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I dreamed the angel picture around 5:30-6:00 am EDT on August 5, 1997. This description is based on notes I made at the time and my memory of this dream, which remains vivid. It is to the best of my recollection.

Becky Farr


I am running away from something with a group of people ... up some stairs, outside. Along the way someone jams something into my hand. It's a box of straight pins, all colors. They say "Here, you're going to need this."

We get away to a big field. We somehow know we have to hold up four of the pins at the same time in the last rays of sunlight before the sun sets ... red, blue, yellow and green. When held up in the light they will change color: red to blue, blue to green, green to red, yellow to blue.

It is urgent that we do this but we aren't focused and we can't do it ... later, we are in a house where just a little shaft of light is shining through a small crack in the window mini blind. This is our last chance ... It is urgent; we MUST do this!

We try one last time. It works. The pins glow and change color before our very eyes. It is beautiful! We have sucessfully set the right combination (as in a lock and key).

Now, outside the house the "Vernichtung" starts. I use this German word because it best describes what we see happening outside the house. It is an 'undoing', a negation of reality ... an unraveling of existence itself. As we look out the windows of this house, we see sidewalks and driveways falling down into the Earth. Trees and grass die. There are no people or animals visible. The sun shines with a sickly bright radiation. All is brown and grey. The wind howls with dust.

Yet inside this house, all is well. Suddenly I think, 'Soon we will need to leave and my purse with the car keys is out there in the trunk!" So I go out the front door ... the air is bad, not just bad, it's poison! The car is sinking into a big hole in the ground. I am able to reach the car but the purse is not in the trunk. I just make it back into the house and then have trouble closing the door behind me, as if there is a great pressure difference between outside and inside the house. It takes a lot of strength to get that door closed again. The foul wind is rushing into the house...dust flys everywhere. But finally we push the door closed and, again, all is peacefull and quiet in the house.

So I go back upstairs with everyone. I feel very close to these people..we are like a family. Stuff is scattered all over the room. I can't find the clothes I will need etc. (This is a recurring metaphor I have in dreams when I feel unprepared for something.) It's getting really late in the day...the sun is low in the sky and shining through the mini blinds. Someone in the room says 'Don't worry. He'll make sure you have what you need when we get there. Just take the minimum.'

So we sit and wait and watch out the windows. We are waiting for it to be safe for us to leave. Someone finds a few of my things and my purse with the keys. Someone says 'How will we know when it's time to leave?'

Someone else says "He'll tell us.' A third says 'Tell us what? How did we know the last time?' The second answers matter-of-factly 'The Easy Bake Oven went off, don't you remember?' At the time that seems like a perfectly reasonable response.

Soon it is time to leave and a car makes itself available. It is a big station wagon. We drive through the town. All is dead. All the trees are dead. The streets look abandoned and grey. There are no people visible. But the air in the car is pure and good.

As we drive through the "Vernichtung" we feel no sadness about what has happened. It's like the old ways of living are still going on, but in another dimension. Those who chose to remain as they were are now carrying on with their lives. We are simply no longer a part of that reality. In fact, we are not even able to see the people because of this change and they can't see us. We drive like ghosts through the town that looks dead to us. And so we go on and on.

We are going far away, to another state. The dream ends when we reach that border and cross it. There is a rough hewn log gate that we pass through. It says "Welcome to Maine, the bumpy state." We hit one last big bump and we are through the gate and across the border.

Here are the 'lessons' I got from this dream and wrote down at the time:

1. A combination key will initiate the sequence, like in the movie "Dark Crystal". You must have all of the proper elements working, arranged and present in an exact and proper way for it to work. There is an urgency about this. It must succeed. Much is at stake.

2. There are elements at work trying to prevent this from happening. A small group of special people will be the keyholders. They are scattered and apart now. When they assemble, this will occur. They will be hunted by those who wish to prevent this.

3. Once the lock has been opened and the sequence initiated, Vernichtung will occur. This will occur only after the lock is opened and will be evidence that the lock has been sucessfully opened.

4. Do not fear the Vernichtung. You will be kept safe in a safe place until it is time for you to leave. You will be told when it is safe and time to leave.

5. Do not regret the Vernichtung. It is a natural turn of events brought on by free choice of all involved. Each reality will continue, but along separate paths.

6. Do not wory about bringing everything you might possibly need. On the other side of the journey we will be provided with everything we need.

7. We are going away to another 'state' of being.