11-1-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with a bunch of people.  There was some trash on the floor which I was picking up while crawling around on my hands and knees.

I was in the middle of the livingroom, picking up wine bottles which were on the floor between 4 tall bar stools.  I could hear some people talking about a man named R.D. out in the dark where the patio was.  I knew they were going to be talking about me next. However, I continued to pick up the trash.

I started to wake up and then went into another dream.


DREAM - I was coming home to my house in New Berlin. I could see there was a lot of remodeling going on, outside as well as inside. A temporary driveway was made on the steep hill on 172nd St. (Calhoun Rd) (It actually was there in the beginning but the state took some land away to construct a freeway and we had to move the driveway onto Shadow Drive)

So, I pulled the car into the driveway and got out.  A woman came up behind me and said I should never park my car that way ... with it's front headed up hill. She said I should always park it so that it was headed towards the street, which was downhill.  Easy getaway maybe??

I saw that my car was a white pickup truck and I was able to pick it up with my hands and turn it around myself. That satisfied the woman.  (I think it was a relative)

I saw my father in the yard above me up the hill. He was mowing the lawn.  I climbed the hill and walked along the precarious trail towards the house and garage.  He didn't ask me to help with that so I went into the garage where a lot of people had gathered.

There were hundreds of people in the garage which my father was also remodeling. Instead of parking cars in the garage, they were now all seated at many tables and eating lunch.

My father asked me to check out the new wallpaper he had just put in along the hallways.

This was much, much larger than real life.  The wallpaper he had chosen was as gaudy as they come and looked like oiled tablecloth.  There were huge daisies with yellow polkadots between them on a red background.  It was so gaudy, it just about blasted your eyeballs with color.  Above the daisies and polka dots, he had left a strip about 6" wide he was going to paint yellow.  I saw that there was a hallway going east and west, and another hallway going north and south.  That was a lot of work to go through.

I also saw that where the people were seated, eating lunch, there was a large room on either side of the east/west hallway which looked like it would be a good kitchen. So, I asked my father if we could turn it into a restaurant.  He looked reluctant but said , "Yes!"

I was so excited, I went to the people and asked them if they would like it if we made this into a restaurant.  They looked so relieved and excited. They said, "Yes!" in unison. I started to clap my hands in excitement and then so did they.  They started to applaud and my father heard that they were happy about the idea.

I went to my father then and asked him if it would be all right if we gave them a treat. I had the idea maybe we could give them something to drink.  I thought perhaps orange soda would be okay.  My father thought about it, and said that some beer might be in order too.

So, my son Ken and my Father started to gather old soda bottles together and Ken was going to make a quick run to the store to get some cold soda we could serve to the people.

I didn't know how much we would need to buy, but Ken said he would take a wild guess and bring what he thought would be enough. I told him he's have to buy those little paper cups too so everyone would have their own cup.  Not a big cup, but a little cup would be sufficient.

So, he planned to get those too.  My Father, Ken, and I, all carried the old cases of bottles to Ken's car.  Ken pressed the trunk button and the trunk opened up facing the front, which was quite unusual.  We all put the cases of bottles in the trunk.

I saw my father then bump the other cars out of the way so Ken could make the fast trip to the store to get the soda for the people.

I was so excited about making a restaurant for them I could hardly stop giggling inside.


11-1-00 - SHORT DREAM/VISION - I was with two people ... a man named Leo and a woman named Ray from One Life to Live.  She was crying as hard as anyone could cry with her head buried against the chest of Leo.  I don't know why ...  something was ending ... the dream ended just that quick.


11-1-00 - DREAM - I was living in a new apartment building on the East side of Milwaukee. I had just moved in and didn't start work until Monday, so I had nothing better to do for several days except to watch TV. I was sitting there watching a blue screen with repetitive pictures like a close up of a game show.

My door was open and a little boy ran in and ran back out.  Then he ran in again to see what I was doing and ran back out again.  So, I followed him the second time to see where he was from. He was small - around a year old, maybe a little older.  

I followed him across the hall into another apartment where a young blonde man sat with his two sons. There was a one year old and another one about 7.  The young man was trying to write in a green covered notebook journal and juggle the one year old at the same time.

He saw me walk in and didn't question who I was. He was very friendly. I asked him if I could hold the young one year old so he could write and he said, "Yes!" He handed me the young boy and I sat on the couch holding the child a long time, patting his back, shifting his position several times.  This was like real time ...

Finally, the young man stood up and walked across the room, where I noticed that there were 3 young men in a computer room working together on some project together.

I made note that on Monday when my new contract started that I would go around the building and see who else lived here and if there were noise complaints or whatever.

Meanwhile the young one year old lost his diaper and I was holding him bare butted. I saw that he had some teeth, so I counted his teeth. He had 15 teeth, most of them really tiny, barely broken through the skin. The older child, the 7 year old showed me his teeth also and he had a mouthful of teeth that looked like shark's teeth, in multiple rows so that if the front one broke off, one from behind would move into the space.

I was hoping that I could spend more time with this family of boys and their Dad, and he seemed to be getting ready to go somewhere and have lunch. I was hoping I would get invited because I had nothing better to do, but he said that he was going to a friend's house to help them work on a church garden. He described the project and it sounded like a huge church with even huger gardens.

Meanwhile the one year old said he didn't feel well and was still missing a diaper, so I asked the young man where the diaper bag was. He took me to another apartment which was his. I hadn't realized that the first apartment belonged to the 3 computer geeks.  So, he pointed me in the direction of the diaper bag but there was nothing in it.  I told him there was no diapers there, so he told me to through all his drawers ... that I was sure to find a diaper somewhere.

He had several highboy type dressers with short drawers in height. I opened them all, starting from the top ... just in case. I saw one drawer full of jewelry ... he had a lot of gold jewelry. The second drawer was all ties ... these were all gold and black striped on an angle ... a real surprise for a young man to wear.  The third drawer was all some other clothing ... maybe more ties, maybe underwear ... I don't know ... but this was also all gold and black striped on an angle.

In the lower ... taller drawers, there was a lot of stuff, maybe junk, maybe boys clothing, I don't know but no diapers. Meanwhile, the one year old and his brother had found a pair of red and black plaid shorts to put on the infant so he wasn't wearing nothing all this time.

I never did find a diaper for the infant.  All the while I was looking through the drawers, I was thinking about the contract I had signed to manage this building and that I would have to report to work at the bosses office on Monday which is what he required ... and it was Ralph.


1-1-00 - DREAM OF A FRIEND - "I was being interviewed by a television reporter about the book I had just written.  The camera man was going to take our picture, but to test it, he aimed the camera at the moon which was full.

On the moon there was a round ring on the bottom 1/3 of the moon. This ring had some sticks sticking out... one towards the bottom, one facing slightly towards 5 and 7 if it was a clock, one facing 3 and 9 if it was on a clock face, and on facing 2 and 10 if it was a face clock.

I was told by a nasty sounding voice in my head that these sticks represented demons.  Then there was a nasty laugh.

My husband and I decided we would try to get rid of these demons, but the nasty voice said that there was no way to get rid of them, that they were there to destroy the earth.

My husband did some magic techniques and got rid of three demons, but the nasty voice laughed and said that we didn't get the right demons, and that we couldn't possibly get rid of them.  


11-2-00 - DREAM - I was looking at a white paper that had a copyright on it at the bottom. I couldn't figure out what it was for though.


11-2-00 - DREAM - This was similar to above, but that the bottom were three boxes. They were TRANSFORMATION - TARA - DEE


11-2-00 - DREAM - I was with some people out in the country. There was a high hill there and my husband read the signs which showed who lived up there. My father was one, and he read the name Bob Rafe.  I thought he meant someone else with a similar name that I knew as a kid.  There were some other people with kids who were sliding down the hill and tumbling down like Jack and Jill. I told them we'd be out of their way in a moment.

My husband wasn't ready to leave yet though. He wanted to take a shower, then he changed clothes to all golden brown work clothes. Then he wanted to clean the office which I didn't even know we had.

I went into the office through the window. It was a mess in there. There was a little Spanish baby who I had to watch because it found all kinds of junk in a little box and dumped it all over the floor. I put the baby on the chair with me and picked up the junk.

Meanwhile my husband was working towards getting ready to go home, and surprisingly when I looked, the whole office was clean and there was nothing on the floor.


11-2-00 - A NEW IDEA DREAM - I was in a large warehouse type place. This seemed to be a place where men were changed; a place where MEN came in and were changed into GREAT MEN.  There was a new idea being tried in this warehouse. It was suggested by a Presidential candidate.  On the floor, in between machines and pallets, magazines were being stacked.  These were small piles, but the piles would grow.  I looked at some of the piles. Three of the piles said Kennedy. I saw one pile that said India.  Each one of these piles of magazines was to honor someone who was gone from life.  Each MAN who came in this warehouse, would choose a person to honor and on every Holiday, would go out and do something good for someone else before they went to celebrate the Holiday.  This act of honoring would make him a A GREAT MAN.


11-3-00 - DREAM - I was in a school. I don't know what job I had there, but I was acting like I had some kind of authority.

Some teenagers came in and were acting up and sitting in a room they weren't supposed to be in. I told them they weren't allowed to be there. They got all huffy and left.

I was thinking about walking around the apartment building on the 1st of the month and asking people if they had their rent. I knew that they mailed it in though, so there was no point to it.

Later that day, the teens returned and again I found them sitting in a room. They weren't doing anything but sitting there, but they weren't allowed to be there, so I had to tell them to leave again.

I was sitting on a ledge out in the lobby where my whole family and friends were all sitting around, laying on the floor, etc. watching TV. I dont' know what was on, but this was really family togetherness.

The teenagers all came out of the room at once, acting very upset. They had a ringleader kid, blonde, about 16 or 17 years old. He grabbed my brown tweed coat by the lapels and acted like he was going to drag me outside with him, but he left go then.

On the way out, he pulled the drapery cords so that the drapes opened up.

I picked my way through the legs and bodies of my brother and sons, who were laying on the floor in front of the TV, looked out the window and saw the kids outside in the street. They had rolled over a bright red Volkswagen in the gutter.

I was trying to close the drapery cords again and meanwhile someone else was calling the cops, after I yelled into the crowded room, "Who owns a red Volkswagen parked out front.  One of my older relatives said she might own that car. I think it was her that called the cops.

I went down the hall then towards the direction of the another door and a huge fireman was coming out of the room. He was moving the carcass of an old Pepsi or Coke machine across the room all by himself.

I could see an ambulance and a fire truck out in the little parking lot by the door. I heard someone say, "I can't see the police car."

I saw the fireman move another piece of old wood housing out the door that once held a Pepsi machine.

I came back into the hallway and met some old friends and engineers and teachers. I felt rather helpless at the time because there was nothing I could do to help. I said to them, "Gee! It's hard to realize that I'm not the Manager. I'm so used to jumping right in and doing everything, it's hard to just stand there and let others do all the work."

Another guy said, "Yeah! I know what you mean. To have to stand there and let somebody else do the work, is the hardest part. We always have to have Don Waalkes standing there to make sure you don't."  

NOTE: Don Waalkes was our head engineer at A-C. Pump Department for many years.

I think this might have something to do with the pain I was feeling in my neck today ... pulling the cords.


11-4-00 - DREAM - I was in a city in a house. I was sitting on the couch in the livingroom with a man who was either a minister or my brother-in-law. I heard someone coming up the sidewalk so I went to the door and there was my Father bringing my Mother to visit.

I poked my head out the door and told him not to hurry as my Mother was pretty far behind him and she can't walk very fast anymore.

I don't know how I got to the next scene. I was walking down the street with my husband (I don't know who). There was a hole in the wall of a building and he dropped down into it and he told me to come down there.  I didn't want to go down there because there were no stairs to get back out, but I finally did.

Once I was inside, I discovered that this was an apartment being advertised as a balconii apartment.  You could look up out a window and see the light from the street up above through that hole in the wall. It didn't seem so bad from down there.

This was supposed to be an empty apartment as nobody was living here,  but there was just enough stuff left behind to show that it had been lived in.

People started to show up and my husband asked me to make some coffee for them. I went to the kitchen. There were no cups, so I took some stuff which turned out to be corn flakes to crush down into small bowls. I finally realized that I couldn't serve this stuff for coffee and dumped it all out into an old crushed cardboard ice cream container. There were about 16 glass there, all different sizes and all had some water in them where the maintenance man had shook out a cigarette, so I had to dump all the water and rinse the glasses.

