My illness is evident in this dream.

DREAM - I had been ill for awhile but was feeling a little better.

I decided I would get dressed all in red today. I picked out a red teddy but it was so thin it tore in half, so I threw it away.

So I ended up with a white blouse and red cotton undies and wore red slacks with the white blouse.

I went to make breakfast for myself and others and I decided I should do laundry at the same time. I decided I would start with white clothes first.

While I was doing this, my nose was dripping blood and I kept throwing the tissues into a small brown bag which was getting bloody as the blood soaked through it.

I went outside and met some poor people who were hungry. So I brought them food on silver dishes. I didn't see them eat the food, but I heard the woman leader say to the others, "Lets go sell the dishes so we have more money."


10-02-05 - DREAM - I was somewhere, perhaps Milwaukee, WI. I met a woman I worked with. She was a good piano player as was I. She came into my place where I had my piano keyboard. Her son came in then and she dressed him in what she said was a Jewish robe and hat. The hate was a bright blue pill box type hat and his robe was bright blue with red trim.

She started to play the piano and she played a simple Hebrew tune, and then said that her son was Japanese.

Then her boyfriend came in, a guy  I used to date for awhile. She said they were getting married.

I was surprised because his country hated the Jews.

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how that marriage could work out.


10-3-05 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house with my family.

We were all in bed sleeping. I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. When  I was done, I opened the door and found my husband standing there, waiting for me. I knew he wanted to fool around, but I wasn't in the mood and made an excuse that I felt a cold draft coming from the boys bedroom across the hall.

So we went into the boys bedroom, where they all slept in bunk beds and cribs.

My husband moved the beds around into a different arrangement "to conserve heat", he said.

We left the room and then I felt a blast of heat coming up the stairs from the kitchen.

There shouldn't have been anyone down there at all, so I sneaked down the stairs, which wasn't easy because I had books of many kinds and sizes along the way on the stairs that I had to move along the way.

In the kitchen I discovered my sister/daughter entertaining a homeless woman named Nancy.

I remembered Nancy from years earlier. She was an insurance saleswoman for a time. She was wearing a yellow dress and had brown hair.

My sister/daughter was making a pizza for her and feeding her without telling us.

My husband came downstairs and met Nancy, and put his arm around her shoulders gently.

I was afraid he was going to have an affair with her, but he put her to work.

I watched them as he showed her how to clean along the edges of the floor with a little spinning brush on a long wand, while he ran the big floor scrubbing machine.

I watched her do the job my husband gave her. She did a very lousy job. I watched as the brush would  bounce off the ledge on the floor edge and she would just ignore the spot she missed and keep going just to get around the room behind my husband instead of taking care to do the job right.

I was getting upset, watching her do such a bad job and not caring about the quality of her work.

I then had a vision of a chart in the air showing me the different categories of poor people.

NOTE: After I woke up, I remember ex-president Clinton describing how New Orleans would be rebuilt with neighborhoods to be rebuilt so the poor people would not be segregated into slums and everyone would work and go to school and have hope for a brighter future.



10-4-05 - EXPERIENCE - I woke up during the night and saw Joe come into the bedroom, wearing his summer work clothes (medium blue short sleeved shirt) Out loud I made a noise of recognition like - "uh" -

He went past the bed and all of a sudden, I felt Joe's body on the med make a movement and he made the same sound, "uh".

It was like we had both just returned from the spirit world and reanimated our bodies.

DREAM - 10-4-05 - I was in a room with two children  -a boy and a girl - probably around 7 or 8 years old. I had a notebook and we were going to list the tasks they planned to accomplish. They told me what they planned and I wrote them down in order - #1, #2, etc.
I wrote down #3 and the girl said, "I don't want to be #3, I want to be #5"
I said, "They have to go in order and not skip numbers."
Then my husband (or a companion) who was sitting behind my right shoulder, said #10 is HOD, 11 is GEH, and when he said the words, a symbol appeared on the page in the appropriate line.
I asked, "What language is that?  I don't know what those words mean."
He said, "Qabalistic Magic!"
I argued, "You are not going to be teaching these kids magical words. You know that if you speak certain words, you draw certain beings to you that know you understand what they are saying.  I've had experiences where beings have come to me and spoken to me for hours because they know I know what they are saying.  I'm not going to have these kids experience that with strange beings because they know Qabalistic magic words."
end of dream


 This is not the first dream I've had about this.  I did a web page a few years ago.
I put the previous dreams near the bottom of the page.
Here is today's dream:

10-06-05 - DREAM - I was in the country somewhere.  I was asked to come to a resort hotel and pick up a message.  When I got to the front desk, there was a small envelope with my name on it, attached to a large Sunday newspaper.  I picked up the newspaper to take it with me, and all the inserts, and the newspaper fell out of my hands and landed all on the floor in a big mess.  A woman, who had left the message for me, tried to prevent me from picking up all the pieces, but I needed them all in order to solve the puzzle of why I was given this message. I managed to pick them all up, but they were no longer in the same order as when I was given the newspaper. I took them with me.

Outside some people were being taught a dance.  They were in their stockinged feet, and it looked rather like a Maypole dance without the pole. They did the Morris dance. I could hear the music playing while they danced. These were all couples, male, female, male, female, etc. probably about 20 in the circle. They were all happy and laughing and enjoying themselves. They were all dressed in costumes, with the women wearing large voluminous skirts with crinoline under them. The only problem was that their socks got holes in them from the dancing.  They had to dance up to number 59.

I then went to my office. I hadn't yet opened up the envelope with the message because I had to work.  I was standing at a long table on which sheets like blueprints were coming out of a machine - but looked like colored maps of orange, brown, and green. They were in a long string which I had to tear apart,  and because the paper was so thin, by handling them, holes pulled into the paper from my thumbs, and tore along the edges in long rips from pulling on the paper. This paper seemed to be made of thin fibrous material.

Someone asked me why I was separating the sheets. I said, because I can take each one of these sheets in to the engineers and find out where they go. This too was like a big puzzle that had to be put together.

As I was going through the next room, I came across the dancers again, this time they were dancing around a large round table, all holding hands and doing that same maypole type dance. This time they were told to make wishes as they danced, and again were dancing to the number 59, in their stockinged feet, making holes in their socks.  But when they got to J58 - I was told, "This is the time of the first impact"  and I abruptly woke up.

NOTE: It is apparent that the Morris Dance is done at May Dances on May 1st every year.  If you count 59 from then, takes you to June 29, but the first impact = J58, which is June 28th. 

However, this does give us the year - Sunday the 28th of June would be the correct date.  The 28th of June lands on Sunday in the year 2009.




10-09-05  - DREAM - I was at a party , which included adults and kids.  I saw the symbol of a jumping fish, which stood for an oil company. I keep thinking it was EXXON.  I was told that the company had gone under.

There were fish laying on the floor in the corner. I thought it might be a good idea to use bugs to try to catch these fish, and the boys brought me all kinds of bugs that men would use for fish bait to bring the oil company back by catching these fish.

At this party, I met an older girl, young woman, with dark hair.  I said to her. Hey! I dreamed that you live with Curt Cobain. She gave me a look that told me that nobody was supposed to know that.  I heard her tell another woman that she lived in an apartment that cost her $10,000 a month.  I knew about that apartment, because I was the manager of that building.

Later, I went back to the building and found that none of the electrical plugs were working. I called in the electrician. He took a look at the junction boxes and discovered that someone had put a block on them.  He took the blocks out of the junction boxes and then they worked again.

