The Changing of the Guard:

Corporate Media Whistleblower Speaks

Part One: Game Over

By Art Aqua




All the King’s Horses

It almost reads like a low-budget movie script, giving the most pedestrian foreshadowing of a future event of great drama and magnitude. It would be laughably obvious and overblown for the script writer to use such a symbolic literary device if it were not actually a true event, with the "movie" actually being our current political reality:

Independence Day – July 4th, 2003. A nation belabored with rampant criticism of its unelected leader and his gang of thieves. A government increasingly accused of abandoning all truth and reason in the quest to dismantle its own Constitution in the interest of total world control, with the members of the Lie Coordination Department – Perle, Fleischer, military commanders and "flag" officers, secret service agents, the head of the EPA et al – fleeing the sinking ship in droves. The flags, fireworks and local parades have an ironic heaviness, as if the SUV-driving soccer moms, corporate-weekend-warrior beer-swilling dads and their young TV-tethered kids chanting "USA, USA" are just going through the motions, hoping to have something returned to them that they already know has been stolen. For now.

Sitting on the sidelines of the local parade, our hero feels the emptiness, sees beneath the superficial smiles that cannot provide a thick enough veneer to mask the seething horror and discontent, and chuckles at the irony of those who crudely soap-paint their SUVs red, white and blue, one after another after another, with cheering children absently waving flaming sparklers out the windows while parading past the well-ballooned card tables of T-shirt and sunglass-wearing town judges, as if such symbols of a culture of consumption, risking a Biblical Armageddon for cheap gas at 9 miles to the gallon, are worthy of actual public display as something "nice to look at," not simply the unusually slow equivalent of a rude local traffic jam.

Something is wrong here. Very wrong. It almost feels as if this could be the last of its kind, a dinosaur social relic of a regime imploding with all the sound and fury of the last days of the Roman Empire or the sinister groans of the Titanic. The wealthier members of the town, parading their Jaguars, Mercedes, BMWs, antique collectible cars, purebred horses and SUVs, are not quite willing to taste the unpalatable bile that slithers over the tongue just yet. If this whole thing really goes south, then they’re going to feel it in the wallet for sure – stocks, bonds, options, derivatives, 401Ks, kickbacks, real estate and endless opportunities for well-padded lines of deferred-interest credit, bank loans and tax writeoffs. This July 4th is their last chance to cling to the old ways, celebrating what was and what will never be, and they’re darn well going to go for it – to "Max Out," as it were. On with the SUV parade! Let’s rock this thing!

The camera swoops up from Smalltown USA to an overhead view of the United States. Amidst the crisscrossed green and brown patches poking out from the lazy cotton clouds, we zoom down to the upper portion of the Eastern seaboard, and a friendly red dot with a red line and red text to the right marks the town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as we dive in on our destination. It is the mother of all homegrown Independence Day celebrations, the "piece de resistance," for those who still dare to incorporate French terms into their conversational language and do not ask for "freedom fries" at the Burger King. This goes beyond a mindless parade of soaped-up SUVs – we’re trying to take over the friggin’ world here, Senator! Why not make a big splash about it, and just lay our cards right out on the table?

The event is a media-war-adrenaline-soaked, high-profile photo-op opening for the newly-Christened, 185-million-dollar "National Constitution Center." Eagerly purring television cameras from all five of the corporations that run the nation’s media line the crowd of 4,000 spectators, ready to broadcast this most-ideal propaganda setup into the waiting homes of 240 million stuffed, drunken, ear-ringing partied-out Americans in ensuing installments of the evening news. Everybody who is everybody for this event is there – three Supreme Court justices, a prominent U.S. senator, the governor of Pennsylvania, the mayor of Philadelphia, the bellwether music legend Ray Charles and the newly-appointed President of the National Constitution Center.

Small cannons are readily loaded with patriotic streamers to shower the crowd, fireworks are ready to rock from the building’s roof, and four military jets are circling the perimeter, poised to thunder through the fireworks overhead with precision guidance at the moment that everyone has been waiting for. This is no ordinary town gala – this is, as they would say in Ebonics / African-American Urban Vernacular, "da Bomb, son!" An odd choice of words, to be sure…

US Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor, one of those who installed George W. Bush as President of the United States despite his loss of the popular election, stands at center stage. Ironically, she has just received the Liberty Medal of Philadelphia for "actions that represent the founding principles of the United States." Hmmm… the right eyebrow cocks as the index finger covers the lips from the side, contemplating the interesting irony of such an award. She begins the big countdown from three that everyone has been waiting for, with streamer cannons, fireworks and jets poised for the big moment, a Greed Age corporate climax all pressured up and ready to pop – the unveiling of the "Great Big Thing" that the entire event was built to showcase – the six-second sexed-up soundbite media clip that will beam across millions of willing cathode ray tubes in the hours and days to come.

A gigantic rectangular frame made of wood and metal looms over the Who’s Who crowd, two tall pillars coming up the sides with a huge beam crossing over the entire stage platform and those VIPs gathered upon it. Rolled up along the leading edge of the frame’s 15-to-20-foot-high crossbeam is a tightly-wrapped screen, ready to unfurl when several of the conference staff pull on the red-white-and-blue ribbons connected to it.

