by Dee Finney & Joe Mason   

This is a daytime photo of the area we used for ghost hunting at night.  It is merely our front yard.  The area was once inhabited by a tribe of Indians, and other people have died in the house we live in, and also two years ago a dead body was found in the ditch next to our yard.  The likelihood of ghosts in our yard is possible and already proven on our original trials to prove that orbs are not always dust.  We have not reduced the size of the photos so they are easily seen, and have not been altered in any way.

This is the method we used:

Joe Mason walked slowly along a gravel driveway following the rods direction. They are supposed to point in the direction of any energy they detect. He stopped walking when the rods crossed, which was a signal that there some anomalous energy was present.

The first time we tried it, the number of orbs we photographed was not spectacular, but we had been so excited to try this, we weren't patient enough to take more than one photo, and experience has told us that you can have orbs in one photo and not in the second photo taken 10 seconds later, and orbs again in the third photo 10 seconds after the second photo.

Here is an example photo from the first try:  There are large orbs on both sides of Joe when the dowsing rods crossed.


The next night, we decided we would take three photos each time the rods crossed.  Joe wanted me to take the photos when he said the word, "Now!" because I couldn't really see him in the dark and I couldn't see the rods at all because their was no moon. The only light we had to see by was a yard light across the street which is about 240 feet or so from our house. Our own house lights were turned off. 

Joe kept the intention in his mind that the rods should cross when an entity was nearby that could manifest in an orb large enough to be photographed. Several times, the name of his boss when he was 11-21 years old came to his mind.  The next photograph possibly shows one of those times.  Note where the orb is - right up against Joe's body. This seems to indicate that the entity was trying to communicate with him.   There is another large reddish orb off to the right - higher up.  We don't know what the white light it up high - its probably a reflection of a leaf on the tree.  The two square lights down low are from a sign post and a piece of metal on the telephone pole across the street.



We noticed that the orb against Joe's shirt is blue like we are looking through it at the shirt. The orb off to the right is reddish and yellow and looking at it closely, one can see the leaves of the tree it is in front of so that one is transparent as well.

We took a video camera out to test the night vision aspect.  The audio was good, but we saw nothing but blackness on the camera during or after we used it.

8-2-06 - Joe was busy working on an article for the web and didn't want to go outside, but I felt a strong urge to go outside so I went out by myself. Our cat 'Midnight' was out there and sat on my lap during most of the time I was out there. I got a very strange photo of his tail in one picture. 'Midnight' is a pitch black cat and he was so close to the camera, his tail is amazingly pure white in the photo.  After we got settled, I invited any spirits who might be in the area to join me.  I took a couple pictures of a low flying airplane, and those photos just barely showed a dot on the photo so I discarded those.  The next couple of photos showed nothing, and I then turned to my right towards the pine tree in the yard. Here is what showed up:

I cropped the left side of the photo to prevent the need from scrolling over to the right, but the sign is on the left side so you can see this is still in the front yard like the other photos show.  The previous photo to this one had a huge reddish orb in the tree - and this was the second photo of the same tree. The photos were taken about 10 to 15 seconds apart.  Since I didn't know I had captured these orbs, I then turned around to photograph a different tree where Joe had orbs around him. There was nothing in that direction at all in 3 successive photos.  I'm very happy with our tree visitors.

Here is the same photo with contrast raised:

8-27-06 - Tonight, Joe Mason went out in our front yard with the intention to dowse for ghosts, specifically a Mr. Cooke he had worked for when he was a kid. The reason for this was that Mr. Cooke's name has been jumping into his head recently and thoughts of things that Mr. Cooke liked like bacon and peanut butter sandwiches which Mr. Cooke introduced Joe to at the age of 11.

So, we did the normal protocol, with the rods leading the way. Joe stopped when the rods crossed. I suggested he ask if Mr. Cooke was there. When he asked the question out loud, the rods turned and pointed to himself.  I snapped this picture:



As you can see, the orb is sitting right on the rods.

A couple of moments later, Joe walked over to the tree where I got the giant orbs last night, and the rods crossed at soon as he got near the tree:

I could see these orbs in the camera viewfinder after the picture was snapped as well, so I knew what I was capturing. That's how bright these were.  You can see more of them if the your room lights are off and not reflecting onto your computer screen.  You'll need to scroll over to the right to see them all.

On September 1, 2006, Joe Mason and I decided we would go out into the yard and call some of Joe's deceased relatives.  He started with his Mom, then Granny Zora, then his Aunt Claire who died mysteriously in the late 1940's, and we don't know where she is buried. Nobody in the family does.  The dowsing rods had very strong reactions. One thing Joe noticed was that when he called his brother and his Dad, the left rod turned sharply left both times.  When he called in the women, the both turned inward towards himself.

We were very disappointed with the camera. Perhaps the battery was low.  The pictures were very, very dark, and even though Joe was at the normal distance from the camera, he appeared extremely close up.  Only in the last of 29 pictures was there a dot of light.

We'll change batteries and go out again.

An hour later, after changing batteries, we went outside and did the same process as before.  There was strong reactions of the dowsing rods when each name was called, but this time the left rod didn't turn left when the men were called.  In each case, when the name was called, the rods turned inward this time.

Out of 25 photos, 12 had orbs in them. Some were huge, some were small, some white, some red, some bright, some dimmer. The camera was set on night vision so it took extra time to reset after each photo.  The camera wasn't always ready to go when Joe said, "Shoot!" We really don't know at what point the orbs decided to show themselves between the timing of the rods turning and the camera shutter going off, because I couldn't see the orbs in the camera at all.

Here is a photo of Joe's Mom.  At least we think it is as that's who he called. Its up in the tree off to the right.

Here is Joe's granny Zora.  She has visited us before several times. She actually came to me in a dream before I even knew who she was. That was pretty cool.  I published Granny Zora's poetry.  Scroll over to the right. Granny was reddish colored compared to Joe's Mom's bright whiteness.

Then came Joe's two aunts.

As you can see, they came in closer, but are smaller than the other two women.  The men were smaller still and a little more standoffish.  We aren't posting those on the page as they are harder to see in the photos.

We do wish to say that these orbs are all easier to see if your room lights are off so the light doesn't reflect on your computer screen.  None of the photos have been enhanced or retouched in any way.

Hope you have enjoyed meeting Joe's relatives and friends.

This photo was taken at Grant Park, Chicago, in 2008 when the crowds gathered to cheer for President elect Barack Obama.

This photo was taken at a football game at Sonora, CA in November of 2008
A careful look at the photo shows an orb over almost every person standing there. 
Size of the orbs does not mean any sign of heirarchy or strength.  Some smaller orbs have been known to gather together
and become a larger orb or even a cloud of ectoplasm.