After all that I opened a cabinet and there was the coffee, creamer, and some other stuff, but  I didn't see a coffee pot so that didn't help.

This apartment had already been cleaned for the next tenant it seemed. The diningroom light fixture had been dismantled and the glass for it was sitting upsidedown on the table.

Other women showed up and they were gathering the glasses and other things to take with them. I told them to take it all outside, then I would go through all the cabinets again to make sure we had it all.

One woman asked me if I would take one of the other women to lunch at some restaurant down the street. I said I wouldn't mind if someone would drive me to where my car was parked ... several miles away.

Another man showed up and he was just rather looking around. He wanted to ask a couple questions, but I don't remember what they were.

Finally, we crawled up out of the apartment into a parking lot. I saw that my mother was there now too. I asked her if she wanted something to eat and she said she couldn't. She was chewing a huge wad of blue chewing gum. I told her she could throw it away in the field which was at the edge of the parking lot, but she said she didn't want to do that, it had to go to a garbage bag.  That was frustrating.

My last act was to make one last run to the bathroom, which I almost missed getting on the toilet and then woke up having to go for real.


11-4-00 - DREAM - I was in a country-like area .. somewhat like a farm, but I didn't see any fields.  A blonde couple ... man and woman .. took mowers and went out beyond the lawn and was cutting down the taller weeds.  Other men were cutting up dead trees and stacking the stumps alongside the garage.

Inside the house, it was late in the evening. People wanted to hear music. I could hear the song, "Roll out the Barrel" coming from the kitchen area. I sat at the piano which had big wooden keys ... an old fashioned upright-type piano. I didn't play as good as the radio, but it was adequate.  

I had some music books there. The one I picked up was about 8 inches thick - like sheet music stuck together.  I opened the book at random and the sheets turned to what looked like a TV set . the pictures were animated.  The woman singing had her back to me, singing to other people. She had flaming red hair in a big fluff behind her. She was singing a hymn. Since I had the music, I played with her and it was beautiful.  The piano seemed to be able to match what it heard.

The dream turned to words, and I was seeing like newscast headlines with the spelling incorrect.  I fixed one of the lines. It said. IRELAND GETS IT'S FIRST AIDS CASE.


11-4-00 - DREAM - I was living in a huge apartment. It seemed to be on the northwest corner of Teutonia and Center, but there was never an apartment there, so I'm probably wrong. The apartment was on the 1st floor.

To start with, it seemed to be a computer scene, at least I remember seeing a screen with questions on it.  It was about asking questions about the truth about ETs, and was like a mystery or detective story.  I was then told that I was going about finding out the truth about ETs all wrong. I was thinking that perhaps I had to use torture to ask people questions instead of being nice.  But then the story seemed to change.

I was in the same apartment, sitting alone in the livingroom, minding my own business and I saw someone standing outside on my porch, looking in the window. I didn't know who it was, so I went to the door to see who was there.  The time was 5 minutes to 5.  This is when I found out I was the manager of the apartment building.

I opened the door and there was a whole bunch of young people ... not kids ... seemingly around 18 to 20 years old. I didn't really know them, but their faces looked a little familiar. They wanted to come in and visit and party.

Right behind them, came several more groups of young people, some with kids. I said, "I'm sorry! It's too late to look at apartments now.  They were all upset, but left.  The first bunch of young people brushed right by me and went into the further reaches of the apartment. Some of them went into a back room where I could see them shooting pool around a huge pool table. (I didn't even know I had one)

Meanwhile, some of the girls went back out the door onto the porch, and then out the East sliding screen door. They not only left the screen door open, the thin veil-like curtains were blowing in the wind, both in the inner part of the apartment, but even more so on the porch.

I pulled aside the inner curtains and there sat my Mother, sitting on a chair like it was a throne. When I went out on the porch, more people came in, bringing huge piles of Christmas gifts.  They were all green packages with gold ribbons on them. Stacks of them. These were all ages of people. They all came streaming in the apartment. Some looked familiar, but not all of them.  I didn't really feel right trying stop people who were coming in to celebrate Christmas.

However, I didn't want the easterly door wide open to just anyone, so I went down some steps onto the porch proper, past my mother, and slid the screen door shut.  As soon as I did, one of the original girls came back to the door wanting to come back in.  She had been right outside the door, smoking a cigarette or something.  I discussed with her the need to have this door shut, and she understood as long as she and the other girls could come back in when they wanted to.

I closed the door again, and went back to celebrate Christmas with the other people, and woke up to the telephone ringing... darn.


11-5-00 - NIGHTMARE - This dream took place both in the city and in the country. The scene changed depending on which door I went out.  

I was sitting in the house at a table with what seemed like my brother-in-law Larry and my husband Jim, but it wasn't really him either.  We had had a disagreement of some kind and I wasn't speaking to him. I was planning to leave.  He didn't know why I as angry and at that point I didn't either. It was one of those standoff type things.

Finally, I gave in, and held out my hand to him and he gave me his hand and we made up but agreeing to forgive whatever it was.

Just then a heavy windstorm came up and then the rain. I could see out both doors at the same time. This took place at my Father's Lake cottage. First the trees started to blow down from the west. This was a long line of Cedar trees. Just as I thought they were going to tear out by the roots, a black rain squall came out of the east. The water turned black, the waves on the lake picked up and every tree as far as I could see pulled out by the roots and laid over on the shore. These all looked like Willow trees.  I could see a large boat heaving heavily all the way up at the neighbor's cottage, way inland.

It was raining out so I didn't want to go outside, but some of the others went out in the rain to look at the damage.

I went out the other door towards the west and outside, the wind had blown all the little animals out of their regular places and there were swarms of little blue squirrels and small puppies it seemed ... though those might have been like foxes or coyotes ... I'm not sure. There were many of them.

The neighbor lady came out of her house and was laughing. She said, "I told them that nobody would be ready for me."  She laughed again.  She looked familiar to me. I had seen her around before but never talked with her. She came across the fence to talk to me, then went back to her own cottage again. She was laughing uproariously like this was a big comedy.

Finally, the rain let up and I walked through the house and out the other door to the east. Two other women were with me and held the door open for me.  As we were walking towards the trees that were laying down on the shore, I looked down at my legs and they were splattered with mud, water, and blood.

The woman ahead of me said to me, "Oh! Did I get blood on you?"

I didn't know where the blood had come from. I was in denial until I saw her arm. She showed me that her arm had been severed and she was trying to hold it together while it healed.

I almost screamed at her. I said, 'You have to go to the hospital and get that sewed together. You can't just hold it together to heal it."

She turned her anger at me and said, "I'm not going to no hospital and have them sew on me with needles."  Fresh blood was flowing all down her arm.  I knew she'd lose her arm by this point. There didn't appear any way they could save it by now. It was partially healed around the edges, yet still bleeding heavily in the center.  It wasn't at all together except on one side.

My husband got her attention and she went to talk with him. I, and the other woman just about took the steps two at a time to get away from the bleeding, angry woman. It seems that the other woman was Nora from One Life to Live TV show - She is an attorney/lawyer.

I could hear my husband and the woman talking about where she was going to go. He wanted her to leave town and go live elsewhere. I heard her say that she had to stay in Waterford until her record was cleared up.

NOTE: All these people looked familiar, but not familiar enough to name them.


11-5-00 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house.  I had two little fish with me, a white swordtail and another small fish.  

I went down into the basement to find a fishtank to put them in.  

In the basement, I saw that there was about 2 1/2 feet of water and other fish were already swimming in the water.  There were many colored fish down there. Some were in little groups, others were off by themselves.  When one color fish went near another color fish, there were little skirmishes and then they would separate again.

I found a clear fish tank to place under the water, so the fish could be separate and raise their little families, but that didn't work very well as the other fish could still swim into the tank and cause problems.

As I was trying to figure out how to separate the fish in this obviously too small tank, I discovered that some big businessmen provided a huge tank that was about 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide and placed the big king size fish inside by themselves.  They were at peace there.

I said, "Now! I never would have thought of that."  With more space to swim in, there was no more problems.


11-5-00 - DREAM - I was working in Milwaukee.  It felt like it was around Fond du lac and 27th St.  I was working in a large office with a lot of other women. Another woman suggested that it would be easier for people to reach me by phone if I put in an automatic transfer from my home phone to whatever telephone was closest to me.  That sounded like a good idea, so we started working on making that happen. The particular phone she chose to have my home phone ring to was on the other side of the room. It was in an odd place and I had to get past several other women's work stations to get there.  

One woman's job was to do some ironing, and  I was going to try to squeeze past her, but the way was so narrow, I gave up because it was too distressing for her and she would have to stop working for me to get through. So I had to choose another way to get to the telephone. I found a way around another woman's desk and that seemed to work all right.

Once set up, the telephone rang and a deep female voice said, "This is your Aunt Helen". She said some more which I rather blocked out because it didn't sound like either my Grandmother Helen or my mother's cousin Helen. I didn't really have an Aunt Helen. I figured someone was playing a trick on me so I hung up the phone.

It was time to go home then, so I left and ended up in someone else's house up the street from my own house.  It was a white house with a back door where one stairway went to the 1st floor and one stairway went to the 2nd floor. I was in the back hallway with the two stairways, but when I wanted to go outside, the 1st floor stairway instead of going right outside, went down into the ground below the door.

Everything started to feel unreal and slow motion. The other stairway which was right next to the one I was on went to the door all right, so I went to that door which wouldn't open. I got scared that I couldn't get out of that house, but then I saw that there was a tiny little knob latch on the screen door and when I turned that to the right, the door opened.

Everything was now in slow motion. I was heading across the lawn to the alley to go home and I saw a black and red convertible car coming down the alley towards where I was. I didn't want them to see me, so I hid behind a bush or a tree until they backed up down the alley.  

Once they were out of sight, I again tip toed through the neighbors yards, across the flower beds and lawns. Again this was all in slow motion and I was feeling really weird.

I finally got around through the alley in front of my house on 16th St.  Coming down the steps from my house were college students, male and females. One of the guys with a beard was hugging one of the girls on the front sidewalk. I thought to myself, "Good thing I didn't go for him. He was already taken."

I started up the stairs past those who were coming out down the steps.  I came to the steps going up to the porch and saw that the steps and porch were coming apart and disintegrating. The second step was like slats of a lawn swing and really tippy and flimsy. A woman was sitting on the top step and I made sure she was okay.

I then saw that the whole porch was coming away from the house itself. I was worried that the whole porch was going to fall off.  (In real life, this whole thing was made of poured concrete, built by my Father himself)

I went into the house and looked immediately for a telephone directory so I could call a carpenter. I saw my mother in the kitchen and told her I was calling a carpenter. I said to her, "We don't have to tell my Father about this, do we?"  I knew he was upstairs and I didn't want to disturb him about this.

She said we could take care of it by ourselves.

I was still feeling really strange and was getting worried that I was mentally ill because everything was in slow motion, though I could somehow pull myself out of this to do a task that needed doing.

However, I then went into the diningroom, feeling like I needed to tell someone I was getting sick in some way, perhaps mentally ill.  I was going to go into the bathroom but there was a man in there so I could do that either. (There was no bathroom on the 1st floor in real life)

So I sat down on a chair by the diningroom table, intending to tell someone I was getting 56ill because I was feeling worse and worse.  The young man came out of the bathroom, and a tall black skinned basketball came into the room. I know who this man is ... very famous person. He is older now ... not one of the new stars.  (I can't think of his name though)

I didn't want to tell my mother that I was getting sick, so I started to tell the black man that I was getting ill. I told him that I thought I was coming down with clinical depression. The young man echoed half of what I said and said "biological depression". At the same time the black man started telling me that he knew what I was talking about because he had suffered from the same thing.  Then he started telling me his problems how other people had come to him to tell him their problems.  

I knew I would not get any help this way.


11-6-00 - DREAM - I moved into an apartment with 3 other single women. I could tell early on this was not going to be a good arrangement.  All three of them liked fooling around with each other, and I liked guys, not women. Besides that, I.R. was there and he was following me around like he owned me. This really was pissing me off.

There was another guy there too. I don't know if he was my husband or just wanted to be my husband. He didn't like it that I was going to work. I asked him why not. He said that he preferred that women stayed home and the man provided the money. I asked him if he intended that I should stay home and have a baby and he hedged on that point, so I planned to go to work as soon as I was settled.

