11-1-92 - MEDITATION - A female voice, "You gotta do what ya gotta do!"  A male voice said, "Everything has been cancelled." (someone had their hands on the top of my head during this.)


11-2-92 - MEDITATION - "The Goddess Norelle, who was in charge of this project has lost her strength."  You would never make it to Wausau."

"Saddam Hussein and the Chinese have gained strength. There is danger of nuclear war."


11-3-92 - DREAM - I was with I.R. in an office. I was taking all the closed purchase orders out of the drawer , but there were still quite a few open ones.


11-3-92 - MEDITATION - I called the Goddess Norelle to find out what happened to the Wausau project.  

I saw a closed door. The whole doorway was of grey, unpainted hand hewed wood beams. She wouldn't open the door.

I called and called. Finally, the door opened and I saw a long, long hallway that had a vacuum cleaner by the front door and a few odds and end stacked on the floor. It looked like she was moving out.

I then saw Norelle. She was very pretty, but her face showed her sadness. She was wearing a black sweater and the entire front of it was covered with jewels and sequins.  She had hort blond hair done in ringlets, each curl separate.

Her comment to me was, "It was a very, very difficult decision."


11-4-92 - DREAM - I was told to buy a sine wave radio, because all the telephones had been taken away. The radio had a circular section of the front on which to watch the waves as they came in.


11-5-92 - DREAM - I met my mother at a bus stop. She said she was going to school and her class started at 4:56 p.m.  I was also going to school, but my class started later than that. I decided I'd like to ride along with her, but I didn't have the correct change for the bus. I had to run all the way down to the drug store to get change first, but by the time I got back to that corner, she was already gone.


11-5-92 - DREAM - I was with a man who looked a lot like my first husband, but he was showing me a 'huge' old mansion he had bought for his wife. He was restoring it. She didn't know that he had done this and not not seen it yet. I had the feeling somehow that the other woman was me and this was my house, but I couldn't really make the connection, but I was acting like it was my house and looking at it from the standpoint of which rooms were mine and what I liked or disliked about it what I wanted restored first.

The first thing the man had restored was a movie projector built into the wall. I peeked into the room. It was a huge movie theatre with deep blue curtains on the stage and hundreds of chairs that were removable so it could also be used for dancing.

My choice as to what to restore first, was a huge old fireplace. It was yellow and the mantle was loose from the wall. I though it would be best to do that first so the winter winds wouldn't roar thru the house.

I went to look at my bedroom. It had a shiny hardwood floor and it was rather in two sections so that the bed and dressers would be in the big square room and then the ante-room which was in front of where the foot of the bed would be, was as huge sitting room with bay windows and it overlooked the ocean.

I had to go to the bathroom, but I didn't know where it was. There was no one around to ask, so when I found the old back door, I sneaked down the stairs and out into a sort of service yard where all the old rickety porches from the upper floors were to shake out rugs or whatever. It was totally enclosed by a big old fence, so I pulled down my pants and squatted down. I peed in what I thought was an out of the way spot, stood up and pulled up my pants. It was then that I saw there was a neighboring house and the people were out on the porch talking. I was hoping they had not't seen me and I quietly sneaked back into the door of the house.Just as I got the screen door closed, the maid from next door came over and said, "If you'e going to act that way, we don't want anything to do with you."

At that point, I wasn't sure if this house as mine, so I said, "That fine with me" and closed the door on her.

I went back through the house and the rooms were full of little kids and puppies and kittens playing and full of flowers blooming. It was a warm and happy house. I wasn't too keen on having all those kids hollering all day, but figured they'd have to go off to school sometimes and then it would be wonderful when it was quiet and peaceful.


11-6-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin helping people to get to their cars. Some of the cars were being repaired, some were missing their keys. I assisted my daughter Jeanne to go get her car which was way over on Center St. My son Bill wanted to stop off at home to pick up the newspaper first. To do that, I had to slow down on my way out National Ave. We ran into an older man who was an activist for some cause. He said that he used to get up on soap boxes and talk and took on all controversy, but now he was getting tired and only talked to one person at a time. He was physically becoming more and more tired and I advised him to sit down and rest at the corner of National and Beloit Rd. so he could catch his breath.


11-6-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and surprised my husband by predicting the price of the alloy they used in the foundry. My husband passed this information along to this boss who then tested my accuracy. I was correct so my husband's boss gave me some advice. He said, "Never buy gold that is 10K. Always buy gold at the highest carat weight you can. The same with stainless steel. Don't buy watches that are ordinary everyday brand name in 10K S.S. Get 9K S.S. in a brand that nobody recognizes and people have to ask about and exclaim over.

We were then waiting for someone special to come along who was coming to lunch who could advise us on the standards and price of gold.


11-7-92 - DREAM - I was with a girlfriend and I helped her pick out a 2 bdrm. apartment to live in. Then we went to work at a new job I had just gotten. In no time at all, I somehow had sex with a man there.  began to calculate how long he would have to support me while I stayed home, first pregnant, then with the baby. I made a calendar and marked off the dates. I wasn't even certain I had conceived yet, but I marked it all down as a year from the date. I would stop work, so I could stay home and nurse the baby. I then decided I would have to get a 2 bedroom apartment of my own and hoped that one we had looked at on Lake Drive would take me because it overlooked the lake. But first, before I could do anything , I had to make sure I had conceived and that would take a couple of weeks.


11-7-92 - MEDITATION. Went to check T.M.s problem and wit his children being taken away . Was told that I should come back on Sunday to work on it, and it would be taken care of by noon. I then saw T.H. She faced me fully wearing a bright red dress.  

I was then told that there was a plan for a house for me and the program was installed on my computer.


11-7-92 - MEDITATION EXPERIENCE: The T.V. cracked, so I raised my vibrations. I saw an entity briefly that could have been an alien in a silver space suit. He said that I couldn't be trusted. I heard some other stuff, but it was like a foreign language and I wouldn'be able to repeat it even phonetically because it was too fast and muffled.


