I was living in my New Berlin house.  I went to the library and got a book on how to buy real estate. 

The book itself listed almost every house in the city (which was now Milwaukee)  and the one number I recall was  1747 at the top of the page.

My brother was sitting outside on the lawn, and I tapped on the window to get his attention and showed him that I wanted to show him the book.

He came into the house and I explained the hose purchase process.

I told him,  first you find the house you want and decide what its worth to you to pay. Then you contact the broker, and the broker goes to the person who owns the house and makes him an offer - obviously less than your own number because his profit is the difference between what you offer and what he offers the owner. 

Evidently, the property might not even be for sale, but when the broker tells they guy how much money his property is worth - he will sell it to you. 

In the book were thousands of pictures of other items you could do the same thing with and I was showing this to Marty ( my brother) and everyone else I knew during the ay once I went to work. 

One of the pictures I recall was one of the inside of a bus and everyone in the bus had newspapers and books everywhere.  It was an amazing scene. 

I showed this book to everyone, saying that I will probably never take the book back to other library.  that's how great it was.


11-1-11  - 11:20 p.m.   DREAM - I don't know if I was at school or at work, but when I got on the elevator and asked to go to the fifth floor, I felt proud until I discovered that the other five people were going to the 6th floor.

As I got off the elevator, I was met by a chubby woman who I called Judy.  Judy took me all the way down the hall to my dorm room I'm going to call it.  Judy and another girl who looked like my high school friend Janice were going to share a room, and they told me I was going to have my own room.

I peeked in the door and it was wonderful - all heavy dark wood furniture and wall papered walls with roses on them.   At least I thought it was great until I saw that one wall on the left that couldn't be seen by the door opened to a large public dining room.

I went into the dininigroom that contained besides the furniture, collections of antique glassware high up on shelves, that were see thru glass on the bottom, and chocolate brown glass towards the top - some were like hanging baskets, some like bowls.  It was beautiful to look at.

I decided to go find Judy again and suggest that we go out and get some food for snacks and breakfast as we hadn't brought any with us.  I remembered that there was an all night grocery store down the block.

I'm going there now.  ::-)


11-1-11 - DREAM - I was somewhere in a building where a group of men were having a weapons contest of some kind. Each guy had a different weapon and was holding it over the head of another one.  They guy with the axe lost the contest when he dropped the axe and cut off the skull of the guy next to him.  The cut was bloodless, but I could see the cut skull, brain, etc.  The guy was still smiling, when the guy with the axe volunteered to do it again, just with a paper-thin cut the next time.





11-2-11  CAT DREAMS

I was on a snack room somewhere with a beautiful orange cat,  On the other side of the room was a beautiful dark black cat,  Somehow the two cats got together and the result was that it made the  and the white room cheeted.

11-2-11 - DREAM  This whole dream was cold (winter) and dreary.  I was with Joe and we were looking at a black and white cat and it was sad.  I looked at the gas gauge on the car and it was almost empty.  We ended up driving t other gas station and neither of us knew if it was going to make it there.


21-2-11 - HORSE - DREAM - I was in an upstairs office somewhere with my daughter-in-law Lorna and some other women.  She mentioned that she had read somewhere that a woman in another state had been saved from a disease (she named it and I think it was something like Gaia)  and the woman's life was saved. 

I thought I would be a great idea to gather that information and start a non-profit organization to promote it.  It would not only be fun but would save other women's lives as well.

NOTE:  I think I may have dreamed this before as well.


11-3-11 DREAM -  I was in the balcony of a darkened theatre.  It was very quiet in there - no film was playing, nobody was on stage.  I didn't see any other people in the theatre either - just the older Tibetan couple and an infant they were caring for.

When I saw the infant at first, he was in swaddling clothes.  He had his eyes open but didn't make a sound and didn't move either.  He was so precious to look at. I wanted to hold him immediately, but that wasn't appropriate.

Finally the couple decided to leave and I followed them down the hall towards the lobby.  By then I could see the child was a thinly built toddler with short pants on, and they stopped in a little vestibule where there was a small oval table and I asked them if I could help the boy.

The man quickly got out a stack of gold cards, and put one on the table so I could put my name on it, which I did..  I started to write Dee Finney but I messed up the spelling and wanted to take the card I messed up and fill out a new one.

While all this was happening, I saw that they had a book in which I remember seeing the words "God's son" and a list of titles the baby would have.

I did NOT see Buddha or Dalai Lama, but I had the feeling that this child probably born in 2010 was going to be the new Dalai Lama.


11-3-11 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building and I went down the hall where my cousin Shirley was living and told her, "I dreamed last night that I met the baby who is going to be the next Dalai Lama."

She responded, "I wish I could dream like that."

I told her, "Both my husband and I started taking a drug called E _________l{ which is supposed to help with that."   It was in a white bottle about 3 inches high.


11-3-11 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building somewhere.  I was in the kitchen with three little boys, attempting to do the dishes.

The boys wanted to play with their trucks on the wooden table and I admonished them that they had to play on the floor.

On the table were three tools that belonged to my husband and I couldn't figure out where to put them because they were each at least six feet long in bright silver bases.

I went to the door that led to where my husband was working, and called out his name.  When he finally came within earshot - along with two other men, I saw that he was a carpenter as well as were the other men, and the wood shop was attached to our house.


11-3-11 = MEDITATION -  I saw what looked like a pretty green catalog with pictures on the back come sailing towards me and spinning at the same time.  I couldn't see which catalog it was though.


11-3-11  DREAN -   I was living with a woman somewhere.  neither one of us had a husband.

I turned on the TV and they were showing my checkbook records on the screen.

On the left was the number 4 and on the right was the number 9,000.

I couldn't remember writing a check for 9,000 to anyone and was instantly afraid that the other woman had done that.

I then found out that my friend Norman (deceased 5 years ago)  had put himself into a mental institution because I wanted to marry him.  (That doesn't make sense))

I wanted to call the bank to find out what that check had been made out to -  but the bank was closed.

NOTE:  After I woke up and turned on the TV - the President (Obama) was on TV talking about the G-20 conference he was attending and what the other countries were saying about the economy.

I realized then that today is the 4th and that's why the number 4 was on TV in my dream.

I then realized that the G-20 conference is being held in an area where the Norman's live.  Normandy is an area between England and France and those people spread out in both directions since WWII.

I have not yet found out what the number 9,000 relates to, but realized while watching TV - that my dream of 10=31=11 was analyzed perfectly by a commentator about the Chinese offering a gift box everyone expected to explode but it didn't.  The G-20 conference rejected their gift though which was to invest in them because their economy is good.


  1. ... announced pricing of $650 million reopening of 9.000% ... G-20 Says Europe Needs To Fix Debt Crisis At Oct.23 ... Conference Calls - Cached
  2. He is reported to arrive to the G-20 summit in ... US jobless claims declined to 397.000 (down 9.000 ... Rare Earth Metals Mining Investments Commodities Conference ...

Society of International Economic Law - News & Events

First African International Economic Law Network Conference ... New Global Executive Coordination: The Case of G 20 ... L'équipe gagnante reçoit un prix de 9 000 Euros du ... - Cached

Bill Moyers Journal: What Questions Would You Ask President ...

That's $9.000.00 mister president. I don't think I'm asking anywhere near as ... Do you believe you have something to learn @ the upcoming G-20 conference in UK?

Dear president Obama You had made a campaign promise to allow those of us with the (meager ruins) of our retirements, make withdrawals from them without the stiff government tax levies. I've seen the "best and the brightest" squander 20% of my retirement this last year. I did not buy a house I could not afford, I do not have credit cards. foreseeing this impending economic doom about to beset the country (back in 2004), I prudently paid off all my debts. The only one I can't pay off is my mortgage.. The payments aren't high but I'm sporadically employed and making 1/3 what I used to make. I have enough money in my retirement to keep me stable with the painfully low paying jobs employers are now able to force many of us, over 50 blue-collar workers, to accept. I'm "biting the bullet". I'll deal with it. I'm paying for training to work in another field for a much lower wage (less then half) I'm playing the game. And I'm sucking it up. Please play your part. Honor your promise. If I could only take out 1/10 of my retirement without the penalties I could sustain myself for 3 more years. That's $9.000.





11-3-11 MEDITATION NAP DREAM = I was evidently a character on One Life To Live TV show. I was the grandmother of Natalie's little boy Liam, whose currently known Father was in the military and knew a lot of secrets.

Little Liam is aged between one and two years old, and can't talk yet, but to my surprise, in their humongous livingroom they have a machine that teaches people to sing, and when I was taking care of little Liam, we went up to this machine and I found out really quickly that Liam, who couldn't talk, could sing, and his metal truck, his train, his plane, and every toy the boy had was heavy metal-type with wheels on it, and he took these toys to the machine and they could all sing. 

You might ask, "What did a two year old boy, his truck, his train, and his plane sing?  Military secrets.!!!!

What is odd about this room is that there was no stairway into it and it was a sunken room - about 8 feet down with about a 12 or 16 foot ceiling.

The only way into it was to slide down a wooden stave fence, and when one wanted to climb out, you climbed the fence staves.  Maybe that's because Liam's father was military and that's what he liked.  I don't know, but it took me a few tries to get in and out of the room before I figured it out.  Natalie, the mother, did all that without effort.  For me  - it took a lot of effort because I wasn't as nimble as she was.

For some reason, we had to go somewhere and we went in a fancy convertible car with Liam on my lap (no seat belts apparently)  and when we drove, Natalie drove FAST and without any regard for safety or fingers that might be hanging onto the edge of the car door to keep one's seat.

On the road she drove on, it was full of LARGE TRUCKS, and FAST RUCKS, going every which way FAST and just as carelessly as she drove, and since I had Liam on my lap with his heavy metal truck on my lap, and Liam singing military secrets, we drove FAST on the highway, and I have to tell you I don't know if I was more afraid of the vehicles that were coining at us from every direction, or the secrets that Liam was singing. 

NOTE:  Wouldn't you know that while I was typing this dream, I got a phone call from a military fund raiser?




11-5-11 - DREAM  - I was living in my New Berlin , WI house and it seemed like I spent hours in the kitchen looking at pans of sausages and noodles or something in tomato sauce that seemed too thick and worrying about what kind of tomato sauce I could add to it, and then decided to just add a 1/2 cup of water to each pan instead.

I looked in the oven at all the pans there, and closed the oven door and turned the heat up to 40 in the oven.  I could hear the gas, but it didn't look to see if the gas burner was actually on.

I worried about that for a few moments while I walked down to the back door and heard a truck or large van outside.

All of a sudden my Mother came to the door, followed by both my adult brothers, Marty and John.

I opened the door and said something about lunch and she said they had already eaten lunch, and I said, "Oh I thought you were coming here for lunch, and she responded, 'Oh okay!  I guess we can eat again, and promptly went upstairs to use the bathroom.

