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"The Watchman on the Wall"
"But if the watchman see the enemy come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take [any] person from among them, the watchman must be taken away in his iniquity; his blood will I require."    -Ezekial 33-6


Washington State
Meteor Footage

FromT. M.
Click HERE to See Windows Media Player Video of
Meteor Turning Night Into Day!

Posted on Jeff Rense page
Hi Jeff -
I was looking at the stars last night till 2 AM when I turned in. At approximately 2:40 AM today (Thurs 06-03-04), a meteor was reported to have been witnessed by quite a few people. Unfortunately, I was NOT one of them! I'm still kicking myself for not staying out just a little bit longer. Arghh
Anyway, it was visible from here in Tacoma all the way east of here (about 250 miles).
A local news link to the story is below.
I have attached an interesting movie that actually shows the meteor lighting up the whole area, and the only video that I have found that actually show the meteor itself! You gotta see this! The thing that gets to me looking at this video is how SLOW it appears to be traveling. Also, there is a huge flash that lights up the whole parking lot but the object itself does NOT appear to get any brighter during that time. They claim it is the same object, but I don't know. Reports of "sonic booms" were reported also.

I have personally seen meteors coming in from the southeast direction in the past two days.  Dee


Meteor Explosion Lights Up The Northwestern Skies

June 3, 2004
By KOMO Staff & News Services


SEATTLE - Bright flashes and sharp booms were reported in the skies over the Puget Sound area early Thursday, and aviation officials said a meteor may have been the source.

Nothing unusual was detected on National Weather Service radar, and authorities also ruled out aircraft problems or military flight tests.

Toby Smith, a University of Washington astronomy lecturer who specializes in meteorites, told The Associated Press that scientists were looking into the cause of the skybursts reported over a wide area about 2:40 a.m.

Witnesses along a 60-mile swath of the sound from near Tacoma to Whidbey Island and as far as 260 miles to the east said the sky lit up brilliantly, and many reported booming sounds as if from one or more explosions.

Weather service officials at Sand Point in north Seattle said there was no storm or other meteorological activity that could have produced the skybursts.

Jay Neher, a weather service meteorologist, said the agency's radar on Whidbey Island showed nothing unusual but added that the dish could have been pointed at another part of the sky at the time and could not detect objects above about 20,000 feet.

Duty officers at the Federal Aviation Administration and the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station said they knew of no civilian or military airplane problems.

Civilian pilots reported seeing the flash from Ellensburg, east of the Cascade Range, said an FAA duty officer who did not give her name. She also said one or more meteorites - meteors that hit the Earth - could be responsible.

At Whidbey Island, Petty Officer Andrew Davis said he and others on the base about 40 miles north of Seattle saw the skyburst.

"It made a pretty big bang," Davis said. "We thought it could maybe be a meteorite or something."

In Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, about 260 miles to the east, Dick Haugen said he was driving to work at KVMI Radio when he saw a flash that he took to be lightning about 2:40 a.m. - then learned there were no lightning storms anywhere in the region.

Ralph Gaume, head of astronomy at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., said he knew of no likely source from outer space, such as a passing comet or meteor cluster or shower, but added that meteors commonly appear at random. Another possibility, he said, would be "space junk" such as spent rocket engines or satellites falling from Earth orbit.

Astronometry is the branch of astronomy that measures the size and location of celestial objects.

See Videos Of The Meteor Flash

View from Silver Reef Casino in Ferndale -- (Windows Media File). ** Look to the left of the light pole right before the flash, you can see a piece of the meteor streaking left to right ***

Montage of six different video shots from various locations -- (Quicktime Movie)
Two separate security camera views from Harborview Medical Center -- Version 1 and Version 2. (AVI Movie)
Backyard security cam from Tacoma -- here. (Windows Media)

The Skinny On Meteors/Meteorites
By: Scott Sistek, KOMO Weather Producer

As the officials noted, it seems it was a meteor explosion that caused the bright flash. Why do they occur?

There are trillions of dust particles and tiny rocks floating in outer space. The good news is, the Earth's atmosphere protects us by making sure those objects burn up before they reach the ground.

Some of the particles are moving at a very fast speed, plus the Earth is moving at roughly 67,000 mph as it orbits the sun. As the object goes from the void of outer space and enters the outer fringe of the atmosphere, the friction from the air resistance causes the object to heat up -- much like how your foot feels warm when you drag it along a carpet.

The combined speed of the object plus the intense amount of braking force the Earth's air provides causes the objects to heat to incredible temperatures, burning them up before they get anywhere near the ground.

However, if the objects are larger, it can take longer for them to burn up. What might have happened here is you had a rock or something that was large enough so that instead of disintegrating in the first seconds when it hit the atmosphere, it managed to survive in one piece quite a ways until its temperature reached a critical point and the rock just exploded in the sky. That would also explain the thunderous sounds, and why there was a significant delay between the flash and the boom (sound travels at only 700 mph, and figure 5 seconds for each mile away.)

You can see this general process any time there's a meteor shower. Those occur when the Earth enters dust trials from past comets and those tiny particles burn up upon reaching the atmosphere, making those gorgeous streaks across the sky. Sounds like this object might have been larger, though.

In checking, we are in the initial stages of a weak meteor shower -- the June Aquilids -- but there's no word if the two events are related.

There are rare occasions when the rocks survive the atmosphere and can strike the Earth's ground (those would be called "meteroites") but we don't have any reports of that happening in this case.

For More Information:

International Meteor Organization --
Links To Other Meteor Sites --


Residents in Faulkner and Garland Counties believe they saw meteors soaring through the atmosphere just after 10:00 Tuesday night. Experts at the Arkansas Sky Observatory explain it's the end of a major meteor shower related to Halley's Comet.

All Conway resident Tami Earnhart knows is that the sonic boom it made was enough to rattle her entire house. "It just shook all of the doors, all of the doors and everything. It was just a loud boom that shook everything. It sounded like a train was coming through our house it was that loud."

And Joshua Meeks says he saw, "A big ball of fire, like a big flash - I mean it was almost as big as the moon."

Many in Conway and Hot Springs saw those flashes, but it's unclear where or if anything made it to the ground. If it was in fact a meteor, they're a rare find in Arkansas. Only 14 have been found in the state's recorded history. One way to tell a meteor from an earth rock, is a meteor will attract a magnet.


The Arietids meteor shower
lasts from May 29 - June 19,
peaks on
June 7 th, 2004 / 0410UT±12hrs
ZHR : 60 meteors/hour, velocity 37km/sec,
small particles,
timing & ZHR based on statistical analysis of past maxima 


Dr Gartrell (Aussie Bloke) Steps Forward To Confirm His Predictions, Testified To Australian Parliament

THE ENTIRE PLANET MAY BE IN DEEP TROUBLE: a Government Coverup is Exposed

by Will Anderson "Blueotter",

All Worldwide Rights Reserved

June 3, 2004 Cabool, MO

A senior Australian Physicist/Astronomer began revealing -- first anonymously and now publicly -- that his government Physics/Astronomy team had discovered -- some 20 years ago -- that a HUGE Outer Space debris cloud/field is headed toward us and will arrive on June 8/9, 2004 -- along with 3 heavy objects that they have believed for 10 years will most certainly strike the earth causing massive upheavals... *unless* they miss us by a VERY close margin. Dr Gartrell said only time will tell.

Many N.E.O. or "Near Earth Objects" have been discovered lately -- but announced in the media only AFTER they passed our planet within 250,000 miles or so!

Dr. Gartrell´s testimony has been both broad and deep. It is all on our website at as he has requested publicly that it be broadcasted far and wide.

Dr. Gartrell now feels he is telling us all of this information at the risk of his own life, because he was muzzled many years ago by his government --  and has been threatened -- but he is at peace with God and resigned to what he feels is our fate now that he has visited his family between 5/15 and 5/29/2004.

He has now been further identified by Radio as "Dr. Grant Gartrell" of Mount Compass, South Australia -- facts which can be easily verified by anyone with a search engine.

Dr. Gartrell is either a bonafide physicist, or he lied to the South Australian Parliament. It is as simple as that. He has in the past publicly testified in front of the South Australian Parliament and has given his name and address... and has published scientific papers along with other scientists on the subject of possibly threatening outer  space objects. He was testifying concerning caves, as he is an amateur cave explorer who has made important discoveries of Pliestocene era dinosaur bones... and that information is also on the Internet for all to see.

He began revealing his disturbing facts anonymously on 4/29/04, and as promised on 5/15/04 that he would reveal his identity within two weeks -- to give him time for him to visit family -- and on 5/29/04 he revealed his surname as "Dr. Gartrell." Radio did some simple research and discovered his actual full name, address, and phone number... and that he does operate a "pick-your-own" Blueberry farm nowadays where he also manufactures wine. He originally claimed his full history was freely available if
anyone dug deep enough... and we apparently did... and it was available -- just as he claimed.

IF you *fully* read Dr. Grant´s Gartrell´s LONG testimony suddenly it SHOULD dawn on you, as it did on, that SOMETHING HUGE OF EARTH SHATTERING PROPORTIONS IS HAPPENENING AND THE GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD

You should begin to understand:

Why huge meteorites are now being seen worldwide and have been reported by so many truckers in the skies in the last few weeks... and buzzed a town in New Jersey rattling windows.

Why the navies of the world are all out to sea as of this month... and why military bases are humming with activity and closed bases are being reopened and refurbished...

Why the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has put an unprecedented amount of money into liquidity (cash in circulation in the banks)... more than at any time in the past... enough to devalue the dollar by a whopping 20% !!!

Why the sun is appears to be getting "whiter..."

The REAL reason why the climate is changing...

Similarities to the Mayan "Black Road" prophecy...

How what Dr. Gartrell is saying is consistent with both Native/Tribal and European Prophecies...

How the "debris cloud" is scheduled to arrive just as the the Venus transit is visible in the Northern Hemisphere on June 7/8... an event which has ALWAYS caused much concern for Cherokees and Mayans who have long respected the transit and its implications... implications of irreversible
changes, wars, destruction, etc.

...and why is going out on a limb and believes Dr. Gartrell is telling the truth...

...and you will learn what feels perhaps what you ought do to about all of this right now... and it is the same story we have been telling online since 1996.

Facts reported:

A lone ham radio operator digitally recorded an intercept of a U.S. military SSB (Single Side Band) radio transmission (before the transmission was suddenly shutdown because they mistakenly broadcast "in the clear" or non-encrypted) on 26 January of this year referring to a mysterious "countdown" to an unnamed event which (by the countdown) will occur around June 19 or 20 of this year.

In the past few weeks, however, naval units worldwide have been putting to sea in unusual numbers, sufficient to cause us to revisit the original message to assess movements and adopt a watch mode going forward into the June 19-20 date area. You will be able to listen to this radio transmission.

An ex-Green Beret reports:

Lots of the "air traffic is flying into, but not back out of, Holloman AFB and Whitesands Missile Range at night. Also, the Patriot missile battery crews at Ft. Bliss, TX are jumpy as all hell, are on constant standby, and are NOT preparing to deploy to Iraq. Go figure."

Now there is always the possibility that "Dr. Gartrell" is just making wine in near Adelaide, and someone has hijacked his name... and that this is all a hoax, or this may be disinformation and a "feint" to get us to look "here" when we should be looking "there." The point is, that BIG things
are definitely going on with the military on a world wide scale, the financial world is humming, peolpe are scared... and something is up! Just what is the big question on many people´s minds and lips.

ZAP, Zero Air Pollution (engineering)
Sylvester H. Christie, Sole Proprietor
Fourth Millennium (public relations)

(509) 738-4649


Meteor light, sound rare over Puget Sound

The Associated Press
6/4/2004, 9:35 a.m. ET

SEATTLE (AP) — A meteor that streaked across Western Washington was the most dramatic celestial light and sound show over Puget Sound in decades, a University of Washington meteorite specialist says.

quot;Earth is hit all of the time. What is uncommon is how very bright this was. Most (meteoroids) burn up very high up and nobody sees them," said Toby Smith, an astronomy lecturer at the university for about 10 years.

A meteoroid is the term for the object when it is above the atmosphere. The light streak it creates when it bounces off or passes through the atmosphere is called a meteor. If it hits the ground, it becomes a meteorite.

Witnesses along a 60-mile swath of the sound from near Tacoma to Whidbey Island and as far as 260 miles to the east said the sky lit up brilliantly at 2:40 a.m. Thursday, and many reported booming sounds as if from one or more explosions.

The bright light can be attributed to the speed at which the object hit the atmosphere. The sonic boom that followed about a minute or two later can be explained by the size of the object falling out of the sky, Smith said, adding that it's rare for meteors to be heard.

"This tells us it was a relatively substantial piece," he said.

Earthquake technology indicated the meteor exploded about 27 miles above and 6.4 miles northeast of Snohomish, William P. Steele, coordinator of the Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network at the university, told The Seattle Times and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The blast was intense enough to register on about 80 quake detectors, allowing university seismologist Stephen D. Malone use triangulation to determine the point of origin.

"What was interesting to us is we saw only a point source (a single explosion) there," rather than a sonic-boom kind of sound wave from an object rapidly entering the atmosphere, Malone told the P-I.

One of Smith's colleagues, professor Don Brownlee, said his son saw the bright light and then the whole family heard the sonic boom from inside their houseboat, "this incredible noise that sounded like a truck landing on the dock."

Geoff Chester, spokesman for the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., said meteors are not all that rare, but many fall over the ocean and are never seen.

"For the average person, it could be a once- or twice-in-a-lifetime kind of event," Chester said, adding that in the past 40 years of actively watching the night sky because of his job and interests, he has only seen three or four meteors.

Brownlee said he believes it likely the object did make it to the ground without disintegrating but it could be as hard to find as a shower of gravel over several square miles.

It could also be as big as a car, but Brownlee noted, "The bigger these things are the rarer they are."


On the Net:


University of Washington:

UFO Reporting Center:

Copyright 2004 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.


(NEWS)They´re after what´s rocking our world--SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

They´re after what´s rocking our world
Brothers hunt world for meteorites -- and now they´re here


TACOMA -- In search of space booty, the Hupe brothers have bartered with Bedouins, scoured the Sahara, jet-trotted halfway across America on a moment´s notice, bankrolls in hand.

But the Hupes´ latest meteorite hunt zooms in right here at home.

Scott Eklund / P-I
Meteorite hunters and brothers, Adam, left, and Greg Hupe, hold up two meteorites from their vast collection.
The two brothers want a piece of the action from the stunning June 3 meteor show, a booming flash-dance over Snohomish that turned night to day.