The hidden screen is poised to bear a reproduction of the famous painting that shows the Founding Fathers of the United States signing the Constitution. In this case, though, a newer painting is to be revealed underneath this reproduction, neatly blending the "old" into the "new." The new layer is basically the same painting, with a few notable replacements – the images of some of the guests at the current event of July 4, 2003, obviously including the three Supreme Court justices themselves, have been painted over many of the original Founding Fathers! You read that right. There is nothing at all subtle about this message:

"We have rewritten the Constitution to our liking and will continue to do so in the future, in a way that is most convenient for our continued exercise of worldwide power. If we need the resources from a foreign country, we’ll create a good commonly-agreeable reason to go in, "kick their @$$ and take their ga$." We might even cancel Presidential elections and declare martial law (Code Red) until this perpetual National Emergency that we created ends. We are the Founding Fathers of the New American World Order for a New Millennium, and we want it all. We intend to take it and feel no need to apologize. We are the Lords of This World. Like it or not, here we are! Naa nah-na naaa naaa, yooo can’ catch me…"

The 4000-strong crowd watches with mesmerized glee as the countdown is poised to boom through the PA system. The planners of the event hold their breath in anticipation of the successful culmination of this brilliant public-relations ploy, the one date in the whole year that this one-time-only debut can be so masterfully exploited, six seconds perfectly handcarved for their willing media shills. A picture is truly worth a thousand words. Little do they realize that Fate has a very different plan for the message that is about to be written.

The crowd chants in unison with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor at center stage as the triumphant moment arrives.




Ta-Da! Here we go – the ribbon-pullers tug the cords, and… what the?… no way… Oh my God, it’s really happening – the unthinkable is happening! The canvas does not give way, does not roll down; the screen and its corresponding images are never seen by the purring cameras of the five pet media corporations. With the impossibly sickening deliberateness of the collapse of World Trade Center I and II, the towering edifice groans under the pressure of the ribbon-pullers and lets loose, weak joints pulling apart like a folding wet cardboard box, the entire hulking structure falling down to its knees like a wounded Colossus, breaking its fall on the assembled VIP crowd underneath… seeing is believing, and this really is happening.

As if some hammer of supernatural judgment, the crossbeam goes down – all the way down – onto the head of the new National Constitution Center president, knocking him to his knees and sending him to the hospital. The mayor of Philadelphia and the attending US senator both block the platform with their arms as it comes down on top of them, causing injuries, and interestingly, the governor of Pennyslvania "sees it coming" and steps out of the way. "It wasn’t frightening, because most of us thought it was [only] Styrofoam," he said. Another interesting analogy; if this is a foreshadowing of future events in the United States, then those who will be most strongly affected do not yet realize the "weight" of these events, nor of their (for them, at least,) frightening import. It also could indicate that the state governors will fare much better than those employed in the federal arena.

The cameras click like crazy, capturing the image of the unhurt Sandra Day O’Connor hunched back while craning the head to see the towering edifice that has come rumbling, tumbling down over them, the Humpty Dumpty of the corporate Profits of Doom – and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men can’t put the constitution theft together again.

Medics rush to the stage as Sandra Day O’Connor says enigmatically into the microphone, "We could have all been hit," before realizing that her candid words were just a bit too strong and symbolically meaningful, immediately rewriting history by watering down the word "hit" with the far more innocuous-sounding "bumped," well-trained enough in legalese so as not to insert an "uh, I mean" in between the two words. Admittedly, it could have been a lot worse – thankfully no one was seriously injured, but the symbolic power of the event was quite obviously conveyed. This really DID just happen!

Then, amidst the profoundly awkward confusion, shock and disbelief, with medical staff attending to the wounded VIPs, the streamer cannons apologetically let loose, the fireworks slogged ahead as planned and the jets robotically slid through their planned maneuvers. However, instead of a climax it became a desperate face-saving gesture in a lackluster attempt to defuse the power of what just happened. Now, no one dares let that film footage to so much as leave the immediate area, much less make it on the nightly news. You could smell it in the air amidst the pleasantly sour sulfur smoke of exploding fireworks… something’s rotten in the State of the Union, and it might just be the radio-active "yellow cake" gift-wrapped to Saddam from Niger… (which turns out to have been another ridiculous hoax designed to "sex up" the case for war on Iraq, for those of you who have been living on Saturn this summer.)

It is not without irony that the exhibits at the new National Constitution Center recall various events that challenged the authority of the Constitution in the past, including original copies of tickets to the 1868 impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson. As Morpheus exclaimed in The Matrix, "Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony." History does repeat itself. This is especially the case when you try to take over a country and throw out its existing legal charter – and we’re talking about the US here, not just Iraq.

Some might want to say deliberate political sabotage, some might say Fate, some might invoke Carl Jung’s notion of synchronicity. The fact of the matter is that this event is a powerful representation of the dichotomy between those who feel they can script the political events of the world to their liking, and the reality that is now increasingly coming crashing down around them.

Game Over, Man

"Know all men by these presents" that the die is cast – the American Empire shall soon be no more. The days of spin-controlled pronouncements of corporate media are officially over. Hardly anyone in foreign countries believes the lies of the Bush Administration any longer, and an increasing majority of Americans are recognizing the transparency of the whoppers therein. The endless drumfire of so-called American "polls" are highly info-managed by CIA-compromised organizations, and are chosen to only represent the opinions of a few selected areas that are predominantly centers of strong right-wing Christian fundamentalism and Republican support. Now that these prejudiced "polls" can just barely maintain a positive approval rating, we know that even the final hangers-on are now letting go of the illusion.

Yet, behind the heavily controlled surface appearance of the corporate news media lies a much deeper series of truths, which are becoming increasingly mainstream through the Internet and alternative press. Taken together, the available information that we will share in this five-part article series suggests that the American Empire as we now know it will collapse, financially and politically, and sooner than we may have been preparing ourselves for. The indicators that we will share in this series make this all but a certainty. The most probable outcome is that due to the already-present status of near-financial collapse in most states, individual state governments will unite into somewhere between five to twelve different centrally-governed "balkanized" regions, perhaps even issuing their own currencies in some cases, with only minimal federal government oversight coordinating the activities of each area, such as in protecting nuclear installations, et cetera, more akin to the original intent of the Constitutional Republic.

