10-27-93 - DREAM - I was married to President Clinton. He announced he was leaving me. He crouched on the floor in a corner. I went to him and put my arm around his shoulder and begged him to stay, but he said, "No! I really have to go."

12-27-94 - DREAM - I was working in a very large place. People were being eliminated very quickly, but I kept getting promoted until finally I was working directly for the President. He had a problem, in that he treated an Asian woman as less than a human being and expected her to do a strip dance for him in order to keep her job. He then saw that I knew what he was up to and he gave me an assignment.

A green pen manifested out of the air and wrote by itself on the paper. The pen wrote down in outline form all of the times and details of the President's actions regarding his prejudices and treatment of women as sub-human. This project was called, 'MANKIND'. When the outline was completed, the pen no longer wrote and the President could no longer mistreat women because he knew 'spirit' was watching.

NOTE: Shades of Monica Lewinski .... :-)


October 17, 1997 - DREAM

This morning I had a dream and it wasn't a normal dream. It started out with various scenes that were not of this planet, which I don't remember too well now, but I was on board a Sirian lightship surrounded by angelic beings of light. They flew me over the western continental coast of South America and the ship flew up the coast, through central American coast and up to Southern California. Man, from a satellite view, it is incredible down there, anyways, the storms are brewing down there and I saw with my own eyes how it is slowly making its way up the coast of the americas. Already Columbia, Peru, Chile, and coastal countries are in a state of emergency. it's funny cuz what I saw is not reported in our daily news, it's almost like they're trying to keep us from knowing and being prepared, it may have to also do with keeping people from panicing as well.

In any case, it's the mother of all storms down there, and as you know, last week some 200 or so people died in Mexico because of the hurricane that swept inland. I then was taken two months into the future, I know this because I saw a newyears scene that was wet and soaking in a torrential rain. In southern calfornia for the last few days, the weather has been fantastic, but it's because the coastal pressure and moisture is being pulling out into the Pacific Ocean, where the temperature is rising. There is a lot of information that people like Jose from Medellion, Columbia have posted which indicate scientifically that all that I am trying to say is REAL.

In anycase, I saw that most of Southern California was flooded, literally, like I have never seen it in the last 21 years I've been here. In fact, there were emergency personel and Cal Trans people using boats(!) to help people out of homes in the coastal areas. As the months went on, it got progressively worse, It's like the rains continued every single day, reminding me of the story of the great flood in the Bible. The area was declared a national disaster by President Clinton, but FEMA was not on the scene, leaving a major food problem as most supermarkets were drenched in the water.

All of the coastal cities of Ventura and Los Angeles counties were underwater with roofes of one-level homes barely showing. Most businesses came to a complete halt, and unprepared people were just trying to collect their valuables to get out of here. I saw scenes of helicopters desperately trying to pull up a school bus filled with children that was about to go into a waterfall that was created of mud near the topanga canyon area. There was water everywhere. The Orange County area, however was not as badly hit, though it was also flooded and completely grey clouds everywhere I looked. The worst of the flooding stopped around the Westminster, Fountain Valley area, and I don't know if it's higher elevation or what, but From about Irvine on down the streets were still navigable with four wheel drive sport utility vehicles. All those lowered hondas that kids now a days drive were completely running through water though.

This continued for several months, I think it was June, and people have just started to build an infrastructure with floating bridges when an major earthquake hit the southlands and all of the sudden the flood waters were gone! It all went subterranean or something, taking all kinds of debrie, people, animals, buildigs, cars with it. It was SO REAL watching this that I thought I was already there, saying, man, if these people were only prepared...

Then I was taken a few months ahead and the southlands looked like something I remember when I was a child, 20 years or so ago, when the air was much much cleaner, and there were less people on the streets. The ones who had survived started to pick up the brooms and start over again, and it felt like a completely different southern california. Many lives were lost, many people were missing and unaccounted for, and finally the Marines and FEMA were on the scene...after the fact. This pissed me off, thinking where were they when it was all happening and we needed their help most?

Anyways, I wanted to share this with all of you because I believe what I saw was events that are to come in our very near future, especially if you live in southern california. Don't be scared or alarmed, just be advised, stock up on cans of food, candles, blankets, water, and your toiletries. Also get warm clothes that are water proof, and boots that go up to your knees. If you can, trade in your car for a sport utility vehicle, used or lease is fine. Just be prepared cuz this one is coming and what I saw was a very severe cleansing of this now pollutted wasteland.

