11-1-98 - DREAM - My ex-husband Ed came home from prison. I don't know what state we were living in, but I had a lover whom I lived with. We all looked much younger than our current real years. It was such a shock to actually have to deal with  Ed's return, that I, my lover, whom we called Tom rather than his real name, and a doctor, who resembled Whitley Strieber, but blonde, made a pact to drive Ed crazy or at least make him so off guard that he'd leave.

Part of the trick was for Tom (my lover) and the doctor change places with each other every time Ed went to sleep, so that when he woke up, Tom would have a different face.

Every time Ed bragged about something and I sat behind him, my lover would raise his hand up high in the air, and I'd nod my head in acknowledgement that my lover was the best and not Ed. It was kind of fun to do that, to take part in the deception.

Finally, it was morning and we all had to go to work and Ed had to go job hunting. Tom, my lover, and the doctor changed places, so now the doctor was pretending to be my lover and Tom was pretending to be the doctor. This was great fun, but none of us was allowed to show Ed that it was a joke and the plan was that the next day, the two men would switch places again to really throw Ed off guard or make him think he was crazy. The other plan was to treat him the exact opposite of what he expected. So, every time he did something, we'd react the exact opposite of what would normally be expected. This also took him off guard and he never understood it was all a joke. when we all left the apartment building and went down the elevator, I remembered that I had forgotten my keys, so I had to go back alone and get them. As I went up the elevator, I woke up.

11-1-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were living in a rented house out in the country. We didn't know it, but the landlord was selling the property and the Real Estate lady came over to discuss the deal with a guy who wanted it. He had obviously lived in the house before because he had a key to it. I started getting all upset because the man was going in and out of the house leaving his junk behind and dumping trash in the yard. I begged Joe to do something and ask the guy for the key, but Joe said to just ignore it. There were 30 days to move even if he bought the house and the deal wasn't even sealed yet because in the other room 7 black women were waiting to put in a bid on the house. I went into the room with them because I would much rather have them own the house than the mean man, but when they all got out their credit cards and wallets they didn't have enough credit or cash to buy the house. They wanted the house really bad though so I left them to figure out their finances and went back into the other room where 3 guys sitting on tall stools were in the middle of the room with the Real Estate lady.

The Real Estate lady introduced me to the 3 men and we stood in the room and put our heads together in a circle and exchanged loving energies.  But, the Real Estate lady saw another couple in the corner. The girl was sitting on a chair right in the corner. She had dark hair and a huge dark eyebrows and no makeup.

I introduced the 3 men to her. I told them that she was the Queen of Oklahoma. They immediately surround her and put their heads together in a loving circle. However, I knew what they were up to. All the cared about was that she was a celebrity. She wasn't at all pretty, but she had a title.

I had been hired to do a mailing...stuffing envelopes. Three women came with the stuff...the envelopes and inserts. There were 2000 of them and they wanted them done by 8:00 a.m. they said they wanted people to 'have a choice'.

In the closet, up on a shelf, one woman found all the envelopes and some inserts. She said that if I ran out of inserts I could get them at the office downtown, and I wouldn't get paid until I turned in all the receipts at the bank across the street from the office. Again they reminded me that it had to be done by 8:00a.. in the morning.

Then they brought in some plastic shapes that also had to be stuffed into the envelops. Each envelope had to have a black and white paper brochure, a black plastic insert shape and a white insert shape. I didn't see what the shapes were because they were in rather opaque plastic baggies.

I also saw then that there was a pile of cake decorations for a celebratory cake on the counter and I would have to deliver that as well.

Women were taking samples of the inserts and envelopes and there were only a few left in the box and I knew I was going to have to work all night and then pick up extra at the office to complete the task. It looked pretty hopeless.

8:00 a.m. came so fast, it was hardly a blink of an eye and I was downtown picking up more inserts. I don't know if I did the mailing or if someone else was also working on it, because at 8:00 a.m. sharp, all over the streets, out of the gutters came popping these black plastic shapes out of holes along the street. It was an amazing sight to see.


11-2-98 - VISION - 'COINS OF THE REVOLUTION'  I saw many coins. They were not all round.

11-2-98 - DREAM - I was in an office.Across the hall, the boss decided to pour yellow dye in the center as he could see who was using it. It got all foamy and all over the floor.

I needed to put a $500 check on a desk on his side of the hall. He had let all the women go on vacation at the same time, so the lights weren't even on and all the women were at home.

All of a sudden I saw all the coins of the revolution.

11-2-98 - VISION - I saw a tall wand (maybe 3 feet tall). It was on an angle with the top towards the right. It waved in the air in a spiral pattern towards the left (like a fibonacci spiral) Below the wand, I then saw a pyramidal shape that was black colored. As the wand was moving in the spiral, the black pyramidal shape rose into the air and came to a tall pyramid that was whitish colored that had a flat top on it that had the capstone missing.  The black pyramidal shape that seemed to be the capstone, then rested on top of the tall, white pyramidal shape with the flat top, and it rested there as if it belonged there. Then the wand stopped moving and came to a stop.

NOTE:  Joe told me about the book of The Keys of Enoch about the magnetic null zone where the capstone was supposed to return to the pyramid. So, I looked it up and wrote a page for our web site about it.

11-2-98 - VISION - I saw a web page. The bottom line said, "Jesus created this."

11-2-98 - VISION - Joe was sitting on the edge of the bed. The telephone rang and Joe picked it up and handed me the receiver. The voice said, "This is God speaking."

11-2-98 - VISION -  ' VISIONING'  ' A CONTRACT'  I saw a paragraph that started with "A quasar of the solar system depends on this information we are attempting to give to you. You are receiving well. We just need to do more of it. You can send it out on the airwaves. When the time is right...Art Bell...Schmart Bell.  That is nothing. Yours is universal...his is local. You will be notified when the time is right.

He will literally be eating out of your hand one day. This is good. Some day you will have enough information to put together a book. It will be published and the world will come knocking on your door.

Your pain is such that it keeps you at home where you belong so we can speak to you. We don't need you running around in the world making money. We need you at home listening to us speak to you.

11-3-98 - DREAM - All night long I was looking at lists of names of Reptoids. There was no emotion or feelings connected with this. I believe there were 5 types of Reptoids with many names in each kind. One by one, the names were all deleted until all that remained was the Rr and the D. When I woke up I remembered that someones power is in the name and they no longer had names.

11-3-98 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building with a bunch of women. One woman was out of control emotionally and would slam the doors when she was angry. She slammed the refrigerator door and broke out the plastic inserts inside.(light blue) I had to calm her down and we women decided to fix it ourselves rather than bother the men because they were so busy with their football and car discussions.