We went to a music concert then in honor of Kurt Cobain.  It was winter time, and I helped direct the cars where to park.  We then all went into the concert. There were a lot of rich people at this concert, some wearing fur coats.  I saw Kurt Cobain at the concert, in the audience.  He might have been in disguise, but it didn't seem like it. He was balding old fat man.



10-10-05 - DREAM - I was walking down the street in an old town, pushing a baby carriage. I walked past an adobe-type building that was used as a jail. Upstairs, on the roof, I saw a blue uniformed soldier releasing a huge black-skinned prisoner who had been there for years. He had been there so long, he didn't know where anything was or how to find it.

I told them that I would take the black man to Washington D.C.

The black man wanted to go to the War Museum so he could see what had happened, so when he came outside, he walked respectfully behind me and I took him to the War Museum.

When we got there, all he wanted to look at was the stamp collection. So I let him go into the stamp collection room and I stayed in the main room with the baby.

The soldier in the blue uniform came through then and a while woman who was the baby's mother and I told them about the black prisoner who only wanted to look at the stamp collection when he got out of jail.


10-10-05 - DREAM - I wanted to write a book about the black prisoner and I knew I had written about him in my notebook in 04.

I opened my notebook and it was a section written in 02.

I had to talk on the phone to someone and I realized that my bedroom had no roof on it and I had to wade through knee-high snow drifts to get to the phone.

A few minutes later, I was laying back in bed with my notebook, dressed in a yellow sleeveless cotton nightgown. There was a knock at the door and I said, "Come in!"

A short salesman came in, not well dressed. He told me where he was from, which I didn't catch and said he had a contract to mow 1/3 of the lawn.

I said I didn't know what kind of contract he had with the old manager, but if that's the kind of contract he had, then that is what he should do.

He left two proposals with me for some green vinyl steps. I had no idea what that was for.

All of a sudden there was a woman with him and she wanted to know what my name was so she would remember it later.

I said that my name was Dolores. She looked at the name plate by the door intercom and all of a sudden they were gone. I never saw them open the door to leave. They just vanished.

Again, I wanted to find what I wrote about the prisoner but I had to go outside and get something. Now I was wearing a pink bathrobe and I couldn't walk.

I was outside on the lawn, dragging myself along the ground by the elbows. I felt so helpless. I wondered why someone didn't stop their car and try to help me.

I finally got to the 1/3 of the lawn that was mowed and because the grass was shorter, I could get up on my knees and crawl the rest of the way.

At that point, I realized I was dreaming and that's how I was laying in bed.


10-10-05 - I woke up and heard the phone ring in my ear. It was Lorna's voice (our daughter-in-law)  She said she had been cleaning upstairs for two days and that her knees hurt so bad, the doctor told her she wouldn't be able to walk until Monday or Tuesday.


10-11-05 - THE GROUP - DREAM - #1 - I was part of a group that had two rival factions. I and my sister-in-law Tracy from Washington State was part of one faction and all my kids and her kids were in it as well. My sons taught computer skills to younger members, but I don't know what I did within the group.

My sister-in-law and I wanted to get out of the group even though  I had been through three initiations and had another one coming up.

We were really scared to be in the group. The more we found out about the group, the more scared we got. I t was way bigger than we ever imagined.

We were trying to figure out how to escape and every time we made a move to leave, someone would catch us. We didn't want anyone to know we were leaving and we were afraid of the consequences if we were caught, because this was a secret society type of thing. We just wanted to disappear and be gone before anybody noticed.

We were never fast enough to clever enough to make it out the door. Finally it was too late and the two rival groups came together for a meeting.

There were rumours going around that the leaders of the two factions were going to try to kill each other and take over the whole group.

Both leaders were very charismatic and good looking in their own way. They both look very familiar to me. I hate to say it, but the leader of the other group looked like a handsome version of Charles Manson - who is now in a California prison.

The reason for the big meeting was to take a test and get the next initiation, but there was so much going on behind the scenes that prevented me from  getting in the line of fire between the two men in case they decided to take a shot at one another suddenly. I was never in the room long enough to actually sit down and take the test, which was an open book type.

I wanted my group's leader to know that the other guy was after him that I whispered to a friend of mine that the other guy was going to try to shoot him, but a girl I used to work with named Jeanine who was in the other group blurted out what I had said out loud to make sure her leader heard it.

That actually opened the door for real communication and because I had been pointed out like I really knew something, I was able to pull both men aside in a private room and tell them the rumours that I had heard. Both men assured me there was nothing untoward going on and everything was fine.

But no sooner as we left the room, each man pulled me aside to offer me something extra that nobody else got so I would stay in the group.

I still don't know why I was that valuable to either of the leaders.

The leader of the group I was in, asked me how much extra I would be willing to pay him to have more heat in the trailer I lived in.

I told him that I would be willing to pay anything to be able to be warm all winter, but I didn't tell him that I still wanted to leave the group.

We gathered together then to have dinner before the initiation ceremony.

The whole group hadn't gather together yet and I was in the banquet room with both men and the men were sampling the desserts ahead of time.

The leader of my group handed a sample of something yummy to the leader of the other group.

He took one bite of it and had barely swallowed it and he fell over on his face - dead.

I was so stunned, I didn't know what to do.  Now I knew I was not wrong about the rivalry, but I didn't know that the rivalry could come to outright murder and I thought I was on the good guy's side.

I woke up just as the rival leader hit the floor.

NOTE: I was laying in bed, trying to consider what kind of cult group this was when I went into another dream.

DREAM #2 - I was in my apartment or trailer. I had just gotten home from the place where the dinner had been held. I wanted to call 'the teacher' (my spiritual guide) and give him the head's up on what had just happened, but Joe was there and I didn't want Joe to know everything about this.

Joe stepped outside for a moment and I reached for the phone to call the teacher and the phone rang.

The woman on the phone was part of the rival group. I had worked with her at A-C 20 years earlier. We weren't exactly friends but worked well together.

The first thing she said was, "Hi! I didn't make it to Duncan's (or something similar) for the meeting last night. How did it go?"

That clued me in that she hadn't heard about her leader's death yet and I had to be careful about what  said.  So, I just told her what my kids had been doing, showing the others how to use their computers and I never mentioned the rumours or the ultimate death of her leader.

I got off the phone with her as quickly as I could before Joe came back in.

I noticed that my other phone was off the hook and laying on the floor. I picked it up and said, "Hello? " not expecting anyone to be there, but my friend G was on the phone, waiting for me to come back to it, though I don't remember talking to her earlier.

I don't know how long she had been on it or what she had overheard.

I hung up as fast as I could so I could call 'the teacher'.


10-12-05 - DREAM - The whole time the radio was on. I was seeing what looked liked search pages about the bird flu pandemic when the radio interview was saying was just a government scam tactic so drug companies could make money. The government is saying that millions of people could die if they don't get vaccinated. There are 'NO' cases outside of Asia right now. None!


10-12-05 -  DREAM - I was in a very large office building that had apartments.

I worked on one end of the building which was very long. I was feeling very lonely, so I was walking down the long hallway, looking for a friend - any friend.

I walked past one office doorway and saw Thomas Heise sitting on a stool. a guy I knew in high school.  I knew I could make friends with him, but he was busy.

I kept walking and heard a guy say, "I need someone to go to dinner with," so without even seeing who it was, I blurted out, "I'll go with you." 

I heard him say, "Okay!"

However, I kept walking to the other end of the building where the cafeteria was. There were lots of people sitting there, eating dinner, but I had visions of a nice dinner -  a real restaurant with a man in my head, so turned around and headed back down the hall towards my office.