By alex ==========================================================

11-24-97 - DREAM - I was going into a school, but outside the door, an investigation was going on about a murder. The witness to the clues told the officials that the main clue was found by the 3rd bush over. I saw a series of bushes going back from the street. The clue was a handful of blue and white snot.

I went inside the building where there were mothers and children. Most of the children were neglected or wearing inappropriate or wearing mis-sized clothes. One mother was so neglectful, I helped her child to get clean and appropriate clothes.

There was a meeting in the Big bosses office and he delayed it because he was taking a shower.

I wanted to get dressed and go home and get something to eat, but had to wait until the big boss was done with his shower. I finished with the child and left the building to go home.

NOTE: After I woke up, I laid there remembering the dream, I heard a large explosion. The voice said, "The people of Savannah, Georgia have to get out of there."

As I was thinking about that, I slipped back into the previous dream where I was outside the building. Again, the woman said,"The clue is in front of the 3rd bush over, it's handful of blue and white snot. I then pulled some snot out of my own right nostril to look at it. It was white with blue globs in it. President Clinton's voice then said, "He will not finish out his term. He's in his first year."
by Dee

12-4-97 - DREAM Now I've had the strangest dream. I don't know if it's precognative, if it has some twisted logic meaningful only to me, or a combination of both.

I'm at this football game at my old high school in a small town in Pennsylvania. (First weird thing, I detest football. I'd never go to a football game. Also, I'm 51 years old so a long way from high school physically & mentally. LOL) I'm sitting along the side of the field with an acquaintance I had in high school. I look across to the bleachers and there sits Bill Clinton with another guy I know but can't remember after I wake up. One guy has a big beer belly and Mr. Clinton is just starting to show a similar fat belly.

I say to my friend, "Ah, looks like Slick Willy is losing the battle of the buldge." My friend is laughing. All of a sudden it dawns on me that Mr. Clinton is going to be shot right then and there. I say to my friend that we have to find the Secret Service agents, we have to tell somebody. I'm desperate. Even though I am not fond of Mr. Clinton as a politician, I really don't want to see him shot or harmed in any way.

My friend advises me against this. He says to let happen whatever will because if I tell the Secret Service they'll wonder how I know and I really don't have an explanation. I am terrified at this point but I go looking for them anyway because I don't want to see Mr. Clinton shot.

It happens and all hell breaks loose, everyone is running, some toward Mr. Clinton, some away. It's very chaotic. I say to my friend I know a back way out of there, "Come on!" So we take off and we are in front of the hospital which has a motel next door. We are running past this house when the Secret Service agents catch us and put us in a limosine.

They are acting very nice but we KNOW we have to get away from them. I tell my friend that if they take us to the hospital we'll never get back out. We try to talk them into going to the motel. The one agent looks at me and says, "Nope, we are going to the hospital. We have ways to get you to tell what you know." Which even in the dream I know is nothing other than a feeling....no concrete evidence against anyone.

At that point I must have been talking out loud or sleeping restless because one of my dogs came over and licked my face until I HAD to wake up.
By Nancy

1-1-98 - PROPHECY - Clinton will be hammered. He will have everyone on his back. I also see as I stated before an attempt on his life. They will try there darnest to take him to court, (Paula Jones) but it will be settled out of court.

By Roger

1-30-98 - DREAM VOICE: An older man's voice: "BAD NEWS! President Clinton received a thump on the side of his face."

NOTE: I found out on 6-22-98 that thumping someone means killing them. I hadn't known that in January.

2-19-98 - DREAM - I was just leading a normal every day existence like every one else, doing good deeds here and there. I was invited to a local political forum. It was led by a middle-aged black woman. I was seated on a couch rather jammed up against the right arm. A young black man was jammed up against me though there would have been plenty of room for him to move over and give me more space. Over to the right on a straight chair was the black man's father who intimidated all of us and to his right was a white woman with a young boy named Billy. The apartment belonged to another white woman who flitted in and out, say a word, and flit back out There was no conversation going on because each person was intimidated by someone else. I said, "I have plenty to say, but just not here."  I looked at the clock. It was 20 minutes to 11. We expected to be done by 11, but the mother of Billy said she had to leave. Billy complained that he didn't have anything to wear because the crotch of his pants was ripped out. His mother had two other pair of his pants with the crotch ripped out too. I had my sewing kit with me and pulled out some blue thread and a needle and volunteered to sew the ripped seams. The woman who owned the apartment had a sewing machine, but I was going to sew the seams shut by hand even though it meant I had to prick m finger with every stitch. I said, "At least I have some value this way."

