1997 - 1998

I have just received another very serious prediction regarding Earth Changes and a possible terrorist nuclear attack on New York City on or around August 17 of this year. Please read this article and forward it to whomever you think might be receptive to it. This prophecy came through with such exactness that I am willing to take the risk of publicizing this information in order that lives may be saved. Even if the bomb event itself is thwarted, the predicted Earth Changes make both New York and most of the West Coast particularly problematic places to be. So the message is to go within, ask for solid guidance, and if you get it, get the hell out!

First of all, on behalf of the many people who might benefit from these warnings, I would like to apologize for not publicizing this material sooner. In late November 1997, only a month after my readings literally forced me to move to Virginia Beach, they told me that I was the next incarnation of Edgar Cayce. This return was prophesied for 1998, and so far I havenít seen anyone else who can make a case even remotely as strong as my own.

In addition, when comparing the two birth charts, one quickly realizes that all of our inner planets up to Jupiter are in nearly identical positions.

The best evidence of all can be presented with a one - foot tall stack of  single - spaced typewritten pages, which represent a catalogue of every  dream and psychic reading that I have produced since the messages began in  November of 1996. In less than two years, I have generated an average of  fifty new pages of prophetic materials every fifteen days. This source has  guided me to a series of discoveries that have convinced me that we are  about to undergo a planetary Ascension into the fourth dimension. This  conveniently explains literally every single metaphysical and anomalistic phenomenon now occurring, including the UFO visitations, Earth Changes, the massive increase in chaos as well as the massive increase in enlightenment.  

Around here in Virginia Beach, there are hundreds of 'new Cayces' every  month, and thus to some people I am just another wacko. Until this time I  have completely avoided publicity out of fear of ridicule. I have gotten  past the point now of being concerned over whether people believe me or  not, as I myself really don't think it matters. What does matter is that I  have extensive documentation to support that I have a high - quality connection with Higher Intelligence. This includes long and intricate spiritual and philosophical essays as well as detailed future - predictive dreams and readings.

I pray to God that this prediction is wrong, as it would be an unbelievable catastrophe, and a totally unnecessary part of the Earth Change / Ascension scenario. But at the same time, I would very strongly urge any person not to be in New York during this time. Look at the results and judge for yourself.

"Let's talk about two bombers. They awoke at night and they slept in the daytime. Their cancer was the deliberate manifestation of events that would bring about a complete failure of many navigation systems of a particular desired target.

It was believed at the time that through such a process, greater world peace would be attained, but we now see that this action will have serious and damaging consequences for the people of this Earth."

This part seems clearly related to an article on Sightings website regarding the TWA 800 bombing and the clear evidence linking it to a missile attack. The Sightings article very convincingly argues that it was of terrorist nature and intent. If the terrorists did do it, they must have been surprised and angered that they were not acknowledged for it, unlike the World Trade Center bombing. Or, it could be that the navigation systems being referred to are the port activities in New York; the commerce coming in and out of the harbor.

"The event then manifests itself as the [fourth – dimensional] force necessary for said [Ascension] upliftments to occur continues to increase. Now, in Saturn, there will be a brief indication of this to come; a conjunction of the natal planets of the entities in question, spurred by the catalytic action of Neptune and the approach of Jupiter, which is getting closer and closer now. And so, we never take a minute for ourselves when such problems might still occur."

As we will see below, after they gave the specific dates involved, this astrology could be actually charted out. I was shocked at how accurate they were; it was as though they were sitting there looking at the chart. While this information was coming in, I could tell that they seemed to be predicting some sort of bombing event. I then asked a question from my deep trance, trying to obtain more information.

D: "What type of bombing are you referring to here?"

[17 seconds pause]

[Very slow:] "The possible usage of a small thermonuclear – type device, brought in from the outside to the harbor of New York City."

D: "All right, letís get you to rephrase that, again, so that we know that this is coming in with accuracy. Go ahead."

"The ship comes into port on the eve of the 16th or 17th of the month. Its bows are not that of the native naval shipyard. It will possess frightening elements of society, those who would stay with the object as it is detonated. The month is August."