In the beginning I was given a design for a trumpet-like piece which had 18 connecting trumpets. I've seen a couple crop circles that resembled this piece. I hadn't shown this to anyone yet.

I also designed a series of skirts for myself from a large piece of material 36" wide by 40 feet long.  All you had to do was gather it together at the waistline and put a belt around the top. It was pretty cool. The only thing I didn't like was that the markings from the material company itself was on one corner ... length, width, color, etc. I tried to hide that part. Otherwise it was nice.

One of the women decided we had too much stuff, so she was moving extraneous stuff to one end of the apartment. She put it all on one shelf. When I looked at it on the shelf, I could see it was slowing sagging from the weight. All of a sudden it fell and dumped everything on the floor. All my grandmother's dishes broke in one big crash.

Meanwhile, one of the women was taste-testing everything in the cabinet and was getting sick. I told her to go lay down on the couch because she had a pain in her eye. I remembered having felt what that was like and it wasn't any fun.

I started to cry about the broken dishes because these were really treasures to me. An older came man along and said, "Look at these blankets, there is nothing wrong with them. What are you crying about?" I got so angry that he couldn't see what was broken, I started to hit him on the arm. I showed him a little milk pitcher from my grandmothers dish set and he said, "That's old stuff, you don't need that anymore."  That wasn't how I was feeling about it.

I then had to clean the floor. It was raw wood with little rugs all over it and it took me a half hour to sweep it.  My grandson's toy box had tipped over too. He had 4 fire trucks, 4 this and 4 that. Talk about not needing everything .... most of it didn't even have wheels.

The other women were still fooling around with each other when I was done cleaning. I complained that it took 1/2 hour to clean one room. One of the other women said, "Then it'll only take 4 hours a day to sweep all the rooms."  That wasn't my idea of fun. I planned to go to work ... if I could figure out if I still had a job.

I went to a cabinet to find a comb. I saw a long narrow coffin-like tin box on the shelf and opened it to see if there was a comb in it. It had a piece of jewelry in it that was bluish-greenish multi-colored jewels.  I thought to myself ... one good thing about living with other women is all the jewelry you have to choose from.

In my heart though, I knew I was going to get my own apartment. I couldn't live this way.

As soon as I thought about it, I could see two women moving furniture across the hall in another apartment.  Moving sounded like a good idea to me.

But first, I had to go to work, and began combing my hair. I looked in the mirror and my hair was red, black, white, and grey it seemed ... and curly. It looked pretty good.

I was ready to leave ... and woke up


11-6-00 - VISIONS - I was seeing numerous scenes, including one where I felt like I was an owl sitting on a tree branch in the woods. I could actually feel the beak on my face where my nose should be. It was a very strange feeling.


11-6-00 - VISIONS - As soon as I lay down, I started to see a picture of an inaugural type parade it seemed with many flags flying in the cars that went by. A voice said, "This is very important." I acknowledged that the election was very important.

Then it went to a gray sky picture ... the voice said, "The library of Texas came at a very high price ... and all I could see was the top of a man's head and an a gray cloudy sky.

I then saw a convertible car full of men that seemed to have Teddy Kennedy and the sky was gray and ominous as well. It seemed to be like a funeral procession.

I went back to bed and was troubled over how I would tell people this. Then I saw two bald, large headed pasty white ETs, wearing long dark blue velour robes. One said, "You want the truth?  The Mahatma is coming."

Eventually I went back to bed again but still couldn't go to sleep. I was seeing various scenes in different places, some outside, some inside.  I saw some young girls and women, all wearing white dresses with dark blue polkadots on them.

I still couldn't sleep. Then I saw a bunkhouse type room full of cowboys in brown leather clothes and cowboy hats.  One tall man said, "We know you really want to know the truth."

The scene shifted either in the same room or another livingroom. There was a couch there with people sitting in it, but the people had blue donkey heads and elephant heads.  One really big guy standing in front of the couch pointed to the next room and said, "The doctor will be in there for two days yet!"

NOTE:  The election on November 7th is the tightest I ever experienced.  On the 8th, there is a recount going on and nobody has been declared the winner yet.


11-6-00 - DREAM - I was in a bright room, standing by the door. In front of me was a machine of some kind. My husband was sitting inside the frame of the machine, and an old white haired man was standing by the side of it.

My husband was working what seemed to be a jigsaw inside one part of the frame, and the old man was sawing wood with a long straight saw that worked similar to a chainsaw on the bottom edge.

I thought it was a great saw that I might be able to use to saw wood that is laying outside our house which needs to be cut for firewood.

I was working part of this machine myself from the door by manipulating a red handle which was attached to a cylinder which went back and forth along part of the frame in front of my husband. I thought I was welding things together.

I moved my handle a little too far and had to back it up a little. I pressed on the top of the red handle and the cylinder began to move backward.

At that exact moment, I saw that I was on AOL on the computer and a beautiful little cottage was pictured in front of me. By moving the mouse handle which was the little red handle, it automatically decorated the cottage and created the sidewalk and the city beyond it.

I got so excited, I wanted to save the picture, so I moved the mouse up to the File indicator where I would click to SAVE. However, when I got the mouse pointer up to File, the picture changed to a picture of a man, a woman, and a child and I ended up saving the picture of the people instead of the house.

I really wanted the picture of the house, but I didn't know how to get it back and woke up. I realized after I woke up that the machine my husband and the old man was working inside of was the frame of my computer.


11-7-00 - I dreamed about ETs, and I remembered the dream the instant I woke up, but Joe woke up at the same moment and got out of bed to go to the bathroom, and my dream began to evaporate from my mind, and by the time he came back to bed, the whole dream was gone and I couldn't remember a thing about it.


11-7-00 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. My husband was outside making an outline of everything with wooden coving strips. As soon as he was done, we were leaving to go live elsewhere.

When he got done, I could see the sadness on his face, so I said, "Okay! Give the 18,000 dollars back to your son and we'll stay here. He started to cry from joy that he didn't have to leave the house.

Somehow though, by undoing the sale of the house, the house settled down about two feet. I didn't understand that.

Then I went down in the basement and there were cat turds and dog turds and all kinds of cat and dog food on the floor. I told my son Tom to start running the water on the floor so I could sweep it up. It was really nasty.

In the real estate office, women were bringing in huge bouquets of flowers to tempt people to buy houses. I was onto them, but I couldn't stop them from doing what seemed to be a nice thing.

Back at home, there was coffee grounds all over my keyboard which I had to blow off so I could play.  Then I was sitting on a chair in the kitchen with a frozen block of peas in a bowl. There was a food processor in the bottom of the bowl with the blades spinning and there was no cover on the bowl so peas were bouncing out of the bowl as the blades whizzed through the ice between them. I couldn't put my fingers inside or over the bowl, so I was rather stuck there just watching it happen.


11-8-00 - The first dream was like a cartoon, just a lot of running around which I can't remember.

Dream 2: I was in a house with an old white haired man. He told me to take the students into the shark room ... quickly.  

The students had started to sit down in the livingroom to do their studying and I knew I had better get them to the 'shark' room because I was told to.  

However, I didn't know which room the 'shark' room was.  So, I ran from room to room, looking for a clue that would tell me that it was the 'shark' room.  All the rooms and hallways were strung with yellow wires so I had to make my way as quickly as I could amongst the wires.

I finally came to a room where I saw a huge 'shark' tooth sitting by itself on top of an upright old fashioned piano. This room was decorated with many Christmas trees, all decorated with lights and ornaments, and I could see gifts under the trees which were probably meant for the students.

I wanted to turn on the lights before I called the students to this room, but I couldn't do that and get the students to this room ... quickly.

So, I quickly ran back through all the yellow wires to where the students were and told them to follow me to the 'shark' room.  One boy sat on the couch and didn't want to get up and follow me. He had his notebooks and books open on his lap and it would have taken more effort for him than the others to move to the 'shark' room, so I had to emphasize to him, that this move had to be done without telling him what the reward would be.


The Presidential Election on November 7, 2000, was thrown to the electoral college. The vote was too close to call in several states, particularly Florida which went to a recount. Several inequities were discovered due to bad ballot design, thousands of ballots
were thrown away because old people punched two holes instead of one in one county.  Lawsuits were filed immediately to ask for a second election in that county.

Though Al Gore won the popular vote across the U.S. the electoral college will be forced to elect Georg Bush because of the way it works by state rather than popular vote.

The dreams and visions below came both before and after the election which tell a story you can't get from the ballot box.


I was in someone elses house, helping them getting ready to move. I didn't know who I was helping until the very end.  I went in one room where two sets of cabinets were. One set of cabinets was all covered with sticky brown fingerprints and I said perhaps we should clean it first, but I was told that the old cabinet wasn't going, only the new one.  

I looked in the drawers of the new cabinet, and they were all full with sand, grit, and stones.

I went out in the yard where there was a tropical garden. I had a shovel to dig up the plants that would be going, but I realized that it was too cold where we were going to take these plants with us.  I found a white statue of an American Eagle on a pedestal, so I took that along as well.

Back in the house, the people were making sure that they had their winter clothes because it was going to be cold where we were going.

The men all left early, leaving the women to do all the work of the move itself. I had a feeling they were going to bring a surprise back with them, but didn't know what it was.

Finally, we were about ready to leave, and I walked outside and there stood George Bush, Sr. former President, wearing his heavy winter blue ski jacket. He was leaning over signing something. Whether it was an autograph or contract I couldn't tell, but we were ready to go.


11-10-00 I did some research on the curse of the Presidents elected during a 0 year which is a legend about the Indian Tecumsah, then when I went to bed, I heard a voice say, "He's got the blood test on him."  I instantly saw the face of Tecumsah looking at me.


11-10-00 - DREAM - I was seeing a dream in which a story was being given to me. It wasn't exactly pictures, but being given in sentences like dark red on black.

Gopal Singh - See (The Teacher)

This was about a young girl whose name was something like Delight, but she wasn't.

I saw the name of an organization - The United Federation of .......

Heard words - "The silent expender"  (I was thinking this was a gun with a silencer on it, but maybe it just means I spent too much money yesterday.)   :-)

The dream took place in a park

saw - "2016 of info"

We just came from the home of Bill Bender in Kentucky  (didn't find anything I could put my finger on as important right now) (Bill Bender is the name of a sports writer) (I'm sure there are others)

There will be a new world

DREAM - Two boys were shot - they were Jews - ones name was Joko  (He was a Jewish militant against Leon Trotsky)

I went to a theatre/funeral home. 30 girls  5 x 6 block of young girls. I scurried along behind them down the aisle following them to the front so I wouldn't be noticed so much.


11-11-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with Joe. We heard a noise and went out the front door. While we stood there, looking at an unfinished wall and a space where a door would be, I pointed this out to Joe, telling him that I was envisioning a block wall in that space, we heard a helicopter coming in low. We could hear the blades spinning, sounding like a bee buzzing, but no motor sound.  It came in lower and lower and finally went around towards the back of the building.  We assumed it landed because we didn't hear it any longer. I was thinking that it was a UFO in disguise.

I said to Joe, "Watch! All of a sudden someone will come walking through that door.

In another moment, a big-sized woman, dressed in a grey sweater and sweat pants, came through the door. She said, "You have a hot meal waiting for you in the kitchen."

We thanked her and ran into the kitchen and on the stove were two kettles with cooking food. In one was a mixture of corn, peas, peas, and carrots, and in the other was cut up potatoes chunks.

I was thinking, "Oh man, she saw my messy kitchen! I should have cleaned."

Joe got there first.  He said, "There's a blue notebook on the table."  

I was thinking, "Oh boy! A message!"

I looked on the table and saw a red notebook like my dream journal. I couldn't read what it said on the cover. Then I saw a bright green notebook just like it. On the cover, it said, "GO!"

A man behind me who I think was MAX from One Life to Live TV show said, "These are anthropormorphical tales."

Anthropormorphical means it is an animal with human characteristics - like Bugs Bunny!


11-11-00 - I wasn't going to bother writing down this dream because it's so dumb,

DREAM - I was sitting in a hallway talking to a man. Other people were walking by. I couldn't figure out why we didn't go into the office instead of staying out in the hallway.

Then I heard some kids hollering about some big bugs. I jumped up and ran around a corner. I grabbed a shovel to hit the bugs.  They were really big and black. Then a bug came close and I could see it was a heavy-set man with a big dark mustache, wearing a black helmet and black leather clothing ... riding a motorcycle.

