11-4-94 - DREAM - I was part of an organization and we were going to go on a stage to put on a radio broadcast to the public. The man who was going to be speaking for us was so poor that his pants were threadbare where he sat down.

A philanthropist donated clothing for him to wear. Another male member of the group also was so poor that the back of his pants were threadbare also and he too benefitted from the clothing that was donated.

A person who joined the group seemed real ordinary but when he became part of it, he turned into a fish and I kept him in a fish tank in the house.


11-11-94 - EXPERIENCE - I was watching the Sun Bear tape of the Earthchanges and could not keep my eyes open at the end. So, I closed my eyes to listen to the prophecies. The tape needed in mid-sentence just as he was going to go into future prophecies. So I knew there were more prophecies to come.

I still had my eyes closed and saw a video tape box. I opened the box in the vision and saw two tapes inside. I took one of those tapes and put it into the vision's VCR to watch it.

Extraneous noises pulled me out of the trance at that point.  (Darn!)


11-11-94 - MEDITATION - I called Babaji and Sri Terrenciji and we put the tapes and VCR into a vault and locked the door so no one else can tamper with the tapes.


11-11-94 - DREAM - This was about budgeting my money.


11-11-94 - MEDITATION - I was seeing wild animals in cages let loose on the 10th level.


11-19-94 - DREAM - I was with some people in a strange town and we had to travel from one place to another. There was a young man with us who seemed very negative and I felt apprehensive about him. He had a red sports car and he seemed like an angry young man. He drove ahead of us and crashed his car into something at  a corner. HIs car turned into a million small particles like sand. He was told to clean up the mess so no one would get hurt. Immediately beyond where his car crashed were deep drifts of snow and it was extremely cold. The other men with us had to clear the snow so we could proceed forward. I decided to help also, but it was so cold and the snow as so deep that I was very ineffective with no tools. the other men had to work to clear an area that contained a drain of some kind and while they did, I went inside a large cave or garage that was behind them.

The young man followed me and I became even more apprehensive. I knew he was going to do something I was going to be afraid of.

He picked up what appeared to be a brick, but i didn't know for sure what it was. He came behind me and raised his hands over my head. He held the brick over my head with his right hand and held his left hand next to my left ear. An electrical field began running through me, paralyzing me, and at the same time changed the vibrations of my brain so I knew I was going to have a vision.

Immediately, 3 panels of glass came down in front of me and on them appeared writing that I knew was describing who I was in Biblical times.

I knew that this vision was for 'his' benefit because he wanted to know who I was. I began to read it, but it wasn't clear to me in memory respects. I saw my name. It was Mary ___ . I thought it was like NY ____ but I could be wrong. Seeing this information seemed to anger him and he said, "At least 'you' know what your last name is." At that moment I was aware that his anger stemmed from 'his' not knowing who he really was.

Then something appeared that referred to a job opportunity.

Then Bonnie's face appeared and I knew it was her but at some other time period and she had short cropped light brown hair. she said "Sometimes a job is not 'just' a job."  To emphasize what she said, it seemed the scene repeated itself like on Star Wars where Princess Leah keeps repeating the same thing in a hologram and she said again ... "Sometimes a job is 'not just' a job."

I knew that she meant that the job was the instrument to put me in a particular place at a particular time to do something for someone else.

And I woke up.


11-19-94 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St house and my husband Jim was getting raedy to go to work at Ampco Metals. It was a new Management position. His old friend Chester Szortyka came to get him. (Chet died 5 or 6 years ago. He had white hair and a white beard) My husband said he was very nervous.

For some reason I decided to go along for the ride. We were in the right lane, planning to make a right turn at the corner. A huge yellow semi-truck came along on the left and cut us off so he could make a right turn.  But we hand't dlowed down when he passed so we were in his blind spot. As the truck pulled right, all we could do was move over as far right as we could but we got squiashed between the yellow truck and the wall on our right. We were scraping along between the two and the car was starting to crush. We stopped just as the truck reached the corner - 1/2 crushed between the truck and the wall.


11-19-94 - MEDITATION - As I was raising my vibrations Bonnie (from Antioch) was with me and I was told she was my sister.


11-2-94 - DREAM - 




11-21-94 - MEDIATION - I was in a huge house. A friend of mine said she thought my room was better than hers. We were in a large livingroom type area at the time. I waslked through a door into the bedroom which was roomy, bu tnot over large.

I then went back out to the living area and went down a wide stairway to the lower level. I pushed open some louvered doors and saw the bathroom. There were stalls in it like at a theatre. Next to that was another room with showers and lockers.

Off to the right, I went through another set of swinging doors and there was a huge exercise room. There was a weight room and other exercise equipment, a pool, a place to play basketball, everything one could wish to do was down there. There were old men there at the time.