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9-30-03 - DREAM - I went to a place where there was a lot of people milling around. It might have been a school, but I'm not sure. I was walking through a hallway by myself and a big man grabbed me and dragged me into a side hallway, where there were no people. On the wall was a machine about head-high like a gas mask sticking out of the wall. He shoved my face into this thing that was mould-like which clamped over my nose. He told me to 'breathe deep' and though I couldn't smell anything, I felt myself passing out. 

When I awoke, I was standing in the middle of a crowded room - full of kids and adults and I looked like a life-size blue dog cartoon character and I was giving a speech to all those people. 

Behind me were two other life-size dog-like cartoon characters who were also going to speak to the people when I was finished.

I don't know what I said and I woke up at that point. I don't watch cartoons so I don't know who these cartoon characters were either.

Definition Used In
Blue Dog Democrat One of 33 conservative Democratic Members of the House of Representatives who have banded together to support a more centrist position on economic issues than that held by their party's leadership.
The Blue Dog Coalition has built a reputation as a serious player in the policy arena, promoting positions which bridge the gap between ideological extremes. Many of the group's policy proposals have been praised as fair, responsible, and positive additions to a Congressional environment too often marked as partisan and antagonistic.

The 38 conservative and moderate Democrats in the group hail from every region of the country, although the group acknowledges some southern ancestry which accounts for the group's nickname. Taken from the South's longtime description of a party loyalist as one who would vote for a yellow dog if it were on the ballot as a Democrat, the "Blue Dog" moniker was taken by members of The Coalition because their moderate-to-conservative-views had been "choked blue" by their party in the years leading up to the 1994 election.

The Coalition was formed in the 104th Congress as a policy-oriented group to give moderate and conservative Democrats in the House of Representatives a common sense, bridge-building voice within the institution. Most agree that, since then, the Blue Dogs have successfully injected a moderate viewpoint into the Democratic Caucus, where group members now find greater receptiveness to their opinions. In fact, the continuing political success of "Blue Pups" in the 1998, 2000, and 2002 elections points to the public's approval of the centrist, fiscally responsible message represented by The Coalition.

The Coalition has been particularly active on fiscal issues, relentlessly pursuing a balanced budget and then protecting that achievement from politically popular "raids" on the budget. Past Coalition budgets have won the endorsement of the nonpartisan Concord Coalition and multiple newspaper and magazine editorials. As one column pointed out, the Blue Dogs have proven that "common sense, conservative economics and compassion aren't necessarily mutually exclusive."

The Coalition also played a significant role in welfare reforms signed into law in recent years. Their proposals served as middle-ground markers which laid the foundation for the bipartisanship necessary to bring about fundamental reforms, and helped set into law policies reflecting the "common sense, conservative compassion" so often attached to the group's efforts. The Coalition has also worked on common sense solutions to our energy, health care, and homeland security problems.

In the 108th Congress, the Coalition intends to continue to make a difference in Congress by forging middle-ground, bipartisan answers to the current challenges facing the Country. A top priority will be to refocus Congress on truly balancing the budget and ridding taxpayers of the burden the national debt places on them. The group also expects to be involved in education, regulatory reform, taxes, defense and veterans affairs.



yellow-dog Democrat

Morgan Byrnes wrote:
When I was a child growing up in Louisiana, I heard my parents refer to the "Yellow Dog Democrats" of Texas. They must have been, or perhaps, still are a type of Democrat. I remember my family talking about them "delivering the vote" in one particular election in the late 40's. Since Texas was solidly Democratic at that time, they must have been a particular brand or breed of Democrat. Whence the expression?

The yellow-dog Democrats of Texas are a dying breed. In fact, the term itself is politically endangered.

A yellow-dog Democrat is 'one who is loyal to the Democratic Party'. This is a complimentary term still used in the South. But partly through the efforts of Republican Governor George Bush, Texas is realigning from a mainly Democratic to a mainly Republican state.

This complimentary term is actually derived from words with a negative connotation. First of all, yellow has been used to mean 'cowardly' since the mid-1800s. The term yellow dog originally meant 'yellowish mongrel', and later, 'cowardly, despicable person'. In the late 19th century, yellow dog was used in phrases specifically applying to organizations opposed to trade unions. The term yellow-dog contract, meaning 'a preemployment contract between a worker and an employer in which the worker agrees not to join a union', dates from about 1920. According to labor unionists, only a yellow dog, or 'coward', would permit such coercive rules.