NOTE:  My house didn't have a stairway upstairs by the back door, nor did that house ever have gas in it.  We had an all electric house.  Our stairway was on the west side of the house - not on the east side.

After my mother went upstairs, I followed my brothers to the livingroom, where my brother Marty said, 'Nice Maldec !" and I saw him admiring an old radio which looked like it might have been a 33 1/3 record player as well.

I said, "Oh!  I haven't looked at it yet.  My husband must have picked that up in a garage sale somewhere.

and I woke up.

NOTE:  I'm really curious to know if that is a real radio and why I dreamt about it.



11-5-11 - DREAM - I was rolling down a street in a city on a rolling office chair.

At the end of the street was a building and when I got other, a door opened and I rolled inside on my chair.

I seemed to be in a delivery area and then there were file cabinets of a beige color, and a little table was full of bottles of perfumes and gels.

I continued on down the hall and found myself in the doorway of a huge library.  It had many more books than I do in my own library.  It was called "The Library of the Rainbow"  probably because the books were of many colors, but more likely because the floor was made of tiny tiles of every imaginable color and if you looked quickly the colors turned into a rainbow.

I sat there for quite awhile, taking notes on very large pieces of paper folded over.

A woman came up to me like she wanted to ask me a question, while another woman took a small girl into another room to talk to her.

She asked me, "What is your name?"



I asked her, "What is your name""

She answered Tyler Zilcher"

I carefully and slowly wrote down her name and woke up.

NOTE:  Tyler Zilchrist does not come up on


TAJ definition : n. A tall brimless hat, usually conical or curved on top, worn in Muslim countries as a sign of distinction


Since I'm not Muslim, that doesn't relate to me, however, such a hat would be similar to a pyramid, but also like a dunce cap they make kids wear.  However, witches also wear such a hat on occasion in old movies.

Taj may also be related to Tajda whoh is a homeworlders from a planet that goes around Sirius.


11-6-11 THIS WAS TOTALLY LUCID.  I  was trying to reach a conclusion on how to do a RECYCLING webpage or pages, and apparently there were too many choices. 

I then went into an office in a real dream that had a lot of women working at desks on computers, and one woman printed out pages that had 24 point type and it was totally ridiculous and she called herself stupid.


11-6-11 - DREAM - I was manager of a building of apartments. My husband was head of maintenance.

We lived on the top floor, and when we got up in the morning, the door had vanished on our bedroom.  I don't know how my husband go tout, but I had to crawl out through an air vent hole that was on the floor.

I had our baby with me and he could crawl faster than I could walk when he wanted to so he was hard to catch up to.

One of the men on our floor moved out during the ight leaving quite a few things behind.  The first thing I noticed was that his grey walls had thousands of pocked marks on like he had thrown things at the walls constantly while he lived there, but he left a lot of TV trays behind that had beautiful pictures on them.  People started coming in and helping themselves to things they could use.  My husband took some nice things for the baby, like pillows and blankets, and I ended up taking four figures of little children crying.  Each one had a tag on it,  they were cigar, cigarettes, pipe, and chewing tobacco.  I decided to take them and give them to a 1st grade teacher who lived on the first floor.

Out in the hall I heard a noise that sounded like thunder.  My husband said it was noise in the air vent, and he said he was going to go to the basement and reduce the air vibration in the system. 

In a s room I thought was a closet in the man's room, it was long and narrow with a slanted ceiling on one side.  Strangely, the lights were installed near the floor of that wall.  It was very strange to see that and I couldn't figure out why someone would install ceiling lights near the floor.  It didn't make any sense.

But I had the baby to care for and we went downstairs.  By the front door was a large pool with water lilies growing in it. There was pipe sticking out spritzing water back down into the pool.  A woman was just driving away that the baby liked a lot.  I can't remember who she was -  someone with a name like Charlotte or something like that.



I don't know what city this took place in, but it could have been in Milwaukee, WI.

My husband and I were sitting in a car at the curb alongside a large brick building. 

My spiritual teacher came out of the building and slipped a piece of paper through the crack of the slightly open window to me.  He immediately went back into the building.

I opened up the folded piece of paper and found a photograph of a man dressed in a dark suit who appeared to be in his late 20's.  A quickly scribbled note said that the man was an attorney hired to keep people away from him.

I remarked to my husband that my teacher was 67 years old and his wife was 57 years old.  Why was he being prevented from being with other people?

My husband and I then went into the building where a meeting was going on, which included the people just mentioned plus a young blonde woman in her early 20's whom I was friends with.  Those people were seated around a large square table and my husband and I were standing up at that point.

I told the attorney, "I will shake your hand, but I didn't want to be friends."  He responded. "That will be fine."

We shook hands and his hand grip was extremely powerful. 

The meeting ended and my husband and I left the building, and in the darkening evening, I could see a bonfire glowing in a large grassy area near the building and several men sitting near the fire.

My husband and I drove home and it was quite dark now.

I heard a strange noise outside my house and I needed to know who was outside so I opened the back door and sitting outside in my yard were two men sitting in the glow of a bonfire flame on some summer lounge chairs.

I hollered out at them, "Who are you?" expecting the men to identify themselves, but instead, they both started to chant loudly  OM !   and kept it up.

I knew it was fake and that the men were out there to make sure we didn't leave our house and go where we weren't wanted.

The whole religious thing was a facade on their part just so I wouldn't call the cops and have them arrested in my yard.


11=7=11  2:55 a.m.  - DREAM -  I don't know what city I was in, but I was invited to visit a relative's house.  It seemed like my Aunt Ethel who passed away about 50 years ago. 

There was a lot a traffic in the neighborhood, and quite a few little yellow cars that would only hold maybe 2 people as well.

A friend or young relative of mine came to the house too. She was driving one of the little yellow cars.  She left immediately to go get presents for the kids.

When I arrived I noticed lots of little babies in pajamas with feet in them, and lots of strange little cats with fancy ears that looked like they had feathers on them.

It wasn't until later that I realized that all these kids were boys.

I sat on one of the chairs, and the 4 and 5 year old boys gathered around me and told me that Danny was going to die, that they had just given him a pill and he was very sick.  These 4 year olds were very wise for their age and very concerned for Danny.

They said that they had heard that they were going to invite "her" over a few days before Danny died so she could say good bye to him.  I didn't know if that meant me or the other woman who had gone shopping for presents.

There were so many kids there, they were tripping over each other, especially the little ones who could barely walk. 

It wasn't until I woke up that I realized that there were no girls there - just boys.

Danny means:  "God is my judge"

Dan is a bible Hebrew name and well known in Europe.  The United States is also said to be the country of Dan.



22=7=22 = DREAM - I don't know what city I was in, but there had been some kind of disaster and the mud was up against the house as high as the first floor which was about 6 feet deep. 

The Sheriff was there and I told him I would help remove the dirt back to normal levels, but I only had a hand trowel so it would be a lot of work.

Another woman put water into a lily pond to revive the plants there.

Meantime my husband came home from prison, and the Sheriff handed him a letter I had written to him while he was gone.

While I was out leveling the dirt back to normal, my husband read the letter I had written and answered it.

I had not yet seen him at all, and I was told that I would not like what was written to me.

I said, " By all God's good graces, we should not even be in the same city, much less in the same house."


11-9-11 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin, WI with my husband, kids, and two other women who were long time friends I had known since high school.

My husband was very angry at me and had spent the night alone with the kids and while he slept, I spent all night cleaning up the stove, which was full of greasy foods and brown sugar clumps. 

I finished cleaning the kitchen about dawn and when he came downstairs, he wouldn't speak to me, but went into th kitchen closet to do something -= anything to not talk to me.

I decided to get his attention by banging two large cookie sheets together that he couldn't ignore to show him that I had cleaned the kitchen.

He still didn't want to talk to me, but as things progressed, I decided that the two women had to leave the house.  My friend Donna could go back and live with her mother, and the petite woman who had thousands upon thousands of sets of clothing hanging in her closet and all over her closet floor could move out and go wherever she wanted.

I couldn't think of a single thing that I had had done wrong, and neither could my friend Donna, but we both decided we couldn't be living together anymore.

Outside in the yard, was a large German Shepherd dog and I thought he should leave too, but when I went outside he had dug a cave and brought in his new bride who had just delivered blonde puppies, so I decided he could stay as long as he lived in the cave in the yard with his own bride and puppies.

Back in the house a group of black robed Slovenian priests came with a long contract for my husband and I to sign to live by.  These priests were the old fashioned dressed with black hooded robes, beards, and cloaks all the way down to the floor.  The paperwork said their offices were on Haband Island, New York.

If my husband and I were going to live together, we had to sign their legal document.

NOTE:  THIS IS ITHE GROUP that changed the lives of my friend Mikki's family who were Ottawa Indians in Canada:

All the Indian children had to give up their Indian names and be baptized Catholic.


11-10-11 - DREAM - This dream was symbolic of a certain good friend of mine.

It took place in the country in rolling hills.  There was a sudden dark rainfall which flooded the valley, so everyone had to stay in the hills.

The rest of dream was inside the house, doing the laundry, and sending th kids outside to clean up the garbage.

There was a gross discussion of what kind of sex people liked to eat for lunch, and watching people sleep in bed.



I was visitng a hospital with my daughter and several other people I know (knew)

My daughter and my friend Robb (David) made a decision for a patient they had no authority to make a decision for, so I decided to sue the hospital for allowing them to make the decision.

We then went out into the hallways and I knew that it was the lack of cleanliness of the hospital cleaning staff that caused the problem.

So I asked a woman who was in charge if she would allow my daughter and Robb to sweep the hospital corridors during th eight and she agreed.  That seemed to solve some kind of problem we had with the hospital.

Robb then was allowed to use a public phone in the hallways of the hospital because he was now an employee.  Evidently, I was too.

Then Robb sat down with an electronic checkbook and paid a bill.  Evidently he was so rich, he had a separate checkbook to pay each bill he owed.  Then all he had to do was make a check mark in the checkbook and he was done with it for the month. 

I lamented that I had to go through all my bills every month to make sure they were paid properly.  (That part was true because I never saw one of my bills last month and neglected to pay it.)

I then noticed that Joe's signature in my address book showed that he was a Junior attorney, while all along I thought he was a Senior attorney.  (Joe never studied law much less had a license at all.)



11-111  DREAM -  I was following my brother for some reason and I ended up in a store where I looked at a receipt for a purchase he had made, and in red print I said, BIBLE $133.

I couldn't figure out why he would pay that much for a Bible when you can get one for under five bucks if you need one.

I told the woman I was going to go home and take a nap, and left the building.

At the door I ran into a foreign looking man wearing a winter coat.  He looked at me and asked, "You got my picture?"  I responded "No!"  and he turned round and dropped a quarter on the ground the looked brand new.

I picked it up, and it immediately turned into two dimes and a nickel in my hand, so I shoved the coins into my pocket, knowing he wouldn't recognize them.

