11-10-04 - 3:08 a.m. DREAM - I was taking over as a bar/swimming pool manager.

I was asked if I was going to charge to use the pool. I said, "No!" Not as long as I'm not expected to provide party favors."

At the same time, I had a stick in my hand and was pulling down short pieces of colored wire that someone had cut which were hanging over the pool. 

A black woman arrived then with 2 black friends and they climbed up into the rafters over the pool. This head black woman had some big blue earphones on which she plugged in. They were listening to some people standing outside a courtroom. I could overhear them talking about something criminal that had happened in the courtroom.

They were listening to the audio of a television station. I asked her what channel she was listening to. She answered, "Channel 39". 

I went to the television and turned it on, se we could see what was happening. All I saw was an empty parking lot by a courthouse. 

I turned my attention to the room and saw some potted trees which someone commented they would like to buy.

There were five pointed leaves like a hand. 

I decided to go home and I was pushing a shopping cart along the road and at the intersection where I had to turn right, there was a huge evergreen or fir tree/bush that was the most brilliant red color I've ever seen.

I t was in a swampy area and I knew I might get stuck in the mud if I tried to break a piece off of it. So I decided I would try to find a catalog and buy one or at least seeds or seedlings.

I pushed my cart into the road towards home which was a gravel lane. I thought I might see another specimen of the red fir along the way and be able to get a piece of it if I did. 

I had to duck down under some low hanging tree branches so I walked along under them on the road. 

Then I heard a popping sound like a gun shot and then a girl screaming.

I tried to ignore it and chalked it up to my imagination and continued forward. My fear mode turned on and I became wary of what lay ahead of me.

I came around a curve and I saw a brilliant green feathers on a pheasant as it flew up in alarm ahead of me. It flew off to the right. 

I could see a long way ahead of me now. There was a row of cottages along the road to a lake when home was on the other side of the hill. 

I saw some guys racing along on motorcycles ahead of me. I tried not to be afraid to go past them. 

All of a sudden, I had two small passengers on the vehicle I was riding which was now a motorcycle instead of a shopping cart.

 I was going pretty fast along this lane, with what seemed like the little boy and ET riding underneath a dark green tarp. The ET was sliding off to the right and I adjusted his seating and told him to hang on tighter. 

It was like the scene from the movie ET. 

I now started to see dates of events on the road ahead of me past the next little intersection where the guys were racing around with their motorcycles.

I saw 11-21-04 or 11-24-04 - MISSING EBERLE/MYERLING GIRLS.

Further along was the date 12-11-04 - NATION MOURNS.