11-8-92 - DREAM - I was in someone's house and cleaning it for them. In the closet, I found a big bag of yellow bricks or something that was to have been used to build something and had been misplaced. Then I found a similar bag with another color in it that had been similarly misplaced. Now the building of something could begin. A white haired man, (I don't know if it was T.M. or my Father) told me to get a particular chart he kept on a pile of other charts next to there refrigerator. He began to read off the names of guardians of the day of the months and he disapproved of all of the names on the first 15 days. only when he came to the16th name did he approve of that guardian. (These names were all in a foreign language or code so i cannot remember them.)


11-8-92 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji to work on T.M.s list of attributes, power, etc. to find what was lost or being taken away. He said it was characteristics. He took T.M. to a stadium and put him in the middle of the field and as T.M. turned around, his clothing turned from a dark blue office suit to a bright purple preaching robe.

Then he went into a darkened kitchen, opened a drawer and took out a sharp knife. He said, 'There will be no retiring from this," and I was looking out into a broad fertile valley from a mountaintop.

I asked him if there was anything I should tell T.M. He said, "There is no more time to waste on the little people who have far to go, it is time to gather in those who are ready and I was in a huge computer room and the whole back walls was computer record books.


11-9-92 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building that was C shaped. In order to go from one end to the other, one had to go all the way around. A lot of the people I've known in my life were in this dream, mostly living there, or either just moving in or out in various stages. There were also a boss/father and a couple of sister or workers and they didn't totally approve of me or my lifestyle.  My boss/father asked me to be baptized and it was agreed that I would do it in two weeks, so they rather backs off and were waiting, expecting that my baptism would change me. I didn't expect to be changed. For me, the baptism would be a formality for family sake to show that I was like them.

I went to a used book sale, looked at all the titles which were of various psychiatric conditions and put them all back. I wasn't interested in any of them.

I made a guest list of 25 people and was working on some other matters, regarding moving. I had a map of some country roads cut out from a newspaper and on the left hand side was printed the word VERNON.

T.M. walked in and I showed him the newspaper map and asked him if he lived near there. He shook his head , "No' then walked back out.

At that point I walked up a snow covered hill to my house where my kids were getting up and dressed and my sons Bob and Mike were getting ready for school. Two of them were ready and I went into the next room to call the others and Tom was there helping Bill get ready. He said that Bill kept falling back asleep, but he got him up again.


11-10-92 - MEDITATION - LISTENING TO A PSYCHIC TAPE. Was told to shut off the stereo and meditate.

I meditated on my own. I saw a check. I didn't see who it was made out to. The price was 1992. Written price was AC Dreamland _____  1992.


11-11-92 - MEDITATION - The bedroom TV cracked so I lay down for meditation. I was told to start healing people, laying on of hands, aura work, etc. When I asked how I could heal other people when I couldn't heal myself, the spirit said, "You may be the sickest one there, but that doesn't mean that you can't heal other people.


11-11-92 - DREAM - I was living with my Father and Grandfather and they were taking care of me. They were remodeling the house, but they said that I needed a new car and that they would forgo remodeling the house for 1/3 of a year to get me a new car.

I protested that I couldn't afford a new car and they insisted that the forgoing of the remodeling for the 1/3 of the year would take care of that. They were going to take me to a dealer to look at one and I was sitting inside the car smoking a cigarette and the window was foggy so I couldn't see out.

The driver's door opened and my grandfather said that he already found a buyer for my car. I apologized for the cigarette and got out of the car.

The man had an identical car parked right behind mine. It was an older model. The model's hood was made up into a bed and where the windshield was supposed to be was the headboard. Mine was exactly the same, except mine was like the car ' Excalibur' made in West Allis, WI and was newer than his.

The man pulled the blankets off the hood of my car to try them on his car and they fit perfectly.  My top blanket was white with a white satin binding. I told the wife I had just gotten it last week and she was admiring it.

The men were working out the deal amongst themselves. Then it was time to go to work. This was the 1st day on a new job.  My grandfather served me 4 different kinds of fruit for breakfast, half a canned peach, half a canned pear, and two others which I can't recall. He had offered me a big whitish green apple, but I shook my head  "no" at the offer.

At this job, I would be allowed to dress as I wished. I was putting on black high heeled shoes to get started, but carried my white tennis shoes to work in. When I got there, my female co-workers were barefoot.

I was carrying a box with my belongs and inside as a smaller ox I hadn't opened yet. It contained a piano. My new name was Susan, but no one had called me that yet.


11-11-92 - MEDITATION - Lord Altime is not the ARchangel of the Ether element. They had to hold him back and restrain him because he had the right to Satan.

He said, "No, no, no!" Then they showed me a large band holding him back. Then he said, "He is to the 'right' of Satan!"


11-12-92 - DREAM - I was with my family and we went to a place that was like a Rummage O'Rama. It had many small booths, hundreds of them, each one selling different items, some new, some old. We walked along the first aisle and I saw nothing I anted to buy. I spotted my daughter-in-law Debe, working at a food counter. My kids all ordered stuff and sat down to eat, but they didn't share anything with me. Previously, at home, they had drank up all the red soda I had bought, leaving only a 1/2" in the bottom of the bottle so I couldn't say they had drank it all.

I had seen some romantically inclined, older, gray haired people and I felt envy until I saw how ugly the men were. But then I thought to myself, "Looks aren't everything." They're probably the sweetest men around."

I walked on and we were going uphill and it was getting harder and harder to find handholds to make it up to the next level. But once I made it, there they had a plant stand. I bought a small plant that looked like one I had at home, but it was in a blue glass boat shaped container, so I go tit.

We walked on and finally sat down at a long banquet-type table to rest and people-watch. There were hundreds and hundreds of people.

Suddenly, a man came out of the crowd and sat on my lap and put his arms around me and hugged me. He didn't let go. I said to him jokingly, over is shoulder, "You've made a sale. I'll buy whatever it is your'e selling.  I laughed and he sat up and kissed me. It was no big deal, but I was having fun. I asked him what his name was. He said, "John" I introduced him to my family. He had trouble with my mother's name ' Lucille'. He called her Lucy. I repeated her name more clearly, but he still didn't get it right, so I dropped the subject. (My mother-in-law's name was Lucy coincidentally)

He wanted to walked around with me, so we did, arm and arm like sweethearts. People were gawking at us. He was a couple inches shorter than I was and younger, by half than me and so handsome, with dark eyes and dark curly hair. I kept trying to figure out why he would want to be with me. I saw myself in a mirror and wondered some more what he could possibly see in me and want to be with me because there were lots of pretty young women around.Then he asked me if I would go out with him that night. I was doubly shocked that he would want to spend time with me when there were so many better looking and younger women he could pick from. But I said, "yes" and then wondered what we would do, whether he liked to hang out a bars or what because I didn't know him at all and I hadn't been out at night in years.