William Safire's New Political Dictionary explains the origin of yellow-dog Democrat. When Senator Tom Heflin of Alabama refused to support Democrat Al Smith in the 1928 presidential election, Al Smith's supporters popularized the phrase "I'd vote for a yellow dog if he ran on the Democratic ticket." These Southern Democrats were loyal to their party--they wouldn't vote for Republican Herbert Hoover.

A blue-dog Democrat, a recent term, means 'an open-minded Democrat willing to support some conservative policies'.

FROM: http://www.randomhouse.com/wotd/index.pperl?date=19990929


The Blue Dog HangsTough: Pennsylvania

By Viveca Novak/Harrisburg
Monday, October 21, 2002 

A poster of Bill Clinton hangs in the entry of the state Democratic Party's offices in Harrisburg. But don't look for Clinton's smiling face at Tim Holden's headquarters around the corner.

Holden rarely misses a chance to tell voters he's a Blue Dog Democrat--among the most conservative in Congress. Party luminaries like liberal minority leader Richard Gephardt haven't been asked to campaign with Holden--though his race is critical for the Democrats.

And Holden would wear a garlic necklace to keep Clinton away. Which helps explain why he's running neck and neck with Republican George Gekas in one of only four incumbent-vs.-incumbent congressional matchups in the country.

Gekas hadn't planned on a tight race. Republicans redrew the boundaries of Pennsylvania's 17th Congressional District, intending to snuff out Holden's five-term House career. The state lost two seats after the 2000 census, and the G.O.P..-controlled legislature hoped to protect the party's own.

The new 17th, a mix of farmland and job-starved coal-mining terrain plus the state capital, Harrisburg, contains 60% of Gekas' old district and only 40% of Holden's. But the Democrat is hanging in there. "First they said Holden won't run; then they said he can't win," says Holden, 45. But the pro-gun, antiabortion, fiscally conservative former sheriff has always drawn a fair share of Republican votes. The line drawers also didn't figure that Gekas' age (72) and longevity in Congress (20 years) would start to become as much of a drag as an asset.

Gekas certainly dates himself. In their first TV debate last week, Holden accused Gekas of voting to eliminate Social Security cost-of-living increases, and the senior incumbent dismissed the vote as having occurred "back when Julius Caesar was in command." (Actually it was Ronald Reagan.) But Gekas, a former prosecutor, showed his vigor in the face-off, interjecting his pet themes--like his "perfect" 14-out-of-14 vote rating from the Farm Bureau.

As one of 40 or so truly competitive races whose outcomes will determine which party controls the House, the Pennsylvania 17th has been a magnet for soft money and interest-group ads. Gekas, who has run unopposed in half his House campaigns, says he finds all the attention "very strange." Holden, who voted for campaign-finance reform, says he can't wait for the ban on soft money to kick in.

The National Republican Congressional Committee and its Democratic rival have each committed more than $2 million to the race. United Seniors Association, a group subsidized in large part by the pharmaceutical industry, has spent about $1 million running ads with Art Linkletter touting Gekas' support for a prescription-drug benefit plan. (Holden supports a more comprehensive, Medicare-run plan.) The afl-cio has spent about $400,000 attacking, among other things, Gekas' support for nafta.

Democrats, having some fun with Gekas' 1998 sponsorship of a measure allowing bankrupt property owners in five states, including Texas, to shield the full value of their homes from creditors, produced a flyer that features a shot of former Enron ceoKen Lay, who owns a multimillion-dollar Houston penthouse.

Both sides' polls show Holden leading. But his chances depend on how many Republicans he can pull in, and with lots of ads to come as well as an expected fly-in by President Bush to shore up Gekas' support, nobody, least ofall Holden, is assuming the race is inthe bag. Message to Clinton: Stay home.

Group endorses Phelps
Norma Mendoza , Of the Intelligencer 10/24/2002
The campaign for the congressional seat in the 19th Congressional District is heating up as the election draws closer.

U.S. Rep. David Phelps was in Collinsville Wednesday to accept the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

"I'm here today to endorse Congressman Phelps for re-election," said Max Richtman, executive vice president of the organization. "The congressman has been very open in discussing the issues and from our point of view, comes down on the right side."

