By Freestone Wilson

Hello, everyone.

Here is an account of one of my OBE visits to an alien world!

There is only ONE picture-memory in this vision that I can recall!!

Just one memory. But I want to put a description of this event, for you all, to show a scene from a *very* different place!!

What i remember is this..... an outdoor scene, under sky with plants and part of   a building. The sky was a very very deep blue---not a blue that ever is seen on earth! cobalt blue or even a deeper hue of blue...it was not a LACK of light, so much, that made for the hue...is was as if the very sun-source itself was of a different color...nearly black-blue, or the deepest of Indigo...and the plants!

The trees were too far away to see each leaf, but these leaves were like as if a pine tree had leaves!

Each leaf was long and very narrow: but not as narrow as a pine needle: NOT an earth species!...and the shade of "green" of the leaves was... PURPLE. . . dark purple was the leaf color...in every leaf, uniformly!

The corner of a building looked to be made of brown stones.

The whole scene just "shouted"...."alien", "not of earth"!!

[once, years ago, i saw a drawing with the person's descriptions...of a UFO-abduction to the planet VENUS; He was taken to venus, via the saucer. Yyes...the descriptions and the drawings were of the same as my vision-place!!

I have a fairly good Intuition that this place of my vision IS Venus!]

A few years ago, I read an account of a class of students with a MEDIUM, channeling her Guide; these students were learning of Spirit, through the teachings of this guide. One of the students asked this guide about how could this Guide and his people live on the surface of the planet venus when the NASA probes give the surface of venus such a bad reputation for life to exist, there! (Guide is from Venus)

The guide replied...."yes indeed, your probes show the truth, about the surface of Venus...but I live in one of the ASTRAL shells around the planet! All planets have their afterlife realms, about them...and of course they all are populated with beings. Many earthlings go to live/visit to the realms of Venus, after they die."


Venus, as well as the other planets, have their heaven worlds of higher non-physical vibration dimensions, too! these are very accessable by the souls of earth's heavens....as well as by OBE travelers incarnated upon the earth: as long as they have the "URL" ADDRESS for Venus!!

My "implant card"...gives me access to some very intriguing places!!

freestone === live an incredible life


Here is one of my greatest abduction experiences! As you read it, you will see that it fits the "classic' ufo-abduction process: but it was a "dream"!

No! Not a dream....an Out Of Body experience! I was taken in spirit to where these aliens were, in my Spirit-body! But it is an abduction experience!!

[I wonder how many such experiences are really like this??!.....I think:MANY!!] ---for I was taken into the afterdeath/spirit worlds.....

Dream begins......

I awake, in the dream, on a grey operating type table. It is the table that I have actually seen pictures of and read descriptions of...in the narritives of Abductees!

I am surrounded by several beings that do not look like human beings!---on an operating table, in a room of grey metal. And...yes...the looked JUST LIKE what is in the pictures that abductees draw.....the "tall grey-suited humansized heads, but feature-less".

One of them began to talk to me. He tells me that he is surprised...they were going to give to me an IMPLANT of some sort, for some reason... but that they just had now discovered that some other alien group beat them to it and had, unbeknownst to me, already abducted my spirit-body and had put an implant into this body already!! Thus, there was an implant already in place!

So this leader says to me..."since we brought you up here, we may as well purify your AURA a little".

I watched this leader and one of his assistants bring up to me a wire loop...it looked like a soap bubble blower...a loop of wire attached to a long straight wire. This loop was maybe five inches across and the straight wire was maybe two foot long, coming out of some instrument box, held in his hand. They then made passes over my body....running the loop up and down my arms and legs and along my body. [like degaussing a computer moniter screen,

I guess---- when I awoke...I felt very calm and peacefull for months...this little operation, folks, had a VERY REAL EARTHLY EFFECT upon my physical body!]

This spokesperson [felt "male"]...then said to me... "Now, before we send you back down to earth.....here  is  our Astral address so that you can come to visit us as you go out of your body, at night....AND...to be able to come stay with us for a while, after you DIE"

This being then held out to my face something that looked like a business card or I D card. He then put it onto my body, somehow...so to have it in my spirit body at all times. Yes...another IMPLANT!....really.

-----and the dream ends.

Then the Dreams of visits to alien worlds, begins...on and off, for the rest of my life!!

