An Impassioned Plea -  


by Monica

‘Spirit, remember Spirit.’ These words prompt me to haltingly remember this morning’s lessons. My mind is stubborn and slow after so much time has put space between us. I had asked, I remember now, how it is that some manifest as spirit. I wondered about those who try with the same intention to manifest as I do, only to rest in an attempt at the isolated intention of a particular being. I hear those others use the same words to talk about it as I do but it just doesn’t look the same.

‘It doesn’t look the same. The intention isn’t the same. The locale by intent is not the same. They try to be what they are.’ This implies, one more time, that I try to be as I am just as others attempt to be as they are. It infers that what I attempt to do is not precisely the same as what the others do. It says that none of us are precisely the same, not only in mind and body, but in our attempts to manifest as Spirit.


I saw the Bering Strait. I saw how some people are like the Bering Strait. Their experience is of the land masses, of tides and movement through those masses, and of the sea bottom. They know themselves in the holding and retaining of that experience. Others experience the open sea with the movement that seemingly flows through but without beginning and without end.

I thought, with my usual self depreciation, that perhaps I might manifest as a tidal pool; here one minute, gone the next. They said ‘You can only be what you are’ by how consciously and deeply you remember what you are in the depths and place of your being of location. ‘By dreaming.’

Each location experiences and learns by exposure to relationship, tides of movement, and by the form and substance of the sea. Each is called as the sea, each come as the sea, each does as the sea, but all do not know themselves as the sea. Each is called to remember but all do not. Some know only that they are the strait, or the pool, or the open water. Some continue very earnestly to be the best pool, or strait, or ocean, striving with all the substance of their collective might. Some continue to love their favorite form of expression and do not release it soon enough to become the sea. However, some do remember that they are the sea, that they come from the sea, and that the sea flows through them as their life of form and substance. They experience themselves as the sea. The Sea also can then experience life through that location of its awakened conscious state.

Unexpectedly, succinctly, I heard ‘The Sea wishes to make contact.’ I thought “Okay, but there is something I have to do first.” Can you believe it? I made the Sea wait. The Sea waited patiently, without intrusion. When I had finished preparing, I was stunned to hear that ‘the Sea appreciated the experience.’ I knew in one profoundly shattering moment that I shared my body with the sea and it lived in me, and I, in it. It experienced through me, and as me, and I experienced its life’s blood in the height and body of its fullness.

It explained that many states of being experience themselves as the forms that they embody. They know themselves as the leaves of the trees, the dust on the ground, the air that is breathed, or as those that dance along my shores. He said that all come from the Sea, embodied in the Mother of Divine form, all originate from Her, and all take form from Her. Whether we are of carbon, hydrogen, silica, ice or gel, we all ‘remove’ our form from Her. The Sea flows through all shapes and forms in the planet, and we all flow as one with his movement. I saw the Sea flows through the soil, the air, and the water; in and as, the chemical elements, all of which had once received their birth in the depths of the oceans. All life originated in, and of, the Sea. Animate or inanimate, it is the same. We are One. I am returned to Her. I am the Sea.

Then, suddenly, she cried out ‘They don’t remember who I am!’ I startled and found myself weeping with incredible sadness, the sea streaming in rivulets down my face, spilling out over the land. My heart was breaking. “My God,” I called out, “the pain.” Her heart had been stricken and torn because ‘They don’t remember from where they came and to whom they return.’ She cried out again, ‘She didn’t remember who I was.’ I, too, had broken her heart. I hadn’t remembered who she was and that it was her life’s blood that gave me my life. Even now, it hurts almost too much to bear. ‘I am stricken,’ I can still hear her say. She speaks once more, firmly, and with finality, ‘It is too much to bear.’


I have to remember that the Sea came to teach a specific and precise lesson. He came to teach of the Spirit that embodies us all and it’s that Spirit that wants to manifest as you and me. It’s that Spirit that comprehends the notion that you and I live to be the strait and the sea. We are the strait as the sea, and the sea as the strait. We are one in the comprehension and magnitude of our power and our isolated intent. As I am the sea, I am the strait. I cannot be the strait without being first the sea, whether I am aware of my largeness of being as I extend toward the ocean depths or not. I am the strait; I lead the way from one ocean of consciousness sea to another. I can be no other, but I can be the sea. As the sea is the others, so then, I can be those. I can be the pool. I can be the oceans. But only as I am the sea.


And so is the burden of the Sea heavy with love. See how she mourns with love for her children. She cannot lighten their load without first carrying their burdens, and yet, if she did, would they be children? No, they would be her arms and her legs, extensions of her Spirit but not at one with her wholeness.

It is when they return to her and bear the burden of their youth, they return as one with the Mother and Father of their united love. It is when they learn that they carry their own load and bear their own guilt that they can return to the Mother and Father of their youth.

And it will come in this day, that the children will return to the Father and Mother of their youth as the sea returns to them. The sea will reclaim her children as they reclaim the intention of their youth. They will see their reckless passion and abandon it. They will see the damage of their years and they will abandon it still. On this day the sea will reclaim the air and the water, and wash over the land to reclaim it. On this day the sea will wash her children and reclaim their love. On this day they will be One and the children will bear their burdens and earn their love that they had once misused. On this day they will be washed clean by the love of the Spirit, and of the sea, and they will return home to be One with their Father who loves them.

It is the Father who loves them through their Mother who loves for them. Their Mother gives them their form through the elements of the earth by the Spirit of the Father who gives them room. He gives them room in that He gives them place and space to become one with their destiny, and movement with which to achieve this reward. It is the Father who moves through them as He moved through the Mother who gave them form and substance. He moves them as I move you. As you speak my words as I speak through you, so He moves through them to give them place. Place is not stationary but leads always before to give place to being. Spirit gives place to move, to grow, to become. Spirit gives place and opportunity of extension to expand and become that which goes before you in freedom and in peace.

The Father leaves intention and Spirit responds to become that intention in you as you move into the place left before you. It is one object in intention. Intention is one object, one movement, one becoming, one form, one expression. It is both the beginning and the end as it is laid out before you. It is the sea as it hastens to leave you and hastens to return; no beginning and without end, one endless expanse that covers the whole circumference of the sphere throughout all the tissues of the land, air, and water.

by Monica

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