The big picture

Date: 05/25/2000

The following appeared in the 5/2000 issue of UFOCUS, The Newsletter of the Institute for UFO Research, plus or minus a few typos... there is even some stuff from Atlantis if one has ever bothered to read Edgar Cayce

The Big Picture Behind the UFO Movement:

The Three Primary Agendas and The Vision of the Diamond Sun DNA

Part I of an Article by Rev. Anna Hayes Gruber, Ekr. MC

My work in Consciousness and Ufological Studies frequently leads me to ask my personal spiritual center “How can I best serve people with the information presently available to me?” When I recently asked this question, the following words came to me:” Explain the BIG PICTURE: show the framework into which the many smaller pieces fit.” Behind the UFO movement there is, indeed, a “Big Picture” and underlying purpose, which most often remains unseen beneath the glamour, intrigue and contradiction the UFO phenomenon implies. Through over 25 years of personal involvement with physical contact phenomena, I have gained access to “behind the scenes” information through which the realities of the Big Picture become more distinct and apparent, yet I am always faced with the dilemma of “How much are people REALLY prepared to KNOW?”

To share what I know about the “Big Picture” requires identifying the structure of the paradigm within which the BigPicture takes place. Understanding the true nature of the UFO experience necessitates an expansion of perspective from the usual framework of reference to which we are accustomed. The UFO experience is a phenomenon whose mechanics, dynamics, purposes and implications cannot be fully explained within the limited conceptual frameworks that are currently offered by conventional science or religion. Traditional frameworks need to be expanded into new frontiers of understanding regarding the natural law of physics, space, time and matter and the nature of perception and consciousness itself.

UFO Sightings and Contact Phenomena are in truth a natural and anticipated stepping stone in our evolution of biology and consciousness. The “Big Picture” of the UFO experience cannot be fully explained unless we evolve old definitions and paradigms. We will not understand the nature of our “visitors from the stars,” nor the reality of their existence among us, if we attempt to define them through our standard 3-dimensional conceptuality, for the visitors and the places from which they come exist within reality fields of a multi-dimensional spectrum. The first step in understanding the phenomena of UFOs is to acknowledge and investigate the framework of multi-dimensional reality.

In my speaking presentations I begin with introducing the basics of a paradigm built upon 15-dimensional structure and scalar field mechanics, and the corresponding levels of matter density and biological orientation associated with this multi-dimensional scale. It is a “paradigm of the future,” taught to me during my many years of contact experience. If we want to see the Big Picture, we need to understand the basic framework in which this picture takes place. Understanding this framework assists the mind to grasp the reality and validity of the UFO experience, making its often surrealistic qualities comprehensible within an expanded frame of logic.

The Irony of Disinformation

Nowhere within our scientific, psychological, historical or religious models have we been provided with factual information to prepare us for rational interaction with Visitors from Otherworlds. Presently, due to human “illuminati” factions working covertly within world governments , main-stream populations are intentionally kept in the dark, Visitor contactees are “debunked,” intimidated and humiliated into silence whenever possible, physical evidence of Visitor presence quickly disappears and life goes on, just like in a scene of “Leave it to Beaver.” The first irony is, “Beaver,” and the life orientation he stood for, were never really real, but rather creatively contrived illusions manufactured for our entertainment and distraction. Real-life, in the time of “Beaver Cleaver” (late 1950s), involved secret treaties with Visitor races – treaties that were active since the 1930s, progressive development of ET technologies based upon the advances of Visitor science that have been continually and covertly filtered through multi-national corporation fronts for production, and a progressively building infiltration, intimidation, disinformation and propaganda program intentionally orchestrated by the Zeta Reticuli Visitor races and their cohorts within the leagues of human illuminati faction. That is and has been the reality behind our sugar-coated illusion for the past 70 years of our history. You won’t find this information written down in the books for “Contemporary History 101.”

We observe such covert ET-conspiracy scenarios unfold in the creative epics of the “Sci-FI” channel, or on the movie screen, comforted by a belief that such things are not real. Here the second irony of the drama appears, as many of the agendas woven into our fiction stories are modeled upon the real-life dramas now taking place just beyond our mainstream view. We are being taught, covertly and intentionally, to perceive our contact reality as fiction and to view the contrived fiction of non-contact propaganda as reality. The sad part is, most of us are buying it. Why? Primarily because it is safer to believe we are walking around in “Leave it to Beaver” than to admit we are held captive in a progressively unfolding real-life “X-Files” episode. But, like gravity, the influence of Visitor contact is here and will continue to affect us, whether or not we choose to believe it is real. Many people already know the reality of contact, for they have had first-hand experience with the phenomenon. Should those of main-stream view hope to retain their freedom of thought and deed, they had better begin to pay attention. Beaver is Busted; this is not a fiction story that will disappear when we turn off the TV. We all have a simple choice: to ignore it, or to deal with it. And to deal with this reality effectively, we must rapidly expand our paradigms, our conceptual filters and our ideological frame of reference into the multi-dimensional spectrum.