Richtman has been traveling throughout Illinois and Iowa, announcing 15 or 16 endorsements. He said other than the obvious support of its issues, the organization looks at two important areas when making its endorsements:

• "Can we make a difference?"

• "Is it a close race?"

The race between Democratic Phelps and U.S. Rep. John Shimkus is, without a doubt, one of the closest in the nation. In USA Today Wednesday morning, it was one of the races touted as the ones that can determine which party controls Congress in the next session.

"This means everything," Richtman said. "Everything to whether Social Security changes in a negative way or whether we can save it."

Earlier in the gathering at the Collinsville Senior Citizens Center, Phelps had introduced Richtman, calling him one of the most sincere persons representing an organization to call on him in Washington.

"Any candidate can tell you that once you announce your candidacy, you get all kinds of questionnaires from all kinds of organizations wanting to know how you stand on all kinds of issues, including on Social Security," Phelps said.

"I was elected to the Illinois House seven times and I'm seeking a third term in Congress in the largest geographic district east of the Mississippi. Since I have been in Congress, my record indicates that I have kept my word to the letter of how I answered those questionnaires."

Phelps said to him, Social Security is a black and white issue and is clear cut.

"That means no shifting sands -- no flip flops," he said.

Calling himself a Blue Dog Democrat, Phelps said the fiscally conservative group has said, "Hands off Social Security."

He asked Richtman to discuss how things work in Washington, D.C.

Richtman said too often, legislation is proposed in Congress that isn't intended to do anything but to give some congressman an opportunity to say he voted for it.

"You have a unique situation here in that you have two incumbents, both with voting records to select from," Richtman said. "(Phelps') opponent has what I call a pitiful score on our issues: 25 percent. Can you guess what Phelps' score is? It's 100 percent."

Richtman said Phelps voted against the Medicare prescription drug plan that Shimkus voted for.

"You've seen the TV ads. Of course, he voted against it because it was a bad bill," Richtman said. "It was a phony bill that wasn't going anywhere. It only allowed some congressmen to say they voted for prescription drugs for seniors."

He said the bill proposed to allow seniors to seek coverage from private insurance companies for an open-ended premium with a $250 deductible. After the deductible would be met, seniors would pay 20 percent of the cost of the prescription until $1,000 would be spent. Then they would pay 50 percent for the next $1,000. After paying out $2,000, there would be no benefit until about $3,800 would be spent, during which time they would still have to pay the premiums.

"The one the congressman (Phelps) did vote for didn't get anywhere," Richtman said. "The majority wouldn't allow it to come to the floor. It was a real prescription drug benefit." Richtman's organization supports a "universal, voluntary and affordable" prescription drug plan through Medicare, much like seniors now pay for medical care. For a premium of about $25 per month, there would be no deductible. Payments would be tiered for generic drugs and brand name drugs and after a cap is reached, they would be covered in full.

"Today, a Medicare beneficiary pays more for health care out-of-pocket as a percentage of income than he did before we had a Medicare plan," Richtman said. "One final position we have even though it hasn't been voted on is to oppose the privatization of Social Security."

Under the privatization proposal, younger workers would be able to take about 2 percent out of the 12.5 percent payroll tax for Social Security and invest it on their own

"Anybody who doesn't know what's happened in the stock market today isn't paying attention," Richtman said. "The plan would take a trillion dollars out of the system over 10 years and your benefits would be reduced to pay for it. You could lose your cost of living allowance (COLA). Whoever supports privatization doesn't understand what Social Security is all about. It is about insurance -- F.I.C.A. stands for Federal Insurance Contribution Act. It was never about getting rich, it's about keeping people from being poor."

Richtman pointed to Phelps, "You'll find out if you don't already know, he's a fighter. Congressman, when you get back to Washington, you're going to face some tough fights. I brought these in case you might need some help."

He presented Phelps with a set of boxing gloves.

"The fighting I'll be doing is to make sure you're not cut out of the system," Phelps told the crowd of seniors. "To make sure you're not overlooked."

During a question and answer session a man asked about the references to raiding Social Security.

"How in the world does whoever is doing it get away with it? Can't we pass a law that says they can never, never touch Social Security and Medicare?"

Phelps said legislation was passed.

"Remember the phrase 'lock box?' A lot of jokes were made about it at the time, but it's been violated," Phelps said. "When they talk about cutting taxes and say they're not going to raise taxes, the revenue has to come from somewhere. There's only one place to go and that's the Social Security Trust Fund.