2-28-98 - DREAM - I was with some people and we were waiting for the President to come in. One of the them had a roll of paper towels in his hand that was bright red plaid (with green) Nobody wanted to be caught with it in their hands when the President walked in, so they were tossing it back and forth like a hot potato. They threw it to me just as the President was coming in the door. I didn't want to be caught with it either, but it was too late to throw it to someone else, so I tossed it behind me onto the seat of a square brown livingroom type chair just as everyone said, "Good Morning Mr. President". (We at no time actually saw the President)

The scene switched to a huge, immense church full of thousands of people and coming down the aisle were a procession of hundreds of brides and grooms. They were ALL newspaper reporters and the one first in line was Peter Jennings. (dark hair, thin, toupee plastered across his forehead.)

4-6-98 - DREAM -4/6/98 - I was watching a broadcast on TV or I was up high in a stadium or something. President Clinton was attending some sort of outdoor ceremony or presentation. He was standing on the edge of a field. I got the feeling it was a college field or fairgrounds. He was addressing a crowd of people. The field was wet from rain and slightly muddy. There was a road (maybe a dirt road) at his back.

Suddenly the calm was broken by cars approaching. Shots were being fired. Mr. Clinton began walking quickly toward the crowd when he was shot four times. The fourth shot caused him to fall. A secret service agent fell on top of him. Other agents began to return fire.

The president was wearing a long overcoat. There were five vehicles or five men shooting. That part wasn't clear. I felt they were religious fanatics. I believe the president was killed. The assasins kept shooting even after he was down.

Note: I believe I had this dream because I was worried that someone might assasinate the president while he was in Africa at the time of this dream. by Ann

4-16-98 - DREAM - I had a very intense dream last night that bordered on an abduction experience. I was on a ship that began as a cruise ship...then became some sort of aircraft. The president and his enterage (spelling)...were on this multilevel transport also. I was watching a woman who had written a book on the president's personal affairs with other women... she had her book in a large box still in loose leaf form and she had other women with her who thought she did a wonderful job. I knew everything that was written in that book....but I was afraid that the lady would get killed for writing it. Hilary Clinton was looking over the manuscript and she seemed to approve of it...which was weird. The dream changed and I was on another level of this craft watching a group of men talk about the alien crisis and how they were going to handle the public's knowledge of this. President Clinton was on top of this issue...in that he was to do whatever these men told him to do in regards to it. They couldn't see me but I could hear everything they discussed and I noticed a blatant disregard for the public as a whole.
BY Anonymous

6-11-98 - DREAM - I then had a vision of a large choir singing. I was standing in the center of the 4th row. The man to my left was going to make a famous speech. On my right, a man who looked like President Clinton was speaking to me. All the people were singing a hymn about Holy God. It was beautiful to hear.

Date: 98-08-21 19:17:58 EDT
From: AnglDude
The dream was a while ago and i felt as more true than most dreams i have ever felt. It is about Bill Clinton. I saw him being assinated. A man with a gun shoots him in the head. I saw him shooting him. over and over again as a replay. Clinton was doing a speech during this and i could see his head jerk back from the blow and the blood come out..... thats what made feel real.... plus i was sweating from the dream.... i never do that.
Love and light

10-21-98 - DREAM - I was with a guy named 'PROFIT'. He said he was a prophet. But he never wrote anything down until it had already happened. I got very upset about that. I was typing as fast as I could to get everything down on paper. I could hardly keep up with it. I was very upset.

10-21-98 - DREAM - I was in the same place. The events themselves were shown to me in a VISION to be a river of lights going by and I could barely type fast enough to record them all.

Because of the involvement, I was asked to go with the President of the U.S. to Madison to make a speech about this. I agreed to go. The President was supposed to arrive at 6 p.m. and we were to leave immediately for Madison which would be a 4 hour plane ride. (4 hours might represent 4 months) (NOTE: It only takes an hour to get to Madison, WI from Milwaukee, WI. Madison is the Capital of the State. Madison might represent Washington, D.C.)

My cousin Shirley and my daughter were invited to go along and so were Joe and his relatives. I had never been on a plane before and was nervous about it but was okay about going because it was with the President and I would feel safe enough.

I was ready to go and had my bags ready to go including suit bags, but things began to go wrong. My cousin Shirley and my daughter didn't show up at all and didn't call. I tried to use the phone and it was tied up by some insurance people.

It was now 5 minutes past 6 p.m. and the President hadn't arrived either.  I was thinking it would be easier to go in the morning instead of this hassled trip, but I couldn't use the phone to change the reservation.