From this...i have a theory about these implants that the abductees recieve. they are put into their spirit-body and the are there for.....so the aliens can moniter the person. They can send thought material to that person. When the person dies; the aliens can pull him up into their worlds of spirit...much like of the chinaman who is bald except for that rope of hair: he leaves it there so that God can pull him up to heaven  when he dies!

Thus there is always a connection between the abductee and these aliens, via the implant...an implant that can not be observed by X-ray or scan...as it is in the Spirit-body, of the person!

And, yes, the other major point is...someone can indeed be abducted right from their sleep, from their bedroom!! it is a REAL abduction: the person is taken into the spirit worlds of higher dimensional  reality.


Here is a short OBE-experience, that I had, from the early 80s.

This begins where I am sitting at a table in a very lush garden. This has the feeling of a patio behind someone's house, where all the back yard is of a southern garden....somwhere in one of the heavenworlds.

There is a pile, a stack, of what looks like papers, sitting on this table, that apparently I am supposed to read. Each sheet is thick and about two feet to a side. each sheet is FILLED with hyroglyphic symbols that i can not even begin to translate!

I have the *distinct* feeling, in this vision, that EACH of these symbols has information so densely packed into the symbol that a three-inch-thick book could be needed to hold the words...to describe the meaning of each and every picture-like squiggle of print.

There were hundreds and hundreds of these squggles per page!!

Another language! A language where the level of content-richness is W-A-Y beyond my poor earthly ability to comprehend.

I, as I leaf through these sheets; there must be dozens of them: I find a sheet that has a couple of words or so of ENGLISH language on it!

---and a couple of pictures.....

It had a title..."THE DEAD" All I could see on this sheet was of a face of a man with hundreds of these squiggly print-forms coming out of his mouth...like of a waterhose spouting out water...I could see that this man wore an orange robe and his face was round..and he had "afro" hair, but not as kinky as a "black" person would have it. He looked like a India-indian person...someone from south India, as I could tell that he was short in stature.

He was giving a lecture about the "dead"! That was the subject of this sheet. On the right side of this sheet, I could see several groups of what looked like dead sticks...like leafless walking sticks. There were dozens of these groups...each group had from five to ten sticks: each stick was attached to another stick, within its group.

Too, a morning glory vine entwined all the groups of these sticks...the flowers bloomed everwhere... I laid aside these sheets, in frustration, in my vision...there was no way Icould even begin to poke at an interpetation!

I looked up...there was a hazy presence before me...some Guide or Angel....maybe... then, this presence began to tell me of what the "dead" meant!

[i can only faintly recall of some of what he said!]

A living, on earth, Master, was ...Out of his own body, on one of his own OBE travels....was giving a lecture, in the spirit world, and this lecture was the subject of this sheet, as the Angels recorded it. The "dead" refered to all the souls on earth or in the spirit world, who are dead to spirit..."souls who are not saved" ---in the Christian symbol-system.

Each stick is one earthly life....and the groups of these sticks???...they refer to the incarnational succession of earthly lives...of one oversoul.

[ oversoul---the soul of all its earthly lives]

The wheel spins...dead in one life..dead in the next...if spirit does not get entered into the life!

A day on earth...like a day is the whole lifetime...is but a "day" in heaven-time..like of the morning glory flower lasting but a day and is gone to wilt by nightfall.

There is, as a result, no real heaven-life for these stick-souls. There is no Spirit to awaken within them, as they did not have Spirit in their hearts,  while living on earth! the Morning glory flower does not bloom for them in heaven: they can only live by IMMEDIATELY reincarnating again onto the physical plane....as they "sleep" in heaven between lives!

Thus this lecture-sheet is an exhortation for us to begin to live the salvational spiritual life; not just philosophy or metaphysics....but to have a personal relationship with God....to have God as a co-partner, in your heart, co-partner with your soul.

As if you, if you could not approach this path via the "new age" or "initiation-by-Guru" ways...that you ought to go right down to the Southern baptist Church and fall on your knees, accepting Jesus as your Savior...to have Him in your heart...Soul..and life!!

There! A "simple" experience!! There ARE no simple experiences...to these visions!! There are layers and levels of complexity and meanings...


Here is an event that has occurred with my OBE-events, recently!

I have an old friend from my high school days. we grew up next door to each other...in the 1950s. During the last 15 years or so..we both went our separate ways of life. Last fall, he fell off his farm tractor and broke his neck; he nearly died. He is now paralyzed from the neck down...ever since october...now in a veteran's hospital. He not only nearly died, last fall, but he has nearly died on several occasions since!

