10-1-15 - MEDITATION - The singer Michael Jackson came and brought a check larger than himself.  He ran his finger across the top line and it ender with the number 2020.

I then wondered if he sand a song named TIME and he did.  REMEMBER THE TIME.  It is all about EGYPT when he was a musician/singer/entertainer FOR AKHENAATEN AND NEFERTIT... MY MOTHER AND FATHER.

NOTE:  ON 10-6-15, I went to pay a bill to Capital One, and the check number was 2020.  :-)

I then had two short dreams with an old man named Steve who put me in my place when he asked me if I remembered what Joe said.  (THAT MAN WAS REALLY MY ANGEL ROVERE).  I ended up crying.

10-1-15 -  MEDITATION -  I went into a building that was supposed to be a grocery store.  It seemed closed and where the doorbell should have been was a sign that said  "WAS."'

I found a cute little kitten I wanted to buy on the sidewalk and found out that it was a cross between a little kitty and a larger wild cat.

I picked it up and asked RA to hold it for me and he was laying down in a huge cage that was about shoulder high.

10-2-15 - DREAM - I was asked to participate in some kind of political meeting and I had to cover myself with a slice of sausage. I recall wearing dresses made of four large slices of meat.

I do remember Hillary Clinton, another thin man from television - they call him Gabe, but his real name is Adam. One other Democrat that was youngish.

In my car, my dress got thrown in a pan and fried. I thought it would loose by adding some water.

Some of them went up the Capital steps.  I saw Obama getting into a small black car at the bottom of the steps.  Other men were in rooms we decorated for ceremonial purposes which I can't recall.




10-3-15  MEDITATION . I spent the last three days transcribing a TV show, one of many religious prophetics I've done and then started working on a book I'm jokingly writing called THE BOOK OF GENESIS AS IT REALLY WAS.

The paper went flying in the breeze so I secured the pages and decided to meditate.



10-4-15 - THE BOOK BUSINESS - DREAM - This seemed to take place in my old New Berlin house. we had been in the book business many years.  Boxes of books arrived, sold and shipped out. Records were kept on a computer.

We also made sales calls in the public and I confronted my young adult sons that under no circumstances was my teen daughter allowed to be in the house alone with a man who wasn't her brother and they agreed to that.

There was something odd about these books.  They were hard covered and seemed to be printed loosely on what looked like toilet paper rolls until they were processed and became soft cover books.

A man came in and did inventory and found three books alone in a corner unaccounted for and got mad.

I did an inventory on supplies and found 1/4 of a box of stuff that was unaccounted for.  I used some of those supplies myself and felt guilty.

The word LOVE was very important in this dream and I saw it many times in the book records.


10-5-15 - DREAM - I was walking down a city street somewhere and people were passing by and telling me prophecies.

The farther I went, the more upset I got.


10-6-15 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere in a large wooden building about 4 stories tall. Across a large field was another large wooden building the same as ours.  I think it was red, but not certain.

All of a sudden I could see thousands of pinpoints of light all over the side of that building.  It looked like the whole building exploded inside, but did not destroy the building.

We couldn't hear if an alarm went off so we pulled our own alarm, to alert the fire department.

Then soldiers came running out of the building and they ran across the field toward us to get help for their burns.

Every soldier was burnt on the back - none on the front.

Solders were running towards us for help.  It was impossible to help just one soldier when 20 more were right behind him.

There were hundreds of burnt soldiers running across the field and no help came.


10-7-15 - DREAM - I was in someone's 2nd story kitchen which was very large.  On the wooden table was a collection do large circular plastic containers about 6" high and 3 feet in diameter divided into pie shapes and in each pie shape was two ingredients and when you took one ingredient from each section, and put them on a plate, you had a wonderful salad.

Some of the ingredients were spices, some cut vegetables, some cooked dried beans.

I don't know why one needed such a massive amount of food for a meal, but this might have been a lot of people to serve who I hadn't yet seen.

The men and women I did see wore clothing that was very wrinkled and out of place from where clothing is usually kept and most of the people looked uncomfortable to be there like they were all strangers to each other and to the place.  Maybe that would change over time.