I told him I would go get my coat and meet him back at his booth. I followed my mother to the coat rack and she handed me a short beige top coat and dark brown leather gloves. I put them on and went back to the man named John.

He was sitting down on a bench, bent over and coughing drily, but desperate, trying to catch his breath. I thought to myself, "Oh no! There's something wrong with him."

I reached my left hand out to him to help him up and asked if there was something I could do for him. He aid, "No! It's just a  little cough."

But I knew it was something more than that. I wanted to see what he sold while he was getting his coat on. He had a rack of brochures and I was surprised to see that he sold magnificent light chandeliers. The one I saw had hundreds of brilliant lights on it.

I knew we needed to get acquainted more, because we were still strangers to each other. He took me into his arms and I looked at his face. He was so handsome and I still wondered why he would want to be with me.

Then, while he was still hiding me, he asked, "What are your goals in life?"

I thought for a moment, and then said to shock him more than anything, "I want to be the world's greatest psychic."

He rather rolled his eyes at that, then he asked, "And what country confers that title on someone."

I was thinking, "England, maybe France," then said, "It is something that one earns by reputation more than a title."

He asked, "How does one become the greatest psychic?"

I was thinking to myself, "I'm really going to drive him away now," and expected him to just walk away, and I said out loud, "By developing the mind to it's greatest potential."

I smiled at him and expected him to leave, but he said, "And how does one develop his mind to it's greatest potential?"

I knew he was challenging me and daring me to become what I wanted to be. So, I said, "Here! I'll show you!"

I had a little calculator in my hand and on it was a four-step program, each one costing $9.95 for the lessons. I pressed the first button, because I was going to show him how much it would cost to become the world's greatest psychic.

The machine flashed a couple lights and then printed out, "The contest winner," and his name "Scot ___ ", which I could read because it was in a foreign language like Hebrew or Sanskrit or something.

I was looking at his face and deeply into his eyes and it faded and I was awake. I wanted desperately to back and talk to him further, but I couldn't.

NOTE: I wrote down the dream, then felt led to turn on the radio. The 1st song was, "Somewhere there's a place for us, somewhere there's a time for us." #2 was , "Teach your children well," and #3 was, "You've saved the best for last."


11-12-92 - MEDITATION - I saw a little black and white pamphlet titled, '18th Century Future.'


11-12-92 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment complex. There were several I had to have painted and cleaned along the highway. They were basically bright and cheery places, but I was waiting for 2 old ladies to move out of an upper corner apartment. They had moved most of their stuff out already. Their apartment and dark, so dark you could hardly see the door towards the window when the shades were pulled. One of the voices of the tall old woman almost sounded mannish. The other woman was shorter and plumper. They had been Catholic school sisters. Now the school was torn down to make way for new buildings. We had all the old cards and signs put into storage in another attic apartment.

One of the ladies wanted to know if she could have one for a seminar. I agreed and she took one, then the old ladies left carrying several snow shovels. I teased them about it and said, "It hasn't started snowing yet," They said, "We know, but we're ready wen it starts."

NOTE: The two old ladies who were school sisters in the far back corner apartment were dear people. Unfortunately, one got alzheimers and began running the streets almost uncontrollably and became extremely paranoid. Several women, including myself did what we could to help the old ladies, and finally the priest who was responsible for them, and one of their relatives had to have them put into a nursing home since they couldn't take care of themselves anymore. That was very sad.


11-12-92 - DREAM - I was laying on a bed next to T.M. He was on the right side of the bed talking on the telephone to his wife and she was saying what a wonderful marriage they had together because she never talked to him when they were in bed together.  He hung up the phone then and I thought about that for a moment and realized that I wasn't bothering him when he was laying in bed; I was busy doing my locksmith job on the bed, just laying next to him. So, I said, "Do we ever talk to each other when we're in bed?' He answered, "No!" That satisfied me that I was just as good as she was.

But then I thought, "What's so good about not talking to one another and I decided to just put my arm across T.M.'s stomach while I continued my job. But that didn't work out well for me, because I lost my concentration on my job during which I had to punch numbers into my radio which was also a TV set and I couldn't hit the numbers as well as I had before.

NOTE:  Never happened.


11-13-92 - DREAM - I saw a template with the word FORGET down the left side. But I couldn't do that.

Later on, I was working in an office and I had to make use of a red template with letters on it in a pyramid shape to copy on a xerox machine and send out with a purchase order. I had trouble getting to where I needed to go. I was always getting blocked somehow.

A woman I used to work for asked me how I was doing. She remembered that I was bored just working daily and needed more responsibility. I told her I was doing better where I was.

I was then shown a long chart of dates and it was very clear that an error had been made in 1967 and left gaps in the records so that everything taking place after that was off also.

I was then told that Joseph Kennedy  wants us all to forget about the accident and I knew that would never happen.


11-12-92 - MEDITATION - on the topic: There is a difference between the Aethyrs and the Ether element:

When I started to meditate, I had a surgical knife in my hand and I was cutting into something soft to get to something. The soft thing finally split open and revealed something round and red beneath it. I was very uncomfortable with it and tried to quit several times, but every time I closed my eyes, I'd be right back at the point I had been before. I then put my left thumb into the opening where the red thing had been and it opened up to reveal a head. Further peeling back of the soft stuff revealed the head which had a man's face.


11-13-92 - MEDITATION:  I made 10 copies of the red template on a xerox machine, attached one to a purchase order and mailed to "To Whom It May Concern".  I was then told by a voice that a lady of light lives with Glen and that he has contact with 35,000 little ones every day.


11-17-92 - MEDITATION - This is one of worlds truest words to be true: No women are allowed in a monastery.

"In politics, if angels came down and spoke through both candidates, it would be most illegal."


