compiled by Dee Finney


5-21-96 - DREAM - I heard a low pitched phone like a message coming in. Then went into the dream.

I told Becky (my daughter-in-law) I was reading a really good book by Stephen King. (The book is titled Insomnia) I started showing her some pages and it was about real estate. I came to a page about parking space. It was underground...like an old abandoned salt mine. It was smoothly carved out with pillars left every so often to hold up the roof. Inside was a drawing of an elephant, some other large animal and a dinosaur. This was to show that it was large enough to hold 727 jets. The dream continued as a series of photographs showing these underground spaces.


10-31-97 - DREAM - I was going to clean the house and I looked over at the vacuum cleaner. It was a tank type like a fat silver bomb shape or torpedo shape. It's handle and wand and hose stood on end with the head up in the air writhing and threatening me like a snake about to strike.

I felt threatened but refused to be intimidated. I went over to it and grabbed it right behind the head and proceeded to tie the hose into several knots. Nevertheless it managed to squirm its head loose and bit me once like an electrical jolt on the back of my left hand. I shoved the head down the front end of a water pipe so that if it tried to strike again, it would electrocute itself.

I then spent some time showing a guy how well the cleaner cleaned the rug like a carpet shampooer. It was very spotty cleaned. It wasn't good enough, so I took it down to the basement garage. A black neighbor named Bud (means 'herald') (Note: In the next dream this same guy says his name is Nash - short for National and was musclebound)

I shoved the cleaner all the way across the garage floor and he took it away.

I then met another old black woman friend whose name is Marcella (means 'warring') She and I were friends - then turned enemies over a man's affections. She lived in the same building as me but way over on the other end. I decided to go see where she lived and use her bathroom. She took me into a long series of twisting hallways and past doorways that were hard to get past.

When I got inside her apartment, it was huge. The floors were dark brown wood, all the furniture was dark brown wood and antique. It seemed quite dark, but the rooms were very large and there were so many of them. I told her she had a wonderful apartment. She said, "I have the whole deck". I looked out one door and there was a huge concrete terrace with walls around it with doric-like pillars under the railing.

In another direction, the huge door went out to a huge parking structure where hundreds of cars were parked and in the westerly direction were also hundreds of cars parked.

At that point it felt like we were in the middle of a parking garage and I no longer thought it was so great and I asked where the bathroom was because where I thought the bathroom was, was another parking lot filled with cars.


10-31-97 - DREAM - In the next dream, a man was trying to sell me a new vacuum cleaner. It was silvery colored. The man pointed out that it had no dangerous head at the end of the wand, but I knew also that it was useless without it.

I went inside the building which was a school apartment. Every time a kid went through the hall, I had to pack up the streamers or decorations they dropped by hand.

Then, I saw the man I had given the old vacuum cleaner to. He was just wearing swimming trunks and was very muscular. I had been trying to think of his name for hours and couldn't come up with it. So, I went up to him and said, "I'm sorry! I'm been trying to think of your name and just can't remember it." He said, "That's all right. That happened to people all the time." I said, "I've been calling you "Muscle Man" or Muscle Bound" instead. (He was very muscular.) He was pleased and said, "My name is Nash and it stands for National" I thanked him for telling me and went on towards a classroom.

The kids were leaving after working on a Christmas project for their parents. I had to pick up all the stuff they left behind on the floor.

One little boy didn't want to go home but wanted to stay with me. I said, "I'm sorry, but you have to go home." He put his Christmas picture on the floor by my wall instead of taking it home.


2-15-98 - VISION - I saw a little garden area with a small picket fence.There were colorful balloons tied to the fence and people were bring their little children there. One man put his two year old child across the fence into the garden with the flowers. Across from me was a large expanse of lawn and the street beyond.

A very studious young priest wearing plain glasses came and stood by me and then I saw many other old priests arriving, greeting each other warmly, some were getting out of long black limousines. Over to the right was a huge building, very old, and it had steps going up the hill to the building where there were more steps leading up to a terrace or porch of the building with big concrete pillars. We were all going to go up there and into the building. That had a very somber feeling to it.


