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10-30-2002 - DREAM - I was in a park and there was a man there with a big black machine, digging up a tree to move it.

When the tree was replanted, it was covered with chipped wood mulch, but it was so deep, I couldn't find the tree in it.

Then I looked up into the sky and saw a tiny red car with 3 people in it, one behind the other.  This was followed by 3 bright red cookie-cutter stars rolling across the sky, end over end, and that was followed by 3 bright red cookie-cutter battered appearing squares. These were also rolling end over end.  I was then shown in the sky that these people were Kruchev, Elizabeth Taylor and the Pope.

I walked over to an embankment which had been built over an area that was marshy and sandy, on the edge of the ocean. I looked at the water and saw that it was rising fast and it would soon inundate the land.

Before I woke up, I was shown a plain white page with the words WASHINGTON'S PICNIC at the top.

NOTES:  It appears that the three people are representative of larger groups, not just individuals as they were in the car. Figuring out who they represent is interesting.  At first glance, it would appear that they represent Communism, Capitalism, and Spirituality. That's my first guess.  Obviously, they can also represent Politics, Media, and the Catholic church.

My dreamer friend Marion sent this to help out with the symbolism of the dream:

The tree, with its roots firmly set deep in the ground and its branches and leaves reaching to heaven to me is symbolic of a perfectly attuned life in communion with both God and nature. But what's happening to it: "man" with a "black machine" is uprooting it and planting it according to his own desires. Although "man" has replanted the tree he doesn't stop but commits further abomination by smothering the tree with "wood chips" (which of course he created by destroying other trees).

>>>I walked over to an embankment which had been built over an area that was marshy and sandy, on the edge of the ocean. I looked at the water and saw that it was rising fast and it would soon inundate the land.<<<<

I've been told that this area is known as "the strand" - the line between consciousness and unconsciousness. While you are standing on the earth (consciousness) you are still able to recognize and comprehend those elements and factors in the collective unconscious (the water) that are threatening to overwhelm you.



Hi Dee:

The moment I saw this article I immediately thought of your "tree" dream!!


Garden of Eden is a barren concrete jungle

(Filed: 28/10/2002)

David Blair finds Iraqi propaganda at the site identified as the biblicalbirthplace of mankind

The Garden of Eden has "Down with America" sprayed across its battered wall and the Tree of Life died many years ago. Every inch of grass in the biblicalbirthplace of mankind has been covered with chipped, concrete flagstones.

If Adam and Eve returned today, they would run no risk of temptation, for the serpents, apples and most other forms of life have disappeared.

The traditional site of the Garden of Eden in southern Iraq is about as far from idyllic as could be imagined.

Genesis names four rivers emerging from the garden: the Tigris, Euphrates,Pishon and Gihon. The last two are mythical, so folklore holds that Adam and Eve frolicked together at the point where the Tigris and Euphrates converge, in the present-day Iraqi province of Basra.

Before the rule of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqis sought to turn this spot intoa tourist attraction. A low wall surrounds a small area of riverbank.

This supposedly protects the place where, according to Genesis: "The Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden . . . and the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground, trees that were pleasing to the eye andgood for food."

In fact, the Garden contains five small trees, none of which sprout anyfruit. One has a green cloth tied to a branch, identifying it as the Tree ofLife.

This, according to Genesis, was the tree beneath whose green leaves God placed Adam. Today, every inch of bark has been stripped from its trunk and thebranches are lifeless.

Litter is strewn all around the tree and dirty rags blow across the concreteflagstones. Not a single flower or blade of grass grows.

Instead, the garden displays the central propaganda message of Saddam's regime. On the wall, someone has sprayed in Arabic script: "Down with America."

However, the local children know there is something special about the garden. Nasser Adnan, 11, said he regularly communed with the Tree of Life. "I come here to speak to the tree," he said. "When I want to do well at school, I speak to it. It is specially put here by God."

One seven-year-old girl, Rihab Faris, had heard of Adam. "He is thegrandfather of us all," she said.

A row of crumbling houses stands opposite the garden, part of the impoverished town of al-Qurna. Inside one tiny home, filled with small children, Hamida Mansour, 30, said she forbade her five sons from playing in the garden.