I then followed some kids into another building and when they went down a stairway, the stairway collapsed into a slide and that looked like fun, so I went down it too.

When I got to the bottom, I went out the door and found myself in an old fashioned formal garden courtyard where everything was precise and green and beautiful to look at.

Somehow I knew it came out at the 12th street school that I used to walk past a lot on the way to high school, on Center St.  So I thought I knew where I was.

However, I couldn't find an exit from the garden.  It was surrounded by old brick buildings.

I finally came to a large silver door and when I opened it, I found myself in the kitchen of a restaurant.

A woman dressed in pink saw me and realized I was lost, so she shrugged and led me to the front door of the restaurant.

She opened the door and I went through it and woke up/


11-12-11  ALIEN DREAM  -  I don't have any idea of where I was.   There was a pool in the house, and I saw a tiny baby standing in shallow water.   I plucked the baby out of the water and held, it to make sure it wouldn't drown itself accidentally.  There was no one else around to take care of it.  I held it in my hands because that's how small it was.

I thought it might open its eyes but it didn't.  I noticed that its facial muscles were twitching a bit, as though it might smile but it didn't.

I then noticed that it didn't have a normal nose - it just had two holes where the nostrils were, and I started thinking, well maybe the nose will develop as it gets older. 

I watched its little face, wondering if it would open its eyes and look at me and watching its muscles twitching a little, and I started to wake up, but still seeing the face very closely and then I noticed that I was wide awake, still seeing the baby's face in my whole vision, and that its muscles were twitching in time to my own heart beat.

I couldn't stand looking at it for so long while wide awake, and I was watching my own heart beat in its face muscles.

I finally had to open my eyes to make the vision go away, but as soon as I closed my eyes, it was right back in my vision.

I finally opened my eyes and blinked them three times, and then the vision was finally gone.

I was really afraid it was going to open its eyes and I'd see something I didn't want to see.



I don't knew where I was but it was a country setting.  Apparently it was thanksgiving and several turkeys had been put into the oven to roast.

I went out into the yard to make sure the gardens were well kept and the grass cut.

There were other houses around and I noticed after a bit that the grass and plants were growing very fast, more like six months growth in just a couple hours.

The people who gathered for the dinner were outside then, sunning themselves, and they were all naked,  but women separately from the men.  Their bodies were getting tan like the turkeys that were roasting.

I noticed th men were gathering vegetable for the dinner, cabbages and root vegetables mostly

-The men ate early - eating the legs and wings of the birds, and then they wanted to discard the carcass, and I said, "No! There is plenty of meat left on the bones to make soup." 

The men didn't care about that.  They all gathered together in one place, showing off their muscles and talking about how to get rid of the fat they still had. 

I noticed that th emend, were all old guys, men I had worked with and admired while I was working with them.  They were all friendly with each other.

When their conversation was over, Bob the Painter sat down on the arm of a chair and asked me if I had a minute.

I said, "Sure!" and sat down across from him.  I thought maybe he was going t offer me a parting gift or ask me to marry him or something.  I was a very awkward moment.

Before he could say anything more, one of the other men came up to us and sat down beside Bob.

I was a little distressed that Bob and I had been interrupted, but I had to be polite to all the guests.

But then, the other man decided he wanted to get a little more friendly with Bob and Bob didn't turn away .

The men got more than a little friendly and began rubbing faces, and kissing each other on the cheek, and hugging.

As they did this, I noticed that their skin was getting redder and browner like they were still in the sun and were roasting like the turkeys had been.

The browner they get, the closer they got, and more wrinkled and older - like old reddish colored rocks.

Eventually, while I watched, I saw that there was no more separation between them and they had become like the red rocks of Arizona.

I finally realized I was awake and that I should open my eyes because I had seen for myself how the red rocks of Arizona had been formed.  They were actually loving beings.


11=12=11 MEDITATION - DREAM -   I am completely blown away by this.

My intention was to go look at the year 2014 and see if Washington DC was covered with water toward the end of the year. 

I was still working on raising my vibrations, and was stopped dead in my tracks by a sign that blared at me, "Why are you looking here?"  and then I could see stacks of moving boxes under the sign.

I thought perhaps I wasn't supposed to be looking at Washington DC.  so I decided to try looking at a nearby city =- Baltimore, MD.

I started out to raise my vibrations again and immediately fell into a dream that doesn't fit my life, nor anyone else's I know, so perhaps it was in the theme of things that are related.

Here is the dream.

I was in my house, seemingly in the southern end of Milwaukee County.  I received a phone call from an old boyfriend (he actually passed away over 5 years ago).  He was all depressed, almost angry in his tone of voice.  He said that his wife had filed for divorce and he had convinced her to stay and then found out that she was only staying so she could get more money when she did finally divorce him.

He acted like I was playing the sympathy card of him, and I said I wasn't.  He wanted to know where I lived so he could come and see me.  I said I had moved south, and he said, "Near the Edge", and I said , "Yes !"   He aid he would call again when the timing was right.

None of that fits into my life or has anything to do with anyone I know about, so I can only think it relates to the timing of the event I was going to look for - that it is delayed by a year.

Here is Scottsdale EDGE:;_ylt=A0oGdWP5BL9ODmEAvFBXNyoA;_ylc=X1MDMjc2NjY3OQRfcgMyBGFvAzEEZnIDc2x2OC1hdHQEaG9zdHB2aWQDXzNNSzIwb0dkVEJhMEdpT1RxUkJkUXFwVFBlcFkwNl9CUGtBQlpKMgRuX2dwcwMzBG5fdnBzAzUEb3JpZ2luA3NycARxdWVyeQNzY290dHNkYWxlIGVkZ2UEc2FvAzEEdnRlc3RpZANSQ0YwMTU-?p=scottsdale+edge&fr2=sb-top&fr=slv8-att

maybe that's the clue.  I don't really know.


11-13-11 - DREAM -  I was in a school somewhere.  On a series of desks there was 6 groups of three oval shaped hamburger patties - colored in primary colors, red, yellow, and blue.  The red one was labeled EQUIFAX. 

A child could be tested to find out if they were an alien abductee and the red EQUIFAX patty was the test to prove abduction chemically because if you were an abductee, you would get diarrhea from eating it. 

The patties were the equivalent of a 1/4 pound hamburger.

I noted that in the next room sat my sister sat table, and she was getting diarrhea as I watched her.  She was embarrassed.  I don't know if she knew what the diarrhea meant or not.

My husband was there, and I go diarrhea from eating the EQUIFAX hamburger patty too.

I woke up at this point and then fell asleep again.

I was back in the school, and teacher said to me. "I need to tell you that your son Ken has a CD copy of a CT scan done on you proving that you are an abductee.

I was shocked to hear this, not only because of what she said but that someone had an illegal copy of a CT scan of me without my knowledge.


11=14=11 - DREAM - I  was at work, supposedly at Allis-Chalmers  - A-C.   I knew I was on the 8th floor.  (A-C was a 4 story buildings)   I was in the office at the far right side of the building at the corner.

There was a  meeting going to be held and the people would sit at a long blonde colored table.

There was all men and just one woman - who was short and blonde with curly hair.  I was an observer and sat on a chair in the corner.  I did not participate in the meeting at all.  I just watched and listened. The speech was supposed to have been about Ets and I really wanted to hear what she had to say. However, I must have missed the speech the woman made, fell sleep or something because I didn't hear her.  The men didn't approve of what she had said, so she said she would speak again, and the men said she was guaranteed to have a winning speech the second time.

She was getting ready to talk into a microphone, and I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to applause from the men, and the woman was crying.

I felt sorry for her, and hoped that a transcript would be made of what she had said.  I took her by the hand and walked her across the hall to the ladies room, which was small land cramped/  She couldn't make up her mind which stall  to use, but finally chose a corner one, and I decided I might as well use the bathroom myself, but I had trouble with my underwear.  It seemed like I had gotten bigger and I could hardly pull my underwear back up when I was done.

The woman was gone by the time I was done in the bathroom, so I walked back out into the hall and tried to find the room I had been in but everything had changed.  These offices were full of men who looked like scientists and engineers and I didn't know anyone.  The office where the meeting had been held was also full of men and desks.  Nothing was the same.

I felt really lost though I had worked in this building for many years.

I finally met Richard L. who had been my boss for quite some time.  I told him that nothing was what it had been and I didn't know anyone. He seemed to agree but didn't really say anything.  He wanted to explore what was here on the 8th floor too.

Along the wall in the hallways were metal racks full of plastic see-thru containers that had very small varied sizes of vials without stoppers on them, in a variety of colors.  I wondered why they weren't sorted by size or color or something that was easy to use. 

Richard found an old black satchel on the floor, half buried.  It looked like it had been there a hundred years, full of crud on top of it.  He wanted to see what was in it and dragged it away from the wall.

Once he pulled it away from the wall, the satchel started to move along the sides and it seemed to have something alive in it.  The bag must have slit along the sides or bottom once it was pulled away from the wall, and I was afraid there was a big crocodile or something in it from the size of the bulges along the sides of the case.

All of a sudden, a large size reddish colored cat came out of the bag, followed by three black and grey long haired kittens.

They weren't scary looking and I wondered how they could be so fat, just coming out of a satchel that looked like it was 100 years old.

The cats started wondering around the hallway and I lost interest because though they were fat, they just looked like ordinary fat healthy cats.  The cats just wondered around investigating their surroundings.  Richard didn't say anything at all.

I decided to go downstairs where things would be more familiar, but once down there, I didn't feel very well.  I decided I would go outside where I could see it was warm and sunny, but when I opened the door, I suddenly ill and old and decrepit and I couldn't make myself go out the door.  I decided maybe I needed to go to the bathroom again.  I felt like I was really old and I was afraid I would have a heart attack if I went outside.

Nothing felt right at all. 

t NOTE:  last night I listened to a woman talking about her experiences in MILAB abductions where she apparently was used for medical experiments and her female body parts were so ruined her physical doctors took them all out and she couldn't have any children, though she knew she had been used for hybrid baby experiments somewhere with the military.

She said she was born on an army base and her father was in the military but he refused to discuss what he did there.

Another young man called into the show, and he said he had been born on a military base as well and his father never told him anything about what he did either, but both people said they had scoop marks and other marks on their bodies that were like tattoos or scars of geometric shapes.

At the end of the snow, the woman 'Monica Starship' - evidently a made up surname, said she would start a Facebook account and write up her story on a webpage somewhere which she hadn't done yet.  She agreed to come back and talk again and talk to other MILAB abductees. 

So, perhaps my dream was brought about by listening to the radio show, but I don't know why the dream took such an odd twist about the cats in the bag.

Suddenly, it came to me,  'THE CATS ARE OUT OF THE BAG !



11-14-11 - DREAM -  Ed came to town and rented an apartment for us.  After work, I went there to look at it.