I then had to clean up after the man. They began to leave the building and I started cleaning up the trash paper they left behind. One little short guy remained behind and insisted on grabbing onto my white dress and hold on. I asked him nicely to let go, but he wouldn't and I told him it was against the law but he didn't care and hung on even tighter. I finally decided I had to prove a point to him and hollered, "Help!" He quickly came to his senses and let go.

I left the building myself then and was walking up the street with my son Tom. I was cleaning what looked like moist cat food of of a bush and I had no water to do it with.

A man passed by going the other way and told us it was dangerous to use fireworks on the 4th of July. We promised we wouldn't use any and I woke up.

11-4-98 - I was at a school. There were discussions going on amongst the teachers for and against various subjects. Nobody agreed on anything, but there were friends discussions anyway.

I went outside and decided to ride my horse. It was a magnificent white animal. The discussions were still going on and someone said that farmer so n so didn't like lily pads. At that point, I was on my horse riding on a causeway between two higher points of land. On either side of the causeway was wide expanses of water and I could see reddish-green lily pads coming up on both sides. These were still a little under the top of the water, but I knew they would have magnificent flowers when they were full grown.

I was riding along the causeway which was very narrow - about 3 feet wide and this was also at the water level and the grass beneath me was greenish-white. I could see each individual blade of grass clearly. I sat astride my horse like a circus performer...sitting proudly and had my right arm up and over my head like I was holding unto a guide wire or something. (I could feel something above me with my hand...guiding me. It was soft like fur)

Someone called out..."Watch your balance." I did!  We rode swiftly across the causeway. I had a big smile on my face.

We reached the other side and rose up on a long white porch of a house. I made gestures of "Thank you, thank you, thank you! like I was being applauded as a circus performer and bowed to an imaginary audience in several directions, beaming ear to ear at my successful accomplishment of my feat. I felt so proud. I felt like there was nothing I couldn't accomplish.

11-4-98 - NOTE: I went to sleep with a Moldavite crystal in my hand and told it to tell me a story.

DREAM -  I was living in an apartment building in a city. I went down to the front lobby to get my mail. When I got there, an old woman was sitting on a chair in front of my mailbox and there were several bags around herr, to the side and behind her. Some were paper and some were cloth. Being the manager, I reached in one that looked like old garbage mail to see who it belonged to so I could reprimand them for dumping their garbage off. One envelope clearly was marked 'GHAZZY', an on-line friend of mine. Before I could react to that, the old woman grabbed my hand and said, "You'll have to pay to listen to the tapes." I apologized and said I thought it was just garbage.she said, "I've been looking for someone to give them to, and I guess you'll do." I looked again and saw that the bags were full of stuffed dolls and children's books. Having grandchildren, I thought it was a great gift and thanked her. There were too many bags to take them all in one trip, so had to make two trips. First I spotted my mailbox key stuck in the lock of the mailbox. I didn't know if that was a good idea to leave there and pulled it out. (It was in mailbox #1) I saw at that point that I had 3 rings of keys. One was the small mailbox key ring. Second was a larger ring of silver keys. Third was a larger ring of gold keys.

I clutched them so tightly, it almost hurt my hand. I realized later that's where I was clutching the Moldavite stone.

I grabbed two bags with the stuffed dolls and a pillow that had a torn pillowcase. The dolls were adorable with floppy arms and legs. I knew my granddaughter would love them. When I got upstairs, my daughter was there with a friend and she was very young...around 4 or 5 years old. (So how could I have grandchildren?)  I put the dolls and the pillow down on a bench and went back downstairs to get the children's books. when I got down to the lobby, the old woman was in a side room that looked like a library and she was retrieving more books for me.

I picked up two more bags of books and headed for the elevator. This time the elevator was too full of people and I had to wait for it to come back down. Instead of being int he building, I was behind the building and could see the city behind and around me. I heard a buzzing sound and suddenly saw a bright blue plane that was triangle shape skim over the building. It appeared to have an alien strapped on underneath it which was hanging on and steering it with body movements such as one would steer a sled.

This all happened in rapid succession. First one plane skimmed over, then 3 went in another direction. Then 6 wet over higher up and those plane stretched out and changed shape. The planes were all the same color but shape shifted.

At the same time, what looked like might be shadows but appeared more like clouds in the air like puffs came in front of the buildings. We were all afraid. We were being invaded enmasse.

11-5-98 - NOTE: I almost feel like I'm in shock while writing this dream down because it had experiences in it I've never had before in my life.  It was 'wild'.

DREAM - I was in a house with some other people, mostly women and their young daughters. I seemed to be proving to them that I had enough childcare background to be worthy of taking care of young girls.  The girls and I were having a good time and I was teaching them how to draw and print their names.  I noted that my dream journal was laying on the table and had drawings in it, and I didn't want the young girls to draw on my journal, so I was being careful to give them 'scratch' paper to do the drawing on.

All of a sudden I was on a highway, going really fast and couldn't figure out where I was. I turned around the Joe was there, and I asked him, "Where are we?" He named a highway I can't remember, and I turned around and watched the scenery flying by. It seemed normal enough and we were going really fast. I turned around again to ask him where we were, because I felt so puzzled that I couldn't figure out where we were. "Where did you say we are?" I asked. At the same time I noticed he was facing me and not the highway and was turned around completely backwards in his seat and I was facing the wrong way also from the direction we were going. I saw that we were on a divided highway, going around a big curve to the right and lots of construction equipment was on the side of the road, huge equipment, bigger than life it seemed. And he was riding backwards and not watching the road. Then I realized that when I was facing him, we were going 'away' from where I was looking. I felt more confused than ever.  I was so freaked out, I had to turn away from him because I felt I was distracting him from driving and we'd have an accident. But I was so unsettled mentally, I had to ask him again where we were, and I turned again to ask him because he was sitting behind me, and then I saw that we were inside a huge grey van and there was someone else driving. Joe was sitting behind the man on the right facing backwards, and I was in the 3rd seat, also facing backwards from the driver, though when I looked out the window towards the back of the van, we seemed to be going forwards.  I was so confused, I could hardly stand it. We pulled into a big parking lot then, got out of the van, and the man, who was some friend of Joe's I had never met before, was acting all weird and said that he had a dentist appointment and had been afraid to go alone. I understood those feelings really well so when the man went through a screen door with a wooden frame on it to go into a huge glass fronted building where hundreds of people were standing in line also waiting their turn, I didn't question it.  BUT, I was still confused how I had gotten from taking care of the little girls to riding in the van. I was really freaked out about that.  We were now sitting in a waiting room with picnic tables in it and Joe was sitting on one side of the table on a bench.  I had my own chair in the next room, outside in the lobby area away from the dentists office because I hated them too. This was my own chair from home with wooden arms on it and I had been sitting on it in the van too.  Some woman came and sat in my chair alongside me like she didn't even see me, then when she bumped into me, she finally saw me and apologized for taking so much space. I didn't much care at that point. I wanted to know how I had gotten from the house into the van and not known about it.  So, I went back to where Joe was and saw that he had blue chalk on his face. I figured he'd be embarrassed to have this stuff on his face, but it looked kinda normal so I didn't say anything, figuring maybe it was supposed to be there. Again I asked him about the van ride, and I wanted to know how I was behaving when I walked from the house to the van. Joe said, "You were acting normal, why?"  I said, "Because I can't remember going from the house to the van.  I can't even remember how it happened that we were supposed to go with this guy to the dentist."  Joe answered, "Well, you were there the whole time, I don't understand why you can't remember it."

