The Changing of the Guard:

Corporate Media Whistleblower Speaks

Part Three: Illuminati Life and Propaganda

By Art Aqua



Svali In Her Own Words

Some additional content – short, direct articles from Svali herself – is useful at this point to round out a greater context on the Illuminati, making that crucial bridge where we could actually imagine someone living this lifestyle day by day. In the second half of this section, we will give content descriptions of popular Hollywood movies that present the Illuminati agenda and teachings in ways that are very obvious, once Svali’s context has been internalized.

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Author: Svali
Published on: February 10, 2002

I am writing an article that is somewhat angry, but I can’t help myself. I am angry that my tax dollars are being used, and yours as well, to fund certain projects. I am risking my articles here at this site being pulled for writing this, but I can’t stay silent.

The projects are under the umbrella of the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Virginia. These projects are investigations in the techniques of different forms of mind control and how easily "subjects" can be coerced, drugged, hypnotized, traumatized, or otherwise brought under "control" and turned into willing workers who believe fully that they are doing a "good thing" for either their "country" or their "family".

I should know. I was a victim of these brutal experiments, and later in life I was an experimenter on others.

There is a ton of documentation and evidence both through governmental records and online that this stuff really happens. That MK-ULTRA, BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MONARCH and other projects funded by our tax dollars were and are being covertly used to abuse and torture innocent children and later adults through these programs. The fact that there IS documentation available in the face of the notorious amount of governmental paper shredding that goes in shows the sheer volume of the documentation and notes that were kept and that could not be completely erased from the public record.

With project PAPERCLIP, it is known that nazi doctors (you know, the ones who did those experiments on people in Germany during WWII) were imported into the United States. While ostensibly they were there to help the US increase its technology, many of them also shared their knowledge of human neurophysiology, and were recruited into overseeing ongoing experiments.

Enough third person. I will share my own personal memories of this. At night, by age 8, Dr. Timothy Brogan of George Washington University, my main trainer, and my mother would take me to Langley, Virginia. I remember there were dark trees in the fields behind the long buildings at one end, and that we always went to the same building. Underneath there were classrooms, used for training. I would sit in a group with other children, and:

At Tulane Medical Center (home of "The Institute", considered one of the top research facilities in the United States for mind control techniques and exploration of the paranormal,) near death experiences and using recorded messages to repeat a message over and over were used. They believed that the near death state would engrave a message or belief into the deepest levels of the unconscious, and the "rebirth" experience (which created a new alter [split personality – AA] at a very deep level) created a very, very loyal "subject". It did. The subject was terrified and told that if they ever disobeyed, they would go back to the "near death" state, so few thought of being "disloyal" under those circumstances.

The equipment that our tax dollars bought for these organizations working under a governmental umbrella was very sophisticated: VR equipment, and use of the most sophisticated neurolinguistic techniques available. And people who were taught in how to use it all to maximum effectiveness.

By the time I was 23, I was a head trainer in San Diego. At night, I continued to experiment on others, under the supervision of Jonathan Meier and eventually Col. Aquinos, who was a regional director over our group. And sure enough, each evening after we were done, we would upload our data that was heavily encrypted to the data banks at Langley, Virginia. We had to go through six levels of security passwords at the CIA data center before we came to the area where data could be uploaded. They wanted to know the results of experiments ongoing everywhere, and there were strict protocols to report any unusual reactions, anomalies, or new medication combinations that were especially effective.

I believe that most of the American public has no idea that certain governmental organizations are using their money this way. I also believe that most who read this will disbelieve that the CIA and a respected medical center could be the site of such experimentation on the minds and psyches of both children and adults (we did it on both). But it is the truth, and I am sorry that it is, because I am angry that part of my taxes taken out when I work goes to support ongoing abuse. My only hope is that someday, this will be discovered, brought out into the open and the public will be able to scrutinize what occurred and still occurs, and it can be stopped.

A Day in the Life of a Trainer

Author: Svali
Published on: November 3, 2001

*Trigger warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of cult activity. Please do not read it if you are triggered by reading these things.

A lot of people have written and asked questions such as, "When did you go to meetings?" or "What about your children when you were in the group?", and even "How did you divide the cult activity from your normal life?"