The Inter-dimensional Spectrum and Reality Re-interpretation

As long as we continue to “buy into” and accept without question the traditional models and paradigms of science, religion, history, psychiatry and reality interpretation that we are being and have been fed through mainstream view, we remain dis-empowered to form rational, accurate judgments about the nature of extra-ordinary reality as it presently unfolds around us. If empowerment and effective action are what we seek, if we really desire to “see the Big Picture,” we must make a choice to allow our paradigms of interpretation to expand – and quickly. The Big Picture is not for those who feel most secure when hiding their heads in the sand. Once you KNOW what is going on, there is no turning back; the illusions of denial are forever shattered, and there is nowhere to go but forward. Moving forward begins with becoming receptive to comprehension of the existence, structure and mechanics of the inter-dimensional spectrum. For now, validation of the new science paradigms emerging through Visitor contact must be taken of faith that builds through Visitor contact itself, for there is no time left to wait for our traditional science communities to validate these highly advanced paradigms for us. The urgent socio-political implication of the contact phenomena, and the hidden agendas behind contact that are now at play, require immediate paradigm expansion and effective, decisive action. Effective action cannot be discerned through use of traditional 3-Dimensional paradigms alone.

Within the paradigm of multi-dimensional / inter-time mechanics ( a paradigm vindicated by its functional use by a multiplicity of this Visitor races), we can begin to understand the true nature of UFO phenomena, but more than this, we will also begin to further comprehend the true nature of ourselves and the mysteries of our personal and race evolution. Through expansion into the awareness of multi-dimensionality we will also begin to question our previous interpretations regarding the nature and mechanics of our biology, psychology, spirituality and consciousness. Furthermore, traditional interpretations of the historical evolution of our lineage will likewise cry out for review. In the multi-dimensional paradigm, suddenly the records of ancient civilizations, with their “mythological” dramas of gods, angels and demons, are presented with a new framework of potential evaluation. Suddenly, the dividing line between ETs and Angels, alien communication and revelations of God, messengers from Heaven and Visitors from the Stars and the polarity between scientific and religious dictum begins to blur, and our previously accepted definitions of reality begin to appear much less solid and reassuring. Through multi-dimensional reality view, we also find a place of rationale within which such oddities are the Nazca Lines, crop circles, cave drawings of space ships, Renaissance religious paintings with UFOs, Sanskrit texts describing domed craft and aerial wars, paranormal events, NDSS, OBE, ESP, channeling mediumship, ghosts, reincarnation and a plethora or other “unexplainable” isms, including UFO sightings and alien abductions, can logically come together. Quite simply, the emerging scientific framework of multi-dimensionality offers opportunity for a higher orderof logic, through which mind and matter, biology and spirit, and objective and subjective experience come together, revealing a more dynamic picture of true reality.

If we re-perceive the past in light of the advanced scientific perspective of multi-dimensional reality, we discover that records and artifacts from our ancient civilizations can be easily and rationally interpreted in terms of active Visitor contact, just as they are being presently misinterpreted in terms of the follies of the “primitive mind.” In re-perceiving what we think we know of history, we will have to face the startling realization that evidence of UFO phenomena and Visitor contact has been part of our history and heritage all along.

When we realize that Visitors emerge here through the inter-time dynamics of multi-dimensional reality mechanics, and that varying degrees of matter density, diversity of biological form, and a greater mastery over the known laws of nature and characteristic to the inter-dimensional spectrum, we begin to see the holes in the contact-negation rationale that has been promoted through our popular and carefully, covertly contrived, conventional views. The recorded historical evidence of contact from ancient times, coupled with a growing compilation of contemporary witness testimony, photographic and video records, together form a base of observable data that casts more than the possibility of “reasonable doubt” upon our previous UFO-debunking reality interpretations. If we can suspend old cultural belief programming long enough to objectively view the evidence supportive of past and contemporary Visitor contact, we will begin to observe that our previous “traditional” explanations, definitions and interpretations of reality more closely resemble the “follies of a primitive mind” than accurately depict what is, or has been, really going on with reality. If we want to begin understanding the Big Picture, we need to begin reassessing our value judgments concerning the pieces of that picture that are already evident. We might want to ask “What influenced us to adopt these short-sighted reality interpretations in the first place?”