Large-scale changes in work and employment may result from a continuing diminution of available fossil fuel supplies, which could eventually become almost solely relegated to power generation, police, fire, military, emergency services and food / water transportation, hence the need for more localized social organization. Bicycles and solar calculators will be highly valued possessions, due to significant reductions in energy supplies. Many large corporations will end up collapsing as the markets return to their true net valuations, leaving empty shells in empty lots and a great resurgence of the "Mom and Pop" businesses with their solar calculators on hand for ringing up customers on brownout / blackout days. A smaller business building with good windows will be worth its weight in gold.

SUVs will be known tongue-in-cheek as "Shelters for Unemployed Vagrants," since they will be far too expensive to drive but roomy enough to shack in. On other days, they may be called "Satanic Usurper’s Victory," "Souls United in Violence," "Sullen Underling’s Vexation," "Seems Unfair, Victoria," "Sexed-up Useless Viagra," "Sincerely Unmovable on Vapors" or "Somebody Unload this Vehicle," as the public marvels over how the info-managed Humvee publicity from Gulf War I caused America to fall in love with a social phenomenon practically guaranteed to break the back of most consumers should gas inevitably, perhaps deliberately rise above three dollars a gallon – not to mention padding the pockets of oilmen along the way.

Once you have finished Part Five, it will not be difficult to infer how the media was used to prominently showcase SUVs as a sign of American independence, freedom, patriotism, bravado and might, followed by a truly legendary marketing blitzkrieg that still continues to this day. If such vehicles did not exist, then it would have been some other design that justified such a Dark Ages level of fuel efficiency.

Since most people will never take these vehicles off-road, as much as they feel they exercised free will and are not simply jumping in on a fad, the deeper reality is that they simply bought what they were taught to buy, through drumfire of endless repetitions of sexed-up adverts on the TV – a multi-billion-dollar campaign to steal back the reputation and sales figures from Japanese manufacturers, who had been making sleeker, more attractive and far more environmentally- and consumer-friendly automobiles. It worked. One out of two cars on the American highway system is now a hulking, oversized bankruptcy waiting to happen. Future members of our society will laugh out loud when seeing an image of an SUV in the same way that we now chuckle with nostalgia when seeing a Ford Model T with "The Entertainer" playing on clarinet in the background, or a submarine-sized 50’s car with "fins" designed to capitalize on the public’s fascination with rockets, with the omnipresent "delightful 50s TV Leave it to Beaver man" voice-over.

Who do you think is responsible for this clever designer disaster, which is not yet visible, especially for those who will certainly not want to spend any time thinking about such possibilities? If the name you come up with rhymes with "toosh" then you’re getting closer to the oil-burning stove. SUVs will not be very expensive to purchase in future times, with red-and-white phone-number signs decorating their windows, and old Hondas, Subarus and Toyotas will have already flown off of the used-car lots.

One can easily see the potential problems this scenario will create. In response to overwhelming social pressure, government will be forced to pass general amnesty laws forbidding banks from foreclosing on houses, so as not to create a homeless population surrounded by locked-up structures that could otherwise give shelter. However, the more reckless debtors will have lost almost everything before the changes get to this point, if they are not careful. Compressed urban areas may become inhospitable, causing mass migrations. Individual townships will be responsible for care and maintenance of their water, sewer, childcare and agriculture as a community – no work, no sanitation. Those of the former Soviet Union have already experienced similar changes, and they were able to work through the changes and still do well. The end of the current American power structure is not "the end of the world," just a change – and as we shall see, a very necessary one at that.

There may not be enough of us to make any difference in the events of the outer world, but by mentally preparing ourselves for the very real future we are heading into, which will include some definite economic turbulence and the need to be frugal and have assets stored in gold, silver and other precious metals, not in banks or financial markets, we can be a source of calm and education for others once the troubled times really arrive. We must hold on to the belief that these corrupt influences in society are being cleansed through shining the truth on the darkness, but it will take time and effort for this to happen. Current power structures will need to collapse and be heavily re-organized by conscientious, aware members of society, with a widespread public disclosure of what exactly had been going on all along.

The remainder of this Part One focuses on information related to a hidden worldwide power group known variously as the Illuminati, the Craft, the Family, the Brotherhood of Death, the Circle or "Moriah," which very much exists. Part Two contains data gathered from a defector of this cult, as well as a personal account of direct evidence this author collected.

Part Three has more of Svali’s words describing what daily life as an Illuminatus is like, and is followed with a summary of how the cult message is being presented to humanity through big-budget Hollywood movies. Part Four is a summary of some of the most pertinent Sherman Skolnick articles that show us where we are and where we are going, in regard to the "behind the scenes" politics now playing out on the world stage. We will have a special focus on the long-term brewing scandal of massive amounts of counterfeit US money now in circulation, which could certainly collapse this economy "better and faster than bombs." The counterfeit is already here, and thus the deadline to have done something about it has long since passed.

Perhaps even more ominously, the estimated 30-40-trillion dollar JP Morgan derivatives pyramid teeters constantly on the brink of collapse, and could utterly wipe out the entire financial base of the so-called Illuminati practically overnight. All that is required is for gold to surge above a certain minimum valuation, perhaps as low as 400-450 dollars an ounce, and stay there for more than a few weeks. Any prominent gold-oriented website, such as, is loaded with information from groups like GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Association) that explains how Illuminati central bankers have mercilessly attacked the spot price of gold in a desperate attempt to keep from going under – all the way under. The more you learn about the problems that they are besieged with, the more that you realize that these guys must hardly have a single pair of clean underwear left in the drawer, based on how many things they have to be scared about.