They aren´t alone. Three teams from three states are working the fall, trying to trace the trajectory of the meteor, and the site where it may, possibly, have deposited a bit of exotic and -- if discovered -- pricey debris from outer space.

"The meteor fell on my birthday, and it´s in my own back yard. It´s ridiculous!" says Adam Hupe, 42. He´s 11 months older than Greg and equally excitable when talking falling space rocks.

The brothers, overgrown Hardy Boys who sold a multimillion-dollar computer company to focus on their hobby, have amassed one of the world´s largest private collections of meteorites in a few short years.

"They´re relatively new to the scene, but they´ve rather quickly become major players," says Robert Matson, a respected space scientist working out of Seal Beach, Calif.

Most of the Hupes´ specimens come from North African desert lands, and some are worth thousands more than their weight in gold. But the brothers have no Washington space specimens.

No surprise. An estimated 13,000 meteors fall to our planet each year. Yet only five scientifically recognized meteorites have ever been found in our state.

"Believe me," says Adam, "once the first confirmed piece shows up here, I´m all over it -- we both are."

The Hupes, who´ll be featured in an upcoming Outside magazine profile, are local go-to guys for hopeful earthlings bearing strange black rocks. And they have already fielded some duds from our June fireworks show.

Callers reported weird piles of rocks that suddenly appeared in Shoreline after the June 3 streaker. They turned out to be road gravel. A big black chunk found near Sea-Tac was asphalt -- more terrestrial ho-hum.

"You have to tell these people gingerly, let them down slowly," says Greg.

"They get so excited," says Adam.

Alien rocks fetch big bucks

The Hupes (pronounced "Who-pays") grew up as the only boys among six children. They were buddies from the get-go.

"Were we close? Yeah!" says Adam.

"Oh, yeah," says Greg, head nodding.

They began treasure hunting in earnest at ages 11 and 12, when their father, an Army general, gave them their first metal detector, used to dig up centuries-old treasures in old buildings. The two call meteorite hunting "the ultimate treasure hunt."

Greg and Adam were in their 20s when they launched a computer hardware business in their mother´s basement and garage. By the time they retired at 37 and 38, they had turned it into the multimillion-dollar-a-year enterprise called Computer Performance.

The Hupes had all the boy toys -- homes, sleek cars, RVs, boats -- and no time to use them. Weary of long hours and constant pressure, they cashed out just before the stock market collapsed, dumped the "stuff" and turned their attention to the hunt.

Currently, Adam lives in a tiny, bare-bones apartment near Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. Greg is headed out to Florida in a U-Haul truck he bought at a bargain rate, with plans to hunt treasure from sunken galleons and search fossils. They´re both single, and if heaven falls, travel-ready in an instant.

Insiders say the Hupes have brought a new business sensibility to the collection of meteorites. They invest serious money in their North African expeditions, hire dealers who speak Berber dialects to recruit nomad hunters, and offer sizable rewards for discoveries.

When not overseas themselves, they communicate with dealers via e-mail and cell phone, which is how they learned about the discovery of half a Martian rock. They called their dealer, told him to send out nomads to find the other part. When their man had Part Two in hand, Greg hopped a 30-hour flight, met him at the airport, and tried to subdue his eagerness as he fit the pieces together.

The two had a code phrase -- "The eagle has landed" -- to confirm the fit.

When Greg uttered it, Adam began to whoop and holler.

"And I had to remain calm and composed!" says Greg. "If they know you´re excited, you won´t get it."

Meteors from asteroids are relatively common. But the brothers´ chunk of the Red Planet is one of only 31 confirmed martians on record. There are also 31 confirmed finds from the moon.

The Hupes have prized pieces from both, including the coveted "Desert Lady," so-called because the large lunar rock passed through so many hands before they acquired it.

A single thin slice of that white-and-gray moon meteorite listed on the Bonhams and Butterfields auction site at $45,000 to $65,000. It sold for even more.

"Once you pull something like that, you´re addicted," says Adam.

"It´s life-changing," says Greg.

Collectors elbow out scientists

Meteorites have always excited the human imagination. Each is a story, an ancient telling of planetary origins that stirs big-think philosophizing.

"You´re holding something billions of years old in your hand. You´re holding the oldest material in the solar system -- the beginning of time as we know it," says Greg.

The thrill of the find hasn´t changed, but the market surrounding it has transformed dramatically.

A half-century ago, the leading collector in the country drove around Arizona in a beat-up pickup, with a giant magnet strapped underneath.

Today, private dealers trade hundreds of specimens on eBay and billions-year-old space rocks pull million-dollar prices in heady collecting circles. The lure of loot has set off a modern-day gold rush, with Indiana Jones adventurers scouting far corners of the Earth, aggressive dealers cutting secret deals for specimens, and collectors paying stratospheric prices for crumbs of planetary crusts.

The Hupes -- who say they only occasionally sell meteorites, and only to support their habit -- are in the thick of the collecting fray, ready to act in an eye blink.

Last year, Adam had a flight booked to Illinois 10 minutes after learning a meteorite had crashed through the roof of a police and fire station outside Chicago. He set up shop in front of the station, working out of a rental car trunk, cash in hand. In a TV interview, he told viewers with fresh finds to "bring ´em on in" -- he´d be the one in front of the station in the yellow jacket.

Some 30 other dealers and collectors from around the globe were right behind him. "Competitors saw it on the news. The next day, they all showed up in yellow jackets," says Adams. Prices quickly escalated from $1 to $2 a gram to $20.

Scientists have conflicting opinions about the current "Wild West" scene surrounding meteorites.

It´s true, they say, that more hunters, more dealers, more collectors, mean more uncovered meteoritic material. But it´s also true that prime specimens are not always available for scientific study, that many lack adequate field documentation, and most are priced beyond reach of cash-strapped academics.

"Unfortunately, because of all the collectors, the cost has gone really high. That´s a problem for researchers and museums trying to compete," says Don Brownlee, noted astronomy professor at the UW.

Reputable collectors like the Hupes rely on scientists to verify their samples. In turn, they make a point of donating pieces of rare finds to them. "When a researcher asks us to buy material, we won´t charge them, because they are enhancing the value of our collection by studying it," says Adam.

"If they want it for personal reasons, we´ll do a trade."

Not everyone takes the high ground. So-called "cowboy" hunters often flaunt collecting laws. "There are some shady people out there. They may say things fell on their property, when it fell on public property ... or they may take things out of countries that have restrictions on collecting," says John Schutt, a geologist and professional mountaineering guide in Bellingham who, for years, has been recovering meteorites in Antarctica for scientific study.

Spotting meteorites on wind-swept, bare blue ice is relatively easy. The Antarctic teams drive back and forth in snowmobiles and look for dark objects.

"They´re just everywhere," says Schutt. "We´ve found upward of 3,000 to 4,000 in relatively restricted areas."

Spotting meteorites around the Puget Sound area is another matter.

Meteorites hide themselves well in a wet green landscape dense with trees and scrub and littered with dark rocks. And they can quickly turn to rust in the rain -- in a geological time frame.

"Western Washington is the worst place to find one," says Tony Irving, lecturer in earth and space sciences at the UW. "Unless this one hit something or came through a roof, it´s going to be tough."

Tough, but tantalizing. "Anytime you have a sonic boom like that, the chance of having surviving meteorites is pretty high," says UW astronomer Brownlee, who estimates the June 3 meteor was "bigger than a cow."

The UW represents one of three teams currently tracking the June 3 fall. Scientists there have used seismographs to place the meteor explosion about six miles northeast of Snohomish.

A Portland team is interviewing witnesses and triangulating their accounts of the event, attempting to pinpoint the site.

A team from California is using camera images and interviews to track the trajectory. "It´s a little like forensics," says Matson, a principal investigator on the team. "You have to figure out what´s real, what´s right, what´s wrong."

His team has already sent meteorite hunters to an undisclosed site east of Snohomish.

After a week, they came back empty-handed, reporting difficulties with thick vegetation and scanty road access.

The Hupes are eagerly monitoring all three teams´ work.

"What we´re doing is riding all the teams," says Adam. "We told them, whoever finds the first legitimate piece, we´re part of that team."

Behind them, expect an alien horde of hunters, dealers and collectors to descend, hot on their trail.


Unlike ordinary terrestrial rocks, meteorites typically have a dark fusion crust, from their burning plunge into the Earth´s atmosphere. Many also have elemental iron, not native to our planet, which quickly rusts in the uncongenially moist climate of the Northwest. About 90 percent of meteorites are attracted to magnets.

    Posted By: Darrel Whitewolf
    Date: Monday, 24 May 2004, 8:16 a.m.
    I, Darrel Whitewolf, elder of Cherokee decent, with this powerful  message, hereby challenge the elders of all native nations. I hereby petition for the immediate release of sacred information to all  humanity concerned for the immediate future of their families and loved ones.
    At the risk of having many arrows shot in my direction, I send this  message.
    I am an old warrior who is no stranger to battles.
    It has been brought to my attention that the elders at this time are preparing the last ceremonies. The Hopi who have no word in their vocabulary for the future and are preparing to go underground. The Ojibwa and the Lakota are saying that we are at the end. They say and I quote "Go back and tell the people it is no longer the eleventh hour".  It is said that the blue star (katchina) has arrived and the "Purifier" (a large celestial body) follows. It's time for the "CLEANSING" THE  "THIRD SHAKING".
    It is time to tell the people about the arrival of the watchers from the skies who don't look like us and the ones underground as well.
    I have heard that White Buffalo Calf Woman has returned. I have been told to teach the stories of creation and how we must become together as one. This is not enough.
    Chief Lookinghorse has delivered his messages at sacred sites all over the world but it is still unclear to non Indian people just what is happening now, this very year, maybe even this very next month.
    It is perfectly clear to me but who will believe one person?
    It is not enough to quote verses from the bible. It is not enough to tell the old stories. It is not enough to talk about the animals and
    what it means when a certain one shows up in your life.
    I think I can safely say that I speak for all readers here when I challenge you for the plain and simple truth about what is about to
    happen. No more Bible verses from the unbalanced cross brought by the ones who stole our land, raped our women and killed our children. The ones manipulated by the watchers.
    No more old stories. No more codes.
    People do not want to hear this nonsense any longer because time is too short. I know that you know. I also know that there is still prejudice in the hearts of some of you and you do not want non-Indian people to know these things.
    It is time and the time is now for you to speak clearly and decisively in releasing the information needed for people of all nations to
    prepare themselves practically, safely, physically and spiritually.
    There is talk that the Pope is giving his final blessings. He speaks of the fact that "Wormwood" (Planet X) has arrived. There is talk that supposed astronomers are watching something large speeding toward Earth. There is clear and unmistakable evidence that the skies day and night have suddenly changed dramatically. The moon has changed its orbit and appears in the west sky now when it rises. The stars are turning around in the sky at night and moving slower. The Earth Mother staggers like a drunk.
    With great respect to the Creator, I bow to him in a humble way and ask for guidance in these matters not for me but for my brothers and sisters, my friends and families.
    With great respect for the elders I ask you to put this knowledge forth and  back up your words which say Mitakoye Oyasin. We are all your brothers and sisters. Will you leave us behind, only knowing half truths?
    Grandfather forgive me if I have offended as this message comes from my heart and the Spirit of Crazy Horse inside me speaking. Grandfather forgive those who still hold contempt for the white man, the black man, the red and the yellow.
    We send our prayers to you with the smoke from the sacred pipe on the wings of our brother Awahili, the Eagle.
    I ask that you keep all of us here in your presence now and for ever.
    Let the truths become clear to all.
    Wado, Wakan Tanka, Aho
    That is all I have to say.
    Darrel Whitewolf

Date: Saturday, May 29, 2004 2:13 AM
Subject: Re: interesting!

Vince and Debbie

I am answering the call of my brother warrier Darrel Whitewolf...I ask you or Magi to get the following message back to him as I don't know the site where he is waiting, to post this message along side of his message...I stand beside him and await the arrows if they come...In so doing I say this as I always say when I speak..."These are my words...I give them to you...If you like them, then keep them....If not, then throw them away, they were meant for someone else, they are not for you"...That choice is yours...I bear you no ill will...

My brother warrior Darrel, I too am an elder, a shaman, and this is what I say...I have watched the moon and stars, the plants and animals, our mother the earth do strange things these past eleven years...Before and during these happenings I cryed out warnings to those who would hear, but my words went in one ear and fell out the other...I had been instructed by my guardians to pass on this message...

The time before us, fast approaching is Ancient Time...It has been foretold in the story from our prophets in many messages...It was said that the time is near when the trees start to die from the top down...I have seen this with my own eyes for the past five years, many, many trees dieing from the top down...This event would be the prelude to this last prophecy, "When the north touches the west, fire will fall from the sky, and the sky will turn black...Following this there will be two hundred years of peace and following that even a greater peace"...

What this means is the earth will once again fall over on her side as she has done three times before...Let me tell you and the others who will listen how this will happen...

When the north touches the west

There is a planet coming near to us in it's orbit around our sun which happens every 3, 657 years...This planet is 4 times the size, 23 times the mass of our mother the earth and it is known as Planet X...It will pass by the earth at about 14 million miles away...When it goes by, it will grab our mother in a huge magnetic fist and pull the earth over on its side...The very center of the earth will relocate its energy that holds us in orbit around the sun, coming first to a complete standstill for seven days...When this energy stops, the earths crust will continue for the one quarter turn (the north touching the west) before it too stops ...The first land to stop will have all the other lands slam into it, causing the great mother to shake with a force that mankind has not witnessed for a long time...This will bring great destruction to all that man has built...All mans building will fall to the ground, all his factories, his tall buildings, his refineries, his great fuel storage tanks, his dams, his power lines and power generating stations, all will fall...This will happen with major earthquakes of the like not known, volcanoes erupting and fierce winds...Our mother will unleash this fury with a vengence for the way we have desecrated her...The sun, the moon and the stars will stand still in the sky when the earth stops for these seven days...

Fire will fall from the sky

There is dust that follows this Planet X, stretching out for millions of miles in its wake, whiping about like a great tail...This dust is iron oxidized dust...This dust tail will whip the earth entering into our atmosphere, ignite into flame upon entry and fall to earth in great sheets of fire...This fire will join the other fires burning from that which had fallen of what man built...This great fire will purify the earth for its new regrowth...