10-7-15 - DREAM - (I've dreamt this before)  I was in the country and was shown two large lakes or a river with a concrete path across the center, just wide enough for a car or small truck to drive on. In the center of the path were like concrete steps laying down.

Though I had to drive across this stretch of road or dam or whatever it is, I was afraid to do it again by myself.  It was too narrow and dangerous to drive on it.  All one would see on either side of the vehicle was a large expanse of water.

This place has a name and was told what it was but can't remember it.


10-9-15 - DREAM - I was in Egypt with my brother.  I rather looked like Jennifer Lopez in costume.  My brother looked like a tan Woody Allen.

We were young teens and desiring a way for fun of drawing a crowd of people to pay us a penny each to see a freak show of a two headed cow we were making ourselves out of tan paper Mache paper just for fun.

I woke up just as we were putting the finishing touches on the fake cows we fashioned out of the tan paper Mache,

We were having a great deal of fun just playing this trick on people.


10-10-15 MEDITATION  - I got so tired sitting at the computer about 1:30 pm, I thought I was going to die.

I sat in my meditation chair and there was a thick horny toad in front of my eyes.

( symbolism   )

I got worried that maybe I had eaten too much sugar and would pass out from it.

I then experienced a silver cloud in front of me, which moved left and the upward and my vision with my eyes closed was clear I was looking at a black computer screen.

All of a sudden the date November 23, 2015 appeared in front of me.

I asked God what that date meant because of a friend had been given the date November 24th, 2015 and was told it was judgment day.

God's answer to me was "It insulation Day." and I knew that meant we should spend that day praying to spare whoever was worthy of being spared from his judgment.

I knew that God would be merciful.

(When I asked her again to verify that date after this meditation, she said it was actually October 27th, 2015)

So I'm confused - I will spend October 26th, 2015 as well for God to be merciful.


10-11-15 - DREAM - I was at home going through the mail that had just arrived.  One of the envelopes was from Social Security.

I didn't see a name or amount on the envelope though, but I know it's my reassurance.




I can still hear the song these singers were singing in the dream overlay which I listened to several times yesterday on

The dream is about a blonde man with super curly permed blonde hair.

The man has his hair combed such that it creates a 4 square arrangement across his head.  It has 4 lines across and 4 lines down and no matter which way he faces one sees the 4 square arrangement over and across his head.  It creates 16 squares if the center of the arrangement.

The song is not all in English but is made up language that very easy to sing along to - thus Enigma.

Return to Innocence - return to Yourself - Believe in Destiny.

The film itself shows many animals, including a white unicorn, running backwards including a man returning to the boy he once was in a pear orchard.  RETURN TO INNOCENCE




10-17-15 - DREAM - I was actually typing up a web page, all in capital letters about a conjunction of two planets and the fact that it was going to cause disastrous weather on earth.

In the dream I knew it was good that I was typing up all the information because I wouldn't member which two planets it was and I don't and nobody would believe me that the bad weather was caused by the conjunction of the two planets

planetary conjubction

Four planets in the east at dawn now! Venus is the most noticeable of the four, but Jupiter runs a close second. Look in the direction of sunrise as dawn begins to light the sky. Fainter Mars is also in the morning sky beneath Venus, and Mercury is the planet nearest the horizon at dawn. Meanwhile, Saturn is the lone evening planet this month. Follow the links below to learn more about October planets.

Saturn – lone evening planet – visible at nightfall

Venus brightest object in the east before sunrise

Jupiter second-brightest, east before sunrise

Mars between Venus and Jupiter before sunrise

Mercury at early dawn, better from Northern Hemisphere

planetary conjunction


Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) are space rocks larger than approximately 100m that can come closer to Earth than 0.05 AU. None of the known PHAs is on a collision course with our planet, although astronomers are finding new ones all the time.

