by anonymous


While sleeping, I became aware of a presence entering the room and willed myself to awaken from sleep to ascertain who it was that was visiting, as well as the reason for the visit. Upon doing so, I realized that I had awakened to a subtle state of awareness that was no longer limited to the senses perceived by the physical body still sleeping in it's original position.

As I proceeded gracefully aloft towards the foot of the bed through the vehicle of the subtle body, I came to rest, seated upon the foot of the bed, facing the Native guardian standing before me. Though I had never met him before, I immediately sensed that I knew him, and sensed also, that he was from the Southwest, probably ... New Mexico. He was tall, of slim build and had short curly dark hair. As I was about to stand with the intention of embracing him in great love, he placed his hand upon my shoulder and stated telepathically, that I should not move, or it may alter my state of awareness.

Suddenly, I found myself standing facing the opposite direction in a realm where earth and sky and the room I was in, were one, as in different realities or dimensions, sharing the same space, and proceeded to reach down into the rich soft soil of the Earth, to bring forth a flaming crystal spearhead of obsidian essence.

For a brief instant I had the sense that the spearhead was pristinely clear as in faultless and colorless glass and then it was as if it had transformed before me so that it was in reality, a dark, crystal spearhead, as suggested by intuitively sensing the presence of obsidian.

As I continued to hold the jeweline obsidian spearhead of diamond light brought forth from Mother Nature's fertile depths, it radiated forth luminously, all the colors of the rainbow to illuminate the night sky, and from it came forth a power unlike any power I had ever before experienced. A power so great that it was as if I had been immersed in a river of primal drums and awakened into a sea of mystic wonder. A power so great that if I were to refer to it by name in order to convey some sense of what it was that I had experienced, perhaps "Spirit of the Land" or "Earth Medicine" would be the descriptions of choice. A power so great that it filled me with immense awe and wonder.

Suddenly, I found myself facing the former direction again, to see standing before me, a Native woman wearing a fringed buckskin dress. Though I could not discern her facial characteristics, I was, however, acutely aware of the great strength and beauty of her spirit. To her immediate left, was a young girl. To her immediate right, a younger boy. Standing in the distance to the left, the Native guardian, watched silently.

While continuing to carry the flaming crystal spearhead of rainbow light and obsidian essence in the palms of my cupped hands, the Native woman proceeded to telepathically ask for it no fewer than three times. However, since I was at a loss to understand it's significance, at the time, I decided to put the spearhead away for safekeeping and was greatly relieved to discover that the Native woman standing before me, was not at all upset by this. Rather, the strong presence I felt from her, continued to touch me with great beauty and joy.

Suddenly, I felt the presence of an Eagle soaring above us, and looking up into the sky, discerned through senses not limited to sight, the presence of a subtle and luminous, fluid-like form representing the essence of an Eagle, simultaneously descending from sky to earth and transforming into a subtle and luminous, fluid-like form of a Thunderbird with it's beak pointed towards the ground. As the Thunderbird (or rather ... the subtle and luminous, fluid-like form representing the essence of a Thunderbird) continued it's rapid descent from sky to earth like a rocket pointed towards the ground, it too, transformed, to become ... a Thunderbird headdress.

In the next instant, I found myself looking over towards the left to behold the Thunderbird headdress rotating 180 degrees during it's rapid descent from sky to earth, so that it was now upright, and as I continued to watch it, it came to rest upon a pillar of stone. Upon seeing the Thunderbird headdress upon the pillar of stone, I was astounded by the fact, that though initially I had sensed the presence of an eagle, what I then saw before me, was a "Thunderbird" headdress. The Native woman was aware of my thoughts and telepathically laughed a beautiful laugh.

At this point, I found myself once again facing the opposite direction so that though the Native woman had not changed her position, she was now standing behind me. Unseen, she began to dress me in a buckskin outfit and proceeded to place the Thunderbird headdress upon my head.

The scene changed again, and after having found myself standing before the woman and her two children, the boy asked for a gift.

Looking about, I reached for a gift and asked him if he liked candy. Since the child assured me that he did not like candy, I looked about once again and reached for fudge. This time, the boy was pleased with my offering, and after having accepted the gift and giving thanks, the Native woman and her two children standing by her side, turned around in unison, and began to walk away, fading ... into the night.

End of revelatory experience.