And the sky will turn black

The fires will be so plentiful that the smoke of these fires will fill the air, surrounding the planet in a cloud of smoke...This cloud will cut of the rays of the sun, turning daylight into twilite...This cloud will also be a blanket to keep the survivors of the great shaking from freezing...The cloud will remain for twenty-five years before the sun shines through again, to smile upon the new earth...Most Elders today speak of hard times coming...This is that hard time...

Following this there will be two-hundred years of peace

The survivors that make it through the rebirth of the earth into the fourth dimension will no longer want the negative things of life, the crime, rape, lies, war, abuse, any evil thing...These survivors will teach the children only the positive, the love which comes from the four guiding principals of "Share, Care, Respect and Teach" that our grandfathers and grandmothers before us lived by...These first teachers will still carry a memory though of the negative things they witnessed...

And following that will be even a greater peace

The children who grow to be the new teachers will not even have the memory of the negative aspects that we suffer through life today as we know it...They will only teach pure peace, bringing back the four guiding principals, once again in the true meaning of these principals...

End of prophecy...

It is with sadness that I inform those who listen, that there will only be .02 percent of the global population that will survive this catastrophic event...That is roughly about 137 million people worldwide...

The good news is that these people are awakening today, finding each other, coming together in groups here and there...These ones will enter the fourth dimension, advance to a higher understanding and be gifted with amazing abilities... These people will be able to communicate with the mind, talk with each other through the mind without speaking...These people will be able to teleport, simply thinking where they will want to be and then they are there...There will be no viruses in this new dimension...There will be no mosquitos in this new dimension...There will also be no money or use for money...This is the root of evil...Instead the people will share their abilities with each other...What one shares will be returned in sharing...All men and women will stand as equals, with no one person greater than another...

Now I will tell you that I have seen this great planet with my own eyes...It is between us and the sun...It can only be seen looking through a special glass...This glass is a #10 welders glass, the one that fits into the shield that a welder uses...This glass can be bought separate from the welders shield...Holding it straight in front of you looking at the sun, you will see a sun with a fuzzy glare around it...You cannot see the planet holding the glass like this...It must be held on a tilted angle to your eyes until the fuzzy glare disappears...Then you can see the planet against the sun...It is at the moment about the size of a heavy pencil dot...It moves position around the sun on different days...It is fast approaching the position where the planet will pass by the earth...

The signs I have seen leading up to this is the constellations of stars being out of place as the earth wobbles now in front of the Planet X that is approaching...I have seen the moon not make the trip through the sky where it has gone so many times before, taking a new path through the sky... I have watched all the plants grow, changing their pattern of growth, coming in seasons that are not when these plants should grow...I have seen the young birds fall from the sky when the snows came too soon and froze these little ones...I have heard the crys of sorrow fron their parents when their young ones perished...I have seen the young trees in the forest snap their trunks under the weight of frost, snow and fall to the forest floor to be the materials which will burn in the great fire...I have seen the animals drop in numbers, live only in colonies instead of spread throughout the forest...I have listened to the news of animals dieing from strange sicknesses...I have seen the results of man when he strives to get more money, the pollutants he places upon the earth in this quest...

These warning are also known to be in the scriptures of the bible, written there long ago to tell us of the event that happened long ago and to warn us of this one that is fast approaching, coming in the very near future...No one of us knows the exact date but it is soon, perhaps within the next couple of months

I could say so much more, but the last I will tell you in this warning is that when the earth begins to turn once again, that the sun will rise in the west and set in the east, opposite from that which we know it to be now...

Brother Darrel, walk in peace for the creator is standing with us...Long ago he gave life to all things with the instructions to "Go forth and learn, I give you a free will" As all things travel in the great circle, it is time to return to the creator and tell to him that which we have learned...It is unfortunate that so many chose to follow the free will and have not learned that which they were supposed too...

My name is Awgawk (Porcupine) and I have spoken my truth...

I am otherwise also known as Don Trudeau and my email is

I strengthen the challenge to all the other Elders to speak out their truth also...We will stand united as one...

Several weeks ago, I sent you the article entitled "Is The End Of The World As We Know It Right Around The Corner?" and informed you that I would let you know when this guy named Aussie Bloke makes his last post. Well, it finally happened.

After 2 Weeks of visiting his family/saying goodbye, Aussie Bloke came back and true to his word, posted on the 29th of May who he is. His comments are noted below:

Aussie Bloke
5:19 am EDT Re: Aussie Bloke Vol.#3 it is. I AM DR GARTREL. Happy now? As for what I know....I've already told you. You want bloody have them already. You want to know what will happen? the above posts. You don't believe me?...YOUR problem! YOU have brains...USE I've encouraged you all to do all along!!! READ THE BLOODY SIGNS>>>>>>>but no...some remain flaming BLIND!!!! because they WANT TO. Wont change a thing. I am screwed now...cats out of the bag now...I am who I am....and who gives a ____. IM BLOODY ANGRY!!!!! DO you people have ANY BLOODY IDEA at ALL what it has been like for myself and others who have known about this for BLOODY TWO DECADES!!!!!!!! But no...WELL BUGGER IT ALL!!!!!! For those who have patiently waited for me I am truly sorry for not doing the expected. I told you all weeks ago exactly where and have the details already. The reason? THINK about it!!! IF I had told you all back then that the information WAS in fact THE information you all wanted....the site would have shut down. I had to do it this way...the information has been out for over two weeks now...and the ptb can now do bugger all about it. I have been around them long enough to know how they think and what they would they can do nothing. The times locations and eta of the cloud and objects has already been posted. NOW all you have to do is hope to hell that someone out there copied it. NOW...GET THE WORD OUT!!!! THIS IS LEGIT. FAREWELL TO ALL. SEE YOU IN ETERNITY.

Someone did some research on Aussie Bloke and found out that he is indeed who he say's he is, which makes the entire thread that I had sent you several weeks ago even more disturbing. Here is the info that has been pulled about him:
Bibliographic Meteor Database - Meteor Showers
Austral. J. Phys. 28, 591-620
Olsson-Steel, D.I. & Elford, W.G., The Use of Radars in the Detection of In falling Space Debris International Dark-Sky Association -- Information Sheet 44 Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series, Vol. 17 08/98
Meteor observations with an MF radar
Masaki Tsutsumi1, David Holdsworth2, Takuji Nakamura3, and Iain Reid4
1National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo, Japan
2Atmospheric Radar Systems, Adelaide, Australia
3Radio Atmospheric Science Center, Kyoto University, Uji, Kyoto, Japan
4University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia
(Received August 19, 1998; Revised June 6, 1999; Accepted June 10, 1999)
Earth Planets Space, Vol. 51 (Nos. 7, 8), pp. 691-689, 1999 in the bibliography of the pdf: Steel, D. I. and W. G. Elford, The height distribution of radio meteors: comparison of observations at different frequencies on the basis of standard echo theory, J. Atmos. Terr. Phys., 53, 409–417, 1991.

I am going to leave your readers (if you decide to post this) with several links, and information that I have been able to pull about this "end of the world" scenario. It is not just Aussie Bloke who is talking about these inbound comets, there are also some very disturbing signs happening which leads one to believe that either there are some incredible coincidences going on, or Aussie Bloke is right, and we will have "hell on earth" in June.

By the way, here are the days and the events which are supposed to happen on them:

June 8-9 Dust Cloud begins to reach the Earth and darkening of the skies.
June 18-20 1st impact
June 24-25 2nd impact
June 27-28 3rd impact of the "anomaly"
Now for the coincidences. The first is stock market site article that talks about something I had posted on my last email to you about an intercepted transmission from Ham operators about something that is supposed to hit earth in June. It was called: Is "Snowball" A Coincidence?

Here is an interesting article I pulled just a few days ago. These fireballs have increased significantly over the last several weeks and are happening EVERYWHERE.

Fireball Near Grover´s Mill, N.J.

Startled New Jersey residents tied-up the phone lines late this evening calling authorities to report a large orange fireball that passed over the town and apparently hit the ground several miles west of Grover´s MIll. No reports of fires or injuries from the area have been made, but locals expressed concern that the unknown phenomena had made a rumbling noise when it passed over that was strong enough to rattle windows and frighten pets.

"I thought a jet was coming down right in the street," said Betty Ocker, a housewife in Grover´s Mill, "it was loud, and I mean really loud."

Police have asked residents to clear up the telephone lines and use them only for emergency purposes until things get worked out, said a town spokesperson. Apparently the local districts received so many calls after the meteor passed overhead that the lines jammed and they have been unable to handle normal calls for police assistance.

Local fire teams were dispatched to the woods west of town to make sure that no fires were started by the space rock, but none of them have reported finding anything as yet.

Here was a comment from someone on the same "Aussie Bloke" thread making comments about what was being discussed (too many coincidences going on to not believe that something is coming from the heavens and will reach us soon)

I am an historian from the border region of Austria with some background in the diplomatic corps, 65 years old and now semi-retired.

I have heard about the ´Aussie Bloke´ postings from a young relative of my family and what I have read has struck a chord in me. In short, there are things happening at a diplomatic level in Europe that point to a major catastrophe within weeks, if not days.

RE: Emergency planning, naval and military mobilization

Yes, this is indeed something I wanted to highlight, although I am aware that some aspects of the naval mobilization are now in the public news domain.

What you are seeing here is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of a longer and finely coordinated military posture that is being coordinated in tandem with confidential inter-governmental briefings taking place under the auspices of Swiss officials in Geneva.

Signs abound. There is a certain sub-strata of the civil service in London that, together with senior emergency planning officers, has been evacuated from its headquarters in the British capital. This took place very recently.

Many US military bases outside of home territory that were falling into disuse have been frantically refurbished and restocked over the last 18 months, and one must ask oneself why this is happening. The standard reason given for these unprecedented upgrades is ´preparedness´ in the
so-called war on terrorism.

The United States military infrastructure is actually quite widely dispersed; a catastrophe affecting the land mass of North America alone would therefore not imperil the operational integrity of the US High Command. The same principle applies to American financial and economic instruments deployed ´in expatriate´: instruments largely inured against an anticipated collapse of the domestic banking and credit markets.

I found this gentleman's writings on projected meteor impacts rather interesting, as his predicted dates of arrival dovetail rather neatly with the current and future logistics pertaining to premium shipping lines, the navies of several large nations, military contingents and the movements of elite personnel.

The nation most advanced in this field of planning is Switzerland, where many in senior positions, especially in the security and medical professions, have been put on Stufe 2 since the beginning of April 2004. Even during the Cold War, most memorably the Cuban Crisis, the levels raised were hardly ever above Stufe 3.

I believe the levels in both Austria and Germany are lower. In the case of the latter, this is on no account due to ignorance or poor planning resources, but rather because of their concerns with secrecy and forcing a run on resources. People in Germany - and I live on the border, so I know - are becoming aware that something strange is transpiring within the emergency planning regime, if only because there has been extensive re-testing of the outdated airborne attack warning sirens.

I still keep in touch with many friends and colleagues who work for the diplomatic corps in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, many of whom are currently spending an inordinate amount of their residual time locked in emergency preparedness that goes way beyond any threat that can be reasonably ascribed to terrorism.

Here is one that talks about some very strange things that the federal reserve is doing which leads one to think they know something is about to happen. I don't know what the heck they are talking about, but it sounds like something quite disturbing is coming:

"Let me just say from the outset that the Federal Reserve has confirmed our Stock Market Crash forecast by raising the Money Supply (M-3) by crisis proportions, up another 46.8 billion this past week. What awful calamity do they see? Something is up. This is unprecedented, unheard-of pre-catastrophe M-3 expansion. M-3 is up an amount that we´ve never seen before without a crisis - $155 billion over the past 4 weeks, a $2.0 trillion annualized pace, a 22.2 percent annualized rate of growth!!! There must be a crisis of historic proportions coming, and the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is making sure that there is enough liquidity in place to protect our nation´s fragile financial system. The amazing thing is, the Fed´s actions mean they know what is about to happen. They are aware of a terrible, horrific imminent event. What could it be?

One can draw no other conclusion except that the Fed is acting irresponsibly in its managing the money supply, in fulfilling its duty to "maintain a stable currency." I reject the notion that the Fed is acting irresponsibly. No, something is up, bigger than we have ever seen in the history of the United States. Let me ramble. Perhaps they simply see the ominous technical landscape we have been warning about in recent issues, and are attempting to pull out all the stops to avert the predicted crash. The recent rally in just about everything is similar to 2003´s market behavior when the Fed pumped massive amounts of liquidity into the system during the first half of the year. This time seems different. The amount of liquidity is too large. The Fed is deflating the value of the monetary base by a fifth! Why are they willing to do this? Wisdom says something bad is up - big time."

Yet another one which talks about the UK preparing for evacuations:

Lastly, did you know that just about every major countries navy's will be at sea in June? Apparently, deep water is much more safe than docking in shallow water if strong waves are blown inland. Here are some comments from one of the forums along with some links for proof of what is going on.

Just why is it that nearly our entire naval fleet, have unprecedented orders to leave for the Oceans? AND, they aren't alone. At least parts of Iran, Britain, Australia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are going too. Makes me want to find out where the British Navy is holing up these days. And what of the Russians? hmmm.... Does anyone ever stay home and protect their own borders anymore? Isn't that what they are supposed to be doing? Something is very, very fishy here!"

Let's go through a list of which countries are putting navies to sea for the month of June. Take the U.S. naval group's departure from San Diego. What's the official story of the 6,000+ sailors leaving Monday?

(Norfolk) a local television station in Norfolk reports that a total of seven carrier strike groups are putting to sea in June - which if I'm not mistaken is an unprecedented move: "While the Navy won't say where the seven carrier groups are going, the carriers not already deployed are expected to be gone for only one to two months." Story (RealPlayer needed) at (England) The British are also putting an unusual number of ships to sea during June. Meantime, Channel 13 in Hampton Roads, VA reports in part that:

"Called "Exercise Blinding Storm" by the United States and "Exercise Rapid Alliance" by the U.K., the training will involve about 30,000 troops from seven nations in exercises off and on the coast of North Carolina. Dutch marines and French soldiers will take part, as well as a Peruvian submarine and contingents from Germany and Canada. The flotilla is expected to set sail Tuesday, with the two-week amphibious exercise scheduled to begin June 10. The British landing platform dock ship Albion has already arrived. It carried four Challenger II battle tanks — the British equivalent of the U.S. M1-A1 Abrams tank. The tanks will be sent ashore aboard the ship's new landing craft during the exercise. The biggest British ship — the aircraft carrier Invincible — also has docked with a crew of 1,050. "

Also look at this huge list of other recent deployments...

