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Me and my cousin were at my aunts house and had decided on using my OUIJA board. So here is an account of what happened: We had the hall light on and a shoe holding the door open so we only had a little light. Then we asked the board to give us a sign if there was a spirit there with us. With in 30sec the shoe flew across the room and the door slammed shut, leaving us in complete darkness we ran out of the room and ever since then, I've always felt a presence in that room besides me.
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Make Your Own Ouija Board One time Larysa and I (Sheena) were playing the ouija board. It didn't answer our questiion so Larysa started cussing at the board. The lights started blinking on and off. We were scared.
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Thirteen years ago, I was playing with my Ouija board with a friend. We asked the board what the name of the cemetary was where my Aunt was buried. The board replied "Cedar Pines". I laughed because I knew the name was actually "Rolling Hills".

I didn't laugh for long. Five months later, we buried my Uncle in that same cemetary. While I was there, I told my story to a cemetary caretaker. He stared at me for a few minutes and he asked what year it was when my Aunt was buried. I told him the year, and what he said sent shivers down my spine.

When my Aunt was buried in the cemetary, it was named "Cedar Pines". The name of the cemetary had been changed after she had been buried. I had not attended that funeral so I was not aware of that fact when I asked the Ouija board.

Needless to say, I don't know who I was talking to when I asked my question on the board, but I haven't asked any questions since.

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One night my ex-boyfriend and some of his family were playing with a ouija board when it asked them to put it away. They ignored the request and got it really mad. All of a sudden the answering machine turned on, then his step-dad's pager went off they looked at it and it said 666. At this point they really got freaked out and decided to put it away. About a week later they began to play with it again the ouija board was as friendly as ever, just like nothing had ever happened. Some advice I would give is never make the ouija board mad.
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My sister and her friend were playing with the Ouija board,and they thought it would be interesting to see what would happen.My sister asked if there were any spirits present and of course, the pointer moved to yes. Then my sister's friend asked something pertaining to her grandfather who had recently died. The answer must have upset her, because she got up from her bed, took the Ouija board downstairs, and threw it in the garbage outside. They thought it was over, but they were sadly mistaken. Upon entering the room, my sister and her friend saw the game lying on the bed, as if it was never thrown out!!! They asked the spirit to leave, but it took an hour to leave. Before it said good-bye, though, the spirit said it would return to haunt them. As soon as they were done, they burned the board, and vowed never to play again. My sister is now 22, and whenever she sees someone playing with the game, she turns around and heads the other way.
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Once upon a time, about 40 years ago, my sister and I decided to play with my new Ouija Board while our husbands were out fishing. We must have asked abouat 100 questions...all details about the fishing trip. When the men got home, all the answers were right. So, after dinner, the four of sat down with the board again. We asked if there was a spirit there. The Planchette went to Yes!  We asked if it was a good spirit. The Planchette went to No!  Our hair stood on end and we dropped the board instantly.  The next day I took it outside to burn it and it wouldn't burn. So, we took it to the church and threw it in the poor box, thinking we were done with it.  Not so! The Following week, someone brought us another one.  I was a little freaked out, so we took that one even farther and threw it away.  Just a couple days later, someone else gave us a new board for a gift.  I knew giving away wouldn't help, so I hid it in the dark closet under a lot of stuff, but I always felt the evil spirit around anyway. I can't say it's the same evil spirit, but it followed me to church and made me sick, it followed me everywhere and I always got sick so I started staying home because I didn't like being that sick. By the time I knew how to fight the spirit, I had been at home for 4 years.  I had to call on the name of Jesus to get rid of the spirit. I had to do it over and over and over. It wasn't attached to the board anymore. He lived with us. He destroyed my life for 4 years. Don't be fooled. The Ouija Board is NOT just a game.

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One time, I was playing Ouija with a friend and we were having lots of fun. We were talking to someone our own age who had died a few days ago. Neither of us were pushing it. Our hands were hovering above it. Then, all of a sudden the lights went out and the TV turned on to a movie called Witchboard. We screamed and as my mom came running down the hall, it stopped. Needless to say, it was a practical joke from the spirit. Not funny!!!! I haven't touched the board since."
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The ouija board is nothing to fool around with to make it mad. I know from experience!! My brother and I used to "play" with his, and we would tease it. A lot of times it would hop off the board, and creep on the floor to the stairs that went to the attic or our bedrooms. it always said that it was Satan himself in it, so we said, if you are truely Satan, then show yourself. That was a mistake. Under the needle of the triangle tool that you placed your fingers, came up the words-- devil child-- in red letters, and the thing became very warm to touch. We are lucky that is all that happened. It is okay to use, but nothing to test anger with. It told us many things that was scary

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It was October and me and my friend were playing with the OUIJA board. We started talking to this 17 yr old. who told us that his name was J. H.. He said that he had lived in Arizonia and died by getting pushed down a well by is mother. We talked to him for about 7 hours that night. The next morning we were talking to him again and he said he had left a ring with voodoo powers for me by the barn next to my friends house. We went out and sure enough there was a ring. One time we walked to an old building where he was and there was a loud banging all over the side of it.
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In about 7th grade my friend's siter recieved a Ouija board for her birthday. One night when she was using it in her garage, some paint cans fell off the shelfs so she decided to put it away forever because it freaked her out so bad. Being the curious children we were we decided to take it from her and use it. The first time we used it we were in a dark bedroom with just a candle. After we called for a spirit the candle flame flickered than shoot up into the air. The kittens in her closet started crying non-stop. It freaked my friend out bad enough that we stopped playing with it. The next time we used it we used it outside in her tree house and when I asked what my guardian angels name was it spelled out e-c-h-o, which is the name of a stillborn cousin. No one there knew about her, because I really had no reason to tell them about her. I just always found that weird

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My cousin told me of an experience he had with an Ouija board and it's chilling..It was July and my cousin came down for a visit. We got to talking and said that one day he put his Ouija board in the closet because he was going on vacation, and when he got back it was on his bed.. There was no way anyone got in the house he said because only his sisters have keys and they live in Minnesota and he lives in North Dakota..Scary isn't it???????????????

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My 3 friends and I were at my friend Chantals house and we decided to play wiht the Ouija Board. The one we were using was from 1975 ! About two years prior to the event Chantals aunt had died in the upstairs bathroom and a baby fell down the stairs and died before that. We were sure the Ouija would work ! As we were playing My friend Linna and I seen a faint figure in the mirror. We stayed calm. The figure began to come clear. We told Lacey and Chantal to look slowly. There in the mirror was Chantals aunt! Ever since that incident Linna, Lacey, Chantal and I strongly believe in the power a Ouija board holds !!!