"We'll be paying for Iraq, the rest of Afghanistan and al Qaida, and by the way, has anybody seen Osama bin Laden? If you go to the lock box, when you open the door, you'll find a big IOU in there for several hundred billion dollars."

Phelps said the real reason Congress hasn't passed the budget is the administration doesn't want people to know how bad the economic situation is before the election.

"They cut taxes and put the country in a position where we can't even defend ourselves," Phelps said. "The debate in the Senate about Homeland Security is over how to fund it."

Phelps said part of his job is to dig beneath the surface and find out what's going on that the public doesn't know about. He said he voted for campaign finance reform to eliminate the "soft money" that allows groups, some created just for that purpose, to air negative campaign ads without limit.

"If you've got a good bill, you come home and tell the people how good it is," he said. "If you don't have a good bill, you get a spokesperson to talk about it. You don't get Art Linkletter to donate his time to talk about prescription drugs for seniors. And guess who's paying for the ad? The pharmaceutical companies."

Phelps said Shimkus voted against the elimination of soft money. He threw out a challenge to Shimkus to debate the issues in front of a senior citizens' forum.

©Edwardsville Intelligencer 2004
Steven Sisson/ValleyBlueDog@aol.com

(Columnist since December 2003.)

Columnist Steven Sisson, a conservative "Blue Dog" Democrat, has attended the prestigious U.S. Naval School of Photography and Photojournalism. In the past, he has written a monthly column for the Common Ground organization's newspaper about issue dealing with peace, justice and the environment. But Steve's fiscal views and thoughts are slightly "right of center" with his own party philosophy.

In the past, Steve Sisson has been involved with numerous political organizations, campaigns and committees. An active member of the local community, Steve serves as chairman and represents District V as a commissioner on the Rockingham County Planning Commission. Currently, he is attending the Sorensen Institute for Political leadership at University of Virginia.

Steven Sisson's Valley Blue Dog column will appear on Wednesdays in The Augusta Free Press. He resides on the corner of his in-laws farm near the Town of Elkton, with his wife Anne and children.

 FROM: http://augustafreepress.weblogger.com/stories/storyReader$16413


Article published Nov 24, 2005
Tanner: U.S. debt endangers liberties

U.S. Rep. John Tanner believes that if America doesn't stopping increasing its foreign debt, other nations could use it to pressure the United States on political issues.

Tanner, D-Union City, was in Jackson on Wednesday speaking at the Old Hickory Rotary Club's luncheon at the Holiday Inn on Carriage House Drive.

A Blue Dog - fiscally conservative - Democrat, Tanner warned the audience about potential consequences if the United States continues to import more than it exports and borrow money from other countries.

"I really believe that in the end, if we fail to maintain the financial integrity of the United States, we will be creating a vulnerability that could jeopardize our freedom," Tanner said. "I think it is naive to believe that they (China) would not use financial leverage if it suited some greater geopolitical purpose."

But Kenny Holt, an economist from Union University, said the idea that the United States might lose its freedom because of foreign debt is unfounded and just a political scare tactic.

"It is true that we are a net debtor, meaning that it's true that we owe more to the rest of the world than they do us," Holt said. "But it's not something that economists worry about because it is such a small percentage of the total economy."

Holt said the possibility of other countries trying to take over the United States because of its debt would be ridiculous because other countries benefit from American spending.

"It is through us spending that the rest of the world will be able to develop economically," Holt said. "China, Mexico, countries in Africa and others won't get out of poverty unless they trade with the U.S. They're not going to take us over."

Tanner said a proposal has been put forward for a commission that will report on all entitlement spending dealing with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The commission will not involve elected officials.

Tanner also spoke about why NATO is important.

NATO is headed in a positive direction by "transforming itself into a multinational force that is capable of restoring order in places where it is needed," he said.

When asked about soldiers stationed in Iraq, Tanner referred to something President Bush said Jan. 28 - that if the Iraqi government created after the Dec. 15 election asks for U.S. troops to leave, they will leave. Tanner said it is now time for the people of Iraq to take control of their own country and only be assisted by the United States if they need help.

"We have given them their country," Tanner said. "We have given them elections. Our military has done everything they have been asked to. We need to sit down (with the elected officials) and see what their idea is about how they are now going to proceed with their own country, and we'll help."