I couldn't kill any of the bugs after I saw that.

There was more to the dream before that scene, but I can't remember that part.


11-11-00 - DREAM - I was at home . It seemed like my 16th St. house, but some people were from California and some from Wisconsin.

I was working on my computer, but then was asked to go to a party. At the party was a comedy group called 'Butterbean'.  They had wild hair and reminded me of 'The Three Stooges'.   They were so funny that they got invited to the Governor's house for a private party. The Governor said that they could come as long as somebody named Scott didn't come along.  Everybody seemed to agree on that. (Scott means: 'from Scotland'.)

Meanwhile, I was knitting a sweater or something. A male friend came to visit whom I hadn't seen in a long time, and brought along a bag of stuff I had left behind at his mother's house. I started pulling out the goodies and discovered that I had started to knit a brown sweater at his mother's house and didn't finish it. So I got all excited about working on the project again. My son Ken and my daughter Jeanne asked me to teach them how to crochet when they saw the yarn, so I agreed to do that. I needed the larger hook that was in the bag, and my daughter agreed to use the smaller hook.

I went outside on the porch on the back of the house then, where there was a black and white dog. I worked with the dog quite a bit, teaching it obedience. It even went in a tub of water and stayed under the water until I called it to come to me.

While I did that, a woman came by in the alley, and I saw that she also had a black and white dog. I first saw it when it was under dark water. She brought it into the yard because when I said, "Come", to my dog, her black and white dog also obeyed my command.

The women in the alley was very pleased that I was training the black and white dog. She said, "I'm glad you are training the dog, Pam never bothered to do that."  

I didn't know who Pam was, but figured she must have lived in my house before I did.

I went back in the house then, and our granddaughter Taylar from California came to visit. She wanted to go into the basement to play. While I was accompanying her, I asked her if she ever heard of 'Butterbean'.  She said she had.  I asked her if she thought they were funny, and she said that she thought they were very funny.

NOTE: When I went on the internet, I found three guys named Butterbean ... a singer, a boxer, and a wrestler.  I guess that would fit.


11-13-00 - DREAM - I had moved into a new apartment where I was supposed to work also. There were some things not quite right that had to be taken care of before I could work.

The apartment hadn't been cleaned before I moved into it. I could still see the fluffy spots on the carpet where the previous renter had had their furniture, and the walked on areas between the furniture.  At least I knew where to put my furniture that way I guess.

While there was no furniture, a lot of people came in to visit. One of the men decided to put on a one man play. He was rather a strange guy. He did his play absolutely nude, while wearing a huge flowery woman's hat. Everybody loved him.  He turned his back to people while he was talking to them so they wouldn't be embarrassed. ( I finally realized who he was after I woke up. It was Richard from the Survivor show. )

He and I had a conversation after everyone left.  There didn't seem to be enough air in the apartment.  The maintenance man came in and said that the flue in the chimney wasn't quite right and he had to run a wire up it to try to straighten it out.  The R. guy said that when he was in the apartment, he didn't feel the 'freashist' (I saw the word. I was thinking he either meant freakish or freshest, but I couldn't be sure)

I was supposed to be at work at 9:00 a.m, but it was already 9:15. I wondered if I'd be yelled at when I got to the office.  But I still had things to do.

I wanted some cream for my cereal but I didn't have any fresh cream in the refrigerator. Two older women came by and showed me how to make my own. They had some white powder in a bottle, and some fresh water in another bottle, and a skinny bottle of yellow coloring, and in no time they mixed the three together and it made the most wonderful sweet cream to put on whatever I wanted.

The new manager of the building had given me a package of fish to cook and eat. They were black fish with silver spots on them.  They were about 4 or 5 inches long.  They were divided into three packages of 5.  

I looked at the fish and moved them around  a little and examined them, but I couldn't make myself cook them and eat them.  I wrapped them up and put them in the freezer. When I did this, I noticed that I still had 7 packages of 7 other fish that were pink that I hadn't eaten yet either and from the looks of it, I would never eat any of these fish.

By this time I was ready to go to work.  I had to make sure I had my keys.  I looked in my new purse and had my new apartment key, but when I looked in my old purse, I had the 7 master keys to the whole building, so I put those in my pocket too on the right side so I could find them easily.

I went out into the hallway and there I met the manager of the building.  She was blonde and very pleasant. She was extremely sweet to me when she greeted me. All she cared was that I listen to her play the organ in the lobby.  

We went to the lobby and some other women gathered around. She played a few notes that sounded sweet, then she hesitated, thought a few minutes, played a couple of notes, sat there and thought a few more minutes ... played a couple more notes.  She was quite unprepared to play for an audience. The music hadn't even been completely written yet.


11-13-00 - DREAM - I was working in an engineering office.  I had three old green folders on my desk into which blueprints were stored. There were only a couple in them right at the moment, but I needed space to spread out the folders when all the blueprints were provided.

I moved the folders and the bookends over to my bosses desk because he had more room than I did on his desk.

While I was looking at the folders and bookends, my boss arrived and started a discussion about the blueprints.  He insinuated that they were very important ... about submarines and aircraft carriers. He wanted to know if I knew anything about them or had worked on this type of thing before.

I said, "Oh! I remember. My husband welded the impeller for one a long time ago."  Then I did a lot of thinking about whether a cracked impeller was stronger or weaker because it was welded and decided that a welded impeller was stronger than the original. That's why the government allowed them to be welded and that the welders had to be certified. (My own job at the same time was to ship patterns for castings from one manufacturer to another, and I had shipped the pattern for the impeller from my company to his company. This was sometime during the mid 70's. The keel was laid in 1968 and commissioned on May 3, 1975)  My husband worked on parts for the Nimitz.  They had to be non-explosive causing parts ... non-sparking.

My boss was so happy that I knew something about this, that it felt like he was going to be really friendly with me because he'd have someone to walk to. I was going to ask my boss a question further on this topic when his wife showed up ... and then his daughters, and the other family women. They were all dark skinned ... like Arabs.  I was surprised to see this. They swept through the office like an ill wind ... so to speak and I saw that my boss had disappeared as soon as they showed up.


11-14-00 - DREAM - I was with my husband in a big old green wooden staved 1 1/2 ton truck in the right hand driveway of our property. It was really like an old buckboard that you hauled junk in.  He wanted to drive it over to the left hand driveway of the property and put it in the garage. It was dark out and the traffic was heavy going both ways, from the right and from the left. He just couldn't get out on the road and get the truck over to the left.

He asked me if I knew how to drive the truck and I said, "Yes!"  I knew I could get over to the left hand driveway with no problem.

So, I got behind the wheel which wasn't easy. He had the seat pulled all the way forward, so I adjusted the seat all the way back so I could stretch out my legs. Then I noticed that he had the mirror adjusted upsidedown and so that all you could see what your own face reflected back at you. He couldn't see the road behind him at all. So, I adjusted the mirror too.

I turned the key and the truck started easily. I pulled the truck out to the edge of the road, and a fast car came from the left. That was the only car there was, so I pulled out onto the road and drove over to the left driveway, got out of the truck, and pushed the truck up the driveway because the left side of the driveway had a huge snowdrift in it.

I pushed the truck all the way up to the right side of the garage and stopped it.

I looked up into the back end of the truck and there stood George Bush complaining that he wanted the truck parked in the garage with only 6 inches to spare on the left. But he hadn't told me about the snowdrift on the left. There was no way to drive through that.


11-14-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with my kids and some friends who seemed to be in their teens. We weren't moved in yet but there was a variety of things they had to attend to and needed to eat, so I was trying to find them something to eat so they could keep doing what they were doing.

One boy who seemed to be my grandson Nathan said that he was working for a locksmith which was great. He was in training. He didn't have time to find something to eat so I asked him if he wanted some ham or baloney. But he didn't. He was a picky eater. I didn't know what to give him.

Meantime others were arguing over where to put the radio as the furniture wasn't in place yet and the drapes weren't even hung properly yet either.

I got sidetracked myself then and was in a room where a percussion band was playing. There were a lot of guys and they sounded great. For my part I was playing what looked like a hollow yellow apple that had a little wooden thing in it that went clunk clunk right at the end of the song.  All I had was turn my hand and it rather played itself.

The band broke up for a break and they started talking about wanting to get a stereo player so they could listen to themselves. I told them I'd donate one because I had three of them and was getting a new one for Christmas anyway.

I went into the closet to pick out a stereo and found the oldest one there. My daughter had her arm wrapped around it.  I looked at it, and it was light tan, like from the 50's and it only played 33 1/3s records.

So, I thought about it again and figured I'd probably have to give them the best one that played CDs. That's the only way they'd be able to hear their real selves.

So, I then went back to the kitchen to feed whoever was there and there were some kids. So I gave them stacks of cereals bowls with cornflakes, peaches, and milk poured over them. Some of the stacks of bowls were two feet high.

But I still didn't know what to feed my own kids.  I found some crunched cans of Chinese food, and they said that was fine with them. We opened the cans into the kettles on the stove and it looked fine.  

I woke up with the taste of Chinese food in my mouth.


11-14-00 - VISIONS -

I saw a blonde woman falling. She was wearing a pale beige suit. A man was trying to catch her.  A voice said, "It started in Denver".

This was dream-like. I was inside an old-fashioned church made of stones. It was narrow but very tall inside. It was more like a mauseleum.  Half of the burial area was used on the side I was standing on. The rest of it was marked off in what looked like 1" slots at first, then I thought it was 1 foot wide slots.  There were 21 of them. I knew that Elizabeth Taylor was buying one of these slots for herself. I thought to myself that I didn't want anyone to buy these because my mother needed a place to sit down and there was really nice green grass on these step-like places.

I then was in a huge bright room with the same ETs in the dark blue robes and big white heads. (In this room there was wide/width but narrow/tall window near the ceiling on the wall)  One of them said, "They do not know him." (I'm assuming that they meant the Mahatma which they told me was coming the last time I saw them)


11-14-00 - DREAM - This was about writings about ETs, but I can't remember any details ... just lots of writing in cursive writing.


11-14-00 - DREAM - My husband drove me to a house somewhere to deliver something ... I can't remember why ... but I walked in and everyone standing in the livingroom had pure white or pure white blonde hair.

I greeted the woman who seemed to be in charge and said, "Is this the blonde's club?"  I was teasing of course.

She grinned back and looked at me and asked me if I'd like to join. She said she was 77 and asked me, You are 62?"

I was reluctant to admit I was that old, but said, "Yes!"  

She said, "Then you can join us."  The women all welcomed me and while they were talking I could hear bells echoing off of their voices.

One woman said, "We're not angels", and I said back, "But you are all angels ... I hear bells ringing while you talk."  and I smiled broadly at them.

Other women were having a discussion and I stepped back against the wall and looked around. Several women were keeping records on large pieces of white paper which were stacked under a table near the couch.  The first woman on the couch was crocheting a huge round tablecloth, which was intricate.  I noted that it was worked on at various times because the thread she used was different shades of white ... sometimes almost beige ... and as she worked it just kept getting larger and larger. I knew I could do that too.

I also noted that they had a collection of triangles, some of which were really large.  I knew I could contribute to that too because I had some of my own.

I saw my husband dawdling at the door, wondering when I was going to leave, and I saw other husbands outside as well. I was curious what these women did in the group ... I hadn't found out yet, and I was hanging around until I did.


11-14-00 - DREAM - I was with a woman ... a spanish lady who worked for me. She and I were working on a notebook in which I was writing down or copying her work record for me. It was from some time ago. It was like I was copying it from one old notebook into a new notebook. She was helping me remember the dates.  

I slipped into a scene in which I was helping to make someone's life happy. I knew I was with the old white haired women thoughI didn't see them. I could see the word MERRY on top of other letters and they were all colors of the rainbow but with decorations on them as well, like we were doing Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day all at the same time. It was a really nice feeling.

I woke up and was thinking about that and started to slip into a negative dream from years ago ... I recall the date 1976 and a man's face ... and all of a sudden I heard voices - saying 'pull her out', pull her out' and I was awake again.  It was like I was being saved by some beings from experiencing this negative thing.


11-15-00 - DREAM - I was in an old house. I was laying in bed, overhearing a conversation between my husband and his brother. He was telling his brother what a lazy person I was because when he got up he found the girl babies laying on the floor in their bedroom and nobody had been fed breakfast.

I got out of bed quickly to find out what he was talking about, but he and his brother had moved out onto the porch to talk.

