11-3-95 - MEDITATION - I was watching a tape by Drunvalo Melchizaedek. In the meditation I raised a visualized three inch ball of light from the base chakra, chakra by chakra up to the Pineal gland.

At that level, I created a sphere by sending energy out in 8 different directions and then creating the sphere by connecting the points. When spehere #1 was done, I created a second sphere that  half overlapped the lst one.

At that point I felt that I was at a point that was listing to the left and was tipping over. That tipping feeling occurred so quickly, in the physical, I thought I was falling over, I actually had to move my left foot over to catch myself.

After I did, someone handed me a bunch of grapes and laid them on the surface of the sphere. I was told to create a third circle after I visualized my right eyeball lying on the surface of the first circle and looking over the surface of the sphere.

After the third sphere was created, a man appeared who was smiling at me.

At that point the meditation ended.


11-3-95 - DREAM - I was on the computer and searching for a way to contact Drunvalo Melchizedek so I could tell him of the meditation experience.

I clicked on a space and was connected to a service that gave messages from person to person. One woman's name was given and they were going to give out her address. Then they said it was Hitler's niece twice removed.

I quickly objected that they should not give out her address for her own protection.


11/3/95 - DREAM - I was in the State of Washington, standing on the Pacific shore. I heard that it was December 1st. It was raining really hard and I said, "It is starting now", and the soil began washing off the land and going down into the water. I stood there and watched while it rained even harder and watched the soil begin to wash out from u nder the houses and even the houses began to wash down the hill into the sea.


11-17-95 - DREAM - Just before I woke up, I was in my 16th St. house and a man came to the door with a delivery. He said it was for The Chicago Co, P.O. box 200000. I started to say I wasn't The Chicago Co., and then said to myself, "Shut up Dolores". I let the man in to make the delivery. He wanted me to sign for the package and held up a blue and red plastic or wax thing for me to sign my name on. I looked at it and said I didn't know how to use it, so he signed my name for me. It was like a digital thing with little diny dots he pushed down.

He left and I looked at the package. It was a computer run of sheets of names at leasst a foot high.

(No idea what this means or what it is for)

NOTE: may have been prophetic for the future .. In 2001, we have hundreds of names in our e-mail lists address books.


11-24-95 - DREAM - This dream was given to me after I heard a telephone ring in my right ear and after I heard the name 'Tom' called very loudly also in my right ear.

I was shown a chart, made up in graph-like style of layers of responsibilities in life. There was a chart for a husband and next to it, a chart for a wife. I saw that the chart for the wife was slightly larger because she had the greater responsibility in that it was her duty to help the husband meet 'his' responsibilities especially the top one which was the most important ... which was to 'honor the Father in Heaven' (God) and to follow His Will.

That was the one thing I had not done totally in my own marriage. Now I understood that which I had not done before and I admitted it openly that I had always been afraid of the Father, but now understood that His Will was for my good. I was told that now that I understood that concept, I was ready to accept the responsibilities again.

NOTE: I didn't meet Joe until 1997 ... along wait.  


11-28-95 - DREAM - I had started a new job with great responsibilities and was in charge of a lot of varied goings on. If things went wrong anywhere whether it be in the office, outside on the lake, or between people, or anywhere on the property, I was in charge of taking care of it.

I had tried to contact a person to finalize some legal work and was unable to fine where the person was.

Her name was Umpie but I had spelled it wrong so was not able to get through to her. Finally, when I was in a room with many otehr women who were meeting to discuss mutual business, one lady in pink came up to me and gave me the woman's correct name UMPIE and another woman I knew was dressed in pink called me on the phone to tell me that anything I needed any legal informatoin I call call the C.U. and his number was at the to pof the legal paper. I looked nad there it was way at the top like a FAX I.D. #


11-28-95 - T.M. was given a new responsibility for a Tarot layout. In his dream, I provided the focus card for the layout, but in the physical , he pushed me aside and told me if he wasn't doing it right, he would be told in another dream.

I felt like I had been socked in the stomach, because I knew that my responsibilities as Director of Casualty had begun.

However, later in the day, it came to me that if I chose the Tarot card of focus, even if he didn't know what it was, "They" (the Masters) would provide the correct energies without him knowing it.

They told me to choose the card every day, and write it down and they would do the rest.

Day 1, was the Queen of Cups which is a water card.

Day 2, I picked the 10 of spades - an air card.

Day 3, The Magician - Opportunities for future to use abilities gained, to promote himself, for faith in himself, and his skills to get the work done, for the beginnings of psychic awareness and development.

NOTE:  T.M. never failed to do his Tarot cards for at least 5 years that I am aware of.  Can't say the same for me. I got too busy with my own life.


11-29-95 - MEDITATION - I called C.U. in meditation. I saw a small, thinner man, short curly black hair . wearing glasses. He greeted me with a smile and said a few things I can't remember, but I didn't get to ask any questions.


11-29-95 - DREAM - I went to see a man who was in charge of what I was doing. I was seeing a lot of negative type events on the way there. He asked me if I kept duplicate films of what was going on because he needed to save space. I said that I didn't think there were any duplicates, but if he needed to save space, I would eliminate even the originals.


11-29-95 - DREAM - I was the manager working for Grootemaat Real Estate. I was walking north of Teutonia Ave. on the west side of the street. I headed for a pawn shop next to the theatre which was on the east side of the street.

I crossed the street, saw a light on in the building and heard someone building something inside. I had a huge ring of keys in my hand and had the key to get in, but when I got to the door, one of the workmen came out and let me in. There was nothing displayed in the window, but inside was a lot of old fashioned furniture and many types of fir trees and other tropical planets which I thought I could use one for a Christmas tree this year.

I continued on towards the back where the lights were brightest and met a man and woman. The man owned the store. he shook hands with me and his hand was withered and purplish. He put his left hand on my shoulder and revulsion went through me and I cringed involuntarily.

He asked me what I was doing there and I answered that I was with the management company and I had come down to see what we could do with the place.

He said, "What company are you with?"
I said, "Grootematt!"
He said, "Grootematt!!!!!" with contempt in his voice. He said the name of another company and person and said, "They're really doing well for me and I'm happy with them."

I actually felt relieved, but also knew that Grootemaats business was going downhill.