3-12-98 - DREAM - I was working on crop circle archive pages with full text. By 'right clicking' twice on the mouse, the photographs were pulled onto the page. Numbered from 1 thru 15-17 were the same.

The dream went into the real. Six men were racing across a bay in three boats. Three men were in a regular speed boat, two in a powerboat, and one on a motorized sled which originally started out on the ice, but it was so slow, he too decided to use the water.

We all went to the site where the government had built a park so visitors could see history. There was a lake at the base of the hill, then a wide sandy trial that led up toward a stand of trees with rocky cliff beyond.

In the clearing were ancient pillars and every so often one would fall over endangering the visitors. One woman said, "I keep forgetting that the pyramids are falling down."

While we were there, a small plane crashed into the lake. It was flown by crop circle investigators. The newscasters said that the Bythorn area was very treacherous because it had sheer winds on occasion.

The experts had wanted to extend the runway out into the lake but residents had been opposed to this. Finally after the plane crash, the residents gave in and extended the runway out into the lake. However, a wet blanket was thrown into the lake because of the crash and there was no happiness about it.


11-9-98 - VISIONS - I saw a circle of 18 pillars. I saw a pillar divide in half. When the right side shifted, it revealed a man's name and I saw it very clearly. Then when the right side shifted forward, the man's name disappeared and along with it, so did memory of the name.

Then I heard a female voice say: "There was a man named _______ (I saw the pillar here) He came out of the 17th pillar. The name was 'favour'(ed?)

Then I heard her say, "I weep until I see all the ancient sites in a circle."

Then I saw a list of 60 names and names started coming into my head... Parthenon, Apollo, Circe, Xerxes... and others.


11-9-98 - DREAM - I was in a room with a man who was psychic. I told him the story of the pillars. He said, "Two of the women were tennis players." Then I remembered a conversation I had earlier about two women and they had discussed playing tennis. I wanted to tell him he was right, but when I saw him again, I didn't say it.


12-10-98 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house it seemed. We were working on the house to make it look better. Some people came to the house who were interested in making some money. I thought the work on the house would go faster if we paid them to pain the walls and pillars, etc. and make it look prettier. But since my Father was the one with the money, we had to get his permission. My Father wasn't home at the time so we had to wait for him to return. I had a vision in my head of a beautiful house, bright and shiny with paint and wallpaper.

Then my Father came home and began assigning the work jobs to those willing to work. He told them to go out in the back with a shovel and wheelbarrow and dig gravel from the hill and bring it down into the yard and fill in the low spots so it would be more even.

I was so disappointed and I experienced DEJAVU to my childhood experience where I spent weekends for 10 summers doing exactly the same thing at our lake cottage. Every weekend, our chore was to get at least 5 coaster wagons full of gravel and fill in the low spots. He could easily have afforded to have a truck and have the whole yard landscaped all at once like the neighbors yards were that were now 2 feet higher than ours. But our yard was still wild with grass and natural plants and trees while theirs had rock hard dirt and weeds and no trees at all.


2-12-99 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. My daughter told me to call the fire department because the trash box was on fire. I saw the fire and promptly forgot about it. I did some other things then noticed the fire again and remembered I hadn't called the fire department yet.

The black telephone seemed to be a radio as well with channel buttons around the phone key pad. I picked up the receiver and heard a conversation so I hit another button to get a different line, but there was a conversation going on there too. I ran out of phone lines and decided I'd try to phone out on a radio channel. So, I pressed a radio channel button and dialed 911. It worked. A female operator answered. I attempted to tell her about the trash fire, meanwhile I was seeing flashing red lights in the sky and hearing beeping sounds like a big truck was backing up. Then I saw a HUGE steam shovel in the next block moving earth and swinging back and forth and figured that was making all the noise.