I was still puzzled, but all of a sudden my friend Bonnie was there and I assumed that we were going to have an 'abductee' meeting there though that wouldn't have made sense. But I saw that Bonnie had a blue face and suddenly Joe's face having blue stuff on it made sense. Duh!!!!!  I grabbed Bonnie by the arm and whispered to her, "I just had a missing time experience."  Bonnie, having had lots of them wasn't particularly impressed by this, but I was all excited and wanted to tell her about it.  I then started to notice that Bonnie was wearing a weird hat.  It was bigger around than her body, (Bonnie is a large woman) and was about 3 feet high on the brim, plus it had stuff on top of it too. It looked kinda like a 'cheese hat' that Packer fans wear except it was round and was white.  The thing was pulled so far down over her face, I could hardly see her eyes which were squinty just below the brim. I looked closer at her face and saw that her blue face was really a rubber mask and that's why her eyes looked so weird.  I was rather expecting her to tell me how missing time worked, because I was really freaked out about it, but when I looked at her again, she was wearing a different kind of hat, this one was more outlandish than the first one. This one too had a huge brim on it, wider than the first, but at least not 3 feet high, but the whole hat was tall. I can't remember what it all had on it, but it must have weighed a lot because this one too was pulled way down over her eyes so she could hardly see. I was really having trouble understanding what was going on, so began working on some papers on the table across from where Joe sat while we waited for the other 'abductees' to get there.  

These papers I was working on were titled "Center of Attention".  (I know there is a web site by that name, but this didn't seem to have anything to do with that.) This was a list of names and each one represented a color. When I was done, there were 7 names and each represented a color, and when one would click on the hyperlink, it would take you to a web page which explained the color, what it stood for, and what it would do.  I was rather excited that I had accomplished that work. Then I noticed I was really working on a computer, and not just on paper and saved the file so I could upload it to our directory. and woke up.

11-6-98 - DREAM - I was living in the country and going to celebrate Thanksgiving. The turkey was not dead. It stood next to me on the ground. I began carving breast meat from an area where she/it couldn't see and the turkey never flinched. (The meat I removed was cooked) I was looking forward to eating a nice slice of turkey meant but got called away to take care of something else and when I got back, some kind of weasel had been nibbling on it and I couldn't eat it and had to throw it away. (There might have been dogs to feed, but I didn't see any)

A second time I cut a large slice out of the turkey breast where the turkey couldn't see and again the turkey never even flinched which amazed me.  Again I got called away to fix something for someone and again a weasel nibbled on the turkey meat and I had to throw it away.

Then as I was going to carve a third slice I got called out to repair a long list of words that were connected on the back like a circuit board though you couldn't see they were connected on the front. Each time someone used one of these words, it strengthened the connection on the back side. There were very few words that had not been used and I was glad to see that because they were good words.

I went back to where the turkey had been to get more meat, and it now looked like a cooked goose and the way it stood, it looked like a flower planter standing there on the lawn. I attempted to pick it up by the neck and it broke off. The head was hollow like an old human skull and was just as large as a humans skull. I had to carry it like that with my fingers inside the skull. However, to dispose of the carcass was not easy and I would have to make several trips up the hill and around behind the barn where the old farmer wouldn't see it. I began climbing the hill with the skull in my hand and woke up.

11-7-98 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I went home to pick up my mail because I hadn't been there in a long time. My ex-husband was there and as soon as I got there, he went upstairs. I went outside for some reason and was going to go to the mail box to make sure I had all the mail. I went back into the house and many old relatives were there.  I asked where Jim was and they said he had left to go to be with his father...a pause and then they said..."in Oregon."

(It wasn't until I woke up that I realized the implications of that, that he was going to die.)

After that I went upstairs and I was seeing a long, narrow piece of paper similar to a grocery store tape where the charges are listed and at the top it listed the people who would sit in judgment upon death. On the top it said, "Father!" then below that was a list of 7 "cousins" none of which had real names, but were more on the order of iixxx, iiLL, ixiL, etc. except one I recall was MSNB which was in the middle of the list of 7.

11-8-98 - DREAM/VISION - A long list of healing numbers. One was DJ07...the other was 14000000000000.06  They were 14 numbers in 3 sections. All I can thing of now is ORPHEUS, tomatoes, and horses, as names of each list of 14.

When I was laying there awake, I heard "Ladies and Gentlemen!  The melodies of the Washington Monument.

NOTE: I took that as a clue to set up a page about the Washington Monument which is replete with Masonic symbolism.

11-8-98 - DREAM - I was in a large apartment building. I've either been in the same place in the last couple of days or I dreamed this twice.

I went down to the basement garage. It had an electrically opening overhead door. Inside the garage it was extremely bright. I had the only key to get into  this garage. I believe but other people had to work in the garage. What was neat was that beautiful music started playing when I opened the door. The lock for the door was too high to reach from the ground. So I had stood on top of something and standing up on my toes to get the key in the lock. The key was very tiny. It was gold and almost like a number 7 but with a small protrusion on the top of the 7. This key also fit a bright blue truck which was quite large and the lock was up by the window rather than by the door handle.

I opened the door for myself to make sure I knew how to do it, so later when a man and woman came to ask me to let them into the garage to work, as long as there was something to stand on, I had no problem to open the door.

After the door closed after them, I went to a big office where Susy was working along with a couple other women. Susy said she had been expecting Bob Scottsdale to visit her, she said she had been dating him for several years.

I had known her for 3 years and had never seen him but she insisted she had dated him for many years.

11-9-98 - VISIONS - I saw a circle of 18 pillars. I saw a pillar divide in half. When the right side shifted, it revealed a man's name and I saw it very clearly. Then when the right side shifted forward, the man's name disappeared and along with it, so did memory of the name.

Then I heard a female voice say:  "There was a man named _______ (I saw the pillar here) He came out of the 17th pillar. The name was 'favour'(ed?)

Then I heard her say, "I weep until I see all the ancient sites in a circle."

Then I saw a list of 60 names and names started coming into my head... Parthenon, Apollo, Circe, Xerxes... and others.