"They might damage it," she said. "This is the tree of Adam. It issignificant to all religions and to all people."

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Media Czars of American Opinion

In a prior column, I attempted to convey the make-up of the three levels of the biased anti-American media: owner/operators, middle management news directors and editors, and the recently graduated journalists from Marxist academia. By now, all who follow the anti-mainstream establishment media utilizing the Internet are accustomed to, and familiar with, both their methods of 'reporting' and their opinionated communist propaganda.

They over report and opine on that which is negative about America, and under report, wail and whine about that which is positive, or just ruthlessly suppress it! If firearms are used two million times a year to protect innocent human life, the fifty or so gun accidents taking children's lives are over reported and accentuated while the former preponderance of contrary information is totally suppressed.

This isn't accidental. This is not due to 'laziness' on their part as so many opponents of their deliberate misinformation more than compassionately and willingly accept. This deliberate misinformation is carefully engineered and designed to enslave America with their utopia, definable as 'communism,' in order to protect their wealth and power! They are very purposefully and vehemently disagreeing with America's founding political purpose!

Who are these behind-the-scenes drivers of this vigorous effort to strip us of our freedoms and protections as offered in our Constitution's Bill of Rights? Who are these individuals who so desperately need to abolish our greatest protection in the Second Amendment? Let's take a look!

The most obvious of these anti-American media czars and controllers is of course the head of ABC/Disney, Michael Eisner. Again, remember, that although they earned their wealth through capitalism, their motivation is to protect their wealth and power gained via capitalism by imposing communism on everyone else! And the way they do this is by shaping the opinion of dumbed-down ignorant America via the news and entertainment media, which they control!

Eisner controls entertainment media television via Walt Disney Television, Touchstone Television and Buena Vista Television. Eisner controls movie entertainment via Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, which in turn controls Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Caravan and Hollywood pictures. Disney bought out Capital Cities/ABC, Inc., thereby becoming ABC Television with leftist anchor Peter Jennings. In addition to owning ESPN and the ABC radio network through the Capital Cities merger, Disney controls several publishing and newspaper operations. Clearly, Mr. Eisner is a powerful controller and shaper of American opinion.

Then we have Viacom headed by Sumner Redstone. Viacom's movie propaganda outlet is Paramount Pictures, and it also owns both television and radio stations. Viacom and Redstone own Simon and Schuster, which provided an $8 million 'advance' to a non-writer and untalented Marxist by the name of Hillary Clinton. Madame Hillary never wrote a book, as her 'Village' idiocy was written by a ghostwriter! Tom Clancy, John Grisham or Stephan Ambrose, proven successful writers, would never ever get such an advance from any publisher such as Madame Hillary obtained! What does that tell you about the leanings of this 'American' outfit? And of course, REDstone and Viacom own and operate CBS [Communist Broadcasting Socialists] and Dan Rather [than America?]

Viacom owns and operates Showtime, Nickelodeon and MTV. Here we have a conglomerate and virtual monopoly, and the US Department of Justice is out to lunch when not torturing Bill Gates and gassing and burning to death women and children! Any anti-trust problems with these monopolies AG [Assault General] John Ashcroft? And now that socialist Ted Turner has been dethroned by the AOL/Time Warner merger, can we expect a turn around at Communist News Network[CNN]? Oh they're talking to Rush Limbaugh are they? Socialist Turner lost his holdings through capitalist merger activity. Was he right to fear his capitalistic downfall? Any media noise concerning this monopolistic turn of events? Fagetaboudit!

But the media czars I love to hate are the Sulzbergers and the Newhouses. The former are the print media Marxists, the gun-carrying New Yorkers, who own the New York Times [circulation over 1,000,000] and the latter own my home state newspaper, the Newark [Red] Star Ledger [circulation over 400,000.] As Arthur Ochs Sulzberger's propaganda rag, the New York Times, desperately pleads for gun control for the rest of us, liberal-left hypocrite Sulzberger was licensed to carry a concealed handgun just like Dianne Feinstein and Rosie O'Donnell's bodyguards! Both demand abolition of the American People's most powerful protection while they more than avail themselves of this 'privilege.' Both Sulzbergers and Newhouses own, in addition to scores of newspapers, dozens of TV and cable TV stations and networks.

Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., is the current publisher of the New York Times and chairman of the New York Times Co. The Times Co. owns such other publications as the Boston Globe, McCalls, and Family Circle. The Newhouse empire, headed by Samuel Newhouse, owns 26 newspapers in addition to the New Jersey [Red] Star Ledger, and other publications such as the Sunday newspaper supplement Parade, and magazines including the New Yorker, House and Garden, Mademoiselle, Vanity Fair, and many others.

Considering the foregoing, which barely scratches the surface of the mega-media monopolies and conglomerates, please keep in mind that these huge organizations are controlled by one individual, and that there are only a dozen or so kingpins controlling virtually all the media! How's that for 'diversity,' huh? How's that measure up to a 'level playing field,' huh? That's why I say we never elect any politician – our media appoints them!

The dozen or so media czars, combined with big corporations of similar political leanings, pick and chose who they want in political stations of power, and eliminate those they don't want. The Gannett Company [USA Today,] the left-liberal organization that decided Al Gore was blue while George Bush was red, is yet another example of big media power! We all know the colors are in reverse! And if ever a company existed that needed regulatory anti-monopolistic control, it is indeed the operations of Gannett! But that will be for another time!

Ted Lang is a veteran editorialist, and has written a regular newspaper column. Send him e-mail at tlang1@optonline.net.

Origins of the Red Star

November 15, 2001

By Christopher Carlozzi

Minuteman Staff

The Social Thought and Political Economy (STPEC) program brandishes a red star in the upper left hand corner of it’s website. The origins of the symbol seem a mystery to students and many often question why it is associated with this already controversial program at the University of Massachusetts.

The responses of STPEC administrators conflict as to the origin of the symbol. Historically, the communist Soviet Union associates itself with the red star. It was seen on the hats of Russian soldiers and elsewhere throughout the Soviet Union during the Cold War. STPEC’s website contains this same symbol, and when questioned about it, the directors’ explanations differed.

STPEC Program coordinator Deborah Reiter claims that the symbol was "stolen from the San Francisco Mime Troop." To contrast this explanation, STPEC’s Sara Lenox explains otherwise. "The star on the website is kind of a traditional symbol of the 19th century and it’s sense of activism." She also mentions Frederick Douglas’s newspaper, The North Star. "This symbol is looking to the stars, aspirations." Lenox continued, "We want to stress the continuity of people who have addressed social issues in the past, that is where we take it from."

STPEC’s red star can be seen on their website, pins at the office, and on shirts issued to STPEC majors.

Christopher Carlozzi can be contacted at


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What do Communism, the Illuminati, and the Islamic terrorists who committed the recent heinous crimes against America have in common? Plenty!

The World Marxist/Communist Movement was spawned from Illuminati conspiracies. When Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and their henchmen seized control of Russia and its republics and set up the Communist-led U.S.S.R., they were simply following The Plan of Adam Weishaupt’s Order of The Illuminati and Albert Pike’s Palladium of International Freemasonry.

Many today believe that Communism is dead but, not so. The beast has dug into American soil and its tentacles reach out in the form of extremist Red subversion of our political, economic, religious, and social systems.

Immediately after the bloody and devastating terrorist attack on New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, yours truly began to earnestly investigate the active and philosophical links between Communism, the Illuminati conspirators, and the Arab terrorists. Each of these groups has its prime objective the establishment of global tyranny and worldwide totalitarian dictatorship. Though there are significant differences, I have uncovered an astonishing correspondence between recent catastrophic events and these three totalitarian groups.

Communist Politicians Subverting America

I have found that, in the San Francisco bay area, and in nearby Oakland, California, a pro-Communist Party cell exists which, I believe, is exceedingly dangerous to American security. The political and social influence of this Marxist cell is far-reaching, even entering the hallowed halls of Congress.

The Congresswoman who represents this district—the 9th Congressional District of California—is a black woman, Barbara Lee. Ms. Lee is the only person in the Senate and House to vote against the U.S.A.’s use of force to defeat the terrorists. The vote in Congress was 420-1. Ms. Lee, a rabid Communist sympathizer, was the 1.