A male firefighter butted into my conversation with the operator. He didn't want to come to the fire because the same trash box had been on fire the week before he said. I hadn't been aware of that but figured he should fight a fire wherever and whenever there was one and they DID finally agree to come to the fire.

I was now outside and going into a different house.We were going up the front stairs. A woman opened the door. A man with me gave her my name and she looked puzzled. I said, "I was married to Edward. He's in Alaska now and I stayed here." She said, "Oh! I thought you were Barbara!"

NOTE: On 2-15, I signed up for HERBALIFE with a woman named Barbara. That was quite a coincidence since spirit told me to sign up with HERBALIFE. However, this turned out to be a mistake since Barbara did not follow thru on my order and I decided not to follow through either. It was very frustrating. I had thought since the word came from spirit it would be a good event. It turned out to be like a test instead.

I chose to ignore the woman's remark and went on into the house. From somewhere I had picked up an old fashioned toy wooden rifle. I was carrying it in my hands when I  went to the 2nd floor where the old woman's dormitory was. I opened the door and spotted an old man who didn't belong there. I pointed the wooden rifle at him and pretended to arrest him. Everyone shrieked and I laughed.Then another man showed up and I aimed the pretend rifle at him too. Again I laughed when the women shrieked. I was laughing so hard I had to lean against the door jam. Then everyone else started to laugh and we were clearly playacting.

Then the women gathered around a piano and invited me to rehearse with their little singing group. The lead woman said they were practicing singing the scales using the sounds ooo-eee-ooo-wee-ooo-eee-ooo! I guess I wasn't pronouncing it good enough so she corrected me, saying, "No! It's ooo-wee-ooo-wee-ooo! So we tried again and it seemed to be okay.

This might be a separate dream but I was helping some men hide from someone evil who was coming after us. They were hiding behind doors and pretending to be coats hanging on hangars on coat racks. I helped the men hide and then there was nowhere for me to hide. As I was waiting for the evil man to come into the room...I began to hear some strange music and saw a wall or doorway with 4 pillars. Behind the pillars, on the wall, moving behind the pillars, it said, "3 SINS."

8-16-99 - DREAM - I was working in a big office. In the file cabinets I noticed that they weren't keeping proper records and I decided to look and see what parts were due to come in yet. I pulled out the records starting from 1995. Lists of parts ordered were recorded on sheets. However, they stopped keeping records towards the end of 1999.

I went out into the hallway, some maintenance men were telling dumb jokes about the sole of a shoe. I then saw that the Pope was sitting at a desk in room 110 where we used to have choir practice in high school

The Pope was upset that we were telling jokes abut the soul. I told him we needed to lighten up.

I went out on the street. A woman stood out there carrying her little child and the attorney/lawyer (Sam Rappaport) from Lone Life to Live was standing on the sidewalk with the other guys. He was wearing a baseball mitt on his left hand. He would toss the ball in the air, but he couldn't catch it and the child went into peals of laughter. He did that 3 times.

I then went into a courtyard of some kind. The garden had all died and I saw that huge pillars were carved inside the mountain like a temple. I was looking around and saw that a certain plant (Coleus) with multicolored leaves was growing to 10 times normal size. There was even one growing inside the telephone booth as large as a man. I wondered if there was enough time left in the season to replant a garden.

As soon as I thought that, the earth itself rose up and split open like a woman giving birth caesarean section. Up from the earth came a huge rock or stone that had the face of a man and from stone came a protrusion like the gun barrell on a battle ship. It began to swivel back and forth looking for me and I ran and hid in the mountain behind the pillars.

While I was hiding, three men came who were like flight pilots for bombers, but they weren't ready to fight back because the parts hadn't come in to fight a war. They wanted to protect me, but they weren't prepared.


9-27-99 - DREAM - After I woke up, I realized that I dreamed about the same subject the night before which I didn't write down. The subject is espionage. I know absolutely nothing about it and don't really want to.

In this dream, I was in a large house somewhere in Milwaukee. It seems it was near 20th and North Ave.