11-9-98 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. It was pitch black dark outside. I could see that the ditches were full of water and flooding everything. I went over to the water spigot and turned it off. Then I saw a light flash out in the darkness and I sensed cops out there in a car. I hollered out,"The ditch is full of water."  A voice out in the dark hollered back, "Turn off the water."  I already had. (This whole thing felt ominous)

11-9-98 - DREAM - I was in a room with a man who was psychic. I told him the story of the pillars. He said, "Two of the women were tennis players."  Then I remembered a conversation I had earlier about two women and they had discussed playing tennis. I wanted to tell him he was right, but when I saw him again, I didn't say it.

11-12-98 - DREAM - I was working in an office and had a stack of purchase orders in front of me and each one was for PCs and potatoes.

(Logically, I know that you don't buy PC's and potatoes from the same place so I don't understand this.)

I then went out into the hallway to talk to other employees. There were three young black women there who looked unappreciated so I went out of my way to say, "Thank you" to them and asked them if they would like to be treated to an ice cream. They said, "Yes!" so I told my boss I'd be back in half an hour intending to drive to the nearby place where they had ice cream. When I got to the door, there was a stairway that ended in a big drop off and below that hundreds of little children were sitting, waiting for something. I jumped down the drop off which was about 3 feet. I told the girls I would meet them either at door #1 or door #2 (of the same building I had just come out of door #3) I wasn't sure which door the ice cream sales were.

I entered door #2 and there was a long line of people waiting. I wasn't sure what they were buying so I walked up to the counter. There was a separate line for cones or for cups of ice cream. I decided to get cups, then went back to the end of the line. They must have been buying in groups because each time a sale was made, several people in line ahead of me left and I was quickly at the front of the line. I bought 4 ice cream, but have no memory of giving it to anyone.

11-12-98 - DREAM - I recall being in a house where I had never been before. Nothing was familiar about this house and each person had their own room. I felt grateful that these people had taken me in. I went across the hall to ask a woman if she needed any laundry done, but she didn't. I felt good about that.

I then went back across the hall to my own room thinking about how grateful I was to have a place to stay and wondering what my mother would think, considering how much she didn't like my 1st boyfriend and that I was now actually living in the same house he lived in.

11-12-98 - I was out in the country and looking at a high hill ahead of me. I was curious as to what was on the other side. I climbed the hill and went over the top. As soon as I did, I could see for miles in every direction and it all looked the same, miles and miles of rolling hills of tall grass and not one distinguishing object in sight to tell what direction a person had to go. I felt lost just that quickly because there was no sun, no moon, nor stars in the sky to tell which direction I was going.

I retreated quickly to the brink of the hill I had just come up, because it was a scary feeling to have no sense of direction.

11-12-98 - VISION - My head was feeling like a tightening band was coming around the forehead. I saw about 7 or 8 people sitting on stools right next to the bed on my side. A voice came into my head that said, "Hello Joseph! How are you today!"  It felt too stupid to repeat, so I didn't say it, but told Joe about it. Nothing further came!


11-13-98 - DREAM - There was a list of ET words or something and then I came to a section where 4 words described the animals I most resembled...cow, whale, dolphin, elephant.  I was supposed to show this to people. There were people around but can't remember who.

11-13-98 - DREAM - (NOTE: I was a little distressed at being compared to such large animals at first, but thought of positive qualities before going back to sleep.)


DREAM - I was with some people and showing the list of ET stuff to them.The section with the animal names was now surrounded by a background of light purple and I felt better about it.


11-13-98 - DREAM - I and my husband drove my mother to the hospital to have tests done for health reasons. I don't know what for. We just barely got home and my mother showed up at home already and she seemed to be fine. She also looked younger. She sat down by me and looked really young and beautiful. I had heard of a mother/daughter relationship that was very loving and close and I knew I didn't want that kind of relationship with my mother, so when my mother began to kiss me on the mouth, I started thing that it felt 'lesbian' and I got really angry. I pushed her back and told her, "I told you I don't want that kind of relationship with you. If you do that again, I'll have to hit you." She moved in to kiss me again, which made me even angrier and I pushed her away again and told her, "I told you i don't want that kind of relationship and started slapping her in the face. Being that close was more than I could handle.

I was then with a small group of woman in an office-like area and we were welcoming a new girl into the group.  I asked her if she wanted to have breakfast with us and she said, "yes!" We had to send out for extra food because there were 7 of us.


11-14-98 - DREAM - I and my sons were in a gas station like area. They were lined up in a convertible car...two to a seat, so there were 3 rows of seats. I was going to take them somewhere...the library or something like that. I got into the car, seems like it was the right front seat. I don't recall seeing a steering wheel in the car.As the car began to move, we saw a huge overturned truck in the parking lot. It had the the largest oversized wheels I've ever seen and I couldn't imagine that there would be a crane or derrick large enough to right that vehicle back onto it's wheels, but there were some men there that were assured that they could do it with no problem at all.

Our car began moving down the street and it seemed like our road was very narrow and there would be no room for error in driving. We went a few blocks and I remembered the lanes of traffic was very narrow and I was very worried that I had to be very careful not to hit another vehicle or truck.

We got around the boulevard turn around and got back to the gas station-like area where vehicles were labeled and had numbers put on them. The numbers were put right ton the vehicles for identification. Some vehicles had only one set of numbers...others had many sets of numbers. The one I was looking at had so many sets of numbers there was barely room. As I looked at these numbers, it seemed more that they were on a large sheet of paper and the paper grew larger to accommodate all the sets of numbers.

It seems I wanted to show Joe what these numbers were but couldn't get his attention.

As I woke up. Joe was laying on his back and with every outbreath, he was trying to say something but his mouth couldn't let the words out. I was waiting for the words to get clear but they never did.


11-14-98 - JOE'S DREAM - this coincided to the one above.

Joe was driving a huge oversized vehicle like a truck was many oversized vehicle like a truck with huge oversized wheels. He wasn't moving very fast, but there was a structure ahead of him like a derrick or such but he didn't see any equipment on it. He tried to find the brake which was special on the right like a big lever but he couldn't reach it. He kept saying, "Oh shit! Oh shit! as his truck took out the structure ahead of him. He decided he would hunker down and ride it out and the vehicle began to roll end over ned and then rolled over on it side. At that point he saw that he was inside a huge padded cabin of green and decided he was safe and would be okay.


11-14-98 - VISION - I saw apiece of white paper. The words "WHAT IF!!!" appeared and below it was a bunch of black scribbles like an explosion drawn by a child.

I flipped the paper over and the word 'SEE!" appeared on the left side of more explosion scribbles and a tree trunk and all branches were gone. All that was left was the trunk.


11-14-98 - VISION - I saw the words. "What if a woman was crossed out?" I heard a voice say, "If you want more information, why don't you find out?"

There was something about M.L. using a radio and I saw like a circuit board. A voice said, "You can use one like it. Why don't you use it. It's all in the family. I heard then, "Why did Dan leave?"