11-17-92 - DREAM - I was standing in a room and a purple light came from out of  nowhere in a beam. It went through a light bulb and then through a crystal I had  standing there, and then shown on the floor where my feet were standing. I moved  over a bit and the purple light followed along on the floor wherever I walked.

I was walking East along Grange Avenue with a man and we had a long, long way to go. We were in New Berlin. The road was unpaved. We came to a farmer's field and the farmer came through a field with a wagon. The horse tried to get too close to me and the farmer grabbed him. The man asked the farmer if I could ride in the wagon and he agreed, so I hopped up on the seat of the wagon. The horse had to be whipped to be driven and the man I was with couldn't bring himself to do that, so both men walked ahead of the horse, the farmer leading the horse to our destination.

We stopped at a store to buy some food, but I had no money. I could only look at it and want it, but I had nothing I could buy it with.

The story changed and  I was like in the back room of the store and there was a white mattress on the floor. A young woman i knew had a boy baby but it's bottom was uncovered and it had made a mess all over the mattress and it's little bottom. I saw it was being neglected, so I took it to the bathroom to bathe it. I didn't want it to be afraid and the water was more like a pool on the floor, so I got into the bath with it and bounced it up and down a little and soaked the poop off of it. the only wash cloth available was pink, so I used it to remove the last traces of poop from it's little bottom.

The mother finally showed up, all upset that I had the baby, but I told her what happened and she went to get clean clothes for it. I diapered and dressed the baby and she took it away again.

I went upstairs and an officer of the law was there and he said that the police from up north had a warrant out for me. He said that they probably just wanted to ask me some questions about something that happened up there. Meanwhile, he wrote down everything he said and everything I said which was practically nothing and the words he wrote were all in brilliant blue and when I looked closely at the, each word seemed to be encapsulated in a little blue tube of some kind.

I agreed I would talk to the authorities and answer any questions they might have. I walked through this house and it was a farm belonging to my in-laws from near Eau Claire. The women were all wondering where the men were. The men still had not arrived at the meeting house next door.

One of my sister-in-laws told me to call her, but I said that I not longer had her number because she had moved several times and she agreed that was true. I looked out the window towards the road and all the women were outside waiting for the men to arrive, so I went out to join them. Across the road, was a high, high, hill.


11-17-92 - MEDITATION - Q. "Will the teacher and I ever work together side by side on a project?
A. I saw a closed Atlas of maps fly off to the right.
I then saw a movie screen with a bunch of men training in the mud in the rain by themselves.  It reminded me of a P.O.W. camp.
I then saw a tall man dressed in a grey suit (similar to P.O.W. material). It wasn't a modern office suit. He came into the room and went over to a workbench by himself.


11-17-92 - DREAM - I was at A-C working second shift. I met a man from some Wine and Press Co I asked him how long he had been working there. He reminded me that he had been working for Wine & Press Co. I said, "Oh! I've been working here 2 years now and I worked her for 10 years the time before."  I asked him if he thought that they would add the two together for seniority. He said he thought they should.

I was walking down the aisle of a shop and a voice popped into my left ear. It was a man[s' voice and he was saying that a meeting was to be held at 8 p.m. in the evening and that he wanted just as many blue beeswax candles on the altar as the other kind.

The voice faded out and I went to my desk. I was given some rolled up blueprints that I had to mail out and a dark blue sweatshirt, a little boy's size 2 to deliver. It was written on a yellow buckslip, that I should deliver it to 1621 Archie Ave.  When I went outside, I was in Washington State in Sumner. I thought I knew where I was going, but I found myself in the alley of a bunch of houses and I knew it wasn't Archie St. I wondered if there was an Archie St. in Bonney Lake, but I didn't think so.

NOTE: The name Archibald means ' bold ' in two languages, but it Teutonic, it means ' holy prince'.

Interestingly enough the New Testament, thought first printed in 1614 was re-printed in 1621

The number 1621 in Strong's Concordance means : neck

The symbol of the neck in the Bible is really important in the Old Testament. Until the time of Jacob, the Israelites had a plurality of gods; from Jacob (Isra-El), it was El; and from Moses onwards, it was Jahwe, with a frequent falling-off to other mythical gods. The prophet, Eli, (El-i), falling over backwards and breaking his neck, is symbolically considered to be the demise of El as the God of Israel. When the Babylonians captured and removed the Israelites to Babylon, (Book of Esther), the Israelites felt that Jahwe, who saved them from the Egyptians, had lost his power. They then discarded him to a large extent: the final eight books of the Old Testament barely refer to him; some not at all. Jesus stepped into this vacuum, but was rejected by the Israelites.

That would fit the topic, but why was I in Washington State and what did it mean?  The blueprints make sense, because I had designed the buildings for the community, using blueprints from books I sent for from Washington State log housing companies because it was my strongest desire to return there.

What I just read about Jesus stepping into the vacuum brings up a whole new topic I hadn't even been able to analyze correctly it seems until just this moment.  I've had several really good dreams with vacuum cleaners in them, and to me it just meant 'cleaning' the house, but when the dream is about a vacuum cleaner specifically, one has to know that there is more to it than just 'cleaning'.

I recently had a dream in which I was vacuuming an apartment which ultimately turned out to be the apartment of IESOUS (Jesus).  Thus I had created the vacuum into which IESOUS (Jesus) could step.  That is an incredible thought when one thinks about it in depth.


11-18-92 - DREAM - There was a big argument going on over some project and the key answer was given in a puzzle near the top and the answer was ANSAVER.

It really should be written ansAver.  ansAver = 0 in a stack of statistical sum initialization.

DREAM - There was another argument going on over the same project and the key answer was given in another puzzle and the final answer was AVER.

1 a : to verify or prove to be true in pleading a cause

b : to allege or assert in pleading

2 : to declare positively


11-18-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, trying to put my life back together and everything had changed. My husband was getting ready for work and kept picking at a scab on this right cheek. It looked infected under it. I put my fingers on either side of it and there was a huge green puss boll under the skin over 1/2 an inch wide in diameter. I was able to get it to the surface, but didn't want to ouch it. It was so gross and pulling it out would have left a huge hole in his face.  He said he would take care of it himself and left.