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- Tyrone Tony Reed Jr., 425-9758
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Marshall, TX 75670
Phone: (903)938-8386
Fax: (903)935-5772

7000 James Bowie Drive
New Boston, TX 75570
Phone: (903)628-5594
Fax: (903)628-3155

320 Church Street, Room 132
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
Phone: (903)885-8682
Fax: (903)885-2976

Congressman Adam Schiff (D) (CA - 27th) (ACU - None - Freshman)

Washington, DC Address:

437 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone:  (202)225-4176

Pasadena Office Adddress:

35 S. Raymond Ave.
Suite 205
Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone:  626-304-2727

Congressman Ronnie Shows (DINO) (MS - 4th) (ACU - 69)

Washington, D.C. Address

1408 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
(202) 225-5865
(202) 225-5886 FAX

  District Office Addresses

245 E. Capitol, Suite 222
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 352-1355
(601) 352-9044 FAX

243 John R. Junkin Drive, Suite D
Natchez, MS 39120
(601) 446-8825
(601) 446-7250 FAX

728-1/2 Sawmill Road
Laurel, MS 39440
(601) 425-4999
(601) 425-5428 FAX

Congressman Norman Sisisky (D) (VA - 4th) (ACU - 44)

Washington Office

2371 Rayburn House Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Telephone: (202) 225-6365
Fax: (202) 226-1170

District Offices

43 Rives Road
Petersburg, VA 23805
Telephone: (804) 732-2544
Fax: (804) 733-4652

309 County Street, Suite 204
Portsmouth, VA 23704
Telephone: (757) 393-2068
Fax: (757) 399-1997

Emporia Executive Center
425 H South Main Street
Emporia, VA 23847
Telephone: (804) 634-5575
Fax: (804) 634-0511

Congressman Charlie Stenholm (D) (TX - 17th) (Targeted Day 6) (ACU - 52) WASHINGTON

1211 Longworth House Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C. 20515
(202) 225-6605
Fax: (202) 225-2234 


1501-A Columbia
P.O. Box 1237
Stamford, TX 79553
(915) 773-3623
Fax: (915) 773-2833

1500 Industrial Blvd., Suite 100
P.O. Box 1101
Abilene, Texas 79604
(915) 673-7221
Fax: (915) 676-9547

33 E. Twohig, Suite 318
San Angelo, Texas 76903
(915) 655-7994

Congressman John Tanner (D) (TN - 8th) (Target Day 3) (ACU - 36)

U.S. Rep. John Tanner
203 West Church Street
Union City, TN 38261
901-885-7070 voice
901-885-7094 fax

U.S. Rep. John Tanner
Room B-7, The Federal Building
Jackson, TN 38301
901-423-4848 voice
901-427-1537 fax

U.S. Rep. John Tanner
8120 Highway 51 North, Suite 3
Millington, TN 38053
901-873-5690 voice
901-873-5692 fax

U.S. Rep. John Tanner
1226 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
202-225-4714 voice
202-225-1765 fax

Congressman Ellen Tauscher (D) (CA - 10th) (ACU - 20)

    Walnut Creek

    (Main District Office):
    1801 N. California Blvd, Suite 103
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596-4133
    Phone: 925-932-8899
    Fax: 925-932-8159

Washington, D.C.:

1122 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515-0004
Phone: 202-225-1880
Fax: 202-225-5914


    420 West 3rd Street
    Antioch, CA 94509
    Phone: 925-757-7187
    Fax: 925-757-7056


100 Civic Plaza
Dublin, CA 94568-2658
Phone: 925-829-0813
Fax: 925-829-7318

Congressman Gene Taylor (DINO) (MS - 5th) (ACU - 56)

2311 Rayburn Building
Washington, DC 20515-2405

2424 14th Street
Gulfport, MS 39501

701 Main Street, Suite 215
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

1215 B-Government Street
Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Congressman Mike Thompson (D) (CA - 1st) (ACU - 8)

Washington, D.C. Office

Honorable Mike Thompson
119 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3311
Fax: (202) 225-4335

Eureka Office

Honorable Mike Thompson
317 3rd Street, Suite 1
Eureka, California 95501
Phone: (707) 269-9595
Fax: (707) 269-9598

  Fort Bragg Office

Honorable Mike Thompson
The Fort Building
430 North Franklin Street
P.O. Box 2208
Fort Bragg, CA 95501
Phone: (707) 962-0933
Fax: (707) 962-0934

