by Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent

Amsterdam - Sat. May 17 - 2008 - According to a small item today on page 120 of The Netherlands state Text-TV, the pro-US management Dutch prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende, and the likewise compliant and collaborating 'minister of foreign affairs' Maxime Verhagen, will visit US' president George Bush in Washington next June 5th, and thereafter attend the annual Bilderberg conference.

In the Dutch Text-TV story, under the headline 'Interior short news' (Kort nieuws binnenland) it's confirmed that both will visit president Bush and: "They will in the White House among others discuss Afghanistan and the trade relation."

"Thereafter," according to Dutch NOS Text-TV, "Balkenende will take part in the Bilderberg conference in the United States." Some further research shows that it's highly probable that Holland¹s PM Balkenende and 'minister' Verhagen will attend this annual Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, VA, close to Dulles International Airport. It was held there six years ago as well, from 30 May to June 2nd, in the conference center of the Westfields Marriott Hotel.


In the beginning of this week a Greek newspaper reported that Bilderberg people - like the globally despised war criminal and NWO 'consigliere' Kissinger being among them - had been gathering in Greece last weekend, but that report apparently was wrong.

Interesting in the whole 'Bilderberg scene' and the global misery called 'New World Order', is an insider book called Superclass, by David Rothkopf, a scholar at Rockefeller's 'Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Rothkopf argues that these elites - like the 'Bilderbergers' - constitute nothing less than a new global "superclass". They have all the clubby characteristics of the old national ruling classes, but with the vital difference that they operate on the global stage, far from mere national electorates."

In a review - published last April 24th by The Economist and concerning 'The global ruling class' and 'Billion-dollar babies' - the question is asked again: ''Who rules the world?" And in book as well as review given the usual bunch of flowery lies as an answer.

'The Economist' - which is one of the Bilderberg's and global multinationals most important propaganda papers 'selling' the predators tactics and outright lies - phrases it like this: "The most familiar answers to this question are so poisoned by paranoia that it is tempting to dismiss the question itself. If the Jews are so powerful, then why have they had such a dreadful time of things? If the men and women of Davos are so mighty, then why do they keep messing everything up?"


The Economist defends the inhuman activities of the predators of 'The City' - the old 'State within a State' in London, where no global law is valid. It's one of the most evil empires one can revisit. Millions of human beings die for the profit of those multinationals, the Bilderbergers and assorted other criminals: the prices of fuel and food (transport) are for instance decided here too. This is the Evil Empire where many of the Bilderberger's multinationals make their billions upon billons, at the expenses of millions upon millions of dead people. Since 'they' own most of the international major propaganda media, people hardly ever hear about it. They are sold bread and circusses. - Url.:

As The Economist wrote: "The rise of nation states produced national ruling classes. It would be odd if the current integration of the world economy did not produce new global elites - business people and financiers who run global companies and global politicians who steer supra-national organisations such as the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund." The IMF, which is a totally criminal organisation too, is in many other countries referred to as the 'International Murderers Fund' ... Because globally they've been killing people and countries for profit for a long time now.

They attend the same universities (Mr Rothkopf calculates that Harvard, Stanford and the University of Chicago are now the world's top three superclass producers). They are groomed in a handful of world-spanning institutions such as Goldman Sachs. They belong to the same clubs - the Council on Foreign Relations in New York is a particular favourite - and sit on each other's boards of directors.

Many of them shuttle between the public and private sectors. They meet at global events such as the World Economic Forum at Davos and the Trilateral Commission or - for the crème de la crème - the Bilderberg meetings or the Bohemian Grove seminars that take place every July in California. Mr Rothkopf makes a fascinating tour of the world of the superclass and also offers a tour of the weird proceedings of the Bohemian Grove meetings, which Richard Nixon described as "the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine."

When Dutch collaborators Balkenende and Verhagen in the first week of June visit the globally infamous and criminal representative of their managers, Mr. George Bush in the White 'Haus' they might as well ask him: he's a member too... It's a pity those Dutch slaves dare not ask the naked emperor if millions upon millions of dead human beings isn't enough by now for him and his managers? Because they - as all other supporters and enthousiastic collaborators - are guilty of war crimes as well.

Concerning the trillions of profits made and supported by the Bilderbergers too: where does much of the loot of the criminal financiers go, many people are wondering? Well, for instance via the privately owned Bank of England, and all other so called 'central banks' of this financial cartel, it is 'recycled' through the rather secret 'head office' of this London group in Basle, Switzerland. The likewise privately owned 'Bank of International Settlements', the BIS, which is functioning as one of the main 'central banks' to central banks.


And it is difficult to believe, but 'Bilderbergers' like Bernanke, Kissinger, Wolfowitz and the financial cartel's 'BIS bank' think and behave as if they have greater immunity than a sovereign nation, are accountable to no one, run global monetary affairs and also this bank is privately owned by the financiers. - BIS - Url.:

And - to give just one example - the BIS bandits and their collaborating ilk don't care that every time somebody fills up a SUV car with the by them recommended biofuel, the amount of calories is equal to what one human being needs in a year. Every time time the SUV tank is filled...

Quote of the day: "240: kilos of maize needed to fill one tank of a US Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with biofuel - enough to feed a person for a year." - Url.:

And - talking about murderous machinations - to make 1 liter of 'biofuel' - thus using food as fuel - takes around four thousand liters of water. Water which is scarce, and which 'they' more and more try to get in their paws too. The multinational managers who have stolen the food and water from the people - via financial machinations in The City and illegal invasions too - can't have a conscience nor any decency. They don't deserve to be treated like human beings...

According to the law, all people involved in the wars and those attending the Bilderberg conferences mostly assist to make those profitable wars, and it's logical that all those are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. It's known where they are: the problem now is how to get them in court. Like Rumsfeld who - as Kissinger earlier - was nearly arrested for torture in France.

For the war criminals the world is getting smaller, that's why the Bilderberg conference in the US?

Anyhow: the question is always the same for those 'secret' Bilderberg gatherings: if there's nothing to hide, why than the secrecy?

Thieves in the night shun the light. So do the 'Bilderbergers'.