Once gold really breaks through, we will know that big changes are very close at hand. Such a spectacular-sounding amount of money – 40 TRILLION dollars – is significantly larger than the entire American economy itself, but none of it is "real" – it is all based on a gigantic, empty shell game where numbers chase each other around in computers, logging endless virtual "gains" backed by nothing. Tremendous wealth in the hands of the few is soon to be a memory, though personal motivation and desire, or lack thereof, will always determine one’s quality of life.

Lastly, Part Five is a categorized summary of all relevant information on Walter Storch’s "Controlling the Media" series, which has 14 parts at the current time, and will be discussed more fully in just a moment. By reading Parts One through Four first, the proper context is provided to more fully understand the background for the "leaked" disclosures of Part Five, which might otherwise seem impossible to believe or even imagine.

Without a full knowledge of the positive aspects of what we are now moving through, reading this information can create needless feelings of despair, almost suicidal in their intensity, which is actually a representation of being woefully uninformed about the nature of these changes. Now is the time to get sober and sit with the truth for what it is, allowing for the possibility that what we thought we knew was just a few trickling drops from an ocean of hidden information. Many people are now beginning to learn about the occult negative aspects without having any faith in a higher principle that may be actively working to counterbalance it, and it is really nothing more than a free-will decision to accept one body of credible negative evidence while discarding the faith and optimism that speaks to the human heart, perhaps through the similarity of current events to Biblical prophecy and the positive world transformation that is said to occur thereafter.

Now for some straight talk. Just like Morpheus said to Neo in the first Matrix movie, it is time to make your choice. You can take the blue pill, click "Back" on your browser and get right out of this article now before it gets really intense, or you can take the red pill, free your mind and learn just how deep the rabbit-hole goes. Let us warn you now that we will not be writing to you as if you have the mind of a child. If you find yourself overwhelmed, then it is probably not your time to read the whole article.

The crown jewel of this article series in Part Five is a summary of an Oracle of sorts on Walter Storch’s no-holds-barred alternative media website,, specifically the now-14-part "Controlling the Media" series – an incredible opportunity, perhaps unmatched in American history, to study the direct transcripts from the highest offices of the American corporate television media machine, describing exactly how each new political development is to be ‘spun’ so as to cast a favorable portrait of the Bush Administration. Most people would flat-out refuse to believe that these memos could be authentic, as they might otherwise feel the need to vomit upon seeing the naked negativity and control of those currently in power. Nonetheless, the case is very compelling, and the equivalent of proof of authenticity – the accurate prediction of a future event – has now been repetitively satisfied, the predictions published before they came true.

Operation Mockingbird

Such a system of mass media control is not new – some in the alternative media trace it back to Operation MOCKINGBIRD, a systematic CIA-inspired infiltration of all levels of the corporate media beginning in the late 1940s cold war period, often including direct takeover of major news outlets. According to controversial author Alex Constantine, (search, through the Freedom of Information Act, (FOIA,) researchers have found documents in which CIA agents boast about their placement of "important assets" inside every major news publication in the country. Obviously, such a "spin control" structure was well in place by the time that the Kennedy assassination came around – no one in the media dared to ask the obvious questions.

Interestingly, it was in March of 1947, not 2002, when Henry Luce’s Life magazine declared, "World War III has begun… it is in the opening skirmish stage already." This issue of Life featured an excerpt from a book by James Burnham, who prophesied an "American Empire, world-dominating in political power, set up at least in part through coercion (probably including war, but certainly the threat of war) in which one group of people… would hold more than its equal share of power."

Three "Designer" World Wars With An Agenda – A Brief History of the Illuminati

However, Burnham was by no means original or visionary in uttering such a prophecy of a single worldwide power, brought about through world wars. For many years, the British Museum Library in London contained a letter written by the head of the Masonic Order in Italy, Guiseppe Mazzini, written in 1871. As William T. Still writes in the utterly-essential text New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, (pub. 1990, literally required reading for all those who really want to learn or write about these things,) page 127,

As Mazzini himself wrote, way back in 1871, in the document openly available to be read in the British Museum Library in London for many years,

And a full 23 years earlier, in 1848, Communist father Karl Marx wrote that "the coming world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but entire reactionary peoples, to disappear from the face of the earth. And that will be progress." What world war? Marx’s co-author Friedrich Engles basically ripped off this same text nearly word for word in the same year:

As Still writes here, what exactly was Engels talking about in 1848?

So, as uncomfortable as it is for some to believe, the three world wars, including the one that is now underway, did not happen by accident. They were all carefully and deliberately manufactured events – something that most people cannot even conceive of, since they do not understand how the group known as the "Illuminati" is inspired by their patron saint to actually support and fund both sides of a war at the same time, in the interest of fostering "Ordo Ab Chaos," or "Order out of Chaos." Insider George Lucas took a rather bold step towards illustrating this principle at the end of Star Wars Episode II – The Attack of the Clones, showing direct collusion between apparent enemies "The Emperor" and "Count Dooku."

No matter which side wins, the Illuminists believe that they will come out on top. They let the tide of planetary events and the outcomes of major wars determine which path they will support and profit from the most, all the while trying to steer political events to meet their long-term goals. This is the structure that we feel is now inevitably going to be exposed and collapse under its own weight, for increasingly obvious reasons – the people of the world do not want war, and are refusing to act as staff for the Illuminati. Essentially, there are not enough people who are willing to hold the guns and point them at so-called "enemies." (Remember, the "terrorists" were ordered up on the menu for our current time period all the way back in the 1800s, since they felt that no sizably powerful nations would remain to counteract their aspirations.)