Carrier Group Leaves On Deployment
Ships Are Not Scheduled To Support Operations In Iraq

(1) Aircraft carrier Stennis (CSG)
(2) Guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain (CG 57)
(3) Burke-class destroyer USS Howard (DDG 83)
(4) Guided-missile frigate USS Ford (FFG 54)
(5) Fast-attack submarine USS Salt Lake City (SSN 716)
(6) Replenishment ship USNS Rainier (T-AOE 7) Also
(7) amphibious assault ship Belleau Wood
(8) amphibious transport dock ship Denver
(9) amphibious transport dock ships Comstock
(10-11) Burke-class guided missile destroyers Preble and Hopper -- will depart next month.
(12) USS Tucson Departs on Western Pacific Deployment
(13) Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Russell

Also: USS McCampbell (DDG 85) departed May 5 for its first
deployment. The ship and its crew are headed to Southeast Asia in support of a Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) cruise. McCampbell will be conducting joint naval exercises with the countries of Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Also: Twenty Royal Navy ships, led by HMS Invincible, are heading
off to take part in the exercise called Rapid Alliance, which is taking place off the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Article: Marines Take off for Naval Exercise with U.S.

Mediterranean Sea Surface Strike Group deployment:
(14) Guided-missile destroyer USS Ramage (DDG 61)
(15) Guided-missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG 71),
(16) Guided-missile frigate USS Elrod (FFG 55)

USS John C. Stennis Strike Group Deploys for Pacific Operations:
Navy-Marine strike group leaves on 6-month deployment:
More than 5,000 sailors and Marines with the Belleau Wood
Expeditionary Strike Group will leave San Diego Thursday for
a six-month deployment in support of the war on terrorism
The amphibious assault ship Belleau Wood and the amphibious
transport dock ships Denver and Comstock will depart from 32nd
Street Naval Station beginning at 8:30 a.m. Thursday. "It is the
first time an expeditionary strike group will be commanded by a Marine general, according to the Navy.


"The Army begins a major staging operation today at the port to ship equipment to southwest Asia." Article: Army to ship vehicles overseas via Olympia:

Official explanation: Strike Group Deploys Early To Help Quell
Insurgency "The plan was developed to train naval forces for quick response to crises and in support of national interests."

Ford heads to sea Frigate's crew departs for 4 months

USS Tucson Departs on Western Pacific Deployment

Surface Strike Group Ships Deploy From Norfolk

"coastal patrol ships Typhoon and Sirocco prepared to leave port at the Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base Friday to relieve two sister ships"

ROTA, Spain (NNS) -- USNS Patuxent (T-AO 201) accompanied patrol
boats USS Typhoon (PC 5) and USS Sirocco (PC 6) on their journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Naval Station Rota, Spain, and arrived in port
with the two PCs May 12.

So, I have to ask, are all these things happening a coincidence, or did Aussie Bloke provide us truthful information that the world as we know it will not exist after June? I personally think its true, there are just too many coincidences. Something is going on, and inbound comets seem to be the likely thing causing this.

I will close by asking you to please post this email on your site. There are a lot of unsaved people that read your website and this is a great opportunity to witness the gospel to them. Even though I believe things are coming, I have total and absolute peace because I know I will be with Christ after I leave this world. Hopefully, your readers have that piece as well. If not, they can go to this link to see all that is needed for total peace.

06.01.04 08:36 AM


Meteorite touches down in NZ home

A meteorite has crashed through the roof of a house in Auckland, New Zealand, much to the surprise of the home's owners.
Scientists were sceptical about the report but have now confirmed the 1.3 kilogram rock has fallen from space.
It is only the ninth meteor to land in New Zealand.
Its rarity makes it valuable to collectors as well as scientists.
Joel Schiff, from Auckland University, says the circumstances of the meteor's discovery also add to its value.
"Falling through a roof is really an exceptional event that rarely happens, and this is a beautiful large specimen," he said.
Scientists plan to analyse the chemical composition of the meteorite to find out more about where it came from.


Meteorite Smashes Through Home

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (June 13) - A grapefruit-sized meteorite smashed through the roof of a New Zealand house, hitting a couch and bouncing off the ceiling before coming to rest under a computer.

The 2.9 pound chunk of space debris dropped out of the sky and plummeted through the tiled roof of the Auckland home on Saturday.

"I was in the kitchen doing breakfast and there was this almighty explosion," owner Brenda Archer told the Sunday Star-Times newspaper. "It was like a bomb had gone off. I couldn't see anything, there was just dust."

Archer's one-year-old grandson had been playing nearby minutes before it hit. 

It is only the ninth meteorite found in New Zealand and the first to hit a home.

The Archers, who are following expert advice by drying the rock out in their oven, plan to sell it or give it to a museum.
Experts believe the meteorite, a chunk of an asteroid, could be worth more than $6,300, the newspaper said.

06-13-04 09:14 EDT

June 6, 2004 

A meteorite started a grass fire when it landed in Ventura, California.  6,000 acres burned. 

(reported by a citizen who lives in the area - on the Art Bell radio show on 6-12-04 - She said there was nothing on the news except how big the fire was.  Nobody but her seemed to have seen the meteorite, which was so large her face got hot on one side as it came down and started the fire. She said she thought it landed about 3 miles from her exact location. 

Meteorite sighted in NSW

June 17, 2004

A METEORITE reportedly the size of a house fell on the NSW south coast overnight, exploding in a bright flash, police said today.

A driver on the Hume Highway shortly after 9pm (AEST) near Menangle reported an object the size of a house falling from the sky.

The object fell east of the Hume Highway, possibly in an escarpment near the top of a hill at Bulli, police were told.

The meteorite was described as glowing silver in colour and similar to an artillery shell when it exploded with a bright flash on impact.

Workers at the Sydney Airport Tower said they saw a meteorite about 9pm, police said.

No other reports were received by police and extensive police patrols of the area did not turn up the space debris.



Australians Report Meteorite Explosion

By Associated Press

June 17, 2004, 12:30 PM EDT

SYDNEY, Australia -- People claiming they saw a "house-sized" meteorite slam into Earth and explode with a flash may actually have seen a small space rock streaking through the atmosphere as it burned up, an astronomer said Thursday.

Air traffic controllers on duty at Sydney Airport Tower saw a meteorite around 9 p.m. (1100 GMT) Wednesday, but did not give details of its size.

Police said several people just south of Sydney reported seeing a huge meteorite whizzing overhead before exploding. The report that it was the size of a house came from one motorist traveling on a highway about 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of the city.

"Extensive police patrols of the area could not locate the object," police said in a statement.

Australian National University astronomer Vince Ford said searchers were unlikely to find anything because whatever was rocketing to earth likely burned up before it hit, creating the illusion of a large object streaking across the night sky.

If a house-sized meteorite had hit the earth, it would have made a sonic boom and registered on seismological graphs, Ford said.

Prof. Steven Williams of the Grove Creek Observatory earlier told Sky News that he had received phone calls from about six people who said they saw a "gigantic streak" heading south. He said he could not explain the phenomenon and hoped somebody would find some trace of the meteorite.

"If I had a helicopter ... I would be out there myself trying to find it," he told Sky.

Copyright © 2004, The Associated Press

Anatomy of a bolide
Last year, a brilliant fireball shattered above the Chicago suburb of Park Forest, Illinois. Astronomers have pieced together a detailed 
postmortem of the event.

by Andrew Fazekas

Posted May 26, 2004
A little over a year ago, on March 27, 2003, a spectacular fireball lit up northern Illinois and sent chunks of space rock crashing into the streets and roofs of a quiet Chicago suburb of Park Forest. Incredibly, the kamikaze dive of this extraterrestrial visitor was caught — completely by accident — on police car and security video cameras, providing scientists an amazing opportunity to study in detail the last fiery moments of a meteor’s life.

The Park Forest fireball represents the largest bolide to streak across a densely populated area in modern history. "With only two such events occurring on land anytime during a year around the world, this was unique by all standards," says Wayne Edwards, study team member and Ph.D. candidate from the University of Western Ontario. Many different visual and acoustic instruments around the region observed the object’s descent. Astronomers have used these measurements to determine the Park Forest meteorite’s pre-fall orbit. This is only the eighth time astronomers have been able to calculate a reliable orbit for a meteorite.

By synchronizing eyewitness videos, audio, and seismic measurements on the ground with infrared satellite imagery, Edwards and his team have been able to determine the fireball’s original spin rate, trajectory, and velocity accurately. Before entering Earth’s atmosphere, the Park Forest object weighed 12.5 tons (11 metric tons), was traveling at 12 miles (20 kilometers) per second, and packed the equivalent energy of nearly 500 tons of TNT.

Audible detonations occurred as the meteor punched through the atmosphere and broke into smaller fragments. Analysis of audio and seismic recordings clearly matched three distinctly visible fragmentation events. The main fragmentation event, visible on a police-car video, occurred at a height of 44 miles (70 km) and was quickly followed by two smaller detonations at 22 and 16 miles (36 and 26 km). "Incredibly, we can trace the meteor in the video back to the very earliest time in its entry into our atmosphere," says Edwards.

Based on a computer model of the meteorite’s fragmentation rate, the team believes the bolide actually shattered early in its entry into our atmosphere and simply traveled as a collection of smaller pieces. Most of these eventually disintegrated, leaving behind only the 40 pounds (18 kilograms) of meteorites recovered. Before its fatal plunge to Earth, the object followed the orbit of a typical Apollo-type, Earth-crossing asteroid.

With enough data from different meteor falls, a clearer picture may emerge as to the sources of these meteorites and what type of asteroid they come from. "With enough orbits and enough samples from the ground, we can start to determine what the distribution of this material is in the solar system," explains Edwards. Going beyond Park Forest, the Ontario team plans to establish a system of cameras specifically designed to catch fireballs and determine their orbits.

The team presented its findings at the 2004 Joint Assembly of the American and Canadian Geophysical Union in Montreal, Canada, last week.

June, 2004

JUNE BOOTID METEORS: Earth is heading for a cloud of dust shed by Comet Pons-Winnecke in the 19th century. An encounter with the cloud might produce a pleasing meteor shower before sunrise on Wednesday, June 23rd. Or not. Forecasters aren't sure. If a shower materializes, sky watchers in western North America and across the Pacific Ocean are favored to see it.

Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are space rocks larger than approximately 100m that can come closer to Earth than 0.05 AU. None of the known PHAs are on a collision course with our planet, although astronomers are finding new ones all the time.

On 20 Jun 2004 there were 605 known Potentially
Hazardous Asteroids
May-July 2004 Earth-asteroid encounters




2001 US16

May 8

11 LD


2004 HC39

May 12

13 LD


2004 FJ11

May 24

12 LD


1998 SF36

June 26

5 LD


1999 MN

July 14

7 LD


Notes: LD is a "Lunar Distance." 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon. 1 LD also equals 0.00256 AU. MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach.

On 24 Jul 2004 there were 618 known Potentially
Hazardous Asteroids
July-Sept. 2004 Earth-asteroid encounters




1999 MN

July 11

8 LD


2001 OY13

July 14

25 LD


2000 PH5

July 25

5 LD


2003 UX34

Sept. 9

22 LD


2004 JA27

Sept. 10

23 LD


1998 OX4

Sept. 14

25 LD



Sept. 29

4 LD


Notes: LD is a "Lunar Distance." 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon. 1 LD also equals 0.00256 AU. MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach.

List Of The Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs)

6-16-04 - 

    Hi Everyone,

    This is what? The 5th or 6th large meteor in the last few weeks? I didn't by the Planet X hype being put out a few weeks ago, but there does seem to be something significant going on here. Even during major meteor showers (like the Leonids) I don't remember hearing this many reports of large meteors.

    John M

Car-Sized Meteor Rocks Missouri Residents

Paul Kesterson was getting ready for work Friday morning when two thunderous explosions a split second apart rocked the sky above his home.

"It was loud enough to shake the house and rattle the windows," said Kesterson, owner of Marshfield TV and Electronics. "The dog's probably still hiding."

The rural Webster County man rushed outside, not sure what he'd find.

"There was a smoke trail in the sky, but it wasn't straight," he said. "It kind of came down at an angle, like a jet contrail that the wind had distorted."

The Webster County Sheriff's Department fielded nearly 20 phone calls from area residents around 9:20 a.m., concerned something had blown up.

Dispatchers checked with area quarries, which reported no blasting activity. 

And no supersonic aircraft were in the skies above Webster County, according to Springfield airport and Fort Leonard Wood officials.

NASA scientist Mike Mumma said the likely culprit was a "sizable" meteor ripping apart as it blasted through the atmosphere at 100,000 mph.

"From the description of buildings and windows shaking, that's a fairly significant sonic boom," said Mumma, chief scientist of planetary research at Goddard Research Center in Greenbelt, Md. "It would have been much larger than fist-sized to make that loud of a noise and generate that much energy. I couldn't speculate how big, though."

Don Yeomans, manager of NASA's Near Earth Object monitoring program in Pasadena, Calif., said a meteor that shakes homes and windows
could have been the size of a small car.


Posted By: PIEMAN
Date: Wednesday, 23 June 2004, 8:03 p.m.

I saw this at Rumor Mill and looked interesting.

WATCH THE SKY TONIGHT! Scuttlebut and Other Strangeness

Posted By: Esclarmonde Date: Wednesday, 23 June 2004, 5:37 p.m.

On June 20, the date when Aussie Bloke said we could expect the Debris Cloud to manifest quite near Earth, SOHO closed its camera 'doors' presumably to protect the lens from damage. (Gee, I'm just sure it is a coincidence, aren't you?) told us that the 'debris cloud' we are going through was left over from a comet that went by in the 1819: Comet P7 Pons-Winnecke. At least one layer of this debris cloud has been named: The June Bootids, due to its appearance in front of the Bootes Constellation.

However, there are several other 'debris rings' making their play towards the Earth right now. They all may come from the initial shock of Comet P7, or even P7 itself may have come from the shock of a Stellar Explosion that occurred around the time of Jesus birth. This Neutron explosion sent forth a shock wave of ionic particles which bumped against the Oort Cloud, creating both comets and smaller debris clouds, many which have an orbital affinity with the Planet Jupiter.

For instance, we also have the Phi Saggitarids; and, the June Aquilids, confirmed in 1968 by none other than Dr. Grant Gartrell!!!