I went out into the neighborhood and a huge orange sand dune was blowing in from the East (the opposite direction of normal wind flow). There was a huge orange cliff to the south and where an underground structure was, it appeared to be caving in. It looked very dangerous.

A political man came thru the neighborhood offering roses to people to vote for him. We all told him to get out of the neighborhood before we called the police. A black woman who was renting one of the houses and who had just move in was trying to defend him and we knew there was trouble ahead.

I looked over the whole thing and saw the huge orange sand dune beginning to cover the houses and all the green grass and verdant fields were covered over.

I went into the New Berlin house, getting ready to go to work while writing a letter to my cousin Jackie in California. I was telling her that we were getting along fine, but there was no passionate romance between us, only friends.


11-18-92 - DREAM - My daughter-in-law Becky called me on the phone. I saw myself in the mirror while we were talking. I had curly red hair, cut just below the ears and it looked kind of cute. Becky said she and Tom had a big fight and she packed her stuff and moved over to Marks attic. She had the lock hanged on the door so nobody could get in and had the phone installed. She took one of the cats wit her and she was getting along really good.

I was in my 16th St. house and Jim wanted to make love and I didn't want to be touched. One of the kids came along and interrupted and I was glad.

I then took my crocheting into the livingroom and put it on the chair next to him. He anted me to sit with my chair right up against his and he was happy. It irritated me to have to sit that close all the time. He was too possessive.


11-18-92 - DREAM - (About a friend's daughter)  A voice said, "I hear her voice in the Bahamas."  I wanted to see her future. It was cloudy almost up to eye level. Nothing could be seen. Everything was white. Then I saw her apartment. Everything was white. Her furniture was white wicker and everything was covered over with white sheets and all stacked against one wall like it was going to be painted. There was no color anywhere. Nancy stood in the middle of the room like a little girl, a doll in her right arm, and her index of her left hand in her mouth. It was pitiful.

NOTE: Honestly, this is what she is like even though she is an adult.


11-19-92 - DREAM - I was cleaning my house in New Berlin and I went outside. There was tremendous destruction all over the neighborhood. All the houses were broken and fallen shells. The street was a wide river and people, all disheveled, dirty, and bruised were floating down the river on air mattresses, boards, and whatever they could find that would float.

I had to go back into the house to do my work again and I was barefoot and walking in deep, wet sand. I tried not to take any into the house with me.

I went upstairs and my children were there getting ready for school. My son Ken came in dressed like a rebel, his shirt was tied up in a knot over his diaphragm like girls do in summer, his hair was long and unkempt. I thought I saw hickeys all over his neck, so I grabbed him by the arm and said, "Let me see your neck." He allowed me to look and under his hair on the back of his neck, he had little black leather patches sewn to his skin and design of green material glued right to the skin. I asked him what that was. He told me that the men in his group decorated himself like that for their women and that his leader said that he was doing really good for him.

I said, "it must take a lot of bravery to go through that much pain for a woman." He just smiled and I put my arms around him and hugged him. I said, "I'm proud of you for  being the best at what you are." I patted him on the back and held him for a moment and when I let go, I was looking right into his face, and he was a beautiful child and he was smiling because I had made him happy for saying I was proud of him.


11-19-92 - DREAM #1 - I was cleaning on the 6th level and when I was done I saw a square panel of 49 blue eyes.

DREAM #2 - I was cleaning on the 7th level and when I was done I saw a square panel of 49 light green eyes.

The Number 49

49 is 7 x 7, and signifies ultimate completion and perfection. If the Original Bible arrangement had been kept, we would have 49 books, and the Bible would be easily identified as God's Book.

The number 49 (7 x 7) is a tremendous number, for it compounds the idea of completion that we find in the number 7. This equation is found in the text of the Scriptures themselves: "And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years" (Leviticus. 25:8). Since this number is important to God, it is reasonable to assume that His Word and His Son are associated with the number 7.

The Bible itself states that the Word of God is a book of parables. The word "parable" is found 49 times.

In the two listings of the lineage of Jesus Christ, the manifestation 7 is displayed. The account given for us in Matthew, chapter one, lists 42 (6 x 7) generations from Abraham. The account given for us in Luke, chapter three, lists 77 generations from God Who created Adam, the first "son of God", to Jesus, the "true Son of God". Jesus' title of "Son of God", in its various forms is found 49 (7 x 7) times in the New Testament.

There is a two-word phrase that is used repeatedly in the Scriptures to describe the total authority and power of Almighty God, and it is the phrase, "most High". Truly, our God is the Most High God. He is given this title exactly 49 times in the Scriptures. Listed are the places this title is either mentioned in the 7th chapter, the 7th verse, or one of its multiples: Genesis 14:18-20, 22; Psalms 7:17, 21:7, 77:10; Isaiah 14:14; Daniel 7:18, 22, 25, 27; Hosea 7:16, 11:7; Mark 5:7; Acts 7:48; and Hebrews 7:1.

In keeping with the theme of Jesus and the number 5, which is the number for grace, we find that "Jesus" and "grace" are mentioned together in the same verse exactly 49 times.

It is through prayer that we confess our sins. In the Old Testament you will find the word "pray" a total of 245 (49 x 5) times

There are other phrases that the Scriptures associate with Christ and His Church. In Exodus 29:5, God calls His people a "peculiar treasure". The word "peculiar" is found 7 times and is always associated with God's special people. John 4:23 speaks of the "true worshippers". "Worshippers" is also found 7 times. Ephesians 2:10 tells that "we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus". The word "workmanship" is found 7 times. The Scriptures proclaim that we as the church are His witnesses, along with a great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1). The word "witnesses" is found exactly 49 (7 x 7) times in the King James Bible!

With the Hebrews, the 'elohim, sparks, and cherubs are the devas, and fires and flames, and the rishis, the rudras and the 49 agnis or fires. In the Chaldean Book of Numbers, the Worker's Hammer strikes sparks from the flint (space), which become worlds. The sparks are the seven wicks of the divine flame. Terrestrial creative and generative fire are created by friction, and this is the analog of the celestial fire latent in, the union of buddhi and manas.