Long known as a fan of Fidel Castro and an enemy of United States security, Ms. Lee has nevertheless been rewarded by the Democratic Party leadership of Congressman Richard Gebhardt with plum, key positions on the powerful committee that oversees our nation’s banking and finances. She also sits on the Committee on International Affairs.

Congresswoman Lee’s mentor was Ron Dellums, who previously held the same seat in Congress but retired in order to give Lee a promotion. Lee was Dellum’s chief lieutenant. In my opinion, Dellums is more pinko and commie than even Mao Tse Tung, Castro, and Gorbachev. He has endorsed the notorious terrorist group, the Black Panthers, voted to fund the Marxist Sandinista guerrillas of Nicaragua, openly assisted Cuba’s boss, Fidal Castro, and held leadership positions in Communist front groups like the World Peace Council.

In 1993 Congressman Dellums was rewarded for his traitorous anti-American activities by being appointed Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, which oversees our entire military establishment. The Democratic Party leaders also gave the Marxist Dellums a seat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

Dellums was recently a prized delegate at the Illuminati’s annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Why would the capitalist corporate elite invite a Communist radical like Dellums into their inner sanctum?

Like his successor, Barbara Lee, Dellums despises capitalism and opposes the U.S. Constitution. He has called for a New World Order to “move us past nationalism.” He and Lee demand that America’s military be placed under the control of the United Nations and that American intelligence be dismantled. A Shocking Picture of Coming Destruction

Marxist Congresswoman Barbara Lee (click here) was the only one to vote against the U.S.A. effort to stop future terrorist acts. Her mentor, Congressman Ron Dellums (click here), is a fellow traveler of Communism. Dellums has demanded that U.S. military officers be put on trial for "war crimes," and has stated, "We should totally dismantle every intelligence agency in this country, piece by piece, brick by brick, nail by nail." Dellums often uses the clenched fist salute sign of the Communist Party and once spoke under a Viet Cong Communist flag. He and Congresswoman Lee are both admirers of Cuba's Fidel Castro. Yet, amazingly, the Democratic Party elevated both to sensitive, high leadership positions in the U.S. Congress, and Illuminati corporations like Bank of America have praised Ms. Lee!

Also in the Oakland area is a music company called “Dog Day Records.” One of its performing groups is a pro-Communist Party hip-hop black rap group called The Coup. The Coup has used the Communist red star emblem on its album cover. One of its more popular CDs, filled with profanity and violent lyrics, is called Kill My Landlord. Another is titled, Genocide and Juice.

The All-Music Guide 2001 describes The Coup as “one of the most overtly political bands in rap history.” Its leader, Boots Riley, is head of the Young Comrades, a Communist Party organization that once stormed the Oakland City Council.

This June, the rap group, The Coup, put up on the internet a picture of its next music CD (a scheduled November release) titled, Party Music (as in Communist Party), to be produced by yet another music company, 75 Ark Records. At the time, the cover art drew little attention. It showed Boots Riley and friend holding a bomb detonator while the World Trade Center explodes behind them. If you examine the depicted explosions, you’ll notice that they are around the relative height on each of the towers as the real explosions.

Immediately after the carnage of this Arab terrorist act, the music company withdrew the image from the internet and changed the name of the CD album. Riley, band leader, openly admitted the “remarkable similarity” between the cover and the event of September 11. He stated that the cover was intended to symbolize the group’s opposition to capitalism and claims he knew nothing about what was to happen on that fateful day. “Unfortunate,” he added.

This CD album cover for the black hip hop group, the Coup, was published on the internet in June, three months before the World Trade Center horror. Note the red star of Communism at top, left of the cover. The title of the CD, now changed, was "Party Music" (as in Communist Party!).

Democratic Party and Communists Working to Destroy America?

Unfortunate, indeed. It is highly unfortunate that we have such an abundance of Communist Party radicals within our midsts and chomping at the bit to destroy western civilization and our way of life.

True, there may be little physical connection between The Coup, Congresspersons Lee and Dellums, and the Arab terrorists who committed these atrocities. But the philosophical and spiritual connections are clear. What’s more, the fact that the Democratic Party leadership in Congress would reward and elevate these Communist monsters to high positions of leadership on sensitive committees charged with overseeing America’s military and economic security is an indicator of the grave and present danger which now confronts us all.

