a vision from Pacal VOTAN -- incidentally, my relationship to Pacal VOTAN is very special -- and I hasten to add that the telepathic communication with Pacal VOTAN probably lasted no more than 30 seconds, but because it is so fast, it accomplishes much.


The video, peace plan, and the prophecy are all available from Terra-Metara Distribution, P.O. Box 2945, Sedona, AZ 86339-2945. When you receive these materials, please do your part to help get the message around the world.

Share them with everyone you know, and enjoy.