"You can get it from her. It's a tremendous example."

I saw a series of pictures each with a person in them wearing like a dark blue uniform. The voice said, "These are to tease you."

A voice said, "What of the concern, what of the concern? What if you forget something?"

A voice said, "This is a high example. You can lay down now."

My eyeballs ached really bad at this point. A voice said, "Roll the tape". (I started a tape recorder instead of writing everything down)


11-14-98 - VISION - I saw two silver vehicles with a black stripe along the car. I knew they were female. I assume they were me and M.L. They were identical.

11-14-98 - DREAM - I got two e-mails from someone named LadyTryve. They went by too fast to see what they said except the signature.


11-14-98 - VISION - I saw a piece of white paper. The words, "WHAT IF?" appeared and below it was a bunch of scribbles like an explosion drawn by a child.

I flipped the paper over and the word 'SEE' appeared on the left side of more explosion scribbles and a tree trunk and all branches were gone. All that was left was the bare trunk.



11-15-98 - DREAM - I was working on my Creation page.


11-15-98 - DREAM - I was at an apartment complex sitting out ii the yard with some other people. We needed milk for it, so I went to my apartment to get it. Several people went by, bragging about free stuff they had won. When I got in the building, ever person was being followed b another person.

I met the manager...a man in a brown suit who sad, "Everyone switched jobs today." As I left the building, I spotted a good quality camera up on top of a window ledge which  assumed belonged to one of the spies. I grabbed it, intending to keep it, because everyone else seemed to be winning free stuff and I never did. But the further I went with it, the guiltier I felt. I figured there was a camera in the hallway and I'd be seen on video tape anyway, I went to turn the think in,in the office in the main building. While I was walking through the yard, I saw holes that had collapsed that needed filling in.


11-16-98 - DREAM - I was moving from one apartment to another. The new apartment wasn't quite ready and the landlord was still cleaning the refrigerator which was apartment size.

I also was taking a class at nightschool which I had to get to. I was going into other people's apartments and helping out. I'm sure it was Michele who handed me two babies to hold and take care of while she went to work.There were other children there in her apartment...a boy and a girl in the same room. They were older about the age of her real kids. I helped straight out their quilts.

Her husband was there but I didn't see him up close. My ex-husband Jim was there. He was walking right behind me. He told me not to get too far ahead of him because his penis was real hard and bulging in his pants. I walked back towards the bedroom but got sidetracked by someone else who wanted to show me something. When I went back to find him, I found him dancing with a huge person I thought was male but who was playing the part of a female.

I told him I was leaving for school. We weren't together anymore so I didn't feel any jealousy and left. I don't recall going to school but ended up in my new apartment. There was no furniture in it in the beginning because it wasn't quite ready. But some of the furniture was built into the wall. A daybed/couch was on one wall that had compartments built into it which made it very narrow like a one person bed.

While I was standing there, the leasing agent came with my key. It was a single silver key on a necklace thing made of white mother-of-pearl looking discs with a hole atone edge and strung together. It looked like it was maybe on elastic thread to stretch to fit anyone.

The leasing agent was about 7 feet tall, with bright red-orange hair and I thought it was a girl because of the pretty face but he/she talked with a feminine tone and was really a guy. He said that the landlord... pointing over towards two other very tall thin men about 7 feet tall...went feminine two months ago. They were standing pretty far away so I didn't see them real well. It seems that one had a pointy chin, similar to the little girl baby Michele had handed me to hold for her.

I was walking around in underwear at this point but I saw my daughter and grandchildren coming to visit and quickly stepped into a white skirt that had an elastic top. This had been handed to me by the leasing agent along with the key. (I was wearing high heeled shoes too.) He also handed me a long narrow thin belt from the landlord that had a silver key on the end.

My grandson Brian grabbed it. At that moment, I noticed my own furniture was in the moment I noticed my own furniture was in the apartment. My kids had moved it for me while I was in school I was hollering for Brian to give me the key as I woke up.

This whole thing was feeling languid...almost slow motion and I felt that way when I woke up.


11-17-98 - DREAM - I received an e-mail and on it was a link to:

"I Don't Know and I don't want to think about it List."

I then saw a web page with a circle of links.  Two of them were:


I came home to find brand new clean sheets and pillow cases put over the beds in several bedrooms. Other bedrooms had striped bare mattresses. The ones with clean sheets had been rented out for the night. I was sleeping on the livingroom floor.

NOTE: I felt that this was given to me as a money making idea.

My key and something else had been left on my bed when the sheet was put on it...not moved elsewhere. There were people in this dream, but in the peripheral vision...not directly in sight.


11-17-98 - VISION - I was standing by the elevator door...waiting to go up but there were many other people waiting to go I let them go ahead and waited for the next elevator.

When the elevator came, I got on and it went down instead of up. The elevator door opened in the grey basement. There was machinery down there. I didn't see any people, but I heard a voice said, "There is a crisis!"


11-17-98 - VISION - It appeared that I went to open a door with my left hand and a crystal door knob came off in my hand. (That's how large the crystal was).


11-17-98 - VISION - I was presented with a questionnaire of some kind. EAch sentence had YES - NO boxes after it. I couldn't read the sentences.

NOTE: On 11-26-98, I filled out a questionnaire like this on-line for a dream group I wanted to join.


11-17-98 - VISION - I was on the corner of 16th and Clarke. I saw a flock of blackbirds fly across the street towards the south. They were followed by 4 black and white cats. Just the hind legs of the hats were white. The birds landed in a tree and the 4 cats stood there standing up on their hand legs wishing they could up in the bunches with the birds to eat them.

I was laying on my porch like I had just woke up from a dream. There was a blue screen ahead of me. The links had been looked at so I couldn't see what it said. I couldn't get up either because there was a woman painting something right next to me. She was actually half leaning over me. She wouldn't let me get up so I could see the blue screen. I've seen this woman before but I can't name her. She said, "This is important." as an excuse why she wouldn't make room for me to get up. She aid, "I don't have my own computer."


11-17-98 - VISION - There was a difference of opinion over the YES - NO answers. One woman squealed excitedly, "I don't have my own TV!"  A loud male voice said, "Why haven't you started reading the book?"


11-17-98 - VISION - This was blurry but someone said, "Where are the answers to the questions?"  Someone else wrote in the air,"When someone sets off a false alarm, one must answer the questions. (This was written in the air)


11-17-98 - VISION - I was seeing purple and blue like I was down inside a file drawer going back and forth searching for something down in the files. A voice said, "There are no answers down here. This game book is over.Time to move on."  Over on their right was a set of double doors and I could see light between the cracks between the doors.


11-17-98 - VISION - I remembered that two of the previous answers had been sung, not spoken. I could hear singing. Someone said, "That's interesting!"