Chaos, Confusion and the Real Issues

Once we get past the issues of truth vs. fiction regarding the existence of and contact by, Visitors from Other-worlds, and rebalance ourselves from the inevitable shock that occurs when we realize contact has been part of our history all along, we can then position ourselves to deal with the real issues presently at hand. WHO ARE THEY AND WHAT DO THEY WANT WITH US NOW? Our ability to take effective action as individuals and as a people will be determined by how accurately, precisely and swiftly we can answer these questions. And it is in the face of these questions that all chaos breaks loose, because those of us who venture to accept the reality of contact have incomplete and conflicting data as to the nature of, and agendas and true intentions behind, Visitors initiating contact. Furthermore, it is commonly assumed that only one or two races of Visitors are presently involved in our drama, when nothing could be further from the truth. Presently, there are over 400,000 different inter-stellar / inter-time / inter-dimensional races involved with our civilizations to some degree, and each has a particular interest in and agenda regarding interaction with the human race. The current Visitor agendas regarding humanity can be traced back to the long and presently hidden history of their involvement with our evolution. Without access to or understanding of this history, we will be unable to identify the Visitors’ present motives for interacting with us, Visitor interest in humans is nothing new,and the reemergence of contact in our contemporary times is motivated by their awareness that we have recently crossed a threshold in our race and planetary evolution, a threshold having more to do with the details of our biological or consciousness evolution.

The core, intrinsic motivation behind past and contemporary Visitor involvement with Earth is hidden within the Secrets of Amenti, the mechanics of the ancient Halls of Amenti Star Gates that sleep in Earth’s core, and within the inter-stellar agreements made long ago, through the ancient Covenant of Palaidor (550 million years ago) and the more recent Emerald Covenant(248 million years ago). Presently, there are 3 Primary Agendas taking place on Earth, all contemporary renditions of the primary agendas that have influenced our evolution since pre-ancient times. The 3 Primary Agendas can be categorized as follows:

1.The Black Sun Agenda ( not a racial color association ) of ancient human-illuminati races,

2.The Belil Sun Agenda of our ancient “evolutionary hi-jackers,” and

3.The Diamond Sun Agenda of those upholding the pro-human Emerald and Palaidorian Covenants. All of these agendas revolve around the Secrets of Amenti, and all have direct bearing upon the course that human genetic and consciousness evolution will take from this point forth. In this clash of the polarity agendas, which agenda becomes the dominant force within our contemporary global culture will literally determine the destiny of our race and planetary evolution for many millennia to come. These are the REAL ISSUES at the core of the Big Picture behind the contemporary UFO Movement. Ready or not…Believe it or not…it’s happening NOW, just as it has happened on numerous occasions during our long and misplaced history.

The last massive confrontation between these agendas took place over 200,000 years ago in the Cloister Race (elongated skulls…) “Temple Wars” Period, during the last opening of the Amenti Star Gates. During this time, those of Black and Belil Sun Agendas gained dominance over Earth territories and redirected the intended course of human evolution through hybridization, deception, infiltration and repression. These pre-ancient events set in motion the long and troubled “lost history” of cataclysm and war(mainly between those of Belil and Black Sun Agendas) that emerged since then as the foundations of human culture. Records of our true history were “lost,” they were intentionally hidden and later (last time around 22,000 BC) remnants were rewritten and edited, negating awareness of the Emerald Covenant and our true heritage, to serve the objectives of similar races following the Belil Sun Agenda. The culmination of this chaos can now be witnessed in our contemporary “galactic quarantine,” mass confusion, inter-racial conflict and ignorance to our true origins and purposes for being. If our cultures knew the truth of history, humanity would realize how very foolish it would be to ignore the reality and significance of our present Visitor drama.

In knowing the hidden history we can understand that during the next 12 years we have the long-awaited opportunity to set our evolution back on its intended course of inter-dimensional mastery, inter-stellar reunion and reclamation of our heritage and our planet. This will be an opportunity for us only if we can become aware of what is really going on, and to do so requires that we rapidly retrieve our sanity from over 200,000 years of inter-stellar mind control; mind control that has been subtly, intentionally and repeatedly orchestrated through cultural belief-programming. DNA mutation and covert inter-stellar manipulation. Those who are able to face these REAL ISSUES, who are willing to learn the new paradigms necessary for choosing effective action, and who can rapidly overcome the culture-shock re-orientation the realities of these issues imply, can directly make a difference in the outcome of this drama as it unfolds over the next 12 years.