Somewhere in the area where I volunteered to go to dinner with the man, he suddenly appeared from an office as he had been waiting for me to come back. He was all smiles. All I noticed was that he wasn't very good looking and reminded me of the guy at A-C who was always asking people to have threesomes with him and wife. He didn't care whether they were male or female. I always felt very disgusted by that guy.

Anyways, as we walked along, he said to me, "I have a feeling that we are going to make love tonight." 

I responded, "Nope! My kids are home."

He looked crestfallen then, but continued walking with me, probably still hoping.

Along the way, we passed Thomas Heise's office and he was sitting in his office all alone, but I could hardly stay and talk to him with the other guy in tow and we kept walking.

I heard Michelle's voice yell out, "You could always use one of the empty apartments upstairs if you wanted to."

I don't know if he heard that or not, we just kept walking back to my office.

The last office we walked past, a tall blonde woman, dressed in a long slinky nightgown came out and stood in the hallway.

The guy I was with never even averted his eyes from me and I started feeling powerful and beautiful.

We got to my office and it was decorated all in the same color pink as the woman we had just seen.

However, there were large empty metal trays sitting on a counter left over from lunch, and man's jackets hanging on the back of the all the chairs.

I felt a little embarrassed, but continued walking to the closet to retrieve my coat, so we could leave.

and I woke up.


10-13-05 - DREAM - (The radio was on and were discussing the occult)

I was working in my office on the 4th floor and I had a file cabinet in which I kept my files about aliens. But my files on the occult were kept in a locked file cabinet in a locked room on the 5th floor so nobody but me could look at them.

I didn't have much in my alien files. I had lots of room to expand them.

I decided I would go upstairs and take a look at my occult files and see what I had. So I climbed the big marble stairway to the 5th floor where I realized I hadn't brought my keys with me and I couldn't get in the room much less the drawer.

So I turned around to come back down the stairs and discovered big splotches of wet stuff on the stirs I had to step carefully between so I didn't step in it. I didn't know what the wet stuff was - it rather looked like smashed watermelon goop, but I don't really know.

As I went carefully down the stairs, I saw some a black man with dreadlocks going up the stairs. They didn't seem to care what they stepped in.

After I got back down to my desk, rather than take my keys back up and risk walking in the goop, I decided to work on my alien files.

The first file I looked at was of pretty blonde woman with a hairy creature, taller than her - rather like bigfoot with his hand on her arm.

 I decided I would copy the picture in the Xerox machine and make it a little larger. When I did that, the girl was indeed larger, but the hairy creature didn't show at all.

Just then my boss John Reich came past my desk and took the picture out of my hand.

He took a look at the pretty blonde woman and rather raised his eyebrows at me strangely and then handed the picture back to me without saying a word. He was obviously wondering why I was looking at it and cognizing his own thoughts as to my motives, but since he didn't see the hairy creature on the original photo, he made the wrong thought process.

I put the pictures back in my file and that ended my alien/occult excursion for the day.


10-14-05 - DREAM - I was living in a city - probably Milwaukee, WI, in an apartment building. I was doing my radio dispatch job for my boss Tom the locksmith.

It was toward morning and the phone rang. A guy was locked out of his car. The address was 8229 W Belinda.

I called Tom on the radio, hoping the battery was holding out because I didn't know where the charger was.

Tom said he would go right away but would stop and Subway and get a sandwich on the way.

As soon as I got a hold of him, I went outside and there was Tom at the Subway shop getting some food to eat. A boy served him and told Tom his food would have to be paid with exact change.  But Tom didn't have exact change for the $87.89 so he gave him a coil or orange electric cord which the kid gladly took.

I started walking back to my building and I saw a man sitting in a car watching me, but my husband Jim was with me and I felt safe enough.

But when we got back to the entrance door, there were animals of all kinds laying around. I saw a seal under a bush calling out loudly, a walrus next to him, a fox, a wolf, a small animal similar to a wolverine, several cows and there was a dead cow laying right in the doorway of the building with blood running out of its mouth.

I was really freaked out and ran past the animals.

Inside the building, a woman was standing with a huge rack of clothing and knick-knacks and she explained that she was moving out, but her truck hadn't arrived yet.

I looked at her stuff, which was all really cute and pretty. I was tempted to ask her if I could have something but I didn't do it

I then walked into the lobby sitting room where a whole bunch of people were sitting around, looking out a big window in the opposite direction.

I said to them, "If you like zoos, there is a whole zoo of animals laying on the lawn outside the door."

I started to walk down the hall and there were three yellow strings hung like a fence diagonally across the hallway.

There was a man standing there on the left, on the opposite side of the fence, so I asked him if he would hold up the bottom string so I could crawl under it because I knew it would get caught on my coat.  My friend Alice was standing on the opposite side of the fence on the right.

He did that for me and I got down on my hands and knees and crawled under the yellow string fence.

When I stood up on the other side, I was on the same side the man was. I took a hold of his hand to thank him and looked him in his blue eyes and started to speak, feeing the warmth and softness of his hand.

I started to feel embarrassed because I was holding onto his hand too long and we both pulled our hands away at the same time.

A few moments later, I had to go back outside again and now, besides the animals that were there before, now there was a whole herd of cows.

I'm deathly afraid to be near cows. I don't know why.

I didn't know which way to run. Every time I made a move, the cow in that direction would swing its head around to look at me, and appear bigger than life right in front of me.  These cows didn't look real - Their skin was hanging in wrinkles and folds on them - it looked strangely already like leather.

I had a lot of choices of directions to run, but there was cows in every direction too.

I was so freaked out, I finally decided to run, but there were cows in every direction too.

I was so freaked out, I finally decided to run down the fence-line and then down the steep embankment where there were no cows.

At the last moment, a big curly furred black and white cow stepped into my path. I was already past its head, so I pushed against the cow and felt how warm and soft it was and wondered why I was so afraid of that.

I ran down the embankment and was immediately in the city downtown.

I was at a huge intersection. Cars were tooting their horns loudly at each other. I saw a red car coming towards me and I saw no driver in it at all.

I started to wonder about that, but as it turned left, from behind, I could see there was a short woman dressed in a black coat driving that car.

The lights were in my favor, so I hurried across the intersection towards the big brick buildings where I felt safe.


10-14-05 - DREAM SNIPPET

I walked into an apartment. The person living there had a big aquarium suspended from the ceiling.

Inside the tank was a baby pig, floating at the top of the water, squealing loudly, trying to get away from a big snake that was coming up towards it from the bottom of the tank.


10-14-05 - DREAM SNIPPET

I went into an apartment and the person had a big fish tank with no water in it, but there was a baby pig in the tank squealing and jumping around in fear for its life because a big snake was coming towards it to eat it.


10-15-05 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin, WI with my husband. It was early morning, but still dark. My husband had to go into the city to work and I decided to ride along. It was about 7 a.m.

We drove a ways and was on a dark unfamiliar street in heavy traffic, but there were no street lights. All of a sudden all traffic stopped.

Painted on the roadway was a sign that said, "If all traffic stops, make a U turn and stop!"  So we did that and found ourselves in the middle of the intersection, nowhere near any other cars.

All of a sudden, I got afraid and thought, "What if we are on a railroad track?" In the headlights, I saw white lines on the road going under the car, but I didn't see any tracks.

I said, "I don't feel safe, lets move the car."

So we backed the car up off of the white line and just as we did, I saw this big one-eyed headlight of the train and it whizzed past the front of the car within inches.

We continued backing the car up along this road along the railroad track. It was getting daylight now and I could see now that we were right alongside the railroad yard and these trains looked like they were 30 feet tall and everything was gray colored.