The hospital is 1200 miles away and there is no way I can ever visit him again.....

Near the beginning of this year, I had an OBE-experience, that was most impressive.

Here it is.....

My vision begins... as I am now aware that I am floating in a grey void....as usual, for my beginnings of many of my OBE experiences. Then I am floating in the air, maybe twenty feet off of the ground, hovering over my friend's house. it is night. Night in Upstate New York...

[I must be in the lower astral world: the realm that is so close to the physical world that it really is the "backside" to this physical world. This is the realm one goes to ...to astral travel to anywhere in the world. I have been to China, Russia, other places; all in this lower "copy" of the physical world...the lowest astral that is yet "above" the sense-perceptions of the earth-incarnation. Maybe a pet, or a psychic or maybe a child could see me float above Sam's house! Tthis is where the Ghosts are]

I float away....off to the corner of his farm to where his mother now lives. I sink down to the ground that is behind her house. there on the ground I see some sort of construction. It is a grave with a headstone! It is Sam's grave!! Sam's Tombstone! [Sam is his name: of course he would be buried in   the town cemetary, in reality. he is still alive,   though!!

This vision must be some kind of "Prophecy"]

I then position myself to read the stone. Suddenly, there is a blaze of light over the tombstone and it opens up like a door!! when it opens, I see a very very bright light within the space behind it: like of seeing into a bright-lit room.

In the space, maybe ten feet back into the "room"...is Sam!!

He then, himself, floats up to the door and then he floats right out to just before me. He speaks to me...saying.... "Even though only a few minutes have gone by for you, on earth, Freestone, I, Sam, have been here in heaven for TEN YEARS!! And....Freestone...heaven is so much much much more amazing than even you, Freestone, have ever known or have even imagined it to be like!!"

end...of the dream-vision!!

As of May 15th...Sam is still alive, though barely!! He could have died right at the accident, but did not...his sister writes to me that he has accepted Jesus...since the accident...

This Dream must have been a kind of "Runthrough", a seeing of what he WILL experience, when he gets there...it will not be very long from now....but I think that spirit gave to him a delay, like of my father...so that he could sit in his wheelchair or lie in the iron lung...thinking and maybe forgiving everyone, and getting Spirit into his heart...as he had had *LOTS* of anger, directed at people, during his latter years of life...!!

Two instructive points, here, that I would like to make, please!

I read that time speeds up, the higher the heaven is, from earth...Sam must have gone to a very high place!

But: this would infer that someone, who dies a year before you, could have spent a hundred years in heaven, before you arrive! Thus, time is very strange, there.


I find what Sam says about how amazing heaven is....to be VERY humbling to me!!! For his statement infers this..... that of all of these wonderful visions that I have, no matter how incredibly descriptive and heart-wrenchingly wonderious these visions are.... THEY DO NOT COMPARE TO EVEN THE SLIGHTEST, AS TO HOW GLORY-IOUS HEAVEN MUST REALLY REALLY BE, TO ACTUALLY BE LIKE, WHEN ONE LIVES THERE PERMANENTLY . . . after death!!!....and...for a *VERY* long time of Duration!!!

My visions must only hint a little bit, at the wonder that awaits YOU and I...


About a month ago, I had this Incredible vision-dream! I was shown what is apparently to be my initial arrival into the lower afterlife world, after i die. For some reason, Spirit wants to show to me what my very first "weeks" of heaven are to be like!!!

[ in other visions...I have gone, often, out-of-body to see and visit my Sister's "Appalachian Mountain world"----one of the places that she lives in---in the heavens. I have had ten or twenty of these, during the last few years....]

[she and I were close...died in 1986...she WOULD be the one I would see, first...as my mother died in 1975...]

vision begins....

I am in a bed. I awake. Suanna, my sister, is beside me... there is fond greetings...[vaguely remembered].

Much fond greetings....embracings.....talkings... I find that I am in a room in her mountain house, in the Appalacian heaven that I have OBEed to, so often, in the past.... she has a house, there....in a land of blue skies and rolling hills... in one of the lower heavens.

I slowly awake to my senses and become "grounded" in heaven ...over the next few days.... Inow recall that I had died, and am now here, in heaven!

But now I live!!! I have Come Home!!! no more tears....sufferings of earth!