Lack of willing staff necessary to enact nationwide and worldwide control is the Achilles Heel of the Illuminati, which has no solution that they can work around, and we will see in Part Five that it is already happening. Soldiers in Iraq are on the verge of "open mutiny," and, to quote, "Happy talk at the Pentagon about a universal draft [of all American 18-year olds] is fading away. No chance of this disaster even being broached and it should not be mentioned at all. It is doubtful that the White House will touch this one now…"

Though some of the dirty games are now being exposed, only those at the very highest levels of the playing field are aware of this almost unimaginable treasonous information exchange between alleged enemy countries or groups, such as the U.S. and the Taleban and / or al-Queda. This is exactly how the Soviets so quickly ended up with comparable nuclear technology to the U.S. after World War II, and also explains Clinton’s transfer of secret military technology to the Red Chinese, among many other examples. The "Cold War" was very good for business, from an Illuminist’s perspective. You can tell the public that all the "needed" military hardware is much more expensive than it really is, and then take the extra money from 700-dollar hammers and toilet seats and put it into all the neat compartmentalized stuff that no one even knows about. The "black budget" was estimated in the mid-1990s to be upwards of 50 million dollars every day.

In the wake of World War One, Lenin was able to create a centralized Soviet government with the Illuminist-friendly philosophies of communism, and according to Skolnick, the "spark" event of the sinking of the Lusitania, which touched off the war, is now known to have been a deliberate "friendly fire" sabotage to incite the public’s wrath. Similarly, according to the nonfiction spy book A Man Called Intrepid and other sources, Skolnick included, the Americans had already broken the Japanese code before the attack on Pearl Harbor that started the US’s participation in World War II, and permitted it to occur.

Through a process that could only be described as channeling evil telepathically, via the "Palladian Rite" where the participant becomes "the glove of Lucifer," this "grand design" for the three world wars was revealed to Mazzini as a means by which a religious / spiritual agenda could be unrolled before the public – and the "powers that be" were brazen enough to "hide it out in the open," knowing that no one would believe it – which they did not, or could not. Yet.

If you read really good sources, you don’t need to turn over thousands of little rocks to understand what this group is and how their agenda has been set up. By combining the words of Illuminati cult defector ‘Svali’ with William T. Still’s seminal New World Order book, (endlessly stolen from without credit, re-interpreted and watered down by "conspiracy theorists") and a healthy dose of Sherman Skolnick’s articles on, as given in Part Four, the picture becomes quite clear. All three sources precisely correlate with the information that we see in Storch’s website series of in-house corporate television memos, summarized in Part Five, in a variety of downright astonishing ways. Most notably, Svali says that the Illuminati don’t mind if people write about them, as the scope of the conspiracy is so vast that most human beings would never be able to believe that such a thing is possible. Here is a perfect example of such information in case you are becoming curious.

The cumulative evidence that we will touch upon here shows that there really is an organized group that has great worldly power with a faith in Lucifer as their principal deity. You can’t get higher than about the 30th degree of Freemasonry without learning of this connection, and if you show signs of not being able to handle it, then you’ll never be invited to progress any further. The highly paranoid and dubious William Cooper book Behold a Pale Horse may or may not be accurate, but it suggests that the aspiring high-level Masonic initiate is asked to spit on a cross. If he refuses to, then he is congratulated for his wisdom and discernment, passing this test of his faith, but he does not proceed any further in the organization. Likewise, he who follows the orders without reservation is considered ready to proceed forward and be initiated into the greater truths. Again, this may or may not be the way in which it is actually done.

There is always the potential for knee-jerk reactionary confusion, so it is important to point out that Luciferians do not believe in or worship Satan. They have inherited advanced esoteric documents, artifacts and teachings from a highly sophisticated ancient civilization, whose records were preserved for thousands of years in Egypt, then in Greece and finally to France, England, Germany and the Vatican, among other locations. When the Christian religion came along, these secret groups were heavily persecuted, tortured and killed for their occult beliefs. Most importantly, the Masons are holding a very big grudge over this, even now – it is written directly into their ceremonies, such as in the ritual slaughter of Hiram Abif. Hence, their line of reasoning goes as follows. Though we do not at all agree with these teachings, we do want to present their opinion to the best of our knowledge so that we can share an understanding about how they see things in their secret worldwide religion.

If the Christians say that Lucifer was the angel of light cast out by the Christian "Father," then this Father must be evil, since many inheritors of the Ancient Mysteries were horrifically persecuted, tortured and assassinated in His name. Hence, Lucifer was the misunderstood light-bearer of the secrets of "the knowledge of good and evil," tossed aside because he was interrupting with the otherwise-negative plans of the rest of the "fallen" Christian pantheon, who wanted to deny humanity its natural impulses through "repressive moral dictates" and repression of any and all Bible-challenging scientific breakthroughs, all of which was then used as an instrument of psycho-religious political control and public domination. Hence, the Illuminists felt the need to "beat the Christians at their own game," and lead the world towards a "New World Order" (Novus Ordo Seclorum) of Illuminism.

The inherited secret Egyptian religion was thus integrated directly into the concept of Lucifer, with Osiris and Isis deemed to represent the male and female "aspects" of Lucifer. In America, the removed phallus of Osiris is symbolized by the Washington Monument Egyptian obelisk, and the "illuminated" Isis, with extended triangular beams of light streaming from her head as the sign of a very high Initiate, bearing the torch that holds "the sacred fire of antiquity" (a metaphor for the ancient mystery teachings) is symbolized by the Statue of Liberty. Hermes, the revered central messenger of the ancient religion, known more fully as "Thoth-Hermes Trismestigus" or "Thrice Greatest Hermes," is presented in a gorgeous sculpture within an immensely luxurious and breathtaking marble room as you enter the National Art Gallery in Washington, DC. This is just one country’s example of how this influence emerges.