This article is an attempt to answer these questions and to better promote understanding of how dissociation works in the person who is cult active. This "day" is based on over 12 years of therapy, and is a collage based on several different memories of what life was like roughly seven years ago when I was still active in the San Diego group. Hopefully it will help those who are support people and therapists understand better how severe the amnesia is between cult activities and daily life, and will explain how a member of an abusive and occult cult can be a kind Christian person in their day life.

7:00 a.m. I wake up tired, as always. It seems as if tiredness dogs my steps even when I go to sleep early. I wake to the buzzing of the alarm clock, and get up. I am already dressed, because over the past two years my husband and I have started going to bed with our clothes on. We laugh and say it saves time dressing in the morning. I am in the uniform of every American housewife: baggy sweat pants and matching top, and tennis shoes with foam soles. I change into a nicer outfit for work.

I get my two children up and prepare breakfast, which is simple: cereal and toast. Afterwards they prepare for school, and I drive them to the small Christian school that they attend. I am the teacher for first grade there; my daughter is in fifth grade. I have a nagging headache that I ignore as we arrive at the school.

8:45 a. m. School starts. I teach first, second, and third grade at a multigrade Christian school that my children attend. Before this, I had home schooled my children for several years. I was asked to substitute at this school when one of the regular teachers left, and soon was asked to teach fulltime. I enjoy teaching and I multitask well; I go from first grade to second to third, giving each activities to do. I have lesson plans set up for the whole semester. I am considered a kind and patient teacher; the kids like me and I like them, although I wish the headaches would go away. Sometimes by the end of the day, they are intense.

3:30 School is out. My daughter has invited a friend home to play, so I remind them all to buckle up for the drive home. I am tired, but I also realize that it’s important that my children have an opportunity to reach out. I worry sometimes at their tendency to withdraw, and encourage them to have friends over. We practice riding our horse in the penned field in our back yard. My son comments, "Gee, Mom, you’re a lot nicer to me at home than when you’re my teacher," and I laugh and say, "That’s because I don’t want to play favorites at school."

5:30 I drive the friend home. Dinner is in the oven.

At this point, my day has been exactly that of any other person who is not DID [Dissociative Identity Disorder = multiple personality disorder – AA] or in a cult group. This is because my presenters, or day people, [internal personalities – AA] have been out. They are kind, caring, Christian, and completely unaware that there is another life that I live. If you stopped me at this point and asked, "Are you involved in any activities at night?" I would have absolutely no idea of what you were talking about. I was created specifically to look, act, and be normal in every way during the day. You could follow me around all day to this point, and there would be absolutely no indication that I lead another life at times. The only hint is the headaches, and occasional bouts of unexplained depression that I can’t seem to shake. I have had both all of my life.

6:30 My husband comes home and we all eat dinner. He and I have a good friendship, although we are distant in some ways: he lives his life and I live mine. We rarely argue or even disagree openly. I help the children with homework while he works on a business plan for a client.

7:45 A call comes, and when I pick up the phone, someone says, "Is Samantha there?" This is one of my code names, and I immediately switch [to a different internal personality associated with the cult activity – AA]. "Call back in a little," I tell them. "Fifteen minutes," the voice says. I send the kids upstairs to take their baths.

8:00 The call comes again. "Samantha?" I instantly change. My voice goes flat, and I reply in a wooden voice. "Yes, what is it?" "Remember to bring the items we discussed tonight," I am told. I then recite a key code to this person, who is the head trainer, that ensures that I will remember his message. I hang up after he does.

8:30 I read my children a bed time story. They are very, very afraid of the dark even at six and ten years of age, and insist that a light stays on in their room all night. As the evening progresses, they become more and more anxious. "Mom, I’m afraid," my daughter tells me. "Of what?" I ask. "I don’t know," she answers. She says this a lot, and I worry about my overly sensitive and anxious young daughter. Deep inside, I feel that these fears aren’t normal, and that there is something wrong, but I don’t know why. My husband tells me I worry too much, and that our daughter picks it up from me. I stay with both children until they fall asleep. This is our nightly routine, and I feel it is the least I can give them.