Spark, Sacred Used in the Stanzas of Dzyan in reference to the early history of the human race, and particularly to its intellectual evolution. It means the manas principle, which was awakened in man on this globe by the manasaputras at about the midpoint of the third root-race. The fashioners of astral and physical man, the barhishad pitris, had brought the physical human being in evolutionary development to the point where mind could be contained and function therein: beings from an intellectual line of cosmic evolution, the manasaputras, awakened the intellectual spark in early humanity, and man thereafter became a reasoning, thinking, and intellectually and morally responsible entity.

The 'Three Fires,' Pavaka, Pavamana, and Suchi, who had forty-five sons, who, with their three fathers and their Father Agni, constitute the 49 fires. Pavamana (fire produced by friction) is the parent of the fire of the Asuras; Suchi (Solar fire) is the parent of the fire of the gods; and Pavaka (electric fire) is the father of the fire of the Pitris. But this is an explanation on the material and the terrestrial plane. The flames are evanescent and only periodical; the fires – eternal in their triple unity. They correspond to the four lower, and the three higher human principles.

Some races are said to be devoid of the sacred spark, for they are still relatively unenlightened. Yet this condition is not radical but evolutionary only, for even these portions of the human race have intellect latent, though not evoked; indeed this last remark applies with equal truth to all the lower kingdoms of nature -- the animal, the vegetable, and the mineral.

It is in reality the Higher Ego which is, You must pass through or really so to speak, punished and suffers. This is the become the Seven Realms and 49 Aspects true crucifixion of The Christos. This is the of Consciousness itself. Exoterically, most abstruse but yet the most important H.P.B. states that one symbol of this is: The mystery of Occultism. Rod of Brahma, the seven knotted wand carried by the ascetic yogis.

The Sacred Fire\Wisdom purifies the living truth. lower manas (Red Rose) and then transforms it to Higher Manas (White Rose) It is the teaching of the Veda, that the including Buddhi and Atma.

See also 49 levels of Consciousness


DREAM #3 - I was cleaning on some level, I thought it was New Berlin, but yet at the end it wasn't. One wall of the room was all hung with small pictures of Jesus.

A woman, who was a school teacher came in and with her, she brought a man. She introduced him as her friend and told me that he sold wall hangings. I showed him my wall and my son Mike had hung a huge dark blue velvet picture over mine.  Jesus was on the right, but on the left was a huge section of just blue sky. I told the man I was looking for something I could put into that space.

He went through his bundle of wall hangings and unrolled one of a beautiful maiden with a ring of flowers around her neck. He said, "Get this one, It's Mary Magdalen and that's you."

I looked at it, and it was pretty, but a small one above it rolled down over it. It was gold embroidered panel with just the word 'Jesus' on it. I said, "That's the one I want. I'll put it in the blue space on the big picture.

He looked at me and said, "I didn't think you still had that in you." Then he said he would get that wall hanging for me. He got up to leave and he asked me, "Are you having sex with anyone now?" I said, "No!" surprised that he asked. Then he said, "Then save yourself for me because I'm coming back." He smiled and waved and was gone down the hall of the school building.

NOTE: I never revealed the previous dream to anyone because I was rather embarrassed to say to people that I was Mary Magdalen. She had a reputation as being a 'bad' woman, who then changed to Jesus ' friend' after he saved her from being stoned to death. It wasn't something I wanted to admit to because of what they would have said about me personally to begin with.  However, after studying who Mary Magdalen was over a number of years, I came to find out that outside of the Bible, people had a high regard for her. Not only as a woman, but for her intellectual understanding of what Jesus taught, and the fact that she actually married Jesus and bore him children and was his wife for life.

Since I had this dream, I've actually met 6 other women who claim to be Mary Magdalen. That seems really strange to me that so many other people can claim such a thing, so somebody must be wrong.  However, I've heard other explain that one person does not necessarily have just one spirit in them, that several spirits can energize one body. That remains to be proven.


11-19-92 - DREAM - I was in a dormitory with a lot of women and they were all different sizes and shapes. They were all getting ready for bed and as they did, someone said, "Everyone is different, but each one can be beautiful just as she is."  I looked at them now and each one looked beautiful as they lay on their cots.

One woman, in the next bed over, I related to very well because she was built a lot like me. She reached over and touched the head of a clown doll I had with me, but then I looked again and he had become a full size grown man only with a clown face and I realized that I was the only one who had a man to sleep with.

11-20-92 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house with my daughter. A lot of the neighbors were moving out. We were planning on moving out too, but we didn't want anyone else to know about it, so we were doing our inquiries by mail. We knew that the mailman could deliver a lot of mail and the neighbors would have no way of knowing what we were doing until we actually left.

I picked up a newspaper and looked at the categories across the to of the page and their numbers. Artists was #114. We needed 'Real Estate" and I thought the number '259'.

My daughter had a page in the newspaper with a lot of business cards and notes attached to it and I told her that we'd put a red X thru the ones we weren't interested in.

She immediately drew 3 red X's down one column and saw that they were in empty spaces between sections of the column.


11-21-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and there must have been some illness because a healing was performed and then a Quark took place which was a spiral, spinning inward. After that remodeling began to take place and I got very ambitious to want to start painting. I could see an addition on top of the house had been started and I got quite anxious to get on with it and complete it.

NOTE: The perennial philosophy of mystics who say, "all is one; we are all one, and I am one, the universe is one," This fits totally with the concepts of the 49 levels of consciousness. There are many eyes and ears observing what is going on, far more than the number of bodies. (one)  We all are a number of eyes and ears, and the outer mind may be totally oblivious to this.

At some point most of us reach a stage, midlife, where we begin to realize that that doesn't bring us into the fulfillment, that there's something lacking, and this is where we have to pass through if we're going to enter, let's say, mystical paths or spiritual paths. It may take the form then of the surrender of the ego. It's like the subatomic quark in the molecule and the cell and the hair. Within each individual is Organ Consciousness particularly of those organs, as the stomach, the liver, the heart, the lungs. Each of these is a living being Within you, a complete realm Within your existence. Going deeper - into that second level of reality, is to go directly to organic workings, to that Tissue. And, Within the tissues, you do have your feelings and you do have understandings. The Cells are smaller kingdoms within you and have their own consciousness. within. In the Molecule we come unto the Fifth Reality, reality of Atom. And there we see a whole Solar System. This is the electronic, magnetic, vibratory level of your being. It is where you chose who you are. Going into that Sixth Level of your being, you may perceive the particles-- electrons, neutrons, protons - and Within them, the Quark.