On October 17, 2015 there were 1626 potentially hazardous asteroids.
Recent & Upcoming Earth-asteroid encounters:
Miss Distance
2015 TB25
Oct 11
9.5 LD
54 m
2015 TK21
Oct 12
4.8 LD
23 m
2015 TG24
Oct 12
4 LD
20 m
2015 TA238
Oct 13
5.8 LD
25 m
2015 TC25
Oct 13
0.3 LD
6 m
2015 TC179
Oct 14
12.3 LD
26 m
2015 TG144
Oct 16
13.3 LD
33 m
2011 QD48
Oct 17
67.5 LD
1.0 km
2014 UR
Oct 18
3.8 LD
21 m
2011 SE97
Oct 18
11.9 LD
50 m
2015 TD144
Oct 20
11.7 LD
130 m
2001 UY4
Oct 21
58.2 LD
1.0 km
2015 TZ143
Oct 22
4.2 LD
26 m
2015 TL238
Oct 27
13.3 LD
50 m
2015 TB145
Oct 31
1.3 LD
470 m
2015 TD179
Nov 4
10.6 LD
57 m
2005 UL5
Nov 20
5.9 LD
390 m
2003 EB50
Nov 29
48.8 LD
2.2 km
2007 BG29
Dec 1
54.1 LD
1.1 km
Notes: LD means "Lunar Distance." 1 LD = 384,401 km, the distance between Earth and the Moon. 1 LD also equals 0.00256 AU. MAG is the visual magnitude of the asteroid on the date of closest approach.SEE:


10-17-15 - DREAM - I was in my Father's attic on 16th St.  My cousin Judy was with me and a couple other people I don't know.   One older man who was chubby had a tuft of hair right in the center front and I took a scissor and cut it off so it was only 1/2 inch high and then laughed at the way it looked.

Judy was repainting half of the furniture a beautiful silvery grey color.  The rest was shiny oak.  It was a beautiful contrast.

I had a beautiful piano keyboard up there and moved it to a spot where I could play it.  As soon as I did, I woke up to rumbling bosses outside.  I got up and opened the front door and saw nothing going on.  It was probably just a big truck going by,.







all indications from what I saw is that the internet is going to be shut off.

VOICE - "I hear on the internet ........   and the voice was cut off.


10-19-15 - DREAM - I was with my ex-husband in a house and he fell and hit his head on the floor and went unconscious.

I tried to call 9/11 to get him some help and couldn't do it.

I had a brand new baby there and the baby opened its mouth wide and there was a tiny piece of paper in the baby's mouth between the gum and it's cheek.

I put my finger in the baby's mouth and saw that the piece of paper was a price tag.

I woke up and knew immediately there was a price to pay to help people.

I few minutes  later I felt a sharp pain on the right side of my chest when I took a deep breath.  I knew it wasn't my heart, but I didn't know why I had the pain suddenly -  the price to pay?


10-19-15 - NAP DREAM - I was playing solitaire on a black computer screen.

Part way down a row I was looking at 7 of clubs.  In the next row was the 6 of clubs and the computer wouldn't allow me to place the 6 under the 7.

On 10-20-15 - I saw the 3 of clubs all by itself.

The Sevens are the most spiritual cards of the deck and the task of this Seven is to bring the spiritual aspect of knowledge into the mundane physical world. With such a creative, intellectual prowess, the Seven of Clubs have much to offer when aligned with a positive attitude. Highly analytical and observant, they are a natural when it comes to acquiring new information and knowledge.

With the active mind of a Clubs, the opportunity is to challenge negative, fearful thoughts and attune to positivity and faith. When the Seven of Clubs is not seeking the broader perspective of spiritual truth, they may be prone to depression. With the Seven of Spades in Saturn, their faith can be tested when experiencing health issues, accidents or difficult situations. Longing for stability, they must apply themselves through the power of positive, healthy thoughts.

The Seven of Clubs person has responsibility toward honesty and integrity. Indicated by a Jack of Spades Supporting Karma Card (+KC), they can be slippery and deceiving when under stress or align with their spiritual Seven nature to express the higher vibration offered by the Jack of Spades. They are quite resourceful as well as creative and, when aligned with spiritual knowledge, the result can bring many happy returns to them.

In Jupiter lies the Nine of Diamonds suggesting that their opportunity for wealth needs to be balanced with the capacity to manage it well. Coupled with an Eight of Diamonds Challenging Karma Card (-KC), there are lessons in money management and the power that it brings. It would be wise to avoid gambling or compulsive spending as this will likely bring losses.