I was told that Edward had gotten out of prison and was looking for me. I went to the front window and saw a blue truck. It was similar to Eds, but not exactly the same.

I had just moved to this house and now I knew I was going to have to leave it again because of him.

I was on the second floor. I was going to go down the front stairs, but a woman was bringing two men up the stairs. I knew that it be bad if she brought those men to the second floor, so I waylaid her and explained to her that these rooms were already rented by someone else One of the rooms actually didn't have walls, it was an area separated from the rest by 4 pillars.

She went back down gain with the men. I decided to leave and go back to my 16th St. house. I was told by someone that Ed had left town, but I didn't trust that information.

I went outside and was hearing waltz music. The man who gave me the information about Ed grabbed my arm, expecting me to dance with him. We had to go past a man and his wife and I knew he was the enemy.

Like the mafia does, I gave the enemy man a kiss on the cheek. I then told the man who was hanging on my arm, that I was going to have to leave, because I knew that Ed was still hanging around somewhere. So I went down the street alone.

The waltz music was still playing. I looked back and the man was joyfully waltzing with the enemy couple.

I started up 16th St. towards my house and knew I had to get off the main street before I was seen. So I made my way down a side street which had too much traffic also. I knew I was going to have to take the alley to go home.


11-30-99 - NOTE: Dreams like this make me miss my old job and being in 'authority' over everything I survey. When I woke up, it seemed like the dream had been 'so' real.

DREAM - The dream started where I was in charge of an apartment building and I took the maintenance man with me to go look at another building I was taking over which was within walking distance. Another woman went with me, but I can't say who she was.

We walked the several blocks, crossed a huge wide street that had very wide parking lanes also, and I commented to the others that my mother would have no problem crossing this street even as frail as she is, though there was a lot of traffic including busses and trucks. This street might have been called Lincoln Ave., but in any case I recall the name Abraham Lincoln being involved somehow with this street.

The building itself was a large brownstone building with several pillars in front and the door in the center. It was rather hidden off to the back and side of some businesses along the street. When we arrived, I didn't have a key to the apartment I was going to take over, nor to the office where I would be working. Three of my coats were laying on a chair right in the lobby along with three black and silver bicycles which looked brand new. I picked up each of the coats, a brown one, a red one, and a blue one... all coats I've actually owned. I went through the pockets and took out all the keys there were in them, kept the keys and asked the maintenance man if he would mind carrying the coats as I had a black and silver box in my hands full of photographs of the past. The other woman asked why I wasn't carrying my own coats until she saw the box of photographs.

A scene remains in my mind of riding up an elevator with the maintenance man and in the elevator was a huge Master sized bed which the maintenance man laid on while we were going up. The elevator door opened at the floor where we had gone to and a priest was standing outside the door waiting to get on the elevator. . . and saw the maintenance man laying on the bed because he hadn't stood up yet, and I was standing there by the door. In my mind I wondered what the priest thought of what he saw, yet it didn't matter because I knew the situation was innocent. (I don't know where this scene fits in the dream probably before we went to the other building) We were on the way to the apartment 212 with the red and black carpet from a previous dream. (I was thinking later also about who this maintenance man was....he was familiar and young but I don't have a name for him in my mind)

Anyhow, in the brown building, there were several women standing on the sidewalk in the alcove of the front door. Two tall blonde women were very angry because they were supposed to move in and their apartments were not only not ready. . .there were no apartments available. This building had been totally mismanaged and the manager had just took off, leaving everything in disarray and took all the keys with her.

A curly haired blonde woman who seemed like an attorney arrived and talked to these two women and sent them on their way, but handed the complaints and paperwork to me to deal with, plus gave me a pink paper which was a court summons for a black woman who lived in the building who was being evicted for non-payment of rent and she hadn't moved out yet. She told me to handle it. We were yet out in the lobby where there was a phone, so I called the black woman and she told me that her 2 p.m. appointment had been postponed to tomorrow, so I made note of that and hung up. I carried the paperwork of the other two women in my hands.