I decided to get out of the car and walk to my friend Mary's house who didn't live too far from there.

So I walked along the street towards the west and came to Mary's house. I looked up to see if there were any lights on in the house and there were, so I went up on the porch and saw Mary sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast.

I knocked loudly on the wooden screen door.

Mary heard my knocking and turned around to look out the window to see who was on the porch.

She saw me standing there and I waved at her and she waved back and came to answer the door.

When I entered the door, and we went into the kitchen, I looked at the clock and it was 10:00 a.m..

Mary said, "You are up early. you must have been up way before 10."

I said, "I've been on the road since 7."

As she said that, I could see out a window toward the north and saw a huge orange building crane that was bright Allis-Chalmers orange.

(I worked there for more than 10 years from 1973 to 1985)

I said to Mary, "I want to go out and see the crane," which was moving box car size containers from one building to another.

So I walked out into the yard and watched this tall orange crane move these box car containers around. The crane was over 5 stories tall, probably 6 stories. There was no cab on it and no wheels on it. It hopped from place to place on the narrow bottom of the crane support. It was amazing to see how it operated and with no support.

As it moved one box car container out of the top floor of one building to the top floor of another building, I saw that it bumped the box car container into a canvas walkway between buildings on the 4th floor and broke it.

Somehow the canvas walkway pulled itself together again like it was made to separate if necessary and I saw engineer Gordon ______ stick his head and body out and out of the opening and I knew he was the cameraman.  He hung out of the opening like the figure on a prow of a ship. I wondered if my husband knew as many people as I did at Allis-Chalmers.  I had worked with a lot of them. I knew there was another cameraman named Bill as well.

Meanwhile I was watching the crane hopping alongside the building and it finally stopped and a man got out of the crane. He, himself was t least 3 stories  tall - about 30 feet and dressed in a bright orange suit just like the crane. He looked like he was made of plastic, with a big sweep of black hair on top of his head - that also looked plastic.

Now I could see how the crane kept its balance and the crane fit around him like a square tube.

As I was marveling at this tall man, another man just like him walking up to him, dressed in identical bright Allis-Chalmers orange. It was amazing to see these two men standing and talking to each other - identical orange plastic men, strong as steel facing each other.

I remember then going back into Mary's house and trying to re-mold a piece of this orange plastic material as strong as steel. I barely made a dent in the top of it and woke up.

NOTE: This is about the tree of life - note the two pillars /cranes and the 4th floor bridge.


10-15-05 - NAP DREAM

 I had just taken over as Manager of Juneau Village Garden Apartments in Milwaukee, WI for the second time. My boss who supervised me, stopped by and we were standing in the hallway with some residents.

She said we had two vacant side by side apartments and she expected them to be equally clean.

I said that I guaranteed that they would be.

Then she showed me some things that her boss - the owner wanted placed in a locker at the far end of the building.

I said, "Okay!" But it looked like it might be food that would draw bugs, so I knew it would bear watching.

So I headed down the hallway to get to the lockers and I got stopped by a male resident who was at his mailbox. He asked me if I would have lunch with him two weeks hence.

I rather hemmed and hawed and said I would try to fit it in to my schedule.

Just then, another resident whose mailbox was right next to the other guy, stopped and asked me if I would go to lunch with him two weeks hence.  (He looked like Clay Aiken)

He specified that we had had a picnic on the lawn last year and wondered if I'd like to do that again. He knew I didn't eat sandwiches, and he specified what foods he would bring and I okayed it.

I felt bad about the lunch with the other guy then, and felt obligated to go to lunch with him too, since he was standing right there listening to our conversation.

Finally, I excused myself and rushed down the hallway and down to the basement locker room.

I was just about to enter the locker room when a female resident, dressed in a business suit, who was either an attorney or a teacher, came rushing down the stairs to the parking lot and said, "Watch out for muggers who come up from behind you real fast."

I said that I would watch and she left and I woke up.

NOTE: A woman in California was killed the following day not too far from where we live.  She was married to the attorney Horowitz. She had a different last name so I can't remember it.


10-16-05 - DREAM - I was doing some work in a place that looked like a men's massage parlor or something.  I spent a long time polishing the top of a yellow leather massage table.

I was constantly afraid they were going to ask me to do something I didn't want to do.

I saw Joe's ex-wife Debbie coming down the street wearing a pink bathrobe with a purple sash belt. I looked down at my own clothing and I was dressed the same way, so I walked down the street with her towards a place where Joe had gone.

I don't recall ever getting there, but I was then back at the men's massage parlor. Off in the side room, I saw my ex-husband Ed with another woman laying in bed.

My daughter was supposed to be helping clean up some dishes but she was talking to a man about legal issues on a pay phone. It sounded too important to interrupt.

Two men came walking into the massage parlor. I know them both but can't name them. I think one was my boss. The other one was an Indian and had a horrible wound in his back that looked like he had been shot with an arrow.

The man who was my boss, rubbed the Indian's back and the wound changed to what looked like a long sideways cut between his shoulder blades and then into what looked like purple scar tissue in a large triangle shape.  It looked healed but still ugly purplish color.

I went back to polishing the yellow massage table walking around it clockwise.

I heard a helicopter flying outside. It was low, so I ran outside to see what it was doing.

It was a strange looking helicopter. Instead of pontoons on it for landing, it had a large silver, square platform underneath it and people said it had to land on water.

I was thinking that it should go land at a marina. It was flying around the sky clockwise like it was looking for a place to land.

He then came and landed by a dock that was up against the sidewalk right where I was standing. He got out of the helicopter and there was a blonde woman standing there. He ran up to her and laughingly said to her, "Did you get the $2 dollar engagement ring?"

She laughingly said, "Yes!"

They started walking in my direction, but before they got there, Joe walked up, carrying a yellow pad on which 4 pair of Indian feet were affixed, facing the 4 directions.

Then the man walked up to me and got down on his knees and asked me to marry him, offering the $2 dollar engagement ring.

He held up a large sign, written with blood, and the only three words I could read was 'husband' and can't dance'.

I asked spirit to place clarify what the sign said. The sign disappeared then came back with just the three words on it that I had been able to read, "husband can't dance."

I couldn't answer "yes" or "no" . I just stood there, feeling unbelievably confused and couldn't answer.

I lay in bed awake then with my eyes closed and a white sign appeared and in red print letters, it said, SPRING WELLNESS.


10-17-05 - DREAM name - Michael Horn, Cassavetes, Music by KE_______ on small size records that were going to be destroyed.

The records weren't 45's they were smaller - like mini DVDs.  There were dozens of them, all in brown wrappers with black printing on them.

Women (about 6 of them) rode past on a country road on horseback. It looked like a different country and different time period.

An old man was taking care of a baby. The Mother couldn't do it, so the child was left out in a buggy in front of the house, in hopes the neighbors would stop by on their way to somewhere and speak to it.


10-18-05 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, WI.  It seemed like I was back in the 60's. I was seeing big photographs of E.H. a long time friend. Then all of a sudden he was there in person, smiling at me. Then again I was looking at big photographs again of him and met one of his sons who was a teenager.  I never knew his sons at that age.

All the kids are in their mid-forties - near 50 years old now.

Knowing how old we all are now, it was just a miracle to see him look so wonderful.

He is the one I see as IESOUS in other dreams.


10-18-05 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin, WI. My son Bob was about 7 years old. A little boy came to the door to ask if Bob was ready for school. I told the little boy that Bob was already outside. So I yelled for Bob and he came running down the hill and told me the kitchen was on fire, that a candle was too close to the ceiling.