Uniting this innate spiritual knowledge with honesty and integrity can bring tremendous satisfaction to Seven of Clubs people. The balancing act is to access the highest vibrations of spiritual knowledge with the propensity for limited thinking, negativity and struggle.


Finding and aligning with truth is the highest expression of the Six of Clubs. Representing the power, and the karma, of the spoken word and being meticulous with their words and thoughts, positive karma flows. Conversely, being less than honest brings consequences of that negative energy as well. Finding one’s truth and living by it, opens limitless possibilities for constructive contribution to life. Six of Clubs people are natural way-showers, light bearers, and often feel called to share their truth with others.

Until the Six of Clubs finds their truth, they can feel directionless and adrift. A classic procrastinator, the Six of Clubs can struggle to find their purpose and direction in life. Once focused on and in integrity, they have every opportunity to create an abundant life supported by an Eight of Diamonds in Jupiter. Financial opportunities are present and, through diligent work and effort, their Ten of Spades Result Card of success is nearly assured. Completing the trio is the King of Spades in Saturn indicating that discipline, responsibility, leadership and hard work support achieving great heights of achievement.

With such power comes much responsibility. Indicated by their Eight of Spades as the Challenging Karma Card (-KC), learning the true meaning of power, and how it can corrupt the holder, is a life lesson for one who seeks their true purpose. Once their direction in life is clear, Six of Clubs people have all the innate resources to make a positive contribution to life whether it’s within their immediate circle of influence or on a larger, global scale.


Blessed with mental agility, the Three of Clubs can apply their fantastic mind to just about any endeavor. They are gifted writers, teachers, inventors, computer programmers and performing artists – any profession where they can express their words and ideas. There’s a deep need for mental stimulation and conversation that can be channeled into original and creative expression like no other card in the deck. Professional success is predicated on how well they are able to get organized, focus and be decisive.

With such a busy mind, worry and indecision can challenge this individual as well. If their mental energy is unbridled, the Three of Clubs person can become distracted by fears and the resulting ineffectiveness. Channeling this creative life-force into a stream of productivity will bless them with success.

With a Three of Spades in Mercury, they may have simultaneous opportunities for creative work and, coupled with Mercury’s influence, this supports even further work in a creative industry. Their Five of Diamonds in Jupiter also supports income from multiple sources, or traveling for new opportunities, so the Three of Clubs person has much to gain in various professional endeavors. With so much Three energy, it’s vital that Three of Clubs people direct their mental agility in positive, creative ways or else worry and indecision will plague them.

In relationships, the Three of Clubs are often generous with loved ones and, due to their Nine of Hearts in Venus, have chosen to experience unconditional love through letting go of out-grown relationships. They can experience indecisiveness in relationships whether it is they or their partner who is non-committal. When they do love, they love with all their heart, though they may have traveled a long road to come to this stage of the relationship.

10-20-15 - DREAM - This was long winded, mostly a person readings a history of Israel and the Middle East all hand printed and they said they were going to present it on Thursday on TV.

10-20-15 - DREAM - I was in Israel and there was a war going on.  Both men and women participated.  I watched one soldier drive right through the truck of the enemy and lived.  he was the hero.

Then it showed four women fighting on a large set of 4 squares attached to each other.   The participants were dressed in silver - and looked like large winged angels.  I was one of them.

When the final battle took place on the 4 squares, I was one of these angels dressed in silver.  As I lay on one of the squares - an overly of words said - "the final story of the alternative and battle. I was wounded.

The loser of the final battle lay on one of the other squares across from me, and the overlay of words on her body said, "The story of the final battle as told by the loser on her deathbed, and right in front of me the other angel I had fought against turned into a long orange sleek cat and died.

10-20-15 VISION - I was look at a black computer screen with handwriting on it about the coming war in Israel.  I didn't read it because at the end it clearly said, "Whatever you do, do not look at that last sentence!"

