Subj: Missing time/days

Date: 97-12-07 12:12:51 EST

From: drmlink@ipa.net (Bryon Smith)

This is a strange dream the likes of which I canít recall. As it goes I found myself and my wife setting in the van in someoneís driveway near a lake. The driveway was steep and went down to the water like a boat ramp. It was a a gravel driveway but went to dirt after it passed the two buildings one on each side. The peopleís house was to the left on stilts over the water and their boat dock was covered and right in front of us on the water.

I looked at my wife who was behind the wheel & with a rather surprised expression asked her where we were. She just looked around as did I for a few moments and she said we were on a trip around the gulf coast and we were headed home. I looked at my watch and it was the 10th. I suddenly looked in the back of the van for Augustís (my pet squirrel) little cage and it wasnít there. I asked my wife where August was and she said the last she remembered was that I gave him and something else to a widow women back down the road on the 3rd or 4th. I told her "Itís the 10th" and she just looked at me with a surprised expression. "Itís the 10th and we have several days missing time." Then I told her "I would never give August away to someone else I would rather turn him loose somewhere where I know where he is and that I can go see him sometimes." Then she said "none of this makes sense to me." As we talked little by little the memories just before the missing time came back to us. I remembered the women, I remembered where she lived and I remembered the last place we where as we drove down the highway just before the missing time.

The next thing I knew the van changed into my 1970 white Dodge Charger R/T. I got behind the wheel and noticed the people who lived in that place standing around looking at us and talking. They were older people and looked a bit confused as to who we were and why we were parked in their driveway. Instead of backing out I pulled forward to the right and was going to turn around and by the time I realized there wasnít room to turn around I was in a fix where I had no other choice but to try. I was telling myself I should have just backed out but it was too late now. I had to try to turn around and drive out. All the while these old folk watched us from their porch. When I backed up toward the house to get pointed into the driveway again the car started to slide and I hit the breaks. It felt as if they were only working about half way but then again it also felt like the tires were sliding in mud or on the dirt. The next thing I knew we were sliding off into the water under these old peopleís porch. When the water came up to my door I opened it and told my wife to bail out. I locked the breaks, killed the engine and put it in gear. Then I also bailed out and climbed up on the bank. There was my car setting there with itís entire back half in and under water and the front engine half still on the land. The old man who lived there came up to me and asked whatís going on and I told him and asked him for help to get it out. He asked me what I had in mind and I said "get your tractor and we can pull it out." He looked around and some of his friends had gathered there and he talked to them. The next thing I knew they all got around it and we literally pushed the car out of the water and back up into the driveway.

My wife and I got in and we drove back up onto the highway. As time went by I recalled more of the events, I remembered the number 121 as if it was an address where August had been left, and told my wife what I could remember but that still didnít explain where we had been for 3 or 4 days or how we ended up where we were or the events that lead up to these things. Like me giving my favorite pet away to a total stranger is not like me at all. Especially since people have all ready tried to buy him from me for money and I refused. It was only a few miles to the ladyís house and I sent my wife in to get August. The women gave him back and when my wife handed him to me he was smiling at me. I never saw a squirrel smile before but this little guy was so happy to see us that he was actually smiling   As we pulled back out on the road I said "now we have to find out what happened to us."


by Bryon  drmlink@ipa.net (Bryon Smith) The Dream Link Web Site

Subj: Re: Missing time/days

Notes of possible meanings:

by Joe Mason

As usual, I looked at this dream for possible bigger meanings. It is a bit of a stretch, perhaps, but here goes -

I believe I mentioned before that the vehicle symbol is very ancient. It was called "vehana" in Sanskrit. In the Upanashads, the chariot is used as a metaphor. The intellect is the charioteer, the reins are the mind, the horses are the senses, and the rider is the (Higher) Self.

Helen Blavatsky spoke of the vehicle symbolism in "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2. The four arms and head of the Hindu deities have a similar meaning, involving the four-fold unfoldment of creation. In those traditions, the One Deity becomes dual, Father and Mother. The Father aspect conceives (or dreams) the concept (The Word), and this implants the seed into the womb of the Mother aspect. She then gives birth, or generates the creation, as the Logos, or Son (or child). This is showing the Sakti (Feminine aspect) as being the "Vehana" - vehicle.

She also said it compares with Noah's Ark, which has four cheribum, two at each end, and with Ezekiel's Wagon, which has four wheels. The Kabalistic word for it is the Merkabah, which means four-wheeled chariot.

This is a major symbol, in my theory, about the great earth changes. I cannot explain it briefly, but I hope to make it clear on our web pages. Part of the symbolism is that mankind has been in a type of vehicle in this age, and the vehicle will change in the new age. It may or may not apply to your dream, but you did change vehicles. Your wife being the driver of the van may be a clue, suggesting the feminine aspect. You became the driver of the new vehicle. A possible meaning is that the feminine side (intuitive, dreaming) is guiding things now, and that the male (rational mind) will take over. The name "Charger" may be significant, perhaps indicating a more aggressive or fast "vehicle."

The water can indicate the age we are in, Pisces (as does Noah's Ark, according to Blavatsky). It can also represent the unconscious or spirit realm, I believe. This may fit togeter in a way . . . the idea being that in this age we are partly in the unconscious realm, such as when we sleep and dream. One theory is that we are unconscious co-creators in this cycle, and in the next we will learn to be conscious co-creators. This fits, I think, with the female/male driver change.

The 3 or 4 days may fit into the 3 1/2 theory. This is found universally as the mid-point of seven. It's in several forms in the Bible, such as the 3 1/2 days in Revelation 11:11, and the "half of the week" in Daniel 9:27. It refers to a critical point in the time cycle, which I belive is related to the chakra system. The fourth "day," or step, is the Heart chakra level. In my theory this is what Ezekiel's Wagon represents, the Logos of mankind at the Heart chakra level of consciousness evolution.

Your squirrel, August, and the "10," could suggest the day before an important date, August 11. It is big in the crop circle story, for example. Many of the most important formations have appeared on that date since 1991. Some other odd things and coincidences have happened on that date. August 11, 1999 is another key date. There will be a total solar eclipse over England, where most the crop formations have appeared. It is expected to begin at 11:11 exactly. At that time, the planets will be aligned in a "Grand Cross," pointing to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These are said to be the same signs represented in Ezekiel's vision of the "Wagon."  (ox, lion, eagle, and man. Scorpio was at one time an Eagle). They were the points of the solstices and equinoxes in the age of Taurus.

Dee dreamed of a dog chasing a squirrel a few days ago. It swam through the air to the roof of a house. I told her about the Nordic Yerggessel (spelling?) Tree. At the top is a double-headed eagle and a double-headed hawk. Down at the roots are serpents, a dragon, and the Norns of Fate (past, present and future) spinning and weaving. The squirrel runs up and down the trunk of the tree from top to bottom. He is said to be the communicator between the upper and lower realms. The Tree is also associated with one's consciousness.

To me, this fits pretty well. The idea is that our "squirrels" have been missing in the time cycle, meaning that our communication system has been severly hampered. Recovering our squirrels will correct the problem.

The number 121 is 11 x 11, so that may be another clue.

Again, it is a stretch, but who knows.

The End. by Joe Mason (jmason@greatdreams.com)

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