The apartment was upstairs, probably second floor from what I could tell.

Out in hallways, a Hindu woman was playing with a small child on a blanket.  The child was Caucasian, so I didn't know if it was her own child or not.  the child had a lot of toys on the blanket and looked very happy.

I went into the apartment and Ed was there, though I can't remember what he was doing.

Ed told me that the temperature gauge had to be left at 90 degrees, which is pretty warm.  The heat vent was right next to the window and he told me that the window had to be left open at least three inches, which meant most of the heat was going right out the window.

I started to wash the dishes which consisted mostly of small size glasses and dishes of a variety of sizes and shapes. None were large water glasses.  I also ended up washing some of the baby toys who was now on a blanket in our own apartment.  I didn't see the Hindu woman again.

I went into the bedroom and there I found my little boy who had climbed into his own little crib.  I watched as he put his thumb into his mouth and started sucking it and smiling.  I wondered when he learned to do that and from whom.

I went back out into the main room and the female rental agent came in. 

I immediately asked her, "Who pays for the heat?"  she didn't answer, but immediately left and as she went down the stairs out in the hallway, I heard her yell back up the stairs, "The heat is $270 dollars a month."

My question then was, "How much is the rent on the apartment?"  I never did find that out.


11-15-11   satam's horses  dream

I was living with my Father in a small town.  I looked in a mirror and I had flowers and green plants growing out of my forehead.  I was told these were the seeds of Edgar Cayce growing there.  However I didn't want anyone to see these flowers on my forehead, so I started pulling them out one by one. That left me with a headache that wouldn't go away like the roots had been deeply planted.

We started getting ready to spend a few days with a relative north of us.

We had to take with us a variety of things to take care of ourselves and these things had to be packed in the car.

A young couple I knew very well were going to go with us, but decided to go earlier than us because they wanted to 'run the crop circles' that were being created in a field somewhere near where we were going to go.  I asked her, "Why do you want to run fake crop circles?   What's the point?" 

I couldn't dissuade her.  She said she just wanted to be there, and she and her male companion left to make the trip by themselves.

We were going to visit a relative along the way.  It was an aunt and I can't think of her name now.

Getting ready to take things with us on the trip started a project that my Father started which forced us to clean the garage and that project got worse and worse and dirtier and dirtier and once we had the car packed, I had to sweep up the garage and put all my Father's tools back where they belonged.  Other people had to help us because there was so much stuff.

I found a bright green waterproof piece of cloth.  I picked it up out of the dirt and shook the dirt off and asked my Father if it was still any good.  A young man grabbed it and put it on and it looked like a waterproof rain gear.  He came over to me and hugged me and told me I was wonderful for giving him the rain gear that would keep him dry when he slept outside in the rain.  I let him have it and kept sweeping.

Other people were helping us by now.

A large white truck decided to drive through our garage and go out the back door which opened onto another street.

As the truck drove past me, I spotted a green flashlight on the back of the open truck.  When I grabbed the flashlight, I discovered it was attached to a white ceramic box, and all I got was the lid.  The box itself was still on the truck and it was too heavy to grab quickly with one hand.

The white truck had a long green spiraled piece of paper ribbon like it had come off a roll that was still on the truck.  This green ribbon was at least a half a block long and I laughed when I told one of the men helping us clean that the truck was going to Arizona, and if we wanted to find the white ceramic box, all we had to do was follow the green ribbon down the street.  He laughed and told us we needed to get going to visit our aunt.

I then walked out on the street and saw that all our neighbors down the street were also cleaning their garages and the whole street was full of stuff like people were having yard sales of stuff.  They all got the same idea at the same time because when they saw our example, they all wanted to do the same thing.

As I walked along the street away from home, I saw four white spotted horses.  There was something freaky about them because I think they were hairless with big black eyes and black spots on them like I've never seen before.  These horses looked soulless.  When the first four horses went past, I saw more coming single file from around a corner.

apotted gpdr

NOTE: the horses in my dream were whiter than this and the spots were all the same size and black.  The horses in my dream were thinner and had no hair that I can recall and they looked soulless.

Another woman saw them and she said, "Oh my God, Is Satan coming?  These horses looked soulless and I didn't want to be anywhere near them.

I needed to cross the street and go a different way home, and to cross the street, I had to thread my way through a whole long line of big white trucks.

I managed to get past the white trucks, and turned to go down an alley that hadn't been shoveled and it was snowy and icy, but I knew how to get home going through this alley.

In the alley I met an old woman who guided me - she was very friendly - and when I got to the next street, a pair of old female twins went past.  They both wore matching black wigs of long wavy hair.  One of them asked me if I knew what was going on with the mail because it hadn't arrived.  I said I didn't know and she was going to tell me but got distracted and the pair of them walked on down the street without finishing her sentence, and I woke up.


-11-16-11 -     IT HAPPENS - DREAM

I was living in Wisconsin in New Berlin.  It was the fall of the year, and my daughter-in-law Debe and I were crawling around on the lawn pulling up dying flowering plants that had been growing in the lawn.

I heard Debe call out to a man walking by pushing a large wheelbarrow full of cow hides with the heads still attached to them.  She just said, "Hi Charlie!" and he looked up and continued pushing the wheelbarrow up the hill towards the East. Somehow we knew there were 10 of them.

Cow hides would not be that unusual I guess, but with heads?

We decided to go for a ride in the car, going north and in the first mile we saw three dead cats liking on the edge of the road, and within the next mile were three more dead cats laying alongside the road.  Seeing a dead cat alongside the road is into all that unusual, but six within a mile is a lot.

Then it really got bad.  In a scene reminiscent of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, we started seeing white furry cow carcasses laying right in the road.  Some of which we could drive around and some had been driven over by other cars so we did the same thing.  It was awful to see.  There were 14 of them.

At that point I woke up because Joe was getting out of bed and I told him the dream briefly.

I fell back asleep and was back in the dream.

I decided to go for a walk, back in the direction of the dead cows and when I reached the top of the first hill where a tree was overhanging the road, there was a little bluebird hovering over the tip of a branch.

I said as cheerfully as I could, "Hello little bluebird."  The bird flew near me and said in English, "I love you," and I responded, "I love you too."  The bird responded back,  "I love you once."

I had to chuckle at that, thinking the bird wasn't going to say it again.  Just once was enough.

I turned around and walked back home, and ran into one of my sons in the yard.  On the picnic table was a yard stick with a small red triangle flag on the end.  I thought that might come in handy at some point and took it into the house with me.

Inside the house, my husband Jim was just getting dressed after having taken a shower and his hair was still wet.

I mentioned the dead cows from earlier that we had seen, and he asked me if anyone had called the paramedics.  Before I could say anything, he said, "I used to be a paramedic when I was in the military."

I hadn't known that and we didn't say anything further.

At that point, I noticed my female dog laying nearby and I went over to her and petted her a few times and then walked away.

A few minutes later, my attention was brought to the front door and there was a small Chihuahua dog alongside the road on the other side.  A red jeep went by and picked up the dog.

I then saw my own dog on the same side of the road, so I called, "Here Lily!"  but she wouldn't come when I called her. 

So, I walked down the hill and crossed the street to go get the dog, and one of my sons went with me.  He called back to me, "Dead puppies."

When I got there, I found four large dead puppies, and Lily had dug a hole alongside the road to bury them.  I hadn't even known she was pregnant when I had petted her a few minutes earlier.  I don't know how I could have missed that.

I woke up again at that point and lay there thinking about the dream.

I then had a vision of a newspaper and in the right hand column which was very narrow it said,

 It happens.


11=15=111  - MEDITATION

My intention was to find out who my friend RA was in Egypt in a past life.

A voice in my head said, 'he was there twice'.  His name was Khoutentaten

I then saw a cartouche with match under it and I knew he was a teacher.  It was similarly to the one on the right.

bird cartouche


11-17-11 - DREAM -   This dream was presented in three parts though it was in the same area.  It felt rather like Mexico, but there were no Mexicans in it, so I'm guessing it was Arizona.

The first part was presented from below the ground rather like I was in a very large tunnel that was manmade, though it was large enough to be a cavern - it felt handmade, and I could see the effects of what was going on above the ground like the rainwater which was heavy in the beginning, and I knew there was an oil deposit here somewhere as well. 

When I was above ground I was on a large ranch, and the white pack ponies were raising white dust with their hooves when they ran alongside a white fence (I'm assuming it was painted)  There were other women there, and all the men were either wearing cowboy type clothing but a large group of men were wearing work clothes with heavy work boots and they were coming back from working with the oil on the other side of a small hill.

I was then driven on top of a mesa which overlooked a large valley.  There was a highway at the bottom of the mesa, and the scene from atop the Mesa was the most awesome scene I've ever seen in the moonlight with purple mountains in the far distance.  It was awesome to see. 

The scene changed to indoors and I was in the same place but under a dark very large wooden shed made of logs, and the men came running in because there was what I'm calling a 'sun in the whirlwind' because that is what it looked like and the men came running inn from the fields so this sun wouldn't shine on them and burn them, but the sun was half hidden by this white whirlwind at the same time.  It was incredible to see but everyone was afraid of it.

I was then working with a photograph or painting that was of many red rock cliffs, but in the sky was white striations that were fine and horizontal.  I didn't know what those were and I showed this painting to the ranch man there and we got out a large 3' x 4' map of the area to try to pinpoint where this area was.

Inside the house, in the bathroom, there was a problem with the hot water faucet and little pieces of the connections were coming off and I told my husband he had better buy a new hot water faucet before this one completely broke off the sink.

At the same time, a woman in the livingroom saw blood on the edge of the couch and told her husband to check and make sure he wasn't have his man-period.  (hmmm? another problem?)

We then were looking outside and in the sky it looked like there was a war going on in the sky - rather like UFOs, but I two giant fish in the sky - they might have been large balloons and these balloons were in the shape of fat fish, and one of these giant fish fell face first down onto the ground and people went screaming away that were still outside because most people ran inside so as not to have bullets or bombs fall on their heads before that.


11-18-11 - NAP DREAM -  I was living in a city somewhere and decided to go clothes shopping on my lunch hour because I needed something new to wear. 

I stopped in at a clothing store on a corner that evidently as very exclusive.  It was very crowded with all women. 

There was a long curved counter with jewelry in it and a row of chairs in front of it, all upholstered.  Every chair had a woman sitting on it.

The procedure was to sign in with your name, and then when your turn came a clerk would call your name and you would go into another room that also had a row of upholstered chairs around the room and the you would tell the clerk what you needed and she would measure you of size and then go get the item you needed.

I wanted brown slack, a brown skirt, and a brown sweater set to go with it. 

I signed my name, and then went to sit in th second row of seats because the row in front of the jewelry counter was already full.  I knew it was going to be a long wait.

There was no one in the other room, and all the clothes were in drawers so you couldn't just go and pick out something for yourself.