9:30 I get ready to go to bed. I have to get ten to twelve hours of sleep a night, or I am completely exhausted. Many times, I fall asleep reading to my two children. Just before falling asleep, I say to my husband, "Remember" and give him the code that lets us know we have to wake up later. He replies in German that he remembers. ["Samantha" is programmed to give this message as Svali nears sleep – AA.]

1:00 am. My husband wakes me up. He and I take turns being the one to wake up the others. We don’t need an alarm, because our internal body clocks wake us up. I am in my sweats, I fell asleep dressed to make it easier when I rise in the middle of the night. I am finally me, I can come out now and see the outside world, not locked inside as I am during the day. "Get the kids," he says in a low tone. I go upstairs and tell them, "Get ready, now." They are up instantly, completely obedient which is very different from during the day. Quickly, silently they put their shoes on and I take them down to the car.

My husband drives, I am in the passenger seat. He drives with the headlights off until we are on the road so we won’t wake our neighbors up. We live in the country on a dirt lane and there are few houses to worry about. My job is to keep alert, looking for anyone following us, to alert him if anyone is coming.

Once we are down the road and turn onto the paved road, he turns the headlights on and we go to the meeting. "I didn’t finish my homework," my son says. My husband and I turn briefly to him, enraged. "We don’t talk about day at night, EVER!" we remind him. "Do you want to be beaten?" He looks hurt, then the rest of the drive is in silence, the children looking out the windows of the car as we glide silently to our destination.

1:20 am We are at the first checkpoint at the military base. We drove in the back entrance and are waved through, the lookouts recognize our car and our license plates. They would stop anyone who wasn’t familiar or authorized to be there. We will pass two more checkpoints before coming to the meeting area. It is at a large field on a major marine base that includes hundreds of acres. Small tents are erected, and temporary bases set up for the night’s exercises. We come either here, or to one of three different meeting places, three times a week.

People are chatting and drinking coffee. There are a lot of friendships here, because everyone is working towards the same goal. The work is intense and the friendships are just as intense. I join a group of trainers, who I know well. "Looks like Chrysa is missing," I say. "I bet the lazy b--- couldn’t get out of bed." I am very different at night. I use words that would horrify me during the day, and I am very catty and mean. The others laugh. "She was late two weeks ago, too," says another. "Maybe we will need to REPORT her." He is joking, but partly serious. No one is allowed to be late, or sick. Or too early, either. There is a ten minute window of time when all members are supposed to report to meetings. If not, then they are punished if there isn’t a good excuse. High fevers, surgery, or an auto accident are considered excuses. PMS, fatigue, or the car not working aren’t.

We drink coffee to stay awake, since even our dissociated state doesn’t stop the body’s protest at being awake in the middle of the night after a full day’s activities. I go to the tent to change into my uniform. We all wear uniforms at night, and we all have ranks too, based on how high we are in the group and how well we do.

1:45 am We start going to our assigned tasks. I have brought the log books with me, the "item" that I was asked to remember. I keep them hidden in a closet at home, locked in a steel box. These books contain data about different "subjects" that we have been working on.

I go to the head trainer’s room inside a nearby building. I work with him, since I am the second trainer under him. He and I despise each other, and I suspect he would love to undermine me since I have made many cruel jokes at his expense. I am supposed to be afraid of him, and I am, but I also cannot respect him, and he knows it. I point out his mistakes to him, in front of others, and he often tries to get back at me.

1:50 am The room inside the warehouse-like building is set up to work on the subjects. It has a table, a light, and equipment. The room is apart from the activities going on outside, so that others will not be distracted by what we do here.

The subject is there, ready to be worked on. Another, younger trainer is there to help, and I tell her to administer the medication. We are working on medications to help induce hypnotic states, and are studying the effects of these medications, combined with hypnosis and trauma. The medication is injected subcutaneously, and then we wait. Within ten minutes, the subject is drowsy and his breathing is slower and heavier, but his eyes are open which is what we want. (I will not describe the rest of the session here, it is too painful for me to describe at this time. I believe that human experimentation is cruel and should be stopped, but the group that I was in did it on a continuous basis).