"Though this can be avoided, it may still happen. We do not understand why such a prophecy would be seen as a failure if it were not to occur. Quite to the contrary, if this prophecy does not occur it will be a great success, and a testament to the fact that good triumphs over evil. The jury is still out on this one. There are a number of problems that might occur for them, in the transportation process, in the acquisition process, in the building process, et cetera. Know that the time has been set, and the plan has been put into action."

"On the eve of the 15th, they will begin their journey. It is at this time that the greatest prayers should begin, to hopefully steer them off course, to aid the energies that can then cease this manifestation."

Since travel by sea isnít very fast, this seems to indicate that they would have to be starting someplace close. One guess, which I have yet to corroborate, is that the bombers could be launching off from Cuba. That is perhaps the best fit I can think of at this point with the data that has been given here, unless they were already in the United States to begin with.

D: "Once again, rephrase this. This is a very big thing you are saying now."

"When your one – pointedness of mind will occur, there is no longer a need to substitute the workings of the past with the repetitive statements that have characterized the present."

I had become concerned in recent months that I was often using the same words in my readings, and thus many of them sounded the same. This was a clear statement about that. In a trance as deep as this one, every single word is brought in separately, one at a time, at a very slow speed. I had finally reached the "one – pointedness of mind" where the readings could come through undistorted. They then went ahead to explain why they were giving me this prophecy.

"If we are to be a force for good, we need to elaborate on the positive changes that are happening, while simultaneously looking into the possibilities of negative events such as nuclear warfare. If one were to have exploded a nuclear device, [such as India and Pakistan,] the tension level is raised throughout the planet, and many will seek to determine how it was done, and where said materials can be procured. The black market already has such things, and thus the governmentís statement of nuclear nations is woefully inadequate when seen in the light of the "backpack nukes" that have been leaked throughout."

"We understand that these are very distressing circumstances, and would remind you that the tectonic shifts involved in the upcoming changes also make New York a particularly undesirable target location. Therefore, when hearing these matters, the best decision one can do is to begin very seriously listening to dream guidance, to any upheavals that are happening in the physical life, and to the gut feelings that one might be having. [Try to] piece this together to arrive at a possible conclusion that will make everyone involved safer and much happier in the long term."

"With such changes so close and about to take place, we strongly encourage the separation from large urban areas, as these will be the scenes of much distress, chaos and disaster. [This is] for no other reason than that the economy, collapsed by the weather disturbances, will not be able to support the inner cities any longer. They will be the first to feel the effects of something that will occur as a ripple effect throughout society."

"People in the outlying areas will have an easier time with this, as there will not be as much of a need for them to panic and worry about large crowds of people rioting and the like. We treat these issues very seriously, because there are a number of possibilities that we see that can occur. Yet, in none of them can we honestly say that a deep urban area is a good idea. Therefore, it would be wise to take stock of oneís possessions, sort out what is and is not necessary, and understand that the changes now occurring in society will make the cities a very undesirable location to remain in throughout the near future."

D: "You had given me a dream before, and in the dream it had Godzilla, and he was about to destroy things. [A shortened transcript of this dream is provided after this reading.] Right after that, I had a dream about a nuclear bomb exploding in the air, and of the need to evacuate people."

"You did a good job of interpreting the images we just flashed into your mind, David. Now you can see that this dream stands on the same ground as the information that was just given to you. As you increase your call to be of service, and as you continue to participate with our plan as given, we may then find you entering into a deeper and deeper location where prophecies and the like may be given. Godzilla was indicated, as it has direct ties to New York, and the lawn that you were on [when the nuke went off] was intended to conform with the scenery on the outside of the previous dream, [when you ran out of the building as it was about to explode.]"