As I sat in the second row of seats, lots of women were coming and going, though nobody went into the other room to be waited on.  All those seats were empty.

I noticed while I sat there that some really old women were coming in and sitting in the second row and a woman would meet them and take them home.

All of those old women looked like they were 90 to 100 or more and were all short women with white hair.  I thought that was a nice way for old ladies to go shopping and they could meet their mothers for lunch perhaps and then go home.

I never did get waited on and woke up.

NOTE:  When I woke up from that dream, I decided to look in my closet to look at the old clothes I had stored there from last winter and the old stuff I brought with me in 1997 that no longer fit me after I gained weight.

I went through the clothes and found the exact pair of brown pants I was going to buy in the dream.  They fit perfectly.  (Tats after losing 74 pounds I have to add)

Most of the other clothes were actually too big for me because I had bought them and got to big for them.  They were all brand new - never worn.  I outgrew them before I could even wear them. Ugh.




This first dream was more of a vision than a dream.

I was standing outside somewhere and there was a large ice machine in front of me that was just being turned on.  The machine was like a long thin truck that could go from place to place, and alongside the vehicle on the back end were nozzle like protrusions facing towards the back of the vehicle and as I watched, shaved ice started coming out of these nozzles and at first, this ice just stuck onto the vehicle but as the vehicle go coated, the ice began to fall to the ground and I knew that the vehicle was capable of icing up any road or place that it went.

DREAM 2.   I was with my sister somewhere and we were walking outside in the dark cool air of the evening.

It seemed we were just enjoying each other's company, perhaps going to the book store or library - not going partying or shopping though we might stop for a snack somewhere before going home.

I noticed that there was a tall dark swarthy skinned man following us where we were going.  He was carrying a black book that resembled a Bible though I can't say for sure that's what it was. 

At first it seemed interesting that he might like one of us and that's why he was following us, but then he seemed to creep me out because he never said anything - he was just there every time I looked in any direction.

I didn't want to speak to him but I had to know what he wanted with us, so I finally confronted him and asked him who he was.

He didn't giv3e me a name.  He just said, "Oh !  I'm just going out to buy an ice machine and in my mind's eye, I remembered seeing the ice machine shooting out the frozen shaved ice and I knew that a bad winter was coming if not worse.


11-18-11 - MEDITATION -  this was one of the best experiences I've ever had.  I wanted to meet the Pleiadians and I did.

I asked to go to the 5th dimension because that is what I've been is where they reside, so in meditation I asked to go to the 5th dimension, and the most be4autiful blue balls of lights appeared instantly and it was so awesome and then my whole vision field turned that same color blue and it felt like I was being hugged.  It felt like they were standing there waiting for me to show up because it happened so fast.

I asked them if they would be willing to communicate with me and I felt that they agreed, so I asked if they had a message for me.

I saw a piece of paper and it said, "Buy 6 pair of medium glasses' and the price o the right was $30.   It came to me that this is a set of 6 chakra colored glasses so I can do the chakra meditations. 

I will do that immediately because I want to meet them again.


11-19-11 -     DREAM - GUILT TRIP.  I was downtown in Milwaukee, near the apartment building  I used to manage.  My location was behind the building about a street west of the building.

A young woman came up to me and asked me about the area and wanted to know how to get a look at the building.  At the time, she was riding a small motorcycle, so I told her could take the alley that was in front of us and then go along in front of the building.

She took off riding her motorcycle and I followed along behind her as I was going the same direction.

Her motorcycle was acting like a narrow lawnmower and leaving a trail of mowed grass that was like a hay baler, leaving a mowed roll of grass behind it.  At the time that didn't seem like a bad thing.  The only thing that would have to be done is to hire someone to rake up the grass being left behind. The grass was very tall as it was and hard to walk through and the mowed area was easy to walk in.  the place evidently hadn't been well kept up since I had been there.

I  followed along behind her and she eventually got stuck in th along grass because her motorcycle couldn't handle mowing the grass and her cycle got bound up with strings of grass.

I came up behind her and helped her umclog the grass from her cycle and noticed how the grass was twisted into a roll.  It was amazingly strong.

I came up behind the young woman and she asked me if she could take a look at the building.  I assured her that was probably okay to do, but I didn't have keys to the building anymore and couldn't get in by myself.

We walked up to the front door through the long grass.  I have no idea why there was no sidewalk any longer.

Just as we got to the door, a young man who was inside the lobby opened the door for us.  Apparently, the door wasn't even locked.

Walking into the lobby, we met some other people and I discovered there as no manager or rental agent on duty either.

Since I was going to work her in the near future, I just took it upon myself to act as though I was the manager since no one was there since nobody was doing anything apparently.

The young woman and I walked into the recreation room area where we could sit down.  It was very large and comfortable and bright.  I noticed there were white lace curtains on the windows that were almost floor to ceiling.

While we were sitting there, a middle aged man came in and sat down one th either side of the room and lit a cigar and started smoking it.

I don't know what the smoking rules were in the building so I didn't say anything until I noticed that the smoke coming from the cigar was bright red so I commented on the color of the smoke.  I told the man the smoke was pretty and he agreed.

After a couple more puffs, the room was beginning to fill up with smoke, and we women isn't appreciate that.

I waved my hand in the air and the air was full of sticky smoke and I pointed that out to him how sticky the smoke was, and he walked out of the room as I opened up the window behind me to let the smoke out. One can only imagine what sticky smoke does to your lungs. Ugh.

I went outside with the man and stomped on the cigar butt to make sure it was out, then I went back to continue talking to the young woman.

At this point, the young man who had let us into the building started becoming very friendly with the young woman and that was fine, but she and I decided to go to the ladies room and the young man followed us.

I had to complain to him that it was fine if he wanted to befriend the young woman out in the hallway, but we were now in the ladies room and we needed privacy.  He looked a little guilty and went back out into the hall.

I don't recall actually using the bathroom for anything, and walked outside into the side yard. 

A middle aged woman followed me out into the yard.   She apparently was a teacher, never married I assumed later.  She walked up to me and said, "We would like to question some of the decisions you've made in your life since you were married,"

I didn't know what to say to the woman since I hadn't been married since 1991 the last time, and hadn't been married since 1980 the first time.

If she was questioning my entire married life since 1958, what business was it of hers, since she had never been married at all and I hadn't been married in 20 plus years. 

I woke up and pondered that.  Was she there just to put me on a guilt trip?************

11-19-11 - DREAM -  I can't recall a whole dream, but there was a scene at a distance where I was watching a group of people square dancing.  The women were all dressed in yellow, and the men were all dressed in bright green.  They did a set of swing through all through the group of 8 people twice.

Before that, I recall that a group of people, not dancers were also trying to make a set of decisions along the same order - 8 people - 4 women and 4 men.  I don't know what was being decided though.

Square Dancing is an Americanized version of the medieval court dances of Old England, and of the various folk dances that are part of many European cultures. What has distinguished Square Dancing from most other folk dances is the use of a caller to help direct the steps of the dancers. Typically, groups of couples are arranged around a circle or square shape, with the steps moving them around the circle and back and forth with other partners. A caller has music and a microphone, and directs people through a variety of routines and steps. You can dance one number, or you can dance all night!

For example, the dancers are said to belong to a certain economic level or come from certain locales; the steps are simple and repeated, so that any member of the community can participate; the dances require no audience; and they are passed down through many generations. Each of these criteria can be contradicted by dances that are indisputably folk dances, and in each of these criteria, folk dance overlaps with other kinds of dance.


Folk dance is sometimes defined as dance performed by agricultural peoples who live in close-knit communities–a definition that reflects the division of preindustrial Europe into a peasant class and an aristocracy. People in modern industrialized cities, however, participate regularly in what are called folk dances, which were brought to the city by immigrants from rural areas or, sometimes, from other nations. Although the dances of rural Europe are called folk dances, in Africa–which has no peasant-aristocracy division comparable to that of 18th-century Europe–rural dances that in function and complexity are comparable to European folk dances are instead often called tribal dances; confusingly and inconsistently.

Folk dance is usually viewed as being strictly for the pleasure of the participants, as not requiring an audience, and, despite the dancers' enjoyment, as often being of little interest to spectators. If participant pleasure is the only criterion, folk dance overlaps somewhat with much tribal dance and with modern social dance, for example, the waltz and the twist. Paradoxically, some traditional ritual and ceremonial dances, such as the English morris dance
 and the Romanian calusari, have for generations attracted local informal audiences. On the other hand, when a traditional recreational dance is performed onstage in a formal concert, its origin, steps, and patterns may be those of folk dance, but it has been removed from the context of folk culture.

Folk dances are defined as being passed from generation to generation, with no known choreographer. Folk dances continue to be invented, however, and in many cases the composer of the dance is known; most Israeli folk dances, for example, were created in the 20th century. At the same time, the choreographers of popular social dances (such as the jitterbug) are usually anonymous; but because these dances remain popular only for a brief time and do not gradually become part of tradition, they are generally not considered folk dances (see also Popular and Social Dance). The many forms of folk, popular, court, and theatrical dance, however, may be closely related. The waltz, for example, originated in Alpine folk dances, was popular for more than a century as an urban social dance, and persisted in folk tradition after its popularity had otherwise lapsed.

Folk dance in its first existence is an integral part of community activities. The dances are learned by individuals as they grow up in the society. Each dance is a living form that changes over time. Folk dance in its second existence refers to dances that have been removed from their original context. No longer performed as part of communal life, they are danced in other contexts, either for recreation (perhaps in folk dance clubs in cities or in foreign countries) or as stage adaptations to entertain an audience. Not learned by the dancers as they grow up, the dances must often be taught through formal instruction. At this point in their existence, they may cease to change or develop variations–unlike the folk dances that flourish within a community.

Most folk dances are open to everyone in the community. In some dances, however, participation is limited by age, sex, skill, or status. Certain dances, for example, are meant only for children; dances of this category may overlap with games such as ring-around-a-rosy. Other dances may be reserved for older members of a community or for specific groups, such as unmarried girls, as in the Balinese rejang. Separate dances for men and women are common. Some dances may be limited to people who have attained given levels of social or ritual status. Dance clubs, fraternities, or secret societies–such as the Mexican Concheros or the Pueblo Kachina societies–may possess exclusive rights to certain dances, or, as with morris dancers in the late 19th century, they may compete with other groups in perfecting a shared repertoire of dances.

Folk dancing may be sacred or secular, although in many cultures this distinction is difficult to make because religion pervades all the society's activities. Almost all ritual dances, however, have a social element, and many dances formerly performed for ritual reasons are today danced simply for recreation.

Dances related to the events of the agricultural cycle–from clearing the land to harvesting–are extremely common. Dances at planting time may involve symbolism related to fertility. Springtime rituals celebrate the first fruits and the resurgence of life, and the dances may take the form of symbolic combats between winter and summer

Most folk dancing also functions to create or promote a sense of community. Even when other nonrecreational functions have ceased to be viable (as when immigrants bring an agricultural dance to the city), folk dance can continue to make dancers feel part of a national or regional group and help them establish ties with their heritage.

