11-30-08 -

I found the crop circle archives for 1996 and was surprised to see how sloppy some of the crop circles were that year while others were brilliantly beautiful and clean.  So Joe and I talked about why that is and about even movies and crop circle hoaxes can be inspired to put certain symbolism into their work.

By then, it was after 3 a.m. and I was getting tired again, so I left my computer on and went back to bed.

I wasn't quite as tired as I thought I was and lay there - saying in my mind - take me back to my extraterrestrial dream so I can finish it.  Please take me back to my extraterrestrial dream so I can finish it.

All of a sudden, I was back in the extraterrestrial dream where I could see the word 'extraterrestrial' and it was yellowish white.

I couldn't actually read the other words and suddenly the words were spoken out loud and the yellowish white word 'extraterrestrial' became the head and face of Alex (see picture drawing)

I was stunned to see his face there and I wanted to save the words he was saying, so I clicked on SAVE with the mouse and forgot to put htm at the end of the title of the page and the computer had a great deal of trouble saving the file.  It seemed to take forever, and finally, the file saver gave me another chance to put htm at the end of the file name and it saved his words.

So then, I opened the file again and instead of words, the whole screen was a picture of a beautiful farm field and in the middle of the farm field was a tiny orb forming a crop circle.

I cried out, "Oh my God!"  and became aware I was in my bedroom and I ran to the office where I expected to find Joe and there was Daphne sitting at Joe's computer and for some reason I called her Bonney and I yelled, "Come quick and look at my computer screen!"

So we ran back to the bedroom, where my computer screen now covered the entire wall and then became a movie screen in a theatre.

The orb was still creating a crop circle, but I forgot to look at the pattern it made, because the orb became a green extraterrestrial driving a 6-wheeled small machine.

The green extraterrestrial and the machine came off the screen into the stage of the theatre and drove across the stage and Bonney/Daphne and I both exclaimed that our parents both had machines like that when we were kids.

Both of us had even driven them.

Mine wasn't driven by gas or electricity, it was driven by hand by moving the throttle stick back and forth.

Now the back two wheels became two wheels in tandem forming a thin line behind each other and the green extraterrestrial drove down off the stage onto the theatre floor and I could see that the rows of seats were purple, but there were no people there.

Then the green extraterrestrial drove his machine out of the screen and onto the chair next to where we were sitting.

Bonny/Daphne and I were both staring at the little green extraterrestrial and his red and black machine and he started to look blurry and then rather electrical and gradually turned into a black 6-legged Daddy long legs spider walking across the chair.

We both wanted to capture him and keep him safe and I suddenly woke up, knowing I'll never be able to kill another Daddy long legs spider because he might be an extraterrestrial in disguise.



This is the most incredible dream I've ever had in my life.

DREAM -  I was driving a car in a city and kept turning right at corners.  Not all the corners were right angles - some went onto diagonal streets.

All of a sudden I was looking at a computer screen, tying on a web page about extraterrestrials.  Where the word 'extraterrestrial' was - it was a whitish yellow color.

I woke up suddenly and the news came on - I got up and went to my computer to and typed in the word 'extraterrestrial'.

There were two Wikipedia pages and the third page was my extraterrestrial page about UFOS.  (  )

   Joe got up too and we were sitting at our computers laughing about how often our web pages are either #1 or right below Wikipedia.  It's hard to beat them.  Sometimes cyrstalinks.htm beats us but more recently we've been beating her too.

I then looked at my e-mail and there as one from my friend Daphne about a couple crop circles - one from 2008 and one from 1996.

Joe and I recognized both crop circle photographs and I wanted to know what Joe had said on the crop circle forum so we went to look at his posting for this crop circle - all he had said was 'WOW!"

I was disappointed that he hadn't given an interpretation of the crop circle from 2008.  In 1996, neither one of us had been posting on the internet yet.  We didn't meet each other until 1997 and then got together to start our website - because that basically how I spent my time - I dream at night and then research when I dream about the then doa web page about my research.

Joe recognized the two crop circles as being on my 2012 page, so I went to and typed in 2012 and there was my page, #3 right under 2 Wikipedia pages.

We laughed again and I clicked on the link and scrolled down the page and found those two crop circle pictures under several other Mayan looking crop circle pictures.

I decided to look to see what I had saved in my 1996 crop circle folder and was shocked to find out that I didn't even have a 1996 folder - though I had all the other years.

So I went to and went to look at their 1996 archives.