I discovered then that I was in his mother's house and everyone was getting ready to go to church for the second time that day because it was Sunday. (This is normal in lots of churches) The women were all dressed in black velvet dresses and carried Bibles. They lined up as they left their bedroom and immediately left to go to church.

I saw my husband and his brothers out the window (he came from a large family) The men were all wearing aqua blue T shirts so they were easy to spot.  There were other men around too who were visiting.

I found my way to where I thought the porch was and it turned out to be a long hallway.  In the hallway all the men had gone on down the hall and I met a guy I knew pretty well and he walked with me.

The end of the hall came out in a large concrete basement.  This whole thing was being repainted aqua blue. It was really pretty, but stark even so.

I walked through the basement where workmen were welding, painting, building, etc. and came out on the other end which was a hospital.

I went into a room and sat down on the bed.  From there I was overhearing a conversation between my husband and my daughter who was grown from the sound of her voice.  He was telling her a story about me in bits and pieces.  I over heard this:

"She had a son who we named Pete.  We had to take the baby away from her because we were afraid she would go crazy. Her real last name is Monseed".

While he was talking I was having like flashbacks in my mind of other dreams I've had which seemed to be about events like this.  These flashbacks were making the words seem even more real ... like they really happened, and my dreams had been revealing the truth.  I just thought they were dreams.

My husband and daughter then came into the room and my husband said to me, "What's your name?"  I knew he was trying to find out if I had gone crazy ... so I said proudly, "Dolores!"  I knew that was right. But I couldn't remember my last name ... I hestitated a long moment, then said, "Milwaukee!"  I knew that wasn't it, so I thought again for a long moment.  I skipped his last name because I knew I had divorced him and remarried and divorced again.  I finally came up with the right name, "Finney!"  I said it loud because I was certain that was right.  At no time did I think of the other last name he had said to my daughter.

I was really upset about all this because I didn't remember any of it. My husband was acting like he pitied me, and my daughter was acting like she felt ashamed of me in a way or it may have been pity.

A very pregnant woman came in with a friend.  She sat on the other bed, then came over to me and asked me to help her get a needle out of her fingers which was stuck in between her index and third finger. She also had a long hypodermic needle stuck into arm which was taped down like normal when you are in the hospital.  

She was yanking on the needle between her fingers, trying to get it out, saying that it could have a deadly reaction to pull it out, yet she was yanking on it and tearing her flesh ... but it wasn't bleeding.  

I refused to help her considering the consequences of pulling out the needle.  

The other woman asked me, "Which hospital in this town gives away the most goodies?"  

I told her, "No hospital gives away goodies anymore when you have a baby."  (Years ago, you got lots of free samples from manufacturers, but I don't think they do that anymore)

I left the room quickly because I didn't want to deal with the woman with the needles.  My husband and daughter also left the room. We were trying to find the stairs.

This all looked very familiar.  The first stairway I went into was an emergency stairway and the first step went all the way down to the next floor below and it was almost straight down.  I didn't want to do that one, so I went back into the hallway to find a normal stairway.

We found another stairway and this one went up and the stairs were concrete, but rough and painted aqua blue and yellow on the edges. They were safer but still not a normal stairway.  Someone else who was making the climb said that the employees got their exercise this way.

We got to another floor and looked for another stairway that would take us down to the ground floor.  We kept on climbing stairs until I woke up.  All this time I was wondering where my son was and if I could find him.

NOTE:  Peter means 'rock'.  Monseed is an ingredient in Gota Kula, an herbal concoction that helps with mental alertness. Heart Leaved Monseed Stem (Tinospora cordifolia)


11-16-00 - DREAM - I was living in a city, more like in a suburban area.  I saw on television that a woman had taken her daughter home and gave her an iron or other small appliance with a longer cord than normal, then let her sit on the back of her bicycle and when the cord dropped onto the road and the bicycle road over it, it caused the bicycle to flip over and the girl was killed.

The fact that she deliberately gave the girl a longer cord than normal was tantamount to murder and the woman was arrested for murder.

While I watched this on television, I was somehow transported to the scene where the so-called accident happened. This time though, the girl wasn't dead and I stood with her, her mother, my Father, and a huge bull elephant on the street corner where the accident had happened.

My Father said, "The elephant is more afraid of you, than you are of it!  He follows you because he is afraid of you."

To test this theory out, I took the little girl who was somewhere between 3 and 6 years old, held her hand and walked down the street with her.  

Sure enough, the elephant followed us and we were plenty scared. The elephant actually cut us off from going through some bushes into a field and we had to turn around and go back the way we came.

When we did that, my Father and another woman named Carol went after the elephant, cutting it off and distracting it from following us back to the corner where the accident had happened.

While I was walking across the grass, I almost fell into a deep well in the ground that had water in it.  I told my Father about the well and he looked at it and said, "How deep is it?"  Before I could tell him how deep it was, he jumped in on purpose and went so far down the water covered him completely up.  All I could see was his upstretched hands as he stood on the bottom of the well.

I grabbed my Father's hand and pulled him up so that his head was above water, but I didn't know how we were going to pull him up out of the well. It was really narrow.

I was trying to figure that out when I woke up. (Don't tell me I have to go get the elephant)  :-)


11-16-00 - I got lessons in mind control and pain management. I'm coming down with a cold and had a headache and every inch of my body was in pain and aching. It was so bad, I almost felt like crying.

I got the idea of breathing in the color blue down through the top of my head and worked on that to control the pain. The pain diminished in the top of my head where I was imagining the color coming but it didn't get much farther than that.

Then I got the idea of imagining taking an aspirin. That worked even better and my headache went away but again the rest of my body was still aching. No matter how I laid I hurt all over.

I then had a vision of a tall young man in a doctor's office. The doctor must have given him a shot and he fell over. When the vision was over, my pain was instantly gone.  Completely gone. What a relief.

DREAM - 11-16-00 - I was in a room in a house where the walls were being replastered by my husband. He wasn't making them very smooth and I wanted to tell him where to put more plaster, but he went into the bathroom behind the shower curtain and was working in there.

While he was in the bathroom, the wall itself was replastering itself, smoothing itself out, making itself into purple instead of white, making itself into purple flowers of various types, which changed according to it's own whim.

I tried to get my husband's attention so he could see what was happening but I couldn't get him out of the bathtub. Even the shower curtain turned into purple flowers, but he wouldn't look.

My hand changed into a royal blue cheshire cat, and there were some other cute things happened which I can't all remember anymore, but I knew when I woke up, that much can be done with the mind.

I was also shown that a little boy had to change his diet, I gave him a small serving of ice cream and served another little boy a little tuna on toast.  I knew that was meant for me too.


11-16-00 - DREAM - I was given the job of cleaning someone elses office so they could do something else. I was making neat piles on the desks and wiping the dust off the desks.

Then I was helping an older woman to clean her house so she could have a date with a man. Her house was so old and worn, but it could still be clean.  It had rained in through the roof too, so I helped soak up the water with a towel.  

NOTE: I have no clue what that was about.


11-17-00 - DREAM - I was standing on the sidewalk in front of my home after a snowstorm.

Directly across the street a man was installing some wires onto his house. He was hanging from a safety harness but it didn't look very safe nontheless.

I saw a green car coming out of a driveway across the street through a huge snowdrift. the driveway was really steep too and the car ended up on its nose in the road, bounced a couple times, then rolled over a couple times. It even went upsidedown twice.  Finally, the car righted itself.

A chubby man got out of the car to check it out and see if it wa sokay, then laughed uproariously. He said, "Wheeee! I'll have to try that again.

Just then, a bus went by, heading hte other direction, it's trolley attached to wires hanging along my side of the street. There were 3 wires obn the trolly was attached to, but they didn't go down the middle of the street. They went in rather waves along my side of the street   \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\

I looked across the street and the man was still dangling from his safety harness wiring his house.

The man witih the green car came rolling down his driveway, bounced and rolled in the street, after which the man got out and laughed again.

And another bus went down the street again the other direction as before. I was amazed that all this happened and none of the wires got tangled up and nobody got hurt.

NOTE: This may be related to Joe and I getting new computeres and hooking them up last night.


11-17-00 - DREAM - I was living in the city somewhere. I was rather at loose ends with nothing to do and just walking along aimlessly.

I came across Taylar, Joe's granddaughter and suddenly I remembered I hadn't picked up my mail in some time so headed back to my apartment building which seemed to be the old A-C building on 70ths St in West allis.

Taylar ran inside ahead of me. Her apartment was on the 1st floor. Mine was on the 4th floor. I walked down the hall aways and found a stairway going up.

I climbed up to the 4th floor easily enough. However, I was shocked at it's condition. It was all newly carpeted but the carpet wasn't tacked down anywhere, just laid on the strais so it looked more like a bumpy slide than a stairway.

As soon as I got up to the 4th floor, I ran into a group of tall, large women, most of hwom were tlaler and larger than myself. They were all getting ready to be ms. Santa Claus for Christmas.

They begged me to join them, but I hate wearing costumes and begged off, saying I was too busy but "Thanks anyway!" They looked disappointed but there were planty of women there. They really didn't need me too.

I went on down the hall and I almost ran into a young woman who looked identical to my old best friend Nancy. She had another best friend, a girl she hugged and I saw two really tall thin men in her apartment behind her.  (They were wearing goldish/brown suits)

Out of instinct and perhaps shock, I told her I needed to talk with her. I wanted to desparately to tell her about Nancy. If this was her ... reincarnated, she would be dying and being reborn every 16 years. (She actually died at age 29 in 1968. I dreamed about her every so often over the years and once I was told she had died at age 29 again)

She invited me into her apartment, but seeing the men in her apartment, I told her I'd see her again tomorrow.

I went ont down the hall .. it seemed like a mall with real narrow shops.

I didn't have my keys in my pocket so I was hoping my apartment door was unlocked. When I got to where my apartment was supposed to be, not only was the door open, everything was gone and even the walls were pulled out and being re-wallboarded. I ran into some construction workeers and one said, "Remember that wet spot you discovered on the wall?  Well, this is what happened."

I was stunned.

A girl who looked like Lorna, our daughter-in-law came running out of the apartment with an armload of wallpaper samples. They were all various green flowered.

She said, "They moved you down the hall to the far end."

I tried to remember who had lived on the far end. It was Robert Monroe.  As far as I remembered, he had the largest, blue-walled apartment in the whole building. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to tell everyone where I was going to live.

I went on down the hall with Lorna. She stopped off at another apartment to help decorate it with the green flowered wallpaper and I went on down the hall to find my new apartment.

I was dismayed at the noise and crowds of people and circus-like atmosphere of the whole floor. I was hoping that the Robert Monroe apartment would be like an oasis and quiet and peaceful.


11-18-00 - DREAM - I was living in the country but worked in a big building with lots of people.

In the country, I had 4 fields, which looked like wheat. When it was cut down, I used a shovel to beat it into shreds. A man came along who may or may not have been Jesus. He said that the 4 fields represented the head, the feet, and the two hands. I was surprised, thinking of 4H, head, heart, and the 2 hands. The crushed wheat was used to strengthen the roadways that people walked on.

I also had a long garden along the house and I had a sprinkler on. I had to go outside and do something and there was nowhere to walk where the sprinkler wasn't on. I managed to get beyond the sprinkled garden, but there was so much water running across the driveway, several inches deep that I got my feet wet.

I was then going to work. The woman who was driving was a big buxom blonde woman. We also picked up another large woman who needed a ride. The woman who was driving sat in the right front seat. I and the other woman sat in the back seat.

I noticed that the driver woman seemed awfully unobservant, when we almost hit a dog and some wild turkeys alongside the road. I had to alert her and we almost hit them.

Then it was apparent that she was falling asleep at the wheel and I had to keep shaking her oftener and oftener to keep her awake as we careened along the road which was narrow and had either a high rock walls or canyons on either side as it wound through the canyon.

This was so dangerous. I finally told her I would drive. Getting her to stop long enough so I could jump out of the still roling car was another amtter. She finally slowed down enough so I oculd jump out and run alongside the car and bring it to a stop. At this point she was sound alssp and not in control anymore and I had to hang onto the car with all my might to bring it to a stop.

I seemed at this point that the car turned into a silver convertible and I was flying in the air above the car, keeping control of it as the sirens of the cop cars came up behind us.

I was then high in the air and I could see that behind us, another woman with dark hair and wearing a red jacket was buried in mud up to her waist and was yelling for help.