I rant around the outside of the house and saw flames shooting out of the back of the house and tried to imagine what kind of candle could have started a fire like that.

There was no way I could get into the house, so I ran around the front of the house again to call 911, but Becky was there with her little girl baby who had ice cream all over her face.  (Becky should have been age 7 in the same time period, so it seems like time jumped about 18 years while I ran around the house.)

I was trying to figure out why Becky wasn't in a big panic to get out of the house. I wrapped the baby in a brown blanket and handed the baby to her and told her to get outside.

I then went to call 911 and didn't see any telephone. I went to the next room and it was like walking into the future. One of my sons - Ken - said that my husband had built this house for me.

Ken and Debe (his wife) were in an immense bedroom and lots of kid's toys were on the floor - like building blocks for boys. But I had never seen this part of the house and asked how to get to the kitchen through this way so I could see how badly damaged it was from the fire.

Nobody seemed to even know about the fire. I started walking through the house and never came to any normal rooms one finds in a real house.

As soon as I opened the first door, I went up a couple steps and I was in a factory type room with metal cages around the outside walls, but nothing was in them.  (I assumed this was a storage/locker room).

I opened another door from there and I was looking down into a huge blue-gray factory room. Nothing was being built in it. It was pretty much empty and there was a big puddle of water on one end like a pipe was leaking.

I thought to myself, "Are they trying to make it look realistic or what?"

I closed that door and opened another one. That one also led into an old brick factory like it was attached to Allis-Chalmers on one end, where we both used to work.

Another door led into an electronic room that had massive walls with stacks and stacks of electronic equipment in it. I couldn't even imagine what all that was for. The ceilings in this place were at least 40 feet high.

I wanted to ask directions to find the kitchen but the people I saw were at a distance and they looked at me as if they were thinking, "Who the heck are you and what are you doing here?"

I opened another door and walked around a corner. This room was like a big art studio. There was a group of statues in the center. I was thinking they were American heroes.  I saw an astronaut, a cowboy, President Clinton, and several other past presidents. (Not the Bushes)

Then I thought I saw John Wayne walking towards me but my eyes just weren't very clear. He was walking closer and closer to me, but he never got any closer. I was straining my eyes to see if it really was John Wayne, and I finally woke up, still trying to figure out why he didn't get clearer as he got closer.


10-20-05 - DREAM - I was at work at a job I hadn't had very long. There was a new project going on. My company was sending the dna of a series of 5 generations of related humans into space for a period of time to find out how it changed while in outer space.

It was easy to test the blood of astronauts who had been on the space station for a time, but to test 5 related generations of related humans was a new idea.

I helped to prepare the samples, typed up the letter which I personally mailed. It went to Michael Heiser at the University of Wisconsin.

Today was a Friday and I had to mail it on the way home from work because the deadline to get the quote for this work was the following Monday - September 9th. 

(Monday, September 9th was in 1991, 1996,  in 2001, then again in 2006.

Before I left the office, I received two other hand-written quotes to go to my boss. They would just be put in the "IN" box because he wasn't there at the moment. 

Because there was left-over samples of dna not being used in the project, I took the meat outside and fed it to the neighborhood feral cats. They were starving and welcomed anything edible. 

I then got into my car with the letter to go find a mailbox on the way home. My windshield was all fogged up and while I tried to wipe my windshield clean, the brakes failed on my car and I rolled backwards for an entire block downhill before I realized I could stop the car from rolling by dragging it along the street curb which I did.

Then I could go forward again, up the same hill  I turned right and drove about two more blocks to the sidewalk mailbox. I actually dropped the letter on the ground once before picking it back up and sticking it into the mailbox.


10-21-05 - A TRAGEDY UNDER A TERRORIST THREAT - DREAM - I am my family lived in an apartment in a big city.  On a beautiful Saturday morning, we decided to go the country for a nice restful weekend.

At 8 a.m. on Saturday, we put out food and water for our pets, one of which was a large white German Shepherd dog. The others were two little white poodles. They had full access to dripping water in the bathtub and large pans of dog food in the kitchen.

Before we left, I saw the German Shepherd jump into the bathtub to get a drink from the faucet, so I knew he'd be okay and so would the others, because poodles can jump really well and they could make that leap too.

So, I, my husband and our children left for a ride into the lovely countryside where we had a cabin on lake property in mid-Wisconsin.  The trees were green, the lakes lovely blue, reflecting the pure blue sky, the weather was perfect - sunny and warm.

We arrived back home at 8 p.m. on Sunday evening. The sun will still shining - so it was mid-summer when the sun didn't go down until after 9 p.m. in daylight savings time.

The dogs welcomed us back home and were running around the apartment.  I and my family were chatting nonchalantly about how great a weekend it was.

I was sitting there remembering how wonderful our little trip had been and the little poodles came up to me, with their cute little black eyes and I noticed they each had little red tinges on their heads like fresh blood and I became alarmed that something had happened.

I got up and went into the other room and there was my gorgeous white German Shepherd covered with blood on all four legs from the knees down.

Then I saw what had happened. Someone had closed the shower doors on the bathtub and he had jumped right through them to get into the tub.

My husband ran for the dog to calm him down and try to stem the bleeding on the dog, and I ran for the phone and quickly hit 911 on the telephone.

A little boy answered the phone, and I said, "There's been an accident".  Nothing else was said, so I thought I got a wrong number.  I hung up and quickly dialed 911 again. This time a young black male answered the phone and I said, "There's been an accident".  He didn't say anything either. I thought to myself, something must be playing with the phone system, so I hung up to call again, because the young man didn't ask me for my address. But I knew the phone system automatically registered my address on their end. 

I ran into the next room, and there was my husband, down on the floor with dog, holding his fingers over the arteries on the dog, but there was blood everywhere and I knew a dog couldn't lose that much blood and live.  I could see huge shards of glass in the bathtub that the dog had jumped through, through the door from where I was.  Knowing how badly injured the dog was, I started thinking about the options I had.  If he lived, I might have to have the dog put down because he obviously would try to jump into the bathtub again and we'd never be able to close those shower doors again for that reason. We couldn't possibly send the dog to the pound and leave that responsibility for someone else to worry about. We might just have to have our beautiful white dog put down for his own sake.

I happened to look out the window and a fire truck was outside in the street, and all of a sudden  a whole group of female EMTs came running into the apartment, carrying a large stretcher. One woman who was older was completely out of breath from running up the stairs to our second floor apartment.

The EMTs went about their business of trying to save our dog's life and we sat down to talk to the older female EMT who was still out of breath, but she started asking us pertinent questions about how the accident occurred.

She asked how long we were out of the house. I started to feel guilty for leaving the animals too long before I even answered. I said, "We left at 8 a.m. on Saturday, and returned at 8 p.m. on Sunday.  Nothing was mentioned that they only respond to human emergencies - not for accidents to animals which can take days sometimes. They expect you to bring the animal to them - in a cage. But the man on the phone hadn't asked me any questions at all.

What the EMT said, stunned me and still does even now while I'm awake.   Her response to the timing of our excursion was, "How could you go away from your home for such a long time with the terrorist threat going on?"


10-22-05 - DREAM SNIPPET:  someone went missing in 1870


10-22-05 - DREAM - I was in my apartment with some characters from One Life to Live TV show.

I was standing up and across the room was sitting the character - a young man - Dr Michael McBain (who was a smart ass dude with a bad attitude in the beginning of the show and then he took on the soul of a pervious character who was a really nice guy. At the same time the show alternately showed the nasty character face and good guy face - depending on which one was speaking). 

