4-11-98 - VISION - I woke up from a dream and had this vision. It was an envelope.

The return address was: AMERICA - THE UNITED NATIONS

New York, New York

On the letterhead, it was addressed to: LIGHTWORKERS OF AMERICA


11-29-98 - DREAM - I was working in an office typing on an old typewriter. I was working diligently and got to the end of the letter and then discovered I had done all that work and had forgotten to put paper into the typewriter and I had done all that work for nothing.

I got up from the chair ad walked across the room to another machine that was newer. That one seemed to be more word-processor-like ...newer but still needed computer paper with tracks along the side and didn't have any.

While I was looking at the machine, a man and woman came into the room behind me. She was lost and needed directions to Nemagon or Neemaken. It sounded a place that was familiar to me.

The man had no idea where it was, so I went over to help. Handling the map was awkward because of all the folds. I asked her where she was from. She said Chicago. I asked her where she wanted to go and she answered Nemagon or Nekagon. I said, "Where are you coming from? That'll help me figure out the direction you need to go. She said, "New York!" No matter what, the direction had to come from where we were at the moment to where she needed to go. That would determine the current path. I thought I had a better map than the man had. I woke up as I went to get it.


11-4-99 - VISION - Just because of Korea, Russia, and China, I wouldn't necessarily condemn New York, Washington, and New Jersey.