11-2-93 - DREAM - I was living on 16th St. and planned to go on vacation. I wanted to leave on the 21st. I thought about going with I.R. because I.R. was willing to marry me, but a guy names Jim who I used to date in high school wanted to go with me. However, he couldn't marry me because he had to get permission from his mother. The other problem was, he wanted to go north, and I wanted to go south.


11-2-93 - DREAM - I was living in 20th St. school and had made major changes to my living quarters to stay, but suddenly decided to move. Becky was in the closet packing stuff. I was being interfered with in various ways, by workmen needing instructions, by people wanting to look at my place for themselves, by kids from outside who shouldn't have been there. I had an entire maroon livingroom set in a room the new lady needed for a bedroom. I also had a beige livingroom set and drapes that were being drycleaned. The closets were jammed with toys for kids I had collected and just a lot of stuff. I knew I needed to get in there and start getting rid of stuff because I couldn't take all that with me.

I was wearing an orange size 16 dress suit and needed to change clothes before getting down to work, but then had to confront some kids who didn't belong there. I offered them some freshly baked cookies and they were happy. They grabbed some and headed for the front door. The oldest teenage boy wasn't buying the cookie ploy so I took him by the arm and suggested that he and I go outside and share a cigarette just to get him out of the building.

Then I came back inside. I went upstairs to the 4th floor, then remembered that some drycleaned drapes should have been delivered to see if they had arrived and only part of the shipment had come in. I asked Tom (my son) if he would mind getting them for me. I knew I had to start packing to move.


11-4-93 - DREAM - I had three dreams about prolapse of my intestines so that when I went to the bathroom, my intestines started to come out. A doctor took me to the hospital for surgery.

In the last dream, while I was trying to go to the bathroom, my painter Bob was trying to stab me in the forehead with a sharp stick and I had to call for Joe the maintenance man to get him away from me.


11-4-93 - DREAM - I was laying on the ground with a man who loved me. We were on the grass on 11th St. on the north side of center St. I could see North Division High school south of us and there was a park between 11th and 12th St. We had gone there to enjoy the fresh air. First we were laying side by side, then he laid on top of me, then I was on top of him. It was all very pleasant.

A little girl came along with no diaper on. She got ahold of my pills and half of a yellow estrogen pill fell into the street. I knew the little girl couldn't have it, so I smashed it into powder on the street. It swelled up into a three inch white block and I said, "Oh! That's what happened when you take the pill." The little girl said her mother wouldn't help her with her diaper so I took the little girl home. They were very poor. The mother was an artist. She was in bed sleeping while the little girl played outside alone. I saw that the mother had gotten the girls some big toys, but there was no furniture, or clothes or food. We stayed there and cleaned up the place and dressed the girls who lived there. All this while the mother was in the bedroom sleeping.


11-5-93 - DREAM - I was in my West Allis house on 66th St.. I was just moving back in and needed to see if we had any mail in the mailbox. I checked at the back door downstairs, then went back upstairs to the apartment. Afterwards, I could not recall if I had actually check the box. However, by this time we suspected that there was a monster of some kind living in the basement. There was a man named Richard there and I asked him to go check and see if there was any mail because I was afraid to go back down the back steps. At this point a man named David was there and so was Gene H.  I was laying on the floor between them. Gene was on my left and David on the right. Gene leaned over towards me and started kissing me gently for a long time. While he was doing it, I thought about what David might be thinking about my actions, because I was enjoying it, I did not pull away. Then Gene made some moves on me that I liked a lot and at this point I didn't care what David thought and I did not resist. I woke up still feeling these good feeling and wanting to get back into the dream.

As I was laying awake, wanting to get back into the dream, I raised my vibrations. I heard a woman's voice say, "I am _______, " and I replied, "My name is Teri Hoffman."


11-5-93 - DREAM - I was asked to set up phone lines for people that had yearly dates from 1977 to 1993. Each line had a different sound and I heard them in my left ear, for giving out awards.


11-6-93 - DREAM - I was packing to move and Gene H. came, took me into his arms and kissed me. I was overwhelmed at the feelings of love that were still there. He made some comment about the place I was going to move to and then told me that I was going to move in with him instead.

Later on, I was the driver of a bus going to a health facility,in charge of getting a list of people who needed treatment, what kind of illness and scheduling them. I recognized all these people as people I knew.