I couldn't figure out how that happened but it was because of the blond woman driver.


This might be a separate dream.

I got to work and went down into the maintenance area. There were several rooms down there, a couple offices, a chemical storeroom, a carpenter's area, and some other rooms down the hall.

It seemed that I had been away from my own office for too long and I felt guilty for not being at my own desk, but I was being helpful to others at the same time. When I looked at the clock, it was about 3:30 p.m. and I had left my desk at about 1:30 p.m.

I met a woman who came in wearing winter gloves and I recognized them as a pair I had crocheted or knitted myself. Hers were all wet from working outside, so she picked up another pair on the counter which I noted I had also knitted myself. in fact, there was a third pair of gloves there tha I had knitted. It seemed like a really good idea to knit or crochet gloves for kids and adults who didn't have any.

I met some other women in the hallway who were looking for someone to play basketball with after work. I finally agreed, though I preferred to sing in the choir.


11-18-00 – DREAM – I was in a city and there was an old fashioned pageant going on. I was told the story first, about a hooker and some ‘good’ women and some cowboys and the bad guy. Evidently, the ‘good’ woman was supposed to be vindicated and the ‘good’ side wins.

So, I was asked to participate in the pageant and my part was going to be the town hooker. I went upstairs to change into my costume. It had a long skirt, a red and white apron, a long scarf around my hair, a white blouse, and boobs that stuck out about size 54 (which they said was a C) hehehe. I thought about putting on a pair of green slacks under the long skirt but that seemed rather extraneous so I didn’t.

I started to change clothes and my friend Robb came up the stairs to tell me his news, that his neice had a baby. He was all excited, knew nothing about the pagenat and had nothing to do with the scene at all. However, he caught me half way dressed and the other people in the play hollered at him for not announcing himself before walking in. I looked down and was actually dressed completely, but pretended to cover myself more and pulled my apron up higher. My boobs stuck out like it was the upstairs porch on a house … It was so funny.

When I looked into the mirror, my reflection was of the back side of my head and I was sitting in a buckboard.

Then the ‘good’ woman and her three daughters came up the stairs. They were all in costume and looked all embarrassed to have to be in the same room with the town hooker.

When I unrolled my red and white apron, a pitch fork and an axe fell out, however the pitchfork fell down into the stairwell, so I knew the bad guy would never get that … all he’d have was the axe.


I had two black and white dreams ... both were about ETs, but I couldn't remember what they were ... they were computer screens.

In another dream I saw a picture of a red walking stick type ET. I was able to see his hands really well, they had 4 fingers.  I was thinking that it was good that I got such a good look, so I could draw a picture of him.


11-18-00 - DREAM - I was on the telephone with Lee Chin and told Joe later that we had to watch the neighbor woman - Stephanie. This is a family friend.

We saw Stephanie leave with 3 men to go camping. They were all dressed alike in black snowpants and boots and backpacks, and their shirts were bright blue and black plaid.

Their 3 wives or girlfriends were left behind in the apartment.

Joe and I then went outside in the dark night to go somewhere and we saw Stephanie coming back from camping.   Now they were all dressed alike in the black snowpants, boots and backpacks, but their shirts were bright red and black.

Joe and I walked back to our car to hide in the back seat while they were coming across the street on a diagonal.  

They crossed the street, climbed the hill to the eapartment building on a diagonal and seemed to go in through the window.  I could hear Stepahnie and the girls all laughing and greeting each other.

The three men then split up and went their separate ways, one of the men almost seeing us sitting in the car.


11-19-00 - DREAM - (This is the end of the dream)  I had to go somewhere on a bus. The bus fare was $45 and all I had was $60.  I stopped an old wizened black woman on the street and asked her if she had $60 to exchange with me because I needed $15 change because I needed exact change for the bus. I told her I had $60.  

Another woman coming the other direction said she would give me the money I needed.

The wizened old black woman said, "No! I have something even better to give you and opened her wallet. She took out three gold pieces which were square. I wondered what I would do with those.

As she held these gold pieces out to me, they began to grow in size, and as they grew, they changed. I saw that they were like burnished bronze, beaten with a hammer and chiseled with symbols.  I couldn't read all the symbols, but those I reconized were a large letter N, the Christian cross, Five 5 pointed stars -  some Egyptian symbols, Templar symbols.

I saw the words:  FOCUS and Remember - and I tried to, but with so many symbols, it was impossible to remember them all.

 The gold rectangles grew in size until they were larger than myself and were like sheets of paper.  On the gold bars, I saw a large sailing ship with many sails on it and knew that these gold bars were under the ocean on the sunken ship.  I also knew that they would be found by treasure hunters soon.

I woke up and while I was laying there in bed, I saw what looked like a cereal box, but it was gold on the edges and dark royal blue in the center with a large N on the top.  The box then said, "Look inside".  I already had to go to the bathroom really bad, but I made myself imagine opening the box and looked inside. Deep inside was another gold bar, and the gold bar lit up and started to grow, and on the bar were all kinds of Egptian symbols, camels, lions, cats, letters and signs. They kept changing from one to another.  I finally had to give up because I had to get up. I could have been there all day looking at the Egyptian symbols. There were so many.

Before these symbol visions/dreams, I had a dream in which I lived in an apartment, where the door was always open and I couldn't keep people out of my apartment. They would just wander in whenever they wanted to. I ended up with one bed with 3 large dogs in it instead of kids. One woman wanted me to come to her apartment. On the way, we heard music playing out into the hallway through an air vent. It turned out to be T.J.s apartment, but by the time I knocked on the door, the music had already stopped.

I had to go with a woman to another apartment. She was trying to find the bathroom in the tiny apartment, and it had folding doors in it, but we couldn't find the bathroom.  Then we opened a folding door at the side wall and behind that was a larger apartment. We got all excited. The bathroom facilities were on one wall and then the apartment got larger beyond that. The walls were all rose pink and it was great. We thought, "Oh wow! What a fabulous apartment", though it was arranged strangely.  But then as we looked around we could see that someone already lived in this apartment. When we went through the side door, we went into someone elses attached apartment.  It was a big disappointment.

Back at my own place, I found out that the man next door was moving out and didn't want to take anything with him. But when he sold his stuff, he didn't want any money, he wanted to get paid in beer.  So, that's why I wanted to take the bus, to go get three cases of beer so I could go shopping at his house and get his treasures.


11-21-00 - (I think one of my problems is that my door is always open and unlocked)

DREAM - I don't know what city I was in, maybe Milwaukee. I was in my apartment and I had to find myself another place to live. I said that this was the first time I had had to do this, though in my mind I knew I had found jobs where I lived at the same time.

I was standing next to what seemed like a trash bin, but it wasn't. Some folded newspapers came up out of a slot on the end. These were the real estate sections ... houses for rent or sale.  The reason I say it wasn't a trash bin was that there was a woman laying inside of it with the rest of the newspaper, like she was sleeping in the bin.

My frind Irv came over, but I didn't talk to him. He used to drive me places when I didn't have a car, but he was acting drunk, so I didn't want him anywhere around me. I had someone - a guy - take him home and put him to bed.  

I decided I would find my own way and drive myself where I needed to go.  So, it seemd like I was driving myself, but I was never alone, there was always someone in the car with me.  I ended up on one parking lot where cars and trucks would pull out and others would pull in. It seemed like a restaurant or something.

There was another scene where I was in a car that was being driven by someone really fast ... I know it was over 100 miles an hour, probably much more.  We were driving on a flat sandy area and then onto a long straight paved road, and I was suprised that there wasn't a bump where the sand met the pavement, but there wasn't even any vibration under the car.  What a smooth ride.  We drove along this straight road until we met people driving the other direction and this person I was with told me this was the 'Dune' area.  Here the road was a little winding and undulating. I have no clue why we were here.

We went back to the city and I met a short chubby woman. She said she wanted to buy program 1498. She had a newspaper in her hands.

I don't know what that is.  

I then remembered I wanted to go to the library and get all the books they had on a specific type of astrology that started with the letter "C".  (I think that's what it is, but not certain. I just know that it wasn't regular astrology)


11-21-00 - DREAM - I was in my new apartment which I had just moved into.  It was apartment 210  (hah ... see the date?)  (It seems this dream was kind of a completion of the previous one though I got up and walked aorund the house and then went back to sleep)

I went down to the lobby to let some movers in. They were delivering a foldout couch for someone for apartment 49.  I didn't know where apartment 49 was. The numbers in this building didn't run that small, and it seemed that 49 correlated to another number which turned out to be 211.  That was right next to my apartment.

So, while they were delivering the couch to 49/211, I was just standing in the hallway with some other people.  It was like we were non-animated for a short while, and then I came to the realization that there were other things to do than just stand there.  As soon as I started to move, I saw that I was in a maintenance type area and other people were there to work on that.

I went back to my apartment which was across the hall .. number 210. Again, I had left the door open, and when I went inside, I was looking around to see if anyone had come in and was hiding somewhere.  The apartment was huge ... like 10 times larger than anywhere I've ever lived before.

Suddenly, I spotted two guys sitting on the couch ...a white guy and a black guy. They were wearing heavy winter weight black overcoats and hats. I didn't know who they were.  The black man said to me, "You look like hell, like someone the cat dragged in out of the alley."

I said sarcastically, "Thanks!" and dropped down onto the other couch myself to find out what these guys wanted.

The black man did all the talking.  He said, "The reason I say that is that I live in the "Alley" and people in the alley hate everyone else, especially other people who live in the alley and even more so, people who Don't live in the alley.

I said, 'Yes!" I understood that.  I had lived in the "Alley" myself for awhile back in the early 90's.

He went on.  "We have a job for you.  You look like a problem solver, and we have problems that need solving.  That seems like a job you could do."  At that moment, A huge newspaper salesman type apron folded out on this chest and lap, with huge newspaper ads about the problems in the alley. He went on, "We want you to solve these problems for the people in the Alley!"

I got a big smile on my face and said, "Now! There is something I could do!"  And he smiled and I felt really happy, something I hadnt' felt in a long time ... I could do something that really felt worthwhile.

The men rather vanished, I don't know where they went, and other women were gathering around that had just walked in the door.

The black man had left behind his daily calendar and receipts of where he went for lunch.  The women were looking at his receipts and obviously he ate the 'best' as when I looked at the receipts, lunch cost him $67.  I was amazed. He seemed to be doing quite well for himself.

I then spotted his daily calendar book and opened it up. The book was about 4 x 5 inches, and was a 3 ring binder it seemed with loose leaf pages in it, divided into squares where he wrote down ideas, problems, and drew little cartoon pictures which he colored in with pencils.  I never saw writing that small before and was amazed he could get so much writing in those little squares.

All of a sudden, I spotted the black man taking a nap on the couch right next to me. His black coat and hat and face were covered over with a dark grey/black blanket and I hadn't noticed him.

I quickly snapped his daily calendar book shut and set it down. I don't think he noticed that I had been peeking at it.  But it sure gave me some ideas in a quick hurry.

I then had to go do something in the building and I went to the door and stood there.  At that moment, I saw a short darkhaired woman arrive at apartment 211.  The door was closed ... it was a heavy steel door and was double wide.  It didn't seem like a regular apartment at all.  As I stood there, she said she had a meeting in there and hoped she was on time.  Someone let her in.

Then as I stood there a moment longer, a taller blond woman arrived for the meeting. She was rather in a gloating mood, rather laughing that the short dark haired woman had arrived on time.  It seemed that they were going to be confronting each other in there.

Another girl came along from behind me in my apartment and we were going to leave the apartment together ... I guess the black man was still sleeping on my couch.  I made sure I had my 'walking keys'... which means I had all my master keys with me ... as I checked them all out to make sure I did.

NOTE:  It seems really odd that the jobs I've had and things I've done over the years coincidentally or synchronistically seem to appear in my dreams and they have double meanings now.  



I woke up from a dream but I couldn't remember any of it. I suddenly had a viison of a long string of lights go past me really fast. I started to think about what it might mean, then I realized it reminded me of the sparkling lights I have on top of my main webpage and that I could put the words HAPPY THANKSGIVING between them.  :-)


11-22-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with some men and women.  There was a baby there, but I'm certain it was mine or not but I was taking care of it.  He was standing , rather leaning against a railing which divided the room in half, and he had that odd look like babies get when they are doing 'doo doo' in their diaper.  