I take walks and talk to the people that are in Suanna's life, there...the friends of hers...her nieghbors ... they tell me about the way things are...here....[vaguely remembered(sigh)]

One day...I am now strong enough to take a walk on my own.... so I take a walk. I see a road going downward, from the plateau of the hills...where her home is... Curiousity...I walk down it, down the hill.

I note that there is a town, down there...I see people standing along the road: they all look very depressed and angry!!

The very air is dark and grey! I suddenly realize that I have gone DOWN in vibration, as well as down in elevation. I then recall that I was brought up from earth, by that same road, half asleep; and that the gate to earth was just ahead and so I wanted to check the earth out, as a spirit!!

I came to a gate; there was a white robed figure with a sword that was AFLAME(!!)...guarding this gate...that six foot sword was afire like it was soaked in gasoline!!

I then heard a thunderious voice, directed to me!

"This is the road to earth: You are FORBIDDEN to enter it: go back up the hill"!!!

the Angel with sword spoke; I humbly retreated back up the hill!!

Later, in talking to other guide-like inhabitants, near Suanna, I was told that there was ALSO a road leading UPWARD, from this Land... this way is for the people who graduate from the mountain land and that this place is actually a RECIEVING STATION/healing station...for new arrived souls, like of ME!

Soon, I would go onward...up this road...after I am healed somewhat of the earthly stains of negativity, from my earh life...those souls near the gate were so steeped in bad thoughts and feelings...that they were a little stuck, there, near the gate, and were yet unable to even climb up the road to the healing areas.

SUDDENLY....... suddenly..like of a materialzation...someone appeared in the room that I was in, in Suanna's house!

It was my Nephew, Joe! There he was....poof!! In a moment or so...I found that he had DIED! thus, now Joe was here in the mountain land...he is a close friend and relative from my home town..a very spiritual person who also OBEs a lot. Thus...he WOULD appear, right after dying, just like this...

[messege between the lines, ....that I die first...then Joe will die!!]

NOW.....here is where I get VERY VERY Serious!! For Joe arrived in the clothes that he died in...aparrently!

[I read that this is so...one arrives in heaven wearing the thought-form clothes that one wears just before death!]

Joe came with the clothes that he wore, just before death...

I give this vision NOT just as a reminder that we live after death...for this vision IS a wonderfull summary of just that.

For what Joe wore..... makes this vision... a PROPHECY oustanding....a "three alarm bell" prophecy for what is to come.... FOR JOE CAME TO HEAVEN WEARING MODERN ARMY CAMOFLAGE FATIGUES!!

Joe is 31 years of age...soon to be 32! Oh, he is single...But he is a poet..writer..painter..natualist..bisexual...working on his Doctor's dissertation by mail, in a rare grant program!

He does NOT wear fatigues!!! He does not hunt deer...is NOT part of the "liberal left fatigue-wearers", of the activists, on campuses... he lives in his house, in very rural New York state. He would NEVER choose to wear army surplus gear!!

Except ...... except by one means.... he is DRAFTED into the army!! If they can draft Joe....under that lifestyle that he now lives...at age 31 or 32 or 34 or 35.... that means that they are dipping to the bottom of the young-man-bucket, in the draft call up system!!!  I do not think that he would ENLIST!!...ever..... one year....two years...five years.... just WHAT kind of WAR will draft Joe into wearing army fatigues?!!! Can't be far off......Joe is 31.

I believe what I saw.... my PERSONAL prophecies, for ME...for my own life...are NEVER wrong!! I can miss-see about the collective future...or read the messege wrong...about collective earth-changes; but I have once had several visions that gave, in pictures, each and every PLACE that I would live in...for the next 15 years....!!! And they all came true....

I am now 57...going on 58. I would stand to die before Joe, at any event! Thus...I will, ...die first.....and then soon, very soon, afterwards...days or weeks; (maybe from the same war or event that kills me!!) Joe will die...and he will die, wearing modern army camoflauge fatigues!!

As this Dream is really a Master-level PROPHECY, of the first order: its message is.... that sometime in the next few months or years....there will be a war so great...that nearly all the younger men are drafted into it! We are not even talking about REINSTITUTING the draft...we are talking about drafting men of 30 to 40 years old!! Or.... at least a war so intense...that all young men would VOLENTEER to join up..to fight a very idealistic fight...amounting to the very same end result: a poet and a philosepher, COULD join up, for idealistic reasons!!-------a Great and terrible War looms, at any event, if I interpet this aright!!  It must be soon and nor far off! the volenteer age would be 35...I believe!....Would they draft someone that is 40 years of age??!!