In order to understand the next part of the reading, I need to mention that this dream started out with a party that was occurring in a very wealthy mansion. Some men entered the party, and seemed very sinister. They were dark – skinned with absolutely white makeup on their faces, runny dark eyeliner around the eyes and bright red lipstick. They seemed to have military – style clothing on that was light tan / green and had many pockets. One of them who seemed to be the leader had a cloth that covered his entire face below the eyes, and thus I guessed that this might have indicated Michael Jackson for some reason. No one in the party seemed to notice or care that they were there.

"The dark force that was coming in, which you incorrectly labeled as Michael Jackson, was intended to show the very presence of this entity that seeks to take hold of the area. The members of the party, being rather oblivious to this, did not indicate that there was any large difficulty mounting. At the end of the dream, a small creature [that represented this same force] had a tongue that looked like the hot pepper that you saw in the Asian Market. Again, the image is heat. [The creature then turned into an iguana, and the iguana was being ridiculed.] And then, as those cleaning up after the party slapped the iguana, there was the knowledge that the iguana would grow greatly in size as it had in the movie Godzilla."

"The process through which it might grow in size was intended to symbolically illustrate nuclear energy, and thus in the following dream the cycle was completed by the appearance of the airborne explosion. This also was interwoven with the more long – term [solar] effects of the Ascension, but the bomb aspect was correctly given, and needs to be addressed at this time."

The solar effect that they were referring to in this paragraph is part of the Ascension. They are adamant that the electromagnetic / spiritual energy of the Earth is about to increase to the fourth dimension, and this is directly controlled by a 25,000-year cycle in the Sun. Since the whole cycle is entering its completion phase in 1999-2000, there may well be a luminous phenomena associated with this as the Sun makes the change. Do not confuse this with an explosion, as the energy coming out is fourth – dimensional in frequency; it is not normal fire, the Sun is not going to "blow up."

"This [attack] is coming in the form of an ongoing Jihad, which does not want to be acknowledged to the people by your government. Yet, there is every reason to believe that it is progressing, and that New York is the number one target for any such actions. Let us all hope together that this prophecy shall fail to come to pass. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love."

I wrote this next section the day after the reading, as soon as I tried to validate the astrological information that was indicated. Here again is that portion of the data:

"Now, in Saturn, there will be a brief indication of this to come; a conjunction of the natal planets of the entities in question, spurred by the catalytic action of Neptune and the approach of Jupiter, which is getting closer and closer now."

I knew that they specifically mentioned Saturn, as well as Neptune and Jupiter; the big outer planets. I knew that the city was New York, and I knew that the time seemed to triangulate on the 17th of August. So, I cast a chart, and my eyes practically bugged out of my head. Here is what I wrote immediately afterwards.

"My exact words were "Holy Shit" when I just looked at the astrological chart for August 17th 1998, 12:00 p.m. This was the time of day that I randomly chose to run a chart based on this reading. This chart is set up almost exactly the same as the 11:11 a.m. eclipse on August 11, 1999, the "Ascension chart" that brings dimensional shifts and planetary shifts at the same time. The biggest shocker of all was that just like the reading said, Saturn was extremely active; in fact it is the focal point of the whole chart. It was literally sitting in direct opposition to the Ascendant, or horizon, by an astounding 34 minutes of a degree. Jesus, it sticks out like a sore thumb."

"I was then even more surprised to see that the north – south axis of the chart also was loaded with planets. Neptune and Uranus were almost directly opposite Venus and Mars. Uranus is almost as close to the nadir, or south axis, as Saturn is to the Descendant; it is only .8 degrees off. Such close planetary contact occurring simultaneously is very important astrology. What is even more outrageous is that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mercury are all retrograde, meaning that to us, their apparent motion runs backwards – this also creates extremely stressful energy. Mercury Retrograde alone can do significant damage. The last time we had a setup like this, we lost Princess Di and Mother Theresa.

"The reading also mentioned Neptune specifically, the planet of the collective consciousness. In this chart, Neptune directly opposes Mars, the planet of war, by less than three degrees, which certainly could be indicative of "war on the collective consciousness of humanity." So these four planets are all pulling on each other within a fairly close range, with the Ascendant, or horizon, completing the Grand Cross. I have already stated that such a stressful arrangement could actually create force to pull more of the fourth – dimensional energy out of the Sun rather suddenly and quickly, since we are so close to the end of the cycle. The Aug. 11, 1999 arrangement is even more powerful than this one, but as soon as I saw how locked up this chart was, I realized this was no small potatoes."

