3-7-98 - NOTE:  The dreamer is almost 60 years old.

DREAM:  I was in a school-like place and it felt and seemed like we were all teenagers.  The boys were having contests of skill with each other. None of the girls were welcome to participate as we were considered too dumb or inept.

I have forgotten what kind of games took place inside the school, but the second game was outside.

Before I went to the game, I walked up to the 12th floor on a spiral staircase. This was also somewhat part of a game with one of the boys like "I dare you" type thing because girls can't do it.  I accomplished this, then went back down and outside.

It was a long walk from my 16th St. house to the location of the contest which was on the corner of Teutonia and Meinecke in Milwaukee, WI. (I actually was baptized in a Lutheran Church on that corner)  

I started walking/running/walking towards the location, but I felt as though I was going too fast and too eager, so I stopped on the corner of 15th and Clark Sts. and just stood on the corner for a long time so it wouldn't look like was too eager to show off.

While I stood there, a large white enclosed van went by and went south on 15th St. He was delivering big screen white television sets to houses there.  He saw me standing on the corner and I had already been there a long time so I decided I would continue my walk as I didn't want him to wonder why I was standing there so long.  

I hurried on to the site of the contest where there was a huge triangle in the sky in the East.  It was a right angled triangle with balls on the corners. It was shaped like this:

The contest was an attempt by the boys to somehow with the power of their minds make this triangle change and become like this:

The boys were certain that I couldn't possibly accomplish this and wouldn't even let me try, so I went further north on Teutonia Ave. and stepped on a large white button protruding on the side of the road by the sidewalk which made two triangles pop into view in the sky in the East.

The boys were not aware that I was even there, nor did they know that I could step on another button and change any of the triangles as I desired just with thought or step on the button again and make them disappear from view completely, because I had created them all in the first place.


by anonymous