The following link by a Japanese scientist gives an excellent summation (with pictures) of what might be happening with this rather large layered Debris Cloud which certainly appears to come FROM THE SOUTH. You'll notice the various rings of debris. Apparently each ring becomes its own group of asteroids.

The following article suggests that everytime the Bootids have gone their course they appear to leave a 'circle' of debris, much like a toroid. Apparently we are due to go through as many as 4 of these layers of debris within the next few days:

"In recent days, a different forecast for the June Bootids has been issued by Jerimie Vaubaillon of the Institut de Mécanique Céleste et de Calcul des Éphémérides, in Paris, France and Russians Sergey Dubrovsky and Sergey Shanov.

Their calculations suggest that the Earth will interact with a swarm of meteoroids that were ejected by Comet Pons-Winnecke at not just one, but several of its past visits to the Sun, most notably in 1819, 1825, 1830, 1836 and perhaps 1875. In addition, the predicted peak for this activity comes several days earlier than Rendtel's suggestion: Wednesday, June 23 at 11h GMT (7 a.m. EDT).

Western North America and the Pacific Ocean will still be in darkness at that time, and are favored with the best possible views. But should the activity last for many hours, then it could be worthwhile to carefully watch the sky from Tuesday night, the 22nd, on until the first light of dawn on Wednesday, the 23rd."

So before I go I will give you an appoximate date to expect the arrival of the cloud in full force: 18th-20th June.
Impact 1)24-25th
Impact 2)26th-27th "anomaly"....unknown effect but current estimates are not too encouraging. Diameter uncertain. mass uncertain. What IS known is is composed mostly of a crystalline substance of unknown consistency. Some have speculated that it could be a chunk of diamond from the core of a gas giant...who knows. But it is weird and fast and coming this way. It is NOT a comet...NOR a is nothing like we have ever seen before. That is why we do not know what it will do if and when it hits us. Have a laugh now...I know you will..WE did at first too when we first detected it.
The Bootids first show is tonight, the 23rd-24th; the second BIG Show happens to fall on June 27.
SCUTTLEBUT HEARD ON E-STREET (being talked about and considered in various forums): ;-)

~~~~>We were 'barely missed' on the 20th by a large asteroid that would have pretty much changed all life on this planet as we know it. It passed within 75,000 miles of us. (The moon is about 250,000 miles from us, to give you an idea.) Think a lot of folks spent the evening of the 19th in their 'bunkers'. ;-)

~~~~>The real question at the moment is what are all the explosions going off in the ocean? Is it possible they are setting off Cold Fusion Nukes (no radiation) to dig big underwater trenches in an attempt to thwart tsunamis that might be caused by incoming asteroids?

A 6.1 Seismo reading off the coast of Florida (even though no quake) is the size of 25 Hiroshimas...or so. And the 6.9 registered in Venezuela on the many times that. All very curious goings on.

~~~~>Did we say 'Cold Fusion Nukes'? Wasn't the beloved Dr. Eugene Mallove (murdered on May 14th) working on Cold Fusion? don't suppose he thought this was a crazy idea, do you? One that might backfire?

There have been some larger than normal wave readings; and then there is that super typhoon that recently hit Japan.

~~~~>As for what just went across SOHO's screen...that was Mercury, which was behind the sun this time. Curiously, we are unable to watch its companion any longer. The Large 'shadowy' figure that showed up following behind it in early 2003. NASA changed the dif pics so the object would no longer be visible. However, the Cassiopeans said (back in the early 90's) that this was a 'stargate' and a 'base' of sorts used by the Zetas to enter our Solar System. Gee, and to think we have pictures of it...

 6-25-04 - 
Over the last couple of months I've read with interest the furore generated by "Aussie Bloke" and his claims of an imminent earth impactor of some kind. I've also noted Michael Goodspeed's anecdotal stories about missile readiness at Fort Greely, the arrival of Toutatis, the deployment of many of the worlds naval units and the intercepted conversation from Snowballnet.
I intend to talk about Toutatis a little nearer September 29, but for the moment I would like to concentrate on what could be a current threat to our planet.
I was initially skeptical about "Aussie Bloke's" claims, which have now been proved a hoax, but I've spent a good deal of time over the last six weeks researching and investigating the possibilities of an impact event or any other celestial happenings of interest in the last week of June.
As has been mentioned on, we are currently being treated to a good nightime display from the Taurid meteors and on Sunday, June 27 at 01h GMT (which corresponds to Saturday, June 26 at 9:00 p.m. EDT) the Earth should be passing through the June Bootids meteor shower, ejected by Comet Pons-Winnecke.
Coincidentally, I have found that on June 27 and June 29 the Earth is also subject to an extremely close approach by two little known asteroids. The first, on June 27, is designated 25143 Itokawa. Information is sparse on Itokawa, but what is known is that the asteroid is approximately 0.36 kilometers wide and on June 27 it will come within 0.0128968 Astronomical Units of Earth. An Astronomical Unit (AU) is equal to 149,597,871 kilometers, so Itokawa will pass us bye at less than a million miles
The June 29 asteroid is designated 2004 MC. It was only discovered ten days ago, on June 15 and will come even closer to Earth than Itokawa. 2004 MC will come within 0.0097 Astronomical Units of the planet, less than 850 thousand miles, a very near miss, and because of the late discovery of the asteroid NASA is unsure of the size of 2004 MC and its orbital path is not absolutely certain.
On June 21 NASA's Near Earth Orbit Dynamic Site said of 2004 MC "This object has the possibilty of impacting the Earth". This statement was, however, removed on June 22, just one day after it appeared.
Co-incidentally, on June 21 Asteroid 2004 MR1, an asteroid measuring some 35 metres wide, missed Earth by only 0.0038 Astronomical Units, about 350 thousand miles.
Whether or not Itokawa and 2004 MC do pose a threat to Earth I cannot say. However, one thing is sure, both these objects are coming very, very close to us in the next few days. For more information on the orbit simulations of the asteroids and observation information, please check the links below.
Oh, and have a nice day.
Orbit Simulation:-;main
2004 MC:-
Orbit Simulation:-;main
Copyright: Ian Gurney June 2004.
Ian Gurney is the author of "The Cassandra Prophecy-Armageddon
and can be contacted at
Ian Gurney is a journalist, broadcaster and author of the bestseller "The
Cassandra Prophecy" published by International Global Press. ISBN 0953581314.

Another Meteor Strike - Reports Of New Zealand Hit
The Cosmic Bombardment Continues
By Michael Goodspeed

With the ongoing controversy surrounding mysterious disappearing media accounts of fireballs, meteors, asteroids, and "crashed planes", it will be interesting to see if ANYONE in the international or American media picks up this report, issued hours ago in New Zealand.

A South Island radio station is being swamped with reports of a meteor strike in the Mackenzie Country.

People from Christchurch to Timaru say they saw a bright light streaking across the sky around 9.30 on Saturday night.

Port FM announcer James Valentine says he has taken dozens of calls describing the dramatic end of the meteor's journey.

He says it exploded before it hit the ground, and flames and debris were seen in the sky.

James Valentine says a consensus is building around the idea the meteor crashed to earth somewhere near Twizel.,,3882-3469666,00.html

Did June 3rd Puget Sound Meteor Cause Micro Quake?
By Michael Goodspeed

The majority of news accounts of the June 3rd meteor over Washington state near Puget Sound have described the meteor as approximately between the size of a "baseball" and a "computer monitor.' I am not a scientist, so I am genuinely curious if a baseball-sized or monitor-sized meteor can cause a "micro-earthquake," measuring 1.6 on the richter scale.

I have just received this information from a gentleman named Charles, which seems to indicate that at the estimated time of the meteor sighting (2:40 AM PST), a 1.6 quake was registered by the Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network.

Following this information, I will share with you an anecdotal account I have received from a woman in Eugene, OR, that is worthy of examination.

From Charles' email:

Flashes, booms reported over western Washington state; officials say meteor possible source

Associated Press

SEATTLE - Bright flashes and sharp booms were reported in the skies over the Puget Sound area early Thursday, and experts said a meteor or falling "space junk" may have been the source.

Nothing unusual was detected on National Weather Service radar, and authorities also ruled out aircraft problems or military flight tests.

Toby Smith, a University of Washington astronomy lecturer who specializes in meteorites, said scientists were looking into the cause of the skybursts reported over a wide area about 2:40 a.m.

Large Meteor Observed Over South East Texas
From Stan

It'll be interesting to see if this gets reported in the mainstream media.

At 04:15 06/27/04 an operator at a major Petro-Chem complex in Texas City, Texas observed a brightening of the sky on one of the unit video cameras. No sooner than his attention was diverted to the camera he observed a very bright streak across the sky in his field of view which is westerly. At this point he rushed out side the control room in time to see a very large colorful meteor streaking across the sky west to east at a high altitude. This was also observed by other employees at the plant.

Simultaneously another employee in League City, Texas was walking from his house to his car, leaving for work, and observed the same object. He described it as lighting the sky about as bright as a full moon with a nebulous head similar to a comet. It was leaving streamers of blue, red, yellow and green behind resembling the tail of a comet. He described it as larger than an airliner at low altitude but was very high and appeared to skip off the atmosphere and dissappear.

Terang man rocked by drop-in
June 28, 2004

Denis Lakic from Terang with the piece of rock he believes could turn out to be part of a meteorite.

A TERANG man believes a meteorite whizzed past his head in the early hours of the morning last week.

Denis Lakic was awoken when his cat fell out of a tree about 3am and was outside, trying to tie up his dog, when he heard a whooshing sound above.

"Something banged down on the earth a couple of metres from me," Mr Lakic said.

"It was dark, I couldn't see anything, so I went to bed and came back out at seven o'clock in the morning.

"I walked out to have a look and there was a deep hole, about 18 inches, and I got a spade and started digging around the rock."

Mr Lakic said the hole created by the rock was diagonal, suggesting it had hit the ground at an angle.

He said the 250-gram object was seven or eight centimetres across and was brown, red and other colours.

"It's very heavy. It's not a normal rock," the Hampden Street resident said.

"I think it's a meteorite. I'm not very scientific but it seems funny to me.

"I want to know what's going on."

A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said the service got calls about meteorites but they were referred to astronomy organisations.

"I do know every 30-odd million years one the size of Warrnambool hits and wipes all of us out," he offered, less than encouragingly.

Meteorite reported in southern Walpole, Australia

The Perth Observatory says it has had reports a meteor has crashed near Walpole in Western Australia's south.

Witnesses say they saw a large, fiery object zigzagging through the sky at about 5:30pm yesterday.

The witnesses say the object left a trail of thick smoke and then they heard a bang.

The observatory says it appears the object was travelling somewhere between Perth and Albany in a south-south easterly direction.

Walpole resident Heather Burton was in her backyard when she saw the object.

She says it was unlike a normal shooting star.

"A shooting star usually just goes straight across or straight down - this one had these gradual zigzags just coming down," she said.

Alex Bevan from the WA Museum says the reports indicate the sightings were the result of a fireball generated by a meteorite.

"We're certainly picking up reports of a bright fireball and sonic phenomena associated - I'm absolutely sure - with the fall of a meteorite," Dr Bevan said.

Dr Bevan says it will be difficult to find where the meteorite landed.

"Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be as many observations, so actually pinning down where the object landed might be a bit difficult and in that area, the vegetation might mean searching for it would be difficult," he said.

Update- June 28th 20:00 GMT
by Ambilac

Hot line….
This is what is known thus so far:
If you recall some years ago..(was on orbit site see
there were reported to be three incoming objects – recall the NASA computer operator who hid in a cave with supplies etc – the code names were Bismarck – Monitor and Titanic.. For ease of reference, these code names are being deployed once more by certain groups to follow the progress etc,..

So..what do we have..
Object #1 – BISMARCK – flew on by on time a few days ago and was highly fragmented, while the bulk of the object flew past beyond moons distance..- a few large objects from it skipped along the planetary grid…approx distance to the moon – 250,000 miles..while a few smaller objects were observed, and some landed, in the following areas:

Washington state
New Zealand

If you recall over the last few days, quakes were observed in a number of relate areas and fireballs and meteors observed..

Object #2 or MONITOR – due date July…no definitive date as yet
This will be a fly by well beyond the we are not expecting too many effects, possibly a few meteors..but the way things are going who the heck knows for certain..! The size of this object is said to be approx 20-30 let us hope it indeed passes well beyond the moon

Now..Object #3 TITANIC
This is where we may have a “problem” put it mildly. Due date Early November

This object is a big sucker…approx 60 miles wide, and because of its size and unstable path the effects of this mother are not really known.
Factors involved:
1 Solar activity..depending on what effect the sun has on this sucker
2 Planet earth.. depending on how we are placed at the time..
3. The asteroid itself.. The merw size of this mother will have its own geo field and gravity could say this was a “mini planet”.-thus the effects and orbital path will be unstable…
Hopefully, to minimise damage, earth may be in a position by then to have turned slightly and in connection with the planetary EM grid, help to avoid any major incoming resulting from the fly by.

All I know is that many governments are preparing for something…we have heard that the US gov have prepared a bunker 400 feet below, either Washington DC or Virginia and are preparing to “bunker down” In the UK there have been rumours that Whitehall (emergency planning ), special section, have already moved to an underground military facility in North Wales, near Plas Y Brenin..Snowdonia Mountain range….know it well!

One last comment on object #1 appears that the combination of solar activity and upward geo thermal flow from the sea on earth may have prevented serious damage over the last few days…Looks like someone is looking after us!!

Thus, I would prepare for any eventuality.. I hope that the extreme possibility will not occur, however we should all be like good boy scouts (and girl guides) and be prepared for anything

More updates when I have them
Searching for the truth - whatever it may be.

Sunday, 6 October, 2002, 10:33 GMT 11:33 UK
'Meteor' lights up Midlands, UK


The object was seen shortly before 0600 BST
A burning object seen streaking across West Midlands skies on Sunday morning may have been a meteor, astronomers have said.

The streaking fireball was seen heading south shortly before 0600 BST.

Its passage was followed by a bright flash which lit up the sky.

Sightings of the object were reported at sites including Coventry, England's south coast and Wales.

Andy Salmon, from the Birmingham Astronomical Society, said it may have been a meteor - space debris burning up in the atmosphere.

He also suggested it may have been a man-made object, such a satellite re-entering the atmosphere, or a rocket being launched.

"Meteors can happen at any time... there's no predicting when it may happen," he said.

