by Monica


I don't get much of the warnings because, probably, I think that focus on it actually helps pull it in. I don't pull it in because I don't focus on it. It appears to me that focus (focus, not passing awareness) on catastrophes helps create the reality that these people are beginning to fear but I can't say that with absolute surity. Reality enters through the door way of consciousness and, I suspect, it applies also to "temperate climate changes." Oh. Well, then, there you go.

However, admonitions to raise consciousness are "vastly" valuable and "of great value to the consciousness which holds the images."

"We must, we must, raise our consciousness in order to raise the images. We create through the power of our minds and we must release the images of negativity in order to release the birth of a negative reality. Release and be set free from the images of fear. Let go and become the reality of your choosing. Be free to create of the love and freedom which you choose as you allow all freedom to manifest. Do not create from fear for fear is blockage and blocks the very images you wish to manifest."

I can see practical applications to the warnings, of course, but does it need to be so dire?

"Don't we all live from moment to moment anyway? From one expectation to the next? Can I not only be in one location? Can I not only bail out one house at a time and only cook one meal at a time? Can I not only help my neighbor? Can I HOLD that? Yes. For the others, whom I can't directly affect by hand, can I give him hope and expectation for a better existance? Yes. Can I ALLOW this for him? Yes. This I can do and this is my service."

"Our thoughts directly ascend before us as vanguards, as preparers for our forms of consciousness which we will house when the day is met. We will be these. Our thoughts of preparation will be our new home. What, then, will your thoughts be? Where will you live? Will you live in your home of negativity, destruction, and competion or will you leave and trust your Maker for your survival and to meet your needs? Will you go home in peace or will you fear the One you learn to trust? Will you allow those who distend your trust and stamp all over your fears to lead the way? Or will you go before and trust that the day of the future will come as promised, as hope and light, and of gentle good night to the morning"

Dee, I had no idea that was coming but, in retrospect, I can see it was planned and had been waiting for this all morning. Do with it as you will, as it must be.

Love, Monica