11-8-93 - DREAM - I was working for a woman who had an accent. I had completed everything I was supposed to do, so I packed up all the newspapers and material I had in a large brown valise and boarded a bus which I thought went west. I was riding along feeling good and enjoying the ride when we went up a long hill which I recognized because I had gone that way before and I realized I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I asked the driver where wee were and he said 55th and Hampton. Now I knew I was on the wrong bus because I had gone northwest instead of west. To get where I wanted to end up, I would have to transfer to a bus that went southwest or stay on the bus until it went back to where it had begun it's trip. I didn't want to transfer to a strange bus on a strange route, so I stayed on it for the return ride.

Now, I was back where I started and took the valise back into the house. While the scene took place, I had a radio like for the locksmith I work for that you could talk into and get answers and they were talking to me and telling me what to do, but I couldn't make out what they were saying because I wasn't concentrating on just them because there was so much other activities going on.

The woman I worked for gave me an award for completing my work, but she said she hadn't been able to give it to me sooner because I hadn't reported in.  She looked at the valise I was carrying which had all the material in. A male friend of mine was supposed to have compiled all the information and come up with a final report and he hadn't done it.  His excuse was that he had used the time to listen to a baseball game and he didn't know what the outcome of doing the work was,  so he didn't do it without knowing the results ahead of time.

I knew I to start the bus trip all over again and leave this woman with the accent, but my daughter wasn't read to travel. I wanted her to have clean, dry underwear and her socks and shoes on, and she couldn't find any of that. So, I spent a great deal of time looking for that and not finding it. Finally, I was exasperated and told her, we're going, read or not, you'll just have to go naked.


11-10-93 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house with my husband. I looked out the window and a huge black thundercloud came out of the north. It was thundering and lightning and got blacker and blacker. The wind was blowing harder than anything I had ever seen before. The trees bent almost doubled over, yet a man building a new house across the street wasn't affected at all. I looked up at the top of the hill where there was a huge barn. Someone up there opened a side door and whatever was in it came avalanching down the hill. I got scared that it would carry the house off it's foundation. The stuff completely covered the low spots until the hill was just one big slide of rubble. I said there was only one word for it and it was 'grandeur'. I ran out the back door and across to Anderson's house to get a better perspective on what had just happened. They hadn't noticed it and weren't really interested. I went out their front door and walked back to my house to call Becky. I first dialed our own New Berlin phone number and realizing that wasn't correct, dialed another number. While I was still dialing, trying to remember Becky's number, she came on the line and when I told her about the incident, her interest was only aroused to the extent that she wouldn't be blamed for it.


11-10-93 - DREAM - I was walking along a street looking at a church, when I heard a voice of a man off to my left. I couldn't understand what he was saying, but I finally spotted him off in the wilderness. When he saw me, he came running wildly down a narrow path towards me with an ass in front of him. Another man was running up the hill to defend us followed by a donkey and an elephant. He put off the man long enough to give us time to run back down the hill and take refuge. We had nothing to build a house with, so we waylayed a man coming down the hill on a donkey. He had huge green packages on his head and on the donkey's back. I began to hit the man with a big grey sack and knocked the man off his donkey. The packages were full of food, butter, eggs, milk, cheese, bread. I knew then that we wouldn't starve and we set up housekeeping with what we got from him.


11-12-93 - DREAM - I was out in the country and watched a man take off in a small airplane and come down again on a big lake as a boat and water ski. We were amazed. I was with Tom and Becky at the time. I had seen the man before and knew how he did it. I took Tom and Becky to the lake and surprised them because I could walk on water. I then took them out on the lake and we were all walking on the water. They wanted to know how it was being done. I saw there was a gigantic baby blanket just under the water. I told them we were being upheld. We crossed the lake and the man with the boat was there standing waist deep in the water. I wondered why he was waist deep and I was on top of the water. I saw that he wasn't on the baby blanket, he was off the edge. I looked into the water there and saw there was a deep drop off. The water was clear and I could see so far down. I knew I couldn't walk on the water where I wasn't being upheld, so I turned around and walked back across the lake on the baby blanket and was upheld all the way.


11-12-93 - DREAM - I was in a huge high school auditorium where we gave out awards to the girls there. A huge pink banner hung from the ceiling and I took a big shears and cut souvenir strips for the girls to take home. They told me, "from the material left, we want you to make yourself a dress."  I thanked them and saw that there were 4 layers of material sandwiched together, 2 layers solid and 2 layers of lace between. It was beautiful and knew it would make a gorgeous dress. As I finished giving out the awards and they gave me the banner to make the dress with, someone said, "Win! Be thin!"


