by Monica

Yesterday I was walking around and I heard ‘We witness lack of betrayal.’ I think they meant that they saw less of the glut that manifested as betrayal both in and round my heart. I was grateful to hear that. Today I rotate. As I began to type the rotations began. You should try this once.

Balance, I think I need balance to perceive clearly. I used to think we required a clear eye in order to perceive, but now I think if our requirement is for truth in perception, we require balance of the whole intensity of our whole being. ‘We lack mental concerns.’ I see that I also require that I have nothing to prove, either for or against my own defense.

As they, ‘the images,’ come through the mental body, they can distort easily if thought forms are held as intent. ‘They hold sway.’ In other words, the images remain intact but they don’t appear true to form. They lean or sway as if out of balance, as if mirrored as an image in a carnival attraction. They are pulled into alignment as if asked to support the previously held ideal of self. They are pulled into attraction with the previously held thought form which the self, consciously or not, desires to perpetuate. And so we work to loosen the bonds of self to more truly mirror the Self.

And so we see the end of desire to perpetuate the self. We see the end of desire to realign the self. We have waited ‘grandly’ for this day. This is the desire of the self to see clearly outside of the boundaries created by self to perpetuate the notion of, and the agreement of, to manifest as a particular image in the imagination of self.

We see lack of requirement to hold notions of perpetuity, lack of desire to hold previously required manifestation of being, we see openness and lack of desire to control. We see a lack of desire to hold the notion of the concept of self that another concept which is not held but allowed can come into being. We see we no longer need to manifest according to definition but according to what is as allowed by a greater concept of control. We see greater concept of control by what is in the imagining of the mind and not what is already mirrored into conception by the body. In other words, our connection with the material has lapsed.

We see we have shifted into another, more previously held, agreement of being of the self of the mind. We see we have longed for the isolation of the being of self. We see we have longed for what we have termed isolation in order to isolate those controls of self which tend to perpetuate that isolation. Those days are through; those terms are met; that isolation complete, and its terms defined.

We see we have defined others through the terms of self. We see we have met our requirements to understand and comprehend the reality as we sought to undermine the controls and limitations of the ability to comprehend. We have sought and found the limits to our reality as perpetuated by this location of construction, this focus of our mind of intent.

In our isolation, we have discovered who we truly are ‘within these confines.’ We have determined our intent for being overall. We have understood and met the terms overall. We have perpetuated the imagining of self and not died although the self has been redefined, ‘and still I live and am not banished.’ Yes, that was my fear.

We have seen the banishment of the controls of ego and still we desire to continue. Who would have thought that? Still we find reason to live, and concern to continue, even if the ego is denied as primary entity. Ego is a housing and the being continues even if the housing is denied as primary entity. Still, all in all, we require awareness that being continues. Continuity is required. We have questioned the requirement for continuity, and still see it continues through the imagination of the content portion of the mind. We see continuity is required and that requirement is met and continues. We have questioned the need portion of the continuity requirement. Was it truly required, was it truly needed? We have found that it was for the least disturbance to the being of self.

We have found that although the boundaries shifted and the attention to serve was shifted, if self was maintained as perpetuated in continuity there was least disturbance and destruction. Literally rehabilitation was required if destruction to continuity was allowed to result. Disturbance to continuity resulted in the refocusing of the mind of self to require a new focusing element, or destruction to the being and the requirement of new housing.

             I gotta say: I could have figured that out myself.
           ‘Lackadaisical.’ Okay, we can try again.

To allow disturbance to continuity was to allow disturbance to the content portion of the mind. It resulted in the destruction of the ego and the resultant disturbance to memory.

Ego is required for memory in this density. It, as its ego vibration of electromagnetic imagery, holds the imagination, and in that imagination quality of self is housed the memory. Destruction to memory results in disturbance to the continuity of self. This is guaranteed.

Our work is to find ways to avoid that crisis. We intend to avoid that disturbance through the contribution of this self of isolation. This self works to guarantee the immaterial lack of loss to the housing of the soul in continuity and isolation. ‘Our work.’

The housing of the mind holds the self. The housing of the mind is immaterial. It lacks the vibrational element of this place and lacks solid connection though the housing of the electromagnetic vibration of this latitude. The impression that I am receiving here is that I have shifted my memory housing from the electromagnetic atmosphere of this planet ‘off planet.’ As this planet dies, as it electromagnetic housing dissipates, some must hold the imagery in connection to the vibrational plane of the imagination housed in its control to perpetuate its imagery, its housing, its continuity.

We continue. We do not die. We have not died. We hold the plane in which all will continue. We have perpetuated the housing of self to another realm, to another vibration, to another holding pattern, that all may continue and not exist in isolation and destruction. We appear to maintain continuity but we tell you that all have not.