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* THE USE OF THE PHRASE 'ANTI SEMITISM' IS PURE NONSENSE - Many only claim to be 'Jewish' so they can hide behind the false phrase when their global criminal and inhuman activities rightfully are attacked. - Url.:

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Editor: Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende visits Washington DC

May 16, 2008

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende together with Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen will visit Washington, D.C. Thursday, June 5 to Sunday, June 8. On Thursday, June 5, they will be received by President Bush at the White House. Topics to be discussed include the international political situation including developments in Afghanistan and the economic cooperation between the United States and the Netherlands. Subsequently, the Prime Minister will participate in the annual Bilderberg conference, which this year will be held in Chantilly, VA.

Communication editors:

Further details on the visit of Prime Minister Balkenende and Minister Verhagen will be announced soon.

My early May appearance on the Alex Jones show

Eearly May appearance on the Alex Jones show where I believed, wrongly as it turned out, that we had misssed the meeting and that it was in Greece.

12May 08 - Bilderberg 2008 met. Vouliagmeni, Greece, 8-11 May 2008?

Marek Tysis did tell me that he thought it might be this weekend and the weekend before but I didn't circulate the information as there was no hard evidence - other than the hotel being booked for both weekends (1-4 May too).

This 2008 Bilderberg conference, the first we have ever missed since 1990's, is now being discussed here.

Bilderberg 2008 met. Vouliagmeni, Greece, 8-11 May 2008
Bilderberg have met this past weekend!
A rough translation of this Greek page follows

Bilderberg Conference, 8-11 May 2008 - Vouliagmeni, Greece.Bilderberg Club meets at the place of the powerful in Athens

In Greece (in a Vouliagmeni hotel), is currently happening, according to information, the world Congress of secret Club "Bilderberg", which is brought proapofasj'zej for the chances of world, but also this is where Prime Ministers are nominated. It should be stressed, that according to the infamy that circulates round the club Bilderberg, they play for some reason, the role of an 'informal world government'.

Some say indeed, that anything important that has happened in the planet the last 51 years, has first been discussed and organised in her meetings.

The Club, meets for four days each year in different cities, countries and 120 politicians, businessmen, journalists only from the 30 until 35 selected NATO countries participate.

Participants are prohibited to speak to the press or to anyone else and anything they learn there they are not allowed to mention where they heard it. Further, they even go as far as to deny that they were there.

It is prohibited for them to tell their home Parliaments of their countries, if they are politicians, too.

Big Greek interests are there in the list of persons that participates in the meetings of the club in question. According to information, in the meetings of club "Bilderberg" from 1988 up to 2007 have participated Kostas Karamanli's, Giorgos Alogoskoy'fis, the Nto'ra Mpakogja'nni, the Ste'fanos Ma'nos, Giorgos Papandre'oy, Theodoros Pa'gkalos and Anna Djamantopoy'loy.

The only Greek journalist that has taken part in the meetings of club, is Alexis Papahela's. In the meetings at the same time, they appear to participate the General Director of Coca - Cola, Giorgos Dayj'd and the professor of university Athens Loukas Tsoykala's and two shipowners.

Babel Fish Translation

24 Apr 08 - The Economist - The global ruling class

Billion-dollar babies

Apr 24th 2008 - From The Economist

John Paulson, power personified

WHO rules the world? The most familiar answers to this question are so poisoned by paranoia that it is tempting to dismiss the question itself. If the Jews are so powerful, then why have they had such a dreadful time of things? If the men and women of Davos are so mighty, then why do they keep messing everything up?

Yet the fact that so many people give foolish answers to a question does not discredit the question. The rise of nation states produced national ruling classes. It would be odd if the current integration of the world economy did not produce new global elites—business people and financiers who run global companies and global politicians who steer supra-national organisations such as the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund.

David Rothkopf, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, argues that these elites constitute nothing less than a new global “superclass”. They have all the clubby characteristics of the old national ruling classes, but with the vital difference that they operate on the global stage, far from mere national electorates.

They attend the same universities (Mr Rothkopf calculates that Harvard, Stanford and the University of Chicago are now the world's top three superclass producers). They are groomed in a handful of world-spanning institutions such as Goldman Sachs. They belong to the same clubs—the Council on Foreign Relations in New York is a particular favourite—and sit on each other's boards of directors. Many of them shuttle between the public and private sectors. They meet at global events such as the World Economic Forum at Davos and the Trilateral Commission or—for the crème de la crème—the Bilderberg meetings or the Bohemian Grove seminars that take place every July in California.

Mr Rothkopf makes a fascinating tour of the world of the superclass. He opens the door to the office of the head of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, on the top floor of Goldman's tower on New York's Broad Street. He visits the factory that customises Gulfstream jets (every year nearly 10% of Gulfstream's clients attend Davos). He calls on the Carlyle Group where financiers and former presidents get together to make each other richer. And he offers a tour of the weird proceedings of the Bohemian Grove meetings, which Richard Nixon described as “the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine.”

“Superclass” is such a wide-ranging book that it inevitably also raises quibbles. Mr Rothkopf never quite defines the boundaries of his subject. Is he talking about the super-rich? Or about the super-influential? Do the people he talks about really constitute a “class”? Or are they an agglomeration of competing elites with different agendas? Mr Rothkopf adds to the confusion by chasing all manner of hares, including the rise of internet-enabled jihadists.

Mr Rothkopf, whose CV includes a spell working for Kissinger Associates and a period as the deputy under-secretary of commerce for international trade, is much better informed about America than he is about the rest of the world. He is fascinating on the revolving door between the Pentagon and the arms industry, for example, but he says next to nothing about the rise of the EU, one of the great building blocks of the trans-national world. His exposition of the wonders of Davos is more breathless than illuminating.

Still, none of this should put off potential readers: “Superclass” is a pioneering study of a subject that has often been the preserve of conspiracy theorists. Mr Rothkopf is anything but a crank, and he is right when he says that, these days, the most influential people around the world are also the most global people.