10-21-15 - I was at home with my husband and his friend.  I had made dinner and then had to go back to the school to work from 8  pm to 10 pm. and I was already late getting there,

I was making fun of my husband shrinking because all if a sudden I was taller than him since dinner. 

The car we drove in was really small for me and my knees were up to my chin in the car. I barely fit into the seat.

I didn't like what I was wearing either.  The clothes were new out of the closet - yellow slacks and red and yellow striped suit jacket.

As we pulled out into the street, my husband had never driven this car before, and his knees were up to his chin while driving too and the steering wheel seemed loose.

We came to the stop sign and had to make a left turn and go up two blocks.  It seemed we were on 20th street in Milwaukee where I went to grade school.

The news came on the radio, and apparently Argentina had just declared war in their country, and they had soldiers with rifles in arms all over their streets and I was glad we didn't live down there.


10-22-15 - DREAM   I had purchased huge slabs of something green, large slabs of cheese and bread and made sandwiches with this stuff for a huge crowd of people.  When I was done, I realized that I could grow all these ingredients myself, including the cucumber and cheese myself.   I wasn't sure about the wheat, but I could buy flour in bulk.

10-23-15 - DREAM -  I was with Joe in the parking lot of a grocery store, and Joe was urging me to help him get three shopping carts to the car .  I went to help him amd there was nothing in any of the carts at all.  There was really no need to take the carts to the car.

10-  23-15 -  DREAM -  I was with Joe and his son T.J. in a house or apartment somewhere. 

Joe was in the kitchen making something to eat in the kitchen and T.J. was slouched in a big old soft chair sleeping, that was close to an aisle in front of a bookcase full of books.

I had to get to the kitchen, but I didn't want to wake T.J.  up to get past him.  I didn't want to wake him, but T.J. was so large, I couldn't get past him without touching him.

I had to put my hand down on his belly in order to get past his knees that were touching the books on the other side of the aisle, so I put my hand down on his belly to get past his knees and was surprised to find that T.J. was hard as a rock like a statue.

Jus then T.J. woke up and started to get up off the chair and before I knew it, T.J.  rolled left and sat up and was eating something before I even got past him.

10-23-15 - DREAM -  I was working on a black computer screen with white words and short statements on it in white letters.  It seemed there 10 of each word or statement but they weren't together and my job was to move them so they were aligned in blocks of 10.


10-24-15 -  THE PIANO - It seemed that I was in my Father's 16th St. house, but the rooms were much larger. My husband was there as well.

I was sitting at the piano and on the top front of the upright part, were sticking the names of Kings, Queens and Jacks which I was trying to sort out but the Jacks kept falling down.

(In Tarot cards, the Jacks represent princes)  (In recent weeks, the National Enquirer magazine has reported on the unfortunate news about England's prince Andrew and prince Harry, and the Queen is shown quite unhappy about their behavior)

I was still sitting there while my husband got a visitor, a guy from work and they were sitting on the carpet, going through some papers looking for some he had lost and I thought maybe I mixed up his papers with my own while I was cleaning.

So I asked my husband what kind of papers he had lost, but the men ignored me, so I went back to the piano because I saw a lot of stuff on the floor under the piano that shouldn't be there and I noticed that the ends of keys on the piano were dirty, broken men's fingernails and that didn't make sense to me.

We didn't have keys made out of real fingernails, ours were made of real elephant tusks (they were really old).

Then I noticed a couple of folded blankets on the floor under the keyboard and I pulled them out and then found more torn paper and none of that belonged under the piano.

Once I removed the blankets and papers, it looked like there were two stuffed full size dolls leaning against the piano - women dressed in skimpy black dresses with fishnet stockings and black high heeled shoes.

Those shouldn't have been there either under the piano, and I knew they weren't minor, so I started pulling at their dresses and discovered that they were real live women.

Once they discovered I was realizing they were live women, one of the women apologized and said, "Perhaps I misunderstood why I was here," and crawled out from under the piano and then the other woman also crawled out from her spot and they both quickly left the house.

I don't know if they were dancers or prostitutes but they certainly didn't belong under my piano keyboard, much less inside my house.

The two men didn't pay any attention to what I was doing and they were still looking for my husband's lost paper across the room.

