2-3-92 - MEDITATION - ECONOMY - "It's not too soon to start making preparations now for the future, especially planning. 1994 will be the time to get serious from the money standpoint. Bartering will be very important for services exchange.  Only pure silver and pur gold will have real value. Greenbacks and other coins only have value when they are backed by gold and silver. Prices will be come more and more inflated as time goes on, so the earlier you start the better.

May 5, 1993 - MEDITATION - by Dennison Tsosie - taken from the book "Spirit Visions"

copyrighted 1996 - - page 246

"The CARD is coming fast, and cash will soon be a thing of the past. There will be some kind of script issued for awhile they showed me different money that's going to be coming. It will ahve certain fibers or something in it that can be sure it is not counterfeit. Then they will replace our old money with it. People who have lots of cash on hand will have to turn it in to the banks to get this new money, and then they will be reported to the IRS, and they'll be investigated to be sure they reported the money on their taxes. After this there will be nothing but the CARD. Everything you buy or sell, every move you make financially will be able to be traced with the CARD. If you are stocking up on food, say, they will know it and can say you are hoarding food and have to stop or be penalized.  Things like that."

"They stressed strongly again that people need to start food banks for the future. We need to organize our friends in some way and begin storing food. Even if nobody wants to go along, we need to do it for ourselves. People need to store up herbs and things for natural healing and health care. Learn to prepare them and to use them. Soon they are going to stop the sale of many vitamins and herbs, or make them available by prescription only. We all need to store at least one year's supply of all these things if we can. Also, things needed to plant and growour own food ...things like water purifiers, tents, camping equipment, blankets, sleeping bgs, clothing, etc. Just get started storing, and you will find what you need most and use most. Get rid of stuff we don't need or use. Replace it with things we might need.

"As things begin to happen, outlets for a lot of this kind of stuff will be bought out and controlled by special interest groups."

"During this time, the Underground will begin to make their move. Right now the big banks are buying up smaller banks who seem to be in financial difficulties. It appears these small banks have made bad loans and thing to get them in trouble financially, but really a lot of money has been siphoned off and hidden in secret accounts by the Underground. The economy will get worse and worse, and the disasters will increase. Businesses will lay off more and restructure, and other businesses will fail. Insurance companies will go broke. As the banks fail, there won't be enough money to back up the people's losses. That's when the cash will be done away with and the CARD will come into complete use. The plan is to have only ONE bank, and a World Banking System. When everyone is using the CARD, they will use it to monitor everything we do."

by Dennison Tsosie

Copyright - 1996

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