On July 14, 1889, the grand Masonic "leader of all leaders" Albert Pike wrote the following, illustrating some of the basics of this Illuminist philosophy that we have just been discussing. Since the Illuminati plan on rolling all of this information out before the public in the near future anyway, originally by 2020 according to Svali but with newer indications that the timeline has been significantly advanced to possibly as early as 2005, they will probably not see posting Pike’s infamous words as anything more than a public service announcement:

As crazy as this must sound, the reader is advised to keep well in mind that many of the world’s most powerful people really do believe this, and they are deadly serious about it. In fact, it is undoubtedly the most secret but also perhaps the most well-funded body of "spiritual" teaching on Earth. They do honestly feel that they are, in their own way, trying to "save the world," as twisted as that sounds to most of the rest of us. Hence, all the weird last-minute-sounding desperate events playing themselves out on the world political stage at this time are not as random or as strictly greed and profit-driven as most people would like to believe. This is a RELIGION. That last sentence should be repeated twenty or thirty times, with a new paragraph each time, just to really drill the point home. There is a HIDDEN SPIRITUAL REASON for why these events are being orchestrated.

To really understand the "big picture," we again must open our minds enough to realize that Illuminism is the most well-publicized religion on Earth, thanks to MOCKINGBIRD and the control of all forms of media, Hollywood and the music industry notwithstanding. The second portion of Part Three has a series of brief movie summaries that most conclusively demonstrate the Illuminist agenda, and all of the mentioned movies are commonly available at the Blockbuster video store for rental and viewing. Yes, you can do "armchair research with a remote control" on the Illuminati. Throughout the 20th century and on into the 21st, a highly integrated and systematic plan has been in place to indoctrinate the public with a system of spiritual philosophy rooted in gratification and glorification of all our basest impulses, where all Christian virtues must be "shunned like fire."

Hence, the chastity, Christianity, family fidelity and abhorrence of violence typical of the average 19th Century person has been replaced by the often-open acceptance of pornography, rape, abuse, extramarital affairs, intoxication, vulgar language, shock violence and evil / demonic-oriented "horror movie" culture of our current world, where the good guys are never as impressive or supernatural as their formidable adversaries, winning only by superior technology, cunning and "true grit." However, where most people would disagree with the Illuminati is that although we have all watched these movies, most of us are not going out and killing people. The majority of the world does not appear to be anywhere near as innately evil as the Illuminati would like to believe. And the public does not like to have any agenda forced upon them. There is no way for the Illuminati to have enough willing staff to quell the resistance that will be formed, and warring factions within the group are already working to destroy each other.

The true scope of this conspiracy, which most people will automatically reject out of fear and disbelief, is well beyond the capacity of this article series to enunciate, but all the information is out there for those who go looking for it. So for this series, we will just give some highlights on how this hidden architecture of world control is playing out in the manipulation of content in the media, and how the wheels are falling off of the chariots of war even as we speak.

Betrayal is the First Rule of the Order

Here is the bottom line. The Illuminists cannot agree on who will be in control of this New World Order, as "betrayal is the first rule of the Order." According to Svali, this teaching about betrayal is drilled in to those born into this intergenerational cult beginning at a very young age, almost from birth. The problem, therefore, is that secret partisan splinter groups are constantly going behind each other’s back and vying for absolute power and control. Svali’s writings indicate that the German-centered Illuminati, with a strong power base of thousands of Nazi scientists transferred to the US after World War II via Project Paperclip, intend for the US to have a severe economic collapse and eventually be subsumed into the New World Order as only the sixth most important or powerful country, after Germany, France, the UK, Russia and China. It is interesting that the three main countries that opposed Bush’s war aspirations in winter 2002 / spring 2003 were Germany, France and Russia.

However, it appears that Bush and Company, through their own splinter sect the Skull and Bones Society, fully exposed in a September 2002 article on MSNBC to be known secretly as "The Brotherhood of Death," have decided that this is not acceptable, that maybe "Illuminized" Fundamentalist Christianity really isn’t all that bad after all, and that America should be Number One. Hence, in the UK we have a split between German Illuminati factions in Parliament and Brotherhood of Death factions headed by Tony Blair. Israel is undoubtedly the leader of the Brotherhood of Death "axis" of the world elites, and such control is exacted largely through blackmail and wiretapping, according to Skolnick and others.

As we shall see in Part Two, Svali indicates that the German Illuminati "HATE Israel, and hope one day to see it destroyed." Yet, the Brotherhood of Death (Israel / UK / US axis) seems to be following Hitler’s written and unwritten plans of action almost line for line for their own purposes, clearly as a form of revenge against the former Illuminist persecution of the Jewish people by the same tactics. They hope that this time the same blueprints will "work" effectively, as their opponents once intended. So there you have it.

Now that Bush’s Brotherhood of Death has strayed very far afield of the original intent of the Illuminati, they are in the process of being taken out of power. What we are seeing right now is a very serious "insider war" between competing religious sects vying for world control and the unveiling of the "pure doctrine of Illuminism" on their own terms. Several sources have described an "open shooting war in the streets" that developed when Bush Senior came into power in 1988, between the "old CIA" and the "new CIA" that Bush installed. Hence, this war between the elites has been going on since at least 1988, when George Senior "won" the election.