As I was waking up, I had a vision of a letterhead title which said, "Royal Crown Work slowdown".


11-22-92 - DREAM - I was driving a purple car into a grocery store parking lot and three other purple cars were ahead of me in line. I saw I.R. driving a brand new black car coming to of the driveway. as he slowed down, he skewed over and bumped into the purple car ahead of me. The man, dressed all in grey, got out of his car to see if there was any damage to the cars and when he did, I.R. backed up his car and then drove forward again, supposedly to test the brakes, but he deliberately drove the car into the backs of the man's knees so he almost fell.

We all got upset at I.R.'s actions and I hollered at him, "What's the matter with you, are you trying to get yourself killed." If that man was anyone else, you'd be dead right now."

(I.R. had a dream about me that I was a young and thin and beautiful. He said he almost didn't recognize me.)  He came over to see if I was still myself. (I had actually started a diet two days before)

11-22-92 - DREAM - I was in a house, just getting up in the morning. I had been sleeping with a young man, but I don't know who he was. He got up and made himself some scrambled eggs and started eating them and I came slowly ambling out to the kitchen and told him that I had decided how to have my hair cut, that it would still be long, but tapered on the sides.  He said it would look like a bush. I said that it wouldn't because I didn't have that much hair.

He went over to use the phone, and said to me, "I can hardly wait until you get your scholarship for school."

I couldn't think of any scholarship that I had applied for. Then I remembered there was an organization called 'women to Women' and they offered scholarships of $3,600 for each semester and I went to the phone book to look up their number so I could apply for it.

He handed me the phone because a call had clicked in. It was the A.Security line and a black woman was trying to tell me where her car was parked, but she couldn't get the number out right . I woke up and the real phone DID ring.

NOTE: I never checked this out, but in the year 2001, there are 13,000 places that offer women's scholarships along these same lines.


11-22-92 - MEDITATION - I found myself in a long green tunnel and saw a beautiful woman dressed in green. She greeted me, then went over and sat on a bench with another woman. I tried to stay and see what was going on, but it faded.


11-23-92 - MEDITATION - I saw Bill Clinton sitting across the table from an Arab dress in robes. A voice said, "He is one of those male chauvinist people." At that, Clinton and the Arab got up and walk out of the room together.


11-26-92 - DREAM - I think I was in New Berlin. We turned our house into a bed and breakfast business. We obviously used the house ourselves when there was no business, because I was concerned whether I had put clean sheets on the bed that my son Ken had slept in and figured they'd probably sleep in one of the other rooms anyway.  

There was a dining area in the center, facing south, overlooking the valley and a bathroom on each end. We obviously were having our first overnight guests because we were just figuring out a fee when the guests came in. $79 a night, including breakfast. Other meals were extra. Then I took little pieces of pink paper to write out signs like, "No after hours drinking' and "No smoking in bed," etc.

My daughter-in-law's friend Mary Ann was there in the office with us and I was going to ask her the next day if she wanted to work 11 to 2 to help remake beds and clean and I was going to pay her $20.


11-26-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin.  G.H. showed up. Id didn't want anyone to know we still loved each other after all these years and when nobody was looking, we held hands and looked adoringly into each other's eyes and I would rest my cheek on his arm just so I could feel his skin close to mine.

We were going to drive him to some intersecting and then he was going to take a bus to Green Bay. It  took me a long time to get myself ready so we could get in the car and leave. (I think it was a black car but I'm not sure)


11-26-92 - DREAM - I was driving my big blue truck north on 16th St. towards home. I was carrying a heavy pink box on my left that kept tilting left so I turned it carefully around so it tilted to the right and that it made it easier to steer the truck so it didn't have a tendency to bump into parked trucks on the left. I still was driving real close to them like the older man ahead of me was, but didn't quite touch them.

When I got home, I discovered that the garage was being rebuilt so I parked on the grass and when I got out of the truck, all that could be seen was a yellow band sticking up like the rim of a bicycle. It was real bright and I hoped that no one would steal it.

I went inside and my house was my apartment building. I went to the office and dealt with some problems there satisfactorily with tenants. I saw that Marilyn and Chuck were there shoveling snow, but I hadn't seen them come in and figured I must have fallen asleep and they didn't disturb me.

I then went to my apartment and fixed dinner for myself and then set about cleaning the place very happily and ambitiously. My sister-in-law Tracy was there with both her boys and cooked their dinner later and ate something different then I did. Then while she was doing that, I was doing my hand laundry washing out my pink sweater.


11-27-92 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house watching some women in the valley and how they behaved. Two black women ere harvesting hay and three white women were walking around talking. They had so much hair they looked like they had big heads. I didn't want to be like them.

I was told by a woman in my house, it was either my mother or a visiting woman that I would be getting a phone call from someone who would ask me to pray for their little girl. It was someone who was in the hospital and was Catholic.

I wondered if I was qualified, I was not a professional teacher, nor had I taught any C.D. Classes, but I had been baptized and confirmed Catholic when I was 18, and though I hadn't stayed with that church,  I had also been baptized in the Lutheran church at birth, and later taught Sunday School in the Lutheran church, and I could be comfortable saying Catholic prayers, if necessary.

I told the person I would await the call.

I went through a couple rooms. In one, a girl who I knew well, but can't name now was telling me about her wardrobe and showed me her 21 piece suit. It had various pieces of mix and match of green, blue, white, some solid, some plaid.

I, myself was wearing a solid green dress, a lighter shade. In the next room was my Father and a man I liked very much whom I wanted to impress. I especially wanted him to know how well I got along with my Father. My Father was pleased with me, and that pleased me too.

NOTE: I wonder if that man was Joe.


11-28-92 - DREAM - I went to a place and bought a bright red washing machine for my personal use. I wondered what my boss (Paul) would think when he got the bill. I told the clerk that I would be back next month to buy the matching dryer.