Because folk dancing is found throughout the world, and because it can be so broadly defined, it occurs with great variations in style and with many different floor patterns. Costumes and accessories also create various effects in the dances, and dancers sometimes contribute to their own musical accompaniment. In this diversity, some generalizations can be made, and every generalization probably has exceptions.

Because most folk dances are meant for general participation, they tend to contain fairly simple movements composed of short phrases or patterns that are repeated many times. The dances of most societies, however, range from the simple to the highly complex. In European and European-derived dances in the western hemisphere and elsewhere, step patterns are emphasized, with little special movement given to the upper body. In Asia, Africa, and Oceania, dance movements involve more parts of the body or, sometimes, mainly the arms. Men's and women's movements are usually different: Men may stamp vigorously and execute spectacular leaps, as in the Norwegian halling and the Caucasian lezghinka. Women's styles are generally less energetic, calling for graceful movement, with smaller steps, and with fewer (and lower) jumps and kicks. Sometimes, however, as in American square dancing, men and women dance in the same style.

Group folk dances vary in their spatial formations and spatial progressions. Many of the geometric designs in folk dance have, or formerly had, symbolic meanings. A circle–possibly the most common dance formation–promotes feelings of unity among the dancers. Originally, circular dances may have symbolized the apparent motion of the sun or moon; the dancers may also surround a symbolic object, as in maypole dances. Examples of circular dances include the Serbian kolo and the Romanian hora. Chain dances usually have a leader, and they may involve serpentine or spiral formations as well as straight-line patterns. The dancers may be aligned side by side, or they may follow one another, and they may or may not touch one another. If they touch, the contact can be made in various ways–holding hands, encircling waists or shoulders, grasping one another's belts (as in many Greek dances), or linking arms.

Longways dances, those performed in two parallel lines, are less common than circle and line dances; but they are particularly characteristic of the country dances from the British Isles. In these dances, lines of men and women face one another, and the dancers perform complicated patterns of interweaving and exchanging places. See Country Dance. Brought to America by early colonists, longways dances developed into a form known as contra dances. The Virginia reel is an example of a contra dance. In other dances, especially in Oceania, the participants align themselves in many parallel lines and dance in unison in one spot, not interacting with one another. Both same-sex and mixed-sex dances are performed this way.

Couple dances take many forms. Group formations such as the quadrille, square dance, and longways country dance involve couples and characteristically promote the exchange of partners. In other couple dances–as in most ballroom dances–partners do not change.

Group formations of couples sometimes keep within a given spatial pattern–often a circle or, in square dances, a square. The spatial pattern may change several times during the course of a dance; couples might first progress around in a circle, then hook up with other couples to form a pinwheel or star, and then drop partners to form either one big circle or two or more concentric circles. In other dances the spatial design relating couple to couple may be minimal: Waltzing couples may all follow a general circular pattern, for example, and in contemporary disco dances the individual couples maintain no fixed floor pattern in relation to one another. Finally, in couple dances the partners may or may not touch each other. See also Czardas; Mazurka; Polka; Tarantella.

Solo dances may involve many individuals dancing at the same time or one dancer performing alone. Solo dances tend to be more difficult than group and couple dances, and they often present an opportunity to display the dancer's skill. One such virtuosic solo form is the Scottish sword dance Gillie Callum, in which a male dancer executes complex steps over a sword and scabbard lying on the ground. Another example is tap dance. As more and more skill is required, solo dances of this kind easily evolve into theatrical forms. See also Hornpipe; Sword Dance.

Although not every folk dance requires aural accompaniment, music is nearly always extremely important. Many dances are intimately related to musical forms and, in particular, to musical meter and rhythm. The waltz and mazurka, for example, both have musical and step patterns in three beats; in the mazurka, both the music and the steps emphasize the second beat. Many European dances, especially those of the Balkan countries, contain complex rhythms and syncopations.

A specific dance often calls for a specific tune or song. Just as frequently, however, a given piece of music can be used for a whole category of dances, and a particular dance can be executed to different tunes.

Self-accompaniment is often important in folk dancing. The dancers may carry instruments such as rattles or castanets, or sound makers–such as the rustling skirts of hula dancers or the bells on the legs of morris dancers–may be attached to the dancer's body or costume. Frequently, the dancer's shoes are important sound makers, emphasizing rhythms and accents; the sounds of wooden shoes, tap shoes, and boots may go beyond merely accompanying the dance and may become its main focus (as in tap dancing and clog dancing).

Dancers may clap, snap their fingers, slap their bodies (as in the Bavarian Schuhplattler), or stamp their feet. Sword dancers and stick dancers click their weapons, thereby accentuating the rhythm of the dance. Dancers often sing or chant; they may punctuate their movements with vocal sounds such as yells, yips, and yodels.

E. Costume

The clothing worn by dancers may affect the nature of their movements. Japanese women, for example, are restricted by the tightness of their kimonos. On the other hand, some elements of costume, such as full skirts, handkerchiefs, and capes, can be manipulated by the dancers, as is done in the cueca, a couple dance of Chile. The visual appeal of a dance may be enhanced by brightly colored national costumes. Dress styles today have become fairly uniform worldwide, and people wear their everyday clothes when they dance, or for special occasions, perhaps don fancier versions of the same styles. Revived forms of folk dance, however, may be executed in traditional clothes, emphasizing the national origin of the dance; some dances, therefore, are recognized almost as much by their costumes as by their movements.


North America in particular, are populated by immigrant groups, who brought their dances with them. Although some dances are usually lost, others are preserved. New forms result when dances transplanted from one country combine with those brought from another. Square dancing, for example, evolved from the dances of several immigrant groups. Tap dancing, too, probably developed from a combination of national dances–the clog and solo jig dances of the British Isles (see Jig), together with styles and movements from West African dancing. The last hundred years have also been characterized by the revival of folk dances, both in their native countries and in their new homes in foreign countries; national pride and group identity continued to be asserted and displayed in folk dance.





DREAM:  I don't know where I lived but it was next door to another house that was being remodeled.

The carpenters at that house had moved everything into their driveway, including a long pink car, probably a Cadillac.  But the carpenters were throwing fresh sticks of wood about a foot long all over my porch and sidewalk.  That was making me mad.

I went into the house to complain to my husband and before I got up to him to speak, he said, "Here comes Tom!" 

I said, "Tom who?" because he had  a son Tom and so did I.

I turned around and saw the UPS truck out by the street, and the blonde driver got out, carrying a tall yellow-orange box and a smaller Christmas wrapped package on top of it with a card.

The blonde Ups driver handed me a clip board to sign my name on, and a really small pencil with yellow lead in it (like a colored drawing pencil)  It was only about three inches long.

I said, "Don't you have a regular pencil? " and he showed me another yellow leaded pencil the same size.  So I just signed my name in yellow, and wrote it really big so it went off the edge of the line onto a black space on the side.  I didn't care.

I grabbed the two boxes, which were on the sidewalk and started carrying toward the house.

Just then a man who had a little girl by the hand walked from the house next door past my door on his way to another house on the other side of ours.

The little girl tried to grab my Christmas package and said, "Oooo, Las Pas" or something like that.

I said to the man," What language is that?" and he didn't bother t answer and kept walking.

I went into the house and the phone rang before I cold say anything.

My husband was arguing with someone on the phone and then held up the phone of rime to talk.

The man on the phone complained that I had ruined his last can of paint on his shelf and he wanted me to  pay for it.

I said, "This is the God's honest truth I'm going to tell you.  This is what happened.    My friend and I were in the store looking for the clothing department, and we walked down an aisle between the food court and another aisle where there was two small cans of paint on top of an empty shelf, and my friend picked up one of the cans t see what color it was, and put it back down again.  That's all she did,"  and I hung up, remembering  now that I was waking up that I had had that dream right before this one.   Then I remembered that I was trying to meditate and just as I was starting to have a vision, the telephone had rung just one time and spoiled the vision.

Now I was really pissed off.



I lived in a house that had at least 7 brothers or brothers and friends.  They were all builder types because that what they did for a living.


Our in our yard they were building platforms that were 5 or 6 sided about a foot high and they could move them around on wheels.  They were about garage sized for one car and some stuff.  I really don't know what their purpose was.

There were three women in the house, myself and two others.  I'm not sure if we were all directly related but it seemed like it, and I was chief cook and bottle washer as they say apparently.  At least I ran the household and everyone else had outside jobs or were builders.


When I was outside in the yard, one of the guys teased me by trying to run me over with one of the platform frames.  It didn't yet have a top on it like the others.  I hid between a couple platforms and some very large trees that were at least 100 or more year old.   Our house was a apparently about that old as well.


I should mention that all these guys were at least seven feet tall also. 


When I cooked hamburgers for these guys, they were all at least 2 pounds each.  They women ate that much as well.  Big eaters!


The telephone rang and I answered it.  The young man on the other end wanted to make a sales call and drop off some brochures and business cards, but he didn't have a ride, so one of my guys volunteered to drive the guy to work, so I put him on the phone to make the arrangements.


NOTE:  I don't know the purpose for this dream, but it sure was pleasant to be around such nice people.


 MEDITATION AND DREAM 11-20-11 =  I sat in my comfy chair meditating about a radio show I heard last night that has me very distressed.


The host of the show had a real name but he said he was Jesus.  He told the people that when Princess Diana was alive, she was Jesus, but now he was Jesus, taking her place.  He said that aliens create clones of people and they became someone different as a clone by the aliens every 10 minutes.


A woman called in and claimed that he had healed her of seeing 11:11 on her clock every day, but now she was seeing her birthday on her clock and needed another healing.  Evidently she thought this was a bad thing and he did too.

So, he said he would heal her of seeing her birthday on her digital clock, and counted to 10 forcefully three times and told her she'd never see her birthday on her clock ever again.


He then told people that if they paid him $20 they could call him on a group phone call and he would heal them of similar things.


By then I was so upset that he was getting away with this crap, I shut the radio show off, but I couldn't stop thinking,  "What is our responsibility to help people who can't think for themselves?


So, my meditation was that same question:  What is our responsibility towards people who can't think for themselves?


I then had a vision of a pair of Shepherd puppies with black muzzles on their faces running along a road, looking backward over their shoulders at something that scared them.  So they were running away from something they feared.


My vision changed to a business card with a $20 bill folded over and clipped to the card.  Then the $29 bill disappeared and the card was white with a pale grey picture on it which I couldn't make out what the picture was.

With every breath I took, the picture grew in size until it got to be about a foot square and then the picture was still vague but looked like 12 people surrounding one person, evidently that's how many people it took to help one person.


I then fell into a dream.