He started making noises like he was trying to say something. I asked him if he made 'doo doo' in his diaper, and he made a noise that sounded like he said, "Probably".  I didn't think that was odd, but I put out my hands to him to come to me and I laid him down on the floor to change his diaper.

I pulled down his slacks and saw that he didn't have a diaper, but training pants with some kind of print on it that was blue and white.  I cleaned him up, and put a see thru plastic pants on him so that he wouldn't wet himself again all the way through his little slacks I put on him.

I let him go play again and the men and women decided they were going to play a game on the round table that sat in the corner.  They were actually going to get ON the table, but we knew that would bend the legs, (There were 4 thin black legs on the table which here held together with a large tubular black + underneath the table for bracing)

The three women then sat at the table and were putting together colored shapes in the center. I don't know what they were, but now that I'm awake, they remind me of a child's puzzle game where you put states together to make the US.

(Maybe this is from watching TV and the electoral voting map?) But some states were green, or pink, or blue. I can't remember all the colors.

I then got into a conversation with my daughter-in-law Becky on the telephone about buying some property in California.  The conversation was about starting a farm with gardens to provide for the food of the future for the family.

I knew that someone we were friendly with had property right on the Pacific Ocean beachfront and they weren't using it.  But the thought of what it might cost was staggering.  I knew that they didn't pay much for it originally, but with costs skyrocketing and inflation, it would cost millions just for the raw land now.

I also thought about living right on the ocean now and knew that the very first storm that came up, I'd be up and out of there so fast, nobody would catch me running. I knew that with the rising water, it wouldn't be safe to live there anymore.


11-22-00 - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere. I got a telephone call from my friend Wendy in Milwaukee.  I was standing right next to the window with the phone.  She said something to me, which I didn't quite understand all the words. I didn't respond appropriately, so she said, "Did you hear what I said?"  I answered, "I heard part of it, so she repeated it. "I will be your daughter forever!"

Then I responded with the appropriate oooohs and ahhhhs and said, "That is so sweet".  There was so much love in her voice when she said it. One could feel the love vibrations coming right over the phone.

She said, "We should live together." I said, "People who dream about each other feel a lot of love, but it's different when you actually have to spend day in and day out with each other and things happen in the mundane world."

I kept talking, thinking I still had the phone in my hand, but I was actually walking around the house, putting things where they belonged. I finally got back to where the phone was and picked it up again, feeling embarrassed that I had forgotten to take the phone with me.

Wendy was still there, waiting for me. I apologized and we kept talking.

At that point, I saw a section of the driveway outside the window rising up and I told her about it, exclaiming with surprise.  There were two square metal plates on hydraulic lifts and under that were two oil pits. A maintenance man then came across the yard and poured some kind of chemical into the pits ... I was thinking perhaps to break up the sludge or something.

The odor coming from the oil pits was really terrible, and I told Wendy I would have to get off the phone.  I hung up and the odor was so bad, I pulled down a section door like a pull down garage door in the middle of the house to block the smell.

I turned around and the maintenance man was coming around the building to find out about why we had pulled down the door to block the smell.  He poked his head in the door and said, "Do you always close the door when you have visitors?"  

At that point we were pulling down another big sliding door on the other side of the room as well.  

I didn't think we'd have to explain that we were trying to block the odor, not him.

I woke up then, and I could smell the odor of a skunk ... it seems a skunk outside must have had a run in with the cats and the window was open and the odor was drifting through the room.  :-)   Ackkkk!!!!


11-23-00 - VISION - I had a vision of a red reptilian person. It had a large head and it stood there until I recognized that it had 4 wide fingers, almost like a person.


11-23-00 - DREAM (I don't know how to explain this, as I believe it happened inside my head, but was displayed to me as a dream. I don't know what it means yet)

I was in an apartment building. I saw a red and black cowboy shirt color, then it was changed to pure silver. This was done inside my head.  Afterwards I looked into the mirror and saw some black dots on my face. Though there were some other black dots over on my cheeks, the ones I noticed particularly was, just under my nose, just above the upper lip, just below the lower lip and on the center of my chin.

After this it seemed like it might have been Christmas or it might have been Thanksgiving because that is what today is. I was eating dinner and was going to give some food to the dog.  I was going to eat turkey so I was going to give the dog the leftover cooked beef which in my case was a huge steak or other large cut of beef with a large bone in it ... similar to a steak.  However, I wrapped the dog's food between two slices of bread and at the last minute, I decided to give the dog a combination of beef without the bone and turkey sliced together.

After that it dawned on me that I had been gone for some time and should give gifts to two people who had served me well and unflaggingly while I was gone. The man was Otto, my cleaning man on Jackson St., and  _____ , my cleaning woman in New Berlin.  Both of them could be trusted to work without being watched and without being told what to do once they were trained to do their jobs. I owed them for their loyalty and unfailing work.


11-24-00 - 4 FLASH DREAMS:  A big green reptilian was going to become President of the U.S.


11-25-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building, working as Manager.  I had a maintenance crew I was really proud of.  We had a door that was full of pictures of the crew and they were going to be interviewed on the radio. There was  a joyous feeling here.

We then went to an apartment where two women were going to move into.  One of the women was inside the apartment and I was standing outside the apartment with the second woman. We had just rekeyed her apartment lock. I handed two gold keys to the woman outside the apartment after I first checked the lock to make sure the keys worked. I told her to try the key to make sure she could do it herself.

The woman put the key into the lock and turned it locked.  I heard a key hit the floor with a ding on the other side and I knew that the other key had fallen off the ring I had given to her.  

Then I heard the other woman turn the knob on the other side and it just turned around and around and around like it had come loose.

There was no way for anyone to get in the apartment, and nobody could get out either.  Well! Here was a perfect job for a maintenance crew to show what they could do ....


I was then in church and we were singing the "Our Father" prayer in preparation to give ourselves communion with small glasses of water.  This occurred twice. This was a joyous feeling.


11-25-00 - DREAM - Joe and I were driving East on Lone Oak Rd. on the way to where Joe works. I could see in the east that dawn was coming.  There were two cars ahead of us on the road.  We had been given permission to pass both cars on the left and I could see the lights of the cars shining out onto the road in the dawn gloom.

We passed them, turned right and went down to the main road which is Yosemite Highway.  We were again going east and I felt that Joe was driving just a hair too far left. Even so other faster cars were passing us on the left endangering themselves from hitting cars going the other way.

We had to cross a large bridge then and there were 3 guide wires on the right.  Joe and I were off the road on the right, flying through the air, and all the cars behind us were following us.  I was amazed we didn't crash but just kept flying as we were coming down past the bridge.


11-25-00 - DREAM - I was in the upstairs bedroom in New Berlin. My kids were all there, very young, but there were other people and their kids there too.

I had a young girl baby I put a cute little pink baby hat on and I wanted to make it look like she was a girl maintenance man and then take her picture. I couldn't get her posed fast enough to get the other woman to take her picture, and she kept messing around with herself sexually with broken dark blue crayons and then some little boy babies that looked Spanish all lined up in front of her to have their picture taken also.  The woman who was supposed to take their picture never did take the picture and my little girl baby climbed under the bed and made herself a little maintenance room under the bed instead.

I was supposed to be doing the laundry. I wanted to take all the sheets off the bed, wash them and put them back on the beds so that everyone could jump with joy to get in bed to sleep at night. But as I stripped the beds to take the sheets to the laundry, I saw that my children had mixed up the clean clothes and dirty clothes so I had to sort it all out so I wouldn't have to rewash everything. I was really distressed by now.

I went into the boys bedroom and there was about a thousand pairs of bluejeans strewn all over the bed. I dreaded having to wash all that.

I went into another bedroom and discovered clean towels mixed with dirty clothes and as I was sorting through it, I found a light green pillow with a brown Teutonic cross that was crushed so I'd have to wash it just to fluff it up.

NOTE: I discovered that my Knights Templar page isn't finished either when I turned on my computer. They use a red Teutonic cross.  (The brown would represent the earth plane)

I could hear all the kids downstairs, all excited getting ready to go to school and waiting for the school bus to arrive.

But I woke up all upset for having to redo all the laundry I thought was done.


11-25-00 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen and the page was like a Thesaurus - the word I looked up was "the winner is"

One the reverse side was a list of words all meaning the same as, "the winner is"


11-25-00 - VISION - I saw a microwave oven, and inside the oven was a black typewriter with two tiny black bulls typing, "the name of the winner is ....."


11-25-00 - DREAM - I was standing on 17th St. looking south towards the next intersection and saw red lights flashing.  Someone said that Mrs. McCain had an accident and the car was pretty badly smashed up.  It was taking an awfully long time to take care of the car and the victims ...  and someone said, "Yeah!  They are sewing up the election."


11-26-00 - THE ULTIMATE DREAM - THE ELECTION AND MIND CONTROL - I was living in a nice house or apartment. During the early morning hours, I heard three descending tones quite loudly coming from my radio. Those tones reminded me that not everyone had the same communication that I did, and what remained was going to be shut off.

Everyone's house had a large grey box in their houses where the electricity came in.  If this was shut off, nobody would have communication with the outside world through their radios.

There was an election going on in which the outcome was to be a certain way and when it was over, there was another box inside everyone's home that was going to be shut off.  This box was small and was colored red.  Once the lever in the red box was shut off, nobody would remember that there was something to remember that they weren't supposed to know.  This was the ultimate mind control box.

I went into my own livingroom and realized that there were certain radio stations on my radio that nobody needed to hear so they were shut off and wouldn't be heard anymore.  People with televisions which had 'V' chips in them will know and computers with children controls on them will understand that 'control' is coming.

I wanted to tell the people this news but who would believe me? It wouldn't be long before someone came to the house to shut off the little red box and even I wouldn't remember what it was to tell.

But I was expecting a couple of women to come to visit at lunch time so I would start with them and see how it went.  During the morning I busied myself with cleaning a little, sorting laundry, etc. I was really tired by the time noon came close and my visitors would arrive.

Finally, the first guest arrived, and I didn't want to tell just her so decided to wait until the other woman arrived and would tell them together so I waited.

To my surprise, more than one woman arrived ... several came together. I wasn't prepared for more guests and I felt a little guilty that my house wasn't perfect.  I knew that their house wasn't perfect either, but I didn't want mine to be worse than theirs.

But, more people started coming into the house.  These people were all dreamers ... they would understand my story if I put it into the form of a dream. But they all had dreams of their own to tell and I wanted to be polite and listen to their dreams. I would get my turn. So the women started to tell their dreams in turn.

One of the men sat by the radio and I heard him sing the three descending tones so I wasn't the only one who heard them. I could now tell my story and it would be believed.

Then some men dreamers came and I was about to tell my story which was now going to be in the form of a dream, but one of the men started to tell his dream and I still couldn't tell my 'dream'.

All of a sudden it was noon, so I asked everyone if they would like some coffee.  I wasn't prepared for that, so went to make the coffee. My friend Cary, who was a psychologist said that she wanted her coffee with a special raw egg cracked into the center of the cup. She had already picked out the egg and it was in the refrigerator.

I told her that was fine, but then I had to find the perfect cup so it had room for the egg.  That set me out on another search through the cupboards for othe perfect cup for her before I could tell my story which was now a 'dream'.

As I went through the dish rack and cupboards, I was finding beautiful crystal, fancy dishes like gravy boats, and vases, sugar and creamers, but no coffee cups that would hold a raw egg in the coffee.  Finally I found a dish that was more a soup cup but it would at least hold the egg.

I then went to make the coffee.  The coffee pot was in the livingroom because it was fancy and had a long spout on it and was for serving coffee to guests.

But I hadn't used the coffee pot in quite some time and when I picked it up, to my dismay there was a spider making a web in the spout. I was horrified so took the coffee pot to the sink to clean off the spider web. It seemed the more I pulled the faster the spider worked and I found fresh cedar boughs in the crook of the handle and it took me a long time to finally get the spider web off the coffee pot.

But I looked into the spout of the coffee pot and I saw three tiny snails and then some tiny fish in it. I couldn't serve coffee this way so I took it to the sink to pour hot water through it and rinse out the snails and the fish.

My son Ken was sitting in the livingroom under a bright light and I warned him that I was pouring hot water so he wouldn't get scalded by accident.

But when I shook the spout to dislodge the snails and the fish, they grew even larger and now I had an angel fish and an oscar in the coffee pot spout.  

I shook it even harder and the fish turned into a large black and white cow.  

