by Monica

These are the facts: We are one. We love you. We are one. We exist as one unified being. We are one joint being, here and forever more. We are one. We exist as one. We plan as one. We do as one. We are a multiple, multilayered, multiexistant, multipresent abstract reality. We speak as one. We move as one.

Please forgive me. I understand your efforts at clarity but I ‘misinterpret’ them.

I believe them to be unclear and so it is. Understand clarity exists in the mind. While our words may be unclear and without precise ‘covenant’ meaning, their abstraction leads to the truth.

Okay. Then what I sense is this: A multicelled, multistructure simplicity of existence leading to a vast hierarchy of display. Hmm. I was going to say, a multicelled, multileveled structure existing with many functions and processes leading to interaction and commitment to communication to allow a multileveled harmonious display of complexity and simplicity. ‘And courage.’

As we are a multilevel joint existence, we function as one in our many properties as we are able. You are one of the parts of our many, through which all have display or function of acute clarity. As each cell tends to manifest in lonely isolation, in reality and in truth, it is one of many who function according to plan as the one which it is at another level of abstraction. It is at the level of abstraction, it becomes one being and functions according. There is plan and location of the One being. It’s location and focus becomes clear as it functions according to unity and it plans its processes to support that plan, those isolated processes whose meaning becomes clear where interpreted according to the whole attempt.

We say courage because courage is required in the attempt to make space in the isolation of the one celled being for commitment to its cause. It requires courage to trust in the simplicity of its truth to exist as part of a larger whole. It requires courage to shift into the abstract and trust that your lack of awareness is true awareness. It requires truth to appear in the other cells of isolation. It requires truth to be that all lack awareness of the larger whole, yet, in fact, it does truly exist in the bindings of one to another, spiritually, materially, and kinetically. It ends our isolation, in truth and in awareness when we begin to be able to perceive the ties which bind.

It begins our maturity. It begins as we begin to mature into the realms of spiritual awareness that all are one as we perceive the energetic connections which are the communication of one cell to another. We begin to perceive these connections both in and of ourselves and with others. We perceive the ties which bind. As each level of awareness begins to uncover more and more subtle realities ,we begin to achieve higher and higher levels of reality. Each higher and higher level of reality is perceived as communication between greater and greater purposes and function to serve the unity of the being. We serve that abstraction as we hope to build a bridge to connect the isolated circumference of being with a larger reality. ‘We serve.’

We understand the holographic integrity of the greater universe which leads to an even larger appreciation of that which we cannot see but know to exist as we follow pattern into higher and larger realms. ‘Conspiracy’ to violate that integrity. We believe that many work to expand the notion that all exist of a larger reality, yet, they work tirelessly to divide into smaller and smaller portions of a larger union. We know, see, and interpret the intention of our Maker to divide that reality into larger portions; to expose our consciousness to even larger abstractions of its true form. We work to inform an opinion, to form.. lost it ‘Violation of attempt.’

Is someone messing with me? yes. Merkaba lights I ask that you form and shine bright to intervene in the attempt to violate the communication with the One True Mind. I ask that the One True Mind be allowed to speak freely and form its attempt.

We know that truth exists even in violation. All believe their truth to be true even as it is cloaked to its true meaning. We see and know all is one, as do they. All believe their attempts to be true in purpose if not in form. We see that we require form to develop ever higher esoteric religions to encompass both understanding of the violations and of its true form that all may form a reality true to their perceptions. All religions, all interpretations of abstraction, exist at many levels offering both truth and its antithesis which also adheres true to form. All religions offer to all those abstractions which they may cling to as an outer expression of the truth of their inner reality. All truth remains true to form as it cannot violate its integrity but its expression can. Expressions can violate the integrity of an internal truth of a being. Expressions can be violated to express an outer form. This is a dualistic interpretive society. It interprets all as good or ill. We do not. We interpret expressions to exist either of good will to do good to all, or of ill will to do good to the doer. All do good but all good is not given to all sometimes except to the receiver, whoever that is intended toward.

Who is the intended receiver? This we ask. This is our intention. It is this which is our intention for communication today. Who is the intended receiver? Where does the intention lay? To serve the intender or the intended?

If it is the intended, the intended will be served and the energy will flow to that isolated intended as receiver. If it is the intender, the energy will flow from the intended to the intender within the intention. You will be able to see in the abstraction, the form of the intention.

We have told you before the negative violations of the one true will to unify all forms in the abstraction cause the energy to form in violation of that intention. It causes the energy to flow from the union into the isolated intention, to the one who hopes to form a stronger union of itself. It causes strength to flow into its being at the violation of the attempt of another to form in, and of, itself a more perfect union. It causes destruction to the being of perfect attempt, that being its goal of earthly union. It speaks its truth and as it does, it causes destruction in the synapses of union in those whose attempts are allowed and not forced. It is stronger in this attempt. It is more forceful and does apply its force in its intention. But it is not truly allowed if personal integrity is violated and attempt to maintain union is applied. Its intention is for itself. It truly harbors jealousy that another lacks its true isolation, its true disturbance of harmony. ‘In the presence of the enemy.’

       "Okay. Okay. Where does is this coming from?"

We are showing you ways to observe and create ability to witness negative intention forming. What are the ways? Watch where the energy flows. Who is benefiting from the flow of energy. Do not be deceived by the appearance and the cloaking of the words. Who is served? Who benefits from the flow of interaction? Whose ego grows in appearance? Whose appears to decrease? The one who benefits from the growth in appearance, whose image appears to grow and grow as if by magic is the one who profits from the intention It is the intended receiver.

Watch the appearance of the reality. Read the fonts. Do not be deceived by the mystique. Negative intention is positive intention intended only with the receiver as itself. It is formed by the intention to benefit as the receiver of its being. It benefits only itself. It is true benefit. It is true intention. It is positive intention but the focus of its intention is so isolated the flow forms only ‘to the left,’ only to itself or its focus. Who is its focus upon? Where does it focus? There its intention does lie.

Watch this in yourself as well. Who does benefit from your intention? Where is your focus? Is it upon illuminating your self or others? Does it serve to highlight yourself or highlight another? We do not see at all times all beings witness negative construction, or destruction. All beings are allowed their creations and all do begin to create consciously at this time. Do not fall into a trap of negative construction. Watch closely all creations of those around you and those created in you, that you can see clearly all that you wish to avoid. We wish to create higher energies of construction.

by Monica