"There is just no way that I could have consciously known that this horoscope, for this exact day and month in the New York location, would be so perfectly synchronized. If the date had only been off by another day, nothing would have been positioned as well, especially the Moon, which is the fastest – moving object. This is a very stressful arrangement, and unfortunately the accuracy of this part of the reading makes the rest of the content seem much more plausible."

"Synchronicity came into play to make the point even more obvious. At the exact second I clicked the mouse to print out the chart, the phone rang literally simultaneously. This was the first time the phone rang all morning. The timing was so precise that it significantly raised the seriousness of this in my own mind."

"The other thing that I did manage to get through was the approach of Jupiter to Saturn. This is referenced in other readings as the "clock" that determines the dimensional energy shifts that come out of the Sun. The closer these planets get, the more the energy increases, and they will conjoin directly on May 28, 2000. Strong conjunctions such as the one in August of 1999 also increase the amount of fourth - dimensional energy coming out of the Sun, and this conjunction appears to be another example of such an increase. Thus, if we can get through the bad stuff, there should be even greater energy to do work such as this psychic contact."

Before we close out this article, I would also like to include some of the statements that were dictated at the actual time that I had the dream about Godzilla and the nuclear explosion. When I first got them I couldnít figure out what they meant, but after this reading they took on a whole different appearance. I will post the full dream in another article; for now my interest is in the readings that came in when I first dictated it.

Dream: "During this party, my grandparents came out with some sort of statement that the only thing that was important about what job you did was how much money you were making. When they said it so final, I was disgusted with it, as was my brother."

Reading: "My mom, Andy and myself declared a very large smell. That smell wafts all the way up to heaven, and it creates an aroma of malfeasance, which when properly identified leads to the necessary ideas to provide the solutions to the problems at hand."

Andy and my mother are both very dear to me, and I assume that they symbolically indicate these angelic beings, who donít normally use names as we think of them. I had to look up the word "malfeasance," and discovered that it meant wrongdoing. In context, the Ďvery large smellí appears to be the threat of a nuclear attack. But there is another layer of meaning here as well. When we combine this with the sentence about money being the only thing that matters, the Ďlarge smellí in the reading is also created by the greed in our society.

Dream: "Later in the party, I ran into a group of very wealthy, suited older peopleÖ Right at that point, the dark factor came into the roomÖ They were clearly up to no good."

Reading: "Disgusting that the boundaries for doom should be set in place so fervently. In reality, there are new opportunities every moment. Remember that."

Again, the readings are correlating the Ďdark factorí with doom and fervent beliefs. The next line indicates that I might be able to help stop this by getting the warning across; "there are new opportunities every moment."

Dream: "A maternal figure was holding a sweater that someone had left sitting around, and I suddenly realized that it was mine. Holding the sweater, she went around and started screaming at everybody, saying how irresponsible we had all been with the party."

Mother Earth is yelling at us about the way that each of us have allowed the world to be destroyed. The reading directly after this seems to indicate that the forces were waiting for me to want to go public before they would give me these warnings about the possible attack.

Reading: "Hard to believe it, but we vowed never to reveal the true information necessary to provide the final steps of initiation until it was personally chosen by you. That point seems to have now arrived, and for this we are very fortunate. There is still time to do what you need to do, David. We are sorry for how much pressure we feel we need to put on you. This is more about assuming your natural abilities than it is about having any role thrust upon you; you must remember that part."

"For a reflective moment of time, consider [that] the next opportunity you have to be beleaguered by giants is an opportunity that will make you stronger, and will make you better equipped to handle the crises and the circumstances necessary for the final growth phases to take place. Without coming to these realizations, it would be like swinging on a lone tire in Chicago, apart from those truths that had been given, apart from the knowledge that had been gained."