Napa Office

Honorable Mike Thompson
1040 Main Street, Suite 101
Napa, CA 94559
Phone: (707) 226-9898
Fax: (707) 251-9800

Congressman Jim Turner (D) (TX - 2nd) (Target -- Day 5) (ACU - 29)

Lufkin, TX

701 N. First St.
Suite 201
Lufkin, TX 75901
(936) 637-1770
(936) 632-8588 (fax)

Orange, TX

420 W. Green
Orange, TX 77630
(409) 883-4990
(409) 883-5149 (fax)

Washington, DC

208 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-2401
(202) 225-5955 (fax)

The Blue Dog Coalition - Member Profiles  


Gary Condit (CA) was removed from this list 
as he was not re-elected.

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July 23, 2001

Not If the TV Networks Have Anything To (Not) Say About It

"I don’t think the rest of the Democratic Party is going to get tarred by Gary Condit."
– ABC political analyst George Stephanopoulos on the July 9 Good Morning America. An MRC analysis of the 179 Condit stories on ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news shows from May 14 through July 11 determined that only 14 stories, or eight percent, identified the Congressman as a Democrat.

Condit’s Not a Real Democrat...

"A political maverick who rides a Harley, Condit founded the ‘blue dog’ coalition of conservative Democrats....He was the kind of guy, when you were working for Democrats in the House, you could never count on his vote."
– ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on the June 25 Good Morning America.

"Condit is a Democrat who often votes with the Republican opposition, but also is popular as a personal service Congressman."
– ABC’s Brian Rooney on Good Morning America, July 9.

"He is one of about 30 conservative ‘blue dog’ Democrats who cannot be counted on to vote the party line."
– Evan Thomas and Karen Breslau in "Behind the Smile: From preacher’s kid to pol with a taste for motorcycles and mosh pits, the odyssey of Gary Condit," Newsweek’s July 23 issue.

"He’s a so-called ‘blue dog’ Democrat, meaning an ultra-conservative Democrat."
Newsweek’s Howard Fineman on MSNBC’s Hardball, July 12.

...And Conservatives Elected Him

"Modesto, California, in the middle of the state’s central valley. A major agricultural area with lots of farms and cattle. A politically conservative place where the average home goes for around $190,000. They call it ‘Condit Country’ around here and six-term Congressman Gary Condit, a 53-year-old right-wing Democrat, has won re-election by huge margins."
– NBC’s George Lewis on Today, July 2.

"He’s from a conservative, culturally conservative district in central California, one that voted for George W. Bush in the presidential election."
Newsweek’s Howard Fineman on the July 12 Today.

Everyone Is a "Conservative"

Peter Jennings: "In Washington today, Congressman Gary Condit’s Chief-of-Staff issued a statement to say that Mr. Condit will be forthcoming with his constituents about the case of Chandra Levy in good time. But in the meantime, the statement went on, conservative political groups should not exploit Miss Levy’s disappearance for their own purposes..."
ABC News reporter David Wright: "Deep in California’s heartland the 18th congressional district is farm country – conservative, mostly white, small town America....Many constituents still relate to Condit’s conservative politics, just not to his family values."
– Story on ABC’s World News Tonight which failed to identify Condit as a Democrat, July 17.

No Moderation At All

"The thing I’m curious about is why Dick Armey and Tom DeLay just seem to steam ahead with a conservative approach. They’ve been like this for a couple of years. Is there just no, no moderation at all? Is there something that can bring them back to the center? Can George Bush do it?"
Time Washington Bureau Chief Michael Duffy on PBS’s Washington Week in Review, July 13.

Nickels & Dimes Are For the Rich

"You and I are fortunate enough to be basically laughing about this right now, about pennies right now, but isn’t it somewhat elitist to claim pennies have out-lived their usefulness when so many are struggling to make ends meet and we argue about pennies on the minimum wage?"
– Bryant Gumbel to Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe, who has introduced a bill seeking to phase out the one cent coin, CBS’s Early Show, July 17.

Feminine and a Hard Worker

"Giving Senator Clinton her due, though we talk about her feminine wiles, she has also won a great deal of respect by working very, very hard, and by not pulling any kind of prima donna act. Her Secret Service detail is very much in the background. She goes to all sorts of meetings that some people, in the past, have not attended. For example, I know she goes to a meeting over at the House of Representatives with all the folks from New York, which, I guess, Moynihan never attended, right?"
– Katie Couric’s observation to Gail Sheehy, discussing a gushing profile of Hillary Clinton that Sheehy wrote for the August issue of Vanity Fair, on NBC’s Today, July 16.