One witness said the object had a tail.

"All of a sudden I've seen this light streak across the sky... the front of the light was much larger than what you would call the tail," he said.

'Like a film'

The BBC's Ben Godfrey saw the fireball as he arrived at work.

"It was reminiscent of a meteor you might see in a film... it was huge," he said.

Local aviation authorities confirmed the object was not aircraft-related.

It has been an eventful period for the West Midlands in nature terms, with the region shaken by an earth tremor on 23 September.


I was advised by 2 witness's who reported seeing what is described as a large green fireball fly over the town of Elk City, Oklahoma, last night 7/6/04 at about 9:00 PM. The object was described as being about the size of a tennis ball at arm's lenght. It's movement was from the Northwest to the Southeast. I am investigating further.

Jim Hickman
Executive Director
Skywatch International Inc.

Bright Lights Seen in Sky Over 5 States


FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - A meteor shower Wednesday night lit up the sky from Texas to western Tennessee, prompting a flood of reports to law enforcement officers throughout a five-state region.

The lights flashed across the sky shortly after 9 p.m. in portions of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Tennessee.

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said the spotting was a meteorite, probably several.

``The front part was fiery red and it had a greenish glow behind it and a long red tail,'' Barbara Hays, who lives in Bossier Parish, La., told Shreveport television station KSLA.

A spokesman for the National Weather Service in Fort Worth said the sightings were not tied to a weather event.

``Whatever the object was, it had to be pretty high up in the sky and pretty big for such a large area of people to have seen it,'' forecaster Mike Berry in Shreveport, La., said in a story in Thursday's Tyler Morning Telegraph.   

07/08/04 00:49 EDT

Copyright 2004 The Associated Press.

Police Dash Cam Films 'Fireballs In Sky'

Bright Lights Seen In Sky Over 5 States

POSTED: 7:17 am EDT July 8, 2004
A large meteor shower is probably what lit up the sky over parts of five states Wednesday night, according to experts.





The National Weather Service and media outlets received numerous reports of fireballs in the sky around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday. The lights flashed across the sky shortly after 9 p.m. in portions of Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Tennessee.

Some of the fireballs were captured on a dash camera in a police car in Rowlett, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The officer was on a traffic stop, and the left side of the shot shows several streaks of bright light.

After discussions with Federal Emergency Management Agency, the weather service determined that residents probably saw a meteor shower.

No debris or crash site have found, and there have been no reports of a missing aircraft.

7-8-04 - It's 4 AM in Memphis where I work as a security guard at night.  Just left the building and saw a bright flash to the northwest, like lightning or an explosion.  Waited, but no storms and no sounds. Then, a low, bright object streaked across the sky, looking like flames and very low.  It disappeared off to the west.  I wonder if a security camera somewhere picked up the flash or the meteor, if that's what it was.


The Surfing The Apocalypse Network


Posted By: NASAGUY
Date: Tuesday, 13 July 2004

Helsinki - A burst of meteors over Finnish coastal waters early on Tuesday prompted hundreds of Finns to mistakenly report the natural phenomenon as emergency flares from distressed vessels, officials said.

"The shower might have lasted just a few seconds, but so far we have received over 70 calls. The first hour was very busy here," said Matti Salokorpi, senior lieutenant with the maritime rescue centre in Vaasa, some 420 kilometres northwest of Helsinki.

On a normal night the rescue centre might get around 10 calls, he said, adding that Vaasa's ambulance and fire services had received as many calls due to the natural phenomenon created when space debris hits the earth's atmosphere at high speed.

Several other rescue centres along the Finnish west coast reported numerous similar calls, according to media here.

One of the callers, cruising in his pleasure boat off the coast, described the phenomenon as a red fireball moving swiftly through the night sky, spewing sparks and leaving a trail of vapour before turning white as it entered the atmosphere, Finnish news agency FNB reported.

A glowing meteor could easily be mistaken for an emergency flare, which is an international alarm signal for sailors in need of assistance, Salokorpi said.,6119,2-13-1443_1556905,00.htm

Still seems to be a few here and there.N

Greg B.
9:37 am EDT just for the records: nother meteor

Last night in Detroit, about 12:40-1:10 I was watching the sky out of my bedroom window. There was a dazzling display of heat-lightning and an incoming thunderstorm.

Before any rain occurred, I saw a fiery-orange sphere streak across the sky from West to East, in the Southern part of the sky.

It moved incredibly fast, and was not a plane. It came out of clouds and where it ended, I don´t know. The streak took it behind the neighboring house and out of my line of sight.

There was no indication of any kind of impact.

My thoughts were thus:

It´s a meteor
It´s an UFO
It´s ball lightening (whatever that is)

It was quite a sight to behold, and not at all like the shooting star I saw at the end of May.

Strictly using my own observations, I would have to conclude that if in May I´m seeing regular shooting stars then in July I´m seeing actual fireballs in the atmosphere...I´m guessing in September I will be seeing impacts.

-Greg B.

Did Meteorite Strike Central Florida?

   POSTED: 10:53 am EDT July 16, 2004

CASSELBERRY, Fla. -- Speculation about a July Fourth meteorite strike in Seminole County has many area residents searching their yards for answers.

From Oviedo, to Maitland, to Casselberry, witnesses claim to have heard a large boom and saw bright flashes of light across the evening holiday skies, WESH NewsChannel 2 reported.

It's creating a meteorite buzz on local radio stations, WESH NewsChannel 2 reported.

"I saw this crazy light, and it was really bright," said Casselberry resident Diana Felise. "The entire house was rattling. We thought the pictures were going to fall off the wall."

If a meteor did strike the area, it is believed to have hit somewhere around Red Bug Road and state Road 434, but Casselberry police officials said they're convinced it was nothing more than a big bolt of lightning since there was a severe storm in the area that night.

"Lightning, thunderstorms, welcome to Florida," said Lt. Dennis Stewart of the Casselberry Police Department.

Many residents, however, still believe it was a meteorite. Rick Wega shot video of the bright lights and remains convinced it was not a storm-induced effect.

"The way it shook the ground isn't like no other lightning," said Wega, "I’ve been around a lot of lightning."

Experts, on the other hand, said that until someone finds a piece of a meteorite in the area, it will remain an unsolved mystery.

A meteorite is a small particle of matter that falls to Earth, and the last one to reportedly strike the area hit in Lake County in 1918. Because of such rarity, meteorites are very valuable, and in some cases, one gram of a meteorite can be valued at $10,000.

Date: Friday, 16 July 2004, 5:34 p.m.

links to article and site used to translate on bottom of page...

The sky pytaet Egypt a fiery rain

Oksana GOLOLOBOVA, on July, 16, 2004

The Arabian mass-media transfer, that the present fiery downpour has fallen upon a number of villages in southern Egyptian province Sohag - so has characterized the unusual phenomenon local population. However, behind the beautiful name serious accident which already has ruined some inhabitants of the country disappears.

Heated "drops" in huge quantity fall from the sky on roofs of buildings, setting fire to straw covering them and a reed. Constructions flash as a match, the flame has captured already more than 80 apartment houses. From an asthma and burns have suffered about 60 person, two small children were lost at least. In the Egyptian settlements where the fiery rain goes the third day, firemen constantly are on duty.

Police and forces of safety of the country conduct consequence. Authorities try to find out an origin so strange unknown hitherto a phenomenon. There are already some versions of an event. pogoreltsy are inclined to trust in overseas metamorphosises, they assert, that on their houses anything fell other, as fiery spheres.

Others try to explain tragedy household incidents: the some people speak, that when the temperature of air reaches +55°N, at pets and birds the wool and feathers starts to decay. The cat who has received a burn or the rabbit starts to rush in a panic on a court yard and climbs up a roof of houses that leads to to distribution of fire.

However scientists count, that speech, most likely, goes about a meteoric rain: pieces of breed flying from space light up in an atmosphere. However, the exact reason of mass fires till now and remains a riddle.

For the information: the Meteoric rain - the unique astronomical phenomenon. His kinds which can be observed at various times year and with different periodicity are known some.

For example, " a star downpour ", "Leonid" named astronomers, it is possible to see seldom enough - each 33 years when about the Earth comet Templa-Tattla flies by. "Leonids" are her chastichki which breaking away, generously shower our planet.

The name has received the phenomenon because there are meteorites from that part of a space where there is constellation Leo. Encyclopaedic editions assert, that the most ancient on supervision the meteoric stream has been marked by Chinese in 1768 B.C.

Time in 130 years the Earth passes through a dust tail of a comet of Swift - Tattla and then meteoric stream Perseid reaches the maximal activity, dumping on us thousand "tail" meteorites.

And in general, " falling stars " can be observed every year in second half of summer. Always was considered, that they do not represent for people of danger - chastichki reach our planet extremely seldom, and in history yet there was no case that the meteorite has done much harm to the person. To tell the truth, more than 50 years in the Great Britain the fragment of a meteorite has killed the cow.


Here is the original article....

Here is the translation of the article from this site....


Translated by:

Article Link:


In several villages in the south of Egypt for the unknown reason have simultaneously burned down about 100 houses, informs RIA of "News" referring to local press. In result there were some hundreds local residents, many of which have burned.

Under the statement of numerous eyewitnesses, on roofs of houses on which peasants dry pomet, used in these places as fuel, drop the fiery spheres instantly igniting structures.

Local authorities cannot explain the reason of ignition yet. On one of versions, on houses the pigeons who are lighting up from collision with an electric main fell. However, under the statement of local residents, on big fires have been found out all a little scorched bird´s tushek.

Under other version, the reason of fires could become a meteoric stream. Come out also with assumptions of that, in the burned down houses because of the big loading in the electric system there were short circuits. But against this version speaks that many of houses at all had no an electricity.

Victims consider, that fire to them was sent by genies, attendants of the shaitan (devil).

It is necessary to note, that similar falling of fiery spheres was observed in January of this year in Spain where hundreds inhabitants of northern provinces became witnesses of the mysterious natural phenomenon.

Then one of representatives of authorities of the city of Palensija has declared, that one fiery sphere has blown up. " Explosion was very strong. In air the cloud of a white smoke which long did not dissipate " has risen, - it has declared.

In opinion of astronomers, fiery spheres, most likely, - large meteorites.

Oregon woman wants recognition for meteorite, discoverer

July13, 2004

WEST LINN, Ore. (AP) — More than a century ago, a Welsh miner wandering the forested hills of West Linn found a 15-ton meteorite lodged in the earth.

The so-called "Willamette Meteorite," the largest space rock ever found in the U.S., went on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. But the rock's discoverer, Ellis Hughes, died broke and forgotten.

Fran Soder, 88, has spent the last two years trying to regain recognition for Hughes and the meteorite, which museum curators consider the most important of its kind.

"I feel terrible he's been maligned for so many years," Soder said. "He was viewed as nothing more than a thief."

Hughes found the Willamette Meteorite in 1902, less than a mile from his home on land owned by the long-defunct Oregon Iron & Steel Co.

When the company heard of the discovery, it sent an attorney to investigate, sued and won — first in Clackamas County Circuit Court and later before the Oregon Supreme Court. Hughes was described as nothing more than a thief, who tried to hold on to what was not his.

Company officials brought the meteorite to the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland, where a wealthy New York socialite purchased it for $26,000. It was moved to the American Museum of Natural History the following year.

Now the Willamette Meteorite, an iron-nickel boulder deposited in the Northwest by floods up to 15,000 years ago, is on display in the museum's Rose Center for Earth and Space. Upward of 5 million visitors yearly see and touch its rough, deeply pitted surface.

The meteorite is also revered by the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, which produced evidence four years ago indicating that Clackamas Indians knew the meteorite as "Tomanowos," or "Heavenly Visitor." They even dipped their hunting arrows in water collected in its crevices for good luck.

The two sides reached a landmark settlement allowing the museum to keep the meteorite provided that tribal members hold annual ceremonial visits.

Soder hopes to bring the same recognition to West Linn, by commissioning a New York artist to create a full-size replica of the meteorite.

The West Linn Chamber of Commerce agrees and has begun a campaign to raise $25,000.

Soder said that future generations need to know the story of the space rock and its discoverer.

"Imagine it. Thrust out of an exploding planet, traveling at 60 miles per second at 9,000 degrees, spewing molten iron as it flies," she said. It's something I just get thrilled about."

Copyright 2004 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Meteor, right?

By Josh Grossberg, Daily Breeze

It traveled for millions of years across the vast emptiness of space, entered the Earth's atmosphere at speeds 50 times faster than a bullet and could be worth up to $20,000. Either that or it's just a rock.

All the Patel brothers know is that they heard an odd noise in the middle of the night and the next morning, there was a strange mineral formation in the parking lot of their Redondo Beach inn, named, appropriately enough, the Starlite Motel.

Now, after doing some research on the Internet, they're fairly certain the golf-ball-sized, pock-marked object with copper specks is a visitor from outer space.

"I was sweeping and I saw it," Dinesh Patel said. "At first I thought it was a rock, and was going to put it in the trash. But it was too heavy."

The brothers were sound asleep early Tuesday at their hotel on Pacific Coast Highway when they were both startled awake by a loud noise. Narish Patel described it as a "zzzzz" sound, while Dinesh Patel said it resembled a "car squeaking against a wall." Apparently nobody else heard it, or at least, they didn't contact the Redondo Beach police, which received no calls, Sgt. Phil Keenan said.

It could take months of testing to determine exactly what the brothers found. But after looking at a photograph of their prize, two meteorite experts said it is certainly possible that they found what they think they found.

"I can't rule it out," said meteorite dealer Michael Blood. Blood said that if it's real, the find would be especially rare because the brothers heard and found the meteorite where it landed, something that has happened only a few thousand times in history. Worth thousands -- maybe And if it came from the moon or Mars, the Patels would really have hit the celestial jackpot.

"If it's lunar or Martian, it could be worth a couple thousand dollars a gram," Blood said of the rock that weighs about 20 grams. "But the greatest likelihood is it's common chondrite."

In which case, the entire stone would be worth maybe a couple hundred bucks.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Internet site  had 18 purported meteorites for sale, ranging in price from $6.99 to $1,000.

Who would spend so much on so little? Very few people, it turns out.

"It's a very intense industry that's very small," Blood said. "My estimate is there are 3,000 to 6,000 collectors in the world. Maybe much less." Blood said that Meteorite Magazine, the bible of the field, has a circulation of about 1,000.

The allure of meteorites -- which are meteors that reach the Earth intact -- is their otherworldliness.