Radical white and black leaders are, I believe, now using the Black Muslim movement for Communist Party aims. Meanwhile, the Shriners, a Freemasonry organization, continues to indoctrinate many men and initiate them into a cult of adoration of Islam’s Allah and Mohammed. God help us all! And, God bless America!


FROM: http://www.thenewamerican.com/focus/christmas/child.htm

October 30, 2002

by Kirk Kidwell

What is Christmas? Here in America and in other Western nations, Christmas is, perhaps, the highpoint of the calendar year (especially for children). During the month of December, the television screens are filled with Christmas specials, the stores are packed with shoppers seeking that "perfect" gift, and families look forward to a festive Christmas spent with relatives and friends.

Yet Christmas has almost become so routine to many Americans that we tend to forget its real meaning -- the advent of the Savior. For Christians throughout the world, Christmas is a celebration of God's love for mankind expressed through the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ. Christmas, more than any other holiday, symbolizes God's concern for humanity and His direct involvement in shaping man's history.

However, not all Christians will be able to celebrate Christmas as a joyous and festive occasion. In fact, over one third of the world's population must deal with active government repression of Christmas, and will celebrate it this year with an ever-present fear of imminent persecution leading to arrest, imprisonment and even death. For those Christians living under Communist tyranny, celebrating Christmas openly, or even secretly, can be dangerous.

Take, for example, the story of Reverend Geza Palffy, a Roman Catholic priest who lived in Communist Romania. In 1983, during his Christmas sermon, Father Palffy dared to protest against the fact that December 25th had been declared a working day. Christmas, the priest reasoned, should be a holiday for those who wish to celebrate it.

The next day, the Romanian secret police arrested Father Palffy and imprisoned him for interrogation. After a night spent in a Communist prison, he was dropped off at the local hospital unconscious and in critical condition. After three months of intensive medical attention, he died.

The official death certificate listed the cause of death as liver cancer. Yet those familiar with the case say it is a well-known fact in Romania that Father Palffy's liver and kidneys were crushed and shattered by Communist "interrogators." The faithful priest died a martyr for Christmas.

To many Christians in the West, such an episode seems almost too incredible to believe. Although what happened to Father Palffy may be one of the more egregious examples of the Communists' hatred of Christmas and of everything Christian, it is by no means an isolated incident.

Throughout the Communist world, Christians will be confronted by modern King Herods actively hostile to the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child. And yet these Christians will meet the challenge with bravery and heroism, willing to suffer and die for their Christian faith and for the freedom to commemorate the advent of their Savior.

Hatred of God Drives Communists

Why is it that Christmas is so harshly opposed in Communist lands? Father Victor Potapov of the Voice of America's USSR division had this to say during a recent Senate hearing on religious persecution behind the Iron Curtain: "Within the philosophical system of Marx and Lenin and at the heart of their psychology, hatred of God is the principal driving force of Communism. Militant Communist atheism is, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his Templeton address put it, 'the central pivot point of communist policy.'"

He explained that "Marxism-Leninism sees religion as something radically false. It carries with it a completely wicked morality, for religion is individualistic, egoistic, because it preaches personal not social salvation. Above all, religion does not attribute to man his primacy since it admits a God and higher beings. Religion is the chief ideological weapon of the exploiters in their fight against the liberation of mankind. There can be, as Lenin said, nothing more abominable than religion.

"Given these beliefs, it was inevitable that those who embraced Marxist-Leninist teaching should feel moved to place serious constraints upon the activities of the churches and other religious bodies when they found themselves in positions of authority. The Christian credo inevitably appeared as pernicious superstition which ought to be eliminated, or at least severely limited in its influence, by any means which a Communist government has at its disposal."

In light of such deep-seated hatred of God and of all things Christian, it is not surprising that Communist rulers do all they can to stop Christians from celebrating Christmas. In fact, according to Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, founder of the missionary group Jesus To The Communist World, Christmas "is a special time of anti-Christian propaganda" in most Communist countries.