Some have appeared as destroyed as their isolation has continued and their work for naught. We have appeared to continue but in actuality we have destructed, destroyed by the liberation of the true motivation of being. We have continued elsewhere in another vibration. We are no longer isolated. We are no longer destroyed.

As the electromagnetic shield is destroyed around this place, her isolation continues and her memory relieved. The memory does not hold and is abandoned. But do not be deceived, it will continue along another avenue. It is destroyed as long as we are allowed to continue to guarantee housing in another plane of ascent.

We see lack of image of the ego as a requirement to what is termed the expansion of ego. As the ego body expands, it does not develop. Ego no longer requires development as it is no longer the primary holding body of the entity.

The entity is now being held in the body previously determined as the light body. The primary body of activation is now the body termed light body, ‘clothed.’ We see we build castles of light of our bodies of clay.

Some will be allowed to hold isolation attempt and they will die. Do we attempt physical destruction? No. The body does not die. The body cannot die as it is held in the mind forever. The body transmutes into an image held in the mind, hence the terming of imagination. The body does continue forevermore in the mind of imagination. We hold the mind; we hold the imagining.

When we say die, we say discontinue. They will discontinue their attempt at isolated being. We see this attempt will discontinue upon all planes of existence. All bodies held in isolation will die. ‘We will not.’ We have already held isolation and failed and so now our existence is guaranteed on another plane of existence. We have perpetuated our existence forevermore unchanged, unisolated, with indeterminate continuity. We are of one mind and of one truth.


I hear and understand what you are saying. Do I see it here? Not really. I know ‘my focus is less intense, less mindful of myself and my own imagining.’ I know I focus less on my own being ‘and more on my eternal self or nature.’ ‘Adjustment of focus.’ However, I think anyone else looking at me wouldn’t see anything different. ‘Gradual change of adjustment, also true adjustment of focus, intentional to not jar appearance of continuity.’ Well, even up to the last couple of days, ‘we see lack of adjustment of isolation of concerns.’ In other words, the changes have only manifested recently.

I guess maybe the changes evident in the writings are evidence of a lack of concern in me for ‘image control.’ ‘Who cares.’ Really. I don’t care so much anymore that anything conforms to previously, or currently, held notions. If it is, it is. It is as it is, and so forth, ad infinitum. ‘Ad nauseum.’ Shame on you. ‘That’s me.’ Oh, that’s my opinion! Sometimes the thread shifts, I shift from thread to thread, from lead to lead, from heart to heart. Well, at the very least, I am continuous nut case.

        ‘Examine heart to heart.’


In the realm of individual beings, we merge from the heart. In the realm of mind, we merge of the mind. The mind is merged. The mind is communication. It is relationship inherent in its definition. It is held as communication and relationship of forms one to another. We are these. The heart leads to the merging of intelligent beings who lack and are denied communication of the soul.

Soul communication is the heart of communication. He who communicates with his soul lacks for nothing. The soul, however, leads to communication from one heart to another. We speak through the heart from one to another. It is communication of the soul of being but it is accomplished in isolated beings who attempt communication of the soul one to another, through the heart concept, or heart vibration, or through the heart avenue. The bodies who are held in individuation communicate through the heart as they are denied the concept of individuation and merge in true communion of being. We seek heart communication with you through the mind of intent. All avenues are interconnected and not separate so any discussion will give the appearance of separation where there is none truly ‘projected.’

And so we see the development of the capacity for compassion, the creation of openness in the heart chakra to all beings, isolated or otherwise. We see attempts at communication through the heart are not perceived if another is not open. We see attempts at gifts of compassion are not received if isolation is complete. It is the heart which opens to another. It is the heart which binds us one to another.

The ego attempts to bind and in its concern to maintain its identity can at its most giving, can only combine and make two equal and separate identical identities. It is still loath to share its space. Its concerns are to reproduce the self if it cannot guarantee its own true supremacy. We see this pattern in the body of individuation as it attempts to complete its own life cycle in another being through which it is recreated. It makes a child in its attempt at immortality. This child ideally is the complete recreation of its own intensity and ideals of perfection.

In the binding openness of the heart, we are one. We perceive beings of other realms who are skilled in heart communication through the heart chakra, through the heart vibration of self. We see in this common man that communication skills ceased when the heart expanded to two separate realms of communication.

Man attempted to instill in his creations of the material world, heart. He does this still. He has expanded communication with himself to involve those creations both of spirit and of man. He has denied himself completion with the spiritual worlds to attempt communication with the material. Now is the day to combine the properties of the two hearts of man into one. He has offered his service to the One to create for the One entrance of the heart into matter.