10-1-94 - DREAM - In the dream, I stated that I knew I was dreaming, thus it was a lucid dream. I deliberately pointed out in the dream that in order for it to be a lucid dream that I had to make deliberate decisions and then accomplish them.

I went to a large old house. The house was full of antiques and was magnificently furnished. I walked around looking at the furnishings and noticed it seemed like a man or men lived here and saw some toys so knew that children had been here also.  Some of the things were in messy piles, so I picked up some of it and set it aside where it could be put away later.

Then a fairly good looking man appeared and I introduced myself and told him I was just looking around. He seemed pleased that I was there and I helped him put away the toys which he said belonged to his children who came to visit on weekends. He told me where they were normally and stored and I put them there.

When I came back to the kitchen where I had left him, he thanked me for helping him and put his hand on my back. He felt on of my vertabrae that was up near the shoulder blade. As he deliberately felt that bone, he said that it had broken at one time and then healed up in a crooked position. He felt each of the vertabrae up towards my neck and I assumed he was a chiropractor because my own chiropractor had done similar exams on me in the beginning.

Then he became sexually aroused and unzippered the back of my dress and delicately brushed his lips along my spine. I thrilled to his expert kisses on my skin. I wasn't going to let him get too far because I had my period and I didn't want to tell him.

Just then his roommate came in and interrupted us. I was introduced to the roommate who was a semi-dwarf. His arms were foreshortened and he was only about 4 1/2 feet tall. I saw an envelope with their names on it. It was addressed to them at an address in Pennsylvania. I looked at the envelope twice so I could remember who they were. One's name was David Fry. I can't remember the other. His last name started with a W like Winslow or something like that.

The mother and sister came in then and I was introduced to them and then a group of women came in who were country club cronies to the mother and sister. I met all of them and then went out towards the door to leave.

At the door I met B.G. I told him I was having a lucid dream and that he would participate in assisting to remember that we were there together. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him he would l remember me and him being in the dream together.

NOTE: (At 9 a.m. B.G. called me and when I asked him if he remembered being in the dream with me, he told me he never remembered his dreams but did seem to have recollection of meeting me during the night.)


10-2-94 - DREAM - I went to a house with T.M. There was a very fat woman there with black hair. She got into a discussion with T.M. and began to threaten him. She had a gold knitting needle type weapon attached to her sleeve and she reached for it to hurt T.M. So, I reached for one of my own and stuck my own gold knitting needle into her stomach. I was feeling very anxious and queasy at the prospect of doing this to her, but it was the only way to save T.M. But doing it once didn't stop her and she was still going after T.M., so I stabbed her the needle again in the stomach. I knew I was doing damage to her internal organs, but she was so angry at T.M., she wouldn't stop, so I kept on stabbing her in the stomach with the need until she turned towards me. So, I gave her one final thrust and stopped her attack. I then saw her child laying in a corner on the floor and knew it too had to die. I think I killed it too but can't remember what I did. The black haired woman had a dangerous black and white Husky dog which was going to harm us too, so I caught the dog's neck in a stove drawer and held the drawer as tight as I could until it couldn't breathe anymore and it strangled to death.


10-2-94 - VOICE - "Do not ever face life straight on!"


10-2-94 - EXPERIENCE - I went into the livingroom. The TV was on with the Nintendo screen on. I sat down on the couch to play Nintendo. My toe touched the Nintendo controller. The Nintendo screen flipped off and the regular channel flipped all by itself to a channel with Gore Vidal talking to some legislators. One man said, "If a coin says, "In God we trust," and the Constitution says we live "Under God!" then why shouldn't other organizations such as a school and others be able to say the same?"

I thought, "We should put "God" in the purpose of our own organization and fight for it if necessary."


10-4-94 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin. I had an infant son . He said to me, "I had a dream!"  I said, "What was it?" He said, "I was a student at Arizona University and I knew that between August 18th and 21st a huge comet was going to hit the earth."

