by Monica

‘I am shielded’ are the first words I hear as I turn my attention toward ‘the programming.’ Hmm. I know my night interactions are shielded from conscious retrieval. I know my future purpose is shielded from my memory.

I have seen these and my intention splatters all over them as I attempt entry. ‘These I know, these I overcome.’ I am beginning to understand that as I create record of myself, ‘necessary,’ these are also shielded. It might have something to do with creating record which I do here through conscious intent. I am not only recording my thoughts and impressions on paper but creating unerasable, useable record on ‘another venue.’

As I enter into another avenue of expression, I am recording contact on another plane of existence which will not be wiped clear - I see holes, pores, or places which wore thin, like a piece of candy that erodes and melts some spots clear through. ‘I am recording contact.’ I’m beginning to think I can maintain memory of this place if it is ‘sorely’ needed. ‘Clear focus of intention.’ ‘Memory housed on different plane consistent with avenue of contact.’

Okay. That’s clear but is that what you meant when you said ‘I am shielded?’

I am shielded, these are the first words that I long to hear. I long to hear and know that my being and my interpretations of negative perception are shielded. I longed to hear and know that I am protected, that my forays into a negative planes of perception are neither indicative of my intention nor the focus of my being.

I longed to understand a whole perception of existence of which both polarities hold a place as an anchor. I am shielded, however, from the negative downwardly spiraling impact which such focus can hold for the ‘unshielded.’ Do not be concerned, these are not for you. ‘Negative impact.’ ‘We observe unimpacted.’

What does go on at night anyway, ‘in my mind,’ that my first thoughts are often a reflection of that focus? Never mind, I didn’t intend to answer that , ‘recall that.’

Normal focus of intention can create in the mind the object of its intention. Focus upon the negative creates a negative impact. Each location spirals into from the object of its intention and creates location for the object of its focus. Negative focus and positive focus each create a spiraling effect according to their concern. Each positive and negative is, however, relative. What is negative ‘impact’ for one is often positive for another, depending upon the point of impact. What is negative for us is not negative for another ‘procedure’ on this plane.

This avenue, or convention, of reality is concerned with positive recreation of physical effects. Their concerns are to perpetuate the reality exactly they come to know it as revealed to them. Their evolution is concerned with a physical reality and without it, they are unknown. They fear the unknown and, to them, the loss of this plane as they have come to know and hold it is fearful.

They hold it and perpetuate it in their intention regardless of the magnitude of their loss. They fear to release to the unknown and so they continue holding in mind as principle and do not release to allow as we have told you. We have told you to release to the unknown and allow in principle what you do not see allowed in effect. You will see in effect, eventually, the source of your creations and you will see that time, ‘moment,’ all that you have wrought.

That leads me to my next ‘intention,’ question. I want to know if I am focusing on this stuff to the exclusion of a more balanced perspective. I want to know ‘if I am led.’ I want to know if I am creating this drive to perceive this reality, this shifting, as biased. I want to know exactly how biased I am and if I am excluding from my mind important aspects which I lack. In other words, how deeply am I deceiving myself that all is as it is?

Those who ‘pollute’ their clarity with their intention to complete their evolution exactly as it is perceived to them now, do so with complete honesty and lack of intention to either deceive or be deceived. ‘I do this now.’ I know the pull of the holding. Do I deceive myself through my own lack of clarity to perceive ‘unity? ‘Have I coerced myself to judge and determine along a set of predetermined coordinates?’

When you become aware of intention to recreate the effects of this plane exactly as it exists today - without comprehension of the effects of the negative balance of this illusion - you become alarmed and are repelled. What does this say? It says that your existence is not of this day and not of this illusion. Your face is not of this place.

It says that you know that a given reality cannot be recreated without its all facets and that includes the harmful dense rays of an isolated sun, ‘term.’ You know that without the negative blanket of perception laying close to the ground, there can be no isolated sun. If illusion is wrought without the negative impact of a negative impacting sun, what illusion will then be wrought? If the negative shielding of the sun is dissipated, what then will we wrought?

Okay, I’ll try. It doesn’t say the sun is negative. It says that between us and the sun lies a shield which predetermines all effects of that sun to be harmful and of negation. In other words, it creates a negative affectation of a not inherently harmful sun. Shielding appears to be the word of the day. (I don’t think this is talking about the ‘ionisphere.’ Oh, yes it is.)

It is the shielding which creates appearance. It is the layer upon layer which we perceive. If this reality is wrought through negative shielding, or a blanket which covers and conceals a truer perception of the light, all will appear as that harmfully determinate shield or blanket. In other words, if your night forays are shielded so that they will not appear to you, then they will appear to not exist. If your future path is shielded, it will not appear to you. If this pattern is shielded negative, then it will appear negative and all prospects of truth determined as fearfully oriented.

You know there can be no earth, no sun, no holding of pattern without the negative balance which also applies to this reality. You know there can be no consummate conclusion of this plane without the negative. You are not confused of the balance. You know that as they hold intention to perpetuate this place as it is, there can be ‘no past in the future.’

If, and as, the negative is lifted, the future and its prospects will appear increasingly isolated and not of this plane. It will appear increasingly unreal to this reality. It will appear as if to glow with unearthly form. ‘Do not fear, we are here.’ If, and as, those of this plane are increasingly able to see through their negative constructions and know them without fear, they will release them and they will be free to go along their way. If, and as, this place is held as it is from within, the ghostly constructions of the future will have no value and will be incomprehensible because it will be from a galaxy of positive form. You know this place cannot be created true to form without retaining the negative mental balance ‘which we replace with positive form.’