It is interesting that they would mention being Ďbeleaguered by giantsí as an opportunity. This seems to indicate to me that these giant Earth Change hardships will help all of us on Earth to grow. The metaphor of the tire in Chicago is obviously a strange one. Recently I was able to convince a non – metaphysical guy I know to record his dreams. He later came to me and reported a dream where a pregnant woman told him that there was going to be a ten – point earthquake in California and an eight – point earthquake in Chicago.

Even though he didnít think it meant anything, I was quite happy with his results. The pregnant woman represented the new, fourth – dimensional Earth that is about to be birthed, and the quakes are the Ďlabor painsí that Mother Earth is going through to get there. Therefore, the line in the reading about swinging on a tire appears to indicate the poverty and danger of being in an urban area at this point. It also indicates not being prepared, not being aware of what is happening. The mention of a major city also helps to reinforce the later prophecy relating this dream to a New York catastrophe.

Dream: "The dark factor was still active throughout the whole party. There was a never - ending discontent on behalf of my grandparents towards me; they were all very concerned, thought that I was messing up and was not in control of my life because I wouldnít work a mainstream, corporate job."

Davidís Comment: "I think the message there is that my grandparentsí attitude of consumerism still affects me, and I need to guard against that fact."

Reading: "The consumers on the West Bank would agree with you. There will always be a recipe for despair. Instead, we want to combine the necessary ingredients to discover compassionate wisdom."

So, to break this section down, I basically was trying to interpret the dream as I went along. I made a comment that I needed to guard against the spread of the American corporate ethic into my own life. The reading then said that "the consumers on the West Bank" would agree with me. Obviously this indicates the problems in Arabic countries and their dislike of American culture - "a recipe for despair." This was before I had any idea what the dream was really telling me.

Again, remember that the end of the dream had the terrorist "dark factor" turn into first a demon and then an iguana. The people cleaning up after the rich slapped the iguana, and I immediately knew this would cause it to expand as the iguana did in the new Godzilla movie. I started running as fast as I could away from the building. I was screaming, waving my arms and telling people that they had to stay away from the building, as it was about to explode from the tremendous growth of Godzilla. Picking on this stubby little demon had suddenly turned it into a raging monster. This is something to think about, especially in light of the way we belittled Pakistanís nuclear tests, claiming them to be fewer in number and "fizzling" without actually going off.

Now we move into the very next dream that actually showed me the nuclear explosion in order to get the corroborating details it provides. There are some crucial points not mentioned in the reading above.

Time: 7:18 a.m.

Dream: "I was with someone who was a real good friend of mine. We were in some sort of park area, on a hill. We look up in the sky and right in front of our eyes is a sudden bright flash point of light. It looked like some sort of a nuclear explosion, I guess, a round, quickly billowing cloud. It wasnít on the horizon; it was actually at about a 45 – degree angle from the ground, in the same position as the Sun."

"This thing was a very pure luminous white, and it started to burst and come towards us. It actually looked like it could have been the sun as well. We ducked, tried to duck for cover from this. We basically assumed a full meditative posture, all kneeled down with our heads down, facing the blast."

I donít know why I didnít see this when it first came in. The posture we adopted in the dream clearly associates the nuclear explosion with the body position of Islamic people praying to Mecca. It was a metaphor for someone worshipping the explosion. This did not mean that I myself worshipped it, but we were the only characters in the dream that could be used to express this concept. This is perfectly normal for a dream.

Dream: "Once it seemed like the first major part of it had passed, we were just running. We got into the top of an academic or school building, and this guy, sort of like a policeman, was showing us how to use a rope to go down a giant square staircase. We knew that we needed to learn how to do this to evacuate people from the explosion. The rope was supposed to keep you from falling and keep people from trampling each other."

"We were trying this out, but as we would go down each flight there was still a little bit of slack left in the rope. This concerned us, as it seemed to have an effect on how well we would be able to help people with this method. We were trying to figure out how to fix the problem, and were just standing around and scratching our heads, because we just didnít know what to do. Then all of a sudden it dawned on me that I had printed out everything we needed to do. I imagined all these sheets of computer paper, and said, "Well, there is nothing to worry about, because I have got all the information we need.""