So, now in the dream, I'm standing there and all of a sudden I felt a weird buzzing in my head and my ears were buzzing and I said, "I feel like I'm going into the 4th dimension."  I felt like I was passing out and then all of a sudden I found myself standing in a space craft room with monitors all around the walls of the room and two Michaels sitting in comfy chairs across from each other but facing each other. They were split not only into two bodies but two personalities and were sitting there facing each other and arguing with other , trying to settle some kind of dispute between them.

I can't recall that they were solving the issue, but then all of a sudden, I was in a room where I was feeding cats on the floor and feeding them hamburger and chicken breasts and they were fighting over it to see who could eat it the fastest.

For myself, I was eating from a small plate that had peas and lettuce on it and saying, "For some reason, this tastes really good."

A guy who looked similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger was sitting at the table and said the milk in the carton smelled bad and we should probably throw it out.

I opened the carton and smelled the milk and it wasn't bad, but found pieces of fresh lettuce floating in it. So I started pulling the pieces of lettuce out and putting them on the table and then I found some tree leaves floating shaped rather like birch leaves or something similar.

The smell of the milk wasn't bad but since it had lettuce and tree leaves floating in it, I told them they could throw the milk out if they wanted to.

I was sitting at the table with the Arnold look-alike then and his hands were rough from working hard at a manual labor job, but his arms were soft and we were playing touchy-feely with our arms and it felt really nice. Then he suggested that we go for a ride in his fast car and I thought to myself,, "He'd be better off dating my friend Marge who thought that riding on motorcycles was fun and I hated it.

There were two little boys sitting on high chairs looking at some large  33 1/2 records. They wanted to have some upbeat funny music and I thought I had some in the album, but when I looked at the titles, they were all old love songs and the funny music records were missing.

So I asked another guy standing there if he had any funny music on his 45 size records that he had. He got all upset and he spent years collecting this music and he wasn't going to let kids touch it.

I said, "These are only 2 year old little boys. What damage could they do to one of your records?"

(Yeah! I know! That was a stupid statement)

But then the young man's father came over and his lower lip was all swollen from having a plug of chewing tobacco in it and he apologized for not being able to speak clearly.

He handed me a small stack of tiny records. (similar to a recent dream) I was trying to read the tiny print on the record. It looked like "Angel Heavenly Choir" perhaps.

These records were the size of my mini DVD discs.  (Maybe that will be new technology)


10-23-05 - (keep in mind that I just bought astrological software and was trying to learn how to cast natal charts and what they mean. )

DREAM - I went back to my New Berlin, WI house and my children Michael and Ken were moving out and a young teen male with a noisy riding grass mower was moving in.

I thought I'd give Michael a hand (he is my oldest son)  He had all new brown furniture. I helped him carry it all out to the trailer at the front of the house. Ken was doing his own thing and kibitzing with the new kid about a video player that was running somewhere in the house. I could hear a male voice lecturing about something.

The last thing to go on the trailer was a hideaway type bed. My daughter-in-law Debe helped me secure it on the trailer.

I then said 'goodbye' to Michael. He said, "you won't be seeing me for a n entire year."

I looked up at him and he looked like a Chinese man, but his whole body was broken up into like a Chinese puzzle, with all different colored spaces and symbols on him like a Chinese horoscope.

I went back into the house then and there was absolutely nothing inside. Everything was white. The floor was slippery white linoleum and there were doors in every direction, all painted white.

There was an old white-haired woman who walked past me, but she wouldn't answer me when I asked her if I was in the kitchen. I didn't know where any of the doors went either.

I opened one door on the north wall and it opened up into a large closet full of new and clean potting pots of various sizes. That excited me because I just used my last one the other day and had to buy new ones for my new orchid plants I just got.

I then found my way outside through an east doorway and went to my car to drive back to my own apartment where I lived and there was a mother and her son getting the child ready to learn how to drive his vehicle that looked like a miniature silver locomotive.

She was driving a convertible type car and together they drove down the highway with her on the road and her son in the grass on the side. And they both flew up into the air like in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. they were both laughing and yelling at people to watch out for them because sometimes their vehicle came back down right in front of someone and then back up into the air again.

I woke up laughing at them.


10-24-05 - DREAM - I woke up in the dream in the morning and looked at the clock to see what time it was. I thought it said 20 minutes past 1 o'clock.

I was supposed to be at work at 8:30 a.m. So I panicked and worried I was going to get yelled at for not calling in late or absent from work. Work was actually only 5 minutes away if I went out the 'right' door.

But I felt so guilty about being late for work, I decided I would walk the long way and have to good excuse for being late. 

So I went out into the hall and took the elevator down to the 1st floor. An old black man named David was on the elevator. Then I got off the elevator and followed two old black ladies down another flight of stairs to the basement and went out the door that would take me the long way to work.

As I walked along the right side of the road , a man's voice in my head was singing a commercial type song about getting diarrhea. I thought he was going to give the herbal remedy for diarrhea.

So I took the big scissor out of my pocket and started cutting the edge of the roadway off like it was a photograph, because along the edge of the roadway was patches of flowers of every imaginable kind and no matter what remedy for diarrhea the man gave, I would have the right herb to quickly eat and solve the problem. 

As I was walking along the road and cutting off the flowery edge of the road, I realized I didn't have any shoes on and would have to go back home to get them.

When I got back into my apartment, I looked down and was holding a folded newspaper and I had cut all the pictures off the edges. I threw down the newspaper and looked at the clock to see what time it was. There were no hands on the clock at all, but there was a picture of a stately elm tree in the center of the clock with two broken branches floating in the air pointing towards 4. 

Then I noticed there were 3 buttons on the clock. The buttons were labeled 'alarm', 'message', and 'question'. 

I figured if I pushed the alarm the clock might indicate what time it was somehow.

So I pushed the alarm button and a black number 1 popped up on the lower left hand edge of the clock.

Then I woke up, remembered the entire dream, then turned on the light and put on my glasses so I could see what time it was.  

My digital clock said 4:01


10-24-05 - VISION - I saw the titles of 5 books or newspaper headlines about war and terrorism written on the side of a truck. They all started with the letter W.


10-24-05 - DREAM - I woke up in bed and heard a loud clap of thunder. I could see out the window that it was daylight, yet it was darker than it should have been.

I got out of bed and hurried out to the living room and shouted to Joe and our sons, "Where are you guys? 

I could see out another window that our black car was out in the driveway.

So I thought they might have gone out onto the porch to watch the storm.

I opened the door and could see in the east that the whole sky was pitch black from the huge storm.

NOTE: Hurricane Wilma is ongoing and the TV was on talking about it. 