In the dream, I was in my Father's house on 16th St. in Milwaukee, WI.


We had just put up the Christmas tree and were admiring it, and my husband looked out the front door and said, "Oh no!  The Turks are here asking for money!"


He went to the door and let in a woman with her little girl.  The woman was wearing a black coat and had a colorful scarf over her hair.  Her skin was rather dark and so was the little girl's face. Evidently, my husband thought she was a Turkish woman.


The woman said something to my husband and then sat down on a chair in the room looking at the Christmas tree.  The little girl started playing with things in the room.  There was nothing under the tree.  We had just put it up.


The woman said nothing and I kept my eye on the little girl to make sure she didn't get into trouble with things.


Eventually, the little girl went into the kitchen so I followed her there.


The little girl opened the refrigerator and I told her to shut the door which she did, so she started looking for something else to play with.


The woman was still slitting where I had left her and she still hadn't said anything and didn't seem concerned about her child at all because I was watching her.


So I went back to the woman and said, "What exactly did you come here for?


She said.  "I've been visiting people in your neighborhood and you'd be surprised how poor some of them are and how pathetically dirty and unkempt their houses are."


Just then I started to smell hamburger cooking in the kitchen.


I got up from my chair and ran into the kitchen where I found th little girl sitting cross legged on top of the stove, watching a single blue flame in the center of the burner.


I could see the little girl was much smaller than she had before, and I grabbed and put her onto the floor and said, "Go to your Mother!"


She answered, "No!"  So I said, "Gog to your Mother.  Now!" 


she was about half her size now, like little doll, so I picked her up and held her like an infant and carried to her Mother and put her not other Mother's lap.


The little girl was no bigger than her mother's hand now, and the woman still sat there watching the blinking colorful lights on the Christmas tree.


The woman then said, "You would be shocked at how poor some of your neighbors are."

and I woke up.



I'm in a city somewhere in a white car with my husband driving.  He pulls out in traffic and we almost get into an accident. 


I don't say anything but we go to a funeral home for someone's funeral.


I only see one person there - my deceased aunt who died 40 years ago.  She is looking in a mirror and I see how beautiful she is.


I then look out the window and I see my young cousin standing on a tree stump.  She says she wants to commit suicide. 


I ask her, "When is the funeral?"  She answers  July 7th. "


I tell her,  "You'd better call everyone and tell them the date because today is July 9tj.  She says, "Okay!"


We leave the funeral home and I see we are in the white car again, and the car next to us is also white and we pull out of the parking spot at the same time as them.  My husband squeezed past them and pulls out of the parking space first.


I think to myself, "Why does he always have to be first?"


We get to the street and I see the street is wet and slippery, and he waits for a car to go by and then we pull out into the street - there are no other cars.


We get to the next corner to make a right turn, and I see the street is wet and slippery, but he waits for a car to go by like he should and we make the right turn.


I see the street is wet and slippery ahead of us, and about a block ahead of us, I see the car that was ahead of us, pull into one of those slanted parking spaces and a man gets out of the car and walks slowly up the street ahead of us.


Then I see other people are getting out of their cars and walking in the street, more and more of them are walking in the street ahead of us.


We start catching up to these slowly walking people, but then I notice the street scene alongside the car is going past but we never quite catch up to those slowly walking people and I start to feel creepy about that.  We never quite catch up to those slowly walking people.


I finally really I can just open my eyes and stop the scene, but when I do, I'm looking at my pillow but I can still see those people walking ahead of me and I realize they are the walking dead.


I close my eyes and I can still see the walking dead ahead of me.  I open my eyes again and I can still see them walking ahead of me no matter where I look and if I close my eyes, they are still there.  If I blink they are still there.  I just can't stop being part of that scene - that the walking dead are ahead of me.


They are still there now.  It's kind of creepy and its jULY 9th.



I was evidently in Milwaukee, living in a very large house with a basement in it.

I was asked to participate in a musical group that would represent the music of the 60's.

I let my long hair down.  It was blonde, straight and went down to my knees in back.  I saw myself in a mirror on the way to the basement to practice the music which was kept in red folders on a shelf.

The man who was the leader of this group was taller than I and when he let his hair down, his hair went all the way to his ankles in back and was pure white.

When I went to the basement, I had a vision of a group of large green squares with wide spaces between them, and in three spaces, in a triangle arrangement were three red squares.


red triangle

I started practicing singing all by myself to warm up my voice when my son Michael came into the basement from an outside doorway and went upstairs.

I heard then somehow that the city had hired a marching group of girls to lead the procession we would have at the stadium.  I assumed they would be all black girls because they were from the south, but when I went to the stadiums and saw them, they were all held together at the shoulders with some kind of cardboard cage and they were all Caucasian.

I was told this was in honor of the spiral triangle.

After I woke up, I didn't feel like getting up so I rolled over to my right and had a vision of the stadium, and I could see that along one side, it looked like the side of a fireman's wall with thin hose to put out a fire on a ship.

Then a man who looked like Eddie Murphy came to demonstrate the Cosmic Triangle, and he stood on the stage, wearing a bright blue T shirt and black pants and white running shoes.

Someone said he wasn't big enough for the part so he stood with his T-shirt billowing in the breeze to look bigger and held his arms out to the side like Jesus on the cross.

That gesture seemed very shocking to me, and then he raised his arms straight over his head and that was even more of a shock because it was a gesture of triumph over death it seemed.

I woke up and heard a male voice in my head apparently from the basement and it yelled, "Hey !" to get my attention like he was waiting in the basement for me to come and practice singing.

Joe then told me about the quote of the 'Point Doorway' we have on our website:

From a letter from Josephine Goodman, dated February 12, 1992

"I will quote from a book on ritual magic by Donald Tyson. (skip) I quote this because it relates to the symbols of triangle, cone and pyramid.

"In the boundless light of the Unmanifest before creation the analogy to the cone was the will to achieve the desire for self awareness. What began as a fleeing from the limitless outer reaches of the All became a turning circle, then an inward spiral as the Eye of God crossed the boundary of balanced forces and sought to find itself by manifesting a point. Thus the spiral began as a negative motion of withdrawal and wrapping inward for protection, then became a positive and active striving to realize the center of Self . . . A triangle widens down from its apex down to its base, thereby emerging into manifest existence.

Implied in ritual evocation is a similar but mirror-opposite triangle on the far side of the Veil of Unknowing. Since magical energy is not projected through the physical universe . . . it is sent through the dimensionless Unmanifest by means of the point doorway opened by spiral motion."


From Joe Mason


At 1:26 a.m. I heard - "The spirit of ourselves is there with them." (Planning events in the dream state.)

Then at 4:12 a.m. - "The ideas are created in the dream reality. they tumble down and exit the point doorway. This becomes fire...the Solar Fire of Creation."




11-22-11 - VISION  I was thinking about the red triangle squares in between the green squares and I had a vision of Paul from the Bold and Beautiful TV show on the left, his son below him sitting on a hassock, and his blonde wife sitting on a chair to the right.  Paul (The father) and his wife were holding champagne glasses toasting their son with amber colored champagne or wine.



11-23-11 - DREAM -  I was living in the west somewhere with a heavy set woman who looks familiar but I can't figure out why she was my mother-in-law.

I looked at a map of the United States, and the whole Midwest plains states divided the United States completely in half with two lakes that were 10 times larger than the Great Lakes.  It seems that the Missouri and Ohio Rivers had overflowed in the east west direction so wide nobody could get over them.  In order to get to Wisconsin or Minnesota or North Dakota, or Michigan, one would have to drive all the way around the lakes to get there and that would be driving thousands of miles.  One could not go over the lakes by ship - they were too shallow for that.  One could fly, but car, boat, or train was out of the question.

The woman who was my mother-in-law looked at the map and we talked about how one would get from the south to the north and one couldn't without going all around the lakes.  Her answer was, "You are just going to have to make up your mind where you want to live and stay there."


11= 23-11 -     DREAM -  I  was living in a house with a bunch of people I considered friends.  I was taking care of the house and them as best I could.

Two of the younger women were drug addicts, and one of them was getting letters from a cop who knew she was a drug addict and he was warning her that she was going to end up in jail, so I was trying help her get off the drugs.

Another woman used drugs of some kind but it wasn't as serious as the first one, and I was able to talk to her about the other woman as an example which helped her control her drug habit.

There were a couple of younger guys who smoked marijuana.  That didn't bother me.  I even dried some fresh marijuana for them and bagged it up and put it on top of the refrigerator so it was handy for them.  then I made pizzas for them so they could enjoy the evening.

I was trying hard to keep the house clean, and managed to keep the kids toys off the kitchen flora and keep the kitchen and bathroom clean, including making sure they guys tools were in the basement and not in the bathroom where they didn't belong.

There were two nurses living in our house and I wanted to have a conversation with them abut the drug problems going on in the house, but I got distracted by two guys I'm calling 'old geezers' though they were apparently in their 40's.  I call them that because they were always getting drunk and falling down on the floor.  When the one guy did that, I walked round him and left the room.  I didn't want anything to do with drunk guys.

As it turned out, I went outside to be by myself and got into the back seat of the car.  The car started to move by itself and went into the back yard.  I had absolutely no control over a car from the backseat so I said to the car, "Oh no you don't" and opened the door, jumped out and dove over a hedge back into the front yard of the house.
While I was escaping the car I heard the two old geezers talking about time.  They were complaining that I treated the girls and their drug problems like friends, but when they got drunk, I wanted nothing to do with them, so "I" was the one with the problem.


NOTE:  Now that I'm awake, I can understand what my problem is, considering my background , being married to a guy who couldn't stay away from drugs and alcohol, but alcohol made him dangerous.  The drugs were just a nuisance and cost money. That I could deal with.  The alcohol I couldn't deal with. That was MY problem?
11-23-11          VISION -   I saw red gecko-like creatures jump up on a pillar and they didn't have claws so they slid back down into the water.
11-23-11  TWO VISIONS
I was resting my eyes, somewhat meditating but not seriously.  I started feeling sorry for myself because of my eyesight going bad, and I suddenly saw my wallet open up and it was filled with candy hearts from Valentines Day  each one with a lovely saying on it.
VISION 2  I saw a piece of paper and it started to peel back at the top and the two words I saw at the top of page 2 was STAR BURST.

11-24-11          NIGHTMARE NIGHT
DREAM 1 -  I was in an apartment somewhere and a tall Caucasian man came in and wanted to see my collection of swords and weapons.   He decided he wanted them himself and tried to steal them from me, so he and I started wrestling over them, and I finally threw him down the stairs and he turned into a fat old woman as he fell.

DREAM 2 -  My old friend Nancy and another woman came to my room one night and didn't like it because I was sleeping with a guy named Jerry.  She tried to pull the blankets and quilts off the bed andd rag them out of the room.
She left for a couple moments and then came back with the other woman and a large garbage cart and started chasing up and down the hallway with it, and running around threatening to throw stuff on me.  I thought she was acting because she wasn't trying all that hard but I woke up with my heart pounding because I was breathing through my nose and wasn't getting enough oxygen.