Pastor Wurmbrand, who spent a total of 14 years in prison in Communist Romania before coming to the West in 1966, told The New American that in the Soviet Union and other Communist nations, "there are mockeries of Christmas in schools ... and everywhere else they would expose the 'lie' about Jesus. They would say that Jesus never existed, that he is just a myth and so on."

In an effort to keep Christian families from celebrating Christmas, Pastor Wurmbrand explained, Communist rulers "will oblige children to come to school or do something to keep them from attending religious services. There is no Christmas holiday in most Communist countries. These are working days. So after work, they would convene meetings of the Communist Party or whatever, anything to keep people from attending church."

Yet the situation varies from country to country in the Communist world. In nations like Albania and North Korea, religion is outlawed, and the practice of religion in any form is severely repressed. In a few other countries, such as Poland, an independent church is tolerated, and Christians have some measure of religious freedom, albeit small by Western standards.

Celebrating Christmas Risky

Typically, in most Communist nations, there exist two parallel churches: the official church that is tolerated and used by the Communist rulers in exchange for great compromises, and the underground church that refuses to compromise and is therefore harshly persecuted. The official church may hold a Christmas ceremony but, as Pastor Wurmbrand explained, "really enthusiastic preaching about the coming of the Son of God to earth is not meant to be delivered. Everything is low-key in the official churches."

At great risk, the underground church will hold "illegal" Christmas services in private homes, barns or at secret hiding places. For the underground church, Wurmbrand noted, "it is a subdued Christmas."

And, of course, some Christians will spend Christmas in Communist prisons and labor camps. Based on his own experience in spending fourteen Christmases in a Romanian prison, Pastor Wurmbrand remembered fellow prisoners: "Some are in solitary confinement. Some are outside of time, they don't know that it is Christmas. They may spend years in solitary confinement. They don't know if it is Christmas or Easter. They are 30 feet underground, they don't see the sun, moon or stars.

"Others in solitary confinement know it is Christmas and they sing by themselves and pray by themselves. Others not in solitary confinement hold forbidden services in their cells, they would take communion together, they would sing together, they would hold devotions."

Christmas, by all accounts, is rather bleak for Christians in the Communist world. But to gain a better understanding of the Marxist plot against Christmas, let's examine the situation in three Communist countries -- the Soviet Union, Romania and Nicaragua.

The Soviet Union

The world's preeminent Communist state, the Soviet Union, has institutionalized its opposition to Christianity. According to Richard D. Schifter, Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, churches are "rigidly controlled through a body of rules enforced by a state bureaucracy which is headed by the so-called Council of Religious Affairs." Operating through a network of regional commissioners, this council determines when and where religious services may be held; all other religious activities are forbidden.

Natasha Vins, whose father Pastor Georgi Vins spent eight years in Soviet prisons and labor camps, explained to The New American that "in the Soviet Union, Christmas is not a special day. After the revolution, it was substituted with the celebration of the New Year. They don't have what you call a Christmas tree, but they do decorate a tree for the New Year. Everything is dedicated to the coming of the New Year. The people have days off on January 1st. But Christians do celebrate Christmas."

She noted that "if Christians come together to celebrate Christmas, the police may come and disturb the meeting. Like any other meeting, people could be arrested .... [In the prisons in labor camps] the Christians would still try to do something special. Some food boxes are allowed to prisoners once in a while. So they will try to save their best food for Christmas."

Yet Christians in the Soviet Union exhibit bravery and bold courage in confronting the state's anti-Christmas efforts. "During Christmas," she recalled, "young people will go out into the streets and sing Christmas carols. If the police hear them, they could be arrested. In the subway in the big cities, the young people will ride down the escalators singing carols so that everybody could hear.

"They try to do something special. They greet people with 'Merry Christmas,' or even make homemade Christmas cards and give them to the people on the bus or in the stores. If the police caught them, they would be arrested, they would be taken down to the police station, their names would be written down. But they wouldn't be put in prison for a long sentence."


We have already noted the tragic story of Reverend Geza Palffy and the Romanian authorities' brutal treatment of anyone who dares to confront the anti-Christmas status quo. Yet, like the early church that suffered under Roman persecution, the Romanian underground church is mushrooming.