I was never going to be able to serve the coffee so I could tell my story which was now a dream, and I got so frustrated, I woke up.


11-26-00 - DREAM - I either had this dream twice or it was really long. I was supposed to be moving into apartment 210 and I hadn't done it yet.  The first time I went there, the maintenance people were still working in it, so I left to go take care of some other business.

When I was outside, I had a gadget in my hand which was like a laser pointer, and when I pointed it at something it made it go a lot faster. For example, I had a toy car and when I pointed the laser at the car it made it go really fast, but I discovered that if I pointed it at people, it made them go faster too.  I couldn't control anything around corners ... it had to be direct line of sight, but it was fun playing with it.

I reached into my pocket as I went into the building. I didn't find any keys, but inside my right pocket was a toy car and something that felt like a harmonica. I didn't take it out to look at it.

I went into the building then and was feeling really guilty because I was supposed to have reported to the office for work 3 days ago and I hadn't done so.  (Three days ago I also had a dream in which I was moving into apartment 210)  

I walked through the hallway and found the maintenance closet door open and the vacuum cleaner standing amidst it's cords outside in the middle of the hallway so I put the vaccuum cleaner up against the wall and closed the closet door better.

There were women in the lobby who were being hired to work whom nobody knew, and I was new myself so I didn't know them either. I hadn't been in the office at all and I wondered if they would pay me for work I hadn't actually done.

I went up to my apartment to get my keys and I had to go up three sets of stairs which each had 3 steps.  This was all red brick.  The lobby was up another set of 3 stairs.  I came to my apartment steps and found 3 newspapers laying there so I picked them up.  

I went to where the mailboxes were so I could get my mail.  Other people had opened envelopes and dropped all the mail, so I took it upon myself to clean up the area.  Some of the mail was between some kinds of grids laying there.

While I stood there, my boss came up behind me and told me he was going somewhere. It started with the letter 'A' and now that I think about it I think it was Altair, but if not, it was something like that. I never turned to look at his face, but I know he was wearing a dark coat and hat.

I went up the last 3 stairs into my apartment, found the door open, then walked around inside.  It was all white ceramic tiles. All the cabinet doors were open, all the closet doors were open, but none of the light switches worked.  There were no bulbs in any of the light sockets.

I picked up my keys from atop one of the cabinets, went to the door to go to the store and buy light bulbs and some food so I could move in.


11-27-00 - All I can say is that the whole night was BORRRRRRINNGGGGGG!!!!!!

Dream #1 - There were 3 people watching me do what I was doing which was nothing ... I was just wandering around doing 'stuff' ... nothing important....

Dream #2 - I was trying to clean a bathroom in my mother-in-law's old farmhouse. You could scrub and scrub and scrub and it never got any better.  I finally took down the pink plastic curtains and threw them in the tub to wash them. That made a whole lot of difference.  As  I finished that, it seemed that I was reading that story in a book and I showed it to another girl and told her how boring it was.

Dream #3 - I was helping another woman. I noticed that I was being watched by two pale tan airplanes which hovered nearby.  We went outside together and I made myself very obvious and helped her put on a black suit jacket.  She got into her car to drive it and the two pale tan airplanes were hovering there ... watching me do this.  Then I hid inside the garage in front of the car where nobody could see me and pretended to be asleep.  The girls from the previous dream came into the garage and saw me laying there pretending to be asleep.  Then everyone went away and I woke up...



11-28-00 - DREAM - I was standing by the side of the road next to a fancy diningroom chair and a Greyhound Bus came by.  I jumped back but the bus rolled right over my chair.  The chair would have broken if I hadm't manipulated the chair so that it rolled forward as the bus hit it and the chair came back out the back end of the bus unbroken and I stood it up again.

The bus had stopped at the station, so I walked around the bus and went into the station where I found my mother sitting in a booth waiting for another bus. There was  dark skinned, dark haired man behind her in the next seat. Suddenly he was sitting next to her, listening to everything I said to my Mother.

I saw that my mother had some magazines on her lap to read on the bus, so I asked her for one.  The cover was bright blue and it said UN NEWS in an arch across the top and a picture of an old woman that looked like Grandma Clampett on it.  I opened the magazine which wasn't very thick. Inside was another picture of Grandma Clampett (they discovered oil in Oklahoma and moved to California when they got rich)  She claimed she was getting married, that she was 6 foot 1" tall, though the article clearly said 5 foot 6 inches tall and that she didn't have anyone.  Next to her stood the dark haired, dark skinned man who was now sitting next to my mother.  I knew that she had lied.

I wanted to tell some other people about the lies the UN News was saying in their magazine and met some women in the bus station. One woman who was tall like me, but a little thinner, decided that we were related ... sisters .. in fact.  We were about the same age but she had gone to college, studied and became a prominent teacher in her field ... whatever that was ... I don't think she told me.  But before our conversation was over, and we told several other people that we were sisters ... first I tried to say I was her mother, then she was MY mother, then she said we were sisters again ... she gave me all her keys to her apartment, her car ... everything .....

I tried to protest, but she said she lived right below me in the apartment building and she would be home right after me and her red poodle dog would love to have the company, I took the keys and started to walk home through the now darkened streets.

Before I left the building I had a discussion with another woman about buying new clothes, especially underwear to please a man because men liked pretty underwear on a woman ... then I put on a coat, boots, and scarf that exactly matched the teachers..  

On the sidwalk outside, I heard that a young boy I knew was supposed to go to a special school, but the school needed $5 million dollars in order to take him in, so I told a few people about that and hoped the school would get it.

It must have been 1 a.m. then and a cigarette truck went by and threw out huge brown wrapped packages of cigarettes into the road.  Some cars went by and kids tore open the packages and started throwing cigarettes at Arab men driving by in their big black cars.  One Arab guy hollered at the kids, 'Don't throw your cancer sticks at us!!' and drove on.

The kids were by the side of the road, peeling all the papers off the cigarettes and letting the tobacco lay in the street. Good boys!!!!!   :-)


11-28-00 - DREAM - I was hanging out with some people on the street.  I had a basket of handguns, each one different, about 2 dozen of them. A car went by with some thieves and robbers in it and I made sure they saw that I had all the guns so they'd leave me alone.

A male friend came along then, and I had a basket of men's shoes, every one of them was different ... he couldn't find any two of them close enough to even pretend they were a pair.  He said that he had been offered a basket of shoes exactly the same and we might have been able to make a pair from sharing shoes.  But he wore a man's size 6 and I couldn't no way wear any of them myself.  All these shoes were a man's size 6.

I then went to an old fashioned attorney's office with Bonnie and Jim and Jim finally got his divorce from another woman. The attorney wouldn't take a check, they made pieces of paper with slits in them so Jim could tuck cash bills into the paper and mail it in. I felt so sorry for Jim that I used my own stamps to put on the paper for him.

I then went to a bar/dancehall type place.  It was blizzardly/windy and cold outside. We were the first people there in the morning.  I was wearing my nightgown and bathrobe ... it was like being stuck there for a long time. Lots of other people came in and they were all sitting in the dark at these long tables that had benches in front of them.  I could see outside and the wind was blowing so hard, it was almost sideways with blowing snow.  We were there a long time.  I was laying down on the bench myself, not sitting up.  

Finally, some of the people started to get up and leave.  When a whole bunch of teenagers left, I finally sat up.  It was now way past dark again. Finally, my Great Aunt Cora  was there ... (long deceased)  and my friend Irv.  He wanted to mail an envelope ... a letter to someone.  I had an envelope of stamps leftover from the attorney's office I guess. But I looked in the envelope and I had one each of every stamp America ever used from the beginning of the country until today.  And today we used the 33 cent stamp.  I had one of those.  But Irv needed two and I couldn't come up with another stamp to give him so he could mail his envelope.  All the stamps I had were worth more than what they had on their face value and it wouldn't make sense to use those on an envelope that went into the real mail.  I even saw a stamp that said American Samoa on it.  

Finally, everyone was gone except me and the maintenance guy who came in to sweep up.  It wasn't until he came in that I sat up and felt like I was awake.  I slept through the entire day while all those other people were there.

I woke up feeling exhausted. I was still really tired.


11-29-00 - DREAM/VISION - I was at a computer, looking at the election results.  I then had a vision within the dream showing me red boxes of all the states where Vice President Gore was missing votes that hadn't been counted.  It was like looking at a red light show ... as each red ray came up from the space that hadn't been counted yet.  The last I saw was Michigan and Wisconsin.


11-29-00 - DREAM - I went to a place where the 'gay' votes were being counted that hadn't been counted before.  To do this, each vote was a white bead and there were thousands of these ... they were blown into the air by puffs of air and allowed to land wherever they did. Nobody really cared who got them.  

I don't know what place this was, but it seemed to have a church-group type atmosphere. The women were nice, but didn't explain anything to me, just expected me to participate, no matter what.  

They handed me a two page contract to sign in tandem with another woman who hadn't read it either and expected us both to put our names on it without knowing what it was for. I walked away from that one. I don't know if the other woman signed it or not.

They asked me to take a pink jacket to a dry cleaners on 10th and ___ which was about 6 blocks away to have it imprinted with a black and pink flowered print.  I knew this was a test of some kind to see how I would react.  I took the jacket, and was looking for my brown walking shoes when another woman came up to me and said she would go in my place. I gave her the jacket grateful not to have to walk that far in a strange neighborhood I knew might be dangerous.

They were gathering gifts for someone named Barbara, but they didn't tell me what it was for. Everyone brought a small gift and put it in the corner.

They asked me to sing with them ... songs I didn't know. I don't know how I did this, but I ended up singing the song like it was an opera and I was on stage ... I had a powerful voice I didn't even know I had. They applauded me at the end and when I got up and went into the other room, all the other women were sitting in rows, crocheting some kind of white mandala with white thread.

I then saw that they had shopping carts full of huge sized coloring books and everyone of them said Christmas on the top. I thought I might like to have one of those, but I woke up before I could take one. 


11-30-00 - DREAM - This dream was full of shape-shifting events and people.  

I was in a humoungous house. There were at least two and even three beds in each bedroom. Joe was sleeping in the front bedroom and a woman I should know was sleeping in another of the beds.

I was in the back bedroom where there were 3 beds.  It was time to get up and go to work and he wasn't getting up, so I went to his room to shag him out of bed and go to work.

I also saw Mel from One Life to Live TV show in the next bedroom when Joe left the bedroom to go to the bathroom.

The whole room was a mess and I picked up towels and washcloths to take them to the bathroom where they belonged. When I went back, the beds were gone and the woman had placed 5 chairs in the room of various sizes.

This woman looked very familiar though I can't name her. She was a grandmotherly age, but blonde, a large sized woman. I felt related to her somehow ... like an aunt or something.

I rearranged the chairs more to my liking, and she sat in one by the window which overlooked a patio-like structure, though we were upstairs.  The sun had been shining, but all of a sudden a huge rain came down. I commented to her not to get wet and I looked and she was sitting on her chair outside in the rain but not getting wet that I could tell.

I saw a kitten and a puppy outside and they were getting damp from the rain, but then I saw that the kitten was shapeshifting into all kinds of shapes and colors of cat.

Then another woman appeared next to the first woman. She was on her knees in front of the woman, shapeshifting into all kinds of people, and kissing the first woman like she was a man.  She asked her a question:  "What is an Armidu?"  The other woman said, "An ET!"

I was amazed that she would know that. I didn't know that.

The first woman then turned into a box full of colorful red and yellow flowered treasure boxes.  Again I was amazed. It wa no longer raining out on the patio either.

Back in the house, I heard a noise. I went to the hallway and saw a man running down the stairs, carrying a woman.  It was funny to see him moving his feet so fast down the stairs.  It was a tremendously large stairway, all wooden.

I wanted to see what the noise was all about and tried to run down the hallway to go down the stairs and got tangled in a big yellow blanket.

A baby was at the edge of the stairs when I finally got there with the yellow blanket.  So I made a magic carpet ride out of the blanket and the baby and I slid down the stairs on the yellow blanket like it was a big slide.

That was fun.  When we got down to the first floor, there were a lot of flower plants in pots standing around.  I saw something really gross come down from one of the flowers and when I looked closer, I saw a tremendously large spider underneath the flower. It was as large as a salad plate.

I looked on the table to find a scissor so I could cut the flower off. I was looking for a yellow one and saw several large red scissors instead. I was just reaching for the scissor when our alarm clock went off and woke me up.