We record information in the logbook throughout the session, and I have a laptop computer into which I am putting the information as well. We are profiling not just the medication, but also this person’s individual response. We have profiles that are very complete and thorough on this person, started when he was an infant. I can pull up a special profile that tells me everything about him: his favorite colors, foods, sexual preferences, soothing techniques, and a list of all the codes that will elicit a response from him. There is also a diagram of his internal world that has been created over the years.

This subject is easy to work with and things go quickly. I correct the young trainer at one point, when she starts to do something too soon. "You have to learn patience," I chide her in German. At night, we all talk German, it and English are the two ligua francas in this group. "I’m sorry, I thought it was time," she says. I then teach her the signs to look for when the subject is ready. This is why I am a head trainer. I train the younger ones, because after years and years, I know human anatomy, physiology, and psychology inside out. Luckily, I caught this young trainer before she made the mistake; if she had made one, I would have had to punish her.

At night, mistakes aren’t accepted, ever. Once a child is two or three, they are expected to perform correctly, or they are brutalized. This continues into adulthood.

2:35 The session is almost over and the subject is recovering. The medication is quick acting and he will recover in time to drive home. I leave him in the care of the younger trainer and go to the coffee room to take a break. There I smoke a cigarette and have coffee with the other trainers. During the day, I have never smoked and coffee makes me ill, but here, at night, it is completely different.

"How’s your night going?" Jamie, a friend, asks. I only know her as Jamie, it isn’t her real name, but we all go by our nicknames at night. She is also one of the teachers at the school during the day, but we aren’t friends there. "Slow. I had to correct another stupid kid," I say. I am not kind at night, because no one has ever been kind to me. It is a very dog-eat-dog and political atmosphere where the cruel win.

"How about you?" I ask. She grimaces. "I had to march some brats around", she says, referring to military exercises with children ages 8 to 10. Every night there are military exercises, because the group is preparing for the eventual takeover. The children are divided into groups by age, and different adults take turns teaching. We chat for a few minutes, and then go back to our "jobs".

2:45 This is a short session. It is a "tune up" for a member who is one of the military leaders. I take his profile out and review it before starting. The head trainer and one other trainer are working with me. The hypnotic induction goes quickly, and he remembers his programming. It is reinforced with shock, and we check through all parameters. They are all active and in place. I sigh with relief. This was an easy one, and he doesn’t fight us. Afterwards, I am soothing and kind. "You did well, "I tell him. Inside a little trickle in my stomach revolts at the use of brutality to teach. He nods, still slightly dazed from the session. "You can be proud of yourself," I tell him, and pat his hand. He is given his reward afterwards, and spends time with a child. He is a pedophile and this is how he is comforted after his session.

3:30 We have changed out of our uniforms, which are placed in a special hamper to be cleaned. My clothes, which were neatly folded on a shelf, are back on, and we are all in the car on the way home. My daughter speaks. "I get promoted next week," she says, her voice proud. "They said I did really well in the exercises tonight."

She knows that I and the other adults will be at the ceremony to honor the promotions. "I’m glad," I tell her. I am weary for some reason. Usually, I would be glad, but tonight, although it was a routine night, was hard. I have been feeling little cold trickles inside me lately, twinges of terror. Sometimes, I hear a child inside, deep inside, screaming, and I sweat as I work on children or adults. And I wonder how long I can keep doing this. I have heard of trainers who broke down or couldn’t do their job, and I also heard whispered stories of what happened to them. It was the essence of nightmares, and I shove down my own anxiety.

4:00 am We are home and collapse into bed, instantly asleep. The children fell asleep before we got home, and my husband and I carried them to bed. We all sleep dreamlessly and deeply.

7:00 am I wake up to the alarm, tired. It seems I am always tired, and this morning I have a slight headache. I hurry to get the kids up and get ready to teach another day. I wonder if there is something wrong with me, since I seem to need more and more sleep and still wake up tired. I have no idea that the night before, I was up and living my other life.

It may seem unbelievable to some readers that a person can live another life and have absolutely no idea, but this is the nature of amnesia. If programming is done correctly, it is almost undetectable and the person will be completely amnesic to their other activities. This is called dissociation, and it is present in most members of abusive, generational cult groups such the one I describe.