11-17-98 - VISION - Someone sang, "Going to see the King." Someone said, "Time to take it to new people!"


11-17-98 - VISION - I saw someone smoothing over something purple high up in the air. I couldn't quite tell what this was. The voice said, "I smoothing this over. Time to move on." Then  I heard two quick knocks in my left ear like it was in the wall of the house.


11-20-98 - DREAM - I was working on a Y2K page.

NOTE: I started a y2k page in the morning.


11-20-98 - DREAM - I was with some new people at an apartment Jackson St. There was some kind of festive gathering there. I was obviously the new manager. I felt I was dressed inappropriately for the job, wearing hotpants and high heeled shoes.

The boss reminded me of Ralph but was more rugged looking and taller...about 7 feet tall. His girlfriend was with him. She looked like ______ the movie star of the olden days. (played the part of Mame) As I walked down the hallway behind them he kept looking at my legs and commenting on how he liked them and the way I walked. I was walking similar to his girlfriend, kind of sashaying like a half sideways stroll (like the old dance of the 60's) We got to my new apartment #103. Inside was a huge mater console organ. It was ebony colored, beautiful. It had a keyboard of buttons, like the left side of an accordion almost but not so many buttons. The buttons were not all the same height or the same color yet.

The girlfriend began to play a little song with one finger I could hardly wait to play the instrument. The landlord played a few notes and I asked if I could try it. I didn't have any music unpacked so I began to play random notes and somehow they all formed a chord no matter which button I pushed. It was beautiful.

I decided to get my music and as I quit playing, all the notes I had played began to unplay themselves in reverse order. In backwards order it sounded raucous and chaotic.

I went to get my favorite pieces of music, it was written in 7 flats...a fugue in a minor key called "The Master" and the picture on the front of the sheet music looked like the landlord boss.

There was no music stand on the organ so I propped the music up against a red sweater that laid sideways on the top. My only worry now was the old lady across the hall and the lady upstairs who hated noise. I KNEW she would complain as soon as I started playing for real.


11-19-98 - DREAM - I was working on a web page with 5 new subjects I haven't covered yet. One of them was Y2K.


11-20-98 - DREAM - I was at 20th St. school and we were teaching classes to elderly people. There were other classes and young teens there as well but the elderly was who I was working with. There were two men there from Sweden and they hurt themselves and each had to have an arm amputated. There was no medical facilities so the amputations were done right in front of us. They intended to put replacement limbs on as well and I stood there both times as they counted from 1 to 5 and on the count of 5 the severed arm dropped off, the blood squirted from the artery, and thy guy doing the surgery clamped his thumb over the artery while someone brought in a new arm to be sewn on.

Once the surgeries were over and the elderly people finished their class, someone decided they deserved to have a band play music for dancing. A band hadn't been hired to do this, so it was up to me to find a band real quick. There was a band already to play for the next night so we went to the Rolodex to get their names to see if they wanted to play tonight as well. The Rolodex card was like a movie screen and I watched a young man like "Max" from "One Life to Live" tell about himself and the band before the call went through. He was already booked elsewhere, so I went around asking people if they knew how to play an instrument they could play in an impromptu band. I finally found a girl who could play drums and that's all. We never found anyone so they ended up telling story of Atreous and the Bull for entertainment instead.   (In the Zend,  Bull = Life)


11-20-98 - VISION - On the computer, the word AQUARIUS went to Dreams of the Great Earth Changes. The words in the url spun rapidly while this happened.


11-20-98 - VISION - The words 'Crab Nebulae" spun rapidly and went to Dreams of the Great Earth Changes.


11-20-98 - DREAM - I was again in the apartment building where the tall people lived. I had not yet started my job as Manager. Two families of people came and asked to see apartments. I went to my desk to see what apartments were available coming up. The chair and the desk were piled high with mail that had to be read. I picked up the list, saw that it was laid out differently from the way I had managed the building the last time I worked here, but I liked the new way.

One of the families didn't want to look at the closest apartment going to be available which was 111. so they had to sit and wait until I was done showing it. So, I took the other family across the hall and took my white telephone with me.

I was kind of in shock when I walked into the apartment. The man who was renting it was there. He had removed all the inner walls and was using it for a pool hall.  These tables were square like bumper pool and there were 12 tables (maybe 16)

Someone plugged my phone in for me - but not in 111, but thru a passageway into 110. I looked around the apartment and saw that not only was this guy using his apartment for a business, there were hand prints (dirty and greasy) all over the walls. (Like he was desecrating the temple). I asked the man who was swarthy looking, wearing a grey suit, when he was leaving, thinking hopefully that he was being evicted for treating the apartment disrespectfully. He said he was leaving in January, maybe, but March for sure.

I thanked him for the information and asked for help to disconnect the phone because we were going to leave the apartment.

I saw there were 3 lines to the phone like it was a two line phone. nobody could get to the end where it was plugged into the wall, so I disconnected the wires on the phone end, then walked over to apartment 110, where the wires were plugged into the wall to retrieve them.

The old woman, who lived there was just arriving and got to the wires before I did. The names of the owners of the wires was written on them.She said, "Who is ZORA EMELYN HENRY?" I knew that was Joe's grandmother , descended from Patrick Henry and I was using HER phone.

I looked at the number of people on the application and I knew I couldn't rent to them. There were 9 people and that was too many for a two bedroom apartment. but I was obligated to take their application and would let them know after that they weren't qualified.

I then went out into the hallway to meet the other family who wanted to rent an apartment way over on the other end of the complex in apartment #101. I had to get walking shoes on to go over there. It was that far.

AS I was walking in the hallway, a girl said she needed to see the manager, not knowing it was me. The dryer door in the laundry was off the hinges and wouldn't dry her clothes. I told her I would see if there were two quarters in the office and she could throw her clothes into another dryer (there were 4 in a row) and she could get her laundry done and I would get reimbursed later.

As I was trying to get back to the office there was a rack of leather jackets hanging there, so many I could barely get past them. I was really annoyed because I used to keep the lobby neat and this was unacceptable. I finally got past the jackets into the inner hallway and there were two basketball teams standing there. The head guy said they all wanted to meet me and I looked and they were all 7 to 8 feet tall. I was astounded

I walked back into the office and two girls were gathering up a pile of loose change so I threw my own personal money into the pile hoping they'd come up with two quarters for the girl who needed to finish her laundry.

I then looked at the application for this second family. Knowing the first family wasn't qualified with 9 people, I knew this family wouldn't be qualified either because there were 25 people. Nevertheless I was obligated to show it to them knowing the COULD divide themselves up into smaller families to qualify.

I woke up as I saw them patiently waiting their turn and getting up to go with me.


