10-26-08 - partial

That left me alone to figure out how I was going to juggle business and friends at the same time.

I thought about wearing a wrist watch with an alarm on it to remind me about appointments.  I just didn't know what to do, but I was going to have to figure it out.



10-27-08 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment in a city and lived and worked with women who were training to be singers in nightclubs.

I rented an apartment - actually there was nothing in it yet.  The door to the hallway wouldn't latch and I was looking at it and noticed there was a green stick on the floor in the way.  So, I kicked the stick our of the way, hoping that would solve the problem, but it didn't.  I opened the door a bit wider and saw my boyfriend leaning up against the wall, waiting for me to notice him.

I wish I could identify him.  He was tall and skinny, blonde and blue-eyed.  I think he was on 'One Life to Live " TV show - or he was a son of a family friend, but I can't remember his name.  I wish I could because I've seen him before.  One of those nice gentle kids with  cowbody - "oh shucks maam" demeanor.

Anyways, I invited him in telling him the lock wasn't working and hoping he could fix it.

I turned my attention to Marcie - a singer from One Life to Live TV show.  I was working on putting a new quilt on the bed and the fabric was sewn together in such a way that the threads formed tiny tunnels between two layers of fabric and I saw some little brown beetles line up along one end.  I nudged them away with my finger and watched them race each other down those little tunnels to the other end.  They couldn't get out the other end either.  They were sewn in.

I showed them to Marcie and it really grossed her out, but I thought it was funny to watch them.

I knew I couldn't sleep in a bug infested quilt but it was entertainment at the moment.

I wanted to help Marcie find a good singer she could train with, and there was a list of female singers at a particular bar we knew so I pointed one out to her that I knew, so Marcie left to go train with her.

I went to the bar.  It was a little smoky inside.  the only two people in the place were two pretty women singers. They were sitting on stools facing each other.

I would say they were pretty, but not drop dead gorgeous - with makeup, nice clothes, they were nice looking women - one already sang at the bar, and the blonde one was going to be singing there for the first time.  The professional singer was advising the beginner how not to be nervous.


I was a teacher in an elementary school in an upper grade.  The placement of the class was such that it would have been the 8th grade, however, the boys in the class looked more like 4th graders.  There were no girls in my class.

I left the classroom for a few moments and when I came back, one of the boys had spilled water all over my leather-backed chair and the floor.

These weren't bad kids, just boys and I think I know boys well, having had five of my own, so I just told the boy who had done it that he was going to have to wipe and mop up the water and gave him a rag and a mop and I left the room, telling the boys I would be back when the floor was dry.

(That's really trusting, hey?"

So I left the classroom and decided to walk down to the other end of the hall and down the stairs to the 5th grade teacher's room whom I was friends with.

When I got to the stairway, it seemed that all the teachers in the school were on break, as they were all on the stairway in groups of 2's, 3's and 4's, having separate conversations.

The school must have been larger than I thought, because there were a lot of teachers on the stairway - both male and female.

There were so many teachers, I didn't know them all and I descended the steps all the way to the first floor where I met up with some female teachers i knew well - this would have been the kindergarten and 1st grade levels.

A joined a group of female teachers and they were talking about singing - One teacher said that she loved to sing and would love to sing with other in groups of three or four, and the other teachers agreed they would like to do the same.  As the group grew and gathered, more singers, someone said they need an organizer who could coordinate the singers into groups of duets, trios, quartets, and quintets and then they would go out to places to sing together and entertain others and teach other people that singing was fun and they could do this in their free time on Sunday afternoons.

I volunteered to be the organizer.  I would set up a database of the singers, the groups and find places for them to sing.

One of the women said, "Are you crazy?"

I answered, "Maybe!  But to me that sounds like fun!"

In my mind I could already visualize the streets, and the types of places that would welcome singers on a Sunday afternoon, and I knew what area of the city not to go to, because I knew the city well.

I left the building to walk outside to the other main entrance and go back up to my classroom on that stairway.

When I walked in the door, there were a lot of boys standing around and I knew them all.

The boy I had admonished to wipe up and mop up the water saw me come in and he started bragging to his friends who were in other classes what a cool teacher I was because I knew all the Indian hand signs that were the keys to entering the mountains.

I laughed and said to the boys, "Well, I don't know them all, but I know this one1" and I flashed them a hand signal that was the same as pointing at someone except sideways and when I did that, I saw my hand change into an Indian male hand.

I pulled my hand back and changed the subject.

Since it was almost time to go home, I decided I would go over to the high school and talk to the teachers there about joining the singers groups.

It was several blocks aways and could be done either outdoors or indoors through tunnels.  All the schools in the city were accessible from underground tunnels as well as outside.

So, I started walking through the buildings and got sidetracked in my mind and went back to my classroom to start organize the project of the singers and places to sing databases.

I decided to color-code the groups which would help assign singers to the various groups they wanted to sing in along with the places who were willing to have the singers come in and entertain their customers.

In my mind's eye, I was envisioning that these teachers, when they went out to sing, because they were teachers, could easily gather other people to sing along with them like Karaoke places did, and anyone who liked to sing, at least on Sunday afternoons, would be filled with music and joy for a time.

So, in my classroom, I had a piece of cloth that every imaginable color yellow beads in existence sewn on it.  The colors were already organized y color by the person who sewed the cloth.  all I had to do was pull one end of the cloth out of the bolster and it would end up a straight line of beads in rows of 4 and there were 4 green paisley lengths of cloth 4 inches wide all joined together with the organized yellow beads in a hub-like form .

As I started pulling the beads out of the bolster, I ended up with 4 rows of beads about 8 feet long, already organized.

There was a couple Indian elders standing with me, watching i amazement as they saw the result of the organization of color hat was achieved by the sewer of this material.

I was thrilled to see the shades of yellow all organized in the 4 rows on the completed lengths of cloth and I woke up feeling so happy and excited until I realized that this probably wouldn't work during football season, especially on Sunday afternoons in sports bars.

THE SINGERS is important - its in the book of Revelation - and I've already
got 42 pages about THE SINGERS not counting these two.