Let us ALL hope that Joe decides to hunt deer or goes to the army suplus store to buy fatigues so that he can take photos of nature and animals...unseen, and not go to a war!!!!!!


Last night I had an Out of body experience...to go to visit an alien convention.

the experience begins.......

I am standing on a grassy plain, at dark. I often do this, as I leave my earth-body, at sleep and become awake in my soul/spirit body....do this, as these experiences often begin where I am standing on a grassy plain, in one of the lower Spirit, higher dimensional, worlds. I look to the sky and see UFOs!!

There are several silver glowing ships of the traditional saucer shape..far up and off, in the sky.....slowly coming toward the ground, to a place off in the distance.

[aliens coming down in dimensional vibration from a realm from ABOVE where I am at: from a yet higher  realm of spirit.....probably never were souls of incarnate humans...they probably DO come from a place that is a "heaven" of another physical planet...or even of a place in spirit where none of them have ever been incarnted to ANY physical planet!]

I walk or float to this distant place. Upon my arrival, I see that several ships are on the ground and the aliens have set up a kind of convention...buildings and exhibits dot the landscape.

[*like*...the french Embassy has, several times a year, People coming from Franch to put on an exhibit of French ways of life and Culture...]

So I took the tour...saw exhibits...talked to the aliens...went from booth to booth.... I can not remember all of it....but, I was impressed as to how this all had a validness to it, surely *not* a psychological dream, made up by me!! Here are some of the things that I learned about these aliens...they come from a star sytem of many stars...a star cluster, maybe ten to 300 stars...only light MONTHS apart. I saw a map of this....there is only one race. [On one of the planets: surely not on all the planets around all of the stars, but that COULD be so...(see below!)]

"He", one of the aliens, looked very human! He could walk the street of Chicago and not be noted as being alien. About six feet tall ... chocolate-colored skin, on a face that looked very human....only all of his skin was DIMPLE LIKE...warty...like of a toad's skin!...or like of a very bad acne case, when as a kid! All of his skin was like that: tis the way skin is, there.

There is no music or song, with these people!! They did not even comprehend what music was...as I tried to explain it to them! There seemed to be NO arts at all...hardly any culture...and their language structure was very very literal: seems their whole way of life was very "puritan-like"...formal, and literal! "Creativeness" was not a thing that they did!! They were all of one race and people: no individual differences or Character...even the plants and animals were simple in species!

[like....as if earth had one type of pine tree, all over the planet...and one or two breeds of dogs, and an ocean full of fish...*ONE* species of fish!!]

One country...no "French"..."Black"..."Russian"...cultures!

As I walked away, in my vision-dream, from the exhibits, even in my dream, I came to some conclusions! This race of aliens were utterly lacking in any form of art...creativeness...or individual character that is gotten from the creative acts of one's life!! I began to really see...that us human race on earth, was far "better" than even some of the  ufo-communicants sayings!..."earth is the lowest planet of evolution, in the Galaxy"..."earth is the laggard"!

NO!....we all are in better shape than that, I think!!

End of vision...

As I took my Saturday walk to the mall, a couple of hours ago...I had further thoughts about these aliens. Maybe they really come from a realm in dimension that was a bit "higher" than my grassy plain of OBE...thus the convention. But they come from a group of interconnected worlds, in spirit[star cluster] where very few if any of them have ever been incarnated onto a physical world. thus they know not feelings or even Emotions!

As they did not "fall" to an "earth", incarnationaly, they do not have a soul that derives from the physical life where the "Gods"...from realms way way above them...came to "earth" to set up the Dispensations for these incarnated souls..."dispensations", like in...."ye shall be as Gods...to be CO-CREATORS *with* God"...

Thus, there is Something mysterious about an earthly life, that makes for CREATIVITY, in the afterlife soul, after that incarnation dies and goes to the afterlife!!

There is a *very* subtle profound hint...in this dream, to me! . . .that the faculty of being able to create something unique..*anything* of art or invention or thoughts... is a *VERY* important thing...in "what it means to have a human incarnation, upon the earth"!!! Thus...it is FAR better to incarnate into this vale of "suffering'...than to live in one of these alien realms and never incarnating...