10-24-05 -  I can't remember the dream, but I saw  STRANGE GATEWAY -   M   or  M  F 


10-24-05 - DREAM and EXPERIENCE

Hi:  Thought I would share this with you since it just happened.
This morning I was feeling unwell, so stayed in bed an extra hour.
While I was laying there, I had a quick dream about driving with Joe in the neighborhood.  We had to make a left turn from El Pomar Rd onto Tim Bell Rd in order to go home.  When we got to the stop sign, there was a red car pulling a big tractor and it pulled off the road into a field and when it did, the tractor hit a white box truck (on the back right corner) that was in the road.
We rather said, "Oops" because nothing was damaged, so we made our left turn and ran right into the white truck (on the back left corner) that was still in the road.
There was no damage and again we just said, "oops!"  and laughed and I woke up.
end of dream
I got up and told Joe the dream and said, "I'm not feeling well, I think that we should cancel Lily's vet appointment and just stay home today.  He said, "Okay!"
A couple hours later, I had a problem with my leg and Joe said that as long as Lily just needed a shot and he didn't need any money or have to sit a long time, he'd just go himself and I said, "Okay!
When he got home a half hour later, he was all smiles and full of grateful thanks, because on the way home, at the exact corner where I had the dream, He was driving on Tim Bell Rd. and he saw a white truck and remembered my dream and got ready to slow down.  He said the truck was stopped and he thought that everything was okay, but just as he got to the corner, the driver looked down at something in the cab and pulled out right in front of him.  Luckily he was prepared to jam on the brakes, but still had to pull off the road on the left side to miss the truck.
What's really strange here is something he remembered a few minutes later, is that yesterday he was going somewhere for breakfast and there was a big overwide tractor in the road and he had to pass it on the left  and it was rather dangerous.  (He didn't tell me about that yesterday)  Then he said, he was all distracted while he was driving home from the vet, thinking about various dreams and didn't make the turn onto Tim Bell until he was another mile down the road and then remembered he was going home - not going to work, so he made a U-turn and came back to Tim Bell Rd.
Because of that delay in traffic - that's what made the white truck be at that corner at the exact time he was - or Joe would already have been at home when the white truck got to that corner.
Those kinds of dreams and coincidences, we could all live without.

NOTE: Joe says that the tractor was in front of him on Clarabelle Rd.  Even that was a coincidence.

Same event from Joe's perspective:

October 24, 2005, 10:08 AM

An amazing event happened this morning. Dee had a warning dream of a car accident, and it turned out that this saved me from having a wreck.

Around 8:30 AM she told me that she dreamed that we rear-ended a big box-type white truck, while on our way to take our puppy dog, Lilly, to the veterinarian for a
shot. The location was where El Pomar crosses Tim Bell Road.

Dee wanted to cancel the appointment with the veterinarian. We decided that I would go, but avoid driving on El Pomar.

I left the house with Lilly at 9:10 AM, as the appointment was at 9:20 AM. Lilly and I were at the veterinarian hospital for about ten of fifteen minutes, then started back home.

I became distracted with my thoughts and forgot to make the turn at Tim Bell Road. It was like I was going to work on a normal day. About half way to work, I suddenly
realized that I had not made the turn, and was several miles down Highway 132, Yosemite Boulevard. I often become distracted with my thoughts while driving, but
very seldom to the extent of missing a turn.

I made a U-turn, being mindful of a possible accident, as I recalled Dee's dream again. As I continued home, I became distracted again with my thoughts. As I approached
the crossing of El Pomar, heading north on Tim Bell Road, I saw a big white pickup truck to my right, on El Pomar. I recalled the dream, and slowed down, keeping my
foot on the brake. The truck stopped, and I proceeded toward the intersection. As I did, I noticed that the woman behind the wheel of the truck looked to her right, away
from me and my car. I pull to the left, just as her truck came out into the intersection, with her still looking away!

I was able to avoid the crash, as I had room to go across the intersection diagonally to the left side shoulder of the road.

I looked back and saw the white truck continue turning left, and head south down Tim Bell Road. A white car that had been behind me some distance, went by, traveling
north. I looked at the road sign, and saw that it was indeed El Pomar Road. The event took place at around 9:30 AM.

I told Dee about the event when I arrived home, minutes later, and gave her a kiss of gratitude. I told her that the dream probably saved me from an accident. If I had not
been on guard, there probably would not have been enough time to swerve away, when the woman pulled out into the intersection unexpectedly.

Dee said that there was also a red car pulling a tractor in the dream. It clipped the white truck as it pulled to the left into a field.

I told Dee that I had passed a very big tractor pulling a wide farming device, yesterday, on my way to Riverbank to meet my sons and their families for breakfast.
This happened on Clarabelle Road. I was a little nervous when I passed, because I had little room. The farm device took up half of the roadway on my left and all of it on my

Perhaps Dee picked up on this in her dream, even though she did not know about it.

A response to my list posting:


I had a similar experience a few months ago.  As I was approaching a stop sign on my typical route to work, the following song was playing on my car radio, which I had not heard before.  Just as I heard the word "collide" for some reason I slowed way down.   As I neared the stop sign, a red truck swerved out from the adjoining street at an unusual speed.  I can only surmise that had I made the approach at the speed I was going, he would have smashed head first into my vehicle.  Kinda makes ya wonder...


The dawn is breaking A light shining through You're barely waking And I'm tangled up in you Yeah But I'm open, you're closed Where I follow, you'll go I worry I won't see your face Light up again Even the best fall down sometimes Even the wrong words seem to rhyme Out of the doubt that fills my mind I somehow find, you and I collide I'm quiet, you know You make a first impression I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind Even the best fall down sometimes Even the stars refuse to shine Out of the back you fall in time You somehow find, you and I collide Don't stop here I've lost my place I'm close behind Even the best fall down sometimes Even the wrong words seem to rhyme Out of the doubt that fills your mind You finally find, you and I collide You finally find You and I collide You finally find You and I collide



10-25-05 - DREAM - I was told by someone that if you are young to do archaeology you should wear the clothing of the period. I then saw a Green Bay Packer jersey with the number 40 on it.

In dream 2, I and my sister went to a park to have a picnic with our kids and my husband Jim showed up. He said it was Memorial Day (May 30) and he wanted to know why there was no band playing and no dignitaries their. There were actually few people then.

There were actually few people there.

My sister and I then went into a nearby church. There were few people there either and there was no church service going on and we were told there had been none the night before either.

We told the man, we'd never go to that church again.

VISION - Again I saw the man in the Green Bay Packer jersey with the number 40 on.

The 24-year-old San Bernardino, Calif.. native, Chris Gizzy, will continue to wear jersey number 40.


10-25-05 - DREAM - I was at home and my Mom came to visit and I showed her my new self-threading sewing machine. It was so cool. 

Then we were waiting with another family next door and my daughter hadn't come home yet.  There was a little girl standing on the porch. She looked to be about 7 years old, long dark hair, and a sky blue dress - knee length. She looked so sad and alone.

But my Mom and I were then visiting next door. There were a lot of people there - all blonde. 

One young girl called a taller girl - "grandma" and she didn't look more than 16 to me. That seemed impossible that she was the young girl's grandma. 

Then an older sister went to the piano and started to play and sing to a younger girl. 

"When you're a little girl, I love you."  and I sang, "We all love her."  

It was so sad.   This is how the music went. 

    E   E         E
  D   D   D     D  
C           C C    
    E   E         E
  D   D   D     D  
C           C C    
  F   F            
E       E         E
          D     D  
            C C    


10-26-05 - DREAM - I can't say for sure where I was. The people don't fit any real scenario I know of. 

I was in a large apartment building. Someone pointed out to me that there were thousands of birds out in the cornfield.  I looked out the window and could see thousands of bird heads, but I wanted to actually see the birds, so I stepped outside and clapped my hands and yelled loudly, and every bird in the cornfield rose up and flew several hundred feet and settled down again. 

Now I could see there were lots of people out in the field trying capture the birds which I could now see were not only as tall as the corn, they were taller than the people. 

When the birds rose up, they shed a lot of feathers too so when they settled down again, I could see that the birds were tall like ostriches or emus and had similar bodies and were all white.

When they landed, I heard someone shout out, I have 8 of them so that's worth $8.000. 

Just then the actor/producer, American Bandstand Dick Clarke from New York came by and said he sure could sue $8.000 but he was too embarrassed to go out into the field and catch 8 birds.

I said, "Well! I'm not and started to get ready to go out and capture 8 birds for him, so I started slipping bread sacks over my feet to keep bird dropped off of them.