He is also admirably ambivalent about his subject. He worries about surging inequality—the richest 1% of humans own 40% of the planet's wealth—and about the rumbling backlash against so much unaccountable power. But he points out that, in a world where most global institutions are lumbering and antiquated, members of the superclass have repeatedly stepped in to put the global system to rights. Let us hope that they have not lost their touch.



World Leaders Meet In Secret at Bilderberg 2008 - Plan the End of the Free World
Posted by: bruceontheloose
Bilderberg 2008 Evades All Scrutiny in Vouliagmeni, Greece

Tony Gosling

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well the old tricksters did it this year. They evaded all our efforts to track them down to a precise date and venue. There has been a lot of Bilderberg searching activity on the forum ( ) including examination of bilderbergers' schedules, checking of hotels but no 100% definite answer.

Whilst I had been displaying this at the top of the front page as a possible venue and date for a week or so Bilderberg researchers such as Marek Tysis, Jim Tucker and myself simply did not have enough hard facts to pin them down beforehand.

The trouble is that this year particularly all the key Bilderberg people have been keeping very quiet about their future plans. In past years they have been relatively open about where they were planning to be and it's then quite a simple matter to identify gaps in the schedules of, say the boss of the European Central Bank and the Queen of the Netherlands, that coincide.

Marek Tysis believed, rightly as it transpired, that it would be in Vouliagmeni, Greece in one of the first two weekends of May. What they were talking about we may never know. Let's hope at least SOMEBODY who realises that these people are where war and money meets and far too close to the Nazis (through Prince Bernhard and the occult connections particularly) has got some leaks.

What are they planning for us this year then? We might guess that Henry Kissinger has had problems with his War on Terror because nobody is believing it is anything other than a US, Israeli and British grab for empire. A continuation of Hitler's diseased dream of an occult empire to rival the extent of the old British Empire and Commonwealth and all the psychological pressure is now being piled on Gordon Brown who is not playing ball with the Bilderbergers' fascistic 'consensus'.

There is not a lot of doubt in my mind that the immense power that Bilderberg wields is ultimately satanic. One could pick a random homeless tramp on the streets of London to preside over such a conference you would get more common sense in his little finger than all the Bilderberg Steering committee have in their collective greedy bodies.

Maybe that is what is needed. A jubilee of renewal to remove these despots and their freemasonic underlings from the committees that select candidates for the political parties.

What seemed a real political hope in the UK, the Liberal Democrat Party has somehow got itself a City of London stooge, Nick Clegg, in charge now so has made itself unelectable just a the time when it could have swept to power because of voter hatred of both Labour and Tory parties.

Israel too is 'celebrating' 60 years of existence and as such 60 years of terrorism, horror and hatred of the arabs. The Jewish people don't want it but what can they do with a fanatical far right Zionist government there. Jews are in exactly the same bind as the rest of us. Democracy has been stealthily and deliberately undermined in Israel just as in the US and Britain and Europe by Secret Societies operating within the 'cover' of freemasonry.

The Beijing Olympics looming appears something like the Berlin Olympics of 1936. A derisory show of male and female machismo with a few who will be this year's Jesse Owens?

So Bilderberg may have been successful in stopping scrutiny of themselves this year, no participant list, nothing whatsoever has emerged. And that bodes extremely ill for the coming Summer and Autumn. Whatever bloodcurdling warstarting event, whether or not connected with the Beijing Olympics, and whether or not leading to a global crash which will make a few people very very rich, you can be sure they will be in the know. Which means that Bilderberg is culpable, there's a lot of bucks riding on this. That is why they do everything they can, with their limitless supply of money, to keep these meetings out of the public eye.

What we need of course is a united front such as that which has formed in South America, probably because they have been the subject of so much evil and illegal US interference. A united front based on a media free of racist Zionist moles and on an understanding of the true facts behind 9/11 which kicked off all this 'War on Resistance Fighters' madness. It really is as if the war is against the plucky partisans and leaders of the French Resistance to Nazi occupation.

So it doesn't take a lot of imagination, once you've joined the Nazi dots, to see where Henry Kissinger and Bilderberg are coming from. His present company, Kissinger Associates, is the biggest protection racket on the planet and the UN eats out of its hands, that means the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions have been torn to pieces by these people, paving the way for mass slaughter and maybe a little more power. Kissinger gets kudos from his impunity and Rockefeller, Rothschild and his financial backers and other underground friends are egged on to further madness by our gullibility. Then their is their love of Eugenics, what more proof do we need? How much more can we forget?

They want a more subtly spun global version of what Hitler had in the early 1940s and they are not going to get it because the human spirit will not have it. But they are so greedy and determined, indeed psychopathic in their goal, that they would rather pull our whole beautiful God-given world down around our heads than allow us to be the free people we were made to be. The real solutions to the problem of wage slavery, poverty, are so simple as to be almost obvious. Land reform and money reform, putting land back into the hands of those who need it as a ree gift to mankind. Taking the power to issue money out of private corporate hands.



Major Media Has Total Blackout Of Bilderberg Meeting
Posted by: bruceontheloose
Complete Media Lockdown On Athens Bilderberg Meeting?

Did recent exposures prompt elite confab into super secrecy?

Steve Watson

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A sole report from a small greek media outlet indicates that the annual Bilderberg meeting took place undetected over the weekend in Athens, Greece amidst a complete media lockdown.

However, veteran Bilderberg investigator Jim Tucker has suggested this report may be a ruse to deflect attention away from the group who could actually be meeting this coming weekend.

The alleged meeting could also have been a pre-conference steering session.

The article from, (rough translation here) also carried a small picture (opposite) of some members of the elite group flanked by security. One of the men appears to be former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a long time Bilderberger.

The report states:

In Greece (in a Vouliagmeni hotel), is currently happening, according to information, the world Congress of secret Club "Bilderberg", which is brought proapofasj'zej for the chances of world, but also this is where Prime Ministers are nominated. It should be stressed, that according to the infamy that circulates round the club Bilderberg, they play for some reason, the role of an 'informal world government'.

Jim Tucker has told Infowars that he has not yet received 100% confirmation from his sources regarding the situation with the 2008 Bilderberg Group meeting.