Thus in this section we see that the solution to the evacuation problem was something that I had written and printed out on my computer. The message here clearly seems to be that just by putting this prophecy out, I might direct the appropriate national attention to the criminals in order that it may be diverted. This article also serves to warn anyone reading it to not be in New York during this time. I have no idea if this will spread enough to get the word across in time, but I have to try.

If I hadnít already been warned enough, the forces came back for another very serious message the next morning. This seemed to show the human end of these disasters that were being prophesied for the inner city areas.

Dream: "I found myself with a familiar young girl in horrible storm weather. We entered a house that we thought had been abandoned, and were shocked to see that there was over six inches of standing water on the kitchen floor, with huge leaks in the ceiling that were pouring down at a ferocious rate. I commented that someone really needed to take care of this, and we tried to bail out some water but there was just too much. As we were leaving the building, an 11 – year old African – American boy ran out. His face was mostly pale whitish and appeared to be flaking. He was wearing a ratty blue sweatshirt and pants that were crusted with crumbs and yellowish food stains. He looked extremely sick and thin, and was shaking all over. His suffering had made him totally focused on survival, and he was scared of us and tried to run away.

I stopped him and grabbed him. I was asking him if he was okay, if he had anything to eat, if he knew where his parents were. Apparently they had died and he was living alone, totally unaware of how to feed himself. I gained his trust and shortly found out that he had other, older friends. We went back into the house together and tried to stop the leaks in the ceiling that were causing the flooding. There was then a knock at the door, and a group of teenage white kids with long hair were there. They were all wearing expensive suits and ties and were armed with large machine guns. Apparently they were at war with the African – American kids. The girl and I walked through the crowd and stood there, telling them that they would have to kill us first if they wanted to kill the others. Suddenly the white guys realized that they had grown up with us in high school, and the tension was released. Everyone started to talk and get along with each other. Then the dream ended.

I am absolutely aware of how disturbing this dream is, even though it involved interracial cooperation at the end. It seemed that the forces wanted to dramatically underscore the message that was given the day before. It certainly worked.

Understand that my readings have indicated over and over again that the classic Earth Change scenario is still going to happen to some degree. This includes the California quake and inundation, coupled with Long Island and New York City. The whole Ring of Fire area will be the hardest hit. Thus, if you live on the West Coast, be prepared to move at the first sign of large – scale trouble. If you know and feel that this is the gigantic earthquake, donít wait to pack up your car with stuff, as the highways will be jammed; just get in the car and start driving. My readings precisely coincide with those of the Hopi elders, Gordon – Michael Scallion, Cayce and the like, by indicating that "September might now be one possibility for this." Another pivotal statement is "Undoubtedly, before the New Year you will have seen the change, so you should be prepared and have been prepared."

Remember that the immense popularity of the movie Titanic could very well be the result of a mass subconscious knowledge regarding this inundation. The slow sinking of the ship and the denial that it was about to happen seem to fall in line with what we are now seeing. We need to remember that this is part of the natural process of the Earth, and though we can alter its severity through prayer, at this point it appears that it will still have to happen regardlessly. So instead of being in denial about it, take action and get the courage to follow your intuition with great speed and total trust.

We need to focus on the fact that the Ascension is behind all of this. As the changes come, most of us will feel totally overwhelmed. I would like to share with the readers that I have absolute trust in the positive aspects of what is going to happen here. Part of this is because I have actually visited these realms many times in out – of – body experiences. No matter how horrible things may appear, it is all designed to get us to wake up, stop sleeping and stop hating each other. Love is now being enforced on this planet, and if we can keep our thoughts focused on this, we will be able to join in this wonderful new world that is now so soon upon us. I am totally focused on this and know that when the time comes, I wonít hesitate. Iíll be the first one to jump into the vortex. Come on, letís go. Words cannot describe the joy that awaits us.

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