by Dee Finney


My sister and her husband Ralph and I and their doctor were out in a hangar-like area . My brother-in-law Ralph had to fly to Florida on a Texas-Southwest Airline plane and he had overheard the pilot and a mechanic or someone who would know said that some repair hadn't been done and were leery to fly that flight to Florida. It was the 1st flight of the morning on a Friday.

I told him I wouldn't take that plane then and he should postpone his flight to the next day if he could. He didn't have to be there until Monday.

I told him my infamous true Boeing story from 1985 when I lived in Washington State. A tenant of mine worked for Boeing in their repair department.She said that she wouldn't fly in Boeing planes herself because Boeing postponed way too many repairs on their planes that were requested from the field.

I refused to fly on any Boeing planes myself after that.

Anyway, the doctor gave some pills to Ralph, and Ralph disappeared from view while he was talking to me. My sister and the doctor did not know the pills had that kind of effect. While I was standing there, passengers were getting off a plane asking me where they could find certain people by name. I can't remember any of the names. I just gave them the hitchhiker thumb and pointed to the left around the corner.