Though not unheard of, Bilderberg usually convene at the end of May into early June. The 2005 meeting in Germany was in early May but every other meeting in the last ten years has been later in the month of May or in early June.

Another Bilderberg investigator Tony Gosling of, explained how difficult it has been to pin down the elite power brokers this year:

This year was the most difficult ever to discover where and when Bilderberg is met. Intelligence gathered indicated the 2008 conference would take place in Greece on one of the first two weekends in May. We failed to positively identify the date and location before this year's 'private' meeting of the Nazi-founded (Prince Bernhard) handful of people who control most of the money in the world.

Not since the early 1990s has the group's meeting gone completely undetected in some form.

Speculation suggested that this years meeting would be held in Lisbon, Portugal to coincide with the impending ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, the new name for essentially the same EU Constitution that was previously rejected by European voters.

Others predicted that the meeting would be held somewhere within the US to coincide with a recent meeting of the Trilateral Commission, the private organization, established by David Rockefeller, of which many Bilderbergers are also members.

The alleged location of the past weekend's meeting, if it indeed did take place, in Vouliagmeni near Athens, would mean a repeat of the 1993 meeting which took place in the same area.

We are still awaiting confirmation of the actual hotel involved, however it is likely that it would have been The Nafsika Astir Palace (pictured), which was used by the group in 1993.


The Nafsika Astir Palace is hidden from view, except from the sea, being built along the pine-dotted cliffside. Thus the reception area is on ground level and the rooms, each with its own spacious and secluded veranda facing the bay, stretch down to the Olympic-size swimming pool and private beach at sea level. It has 163 rooms including the Presidential Suite, one Executive Suite and 8 Junior Suites and also houses the Business Center and the largest conference room of the resort. It is considered ideal for gala dinners and theme parties, which can be held by the pool or in one of the two restaurants.

In 2006 Alex Jones traveled to Ottawa, Canada after gaining intelligence that the Bilderberg meeting would take place there. Jones and his team were detained by Canadian immigration on orders of the Bilderberg Group for a 15 hour nightmare of interrogation, accusations and threats of arrests in anticipation of the conference.

However, Jones made it to the Brookestreet Hotel in Ottawa, met up with Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, and captured footage that would later appear in his seminal film Endgame.

It was mainly due to the efforts of the three activists combined that elements of the Canadian media produced a rash of reports about the Ottawa meeting.

Media moguls who attend Bilderberg, such as Washington Post CEO and Chairman Donald E. Graham, swear an oath of secrecy and fulfil a promise each year to omit any coverage of Bilderberg from their news outlets.

2007 saw the elite confab head to Istanbul in Turkey under an increased media lockdown.

Insiders at Istanbul revealed that the Bilderberg agenda for 2007/2008 included a hiking of oil prices towards the $200 mark, something that seemed unbelievable at the time but is now predicted to happen by analysts and corporate heads before the end of the year.

The fact that the group has managed to evade detection this year indicates they have ratcheted up the secrecy level even more in response to recent exposure they have received at the hands of Jones, Tucker and Estulin.


The Psychology of Propaganda and Elite Control
By Harry R. Davidson, Ph.D.
Updated May 13, 2008, 05:07 pm

( - The use of propaganda was historically associated with communist regimes. Today, the attack on Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Senator Obama and the Black Church demonstrates that America’s propaganda machine is working to manipulate the masses into accepting the rule of the elitists. The elites are using psychology, the media and the pseudoscientific of polling to manipulate and take advantage over an unenlightened citizenry.

Following his speech to the National Press Club, media contrived questions where fed to Rev. Wright, questions designed to create sound bites for the propagandists use to demonize Rev. Wright. White folks and Blacks who adhere to White Supremacy then saturate the public with the thoughts of the elitists. White Supremacy is employed to establish the parameters of Black freedom of religion and speech. The racist White Supremacists maintain the right to control and determine Black thought, to be the experts on the education of Black children and all things related to Black people. 

Those who seek dominance and control seek to undermine and destroy organized religion. Elitism has become the new religion. It is one in which man not only strays from God; but ultimately positions himself as God. The Church’s opposition to capitalistic colonialism, exploitation, and expansionism and stands out in history. The power brokers resented the Church’s authority and proposed the abolition of all religions. They believed that man and not God should rule man, that the end justifies the means and that the elite should take any means, moral or immoral, to achieve their goals. Religion was opposed because religion taught that only moral means might be used to achieve a moral end.

Secret societies have been formed to create an organization strong enough to destroy the Church, to free man from religion and to establish elite dominance over man. These ultimate goals have been passed down through the ages. Murder, looting, war all become acceptable behavior to the real believers of this “new religion.”

The secret societies empowered today are the continuation of the underlying “skullduggery.” The historic influence of the secret societies has been played down as a baseless conspiracy theory. The overthrows of religious, political and the orders were primary objectives. Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying: “The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy more selfish than bureaucracy. I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me, and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. Corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the prejudices of the people, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the republic is destroyed.”

Lincoln’s assassination was the result of his unwillingness to accept the establishment dictates. The conspirators use artificially created depressions, recessions, panics and even wars to seize control of the minds of the masses.

Subverting and Undermining Religion

Religion has historically been a source of organized resistance. All religions exalt obedience to a power that is higher than man. Hence, the conspirators need to undermine or subvert the major religions. In an article titled “Man’s Upward Reach,” New American, December 27, 2004, Dennis Behreandt suggests that the innate tendency for man to seek domination over other men is regulated by religion. Hence, the laws of God must supersede those of the state and the state must not violate the “God-given rights” of each individual. According to Behreandt: “Freedom itself is an extension of sound religious principles recognizing the proper relationship among God, man, and the state; and free societies…” The author concludes that there are those who see religion as the foe of progress.

The conspirators see religion as standing in the way of their progress. Religion as a form of organized resistance must be crushed so that there is no organized protest to economic expansion. It follows that, as stated by Rev. Wright, the Black Church is also currently under assault. The Black church has historically led the way in the liberation of America’s and the world’s oppressed. Hence, the Black churches’ mission is far greater than Senator Obama becoming the president of an oppressive nation. To paraphrase Rev. Wright, “if Obama becomes president he too must be scrutinized.”