I found all kinds of papers that didn't belong under the piano but my husband didn't claim any of them or even notice I was there.

10-24-25-15 -  EXPERIENCE - I watched TV - a show called 13 hours in Benghazi where 4 men sat at a table with an overhead photograph of the Benghazi terrorist scene describing their own personal experiences at Benghazi that terrible night when 4 American men were killed, one an Ambassador, which Hillary Clinton is being attacked over because she was Secretary of State at the time.

I turned off the TV to sleep and instead. I was seeing a scene where it looked like books of history, all black were being downloaded into my brain and at the end, there were several angels, walking behind the books wearing beautiful pastel colored gowns.  The whole thing was very intense.

I took a break for several hours and listened to a radio interview of Art Bell talking to William Fortschen about an EMP attack against the U.S. which has been threatened against us by North Korea.  He also discussed a future book and project called a 'space elevator' which would allow people to go into space without taking a ship.

I took another break to eat something and again sat and closed my eyes and watched a scene unfold in front of me where I was an Indian warrior woman in a past life (I was an Apache - sister to the Chief)  This scene was very small - not full size people, like it was at a distance.

I took another break to watch the news on TV, some of which was Hillary Clinton making a speech at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Iowa, followed by scenes from hurricane Patricia, one of the strongest ever with winds of 250 miles per hour and 20 inches of rain in Mexico and moving into Texas and other southern states.  They said is was the worst hurricane ever.

I turned the TV off and closed my eyes to go to sleep and was shocked to see words on the ground of green grass - resolving into smears and blotches, which then resolved slowly into each word becoming a black crow, and the crows began to grow and move around in the scene and coming closer - it became very ominous like something was coming in the future.


10-29-15 AND 10-30-15

I was working on editing a book on a computer screen that was black in 10 columns wide. That made it difficult to read.

Then  I was attempting to take the text from the 2nd column and place it under the text in the first column where it belonged.  I would have to continue to do that to make the text readable.

While I was doing that, I saw the text was overstruck and the word OKLAHOMA became completely obliterated.

dream 2

I looked at the black computer screen that was supposed to be edited similar to yesterday.

Within the text I saw  'PS 7' and then  'PH 14.'

All of a sudden the whole screen shifted, but still black, I saw the whole United States map with the states outlined in white, and right in the center, there was a large white oval surrounding the state of Oklahoma.



DREAM - 10-31-15 -  I was at home in California.  For some reason, a whole group of kids decided to come to my house and hang out.  They were all friends of my kids, but my kids were not there.

I was sitting on the sofa in the living room, and girls and boys alike came and sat with me and talked a bit and then they would walk away and others would take their place.

I didn't offer them food nor drink because we weren't having a party, but they came anyway and said "Hello!", talked with me and with each other and moved on outside again.

At one point a young man poked his head over a railing in the attic space and he picked up a plaster of Paris headless female torso and showed it to me.

I asked him what his name was, and he answered "Punk".

I told him, "You can take whatever you want from up there, leave the house, and don't come back again."

So he took the headless torso of the woman which was pure white and left.

I then decided to go to the store and one of the girls went with me.  She had long black hair and was pretty.  I don't recall what she wore.

I knew it was December and was the 8th of the month, and I picked up a green tennis shoe and turned it over to look at the sole.  It was black rubber, but embedded was a beautiful gold necklace of filigree in the shape of the number 8 and I woke up.


10-30-15 - VOICE:  "IT'S going to happen this week."

10-31-15 - NAP DREAM - I got a phone call from Mikki and she told me she didn't have any money to buy food for dinner.  I said, "I don't have much, but if you can drive by here, I'll give you what I've got."

Mikki responded, "Well!  He was there on April 4th."

As aoon as I woke up I had to look what I dreamed on April 4th.

4-4-15 - DREAM - I was in the basement of our home.  We had dirt floor in the basement and we were told we needed to dig a cave in the front end of the basement and in the back end of the basement.  We were then digging  an area about 6 feet square and about 6 inches down.

NOTE:  We did use a metal detector one day and all we found were old rusty iron pipe junk.

Guess we need to do that again.