I decided I'd had enough dreaming for the night.

note:  I was very sick to my stomach all day and barely ate anything. When I did eat a bit of food, my whole stomach turned upside-down and I spent almost all afternoon sitting on the toilet.  It was very suspicious considering I was eating so little.

11-24-11 -  DREAJ   I went to a doctor's office for a pelvic exam.  (I never did get to see the doctor)

I spent the whole time reading magazines and collecting pictures of flowers, while talking to the nurse another patients.

One woman asked me if I'd ever had an abortion.  I answered, "No !" and she said, "I did!" and explained that she was 9 months pregnant and her husband had broke the babies skull by hitting her on her bottom and the doctor had to remove the baby because it couldn't be saved.

One of the men I knew well from work was there with his wife.  She was a short loud mouthed woman and he looked at me and said, "Oh my  - you tall drink of water with those long legs", and smiled broadly.  As he walked past me with his wife, he said  quietly to me, "Meet me at the place?"  I responded, "Yes!" with no intention of doing so.  Another man right behind him said, "Want a new car?"
I didn't respond to him at all.

I continued collecting pictures of flowers for a scrapbook, and the nurse asked me if I had a screwdriver in my purse and added, "You look like someone who always has everything,"  However, I couldn't find a screwdriver in my purse.

For some reason, I looked for my name in the local telephone book, and found it on page B-13.

B-13 was page 2 (B) and was down 13 names.  My name as Dolores Bauer.

I went to page B-13 and drew a line down the page to my name and circled my name, then went back to the first page and wrote See: B-13 at the top of the page.

and woke up.

'11-25-11 - ALL ABOUT SOAP
I was working at a large company in Milwaukee.  We hired a young man to do some work for us and he said he needed to go to the store and buy some soap, so we told him where we shopped as he wasn't familiar with the area.

When he came back to the office, he put his soap in his locker and we then found out that he had charged $47 worth of soap at the store and he hadn't worked even one minute of time yet.

He never explained why he needed so much soap nor produced a receipt for the purchase either, so we got very suspicious and wanted to know why he bought so much soap.

Instead of asking him directly, I tried to ask his co-worker about the soap, but before I even said a word, he got angry that I even wanted to speak to his co-worker, so I didn't say anything.

Then he brought me two pair of socks that were odd.  apparently the yarn was coated with plastic or something and the socks were sewn together and needed to be separated which I was able to do with a small sewing scissors.

After he left with the socks, I went to my own drawer in the office and discovered that I still had cont completed making a pair of light blue crocheted slippers.  I had only made one of them and felt guilty about it.

Then Sheila came into the office  and said she would help me finish making a sweater for the young man.  I marked out a line on the front edge of the sweater to mark where the buttons would go on one edge and placed two long sewing needles there.

Sheila then took a contrasting piece of yarn and created a line of tiny leaves up that line to mark the button placement.

I went to my spiritual teacher who also worked with us to  question him about the soap issue, but before I could ask about it, I woke up.

We still don't know why ne needed $47 worth of soap.
11-25-11 - NAP DREAM -  A couple days ago, I had a vision of the words  STAR BURST, which makes this dream even more significant for me.

I was in my kitchen starting a load of laundry, which was all blue clothes, when my friend Mikki came to visit.  I had just talked to her a couple hours ago, and despite the fact that I live 3,000 miles away from her, I didn't stop to think, "How did she get here so fast?"

Mikki started doing the dishes for me, and I went into the livingroom and saw a large bright blue cup I had just bought last Saturday sitting on the table with the TV set.  So I went to pick it up and take it to the kitchen to be washed.  When I picked it up I saw that it was broken.  A large star shape was broken out of the cup right next to the handle.  (Duh! if you don't get that symbolism)

I took the cup to the kitchen but didn't bother to wash it because it wasn't dirty to begin with and it was broken. 

I took a couple of blue lightweight jackets off of a hook in the kitchen and threw them into the washer, and then started to wonder, "How did Mikki get here so fast?"

and woke up

NOTE:  A star went Nova right off the handle of the big dipper about a month ago.  Am I dreaming about that one, or is another ne about to go Nova?

The main theme of these dreams was how bad the buildings were with bad carpeting, bad water leaks coming down the walls, etc.  The plumber turned out to be at least 12 feet tall and very thin.  I knew  he knew what he was doing and left him to his work. 

At the end, a whole line of old men were brought in - at least 19 or 20 of them.  They were all 80 to 90 years old and so wrinkled in their faces, I never saw such deep wrinkles on anyone's face before.  At the end, one of the men stopped right in front of me.  He didn't say anything  but I could see the muscles of his face moving under his wrinkles like he was trying to smile.
I finally woke up, still seeing his face.
11-27-11 - DREAM -  I went to spend the night at my Grandmother's house on 8th St.. in Milwaukee.  (That would be in the center of the freeway today. :-)

My Great Aunt Cora walked me there and I said goodbye to her as I clambered up the steep steps of her house.  It was difficult because the boards were loose.

Grandma wasn't home right then, so I went into the house and there was a teen age guard on duty.

My brother was going to be with me, as were three little girls.

I wanted to lock the front door and the guard got upset.  He said, "We don't need to lock the doors in this neighborhood. You are perfectly safe."

I told him that we lock the doors anyway, but since the lock and key was in the back of his left shoulder blade (not on the door)  I let it go and left it unlocked.

I went into the bedroom where I was going to sleep after seeing that my grandmother was going to sleep in the next room where there was an oversize couch with blankets on it.

The three little girls got into the bed with a black and white kitten and a bunch of dolls. 

My brother was going to sleep on the bed to our right and the girls and I would share the other bed.

Loud folk music was playing from my grandmothers room and I wondered if I was going to be able to sleep.

I started to wake up and realized that the same music was playing on the TV on PBS.  It was great music.
11-27-11 - VISION -  I just had my eyes closed to rest them and decided to meditate upon which I decided to go to the 5thh dimension as I did the other day.
I saw the same thousand squared screen in front of me except this time, instead of reddish it was a pale baby blue with some black squares the same as the other day.

I asked to get a positive message from someone who would have something to share with me.

A beautiful woman came carrying a sign that said, "You could monitor your own TV watching".

That obviously referred to the page I put up about the False Prophet being the TV set.
It's located at:
11--27-11 - NAP DREAM
I didn't know where I was in the beginning but I was in a large room, cleaning It up.  There was stuff all over the place which I was sorting and putting into boxes.  Nothing was organized and every time I picked up something I had to locate the box it went into.  It was a long difficult process and I didn't feel I was making any headway because other people were in the room using stuff and playing with stuff.

At one point I found my ring of keys and didn't realize at first that they were mine, but when I did, I carried them to my purse that was on the sofa and put them safely away.

Some of the stuff, like my knitting needles were laying on the carpet and had been walked on so many times, they were actually embedded in the carpet tufts.  I had to work to pick them up again.

Finally I started making headway and went out into the hall to get the mail, and discovered I was in a school.

I met my old fried Audrey who used to be secretary to the President of A-C.  I've already forgotten his name, that was so long ago.

She told me that she had a copy of the side door key and held it up for me to see.  I thought she would offer me a copy, but instead she was disappointed to know that I lived closer to the school than she did, and it wouldn't help for me to have her key or a copy of the key. 

I didn't really care.  She could let herself in that way all by herself I figured.
11-28-11 -  DREAM  I was working in an office somewhere and found out that the sun and each planet had some kind of magnetic numbers assigned to it during the month and we were supposed to watch those numbers because the higher they were, the more likely It was for something to happen.


DREAM - I was on a large farm somewhere.  Large red tomatoes were harvested, laid on the ground and covered with seaweed to keep them out of the sun and keep them cool.
I didn't see any tomato bushes - it seemed like they were grown like potatoes instead.
11-29-11 - DREAM -  I am still laughing from my dream. 
I don't know where I was, but in a city somewhere.
In the beginning, I was in my apartment sitting at the dininigroom table with either Dr. BB or Jimmy, discussing the poem I was going to write that fit with Reggae music. 
I had already meditated on the song and it wrote itself in five minutes with at least five verses and I loved it. 
At that point, I think it was Jimmy said he had to leave because there was a child with an open back that he needed to take care of, and he got up and an older man came to the door and they had a serious talk about something.  I don't know if the man was an attorney or a co-worker  It was very seri9ous, and then Jimmy's Mom came in and wanted to look in my China cabinet in the dininigroom.
Jimmy left then, and I went outside. Out in the street, I was next to a large size garage where cars get worked on, and in the street teen age girls were playing various kinds of hopscrotch games drawn on the road with chalk.  Everything was very lively there.
All of a sudden, I saw Brian May coming across the street, way too thin, wearing a long sleeve billowy shirt and black plants, dark shoes, with his fly away curly hair all over his head and smiling.
Brian May then came over to my car where I was sitting because his girlfriend was in the back of my car.
She had flaming red hair and was gorgeous to look at.  Her name was Nelda, Zelda, Tessa, or something. I can't quite recall.
Instantly, Brian May's mother came to rescue him from the flaming redhead who was certain to cause a problem for him.
Brian then went out into the street and I have to say, he was riotously funny, singing and dancing and putting on a show with no musical instrument.  I thought he could be another Jerry Lewis - he was that funny, especially when he stuck the entire microphone head into his mouth while singing.
I woke up, still laughing.  It was that funny.
Here is God Save the Queen - Reggae style:

M\11-30-=11 DREAM I

 was at a lake somewhere  probably where I grew up.  I went down to the water's edge and saw that someone o many people had put down copies of large telephone directories (they were all the same blue and white color)  on the sand in the water to hold it down from washing away.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.
11-30-11 - DREAM - A man I'm calling George decided to help me out getting a new eye for my upcoming surgery so he took someone else's eye out with his bare fingers and saved it for me until he could give it to me.
He gave me the bloody eye in a tissue and I carried it around with me in a large yellow towel, but I still got blood all over my left hand, and I never did use the eye and left it in the towel on the ground somewhere under a rock.
11-30-11  DREAM I was at home e in New Berlin.  I apparently had three dogs, black ones and a brown one.  I couldn't find the brown one, then finally found him under my bed, just finishing up eating the flaps off my new brown shoes. 
I took the shoes away from him, which were fine, but they were now missing the flaps.
I noticed that my son Michael had new shoes on the floor as well, but they didn't have flaps on them, so I told him to pick up his new shoes and put them on the dresser.
Outside, one of the black dogs was making a lot of noise over by one of my flower boxes.
The water was on full blast but it wasn't watering the plants in the flower boxes because it was aimed the wrong way, so I re-aimed the water, and watered the old vines and the little seedlings that looked like melons perhaps that were just coming up.