The will of the American people is based on alleged opinion polls. Most pollsters have an agenda and are more interested in shaping public opinion than in reporting it; and inordinate importance is attached to polling results. Pollsters report their findings as if the views of the few individuals surveyed represent the thinking of the nation as a whole—and then the nation is supposed to adopt that thinking as “national policy.”

In truth professional pollsters contrive polls to produce the desired results. In America, the prevailing attitude is that the opinion of the majority is more important than whether are not that opinion is based on sound evidence or moral correctness. Polls are just another way of assuring that the will of the elite over all of us. The decisions affecting the important issues—the so-called “war on terrorism”—are being made by a handful of individuals who are personally economically invested and stand to reap significant profits.

The goals of the secret societies empowered today are the continuation of the underlying “skullduggery.” Having been successful in creating wealth, a select group of men who—once unhindered by religion—will be able to dominate covertly. They along with their colleagues have created conflicts—including world wars—as part of a “dialectical process of consolidating global power.”

President Bush and John Kerry have acknowledged their membership in the secret society, Skull and Bones, Hillary Clinton has been associated with the powerful group the Bilderbergers, who meet in secluded places, arrogantly plotting the subversion and silent takeover of constitutional governments everywhere. Their goal is a World Government ran exclusively by their hand-picked puppets.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

There is a reason Senator Hillary Clinton has stayed in the race. Hillary Clinton the chosen one of the elites. Don’t be surprised if Senator Hillary Clinton, their predetermined choice, is nominated as the Democratic candidate and ultimately becomes president. The elite have a strategy to demonize Rev. Wright and to use him to discredit Senator Obama.

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Bilderbergers set to meet in D.C.
Secret confab source of global plotting theories

Posted: June 04, 2008
11:47 am Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

The annual secretive gathering of representatives from West European and North American countries, known as the Bilderberg Group, is scheduled to begin tomorrow in the Washington, D.C., area.

While the specific location is still a mystery to the general public, Sweden's Dagens Nyheter reports the conference is being held at the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Va., on the outskirts of the nation's capital.

The Bilderberg Group is an elite invitation-only conference of influential members of the business, media and political communities. Past attendees have included Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The group meets at luxury hotels and resorts throughout the world. Last year's conference was held at the Ritz-Carlton in Istanbul, Turkey. Every four years the conference is held in the U.S. or Canada. The group has an office in Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands.

While the group claims its purpose is to facilitate discussion among Western powers, many see the group as a means toward globalization.

The highly secretive conference is off limits to press, but past reports from sources that have managed to penetrate the high-security venues have stated the meetings emphasize a globalist agenda and dismiss national sovereignty as regressive.

The BBC declared the Bilderberg Group to be one of the most influential organizations in the world.

"It's officially described as a private gathering," BBC reported, "but with a guest list including the heads of European and American corporations, political leaders and a few intellectuals, it's one of the most influential organizations on the planet."

Attendees of the Bilderberg conference are not allowed to speak a word of what was discussed in the meetings outside of the group. The group has no website, and no minutes are kept of the sessions to ensure secrecy.

Despite speculation the conference will be held at the Westfields Marriott, hotel employees could not confirm the location venue for WND.


Bilderberg Seeks Bank Centralization Agenda

Lee Rogers
Rogue Government
June 9, 2008

  Timothy Geithner
  New York Federal Reserve president Timothy Geithner attended Bilderberg 2008 along with Ben Bernanke the Federal Reserve Chairman, Henry Paulson the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jean-Claude Trichet the president of the European Central Bank, Robert Zoellick the president of the World Bank and other high profile bankers.

Fresh off of the 2008 Bilderberg Meeting, it looks as if New York Federal Reserve president Timothy Geithner is set to push a new agenda in the world of central banking that was likely decided upon at Bilderberg. Geithner yesterday, wrote an article in the Financial Times calling for a global regulatory banking framework. In addition, Geithner called for the Federal Reserve to have an instrumental role in this new framework. Geithner cites all of the problems that were actually created by the central bankers in the first place as the rationale for having greater centralized power. It is interesting Geithner decides to write this piece right after the Bilderberg Meeting where some of the most powerful figures in the world of central banking attended. Not only did Geithner attend, but the attendee list included Ben Bernanke the Federal Reserve Chairman, Henry Paulson the U.S. Treasury Secretary, Jean-Claude Trichet the president of the European Central Bank, Robert Zoellick the president of the World Bank and other high profile bankers. With the who’s who of central banking attending the Bilderberg Meeting, it is highly unlikely that what Geithner is proposing in his Financial Times article was not discussed at the Bilderberg Meeting. It is no secret that the true objective of the Bilderberg Meeting is to steer the world into accepting a global government. By establishing a new global regulatory banking framework, this will inch the planet ever closer to a one world currency operating in a cashless society where microchips are used to facilitate transactions. Make no mistake about it, this system will not be good, because it will be controlled by a bunch of criminal psychopaths like the one’s who attended the 2008 Bilderberg Meeting.

In his Financial Times article, Geithner wrote the following:

The institutions that play a central role in money and funding markets – including the main globally active banks and investment banks – need to operate under a unified framework that provides a stronger form of consolidated supervision, with appropriate requirements for capital and liquidity. To complement this, we need to put in place a stronger framework of oversight authority over the critical parts of the payments system – not just the established payments, clearing and settlements systems, but the infrastructure that underpins the decentralised over-the-counter markets.

Because of its primary responsibility for the stability of the overall financial system, the Federal Reserve should play a central role in such a framework, working closely with supervisors in the US and in other countries. At present the Fed has broad responsibility for financial stability not matched by direct authority and the consequences of the actions we have taken in this crisis make it more important that we close that gap.

Finally, we need a stronger capacity to respond to crises. The Fed has put in place a number of innovative new facilities that have helped ease liquidity strains. We plan to leave these in place until conditions in money and credit markets have improved substantially.

Bank run
A bank run, circa 1933.  