The End of the Illuminati

Author: Svali
Published on: November 15, 2001

**trigger warning: strong Christian message, includes Bible verses

With the recent events that have created fear and concern about the implementation of military rule and/or the ushering in of the NWO for many, I wanted to add some thoughts.

Will the NWO take over? It appears that way, as occult groups are heading in that direction. They are joining hands and resources, and differences have been overcome. [Remember that she was out by 1996, before Bob Dole’s failed attempt at Presidency and well before the coup of 2000. The differences between rival Illuminist factions were likely kept secret from all but the highest-level members, so as not to arouse member suspicions – AA.]

But what is their fate? What will happen to the Illuminati and other groups? I want to take a look at this, because it is very encouraging. And the Bible clearly shows the fate of this new order.

Daniel was one of the greatest prophets who has ever lived. He was an administrator and ruler during the time of king Nebuchadnezzer of Babylon, and became one of the highest rulers in the Babylonian kingdom. He was also a man who sought God and was faithful during the rule of an occult-based world kingdom.

This was an age when the king consulted wizards and necromancers for help, and an age when the person who openly worshipped God encountered hostility from these workers of darkness.

But in the midst of this darkness, Daniel prayed and sought God’s counsel, and God defeated his enemies.

God also shared with Daniel His plan for history.

In Daniel chapter two, King Nebuchadnezzar has a disturbing dream which only Daniel is able to interpret with God’s help. The king dreamed about a large statue made of different materials (a head made of gold; breast and arms of silver, a belly and thighs of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of mixed clay and iron). These different elements represent different kingdoms that would arise and God was showing the king what would happen over the next few years. These would try to rule and subdue the earth (the Greek and Roman Empires almost succeeded).

But look what happens to these kingdoms in Daniel 2:34-35: "A stone was cut out without hands, and it struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay, and crushed them. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold were crushed all at the same time, and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; and the wind carried them away so that not a trace of them was found. But the stone that struck the statue became a great mountain and filled the whole earth."

What is this stone that defeated and crushed the greatest earthly kingdoms and reduced them to rubble and then filled the whole earth? Later on, in chapter 2, verse 44, Daniel explains: "And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which will never be destroyed, and that kingdom will not be left for another people; it will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, but it will itself endure forever."

The stone is the Kingdom of God, established by Jesus, that God states will be set up as a kingdom which will never be destroyed and will crush the occult kingdoms.

We now know the end of the Illuminati and any other occult groups that try to set up a kingdom here. They are already defeated: we know who the winner is!

In Daniel, chapter seven, verses 13 and 14, God even gives us a glimpse of the coming of Jesus in glory, and the establishment of His rule here on earth (which began when Jesus came to earth and His church was established). Again, the Bible is clear: "And to Him was given dominion, Glory and a kingdom, that all the peoples, nations, and men of every language might serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion which will not pass away; and His kingdom is one which will not be destroyed."

The Illuminati and other groups that are organizing to create a world order based on the occult are hoping that this won’t happen. But history is against them. They base their principles and spirituality on the occultism of ancient Rome, Crete, and Babylon. But look what happened to the original practitioners! Their rules ended, and God brought those rulers filled with pride to dust. I know that this is the end of the Illuminati and any other occult groups as well; God has given us a wonderful glimpse in Daniel of their eventual fate.

There is only one rule, one kingdom that will last forever, and that is the reign of Jesus. His reign has already begun in His church, and this gives me hope and joy, and takes away the fear of what the occult "planners" can do. I’ve placed my bet on the winning side, and moved from darkness to His kingdom.

Blessings to you, Svali

Illuminati Mass Indoctrination Through Popular Hollywood Movies

Ready to watch some movies? If you’ve made it this far, then you can see that Svali’s words are a lot to take in. The one major area that has not been covered so far is the heavy Illuminist indoctrination of Hollywood. We know of only one movie that was directly intended to expose this Hollywood indoctrination – Mulholland Drive by David Lynch.