"While encountering persistent, often ruthless persecution by the state, various religious groups in Romania have in recent years undergone tremendous growth," Assistant Secretary of State Richard Schifter stated. "Many observers have pointed to the fact that Romania seems to be experiencing a religious revival which is making the open, fervent practice of religion second only to that of Poland in Eastern Europe."

However, the church in Romania continues to face severe religious persecution from the regime of Nicholae Ceausescu. Schifter noted, "Charismatic religious leaders have been harassed, imprisoned, or forced to emigrate. There are reports that some have been killed .... The various churches face severe restrictions on the printing or import of religious materials, including Bibles, and there is strong evidence that some Bibles have actually been pulped for the manufacture of toilet paper."


In Nicaragua, the Sandinistas -- true to their Marxist-Leninist colors -- have followed the lead of the Soviet Union and other Communist nations. Shortly after seizing power in 1979, the Sandinista government moved to redefine the meaning of Christmas. The following synopsis of the Sandinista plot to steal Christmas is derived from an exclusive interview with Humberto Belli, former editorial page editor of La Prensa. Belli fled Nicaragua in 1982 and has since written two books about the treatment received by Christians under the Sandinista regime, the most recent being Breaking Faith which was released this fall.

"One of the first things we noticed during the first year of the revolution, when Christmas was approaching, was that the Sandinistas were trying to redefine the meaning of Christmas. In 1979, the Sandinista Party published a secret document, addressed to leaders of the Sandinista movement in the various Nicaraguan provinces, which was an instruction manual on how to approach the upcoming Christmas celebration.

"The document said the Sandinistas should not oppose the Christmas celebration in a direct, open way. The document said that what we need to do is change the meaning of Christmas so that it gets a new, political meaning. And then the document warned that to try to confront the tradition so soon after the triumph of the revolution would entail the danger of losing support among the people. And the document noted that the Soviet Union, 62 years after the revolution, still had not totally eradicated religious tradition. We published this document in La Prensa the next year and the Sandinistas never tried to deny their authorship.

"This document is very important because it shows the strategy that the Sandinistas intended to follow regarding Christmas and other religious celebrations. The strategy was to change them in behalf of the revolution, so that the religious would be substituted by a political meaning.

"One thing they did the next Christmas was to print thousands of posters where you could see a baby surrounded by some soldiers, militia-men and workers. Under the picture were the words 'In Nicaragua we were created new men: The new man is being created in the new Nicaragua.' But this was a reference to the revolution as being the one event capable of giving birth to a new, selfless man.

"The next thing they did, starting in 1981, was to enroll college and high school students to work in the coffee harvest which takes place around the end of the year. They tried to enroll as many students as possible in economic activities coinciding with Christmas, so that many people would not be able to be at home during Christmas and they would be working under the leadership of the Sandinistas.

"The Sandinistas also continue to publish leaflets and posters where Jesus Christ is represented as the first guerrilla warrior. They present President Reagan as the new King Herod of our day ordering the slaughter of Nicaraguans through his support of the Contras. So the Sandinistas are represented as the ones who are defending Jesus Christ.

"So everything was politicized and remains politicized. They are trying all the time to give Christmas a new political meaning."

The Soviet Union. Romania. Nicaragua. Three examples of countries where Communist rulers are doing all they can, largely without success, to stamp out Christmas. Throughout the Communist world, Christmas will be celebrated under the ever present threat of Communist persecution. Christians will gather to sing and pray and remember the birth of their Savior, all the while knowing that at any moment the secret police could knock at the door.

Christmas Brings Conversions

Yet there is another side to Christmas in the Communist world that cannot be ignored. "Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ," Pastor Wurmbrand reminds us. "And we have seen Christ being born into the hearts of murderers and Communists at Christmas. In prisons, Christians risk their lives and witness for Christ to the Communists. And there have been Communists converted every Christmas. So there is another side to Christmas. We don't have all these fanciful things outside and all these trinkets and meals, but there is a real Christmas."

In the December 1981 edition of the newsletter of the Jesus To The Communist World organization, Pastor Wurmbrand recalls just such an incident:

"Thirty years ago, I lay deathly sick in the Tirgul-Ocna prison. On my right side, the abbot Iscu awaited death as a result of the tortures he endured. He was serene, seeing heaven approaching. He spoke little, but when he did, his words engaged one's attention like deep harmony. He breathed truth which can be known only in deep pain.