What Geithner is proposing is entirely insane but this is the same tactic that the financial elites used to establish the Federal Reserve back in 1913. They created a crisis and said that the crisis happened because they didn’t have enough power to prevent it. The Panic of 1907 which was used to justify the passage of the Federal Reserve Act was actually caused by JP Morgan and assorted elite financial interests. They did this so they could use the crisis as an excuse to centralize their control and power over the banking system. Through the Federal Reserve, banks were finally consolidated under its umbrella through the Great Depression which was deliberately caused by the tight monetary policies implemented the central bank. Throughout the 1920s money was made plentiful, but following the stock market crash of 1929, the Federal Reserve tightened the money supply which put hundreds of community banks out of business and allowed the central bankers to consolidate control over the nation’s banking system.

Geithner is using the excuse of the current financial crisis that was caused by the Federal Reserve and the world’s assorted central banks in order to again consolidate more power for the banking cartel. It is simply history repeating itself, only this time it is on a much larger scale.

Below is another blurb taken from Geithner’s Financial Times piece:

Since last summer, we have lived through a severe and complex financial crisis. Why was the financial system so fragile? What can be done to make the system more resilient in the future?

The world experienced a financial boom. The boom fed demand for risk. Products were created to meet that demand, including risky, complicated mortgages. Many assets were financed with significant leverage and liquidity risk and many of the world’s largest financial institutions got themselves too exposed to the risk of a global downturn. The amount of long-term illiquid assets financed with short-term liabilities made the system vulnerable to a classic type of run. As concern about risk increased, investors pulled back, triggering a self-reinforcing cycle of forced liquidation of assets, higher margin requirements, increased volatility.

What Geithner doesn’t say in his article is that the current global financial crisis was caused by the Federal Reserve and the world’s various central banks. Alan Greenspan intentionally set interest rates at incredibly low levels after the 9/11 attacks. This encouraged lenders to lend out money using all sorts of creative financing packages. It also encouraged borrowers to borrow money from the lenders because of the cheaper money. These policies lead to the continued devaluation of the U.S. Dollar and the U.S. housing crisis which have been the main drivers behind most of the economic problems we are currently seeing.

Geithner wants us to believe that giving the Federal Reserve and the rest of this private banking system more power is what’s needed to resolve all of the economic problems that were caused by the central bankers themselves. How stupid does Geithner and the rest of the global elite think we are? We have a historical track record of central bankers creating economic problems and bringing in phony solutions to expand their control. We need decentralization and free markets to resolve the economic problems that have been created by these people, not more centralized power.

If all of this wasn’t bad enough, Jim Tucker from the American Free Press speaking on the Alex Jones show today stated that one of his Bilderberg sources revealed to him that the global elite are planning to push forward their cashless society grid agenda with the use of implantable microchips. The implantable microchips would be sold as a way for people to easily move through the militarized control grid that they’ve setup via the bogus terror war. Tucker also mentioned that we would see the media hyping the phony terror war and specifically the phony “white Al-Qaeda terror threat” as a way for them to continue the justification of the enslavement grid. Assuming Tucker’s Bilderberg source is providing accurate information, this agenda that Geithner is pushing in his Financial Times article is right in line with their well documented plans to get rid of cash. The central bankers would need a global regulatory framework for the banking system so they can move closer to a global currency operating in a cashless society.

This is some incredibly scary stuff. Of course there was not one word of the 2008 Bilderberg Meeting in any major U.S. media outlets. The corporate controlled media maintained a blackout on any coverage of this incredibly important yearly meeting of the global elite. It is pathetic when citizen journalists like the ones at InfoWars, PrisonPlanet and RogueGovernment provide the best coverage of what is one of the most important geopolitical meetings of the year. Either way, the commentary from Geithner as well as the information from Tucker’s Bilderberg source seems to indicate that the global elite are getting ready to further centralize the banking system in order to establish their one world cashless society grid. These criminals must be exposed and their system of global corruption and tyranny must be defeated. Let’s tell these bastards that they can take their cashless society grid and their implantable microchips where the sun don’t shine.

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June 6, 2008

DEU "Ackermann, Josef" "Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG"

CAN "Adams, John" Associate Deputy Minister of National Defence and Chief of the Communications Security Establishment Canada

USA "Ajami, Fouad" "Director, Middle East Studies Program, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns Hopkins University"

USA "Alexander, Keith B." "Director, National Security Agency"

INT "Almunia, Joaquín " "Commissioner, European Commission"

GRC "Alogoskoufis, George" Minister of Economy and Finance

USA "Altman, Roger C." "Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc."

TUR "Babacan, Ali " Minister of Foreign Affairs

NLD "Balkenende, Jan Peter" Prime Minister

PRT "Balsemão, Francisco Pinto" "Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.;  Former Prime Minister"

FRA "Baverez, Nicolas" "Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP"

ITA "Bernabè, Franco" "CEO, Telecom Italia Spa"

USA "Bernanke, Ben S." "Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System"

SWE "Bildt, Carl" Minister of Foreign Affairs

FIN "Blåfield, Antti " "Senior Editorial Writer, Helsingin Sanomat"

DNK "Bosse, Stine" "CEO, TrygVesta"

CAN "Brodie, Ian " "Chief of Staff, Prime Minister’s Office"

AUT "Bronner, Oscar" "Publisher and Editor, Der Standard"

FRA "Castries, Henri de " "Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA"

ESP "Cebrián, Juan Luis" "CEO, PRISA"

CAN "Clark, Edmund" "President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group"

GBR "Clarke, Kenneth" Member of Parliament

NOR "Clemet, Kristin" "Managing Director, Civita"

USA "Collins, Timothy C." "Senior Managing Director and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC"

FRA "Collomb, Bertrand" "Honorary Chairman, Lafarge"

PRT "Costa, António" Mayor of Lisbon

USA "Crocker, Chester A." James R. Schlesinger Professor of Strategic Studies

USA "Daschle, Thomas A." Former US Senator and Senate Majority Leader

CAN "Desmarais, Jr., Paul " "Chairman and co-CEO, Power Corporation of Canada"

GRC "Diamantopoulou, Anna" Member of Parliament

USA "Donilon, Thomas E." "Partner, O’Melveny & Myers"

ITA "Draghi, Mario" "Governor, Banca d’Italia"

AUT "Ederer, Brigitte" "CEO, Siemens AG Österreich"

CAN "Edwards, N. Murray " "Vice Chairman, Canadian Natural Resources Limited"

DNK "Eldrup, Anders " "President, DONG A/S"

ITA "Elkann, John" "Vice Chairman, Fiat S.p.A."