It was now quarter past 6 and it was rumoured that the President's plane had landed but he had stopped for a dalliance on the way to the hotel where  I was waiting. Finally the President was arriving outside the hotel and  I decided I'd better go to the bathroom first before we left. Everyone else had the same idea at the same time. The waiting lines for the bathroom were so long, the hotel provided chairs in the hallway for the ladies to sit down while they waited. The men didn't seem to have that problem.

I decided I could wait and picked up my bags to go on the trip. I became aware that we were going to go by car and T.J. would be driving and we'd be able to get to Madison in 3 hours instead of 4 by plane.
By Dee

1-4-99 - DREAMS - Hi all:

Last night I had 4 dreams, all the same, all symbolic.

I was seeing a calendar. It was divided in 5 sections wide and 4 sections long.

In line one, in each of the spaces, President Clinton was named as marking time, 7 marks in each of the spaces, all very evenly spaced.

In line 2, I saw a peach named Impeachment. In space one it was large, in space two, it was smaller, in space three, it was yet smaller, in space 4, is was smaller yet. In space 5 it was again as large as space one.

In line 3, I saw the end of an orange sliced off in space one. It was rather smooth around the edges. In space 2, the orange sliced on the end was flattened out, and split in 5 parts, very deeply scored towards the middle. In space 3, the orange slice was again more even around the edges, smaller than in space 2. In space 4, the orange slice was smaller yet, even around the edges. There was nothing in space 5.

In line 4, in space 1 was a rather large mark named SILVER. In space 2, the mark named SILVER was larger. In space 3, the mark named SILVER was larger yet. In space 4, the mark named SILVER was larger yet, In space 5, the mark named SILVER was even larger.

So, what does this mean? My interpretation: Clinton in marking time until we get to the 1st week of February, when he will step down from his office. Why would he wait that long? So Gore can run for office twice. This can only happen if Clinton waits until February.

The impeachment process in the Senate looks less and less likely, However, in week 5, the first week of February, we will see that the impeachment will go forward and take it's full effect on President Clinton.

The orange slices? I can't quite say why, but I think it stands for Vice President Gore, and that he will have 4 years of service as President. The second year looms big, I don't know why it was scored in 5 sections, perhaps 5 big issues are at stake during that year. The other years look quite uneventful and mundane.

The 4th line seems to signify that the economy will continue to grow for the next 5 years and that we don't have to worry about it.

If anyone would like to take a crack at a different interpretation, I'll be happy to pass it along to others, and attach it to this dream and I'll make this a page of prophecy and see how it turns out.

1-16-99 - DREAM I had a dream that I was in a huge parking lot by some big government buildings (Washington, D.C.?) and a tank-like military transport vehicle drove into the parking lot and narrowly missed hitting the car I was driving in. The driver of the transport was in Army fatigues, and his passenger was Bill Clinton!

by anonymous

NOTE: This shows that Bill Clinton is not in control of his own life.



by Dee Finney


Let me be the first one to say it: I have not followed the President's life very closely, but I am a seer/visionary/dreamwalker.

Here was today's DREAM HEADLINE:


You saw it here first. :-)
Note: He was definitely accused by the media because it was known that people on AirForce One smoked dope on occasion.

Dee Finney

Dream for Wednesday Night May 19, 1999

For several nights I haven't been sleeping well. In fact sleep was hard to come by, and I felt restless. May 19, 1999 was on a Wednesday night. I had fallen asleep close to 2am.

Although my dream now seems faded I do recall dreaming about world leaders. I can see a very large room filled with people. Everyone was sitting at a huge round table. Some people were handing out sheets of paper. There wasn't the usual chaos with so many folks, and it seemed rather quiet and I remember saying to myself in the dream how organized this was.

I was sitting right beside Mr. Clinton, and I could see others as well. All the leaders seemed to present who represented the other countries. This wasn't a political meeting in as much as it was a gathering of the whole world that was being united for one specific cause.

The meeting was mutual and all seemed to put aside their differences to be together. This wasn't a conference being held to solve a problem. It was a meeting to make a world decision. It was of great concern and no one seemed to care who was who, as if we were all friends united for one purpose.

I cannot recall that any conclusions were made.

Liz Edwards
I Wonder Productions

Let it be known too that I have no political agenda. My politics are independent and I do not take sides. I only present what I dream or see in visions.  

I thank you for taking the time to read this.


9-9-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that showed the placement of political candidate Hilary Clinton and another woman were moved down so that several men were placed above them.

Bill Clinton was placed second from the bottom.

On another page JFK, Jr. was placed in a box and his name was made with rainbow colored letters.

JFK, JR., his wife and wife's sister died in a plane crash on 7-17-99.


If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail Dee777@aol.com