"There's nothing else you can put in your hand and look at that's from out of the world," Blood said. "They come from countless millions of miles away.

I've spent hundreds of hours looking for them and found only one. These things are hard to come by."

Alan Rubin, a research geochemist at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at UCLA, was less optimistic than Blood. "It doesn't look very promising," said Rubin, who earned a Ph.D. studying meteors. "If it's a meteorite, it's very unusual." 

Tests will offer the answer Still, he said, tests would need to be conducted to be sure. "The texture is unlike any meteorite I've seen, but there's always a chance," he said. "I can't rule it out."

If the find turns out to be something common, it wouldn't be the first time someone saw space stuff on the ground.

"I had a woman drive hundreds of miles and show up in my driveway with a truck full of rocks," Blood said. "They hear that a lunar meteorite sells for $1,000 a gram and then they find a rock and think they're rich."

New Martian meteorite found in Antarctica

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- A meteorite from Mars has been discovered in Antarctica, one of only about 30 known Martian space rocks on Earth. 

"We've gotten something like 13,000 meteorites from Antarctica and this is only the sixth one from Mars," Timothy McCoy, curator of meteorites at the Smithsonian Institution, said by telephone on Wednesday.

The rest of the known Martian meteorites on this planet were found outside Antarctica, McCoy said by telephone. What makes this rock special is its comparatively large size, he said: "It's a 700 gram rock (about 1.5 pounds) but by meteorite standards it's a mountain of material."

Scientists can do effective work on amounts as little as one-thousandth of a gram, McCoy said.

At this point, there is no suggestion that the new meteorite -- discovered December 15, 2003, on an ice field some 466 miles (750 km) from the South Pole -- bears any evidence of possible microscopic fossilized life. Some scientists believe an earlier meteorite found in Antarctica and publicly unveiled in 1996 bore such signs; it is still being investigated. The new Martian meteorite was found as part of a cooperative effort funded by NASA and supported by the National Science Foundation. Smithsonian scientists said they can establish the origin of the Martian meteorites by their mineralogy, texture and oxidized nature.

Today In New Zealand News
Sky Lights Up For NZ Post Pilots
/08-03-2004 05:40 PM

There have been sightings of a meteor streaking its way across the upper South Island and lower North Island.  Reports have come in from North Canterbury and Buller on the West Coast.

A New Zealand Post plane spotted the show of lights just north of Wellington at about 1.50am.  Sergeant Andrzej Kowalczyk says the
pilots of the plane describe seeing a bright white and green light that lit up the cockpit as if it were daylight.

The pilots established that the meteor had crashed into the sea somewhere off the east coast of the lower North Island.

Copyright 2003 Newstalk ZB News. 

Fireball Hits Mountainside
In Wales, UK - News Blackout
From Phil

We are presently receiving info from eyewitnesses on the ground. So far,there appears to be a complete news blackout.

Email #1
A huge fireball lit up the night sky over Cardiff in Wales UK on Friday night.

Four hours later, at 2:45 am Saturday 31st July 2004 a second object impacted a remote hillside near Cwmaman in Aberdere, Wales. Witnesses say the impact lit up the sky and a huge explosion shook all the houses in the area.

Three fires were seen burning on the hillside and it was soon covered with police and firemen with torches.
Despite an obvious large presence of the local authorities who cordoned off the area, subsequent enquiries to the police and the fire brigade have been met with denial of any events that night.

Police claim that there is no record on their computer of anything happening that night. The mystery deepens. More info to follow in due course!

I have just received a report back from friends who tried to reach the cordoned-off area at the impact site. They said... "The event happened at the very top of the hill. Late tonight 9.15pm Sunday, we were close to the spot, but it is a bit inaccessible. There were sounds of very heavy equipment moving about very close. Sounded like bulldozers? No further info from other sources yet.

Will give you a bell after 8.00 tomorrow (Mon)" The lack of info from Police, Fire Dept or press is puzzling! If I get more info, I will relay it to you as soon as possible. Many thanks, Phil.
Sorry, I forgot to answer your question. There is no URL as yet. This incident was reported to me by somebody who lives at the foot of the hillside and about a mile away. The terrain is very steep and overgrown. This explosion shook his house. He phoned the incident in at 2:45 am.
A local skywatcher saw an enormous meteorite go over at 11:45 pm which lit up the entire sky. (3 hours before the event) He phoned back soon after to say that three large fires were burning at the top of the hill and there were lots of people with torches making their way up the hillside. On going to investigate he was turned back by the Fire Brigade who had closed the road.

The puzzling thing is that although the fire fighters were there, the authorities refuse to admit anything happened. Same with the media. Local Radio, newspapers, TV all claim to know nothing about it. My friends are pursuing this and will get back to me later today.
Many thanks,

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8-4-04 - 

Officials: Fireball seen on southern horizon likely a meteor

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A large meteor may have been what residents in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and parts of the south-central United States saw Wednesday night, officials said.

The National Weather Service said it had received numerous reports of a fireball in the sky around 9:30 p.m. from central and southwestern Oklahoma to northern Texas and other parts of the South.

Mike Berry, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Shreveport, La., said he fielded about 20 calls from people asking about the mysterious light. The Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office in northeast Louisiana reported around five calls and forwarded them to the weather office.

After discussions with the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency, the weather service said officials concluded that what residents saw was likely a large meteor.

John Clabes, a regional spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said there were no reports of missing aircraft in the area.

In Tulsa, John Southern said he saw what he thought was an airplane on fire while driving near U.S. 75 in Tulsa.

"It looked like an airplane going down in flames really hard or fast _ or space debris," said Southern, a freelance photographer. "It was coming from a southwesterly direction."

When he got a closer look, he saw that the object had a definite central mass.

"This was just like a blob," Southern said. "I wouldn't say it was a UFO, but I don't know. I thought surely something had happened."

Southern said the object flew to the southeast before he lost sight of it.

"It was just a flash in the pan. It was over in about three seconds," he said.

A similar phenomenon occurred Dec. 1, 2001, when residents in Oklahoma, Texas and Nebraska witnessed space debris breaking up as it entered the atmosphere.

Witnesses reported seeing long streaks of light moving across the sky and breaking into about 30 "little balls with tails."

Copyright 2004 Associated Press. All rights reserved

Woman 'hit by meteorite'

A great-grandmother is believed to have become the first person in the country to have been hit by a meteorite. Pauline Aguss, 76, was hanging out washing in her garden in Lowestoft, Suffolk, when a walnut-size rock struck her arm causing a small, deep gash.

Her husband Jack, 77, found the chunk of brown metallic rock on the grass and is to send it for analysis. If it is confirmed to be a meteorite, then Mrs Aguss will go down as the first person in Britain to be struck by one.

The rock fell last week when the annual perseid meteorite shower from the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars was at its peak. The last known victim of a meteorite was a dog in Egypt, killed when it was struck on the head.

Mon Oct 11 10:55:00 2004 Pacific Time

      CU-Boulder Researchers to Analyze Meteorite That Fell Outside Berthoud, Colo.

       BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 11 (AScribe Newswire) -- University of Colorado at Boulder researchers will scientifically analyze a meteorite that fell outside Berthoud, Colo., last week, only the fifth to ever have been seen falling and subsequently recovered in Colorado, experts say.

       The meteorite weighs more than 2 pounds and is about as large as a baseball, although it is irregular in shape. It appears to be made of igneous rock and is melted on its surface from the heat of entering the atmosphere. The meteorite probably broke off an asteroid or planetary body.

       "Its igneous composition reveals that it was chipped off an asteroid large enough to undergo some form of volcanic activity," said Nick Schneider, associate professor of astrophysical and planetary sciences.

       Megan and John Whiteis of Berthoud, and Megan's son, Casper, provided the meteorite to aerospace engineering sciences assistant professor Scott Palo for scientific analysis after they saw it land in their backyard. The couple had just walked out their back door into the yard at 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 5, when the meteorite flew over their heads and landed about 100 feet ahead of them.

       Megan's mother, Marilyn Meador, contacted the National Center for Atmospheric Research and spoke with Dr. Maura Hagan who emailed Palo. Palo is an expert in radio meteors -- the study of ionized meteor trails in the upper atmosphere using radio waves. Palo spent the next few days putting together a team of scientists interested in helping to analyze the specimen. The team includes:

       - Jack Murphy, curator emeritus of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, who is writing a book on Colorado meteorites

       - Chris Peterson, of Cloudbait Observatory, a Colorado fireball observation network in Guffey, Colo., who is working to reconstruct the trajectory and orbit of the meteorite using infrasound and observations

       - Assistant Professor Stephen Mojzsis of the CU-Boulder department of geological sciences

       - Associate Professor Nick Schneider of the CU-Boulder department of astrophysical and planetary sciences and the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)

       - Doug Duncan, director of Fiske Planetarium

       The first scientific test will measure gamma rays being emitted by the meteorite. It is likely the test will be performed at NASA's Johnson Space Center later this week. Because this is a fresh fall, the volatile chemical species can be measured. Analysis of the rare gasses and gamma ray emissions will provide information about the size and history of the meteorite before it entered the Earth's atmosphere.

       Analysis of the meteorite trajectory and orbit also will be conducted in an effort to learn where this meteorite originated. Over the past 7 years to 10 years, a surprising number of fireballs have been observed during the first week of October. Scientists have little understanding about the source of the fireballs but the Berthoud meteorite could provide a wealth of information about these recent events. The possibility of tracking a meteorite back to its place of origin in the asteroid belt is a rare opportunity. Researchers are asking the public to report any fireball sightings in the sky during October in order to help determine the meteorite's trajectory and point of origin. Fireball sightings can be reported by going to

       Residents of Berthoud also are asked to keep their eyes open for any rocks that appear unusual with a smooth, black, shiny crust. People who find objects they think may be a meteorite should contact Jack Murphy at (000)-000-0000.

       Discoverers Megan and John Whiteis have expressed their keen interest in making the Berthoud meteorite available for educational purposes. Until needed for scientific analysis, the meteorite will be displayed and discussed in CU classrooms and at Fiske Planetarium. CU faculty will work with local K-12 educators and the discoverers to bring the excitement and importance of the Berthoud meteorite to schools and museums around the state.

       Viewing times at Fiske will be posted at and requests for class visits should be made to Suzanne Traub-Metlay at 303-492-4073.


       CONTACTS: Scott Palo, 303-492-4289

       CU-Boulder News Services -- Jim Scott, 303-492-3114, or Carol Rowe, 303-492-7426


       CU-Boulder, Oct. 11, 2004

       A meteoroid is a small object - generally smaller than the size of a pebble - and usually comes from asteroids, the moon, comets or Mars.

       Thousands of meteorites fall to Earth each year. Meteorites generally become visible at about 60 miles from the ground due to the intense heating from striking the atmosphere at speeds of at least 20,000 mph. Only the largest meteors are bright enough to see in the daytime sky.

       The average weight of a shooting star, or meteor, in the sky is less than one ounce -- about the size of a pea or smaller. Larger meteors that hit the ground become meteorites by definition. Most meteors decay into dust in the atmosphere and never make contact with Earth's surface.

       The largest known meteorite is a 70-ton specimen still embedded in the ground in Grootfontein in southwest Africa. The largest meteorite ever found in the United States is the Willamette meteorite, which was found in Oregon and weighs about 15 tons.

       Fireballs are defined as any meteor that is brighter than Venus in the night sky. The appearance of a fireball is often followed by a sonic boom.

       A meteorite generally is named for the locale, region or town where it was found.

       Meteorites generally are classified into three categories: Stony, iron and stony-iron. Only about 10 per cent of the meteorites that reach Earth are "iron meteorites." Iron meteorites are rare because they typically become buried upon impact. Of the 75 meteorites that have been recovered in Colorado, 14 are iron.

       Stone meteorites can be divided into chondrite and achondrite types. Chondrites contain chondrules, tiny, spherical blobs of silicates from the earliest solar system formation which pre-date planetary formation.

       Achondrite meteorites, like the one recently discovered near Berthoud, Colo., make up about 7 percent of all known meteorites. Achondrite meteorites are made from chondritic material that was melted and re-crystalized while still on or within its parent solar system body.

       Achondrite meteorites may be pieces of planets and moons ejected during impacts or collisions eons ago and may have traveled through the solar system for millions of years. The now-famous Allan Hills meteorite from Mars was discovered in 1998 in Antarctica and continues to be controversial since some scientists believe it contains microscopic evidence for life.


Fiery Object Shoots Across Wisconsin Sky

Many people called Action 2 News to let us know about a strange sight in the sky Tuesday night.

Calls came from all over -- especially Brown, Oconto, and Shawano counties.

Callers described what they saw around 6:15 p.m. as a large, red- and green-colored glowing ball with a tail, shooting through the sky.

Lincoln County authorities report it may have crashed into a wooded area there in northcentral Wisconsin. Witnesses said they heard a loud explosion then saw a fire in the woods. Deputies were out there late Tuesday night trying to find where the object might have struck.

The FAA reports the object was likely a meteorite.

Skywatchers treated with fiery meteors

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
-- Richard L. Hill

Fireballs -- large meteors that are a rare treat in fall's typically cloudy weather -- have been spotted streaking across the Oregon sky in the past two weeks.

Dick Pugh, a meteor expert with with the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory at Portland State University, said he received reports from surprised eyewitnesses of fireballs Oct. 30 and Monday evening.

A Beaverton man reported seeing Monday's fireball at 7:16 p.m. It lasted about four seconds and was nearly the diameter of a full moon.

"He said it moved from the northwest to the southwest and ended up looking like a dumbbell," which indicates it probably was breaking up, Pugh said.

The fireballs are part of the annual Taurid meteor shower, which is caused by the Earth passing through debris shed by comet Encke. The tiny dust grains make white-hot streaks of light as they slam into the atmosphere at 65,000 mph.

The normally unremarkable Taurid shower is putting on a good show this year, with Earth apparently going through a debris area with unusually large particles.

The meteors are called Taurids because they seem to originate in the constellation Taurus, which rises in the east around sunset and is nearly overhead by midnight.

Pugh said just as the Taurid shower is fading, one of the year's better meteor showers -- the Leonids -- will peak next week.

Anyone spotting a fireball can contact Pugh at 503-287-6733.-- Richard L. Hill

1,400-Pound Meteorite Found In Kansas

Rare Find Is Largest Ever Found In U.S.