There is an Occult Doctrine that says that the Angels have no Individuality..they can only obey God...and never to work *with* God, on his level of Being. Only Humans can work with God. that is why the owner's Manual says that man is created to be higher than the Angels! Yes, the Angels can maybe change; but they have to Incarnate AS a man, to get a human soul, first!!


Here is an OBE experience where I "volunteered" to be used in what is called by Guides..."rescue work"! This is where someone has died but needs a little push by some guide, to get up to heaven. Because out-of-body souls are still connected directly to earth...they sometimes can be used by Spirit for this aid....as they are of spirit and also the earth...thus the dead person can see the obe person but not the Guide....and the OBE person can help the dead soul connect with that guide. then the dead person can go with guide, to heaven!

My experience begins....

I awake to the experience: I am standing in a very dimly lit room with several young people. I see that there has been a college student party and it has been going on for quite a while...must be 4 in the morning! There are empty beer bottles on the tables and cigarette butts everywhere...and the students are dazedly staring out into space...a party house. Stale air and tired funiture and beery smells.

I walk around this dark house...I see that every room has several kids in it...maybe 18 to 24 years old...I, having a bit more awareness ... noticed something quite WIERD...there are *no* windows or doors, to this house!! not a one...I begin to earnestly look for even a window...let alone a door: NONE!!

I began to prod these kids...to get them to notice that something strange is going on... "how long has this party been going on"?...i asked. "DUH....duh....days...days..."

[ here is a house with 20...30 kids with no windows or doors and they have been here for days and days, in a drawn out party-binge. not one of them are even aware of the strangeness.]

I ranted. I raged! I managed to get most of them to be suddenly aware that there was not a single way out!...and that they had been there for days...I tried to get them to see the INCONSISTENCY: how could they be IN the house if there were no way to get in?!!

I got several kids to try to remember what they did before they came to the party: one kid recalled that he was on a hospital bed, being sedated for an operation...another kid was in a car and it was about to crash into another car!!

[they all had just died! massive denial was going on..each of them had died from some condition: being very young...the matter of death never occurred to them...even when alive, thus their coping with the fact of their death, was very very difficult: at 21 years of age, most people think of DEATH...as an abstraction-only!!]

"There's GOTTA be some door somewhere" I shouted! "There's one!" I saw a door, in the kitchen...I could see the light framing it! "All together...shoulder to it" Three of us pushed it open..it flew right  open.... to reveal....! The sea!

This house was on a point of land..I could see a fog bank behind the house, and another fog bank out in the ocean. the waves were crashing upon the shore, about three feet below the grassey yard, about ten feet from the door; the sea was right in their faces, as they all filed out, mouths agape! "Awesome...un-WORLDY".... Tis it was...the elecric blue sky overhead with fog all in the distances... They stood there...suitibly HUMBLED...sober to the max!!

Seemingly, the water calmed in a few moments and the tide went out. we all saw that this fog was lifting, on the other side of what was now apparent...to have this sea actually to be just a harbor, with a small seaport just on the other side of this harbor, from the party-house .... maybe only 500 feet away!

Too...it was now clear that this harbor was very, very shallow, SO shallow that one could walk across it! We all did...the water was about three inches deep!

Here was a empty looking town with a dock. We scrambled up onto this dock and began to walk down the one main street.

Here, I saw something a little strange...for I saw that as we walked inland from this dock, along the street, there were side streets that branched off from it. Here, one by one....these kids would walk away from the group, as IF each side street was calling one person to come along it!

[of course!...each path leads to a PARTICULAR "welcome home", tailor-made, by Spirit and Guides, for each arriving soul, in my group of newly dead-to-earth, souls!]

One by one...each kid went off to a side street, to meet his relatives and friends who awaited his Homecoming...all of his people who died before him, who cared lovingly for him...would be there, to greet him and help him to adjust to the New Order of things....

By now...I had only three or four kids with me...and the street had now come up to the hill at the back of the town. there was a "ski lodge" type hostel, there... I took these kids inside...the hotel clerk was saying...as I left this vision...to awake into my body..."welcome to the Lodge..there are always rooms availible here for people without greeters to meet them"!

End of vision

Freestone Wilson



(Out Of Body Experiences)

By Steve Aranyi

Many people have questions on how to develop the skill for OOBE's.. or Out Of Body Experiences. Some may call it Astral Projection. The two are the same in most properties.. but essentially, Astral projection is more of a planned cruise, with a place or person in mind. OOBE is what it says. An Experience.