He also said that his name was J.I. Case Co. and that he was going to spend 3 months working on his finances, juggling the numbers to suit himself and then go into bankruptcy.


10-8-94 - DREAM - Everyone should commit oneself to do something to serve God every day. Commit yourself at the beginning of the day to what you are going to do and then do it.


10-9-94 - DREAM - I was in an old building somewhere and there were two huge wooden doors on a slanted wall between two rooms. They were very plain with wood veneer on them which was cracked and peeling. Some conversation went on (can't remember). Then I went over to the door and peeled off the veneer. Beneath the veneer was two gorgeous hand carved oak doors. I said, "My Father gave me these door." I turned around and they were up on a shelf in storage. This surprised me and I reached up to get them down from the shelf. I pulled down two paintings which were of a family. One picture was just of a family, Mother, Father and three kids. The other picture was of the family being swept into the water in a boating accident.

I explained the pictures this way. "These doors came from an antique store in Michigan from a house that was torn down after this whole family was killed in a freak racing water accident at a mill stream."

NOTE: I felt that these two doors were to be purchased in Michigan and were intended to be put into our new community center in Washington State.


10-10-94 - DREAM - I entered a contest on the West Coast and won. They expected me to come out there and accept the prize and had the plane tickets delivered right to me. I asked several people to go in my place but nobody wanted to go. I was too afraid to fly and didn't even try to make the flight which was scheduled for the same day. November 10th. So I contacted two men who lived out there by Prodigy and asked them to take delivery of the prize. I had to trust them to do it for me and not cheat me out of the prize before I could get there.


10-12-94 - DREAM - I was in my own apartment and had to leave it to check on some work. When I came back, my second maintenance man L. had rearranged all the furniture in the rooms opened up the walls so the spaces were larger and installed a mirrored wall so the room looked twice as big.


10-15-94- MEDITATION - I saw a contract where I sold either shares or something to my soup (Cabbage soup) I said, "It's so simple. The contract said, "Just Soup!"


10-16-94 - DREAM - I saw a church on top of a hill. There was a grave next to the church marked with the Christian cross on the ground, delineated by an outline of stones and fitted in with a multitude of stones.  T.M. was with me and said, "You know she's gone!"


10-16-94 - DREAM - I was at A-C where I worked and had a small hand sized mop in my hand. I removed the mop head and used it to write Envytor on a black board. (The name of a plumbing company) T.M. got so angry about that he said he was going to sue me. I couldn't believe he was going to do that and we argued about it on the phone. I felt that he was wrong to be so upset so I hung the phone up on him.

Later I went to his office to talk to him about it, but he was distressed about his anger, he had had to go home from work.


10-16-94 - DREAM - I was with a clown and his job was to play music for people. He said that each place we are born has a musical sound and if our bodies don't resonate to that sound, we are forced to move to a place we resonate to. The music I resonated to was West Allis, WI. So, I began to tell this story to people about the clown and the music and that I had to say I was born in West Allis rather than Milwaukee because of the music. I knew that's why Washington felt like home to me instead of Milwaukee because I resonated to Washington's music.

I was in a car with T.M. then and told him the story of the clown and the music. He drove faster and faster and the wheels of the car went off the right side of the road. I expected to crash but the car did not drop off the edge and a right hand curve was coming up in the road. The car stayed balanced until we got there.


10-19-94 - DREAM - I was in the great house in Washington. The outside hallway  was at least 12 feet wide. It had furniture in it, highly polished hardwood floors. I was wearing wooden hard soled shoes. Charles Colson came to the door and wanted to sign in with the rest of us.

NOTE: Charles Colson is a Born Again Christian with the Billy Graham team. I was very excited by this dream.


10-19-94 - T.M.s Dream - He was going East from the ocean towards our property. He crossed a railroad track, then another railroad track that was closed down, then an abandoned railroad track. The number 5000 ft came to him.


10-22-94 - DREAM - I spent a long time rearranging icons for links on the computer.

There were 12 UFO sites for every dream site.

The UFO sites had to be done first.