USA "Farah, Martha J." "Director, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience; Walter H. Annenberg Professor in the Natural Sciences, University of Pennsylvania"

USA "Feldstein, Martin S." "President and CEO, National Bureau of Economic Research"

DEU "Fischer, Joschka" Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

USA "Ford, Jr., Harold E." "Vice Chairman, Merill Lynch & Co., Inc."

CHE "Forstmoser, Peter" "Professor for Civil, Corporation and Capital Markets Law, University of Zürich"

IRL "Gallagher, Paul " Attorney General

USA "Geithner, Timothy F. " "President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York"

USA "Gigot, Paul " "Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal"

IRL "Gleeson, Dermot " "Chairman, AIB Group"

NLD "Goddijn, Harold" "CEO, TomTom"

TUR "Gögüs, Zeynep " "Journalist; Founder,"

USA "Graham, Donald E." "Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company"

NLD "Halberstadt, Victor" "Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings"

USA "Holbrooke, Richard C. " "Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC"

FIN "Honkapohja, Seppo" "Member of the Board, Bank of Finland"

INT "Hoop Scheffer, Jaap G. De" "Secretary General, NATO"

USA "Hubbard, Allan B." "Chairman, E & A Industries, Inc."

BEL "Huyghebaert, Jan" "Chairman of the Board of Directors, KBC Group"

DEU "Ischinger, Wolfgang" Former Ambassador to the UK and US

USA "Jacobs, Kenneth" "Deputy Chairman, Head of Lazard U.S., Lazard Frères & Co. LLC"

USA "Johnson, James A." "Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC" (Obama’s man tasked with selecting his running mate)

SWE "Johnstone, Tom " "President and CEO, AB SKF"

USA "Jordan, Jr., Vernon E." "Senior Managing Director, Lazard Frères & Co. LLC"

FRA "Jouyet, Jean-Pierre " Minister of European Affairs

GBR "Kerr, John " "Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc."

USA "Kissinger, Henry A." "Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc."

DEU "Klaeden, Eckart von" "Foreign Policy Spokesman, CDU/CSU"

USA "Kleinfeld, Klaus" "President and COO, Alcoa"

TUR "Koç, Mustafa " "Chairman, Koç Holding A.S."

FRA "Kodmani, Bassma" "Director, Arab Reform Initiative"

USA "Kravis, Henry R." "Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co."

USA "Kravis, Marie-Josée" "Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc."

INT "Kroes, Neelie " "Commissioner, European Commission"

POL "Kwasniewski, Aleksander " Former President

AUT "Leitner, Wolfgang" "CEO, Andritz AG"

ESP "León Gross, Bernardino" "Secretary General, Office of the Prime Minister"

INT "Mandelson, Peter" "Commissioner, European Commission"

FRA "Margerie, Christophe de" "CEO, Total"

CAN "Martin, Roger" "Dean, Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto"

HUN "Martonyi, János" "Professor of International Trade Law; Partner, Baker & McKenzie; Former Minister of Foreign Affairs"

USA "Mathews, Jessica T. " "President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace"

INT "McCreevy, Charlie " "Commissioner, European Commission"

USA "McDonough, William J." "Vice Chairman and Special Advisor to the Chairman,  Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc."

CAN "McKenna, Frank" "Deputy Chair, TD Bank Financial Group"

GBR "McKillop, Tom " "Chairman, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group"

FRA "Montbrial, Thierry de" "President, French Institute for International Relations"

ITA "Monti, Mario" "President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi"

USA "Mundie, Craig J. " "Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation"

NOR "Myklebust, Egil" "Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA"

DEU "Nass, Matthias" "Deputy Editor, Die Zeit"

NLD "Netherlands, H.M. the Queen of the"

FRA "Ockrent, Christine" "CEO, French television and radio world service"

FIN "Ollila, Jorma" "Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc"

SWE "Olofsson, Maud " Minister of Enterprise and Energy; Deputy Prime Minister

NLD "Orange, H.R.H. the Prince of"

GBR "Osborne, George" Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

TUR "Öztrak, Faik" Member of Parliament

ITA "Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso " Former Minister of Finance; President of Notre Europe

GRC "Papahelas, Alexis" "Journalist, Kathimerini"

GRC "Papalexopoulos, Dimitris" "CEO, Titan Cement Co. S.A."

USA "Paulson, Jr., Henry M." Secretary of the Treasury

USA "Pearl, Frank H." "Chairman and CEO, Perseus, LLC"

USA "Perle, Richard N." "Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research"

FRA "Pérol, François" Deputy General Secretary in charge of Economic Affairs

DEU "Perthes, Volker" "Director, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik"

BEL "Philippe, H.R.H. Prince"

CAN "Prichard, J. Robert S." "President and CEO, Torstar Corporation"

CAN "Reisman, Heather M." "Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc."

USA "Rice, Condoleezza" Secretary of State

PRT "Rio, Rui " Mayor of Porto

USA "Rockefeller, David " "Former Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank"

ESP "Rodriguez Inciarte, Matias" "Executive Vice Chairman, Grupo Santander"

USA "Rose, Charlie" "Producer, Rose Communications"

DNK "Rose, Flemming" "Editor, Jyllands Posten"

USA "Ross, Dennis B." "Counselor and Ziegler Distinguished Fellow, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy"

USA "Rubin, Barnett R." "Director of Studies and Senior Fellow, Center for International Cooperation, New York University"

TUR "Sahenk, Ferit " "Chairman, Dogus Holding A.S."

