by Monica

I don’t know what I want to type today. Maybe I don’t want to type anything. I’m starting to think it doesn’t matter what I think I know, what matters is that everything is. Every scope, every concept of understanding leads to another more comprehensive scope which all but challenges the one before. The previous balance is upset and desires equilibrium granted only through a more thorough, more established establishment of comprehension. Each one is granted more than the one before, each more gentle than the last.

I have seen that the negative balance is in reality a positive self intention, however, it leads no where but to the self of connection. I ask if others are negative beings accruing a negative balance for themselves only to find that it is impossible not to do so.

All do acquire negative balance but all are not required to do so. All can balance the sheet of the whole through positive intention. All can consciously intend the positive. All are not required to use negative self intention to profit the self. ‘Motive.’ All can believe it leads to greed for the self, or all can believe it leads to profit motive, or all can believe it profits the self. Or all can be led to believe gradually that all profits all, that all motives are guaranteed to protect the greater good, that all motives lead to the greater good, knowing the connection which exists between one and all.

All, knowing its protection and connection with the greater good, knows how each field interacts one with another, and comes to know what is good for one is good for all. But one, knowing that connection, that field, comes also to appreciate that what profits all profits the self. It knows this the stronger, faster, higher way to manifest the good. The way of the many is the higher route. It is the faster route. It is the stronger route. However, others are also valid, knowing that God does not fear and discriminate in His comprehension of truth. There is the loving of all equally and dispassionately (free from bias) as one would know a fruit. One does not judge the value or quality of a fruit. A fruit is a fruit.

The way of the self creates a stronger, truer, more equal self. It stands in the way of true compassion. It creates a powerful individuated being regardless of how connected it might be to the soul of itself. It is a powerful individuation which draws power from the support of self. It creates means in which the self is supported. It’s soul may be no more connected than the individual expression of the soul of self. And so it must draw from outer sources, outer concepts of connection, outer draws. It reconnects with life through outer sources of life’s value. These are not, in fact, outer but inner connections, it draws from the heart of a man through the focus of its mind. And so it must, would it not, appear to be love. It would appear as gross manifestation of love for the being which lends it support.

I reread the part which states “A fruit is a fruit.” At that moment I saw a fruit bat. I saw the love which the bat would manifest for the fruit of the vine. I saw how he could eat of that fruit in its interaction in order to sustain the life of the bat. The bat would profit and the vine would die in its manifesting of the fruit. But fear not, the vine does not truly die, of course, and lives to provide another fruit on another day. ‘Way of comprehension.’ The bat would, if he could, groom the tree in its countenance. It would require that the tree grow strong and true and the tree would comprehend this love and attention to be for its own. But the owner does profit and, by now, he does own. For the tree would have, by now, given up his own credentials and initiative to attend to itself and its own margin of profit. It would have grown weak and not strong. It would not defend itself now as it grows dependent and frail in it own lack, ’on a scale,’ of inner strength and courage to attend it its own growth. It would no longer think or desire for itself because all of its needs of a connection to a greater spiritual reality will have been attended to. It will have neglected its connection to its source of being, coming to deny even the existence of these, believing its own image of truth and strength, and its source to be naught.

These are the energy vampires. These tend to those about them believing that in its connection with others that it draws strength and support. It deceives itself, or it does not, that its actions profits all. It deceives the others whose growth is tended to that its motives are to profit them but all energy is diverted through the dependency to itself. It sees a lack and provides. It know the assumption of nature toward equal return. If knows that if energy is provided on a physical level it is returned in a spiritual bias. It knows and assumes that if service is provided on one level it returns in the focus which one is provided for that service. They know that if they can sustain the attention in the mind, attention provides the means for the return of the service through the avenue of the attendant heart.

All avenues of service are to provide energy by which return is guaranteed in the eventuality and everyone profits. But not all motive is to provide for that eventuality. Not all motive is to provide service for the higher regard of others. Some provide motive to encourage the immediate energy rush. Their motive, like that of the proverbial junkie, is to provide immediate gratification Their motive for profit is to provide immediate return. Their bias, their trust of sources of energy outside of the provisional nature of a compassionate God motivates them to cultivate other sources of trust. They trust in the avenues of self and of their nature to provide through their own efforts for the needs of their being. And so whatever tools are available to them become the means to support their lives. The greatest means to provision is through the egos of ‘phantasmically’ starved. (Of or like a phantasm, mental image, imaginary appearance, unreal or illusive; spectral.) These can be easily captured through their attention and devotion to self service. Egos are fantastically strong boats of energy. Their motives can easily be discerned and their discord easily diverted in its flow to self. Their discord and lack of harmony can easily be discerned and flow diverted from its charted course. It would appear, then, that their course be charted and their energy complete. It appears that their harmony with source increased and insured but by the time the damage is discerned, it is too late. The damage is done but can be undone to the nature of self by the healing balm of service to others.

Each returns profit to God. Each discerns service to self is service to others. But each do service as a separate level of service. Each performs service at a separate level of intention. We see the spiral by which all aspire to and climb upon in their extraordinary acts of God, on their journey back to God. We see each perform of intention but all do not act of the One intention, to be One. We see that higher upon the scale and vision of the scope of connection to the One true God, or Source, we see our completion in a more connected manner. The words of connection may be the same but the meaning may be clearer, truer to the source at a higher manner of connection and connotation.

It literally appears as different function originating from a different origin of motivation. It attends to a different service of motivation using different structures, different avenues to success, although to one whose attention is lacking it may appear to be the same from the outset. Higher levels of discernment are required to discern the origin of the species who does serve function in this manner and does require homage in this manner. The structures which spring to mind are tubes, or tubules, used to extract from the mind, the heart, and soul of the attendee. Remember the energy flows along the lines of attention. Where the attention is placed, there the energy flows. Be aware of those who “hog” and crave attention for there the energy flows. Do not be afraid, or fearful, to be in another’s attention just be careful to put it back.

And so, now, I see this: I see service to self and service to others is granted of Oneness and connection to Unity. I see another programming granted, that of another avenue leading to projection and protection, that of an avenue where none are distinguished in the mind of requiring protection or projection. All are and none lack. None require any service whatsoever, as all are as they always are and always will be. All are originating from the One True Mind and there is no distinction whatsoever that all are true. We see true unity at this level of service. We see true Oneness at this level of service and no distinction of service at all, entirely of an avenue lacking pathway of to or from, it simply vibrates truthfully. It simply vibrates its path leading neither to nor fro simply is. It is as it always was and always will be. It simply mirrors itself as it mirrors all.

I think that is as far as I can go, ‘far as I can come,’ to distinguish its appearance. ‘I think I can mirror no further.’

by Monica