The attorney-like woman then went to the office door, pulled out a key and opened the door. I was amazed...I said to her, "Oh! You have a key?" I was delighted because she had solved my problem... which was lack of keys. Though I had hundreds of keys obviously, I didn't know if I had one that opened the doors in THIS building, and I certainly didn't have one to the office.

So, she opened the door and let me in, and several other women also walked in behind us and went into a livingroom type place that was very large and had a small library in it. It was a similar situation to where I managed before where we made available a room like this where the tenants could come and feel at home . . . yet outside their apartments and not feel cooped up and alone.

The attorney-like woman showed me where the spare key boxes were, in two cabinets in a galley-like kitchen. . .up high. . .even higher than she could reach, but being tall, I was able to get down the boxes they were in. She also showed me where the bank account paperwork was and the checks, however, the two accounts the previous manager had been in charge of had been canceled,... and the check boxes had the words canceled on the ends.

The attorney-like woman was walking around the office area, and the managers desk was in the center somewhat like a captain's deck. There was a light over the desk and I turned it on. I could see how much work there was to be done and the previous manager had not completed it. Her sweater . . . black. . .was hanging on the back of the captain's chair at the desk.

I was reluctant to sit down at the desk, and preferred to do what I had to do standing up...at least while the attorney-like woman was there. My first priority was to call the locksmith. .. Tom. . ., have all the locks changed on the managers office, the maintenance office and to my apartment. . . 212. (This would be standard procedure in any takeover situation like this and I've done it several times in the past when I moved to a new building)

So, the attorney-like woman, seeing I was ready to take over, made her adieus, and I prepared to call the locksmith. The woman said, "I will see you again on Friday. . . 'Wisdom'. . ." and left. I knew that when she returned that even she would not be able to get into the office. . . because I would have the only Master key once I took charge and called the locksmith.


I woke up knowing that I missed having this kind of authority. . . of being totally in charge of all I surveyed.


4-1-00 - DREAM - APRIL FOOLS - This dream started out at work where I met a man I liked. I decided to take him home with me and have a relationship. When we got there, we went up to my apartment and went in and I discovered that each bedroom had another man in there I had done the same thing with. None had any idea of the others because they were asleep. The one I had just brought home went into a bedroom I took him to and because I didn't want to be discovered, I left him there and went back to work. I figured this one would fall asleep just like the others. There was a total of three bedrooms and three men.

On the way back to the office, I met a man who told me and some other women a horrible tale about his daughter's bad luck. The woman had 8 children, including two sets of girl triplets, and she had just lost her life in a car accident. This left the man to care for all these children himself and he just couldn't do it. He was trying to figure out what to do with the 3 youngest babies, the second set of triplets who were all girls. He knew he was going to have to find a home for them.

I got the brilliant idea that I could adopt them and the idea sounded so great, I got all excited and decided to go back to my apartment and tell each of the men that I wanted to adopt these triplet babies and which ever guy liked the idea would stay and the others would have to go. I would use this as a test to see which guy was worthy of my time and efforts.

I also met the grandmother of these children and she was from Illinois, somewhere in the middle of the state. The town started with a "W". I had never heard of the town but told the woman that I went to Illinois every week for a meeting and I'd be able to bring the children so she could see them. She was too old to care for the babies herself. I didn't tell the woman my idea about adopting the babies, but she liked the idea that I would visit her.

So, I headed back to my apartment, skirting the outside entrance of the building where there was a fountain without getting too wet. Others got wet because the water changed directions like a swirling water sprinkler. I managed to run and stay at the appropriate moments so I didn't get wet.

When I got back to the apartment, I discovered that I didn't have my key to the building or my purse. There was a young woman ahead of me and I managed to get into the outer locked door of the building when she went inside and let the door slowly swing closed behind her. However, I didn't move fast enough to get through the inner glass door behind her and the door shut in my face.