Media in Mourning

"There is a dead end to report tonight for campaign finance reform, one of the highest profile issues on the agenda in Congress and in the last election. The issue has been derailed tonight by a procedural vote on ground rules that the Republican leadership in the House had for debating the measure....John McCain, one of the bill’s sponsors, called the procedural block, quote, ‘the last refuge of scoundrels.’ GOP Whip Tom DeLay said the measure’s supporters simply don’t have the votes to pass it."
– Anchor Brian Williams, July 12 NBC Nightly News.

Run, John, Run

"Campaign finance reform, which would have cut off those unlimited, back-door contributions called soft money, got derailed again last week....But here’s the irony: McCain has been saying all along he has no plans to run for President as a third-party independent candidate. But doesn’t this give him the perfect excuse? The script writes itself. Both parties are so beholden to the big-money interests, it will take someone else to clean up the mess, and on and on and on. Now, I have no idea what McCain will do, but you could make the case that the only person who came out of this stronger politically than he went in is McCain because it gives him that issue to run on. I’m not sure that’s what opponents of campaign finance reform had in mind."
– Bob Schieffer’s closing commentary on CBS’s Face the Nation, July 15.

Jane Feels McCain’s Pain

"You’ve worked so hard on campaign finance reform. If it doesn’t go your way how disappointed will you be?"
– Question from Jane Clayson to Senator John McCain on CBS’s Early Show, July 9.


"A new report that could cast a cloud over another of the President’s proposals – to put some Social Security funds in private investment accounts. The study shows popular 401(k) retirement savings plans lost money last year, dipping in value along with the stock market decline, and still showing weakness in the first six months of this year."
– Brian Williams on the July 9 NBC Nightly News.

"Experts say the most important rule of all is to put every dollar you’re allowed into your 401(k), every year, no matter how you did last year. That’s your best hope of living well in retirement."
– NBC’s Lisa Myers a few moments later in the subsequent story.

Frankly, I’d Rather Be Nuked

"I’ll lay my cards on the table: I think anti-ballistic missile defense systems are a bad idea and this is something I’ve thought for 20 years."
– CBS’s Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer on Imus in the Morning, simulcast on MSNBC, on July 17.

Conservatives Repelled Jeffords

Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot: "Judging by what we heard from, from Senator Schumer, the Democrats look like they’re going to oppose anybody to the left of, of, you know, Larry Tribe or Cass Sunstein or some of these liberal academics. So...if they’re going to defeat anybody who has any real conservative leanings, send up a conservative. Send up another one if they defeat one. Send up a third, send up a fourth. Your base is going to like it and ultimately they can’t defeat everybody."
Tim Russert: "But is that the same attitude that drove Senator Jeffords from the Republican Party?"
– Exchange on NBC’s Meet the Press, July 1.

More Global Warming Hysteria

"Glaciers are receding. Oceans are rising. Alaska is thawing. As officials from nearly 180 nations start to gather Monday in Bonn, Germany, to confront the vexing problem of global warming, the issue is no longer whether it is real, but what should be done about it."
– Opening of July 16 USA Today front-page article, "Six ways to combat global warming," by Traci Watson and Jonathan Weisman.

Too Late For Clinton to Resign

Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter: "I just know that at this point, that Condit should resign. Because at a minimum, he was obstructing an investigation."
Don Imus: "By lying."
Alter: "By lying to the police....Everybody should be calling for him to resign, whether he had anything to do with her disappearance or not. In a real serious matter, he was not straightforward."
– Exchange on Imus in the Morning radio show, simulcast on MSNBC, July 12.

Way Too Much Information

"After pepperoni pizza and banana milkshakes once, I dreamed about Bill Clinton."
– ABC’s Diane Sawyer talking with her Good Morning America co-host Charles Gibson about a study which claimed sleeping Republicans have three times as many nightmares as sleeping Democrats, July 10.

FROM: http://www.mediaresearch.org/notablequotables/2001/nq20010723.asp


. . . 1260. CHANDRA LEVY ADDRESS IN WASHINGTON DC. ... The disappearance of Chandra
Levy has been the biggest news item on television for the last two months. ...





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