USA "Sanford, Mark" Governor of South Carolina

USA "Schmidt, Eric" "Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO, Google"

AUT "Scholten, Rudolf " "Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG"

DNK "Schur, Fritz H. " Fritz Schur Gruppen

CZE "Schwarzenberg, Karel " Minister of Foreign Affairs

USA "Sebelius, Kathleen" Governor of Kansas

USA "Shultz, George P." "Thomas W. and Susan B. Ford Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University"

ESP "Spain, H.M. the Queen of"

CHE "Spillmann, Markus" "Editor-in-Chief and Head Managing Board, Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG"

USA "Summers, Lawrence H." "Charles W. Eliot Professor, Harvard University"

GBR "Taylor, J. Martin" "Chairman, Syngenta International AG"

USA "Thiel, Peter A." "President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC"

NLD "Timmermans, Frans " Minister of European Affairs

RUS "Trenin, Dmitri V." "Deputy Director and Senior Associate, Carnegie Moscow Center"

INT "Trichet, Jean-Claude" "President, European Central Bank"

USA "Vakil, Sanam" "Assistant Professor of Middle East Studies, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University"

FRA "Valls, Manuel " Member of Parliament

GRC "Varvitsiotis, Thomas" "Co-Founder and President, V + O Communication"

CHE "Vasella, Daniel L." "Chairman and CEO, Novartis AG"

FIN "Väyrynen, Raimo" "Director, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs"

FRA "Védrine, Hubert" Hubert Védrine Conseil

NOR "Vollebaek, Knut" "High Commissioner on National Minorities, OSCE"

SWE "Wallenberg, Jacob" "Chairman, Investor AB"

USA "Weber, J. Vin" "CEO, Clark & Weinstock"

USA "Wolfensohn, James D. " "Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC"

USA "Wolfowitz, Paul " "Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research"

INT "Zoellick, Robert B. " "President, The World Bank Group" Rapporteurs

GBR "Bredow, Vendeline von" "Business Correspondent, The Economist"

GBR "Wooldridge, Adrian D." "Foreign Correspondent, The Economist"

AUT Austria HUN Hungary

BEL Belgium INT International

CHE Switzerland IRL Ireland

CAN Canada ITA Italy

CZE Czech Republic

NOR Norway

DEU Germany NLD Netherlands

DNK Denmark

PRT Portugal

ESP Spain

POL Poland

FRA France

RUS Russia

FIN Finland

SWE Sweden

GBR Great Britain

TUR Turkey

GRC Greece

USA United States of America


Did they or didn't they?
Speculation about Obama, Clinton attending Bilderberger meeting

Posted: June 07, 2008
12:22 am Eastern

By Alyssa Farah
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, Va., site of the Bilderberg conference this weekend

WASHINGTON – Sen. Barack Obama ditched his unsuspecting press entourage yesterday to attend a secretive meeting with Sen. Hillary Clinton.

But where did that meeting take place? Was it at the secretive Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Va.? So far, neither campaign is talking.

The 56th Bilderberg meeting is still going on this weekend at the Westfields Marriott, according to various sources. But attendance is a well-guarded secret – along with the agenda, which tends toward the promotion of globalist ideas.

Obama's spokesman Robert Gibbs confirmed Clinton and Obama met but declined to inform the press of the location of the meeting. However, it was reportedly not held at Clinton's Washington home. Hillary's spokesman also declined to give the location of the rendezvous.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., told Fox News the two candidates met at her house in Washington. Feinstein said she was working upstairs while Clinton and Obama sat by her fireplace.

Asked if Obama attended more than one meeting last night, Gibbs declined to "get into all the details."

Speculation about the pair meeting yesterday began when reporters traveling with Obama arrived at Dulles International Airport, in Northern Virginia, to find Obama was not aboard the plane, as was scheduled.

"Reporters traveling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in Northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane," the Associated Press reported.

Members of the press were outraged over the way Obama's campaign organizers covered up the meeting. Reporters were led to believe they would be getting on a plane back to Obama's campaign headquarters in Chicago with the senator. But while they were in the airport, the presidential candidate remained in the area for a secret meeting.

Dulles is just three miles from the Westfields Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, where Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller, among other globalists, are gathered for the annual Bilderberg Group conference.

"Asked at the time about the Illinois senator's whereabouts, Gibbs smiled and declined to comment," the AP report continued.

Bilderberg is a highly-secretive meeting where the most influential men and women of North America and Western Europe meet ostensibly to discuss policy. But the group has spent years promoting a globalist agenda, according to reports from journalists who have penetrated the meeting.

The Bilderberg Group made a press release available explaining the agenda for the meeting.

"The conference will deal mainly with a nuclear free world, cyber terrorism, Africa, Russia, finance, protectionism, U.S.-European Union relations, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Islam and Iran. Approximately 140 participants will attend, of whom about two-thirds come from Europe and the balance from North America," the release stated. "About one-third is from government and politics, and two-thirds are from finance, industry, labor, education and communications. The meeting is private in order to encourage frank and open discussion."

Additionally, a list of the conference's attendees was released and included James A. Johnson, who was named this week to the three-person team vetting possible running mates for Obama. Rampant speculation in the blogosphere says the Obama-Clinton meeting last night was held to arrange the New York senator as Obama's vice-presidential candidate.

Attendees at the Bilderberg conference included Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle and Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the board of governors for the Federal Reserve.

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to Bilderberg. Bill Clinton attended the 1991 meeting in Germany shortly before he was elected president. According to reports, he attended again in 1999 when the meeting was held in Sintra, Portugal, and Hillary herself may have attended the 2006 meeting in Ottawa, Canada.

"Why were we not told about this meeting until we were on the plane, the doors were shut and the plane was about to taxi to take off?" one reporter asked Obama spokesman Gibbs in a heated exchange caught on camera by CNN.

"Senator Obama had a desire to do some meetings, others had a desire to meet with him tonight in a private way, and that is what we are doing." Gibbs replied.

"Is there more than one meeting, is there more than one person with whom he is meeting?" asked another reporter.

"I am not going to get into all the details of the meeting." Gibbs replied.

Obama's spokesman explained the Clinton meeting was not planned in advance, and it was a last minute decision to attend.