Without the negative shielding of the balance, we will be released to create of more positive form This is, as it said, a dualistic pluralist society. It is a society of extremes. We work to create a more balanced form, a more balanced religion, which is a method of interpreting those extremes. Not are all able to perceive the energy of truth without an external means to interpretation. ‘We internalize structure externally.’

We are given to a means of interpretation those events which are perceived externally through the internal structure which we are. We are given a means through which to provide positive interpretation on events of negative form. We are given a means to which to ascribe negative interpretation of form on positive events. We are given to perceive a balanced equation of a more balanced universal perspective. Is this clear?


At this time, we are in the midst of a negative explosion of mind balance and we are becoming ‘increasingly’ familiar with the appearance that the negative can take in a uniform society. We have been dissecting in our mind the appearance that negative can take so that its appearance can be noted and not conformed to in principle. We are in the midst of a Negative Holding Convention. (Humor.) We seek appearance of and appearance is noted.

It feels like this is a temporary focus of our intention to interpret the feel of the negative association or impact of the equation. It seems like just another course in our field of dreams.

At this time, we will shift ‘now our focus has begun.’

Come to think of it, last night’s dream was somewhat unusual. As usual, however, I don’t remember the whole thing long enough to write it down. But I do remember this morning being aware of extremely short pieces of my life being wrapped up. I’d go from one vignette to another in conclusion. I’d be aware of it, then aware of its conclusion, ‘wrapping up,’ then going on to wrap up yet another.

I was aware, at one time, that a positive focus of intention has to be chosen. ‘It has to be consciously allowed.’ We have to be aware of that facet of our being and consciously intend it into our form as allowed. If we do not the negative drag net which exists within this society will create opportunity for intervention and withdrawal into form. In other words, if positive intention is not held and created for the direction of the being both consciously and above, relapse into a negatively intending pattern can be held. It does not have the appearance of negativity. It appears as positive intention or it would be denied. But it does translate into form of intention, as the form of its negatively intending being. It is heavier. It is more powerful in this realm. It’s density translates into power and, therefore, its power deceives the intender into believing its promise of its transcendence. Because it is heavier, because its gravitation pull in this reality of form is created denser, it draws more closely and more positively into the object of its intention, into its higher form as the intender. It appears as positive form to the intender.

We must all question our being at this time. We must all determine our exact location as the bearers of transcendence. We must all bear the promise of our location. What is our location? What is our promise of transcendence? We all bear scrutiny as our intention bears fruit. Is it for one? Or all? Is it in the intensity of the reality or in the intensity of our focus? Do we shift the reality as we shift our focus or are we shifted in the reality of our focus? (?) Are they one and the same or are they separated intentions? As the location of the reality of this plane shifts, all will either shift as well or be left behind. As has been noted, the electromagnetic body of this plane shifts and so then the body of the planet will follow suit. It notes, however, that it has survived, and so bears that intention, and so its intelligence will follow that plane. Many beings have been dislocated as they have been unable to bear the burden of change. Many have followed suit at this time and many have been confused as to their exact location. Many do not bear the change and have been unable to imagine life without the confusion of negativity. Many are lost and will not bear the end result.

Form your transcendence. Bear your promise. Many do not know that they balance the positive with the negative but that it is the positive which bears the fruit. It is the positive which transcends. Negative associations can ride the wave of positive transcendence. They will bear the brunt of the cost to the whole, however, as they work to transform the form of their negative transcendence.

Negative associations attach freely to those beings which have not excluded them from their expressions. These also attach true to form. Exclusions in a conscious being of harmfully intended surface expression excludes the positive. (?) Backyard associations can sometimes manifest in the frontal being. Backyard associations are not always granted for the higher good and can sometimes only profit the intender. Backyard associations are sometimes only provided for the transcendence and convenience of the backyard intender. They do not always provide transcendence for the front yard expression but transcendence always appears to be provided but none within. Is this clear?

I think so. Backyard intentions are not always good ideas although perhaps at the onset they may appear so. ‘Clear.’ ‘They deplete true intention and being.’ ‘They can be concealed.’

Watch yourself to see that these do not profit from your association. Watch to see that you do not profit from their associations to remain free of contaminants yourself. ‘We watch you to clear the being of negative associations.’ ‘We are free from contaminants.’

I’m getting tired. Is there anything else you want to say?

Insulate your being with positively intended form. See it as a cloud of positive discharge which all will lead through as they approach your core. See it as a cloud of positive intention through which all negatively approaching perceptions will vanish. Attempt to know that you have shifted to the other foot of a positively leading intention. Attempt to know yourself as a positively intentioned being, this we ask you now. Know this aspect of intention, this aspect of form. We ask you to lead into a positively created life which is granted first in the perception and, then, in the ‘clothing.’ As the Emperor who leads the parade, we ask you to create in your perception the reality of a positively created future and, then, the clothes will bear that fine appearance by projection.

It was necessary to approach negative intention to know that aspect of being, to be granted awareness of that intention to create home for self service. ‘We are aware of these beings, these intentions, these interpretation, these perceptions from that service.’ We are grateful and we are aware of that focus of projection. We become aware now of the purpose and function of projection. We leave now the moment of teaching with the idea in mind to watch projection. Be aware of the function of projection and how that manifests from the inner reality into the outer. Don’t focus on other beings of the inner as the outer. Be aware of your own purpose of projection. We have become aware now that we project our purpose and our outer manifesting will provide that service.

In my mind, I am now providing judgement and the appearance of these words provide that in my mind. I will release my propensity to judgement and I see this as opportunity for teaching/learning to be provided. I see.