However, there was a man standing inside, like the maintenance man so I knocked on the glass, hoping he would let me in. That is a big 'no no' in apartment buildings. One never lets another person in whom they don't know... it's not safe, but I was hoping he would disobey the rule.

When I knocked, he opened the door and let me in, calling me by name like he knew me. He looked rather familiar like a young Roy Rogers and his voice sounded like Roy Rogers. He let me in and we started to talk small-talk and another man butted in and started to make a fuss about our conversation. The other man was taller, dressed all in black. The Roy Rogers character rebuffed the other guy to save me from the embarrassment of having to deal with him. I don't know if he was drunk or just a bad/evil man, but he continued to have grievance against our original conversation and that we were friends.

While the Roy Rogers guy continued to stay between me and the other guy who was making trouble, I slowly walked away and climbed the stairs to get away from him. The Roy Rogers guy finally broke away from the other man though he continued to follow making the same arguments why the Roy Rogers guy and I shouldn't have been discussing what we were discussing which I couldn't even remember by then.

By now I couldn't remember how to get to my apartment because I had only been there a couple times since I moved in. It was on an upper floor, but I didn't even remember the number of the apartment. I was really upset. I knew I'd know it when I saw it, but first I had to get there.

The Roy Rogers guy told me to run ahead of him while he waylaid the other guy so I did. I ran up the stairs and discovered they branched off in several other directions to various wings of the building. I chose the wrong one and it turned out to be the kind of stairway that only went to every other floor and it went to the wrong floor from where I belonged.

The Roy Rogers guy caught up to me and I desperately asked how to get to the other floor. He showed me a door that went to another stairway that went both up and down which should have gotten me to the right floor. He told me to go down one half flight and I'd be on the floor below mine and I could next door to the stairway that would take me up one whole flight to the right floor.

However, I knew that was wrong and if I went down, I'd run into the other guy, so I chose to go up one half flight.

When I got up to the top of the stairway, it came out on a deck-like area which overlooked a courtyard several floors below and there were penthouse apartments on the other end of the deck. This seemed rather familiar because one could see the entire building from here.

The only problem was that on the opposite end of the deck where I was, there was a huge lion-like creature standing ... guarding the deck and the portal behind him. He was standing in a dark alcove behind two pillars. At first I didn't see any other people up here but then another man showed up and the guard animal fixed his eyes on that guy so I scooted over towards the right and walked along in the sight of a pillar which hid me from the direct sight of the lion-like creature. As I walked slowly along, I saw more and more people and began to relax about being up here. When I rounded the corner of the deck towards the right, I discovered that there were many people up here, ... I couldn't say sunning themselves because there was no sunlight, but perhaps airing themselves or something. I actually had to squeeze between people it got so crowded as I walked along.

I finally made it to the other end of the deck and went into the building where the penthouse apartments were. None of these apartments looked like mine, but I thought I was on the right end of the building at least and started to go down a stairway hoping that it was the right one to my apartment.

I went down one floor and came out into a lobby-like area where a man was, standing there in a costume. All around the walls of this area, were shelves with hats of every imaginable kind and if one put on a hat, you could play the part of the person the hat represented. Other people were doing this and it looked like fun. One could be anyone one wanted just by putting on a hat. One of the hats was tall, red and white - like the Fool of the Tarot cards.

I started thinking about putting on the hat of a dancer, one with feathers on top like a crown and I looked for the feathered hat so I could be a dancer ... and as I was waking up I was rather singing, "I want to be a dancer, I want to be a dancer."


NOTE: Roy Rogers name means 'the tall straight King'

The tall man dressed in black is probably the opponent force of mankind. In other words - Satan!

NOTE: http://www.argonet.co.uk/education/harts/egypt/8a_gods.htm

The lion is a portal guardian from the palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud, Assyria, 833-859 BC. The lion is also prominent in the tales of the Bible.