Ironically, Hitler did the same thing as the Brotherhood of Death in World War II – he got very excited and over-confident in his aggression and power, and wildly diverted from the Illuminist plan that he had been given, which would have included taking over as much of Europe as he could and then merging it into the Soviet empire. Instead, he went against his handlers, which meant attacking them at their remaining military center – Russia. The plan fractured to pieces, Hitler was cleverly tricked to march on St. Petersburg in the dead of winter, and was thus carefully removed from power. American companies funded and supplied Hitler’s entire war effort, even while fighting him. This included Ford Motor Company tanks and refitted passenger aircraft covertly shipped by Boeing, among other well-known giants. Ford went so far as to secretly repay Hitler for the damage to their tank plants after they were bombed by American forces, thus insuring that he would bounce back that much more quickly and keep the money rolling in.

So even though we have one Illuminati group fighting against another, the punch line is that none of them will end up winning – the days of "huge profits and control by and for the few" are coming to an end. The colossal misgivings of the Bush Administration are actively waking up the public to corruption, once and for all. Though one could say that it was one negative group battling against another, all would agree that the deposition of Hitler from power was a good thing. What we are now seeing in America is a very similar process, hopefully occurring more in the political arena with less actual bloodshed. Skolnick’s sources do suggest that bloodshed is possible if subtler means are not successful. Through money, power, blackmail and death threats, the Brotherhood of Death have strong-armed the media into being their loyal servants in an attempt to stave off this attack from their former allies.

Oh, but the times they are-a changin’. Someone on the inside of one of the top television news networks, probably some degree of rebelling Illuminist themselves, has become fed up with all the lies, and fears for the safety of the world if the truths behind these occult politics are not exposed. After at least half a century of clandestine media manipulation, we now have the goods.

Even more recently, we have the "smoking gun" to prove that these transcripts are indeed accurate and not a product of a hoax. In order to demonstrate credibility, the un-named informant from an un-named major corporate TV network was asked to give current memos, not simply those from the past. Storch knew that if the media really did follow these guidelines, then naturally the content of the memos would soon turn up in the corporate media within a short time thereafter. No hocus-pocus, Tarot card gypsies, remote viewing or crystal balls here – if you see it first on TBRNews before the corporate media, and it is decidedly specific enough, then the burden of proof has been satisfied. Period.

In this particular case that we have called the "smoking gun," it was a June 20, 2003 request from "on high," essentially from the White House itself to the central media coordinator for the network who then farms it out to other departments, which attempted to spin the massive, accelerating unemployment situation in the US with a "treatment" that would use phony statistics to make it appear that all the rising unemployment figures are being caused by teenagers and fresh High School graduates unable to compete in a more selective environment. Admittedly, it was a shock to see this corporate media Oracle be proven correct in such an arresting, definitive, undeniable, lock-stock-and-barrel scientifically provable fashion in the New York Times.

Here is the original "prophecy", issued in a June 20th memo and published online before July 1st:

And given a slightly over three-week period for research to create a "puff piece" with phony or inflated statistics designed to "spin" the situation, the following article, reproduced here in full for impact, manifested on the New York Times website. The Brotherhood of Death said, "We want a rabbit," and three weeks later it was pulled from the purloined corporate hat. Notice how many completely unsupported (biased) statements will appear in the article, such as "Retail stores are increasingly favoring older sales clerks," along with dubious, undocumented ‘statistics.’ As you read this article, remember that its entire purpose is to lie to you about the terminal state of the economy, acknowledging the surging unemployment figures while blaming them solely on those unruly teenagers who have been such a menace anyway… serves ‘em right. Some of it is certainly true, as we really do have a bad economy, but it is very selective in what is shared.

Before you indulge in the comfortable belief that such an article just couldn’t be a big wad of BS, remember the recent flap about the Jayson Blair scandal, where it was conclusively shown that a leading NYT reporter was writing almost all of his supposedly on-location articles without ever leaving New York, stealing concepts from other articles and inventing quotes and new data points on the fly. The NYT has prided itself for its reputation, but this leak caused massive credibility damage, leading to other reporters being outed and bigwigs losing their jobs, Sulzberger himself making frequent public "damage control" statements.

If such a "treatment" can be "worked up" in just over three weeks’ time and made to basically look credible, then most major news reporters must be consistently aware that they are told to manufacture the news – Blair just got too careless in the execution, as did others who have also been fired since then. History will judge that this scandal was truly heaven-sent, as the New York Times has since been forced to appear non-partisan with the Bush Administration in order to avoid complete collapse. And as the in-house secret memos state, when NYT leads, the other networks must follow, or they too will lose the appearance of unbiased objectivity. A single well-thrown snowball can indeed start an avalanche. The lies are so blatant and foolish that the minute the media becomes even slightly fair, the cat is not only out of the bag but ready to shred up all the quaint Victorian sofas in the White House.

Teenagers Facing Hard Competition for Summer Jobs


BOSTON, July 13 — Teenagers are facing the worst summer job market in years, with the percentage of those holding summer jobs at its lowest in 55 years and the unemployment rate at its highest in a decade.

Governments have cut money that used to help put teenagers in jobs. Retail stores are increasingly favoring older sales clerks. And teenagers are suffering a kind of push-down effect of the bad economy: older workers are returning to the job market, the laid-off are settling for jobs they might once have thought beneath them and college students unable to find better work are hanging onto jobs that used to go to high school students, squeezing out the youngest workers.

It stands in cold contrast to the situation three summers ago, when teenagers were snubbing jobs cleaning parks in favor of air-conditioned clothing boutiques and offices, sometimes bouncing from one job to a better-paying one in the space of a season.

David Solomon, 18, ticks off a list of retail stores he has been badgering for a job. "I stay on CVS, I stay on Toys `R' Us, I stay on Timberland, I stay on the Gap," said David, who had come for help to a job center for teenagers in this city's Roxbury section. "It's not like I'm lying down, letting days go by. I'm actually trying to get a job. But they just say, `We'll call you.' I think they put my application in the garbage."