In the same place, I cleaned the junk food out of the refrigerator. I had already cleaned the entire basement and I really didn't want to make another special trip to the dumpster just for this one last box of trash. I tried to get someone else to do it for me, but nobody else wanted to either.

A salesman called me over to discuss a piece of paper , an invoice or something. He tried to point out nasty words printed along the edge of the paper. I told him that I couldn't see them. With great concentration, I finally made out the tiny words, but I wouldn't admit to him that I saw them. I just wanted to get away from him as soon as I could.

He was in the process of giving me a set of keys to a locker in the basement. I told him, "Lock it up will you please?" and took off running away from him. I grabbed the box of trash to throw it away. I had a huge ring of keys in my hand and had several other keys on a ring in my bra in front. I pulled those keys out, looked at them, acknowledging their presence and put them back.

I took my big ring of keys, threw the trash away, and ran for my car which was across the alley. It was a convertible. I jumped over the back into the back seat. My best friend Barbara was suddenly in the front seat to drive.

I gave her the keys to drive and told her to step on it and get away quick, but she didn't. I screamed at her, "How dare you do something other than what I want with my own car?"  I jumped into the front seat and took off to get away from the evil-minded man as quick as I could.

(I somehow knew that my so-called best friend, was a part of myself and I couldn't let her take control if it was in opposition to what I wanted to do.)


11-29-92 - DREAM - I was taking a tour of a school with the new students of a school when a teacher found out that 4 of us had the flu. She immediately sent all 4 of us to an infirmary to , to isolate us from the rest of the students. All 4 of us were to sleep in the same bed until we were well.

The bad part was, we weren't allowed to start our classes and the guy next to me had already bought all his books and his class had a one grade test. It was either pass or fail.

Since his name would be stricken from the class roster, it left room for one student and he suggested that we trade classes. I'd take his and he would take mine.

I thought that was good idea basically, but I wanted to know what kind of class it was. He said, "Art!"

I didn't know the firs thing about art and visualized myself painting a simple yellow road up and down on a easel and the judge remarking, "What simplicity!" and giving it the highest grade possible for it.

The guy grinned at me. He had blue pearlescent teeth and blue eyes. "Would you go for it?"  I thought it might be a clever idea.


11-29-92 - DREAM - I had just moved into a different house somewhere in a big city at the top of a hill. I could see the city lights way down in the valley. It hadn't been painted or decorated by the owners. I was going to do this myself.

T.M. said he was going to come over and look at it to see how suitable it was for me.

When he arrived I was wearing a full length negligee in light pink, almost white.

To my surprise, he brought his wife along. She walked about looking at things and commenting on the lack of decor, talking as loudly as her voice would go.

T.M. took off his clothes and put on pajamas and a thin dressing gown, totally ignoring his wife. We lay down on opposite ends of the couch.

T.M. went promptly to sleep and I was content just to have him in the house even if he was sleeping.

His wife continued going around the house, looking at all the rooms, talking as loudly as possible the whole time,a bout things that had nothing to do with anything, just nonsense stuff.

She made me very nervous and I got up off the couch to try to be friends with her as long as she was there. I went to put different clothes on to be more appropriate, but T.M. came over and put his new gold watch on my right arm. He said, "Here! Take this for the energies."

His wife went to the stove to start cooking dinner. The stove was immense, large enough to cook for a crowd, with a big restaurant size grill on the top. She rolled chicken part sin flour and then put them on the grill to cook. She had the flame at full blast and the flour immediately started to burn. She was oblivious to the danger and I ran to get hot pads to turn the burners down. Before I could find them, she put her hands right through the flames and turned the stove off. It didn't bother her a bit.

There were other people in the house now, supposedly old relatives come to see the house, but I didn't know any of them, but T.M.s wife did.

There were so many children in the house now, and they were all mine. They played games quietly and I held some and talked to some.

Meanwhile, T.M.s wife carried on, and talking nonsense tirades against everything. Occasionally, she would quiet down and seem almost normal, then all of a sudden, raise her voice. Then at one point, she picked up a knife, looked right into my eyes, and said, "I'm going to kill you."

T.M. distracted her and she changed the subject and carried on about something else, completely forgetting about me. As soon as I could, when she started wandering around again, attempting to decorate my walls with antique pictures, I got T.M. aside and whispered, "Get her out of here." Then I thought, "No wonder he was afraid to leave her. She's crazy!"

First, he went to the closet and got me a white mumu type robe to put on with big roses on it. I noticed as soon as I had it on, the watch was gone, but the marks were still on my arm.  He had used the opportunity for being close to me to remove the watch.

His wife was now back in the kitchen, putting up pictures. She took down the antique grandfather painting and took two little matching silver clocks with triangle shape frames and nailed them, face to the wall over the spot where the painting had been.

I was now at the back door and the dinner guests were leaving and thanking me for inviting them. There were so many of them, Is aid out loud quietly, "Where did all these people come from" Are they just coming in the front door and going out the back?"

T.M.'s wife said, "No! They've been here the whole time. You just didn't see them because you had your mind on other things." She came up to ema nd said, "I think you're crazy, the way you keep moving your hands around and clutching your gown together at the throat. You act so nervous!"

(An understatement to say the least)

She walked out the side door to inspect the yard and make more loud pronouncements about my garden.

Then her mother came up to me and said, "You have to forgive her. She doesn't know what she's doing."

I looked out the window at her, just glad to have her out of the house.

I went back to the front room and T.M. was there, bent over some kind of table with his arms outstretched. Over him was a white priests robe, all embroidered in gold on the back. It was gorgeous. there was another man with him who obviously was a tailor. He had a measuring tape and measured T.M.'s right arm, but didn't stop at the edge of the material, but measured all the way to the wall of the livingroom.

I thought to myself, "It looked like he's being measured for a crucifix."

I lay down on the couch again, with all the children gathered around me. I looked at the house. It was immense in size, but the walls had dark streaks here and there and there were no rugs on the floor.

I thought to myself, "People say I should have gotten a smaller house but people don't know all I have to do and how many children I have to take care of.  I could see down a long hallway towards another livingroom. It was painted white and had dark blue furniture in it.

I said to myself, "I don't mind that the landlord didn't do anything in here before I came, because i can do al the painting and decorating myself and I'm going to do it all in pure white."