Though my present work, and over 28 years of physical and communicative contact and training with Guardian Alliance members of the Emerald Covenant has many facets – (from the evolution of the scientific paradigm into the advanced inter-time, multi-dimensional spectrum, advanced planetary grid, time travel and Star Gate mechanics and transcription of the Lost History, to master’s level Merkaba, DNA and kundalini mechanics associated with the evolution of consciousness, spiritual actualization and transmutative dimensional ascension) – the aspect of the work that is of greatest priority at this time, and to which I will devote needed attention, is offering those who are ready to learn a glimpse of the Big Picture, as I have come to understand it.

Once establishing the basic 15- dimensional framework within which this picture takes place, the next most important step is creating an awareness of the 3 Primary Agendas now at plat behind the UFO / Visitor Contact Movement Awareness of these three agendas, which are now actively in motion on our planet, will allow us opportunity to cut through the denial, chaos and confusion that presently leave us vulnerable,divided and disempowered, so that we can get to the point of the matter: That is REALLY going on here? What does this imply? And What can we DO about it?” The Big Picture is much, much bigger than we presently assume, and the consequences of our choices over the next 12 years, individually and en masse, are much more far reaching than we can presently imagine. Of primary importance now is learning to identify the 3 core agendas, to differentiate between the Visitor representatives of each motivation and to learn basic methods of advanced scalar-wave and bio-field mechanics, and bio-spiritual consciousness expansion through which we can create biological and psychological immunity to inter-dimensional, EMP and scalar manipulation tactics now in use by those of Black and Belil Sun Agendas. Once we create our personal safety and reclaim our power through rapid reeducation and paradigm expansion, we can the begin to embrace the joyous opportunities for accelerated Bio-Spiritual ( genetic and consciousness) Evolution that are now available to us, due to changing environmental conditions that will occur during the 2000-2017 period. This time period represents a rare “Window of Evolutionary Opportunity” for those who can rally themselves to embrace it.

Facing the Big Picture, and embracing this opportunity of rapid evolution and awakening will allow us to become powerful, effective and loving members of the pro-human / pro-all evolutionDiamond Sun Agenda. In doing so, we can reclaim the promise of our original genetic heritage as decreed within the Emerald and Palaidorian Covenants to reassert the position of our original design as planetary Guardians of Earth.

In achieving these objectives we may then graduate from the ranks of Lower Evolution to enter the frontiers of Higher Evolution, becoming a force of healing within the inter-dimensional / inter-time / inter-galactic communities of Middle Evolution, who remain divided within the conflicts of polarity – survivalist consciousness. In sharing the information provided through my contact with the Guardian Alliance, I will begin to bring more of what I understand about the Big Picture into public focus, providing more detailed information on the 3 Primary Agendas and Visitor Race affiliations. As more information is provided, I will share more news on the Emerald Covenant and the evolving saga of our once-forbidden history. As this body of information builds, we will unravel and unveil much more data on the Secrets of the Amenti Star Gates, as they are understood within the Diamond Sun Agenda. An through this revelation, the lost, forgotten, hidden and forbidden truths of our history, our origins and the original purposes for our evolution may be progressively revealed. It is understood that very few among our contemporary earthly populations will have the courage, conceptual flexibility or expansive vision need to embrace the revelations of the Emerald Covenant and all they will imply. It is for those willing to carry this higher vision of the Diamond Sun Agenda that the Guardian Alliance of the Emerald Order will continue to provide educational programs, for within the Diamond Sun Vision lives the promise and potential of the original human heritage, the 12 strand Silicate Matrix “Diamond Sun” DNA. It is a vision worthy of keeping alive, regardless of which agenda becomes the core dominating force and influence within global culture over the months and years to come. If some of us do not rapidly awaken, the Vision of the Diamond Sun and humanity’s 12-strand DNA (Silicate Matrix) evolutionary potential that it promises, will become hidden and forbidden once again, lost beneath the influence, distortion and control mechanisms employed within the Belil and Black Sun Agendas. Our destiny is in our hands.

How much are we really prepared to KNOW? What we choose to KNOW…and REFUSE to know…over the next 12 years will literally determine the course of our race’s future evolution. No joke. It is THAT serious. As we explore the reality and staggering implications of the Big Picture, let us choose well…and choose KNOWING…so the opportunity to do so remains available for many generations to come.

~~ Rev. Anna Hayes Gruber Ekr. MC., Azurite Temple of the Melchizedek Cloister, Inc. Author of the Voyagers Series Books, Tangible Structure of the Soul- Accelerated Bio-Spiritual Evolution Program and the Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing System.