Here, in a city that has long prided itself on its youth jobs program, City Hall has cut the summer jobs budget from $8 million in 2000 to $3.3 million. Mayor Thomas M. Menino has started a fund-raising drive to help pay for the camp counselors the city usually provides to the Y.M.C.A.'s and the boys' and girls' clubs. The city had to eliminate its Gray Shirts program, which for years has employed about 1,500 14- and 15-year-olds to clean city parks and streets. As Tim McCarthy, the director of the Boston Youth Fund, said: "We're closing firehouses and laying off policemen. It's difficult to hire a kid when you've fired his father."

A private group that typically places upward of 5,000 teenagers with area companies this year said it could manage only 4,000. Big corporations like State Street Bank and Fleet have absorbed 1,400. About 2,600 are still waiting for jobs at smaller employers that have traditionally taken the program's teenagers. But many of those places — stores, restaurants, the concession stands at Fenway Park — say they do not have room.

"Last year there was some residual good will, even in a bad economy," said Chris Smith, a director at the program, run by the Boston Private Industry Council. "This year it's stone cold."

The unemployment rate for 16- to 19-year-olds, at 19.3 percent nationwide in June, is rising particularly fast for black teenagers. But the trouble finding jobs hits across the country, and all demographics.

In Portland, Ore., teachers with years of experience took jobs as playground supervisors in city parks — positions that traditionally went to college students. Knott's, which runs amusement parks and a resort in Southern California, drew three times as many applicants as usual to its annual summer jobs fair in March, prompting the company to cancel the one it usually holds in April. Even last week, the parks got 500 applications. At Valleyfair, a summer amusement park 35 miles south of Minneapolis, 500 applicants, mostly high school students, showed up for an annual recruiting fair in mid-May — twice the usual number.

"We told them they didn't have to wait in line, they could just drop off the application, but they stood in line for two, three hours," said Amy Maikkula, the park marketing manager. "Generally we're not fully staffed until the end of July. This year we were done by early June. We've never been in a situation like this."

Since 2000, the employment rate for teenagers has dropped about 9 percentage points. "If you had a nine-point drop for adults, you'd call it a depression," said Andrew Sum, director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University here. If the pattern of the past three summers holds steady, July and August will not look any better.

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Anita Yip, who just graduated from Boston Latin, the city's most prestigious public high school, has a scholarship to Wellesley College, but no summer job. Last year, her local Starbucks offered her a job, but she had a paid internship at a magazine. "Come back next year," Anita said the manager told her. When she did, the same manager said there were no openings. Last summer's internship was full, the one at the Museum of Science took only college students, and places at the mall said they were not hiring, Anita said.

Now, she has her heart set on a job at Winston's, an upscale florist where she saw a Help Wanted sign when she bought her prom date a boutonniere. Still, she has not heard back about her application.

"Every week I say, `I'm going to be working next week,' " Anita said. "This week I'm still saying the same thing."

Traditionally, most teenagers have found summer jobs in retail. But increasingly, retail stores, including big chains like Home Depot, are refusing to hire anyone under 18.

Renee Ward, president of an Internet job board called, said most of the 1,300 retailers who have posted jobs in the past few years said they were not hiring teenagers under 18 this summer.

Some are pushing her to start Seniors4Hire: they are more experienced, often more reliable and willing to accept the same money.

This has made the squeeze particularly hard on younger teenagers.

In Fayetteville, N.C., Shari Dillard, 16, heard nothing about her applications to the stores at the mall, restaurants or telemarketers. She finally got her first interview last week, at a movie theater.

"I've been trying to prepare myself for what questions they might ask," she said. "The question I'm worried about is, Why do I want this job? The only reason I want the job is because I really want to start working."

In part, the low rate of teenagers with jobs simply reflects fewer teenagers entering the work force. The teenage participation rate dropped from 51 percent in June 1993 to 45 percent this June, and has generally declined since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began keeping records in 1948.

The bureau says the lower employment rate partly reflects more students staying in summer school.

But sometimes, students volunteer for summer school simply because they cannot find jobs — the choice Ricardo Santiago, a 17-year-old high school senior in Chicago, made after hearing "We'll call you" one too many times.

"You wear baggy clothes, they think you're a gang-banger," he said. "I cleaned up my appearance, I threw on some khakis and a nice shirt. I was hoping it would work, but they just tell me they're going to call me. I wait and I hear from nobody."

- END -

Some people will probably have a hard time believing that such a relatively convincing-sounding article could have been entirely dreamed into existence and then "made real" by NYT staff, completely for political expediency. However, "he who publishes first laughs last," and TBRNews was first. We wrote Mr. Storch and said, "You need to write an article about this, as you’ve just gotten your big smoking gun, and if not, then we will," and Storch replied, "Go for it!" Storch also found one on his own – the Oracle mentioned that aggressive Fundamentalist Christians would be sent to Iraq to try to convert the Muslims. Mr. Storch took a lot of hate-mail for that one, as no one was willing to believe it, but less than two weeks later, there it was in the mainstream media. So here we are.

Part Five of this article is an organized meta-analysis of the overall picture that these memos give, with a particular focus on trying to synthesize all the scattered pieces into some kind of coherent portrait of exactly what we are being shown, with an emphasis on the most likely course of future events. And without further adieu, we can "get to the point" by saying that a remarkable shift occurred in the tone of the memos as of the middle of July, 2003 – the corporate news networks have now been backed into a corner where they can no longer appear to support the Bush Administration and still maintain the appearance of legitimacy. Hence, the road to some form of impeachment or removal of Bush and Company from office is now practically guaranteed; much as the July 4th event showed us, the support structure has given out. The sky really IS falling in the White House.

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