After reading a healthy dose of Svali, the bizarre, frightening Mulholland Drive makes perfect sense – mafia / Illuminist control of Hollywood movie production, the frightening blackmail character known as "the Cowboy," (probably indicative of Bush Administration and cronies,) mind-controlled attractive blonde females preferentially given movie roles by Mafia honchos despite lack of talent, a demon that actually manifests at the end of the movie and is holding a blue box and key symbolic of mind control techniques, the betrayal of friends at the hands of others, hidden assassinations, Luciferian nighttime rituals featuring an opera singer and magician with supernatural evil events, et cetera. Most people say they do not understand this movie.

Also, the Stanley Kubrick movie Eyes Wide Shut was another major whistle-blower on the Illuminati, designed to raise public awareness. Cruise is a doctor who gains access to a cult ritual at a very high-class mansion where its participants are all wearing black robes and masks. There is a ceremonial section followed by group-orgy sections, all the while with the participants still wearing their masks. Cruise is discovered and caught, summoned before the red-robed leader and is ominously told to "remove his clothes," probably leading to group ritual death. Then a female he previously knew and recognized at the party dramatically announces from a balcony that she will "offer herself for him."

Cruise is then set free, and warned that if he tells anyone what he saw here tonight, "there will be the most dire consequences – for you and your family." Both the girl, who he had met before the event and recognized, as well as his piano-playing friend who got him in, end up dying under very suspicious circumstances. A prominent friend of Cruise’s, played by Sidney Gottlieb, comes clean at having seen him at the event, and says, "If I told you who was there – and I’m not going to tell you, but if I did tell you – you wouldn’t sleep so well." He tells his wife about the whole thing and they decide to forget it ever happened, thus living life with their "Eyes Wide Shut."

Kubrick kept the content of the movie extremely secret, selling it only as being heavily sexual in nature. However, on the day before it premiered, Kubrick was found dead in his sleep. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman both express extreme signs of tension on the DVD when interviewed about Kubrick’s death, Kidman actually crying.

Kubrick installed two different backwards-running chanted messages in the main scene where mask-wearing Illuminati are gathering in a hall, with women ritualistically disrobing and going off with male participants one at a time. Anyone can record this off of the DVD and use freely downloadable software such as GoldWave to reverse the lyrics. There is a shorter, slower phrase and a longer phrase, and this is their exact translation when played backwards. The repetitive syllables of the longer sequence are designed to give it a chanting, rapid fashion when heard backwards:

Short, low-pitched unison of voices:

Long, higher-pitched single voice:

Low-pitched unison of voices (repeat from beginning:)

We can see from this that Kubrick is one of only a few prominent individuals to have literally sacrificed his life to make a Hollywood movie that attempted to alert society to the truth. He intended the music to be played backwards, the lyrics to be decoded and the deeper hidden message to be understood – namely an Egyptian god that is worshipped as "Lord," who gives "freedom" and for whom the group will "do what he pleases," including pedophilia with "little girls" and the murder of the victims. Anyone can rent this movie and perform such an analysis, which tells us a lot more than anything overtly presented in the movie itself.

Such movies as direct as these are very few in number, another being "The Skulls," which exposed the Skull and Bones society. In a more symbolic, less literal sense, the three-part Lord of the Rings series is a direct prophecy of the defeat of the Illuminati, which Tolkien never publicly admitted though the connections are obvious. George Lucas’ Star Wars series, largely based on Lord of the Rings and a study of Joseph Campbell’s archetypes, also presents the same conclusion at the end of Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, where Darth Vader betrays the evil Emperor and regains his former identity as the Jedi Anakin Skywalker.

Outside of these specific examples and a few others, a vastly larger number of well-funded movies feed directly into the Illuminati agenda. Indeed, this appears to be perhaps the primary way in which Illuminati philosophies are being taught to people, especially the younger generation, through movies that specifically target them.

As one political example, it is very interesting that the Disney-based 2001 movie Pearl Harbor was, for its time of release, the most expensive movie ever made, at an estimated budget of over 135 million dollars. This was bragged about as part of a multiple-choice Q&A in the opening slides at Lowe’s Cinemas for about one year thereafter. It was released just months before the September 11th event – effectively rewriting history to remove all evidence of foreknowledge that such an event would strike. Svali indicates elsewhere that the Illuminati are very heavily involved with the production of Hollywood movies, and have more than enough money to fund the most expensive projects.