In this way, OOBE lets the mind be the guide. Subconsciously we all know what areas we need to visit, and to deal with. The planes we use to have the experience are real. If we try to limit it to the plane we're on, just so we can visit someone across town, we miss the point entirely. But of course, that type of travel is not without it's rewards. OOBE will contain both types of travels. Inner and outer. And they're the same.

Since We are part of the Universe, so then the Universe around us is part of us. This implies that all can be experienced from within. So the label OOBE can be misleading. All travels to other planes are done within your own Universe (which includes the outside as well). This can be confusing, especially for those who think they're going to FLY around their house. Or go visit relatives. In truth this happens exactly so. Only within the bubble of the defined Universe as we perceive it.. If you are part of it - You're In it, and it is In You. So travel can be done from plane to plane, either way you call it.

In this beginners' lesson - I will offer some tools to gain confidence, and to learn how to achieve these experiences. These tools may offer people a starting point, that is but a stepping stone to the world waiting out there for them to visit.

Traveling Tips for Out Of Body Experiences.

Relaxation is an art not many of us can achieve. We may say we know how to relax.. but we really do not do it correctly. The mind and body RESTS.. but is not relaxed. The best way to relax is to do Yoga exercises.. and for this purpose, especially the DEATH POSE (Savasana). This can be looked up in any yoga book, in the library, or any bookstore. But here is the general idea:

Select a calm area to relax in and try not to have any disturbances. Before falling asleep is a good time to do this. In your mind - talk yourself into relaxation - starting from the feet.. ankles.. calfs.. knees.. thighs.. and on up, all the way to the top of the head and face. Limb by limb. Spend at least 1 to 2 full minutes on EACH part of the body. And when done.. recheck the whole system. Imagine a Wave of energy that cools and rolls over your body.. up and down, making sure that all parts have achieved the relaxed state.

Once you are in this relaxed mode.. You must concentrate on your breathing. Do not try to alter the breathing. Only calm it. Don't force it to slow down. It will do that naturally. Only, you should follow your breathing's travel, in and out of the body.

Imagine the air as energy. Breathing in..good energy. Breathing out used up energy. In -- as a warm glow.. feeding your mind and body... Out is a cool blue.. getting rid of used and bad energy.

When in a relaxed state..(this may take 20 minutes ... less if you're more experienced) - Imagine floating on water, or in the air. This is NOT yet an Out of Body experience. This is a training course of the Body's state to be, prior to departure. Do not try to depart at this time. You will surely fail. Or imagine that you did go out, and you'd be fooling yourself.

This exercise should be done for several days/weeks for each person. Up until the time the person can do this in a fairly fast time (5 to 10 minutes) without much effort. It has to become an experience the body understands, and not forced into, but rather accepts as just another natural function.

Most asked Question at this point: "Is it OK if I fell asleep? I almost always do!" Answer: "Darn right it's okay. It shows you're doing it right. This is step one. Next step - stay Conscious while doing this. And this will come in time. Feel good about falling asleep at first!"

One hour in this floating state (without traveling) - equals to 8 hours of sleep!!!!!!!!!

This type of relaxation is very refreshing and beneficial in many chaotic situations. Especially in the worrisome world we live in. At times I will sit aside for 3 minutes.. and will be seemingly alert, only quiet. Even at parties, or crowded places. These 3 minutes will give me almost a half an hour of "departure" from the surroundings. So this is the First Step.

New Travelers - Do not try and go any further at this time. This step is most important. Without relaxation, it's not possible to leave the body. Since the planes we're planning to visit are not "anywhere" as such, we can take journeys that are millions of lightyears away, as easily as walking around the room.

People who have had an OOBE, or a near OOBE will have many other questions of "planes to visit" and the like. Those questions are welcome. Only understand, that we can not miss steps. If we do, we will fail.

The Mind is a Muscle that needs to be exercised like any other part of our being. Those who promise you instant success with OOBE, are liars. You do have to make an effort. But the benefits are immense!



Once a person can totally relax through the techniques in the first lesson, they can try the first attempt to leave the body. The goal is not to go right out and fly around in the universal soup, but to exercise the "lifting out" procedure. There are some important points to consider.

One is that you MUST do the exercises in the first lessons, (relaxation and breathing), for a period of time, until all of it becomes natural, and you can do it at will. Not having to fight it.

