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Neptune enters the sign of Aquarius on January 29, 1998 for 13 years. Neptune is one of the slow-moving outer planets, one of the "biggies" that relates to the mass consciousnessand also to spirituality.

A few keywords for Neptune include spirit, universality, inclusion, no boundaries, oneness, communion, devotion, idealism, spiritual love, romance, aesthetics, ecstasy, empathy, vast expansion, intuition, peace, prophecy, madness.

Several planets were in Aquarius at the first of the year, rolling out the rosy-violet carpet for Neptune to follow. Many people have been commenting that they're already having Neptune in Aquarius types of experiences, that they feel strongly that "something is happening," and all of this is taking place fairly suddenly. I'm sending these notes out earlier than I had planned for just that reason - people need the information now because it's already happening.

What can we expect with Neptune in Aquarius? A spiritual love feast! Remember the Summer of Love in the sixties? It's sort of like that only the costumes are different, and minus the drugs. Whole groups of people are falling in love with each other. There is more sense of oneness among people, even perfect strangers; this can be in smaller groups or across humanity as a whole.

A Process: Lightly extend your heart and goodwill to everyone you're around at any given time. You can do this silently or with appropriate, friendly expressions of affection.

We're transforming into group consciousness.  Historically, the evolutionary path is:

1) mass consciousness (undifferentiated, lots of programming and conditioning, tribal consciousness), then

2) individual consciousness (first intellectual development, skepticism and rebellion, later soul and  spiritual awareness), then

3) group consciousness (working in group formation harmoniously, being spiritually and intuitively aware of group process, while retaining individuality).

At first the progression will feel odd because of normal barriers breaking down and being able to be in the consciousness of others very naturally. Telepathy opens wide. We will need to become selective about the thoughts and vibrations we're picking up. There may be a fear of losing one's individuality or normal boundaries breaking down, but that's a temporary phase, and adjustments will need to be made after the fact. We're not going to have this all figured out going in!

Eventually by the time Neptune completes its sojourn through Aquarius, we will have learned much about how to act in telepathic oneness and also openness in group formation. There will be an awereness of the need to create safe spaces in groups so that our consciousness can be shared openly, in finding ways to be more "out there" with our perceptions in ways that allow everyone to win. There will be realization that each and every person has a unique contribution to make and holds "missing pieces" to the puzzle. Group dynamics and results will be analyzed on many levels, in many dimensions.

Telepathic activity among the group, and how an act of telepathy is either constructive or destructive, will be studied. There will be more education toward everyone in a group holding to simple creative ideas and a vision of what things look like when everything is going well.

Many groups will have official visionholders, or those who own this role consciously but unofficially.

Dream teams will come together to accomplish great visions and projects for the good of humanity.

Groups of like-minded spirits with common ideals will find each other, and will feel like they're "home."

Romantic love takes more unconventional and open forms. Extended families, spiritual families, and more liberal and enlightened arrangements are needed to accomodate all of the true love unions and friendships emerging. There are so many people meeting loves and friends from myriad past lifetimes that it's becoming unrealistic to expect a person to have only one great love in a lifetime, or even one great love at a time. There are many loves in a lifetime, many kinds of love, and the expressions vary with each one. From what I've heard in my office over the last ten years, and >from conversations around and about, intense and painful dilemmas in the area of primary and secondary loves among conscientious ethical people are becoming more and more widespread and demand open and harmonious resolution. When even the most conscientious people can't play by the old rules any more, it's time to invent new rules. There's a flow and acknowledgement of all players involved, their spirit, goodwill and individuality. Each person has their part to play in the larger schemes of things. Prior jealousies will be minimized during Neptune in Aquarius, and new understanding takes its place.

There is a tremendous surge of interest in spirituality, spiritual healing, metaphysics, global consciousness, energy medicine and mind-body-spirit relationships. Scientists will be using intuition at a record pace, making breakthroughs that allow humanity to decode the mysteries of life.

Virtual adepts will incorporate technology to exercise and expand intuitive and creative abilities in other dimensions. Witness the telepathy and intuition that happens in cyberspace - how each person bears a unique energy signature of light that comes right through the pixels of your computer screen and is very clearly perceived by yourself as a spiritual being.

International barriers are breaking down with more computer video conferencing and lower phone rates. We find our consciousness and hearts are with friends around the world.

Learning how to manage this, yet stay present for our normal responsibilities in the world, will be a learning curve, but it shows how spirit can multitask and operate in more than one dimension at once. We're breaking down the barriers of time and space and operating more like the telepathic spirits that we really are.

The heart and crown chakras are correlated to Neptune, so expect openings and expansive feelings in these chakras, and in life issues related to these chakras such as union with God, religious or spiritual experience, idealism, spiritual love, empathy and compassion, awareness of past lives, meditation, spiritual practices.

The house where 0 degrees Aquarius falls in your natal chart will get "lit up" and activated by the transit of Neptune into Aquarius. Have a New Year's reading - find out how the Neptune themes flow in your chart and life, and how you can make the most of them to fulfill your dreams and visions!

Carol Willis, MA
Sunnyvale CA
January 15, 1998
revised January 16, 1998


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