11-20-98 - VISION - I was thinking about the J.J. Hurtak matter about my null.htm page and began to see a forest of trees. The forest was limited that is I could see clearly the right edge and front edge clearly, but  I could not see through the trees which seemed to get closer and more numerous the more I looked though I could always see both edges.

A dream voice was making comments as I was thinking that was this was like the metaphor "Not being able to see the forest through the trees," and the dream voice said, "But there IS the ideal!"


11-20-98 - EXPERIENCE - I heard two series of musical notes like a trumpet blowing each of seven notes on the scale. They went down the scale from top to bottom twice.  I heard this just in my right ear.


11-20-98 - VISION - I was seeing a woman named "Cassie" from "One Life to Life" sitting in her wheelchair like on the show. I saw someone come in with a red notebook and handed it to Cassie saying, "This is your future!!" Cassie looked up at the person, smiled, and said, "Thank you! "


11-20-98 - VISION - I was thinking about the red notebook and how thick it was. A voice in my right ear said, "Oh God!  50 years!!"


11-20-98 - VISION - I was thinking about how long 50 years is and that I am now almost 60, and that would make me 110 when I died if I was Cassie.  A voice in my right ear said, "And if you inhabited the life of a God?"


11-20-98 - VISION - I was again thinking about the length of time and a voice said, "To set a precedent! " He then sang,"To bring Divine!"  and ended on a high note like Frank Sinatra would. It was beautiful.


11-21-98 - DREAM - I was working on web pages. I found out that there were 3 Indian symbols on the web and I wanted to portray them, so I went to retrieve the oldest one first so I would forget who it was.

#1 - HATHOR -  The voice said, "We'll never see him again!'

NOTE: The only Hathor I know was a female Goddess from Egypt.

#2 - An American Indian - I saw him with an eagle foot and claws around his wrist.

#3 - OSIRIS - I saw him sitting cross legged on a dark blue wheel on the floor. I heard, "The Burial wheel attached to the Constellation Libra."


11-21-98 - DREAM - (Note: Joe and I both got real tired at the same time.)

Joe had to go to school suddenly and left me home alone. The doorbell rang.  I opened the door and N.M. stood there. I was shocked. He was ill and couldn't breathe from emphysema and yet he had flown all the way to San Francisco to be with me. I wanted to be alone with him, but we were never alone. More and more people came in who I had to introduce him to and these were all relatives of Joe's.

Finally N.M. said he had to go outside and get some fresh air. When I was able, I went outside to see where he was. We started walking and I asked him if he wanted to go down a flower lined stairway or stay on the same path.

He said he wanted to stay on the same path. MOre and more flower beds appeared along the way. We came to a bench and sat down to rest and talk. There again, people came up to us and needed to be introduced to him and these were Joe's relatives too.

A woman sat next to me and I could feel the pressure on my right arm. I woke up and a pillow was pressing on my arm in the same place.


11-22-98 - DREAM - I was in a huge building like a mall. I kept looking at the furniture department. I actually went by it twice. Seems like the furniture was all blue. The second time the lights were out but I could still see and found my way out and caught up to Michelle in the lobby hallway. We walked way down the hall to where Michelle worked.

There didn't seem to be anyone working down on the that end except a couple little short engineers. They complained that Michelle didn't get their work done. I told them she was very busy and shouldn't complain.

It seemed my hands were dirty and I had to wash them and when I did I was wearing 6 rings on my two left fingers. They were too big for me. A couple were engagement rings. I was given them by a man earlier, probably was Joe but can't remember where in the sequence I met him.

At the end a pretty woman, I think might be my daughter, gave me a gorgeous diamond, bold, and pearl necklace to wear. I put it on carefully. I heard the snaps go together behind my neck and then looked in the mirror to arrange the collar of my skirt so that the necklace lay perfectly. It seems that along with the necklace my daughter gave me a wedding gown to wear.  I was wearing all white in the mirror, though I don't remember putting on the dress.


11-22-98 - DREAM - EXPERIENCE - This was all about Indians I had to insert BIG MISSOURI into the list.  BIG MISSOURI was mentioned twice.

NOTE:  This area is where the New Jerusalem center is supposed to be. This is also the area where the Mormons are going to farm.

When I woke up a voice said, "Here is Phoenix land you will fill with people."

Just as I woke up, my little finger on my right hand started jumping uncontrollably. I started to laugh...knowing it was Rove (the light being) pulling on my little finger. I told Joe about it and he started to laugh in a strange forced way. Then I asked him if he was awake and he said, "Yes!" I asked him if he heard me tell him about my little finger and he said, "Yes!" I asked him if he had laughed and he said, "No!" It seemed like he had fallen asleep instantly. He started laughing strangely in his sleep again. I knew it was Rove making him laugh. I laughed again and said, "Good morning."  A voice in my head said, "You are a happy girl!"  I thought back, "Yes! I am!"  He said, "Good!  I go now!"  I could feel that he was gone.


11-23-98 - VISION - I saw an Egyptian wearing the gold and blue headdress which was called a "Shalvaoth". He was standing in a telephone booth. He was calling all his people together.


11-23-98 - DREAM - I went to a house and was taking care of a baby. The woman there had to gather all her friends while I did this. I was told that an old woman had peed in her pants because she couldn't make it to the bathroom. I went in there and the pee was in a puddle half an inch deep and four feet across. I helped her to her feet so she could get changed into dry clothes. Then I told the woman who owned the house to pull up all the carpet and get rid of it. The whole thing was all ratty looking anyway.


11-24-98 DREAM - It started out where  I was trying to get a lover, and his wife found out about it, then I tried to pretend I was Lesbian with her, to throw her off the track and I found out she was homophobic and we started to fight/wrestle. I pushed her backwards really hard with my feet and she hit her head like cracked it on the foot rest part of the bed. I thought she was dead because she was so limp, but she was okay then. However, then she was the enemy, and my daughter came to visit with her new baby daughter.

This other woman was hanging around and I was afraid she would try to harm the baby to get back at me so I was very watchful. I was so excited when my daughter brought the baby into the house. It looked rather normal when she was carrying it in the blanket, but then when she unwrapped the baby I was shocked. The baby had a long creased face and kind of pumpkin shaped. Then  the baby jumped out of my daughter's arms, and when she landed on the floor in front of me, she was about the size of a 3 year old. She bowed to me and called me "Mata" or something like that. I then took care of her to protect her from that other woman.

NOTE: I know from Rove that I am a 'divine being'. So I got out my dictionary of GOD names and looked up what I remember her calling me. If I remember it right, but I might not be. MATA means "Great Mother" which makes sense. But anyway, 'Great Mother' is the Primeval mother goddess. Hindu. The archetypal progenitor of all living things. She becomes the tutelary goddess of every village in Northern India.

But, when you say 'archetypal' what does that mean exactly, that it's only in their imaginations and not real?

A puzzle. I was really impressed how this child jumped out of my daughters arms and grew to be so big and then called me Mata when she bowed.