Another is, that you must lose all EGO. It has no place during travel. All other beings your mind generates, (or actually existing), know you intimately, since they've been here, and in fact they're part of us. Some will be nice, some will be angry. It matters not. It is as in everyday life.

The important thing to understand is that No one can harm you. There is no need, and there is no way. The beings that you may encounter can be of many different origins. Again, this matters not, since communication is done with telepathy, and "thought packets". This means, that one rush of feeling out of you can mean 1000 words. Everyone does this from time to time, with friends, parents, colleagues, partners. Only not consciously. While traveling, there is no other way to communicate but with feelings and thoughts. It surprises many, at first, how natural this is to us.

Many people fear "elementals" and other beings causing them harm. While this is possible, it is unlikely. Not at least in the early stages. And later, not so, because of the experience gained by traveling often.

Many asks: Is there any danger not returning into the body? The answer is, that you'd have to be very accomplished, and do the OOBE for a very long time, to have this danger. It is always possible, but the chances are one in 10 million. The body - while we're away - keeps naturally functioning by the subconscious self preservation methods. The shell we live in, takes care of itself.

Even if our minds wonder. Therefore the chances of danger is about the same as being hit by a truck from Nebraska, with a certain licenseplate ending in 44W. Slim at best.

The hardest part is to lose all EGO. This is most important. One simply cannot walk among beings that are at a higher level and expect to fool these beings. The thoughts will give them away. So the best policy is to be very open, and offer all your being to strangers you may meet. Being cautious is fine though. But other beings are always very helpful, and understanding to the needs of a "Student Flyer". At this part of the exercise - initial lift out - even this is unimportant. Next to complete relaxation this is the most difficult part to do in the whole series. And it takes a lot of practice and discipline. Do not expect immediate results. Chances are that you are not as accomplished in relaxation methods as you thought you were. So those first exercises must be kept up rigorously. Namely, the Relaxation and Breathing.

LIFT OUT: (Finally!)

This part can be attempted when we bring the body into full relaxation. The best time to do it is in the evening, in bed, just before falling asleep. (Remember, it's OK to fall asleep at first.)

The breathing, and watching your breathing in and out, as it flows, is very important. The mind stores lots of pictures from the daily activities, and anticipates tomorrow's activities. All this must go. It may take 20 to 30 minutes to clear the mind from wondering. Concentrate on nothing but the breathing. Do not force breathing. Let it take it's own course. (Refer to the BREATHING TECHNIQUES exercises).

When everything has calmed down, and you see nothing but your breath, as energy, going in and out of the body... Imagine yourself floating on water, or just hanging in the air.

Then - lift slowly towards the ceiling. As far up as possible, without straining. Letting the mind float out of the body. At first it may just be a few inches, then a fallback. Keep doing that for as long as you wish. The procedure is that simple. The preparation is what takes the time, and is most important. This exercise comes easy to some, and not so easy to others. Depending on the state of mind and physical conditions.

BUT! It CAN be done by anyone! Depending on how badly they want it. Or need it. (And believe me - we all do need it.)

After a person can lift out completely, they should stay close to the body and simply float around the room. Imitating walking around is a good thing to do because at this point we're not used to being a ball of bodiless energy, so movement may be awkward if we have nothing to relate to.

Once accomplished, we can simply "let go" and fly as we please. The biggest question on OOBE ever, for new travelers is: How do I know if I've really done it?

The answer is always very simple. If you don't "know", you have not. If you have to ask, you have not either. Once you're "out" of the body, you can touch, and experience everything around you as if you were there. How real is it? As real as you are. I often go to my own "Safe Place". And visit people, and other places. The limit is nonexistent.

Once out there, you may let your mind guide you. And it will. If you experience a sudden fear of the unknown, you may simply fall back into the familiar body you know so well. But you have tasted eternity. You have gained an understanding of your rights to be a full being. This, you were born with, you deserve, and you're learning to reclaim as your natural right.

Your first experience of true OOBE will indeed come, should you follow these instructions above. This experience is as personal, as it is Universal, and nurturing. This is not something you are going to learn. This experience is something that had always belonged to you. You're reclaiming your own self. And your environment, will benefit from it.


This text was offered for beginners. Advanced methods, and traveling tips will follow as the need arises. But once a person accomplishes what's in this lesson, they're usually on their own, personalizing the process, and they will have no need for further ideas. They will create their own. Sharing experiences will be the only need. So Good Luck, and I hope this has helped to answer some questions about OOBE.