11-15-93 - DREAM - I was doing a Tarot card layout and the energy from my fingers flipped the cards over without touching them, just by a little movement of my hand near them. There was a little ceramic fish knickknack there and I amazed my mother by making the fish do flips and float in the air and move from place to place by moving my fingers in the air towards. The energy from my fingers made it move.

I went over to the wall where a job resume hung on the wall. The writing on the paper was a little light to read at a distance so I waved my fingers toward it and the energy from my fingers made the writing get darker. I wanted to highlight a few things on it, so another wave of my fingers made the areas go highlighted yellow in those areas. Another wave of my fingers made the editors comments show up on it. Another wave made the papers flip over so we could read the back side of the paper. Another wave of my hand made the print go back to normal. I wondered to myself if the wall had been magnetized.

I took the resume then and planned to show it to my son Bill when he arrived.

When Bill arrived, he spent time with my maintenance man Joe and was given a tour of the building. He was supposed to do some work.  I told him to take his time because it takes several days to learn the layout of the building.

I went upstairs to my own apartment then. My apartment was so big, I had several rooms that had no furnishings at all, I used them as hallways.  I had to go to work then. I knew it was almost 3 p.m. I thought to myself. Well! Better late than never.


11-17-93 - VISION - I saw a pure crystal triangle in bright red. A voice said, "If you are looking to become a sage, you will find it in Lottingrad." (Leningrad?) Then the triangle became 3 red triangles, then the triangles became part of 3 red rectangles standing on end.


11-28-93 - DREAM - I was in an apartment. Becky was in the next room. I could hear babies crying in the apartments on both sides of me. I wondered how their neighbors like the crying babies because we never had infants in the building before. I went next door where a doctor lived to see why his baby was crying so much. The babies clothes were wet up to his neck and his diaper hadn't been changed in a long time.

I had two diapers and I donated them to the care of the baby and when the doctor came in I gave him a bad time about the care of his baby.

Becky said she needed something to eat. I volunteered to get her something which meant I had to go out in the cold dark night to the store. My ex-husband Jim volunteered to take me and I accepted his offer. We rushed to the store in the car. I was grateful for the ride but in my hurry, I forgot to take my wallet or checkbook to pay for the food and more diapers.

I found a $20 bill in my purse and offered it to Jim to pay for the goods. He took it reluctantly because it was way more than the cost of the items I bought.

We left the store then. Outside, we met a woman with white hair, wearing a pink dress. She was older than I, spoke with an English accent. She said she was going to her church for a special service and poetry reading and asked if we'd like to go along. I agreed reluctantly.

We came to an old dilapidated building. We went in a narrow door and climbed some incredibly narrow, steep steps with great difficulty. We finally came out on top in what I thought was the balcony. I had been hearing the congregation singing Christian songs all the time.

We came out at the back of the church which sloped down steeply towards the front. The minister was just beginning to preach when we came in and he waited for us to be seated before he started.

I tried to follow my ex-husband's lead but he couldn't find two seats together. All the while he was hunting for a place to sit down, he was hollering at the preacher that he better not tell him that he was the world's greatest sinner.

Meanwhile, while my ex-husband found a seat on the left towards the back, the only seat that I fit in was way down front on the right all by myself.

The preacher was amused at my husband's denial of sin and the preacher told my husband that he was the "Keeper of the Last Trump" that loosed the sky that caused a great flood to roll over a third of the earth.

I sat there waiting for the preacher to ask if I was saved and I planned to raise my hand towards Heaven and say, "Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, I am saved!"

So, when he turned towards me after the pronouncement of what my ex-husband was, I had a Cheshire cat grin on my face, waiting for the preacher's big question. And he said, "And for you, Missy, the great mystical psychic.... "

I was pleased that he realized who I was and grinned more.

He went on, "'re a lover of food for your pleasure."

I knew he was right and waiting for him to pronounce more of my sins.

I had had a vision of the sky falling, washing over a single white dove in the sky and washing floods of red blood ahead of it as the preacher had spoken.  And now he announced to everyone, "You are the keeper of the 7 Trumpets."

Knowing this was in the book of Revelation, I was shocked and my mind rushed through my memory of what the 7 Trumpets were and realized that the first one had not yet been blown.

And I woke up.