After reading and studying the data within Svali’s online articles, many movies can be seen to present the Illuminati agenda very directly. She only mentions Fight Club, Starship Troopers and Matrix on her website, but over an extended time we have observed that there is always at least one movie in the theaters that has some degree of Illuminati agenda within it. Outside of an immense number of horror movies, including heavily disturbing horror classics Rosemary’s Baby, The Devils, The Amityville Horror Series, The Omen Series, The Exorcist Series, Friday the 13th / Jason Series, Nightmare on Elm St. / Freddy Krueger Series, The Seventh Seal with Demi Moore and recently Stigmata, the movies that most prominently display Illuminist teachings would include:

The Lawnmower Man:

Independence Day:

Starship Troopers:

Total Recall:

Fight Club:

The Cell:

The Devil’s Advocate:

The Game:

Conspiracy Theory:

A Beautiful Mind:


X-Men I:

X-Men II:

The Matrix:

The Matrix Reloaded:

Face / Off:

Tomb Raider:

The Core:


The Hulk:

Terminator III:


Taken together as a body of data and compared with Svali’s information, this collection of movies gives concrete proof that an organized group called the Illuminati does indeed exist, and is funding multi-million-dollar popular movies as vehicles to promote their agenda. Out of all the movies we have shared here, Dare Devil could well be one of the most daring, blunt and audacious presentations of the Illuminist agenda, directly turning Lucifer into a superhero and having a villain that is quite directly associated with Jesus, made most blatant when a bullet goes through both palms while they battle in a church. Then, just add the textual content of Pacino’s speech at the end of Devil’s Advocate, the de-facto disclosure of Martian monuments and a plan to colonize Mars in Total Recall, and the belief in the conclusion of a 5000-year "alignment" in Tomb Raider. Each movie contains pieces of the puzzle.

Undoubtedly there are many other examples that we have not given here, but as we can see, the Illuminati are actively installing their content into the public mind, hoping that when a deliberately-manufactured global crisis ensues, the public will accept the indoctrinated philosophies. It is likely that when this hypothetical Illuminist disclosure occurs, they will reveal exactly when, where, why and how they presented their agenda, including the above movies as part of a far-longer list.

Their obvious intention is that almost everyone will have a "favorite movie" on the list that can be shown in some way to have presented the Illuminist agenda, thus creating a sense of betrayal and acquiescence to the agenda. Many movies are fomenting a deep public hatred of Fundamentalist Christians, (and it is likely that the Illuminati consider this group their strongest public adversary,) thus hoping that the way will be paved for the public to accept of the denial of the human rights of this group unless they conform.

Why the Illuminati Will Fail

In the next section we will have Skolnick’s data, which strongly implies that these plans will not work due to the perpetual infighting and betrayal between various Illuminati factions, and the innately positive mindset of most people, who are "truly good at heart" and would never buy into this even if they do love action films.

In the interest of not letting each other gain power, the warring factions will undoubtedly end up destroying each other’s abilities to actually keep doing what they have been doing, and humanity will experience a collective realization about what has gone on. A secret this huge cannot be kept indefinitely, and with the rise of the Internet it is bursting out in all directions. All other cases of negatively-oriented empires have ended in much the same way, and the Illuminist illusion of control is just that – an illusion. Mazzini and Pike’s plan for the three world wars has failed – Europe remains fragmented and we are nowhere near a global government at this point. One percent of the American public may be Illuminati, but Svali indicates that there would be a "mass exodus" out of the group if they thought they could. Articles like this give the proof that the public needs to "out" this agenda.

Assassinations – Too Expensive, Financially and Politically

Again and again we have seen data that it takes five million dollars to pay for each team effort to create an assassination that is made to look like a suicide. At this level of expense, the Illuminati simply can’t afford to take out all of their detractors, even if they felt they could get away with it. Singular high-profile assassinations, such as the brutally obvious case of Dr. David Kelly, the top Irish microbiologist who recently leaked to the BBC that Blair’s administration had "sexed up" the case against Iraq, are carefully targeted to strike fear into others, especially the media and whistleblowers. One good assassination, like the Kennedy case, can be a huge investment in causing general public fear.