NOTE: FOOL (Aleph) The Heart of the Knight-King. The all-pervasive, free-ranging Spirit. It unifies every atom of consciousness/life into One Gestalt Consciousness/Life. The underlying spiritual connection that exists between all things. The magnetic field of Love that permeates and coheres the Creation. POWER: Spontaneous right action (Tao), Oneness, Love, Fearlessness.


Jachin and Boaz

Referring to Hiram of Tyre:

(from: http://home.fireplug.net/~rshand/streams/scripts/pillars.html)

"He cast two bronze pillars, each eighteen cubits high and twelve cubits around [that is, about 27 feet (about 8.1 meters) high and 18 feet (about 5.4 meters) around] by line]. He also made two capitals of cast bronze to set on the tops of the pillars; each capital was five cubits [that is, about 7 1/2 feet (about 2.3 meters)] high. A network of interwoven chains festooned the capitals on top of the pillars, seven for each capital. He made pomegranates in two rows encircling each network to decorate the capitals on top of the pillars. He did the same for each capital. The capitals on top of the pillars in the portico were in the shape of lilies, four cubits [that is, about 6 feet (about 1.8 meters)] high. On the capitals of both pillars, above the bowl-shaped part next to the network, were the two hundred pomegranates in rows all around. He erected the pillars at the portico of the temple. The pillar to the south he named Jakin [which means 'he establishes'] and the one to the north Boaz [which means 'in him is strength']. The capitals on top were in the shape of lilies. And so the work on the pillars was completed."

- I Kings 7:15-22

"It was a common practice in antiquity to erect two independent pillars flanking the entrance to a temple. The pillars for Solomon's temple are huge in size, each nearly six feet thick and about twenty-seven feet high. Each has an elaborately decorated capital of almost eight feet made of bronze three inches thick. The two pillars have names, Jachin (meaning 'he set up') and Boaz (meaning ('with strength').

 - John Wiliam Wevers, "The First Book of Kings" in Old Testament History

"In I Kings 7:15,16 we are told that the two pillars (Jachin and Boaz) measured 18 cubits plus 5 cubits for the capitals, a total height of 23 cubits for each pillar; and Jeremiah 52:21,22 gives exactly the same measurements. II Kings 25:17,though, says the pillars were 18 + 3 cubits, but this is not a problem since the writer is very likely excluding a decoration such as a cluster of bronze leaves around each capital. It was, and still is, customary to put leaf decorations around capitals, and particularly these because each one represented a lily flower.

"The real problem is II Chronicles 3:15 which says the pillars were 35 cubits + 5 for the capitals, a total of 40 cubits. Some have tried to say that perhaps this verse is totaling the height of both pillars, 18 + 18 = 36, but others say the particular Hebrew wording excludes such an interpretation. II Chronicles also says that the Porch of the Temple was 120 cubits when I Kings says it was only 30. The figure of 120 is symbolic (basically it stands for Israel's 12 tribes multiplied, 10 x 12= 120). Symbolism is also the purpose of the pillars' 35+5 cubit measurements and are the proportions of a man.

"In ancient architecture, the capitals of a column represented a man's head, and a man was (and is) 7-8 heads tall. This is the formula that was used by the ancient Greeks, Romans and others to build columns for the temples of their gods and the practice is referred to rather matter-of-factly in books about ancient architecture. Solomon even gave his two pillars personal names, Jachin and Boaz, and obviously they depict the proportions of a man, which one may figure as 35 divided by 5 = 7 heads, or 40 divided 5= 8 heads. Either computation is no problem."

- Tony Badillo (private communication)

Visit Temple Secrets of Solomon


In the lore of Freemasonry, Boaz was the great-grandfather of King David - representing "strength, or it is in strength". Jachin was the high priest who assisted the dedication of Solomon's Temple - representing " to establish" and united "stability".

Boaz, the left-hand pillar, stood to the south representing the land of Judah and signifying 'strength'; Jachin stood in the north representing the land of Israel signifying 'establishment' and when united by the lintel of Yahweh the two provided 'stability'. As in ancient Egypt, so long as the two lands were conjoined by the appropriate pillars political stability would endure."

- Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, The Hiram Key: Pharaohs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

Knight and Lomas write that Boaz stood to the south whereas I Kings clearly states that it stood to the north. According to Knight and Lomas, two pillars - one located in Upper Egypt and the other in Lower Egypt - symbolically united the ancient kingdom.

"Jachin and Boaz represent two giant plants or tree whose top is a lotus flower and stem or trunk are that of a palm tree. Solomon created a hybrid plant, essentially. These plants, like other things in the Temple are multi-symbolic, representing more than one thing at the same time.

"In case of the plants or trees, they depict Israel being 'planted' in the new land of Canaan. These two trees, in turn, depict the two kings mostly responsible building the temple, David and Solomon. David is Boaz, Solomon Jachin. This explains the dynastic oracle well known to temple students but not fully understood, 'By his strength he (or the king) will be established.' The word 'strength' can also be translated 'striker.' However it is rendered, it refers to a man of war, David. Jachin refers to making something firm, establishing it; this is Solomon. David is told that the kingdom would be 'established' by his son at a time of 'peace' (a reference to Solomon whose name means peace or pacific).

"The lotus flower was recognized as a love flower anciently and here it signifies God's love for Israel by 'establishing' it in the new land. 'Establishing' applies to the stem of the tree. The name David means 'beloved.' As for Solomon, he had a second name, Jedidiah, which also means beloved. Since the two kings are given credit for founding and establishing Israel as a 'kingdom' they form the legs of the Temple Man. 'Establishing' something is to cause it to stand or stand up (as if one were planting post on the ground) and, hence, the legs. Therefore, Temple Man must be seen as standing.

"However, since the establishing (enlarging and becoming known) would take place only during a time of peace -- Solomon's time -- it must also be seen as a man lying down, which depicts being at 'peace,' i.e., 'resting' is portrayed by a man lying down asleep (Jacob). Rest and peace are used somewhat as synonyms. Jacob and Solomon are both men of peace or rest.

"From this we can see how Boaz and Jacob also represent two concepts, War and Peace. But further, these two relate to the Sacrificial Altar (war) and the Sea of Bronze (peace). The purpose of this is to portray the ultimate purpose of the whole Temple, redemption. The Sacrificial Altar depicting the feet of Temple Man depicts God at war with world and conquering it. The sacrifice representing surrender to God, and as a result, one is put at peace with him by being given his spirit (the water in the Sea of Bronze), which portrays conception or fusion (the spirit of God and man uniting, devekut). Actual birth is portrayed by the ulam or porch which depicts the reproductive organs in the pelvic area or 'loins.' In this way one is 'born' into the Temple and enters it as a new priest. The Temple is a miniature, idealistic reproduction of the kingdom, or at least stands for it, since it was recognized as God's 'palace.' These new priests must be seen, therefore, as a 'kingdom' of priests."

- Tony Badillo, discussing his upcoming book, King Solomon's Astonishing Temple Secrets

"According the 'old ritual' [of Freemasonry] these two great pillars had been hollow. Inside them had been stored the 'ancient records' and the 'valuable writings' pertaining to the past of the Jewish people. And amongst these records, the Freemasons claimed, had been 'the secret of the magical Shamir and the history of its properties'."

- Graham Hancock, The Sign and the Seal


Scholar Sameal Aun Weor states "The two columns that exist at the door (portico) of all sidereal time;  one white and one black.  The column on the right is called "JACHIN".  The column on the left is called "BOAZ"

There is a guardian at each column.  The guardian at the right column holds the staff of justice in his hands, and the guardian at the left column holds a book in his hands.

Jachin and Boaz are the two passwords that will allow you to enter into the 'heart' temple of each star to manipulate rays and provoke events in the physical world.

You must speak these passwords "Jachin" and "Boaz" within meditation and prayer to do the spiritual work you wish to do. Full instructions are on the following page.

From: http://www.gnosiscentral.com/englishbooks/Zodiacal_Course.pdf


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