POSTED: 2:50 pm EST November 10, 2005
A man digging in Kansas found a 1,400-pound pallasite meteorite -- the largest ever discovered in the United States.
  • Steve Arnold says he found the rare stony-iron pallasite meteorite on a farm near Haviland.
  • Steve Arnold, who is a professional meteorite hunter, said he found the rare stony-iron pallasite meteorite on a farm near Haviland.

    "It's a gorgeous museum-quality specimen," Arnold said.

    Arnold used special metal-detecting equipment to find it and needed a backhoe to get it out of the ground.

    Pallasite meteorites are considered so rare that estimates show they account for only 1 percent of all meteorites on Earth.

    The meteorite may be worth as much as $12 million, according to a Kansas City television station.

    Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

    Japan’s Asteroid Probe Cleared For Landing Attempt

    By Leonard David
    Senior Space Writer
    posted: 11 November 2005
    10:37 am ET

     Japan’s Hayabusa spacecraft is on track to attempt a sampling of asteroid Itokawa on November 19.

     In a rescheduled practice run on November 9, the craft has approached within 230 feet (70 meters) of the asteroid during a descent test that verified the probe’s guidance and navigation functions.

     Engineers handling the Hayabusa spacecraft have clarified the issues that led to the cancellation of a November 4 landing rehearsal. An onboard navigation computer detected anomalous information during the practice run. The problem resulted in an abort command being transmitted to the probe by Earth controllers, thereby stopping the rehearsal. Subsequently, the spacecraft fired its chemical engines and started ascent, backing away from the asteroid.

    Mission officials are now prepared to carry out a landing at the “Muses Sea” site, performing sampling tasks on both November 19 and another touchdown on November 25, according to the web site of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), a space science research division arm of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

    Return samples

     Hayabusa is now ready for its historic attempt to gather and return asteroid specimens to Earth.

     Imagery taken by Hayabusa has been used to target the craft to a touchdown location on asteroid Itokawa. One newly released image shows the shadow of the spacecraft cast upon the asteroid’s surface.

     Japan’s Hayabusa roared off into space from Japan’s Kagoshima Space Center on May 9, 2003. The spacecraft arrived at its asteroid target on September 12 of this year.

     Not only is Hayabusa equipped to collect samples of the asteroid for return to Earth. A tiny robot will hop about Itokawa and relay pictures from the space rock’s surface.

     Plans call for the probe’s return capsule carrying asteroid specimens to return to Earth in June 2007, landing by parachute in a remote desert spot in Woomera, Australia.

    The second Asteroid named after Romany figure 9. 11. 2005

    A recently-discovered asteroid in the Taurus constellation is likely to be named after a Bulgarian folk singer AZIS. The asteroid, temporarily been called 2005 UT12, was spotted in the Taurus constellation by Bulgarian astronomers with the help of scientis from Spain and UK."We want to name the asteroid after the folk singer Azis, who is quite famous here." a spokesperson for the Bulgarian scientific team explained.

    Azis gained his popularty as a folk singer. His real name is Vasco. He has performed a number of popular songs, including 'I won't', 'Car serviceman', 'You don't know', 'Nobody's able', and others. Azis is also a political campaigner for the rights of the minority Roma population. The past summer Azis attracted extra attention by running for an MP post in the general elections' but didn't receive enough votes to become a Member of the Parliament. Azis is also considered a bit controversial figure in traditional Bulgaria, with his openly-homosexual ways.

    According to information we have obtained so far, Azis has not yet commented on this proposal. If he approves of the idea this will be the second asteroid that has been named after a Romany figure. The first one is a small planet n.17 611, which was spotted in 1995 and is orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. It was named ‘Jozkakubik‘ on 9rd of March 2001 dedicated to rememberance of a Romany violinist Jožka Kubík (1907 – 1978) from Hrubá Vrbka, a village near Hodonín in the Czech Republic.
    (Dzeno Association)



    The Three Days' Darkness
    The Coming Chastisement of the World


    The wind will carry with it poisonous gases
    which will be diffused over the entire earth.

    These Godless and wicked people shall be destroyed without mercy,
    as were the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorra of old.
    Yes, I tell you their wickedness was not as great
    as that of our human race today!
    Tell My people to be prepared at all times,
    for My judgment shall come upon them suddenly
    when least expected.
    Hurricanes of fire will pour forth from the clouds and spread over the entire earth!
    Storms, bad weather, thunderbolts and earthquakes will cover the earth for two days.
    An uninterrupted rain of fire will take place!
    It will begin on during a very cold night.
    All this is to prove that God is the Master of Creation.
    But in three nights, the earthquake and fire will cease.

    Revealed by Our Lord to
    Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

    Preliminary Remarks

    Translation of a copy of a personal letter written by Padre Pio addressed to the Commission of Heroldsbach appointed by the Vatican which testifies to the truth and reality of these revelations given by Our Lord to Padre Pio, a Capuchin priest who bore the stigmata. (May 25, 1887-September 23, 1968).

    The Three Days' Darkness

    NEW YEAR'S EVE 1949 - My son, My son, I have been longing for this hour in which I again shall reveal to you the great love of My heart.
    My love for man is very great, especially for those who give themselves to Me. They are My refuge and My consolation in the many and terrible irreverences which I receive in the Sacrament of My love.

    Pray and make reparation to Me. Admonish others to do the same because the time is near at hand in which I shall visit my unfaithful people because they have not heeded the time of My grace. Persevere in prayer, so that your adversary shall have no dominion over you. Tell My people to be prepared at all times
    , for My judgment shall come upon them suddenly and when least expected -
    and not one shall escape My hands, I shall find them all! I shall protect the just. Watch the sun and moon and the stars of the Heavens-when they appear to be unduly disturbed and restless, know that the day is not far away. Stay united in prayer and watching until the angel of destruction has passed your doors. Pray that these days will be shortened.

    My beloved, have confidence. I am in the midst of you. My Kingdom shall be glorified and My Name shall be blessed from the rising of the sun unto the setting thereof; and to My Kingdom there shall be no end.

    JANUARY 23, 1950 - Pray! Make reparation! Be fervent and practice mortifications. Great things are at stake! Pray! Men are running toward the abyss of Hell in great rejoicing and merry-making, as though they were going to a masquerade ball or the wedding feast of the devil himself! Assist Me in the salvation of souls. The measure of sin is filled!
    The day of revenge, with its terrifying happenings is near -- nearer then you can imagine! And the world is seeping in false security! The Divine Judgment shall strike them like a thunderbolt!

    These Godless and wicked people shall be destroyed without mercy,
    as were the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorra of old.
    Yes, I tell you their wickedness was not as great
    as that of our human race today!

    JANUARY 28, 1950 - Keep your windows well covered. Do not look out. Light a blessed candle, which will suffice for many days. Pray the Rosary. Read spiritual books. Make acts of Spiritual Communion,
    also acts of love, which are so pleasing to Us. Pray with outstretched arms, or prostrate on the ground, in order that many souls may be saved. Do not go outside the house. Provide yourself with sufficient food. The powers of nature shall be moved and a rain of fire shall make people tremble with fear. Have courage! I am in the midst of you.

    FEBRUARY 7, 1950 - Take care of the animals during these days. I am the creator and preserver of animals as well as man. I shall give you a few signs beforehand, at which time you should place more food before them. I will preserve the property of the elect, including the animals, for they shall be in need of sustenance afterwards as well. Let no one go across the yard, even to feed the animals-he who steps outside will perish! Cover your windows carefully. My elect shall not see My wrath. Have confidence in Me, and I will be your protection.
    Your confidence obliges Me to come to your aid.

    The hour of My coming is near! But I will show mercy. A most dreadful punishment will bear witness to the times. My angels, who are to be the executioners of this work, are ready with their pointed swords! They will take special care to annihilate all those who mocked Me and would not believe in My revelations.

    Hurricanes of fire will pour forth from the clouds and spread over the entire earth! Storms, bad weather, thunderbolts and earthquakes will cover the earth for two days. An uninterrupted rain of fire will take place! It will begin on during a very cold night. All this is to prove that God is the Master of Creation.

    Those who hope in Me, and believe in My words, have nothing to fear because I will not forsake them, nor those who spread My message. No harm will come to those who are in the stated of grace and who seek My mother's protection.

    That you may be prepared for these visitations, I will give you the following signs and instructions:
    The night will be very cold. The wind will roar. After a time thunderbolt will be heard. Lock all the doors and windows. Talk to no one outside the house. Kneel down before a crucifix, be sorry for your sins, and beg My Mothers protection. Do not look during the earthquake, because the anger of God is holy! Jesus does not want us to behold the anger of God, because God's anger must be contemplated with fear and trembling.

    Those who disregard this advice will be killed instantly.
    The wind will carry with it poisonous gases which will be diffused over the entire earth.

    Those who suffer and die innocently will be martyrs and they will be with Me in My Kingdom.

    Satan will triumph! But in three nights, the earthquake and fire will cease. On the following day the sun will shine again, angels will descend from Heaven and will spread the spirit of peace over the earth. A feeling of immeasurable gratitude will take possession of those who survive this most terrible ordeal, the impending punishment, with which God will visit the earth since creation.

    I have chosen souls in other countries too, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, who have received these revelations so that other countries also may be prepared. Pray Rosary, but pray it well, so that your prayers may reach Heaven.
    Soon a more terrible catastrophe shall come upon the entire world, such as never before has been witnessed, a terrible chastisement never before experienced!

    How unconcerned men are regarding these things! Which shall so soon come upon them, contrary to all expectations. How indifferent they are in preparing themselves for these unheard of events, through which they will have to pass so shortly!

    The weight of Divine balance has reached the earth! The wrath of My Father shall be poured out over the entire world! I am again warning the world through your instrumentality, as I have so often done heretofore.

    The sins of men have multiplied beyond measure: irreverence in Church, sinful pride committed in sham religious activities, lack of true brotherly love, indecency in dress, especially at summer resorts . . . The world is filled with iniquity.

    This catastrophe shall come upon the earth like a flash of lightning!
    At which moment the light of the morning sun shall be replaced by black darkness!
    No one shall leave the house or look out a window from that moment on. I Myself shall come amidst thunder and lightning. The wicked shall behold My Divine Heart.

    There shall be great confusion because of this utter darkness in which the entire earth shall be enveloped, and many, many shall die from fear and despair.

    Those who shall fight for My cause shall receive grace from My Divine Heart; and the cry: "WHO IS LIKE UNTO GOD!" shall serve as a means of protection to many. However, many shall burn in the open fields like withered grass!

    The Godless shall be annihilated, so that afterwards
    the just shall be able to start afresh.

    On that day, as soon as complete darkness has set in, no one shall leave the house or look from out of the window. The darkness shall a day and a night followed by another day and night, and another day-but on the night following, the stars will shine again, and on the next morning the sun shall rise again, and it will be SPRINGTIME!!

    In the days of darkness, My elect shall not sleep, as did the disciples in the garden of olives. They shall pray incessantly, and they shall not be disappointed in Me. I shall gather My elect. Hell will believe itself to be in possession of the entire earth, but I shall reclaim it.
    Ruby Fire: the Greatest Love Purging All that is less than Love -CR
    Do you, perhaps, think that I would permit My Father to have such terrible chastisements come upon the world, if the world would turn from iniquity to justice? But because of My great love, these afflictions shall be permitted to come upon man. Although many shall curse Me, yet thousands of souls shall be saved through them. No human understanding can fathom the depth of My love!

    Pray! Pray! I desire your prayers. My dear Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Elizabeth, Saint Conrad, Saint Michael, Saint Peter and the little Therese, Your Holy Angels, shall be your intercessors. Implore their aid! Be courageous soldiers of Christ! At the return of light, let everyone give thanks to the Holy Trinity for their protection!

    The devastation shall be very great!

    But I, your God, will have purified the earth. I am with you, have confidence!

    Again and again I have warned men, and often have I given them special opportunities to return to the right path; but now, wickedness has reached its climax, and the punishment can no longer be delayed. Even though My Heart does suffer and bleed, yet for My Name's sake, I must deal this blow. Tell all that the time has come in which these things shall be fulfilled.


    THIS IS THE OTHER SIDE OF CHRIST one seldom hears about these days. He is formidable if one is His enemy. But we who love Him have nothing to fear! He will protect His own!

    As for the time read: Math. 24: 43-44.

    God will NOT be mocked forever!


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    Giant meteor sails over Saguaro Lake

    Senta Scarborough and JJ Hensley
    The Arizona Republic
    Oct. 2, 2006 10:48 AM
    Residents who saw a ball of fire in the sky late Sunday evening near Saguaro Lake witnessed a giant meteor, officials said.

    Phoenix and Scottsdale police and Rural/Metro Fire Department dispatchers received calls from residents reporting a plane going down in "a ball of fire." Another caller reported seeing a meteor.

    "It was a large ball of flame," Rural/Metro Fire Department spokeswoman Alison Cooper said. "It was very large. It was seen as far as Washington state."

    Kip and Valerie Wachter saw the fireball pass over their heads about 10:15 Sunday evening as they walked north of Pinetop.

    "The colors were a bright green, red, white. The size was about three times wider than its length. It seemed to emanate a low, soft swishing sound as it passed overhead," the Wachters wrote in an e-mail to The Republic.

    Steve Kates, a Chandler resident and science journalist known as "Dr. Sky," said that description, particularly the noise, was consistent with meteoric activity.

    Most meteors visible on earth occur high in the atmosphere and these "shooting stars" are about the size of a grain of dust, said Jeffrey Hall, associate director at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff.

    "The great majority are these tiny particles moving through the atmosphere at a high rate of speed," Hall said. "Larger ones tend to be moving more slowly and produce a much larger trail through the sky."

    Between 10 and 50 meteor events occur over the Earth each day, according to the American Meteor Society, with the vast majority happening over oceans and out of eyesight. Meteors lose mass and decelerate as they enter the atmosphere, with only the largest slamming into the Earth and forming a crater. Scientists think the Barringer Crater, near Winslow, was formed by an iron meteor about 50,000 years ago.

    Kates said a meteorite the size of a human fist could have created the light show West Coast residents witnessed Sunday night.

    Rural/Metro responded to the north side of Saguaro Lake but found no sign of damage or destruction from a plane crash, Cooper said. Witnesses reported seeing the meteor travel from southwest to northeast.

    Hall said the meteor likely never made it to the ground.

    "This is not like a mountain coming into the atmosphere. It's more like the size of a softball," Hall said. "Even something this bright probably burned up completely in the atmosphere."


              DISASTER DREAMS