Just then my husband came by and complained that I wasn't willing to do what it took to save our marriage.

I disagreed and said I was, but it didn't look like he was willing to make much effort. 

A woman who was sitting nearby commented that she had read all the relationship books and it hadn't done her a bit of good.

I remarked back that I had done that too, but it took two people to make the effort, not just one.

Just then, Bo Buchanan, the Chief of Police from One Life to Live TV show came by and said that there was a phone call from Pat Henry who was just moving in and she needed to talk to me. 

I remember Pat Henry as a short black woman who had an attitude problem and I couldn't imagine why the rental agent had rented her an apartment, bit it was my job to find out what the problem was.

Bo said that Pat was in apartment 112 way at the far end of the apartment complex.

That was just what I needed (sarcastic) when my husband wanted me to stay with him and save our marriage and Dick Clark needed 8 birds captured so he'd have $8,000 , but I had my duty as manager to go talk to Pat Henry.

Bo was nice enough to lead the way and we were walking fast down the hallway and then through an area that had major construction going on. Bo said then was going to be a fabulous mall here when they were done. 

But right now there was massive space of concrete, wood and steel laying around.

Bo led the way through a low concrete tunnel and I was prepared to follow him through and got interrupted by a young woman with work clothes coming through the tunnel the other way so I had to wait my turn as there was only room for one person at a time in the tunnel.

As the young woman came towards me through the tunnel, someone on the other side was chipping concrete and all the dust and concrete chips blew through the tunnel after her. 

Then it was my turn and I was crouched down, ready to go through the tunnel, and worrying about the concrete dust getting me too when I woke up to the telephone ringing in the real world. It was 3:03 a.m and it was a wrong number. Joe grabbed it so I didn't have to jump out of bed.

As it was, my heart was pounding and my throat was constricted from phlegm.

(The bird feathers, the bread and concrete dust all cause me to have asthma and allergies, so that's probably what caused the dream.)


10-27-05 - SEE:  TERROR THREAT


10-29-05 - DREAM -  I was in a tall office building with a female friend. She came up with the idea of mixing an AVON perfume starting either with the letter A or C with a male pheromone and selling it.

I saw the attorney Mark Garagos sitting in the waiting room and thought maybe we could get some free legal advice. So I sprayed some of our new perfume mixture on my skirt, then walked over to Mark and asked him politely if he would smell the perfume on my skirt, which he did.

So I told him our idea to sell this perfume, and asked him if it was okay to do this.

He said it was okay, but he wanted 50% for his advice. 

I was thinking he would only want maybe 10%, so I was shocked at his fee, but agreed. 

My friend and I discussed our new business briefly, the Mark returned from the business meeting he attended.

So I chose that moment to talk to mark again, with the intention of making friends with him on a personal level. 

At the time, I was taking care of a blonde baby size boy, thinking I 'd find out if Mark liked kids and might be attracted to me through having a child to care for.

As it turned out, Mark said that his last girlfriend had two small sons with her to care for, and they could only stand it for two days.

So then I knew that having a small baby around was not a good idea for business or friendship with him.

He and I talked briefly about ideas coming to me through dreams. He said that he knew some men who made a lot of money through developing dream ideas. He seemed intrigued about that and invited me to go to dinner with him to talk further.

I said that I lived right across the street.

He said that where he was planning to go to dinner was pretty far away and he might not be able to travel all the way back to bring me home the same night. 

I said, "That's okay with me."

I then asked him if he liked the perfume that he had smelled earlier and he said, "No! But that doesn't matter."

But it mattered to me, so I sprayed myself with a different AVON perfume before we left for dinner.


10-31-05 - I had 3 different dreams in which I was working on a car engine in the fan belt area and there were colored balls in the area that were misaligned. All 3 times, I woke up and my heart was beating weirdly because I wasn't breathing well due to my cold. 


10-31-05 - VISION - I was given a thick manila envelope with a lot of words on it and I could read except the word HOD. 

I think that's the third time I've dreamed that word. 

Right before that I was dreaming about cleaning a huge room with a broom. It was so dirty, I put down some water to hold down the dust. 

In one place the dust turned to purple/blue ink and it was running the wrong way because the floor was slanted in the wrong direction and the cats were in the way, playing right where I wanted to sweep. 

I then put down newspapers on the floor and pick up the dampness from the water I had spread to catch the dust. 

Some mothers and their daughters came in then and I ran to pick up the newspapers and a mother said, "Don't pick up the newspapers, they are perfect for us to sit on and they all sat on the newspapers and brought in wedding gifts for the bride and groom. 

I went out into the back hall feeling very guilty for doing such a bad job of cleaning. 

Someone said to me, "You shouldn't judge yourself so harshly. The best man to judge the job you are doing is the man who had the job before you."

I looked up and a young, tall man in a beige colored robe stood there before me.


NOTE: On November 4th, I dreamed that the bride's name would be found in the ephemeris, and I looked and there was a yellow cylinder about 2 feet in diameter there with many names on it, and I saw the name Blair. 


10-31-05 - DREAM - I was with Joe in a convertible type car. 

We came to a 4 way intersection,. Facing each other across the intersection was a normal gray African elephant, and going the same direction we were going, was a huge bright green curly furred elephant.

It seemed that we were still in the car but we started galloping past the elephant and then the elephant started galloping after us. We were galloping really hard and finally the elephant caught up to us and we stopped racing the elephant and he came over to the car and told Joe that he had graduated. 

I woke up promptly. I didn't feel like turning on the light and writing down the dream and told myself I wouldn't forget the dream. 

DREAM #2 - I fell asleep and found myself in our apartment, just waking up. The telephone rang and it was a radio announcer guy named Richard.

We had never talked to each other before but he was returning my call to him. 

I said, "I just had a dream about you and I thought you'd like to know about it."

He said, "Okay! So I told him the green elephant dream in its entirety, saying that he was the driver of the car, which pleased him. 

He then told me that he was getting a divorce and was moving out of his apartment on Sunday and that he didn't know where to move to.

I told him that I was an apartment manager for 11 years and that I knew the business well and that he should make sure he didn't get ripped off.

All of a sudden, a woman appeared in front of me like in a vision.

The woman looked like she had a pink spotlight on her. She was looking up into the light and she raised her fist towards the light and cried, "Don't pull! There is no gain in pulling."

Then the light went out and she started to wake up. 

I said to Richard, "Your wife is here. She says, "Don't pull! There is no gain in pulling."

Then I told him, "Keep my phone number Richard. I have a large website - and if you ever need any dream advice, give me a call."  I laughed and said, "I'm retired now, so all I do is sit around and dream. "

He laughed and said, "Okay! I'm sure you do more than that,"  and I laughed.

The woman was still standing in front of me, like she didn't know where she was. 

Then a man dressed in a black overcoat came from behind me, carrying a French horn and a big base fiddle, both inside big black leather cases, and he led the woman to the door and escorted her through the door.

The left and I went back to the phone which I still held in my hand and said, "Hello!"

Now I had my locksmith boss Tom on the phone.

He aid, "I was hoping you could take the phones for the next hour. I just took a call to open a car for a woman. I told her it would be $45."

I started writing down on a piece of paper what he said.

Then he said, "I told her it was too late in the day to turn her cylinders . You should only do that first thing in the morning when its starting to warm up."

I said, "Okay!" and wrote that on the paper and hung up the phone.

I then noticed that there was a gift laying there from my daughter-in-law Becky that I hadn't opened up yet. I carried it over to a pile of gifts that I had yet to open.

 and woke up.