We feel that this Kelly assassination may well prove to be the defining moment where the "big picture" unraveled before the public – it is almost impossibly stupid for the British to have ordered this assassination, and they only did so out of catastrophic ignorance and desperation, since Skolnick says that Kelly was about to blow the whistle on many larger conspiracies and had utterly incriminating documents with which to do it, live on national television.

Apparently, three different teams – the French Rothschilds or "Grabbers," the British Windsors and the Spanish / Austro-Hungarian Hapsburgs, were all watching Kelly. The Rothschilds intended to steal his incriminating documents without harming him, but the Windsors arrived a few minutes later, did not find the documents and did him in, having their BBC media shills spread the story of a suicide. The Hapsburgs want to get their hands on the incriminating documents, working directly against the two other groups. Tony Blair, fearful of compromised phone channels, came in person to the USA to tell George W. Bush what they were about to do. (

In terms of the politically-damaging potency of a single mistake, this could be the equivalent of Hitler marching on Russia, which led to the complete decimation of his warmaking ability. It also shows that there appear to be at least three different Illuminati factions opposing each other at the same time, all trying to harm the others.

Public Surveillance – "Drowning in Data"

As for someone being afraid of public surveillance, a whistle-blowing former CIA operative admitted to us, in person, that they are "drowning in data" and do not have anywhere near the ability to even begin to analyze all of it. Yet the illusion that "everyone is being watched" is still quite pervasive. Your phone may very well be tapped, (if it is FBI you hear a click as if the phone hung up, if it is CIA / NSA / ECHELON you will hear almost nothing,) but there are likely to be 50,000 others being tapped in any given small to mid-sized American city, according to this informant.

The recording is triggered off when you say certain keywords slowly and clearly enough to activate voice-recognition software, and the results then stored on a hard drive somewhere, but there is nowhere near the time or technology for them to analyze it in any significant detail. Indeed, it is impossible to do so. Our intelligence source said that these groups are so fragmented that each individual agent is keeping secrets from all the others and from his bosses, so you literally do not know what the guy in the next room is working on. Neither do his bosses. Everyone is working for themselves.

Records of tapped phone calls are simply kept in the event that someone later raises very big flags, so that a backwards check can be conducted. The endless varieties of computer systems do not and cannot integrate with each other, though, so this is not as smooth, effortless or automated as it might sound. The more keywords you say slowly and clearly in one conversation, so that the computer can pick them up, (and such words should be relatively obvious to figure out,) the greater the likelihood that your conversation will actually be analyzed, however briefly, by an intelligence agent.

Sooner or later, the top families will be exposed and most likely publicly tried and executed, as is typical when crimes of this magnitude become publicly known, and they have nowhere near the control over their underlings that they would like to believe, despite weird forms of mind control programming. The vast majority of those beneath them are very ready to declare mutiny and escape the cult, according to Svali. The intelligence community is now springing "leaks" from all sides of many different aspects of the conspiracy, and probably a good percentage of these are disgruntled Illuminati who have lost faith in the "benevolence" of their leaders. As time goes on, these leaks will become increasingly deep, informative, shocking and public, as the movement gains steam.

It is very important to realize that even those who are writing the Illuminist movies are probably secretly wishing to see the group fail. The Wachowski Brothers inserted scenes during the Architect portion of Matrix Reloaded where images of Hitler, George Senior and George W flash across the screen while he discusses the worst aspects of humanity, and themes of the importance of faith and love exist in both movies, giving a positive spin to the message.

Skolnick’s writings, briefly covered next in Part Four, are extensive and the reader is encouraged to study the archives at or for a more complete picture. By studying these writings, it will become crystal-clear why there are at least three different Illuminati factions warring against each other – they are all in very, very serious financial trouble. The "Profits of Doom" cannot create a sustainable lifestyle for the group any longer. Regardless of what underground bases or technologies they might have, if they run out of money then their power has evaporated – and there is no money left, which is why countries like Iraq are such a desperate priority. As the economic changes rush headlong onto the scene, the common person should keep in mind that this is what is required on a global level to remove the ability of these groups to rule the world.

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