Oh well, maybe that is just my ego in the way.


11-24-98 - DREAM - I cannot remember the dream itself, but it was about finding out why we are here and finding out why each individual is in our lives.


11-24-98 - DREAM - I was upstairs in my bedroom. A young girl was with me who might have been my daughter, but I was taking care of her. My other kids were downstairs playing. I heard a noise or something which made me look out the window. In the sky I saw a small white light about half the size of the moon. I leaned over  farther and saw like a necklace of light...a circle of light, then a heart shape of light, then a circle of light, then a heart shape of light, and then a circle of light. In between was like little stars of light. It was really cool looking and I leaned over farther and saw a huge UFO over the house shaped like this:

Just as I saw the UFO, I heard the doorbell ring and I hollered to the kids, "Don't answer the door," but I was too late, one of them already had. One of my kids hollered up the stairs, "There's a little French girl at the door selling magazines."

I said, "Don't let her in. Close the door."  He hollered back up the stairs, "She wrote you a note."

A long 4 page letter flew into my hands. I couldn't figure out how it managed to do it, I had to surmise that he had run up the stairs and slipped it under the door and it had somehow become airborne. Otherwise, it could only have manifested out of thin air. Anyhow, there it was in my hands, this long letter the French girl couldn't have written in 5 seconds, much less half an hour. A letter that long, as good a writer as I am, would have taken me an hour to 2 hours.

I started to read the letter which was in a variety of styles of handwriting from paragraph to paragraph, some written, some printed but no two paragraphs had the same style of writing or printing. It was like they used every Font of a computer, yet it was hand-written.  

The note started off explaining how she was from Biloxi, Mississippi and she was alone and was supporting herself by selling magazines. I KNEW she was from the UFO and some ulterior motive for being here.  She went on and one about it which I can't remember. I never got to read it all because it became silent downstairs after I heard someone say, "Let's go outside."

So, I immediately started shouting,"Don't go outside, don't got outside," because the UFOs were over the house, but there was no answer. I hollered, "Don't go outside," louder and louder but nobody answered me. So, I ran down the steps of the house as fast as I could to find the kids.

I didn't have my glasses on at this point for some reason and everything was blurry, but I could see someone sitting on the couch, lounging and reading a book. He was wearing a black and blue flannel shirt. I went closer and closer, not recognizing him because of my eyesight and finally asked, "Who are you? I can't see you!" He said, "I'm Tom. I'm just sitting here reading."  I said, "I've been hollering down the stairs, not to go outside. Why did'nt you answer me?"  He said, "I didn't hear you, I was reading."  I said, "Where is everyone else?"  He said, "They went outside."

There was terror in my heart at this point but I ran towards the back door and down the stairs. I could already see there was water outside and it was dark out. I went out the door, more frightened than ever, and saw that there was so much water outside, it had completely flooded the basement and was a foot deep by the basement window.

As I walked through the water towards the gate of the yard, I saw the kids out in the alley, playing in snow. I said, "What are you doing out there?"  My daughter said, "We're making a way for the water to run off."  That sounded perfectly logical and I woke up.


11-24-98 - DREAM - I was in school and we were putting on a demonstration at the mall. I had taken a long wooden table with metal edges, a quilt, a blanket, and some clothes.

During the demonstrations, I was a dancer along with two other girls. We all wore mauve dresses and we danced side by side in intricate footsteps. One of the other girls was considered 'perfect' according to statistics, perfect body measurements, perfect face structure, perfect hair, etc, but when she looked in the mirror she didn't like anything about herself.

I had to get back to the school and I was really tired. and I had all this stuff to take back there. The table broke when it shifted and the other woman said I should get rid of it, but I said, "No! I can fix it and I right it and put the metal edge back on it.

I didn't have a ride so I had to walk back to the school. I thought I would take a short cut but it seemed even longer. I seemed to be walking in slow motion and I was so tired, but I had to get there. The short cut was through a black neighborhood along a riverbank. I decided I'd walk along the riverbank and pretend I was out for a friendly stroll, but the walkway was so narrow it made me nervous. I finally made it back to the school and had to immediately get into the car and go back to the mall and get my stuff. I was with my mother and daughter and I tricked them into parking right by the door where I could get my stuff out and load it into the station wagon. We got it out and put it in the car and I woke up.


11-26-98 - DREAM - This was a real life dream that resolved into a computer program being written for real life. It seemed there was a count of 250 allowed for each person who had died and four out of every 10 had that much space allotted to it. Towards the end where future space was being allotted, this number 250, we were to make room for this. It seemed like this was a special sacrifice. Like Jesus on the cross.

I recall that Mary - the Spanish woman in our UFO group who had said she had a special mission to go to Mexico, but never told us what it was, was making a gold necklace of 4 strands of wide bands and the necklace undulated like a snake. she had to press down on every millimeter of the necklace to made it lay flat and her left hand was bruised purple, blue and red in many places from the hard labor. I watched her work on the beautiful necklace. She had to take a tubing and pinch it flat to make it fit the design and this was not easy because of the roughness of the material. I looked on the back side and was astounded to see that under the gold was a real snake with a herringbone pattern.

NOTE: Mary has been diagnosed with leukemia which causes greatly easy bruising.


11-26-98 JOE'S DREAM - I was sitting on a dock at the Pacific Ocean. Everything turned sideways and we were deep under water. I held onto a metal rail and I got out.

I went to a very large building complex where thousands of people lived. I heard about a huge wave of water coming. I ran to my room, planning my escape, along with others.

A few minutes later, the words "Paradigm Shift" went through my mind, and I saw water in a slow river go out over land and into a big pipe, where it was moving rapidly and was accelerating quickly.

The next words I heard was "changing of the guard". Someone was explaining how this was taking place on another dimensional plane but had effects on the earth as well.

Immediately I heard,"gathered by day in full rotation, and lesser so by night." This was about the planets.

END of Revelations

According to my understanding, the garbage of the other dimensions of consciousness is discharged on earth and earth swallows the river poured out by the dragon. (Rev. 12:15) It's a purification process that can only be enacted on the stage of earth. It serves an important function in consciousness involving multiple dimensional planes. I sometimes fees the burden or heaviness, the switch to being lighthearted. It's like being schizophrenic.

Mankind is the Fenris Wolf.


11-27-98 - DREAM - I was with my children and other people. I systematically went through the house and completed all the work that had to be done. I told the children that I had picked up everything off the floor and there was nothing more to be done. So I announced that it was time to start a new project. One of the boys said, "Oh man! I hate Fridays!"   (Today is actually Friday)


11-27-98 - DREAM - I was on the computer studying what Intuition was. The intuition was "light" and poetry-like...not in words, but in feeling. All the rest of the words were chaotic in feeling and made no sense.