"To my left, another prisoner stood before the gates of eternity. It was the man who had tortured ... Iscu and many other Christians. He had served Communism well. For this he was rewarded with imprisonment. He himself had been tortured by his former comrades.

"This man could not die. He awoke me during the night begging for a prayer. 'I have committed horrible crimes. I can find no rest. Help me.'

"Then I saw the agonizing abbot calling two inmates. Leaning on them he walked slowly to his former [torturer]. He sat down at his bedside, caressed his head, and said, 'You were young and did not know what you were doing. I forgive and love you, as do all the other Christians you have mistreated. And if we sinners who have been saved by Jesus can love like this, how much more is He Himself ready to erase all the evil you have done, to cleanse you fully. Only repent.'

"In that common cell, in which there was no privacy, I overheard the murderer confessing his crimes to the murdered. I overheard the murdered absolving his murderer. They embraced with a holy kiss, as is the custom of Christians behind the Iron Curtain.

"They both died that same night. It was Christmas Eve. No, it was not a commemoration of the event in Bethlehem. It was Jesus being born into the heart of a criminal...."

Iscu forgave his murderer. That is the true spirit of Christmas. For that was the selfsame example and teaching of Him whose humble birth is celebrated worldwide during the Christmas season. How ironic it is to find that spirit practiced most fully in lands where Communist atheists have relentlessly sought to obliterate Christ and Christmas.

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1949?  OH REALLY!!!

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Monday, Oct. 18, 1999

Fear of Communist infiltrators engulfed postwar Hawaii

A telling showdown came in 1954 at a rally when injured war hero Dan Inouye dramatically defended his patriotism
By Richard Borreca


The match that set the fire that ignited the red-baiting blaze in postwar Hawaii was tossed by Hawaii's Democrat-appointed Gov. Ingram Stainback.

In a March speech at a Punchbowl memorial service in 1947, Stainback, who had made the dangers of Communism a favorite speech topic, issued a dramatic warning. He claimed there was a Communist plan to take over Hawaii, that Communists saw Hawaii as fertile ground for conquest, and that there were even Communists in his own Territorial government.

"I shall immediately take steps to unearth these activities that are going on in this Territory," he pledged. "And where possible, expose and dismiss Territorial employees who are involved."

The visions of Communists in government and as enemies of America spread across the country. The country, already worried about Russia and Communist expansion in China and Korea, feared that foreign agents would undermine the nation. In 1947, the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee was investigating if Hollywood was infiltrated by Communists. In the Senate, demagogue Joseph McCarthy was promising to unveil Communist conspiracies.

Still, labor organizers across the country and in Hawaii were influenced by Communist teachings of social and economic justice. As the unions here grew strong, so did the backlash from the establishment "Big Five" businesses.

John Reinecke, a Farrington High School teacher, and his wife Aiko, a Waialae Elementary School teacher, were fired amid school district claims that they were members of "a secret society called the Communist Party . . . and there is reasonable doubt as to their loyalty to the United States."

Stainback called Reinecke the Communist master in Hawaii.

The Reineckes issued a statement that while their politics were never secret, "we have constantly upheld the fundamentals of American democracy - political, economic and racial."

Asked by then-Star-Bulletin political reporter A.A. Smyser if he was in fact a Communist, Reinecke replied: "It is very well known that I share a number of opinions with the Communists but that doesn't mean I am one."

Meanwhile, Phil Spaulding, president of "Big Five" sugar operator C. Brewer, said, "Our own Communists are endeavoring in every way to keep production down and achieve personal success on a foundation of chaos."

And from Ichiro Izuka, former vice president of the ILWU on Kauai, came "The Truth About Communism in Hawaii" pamphlet, which said ILWU leader Jack Hall was a Communist who distributed Communist literature.

The labor movement was being led astray, Izuka warned. "The Communist Party is not interested in the workers of Hawaii as human beings or individuals," he wrote. "Its loyalty is not to Hawaii or America, but to the Soviet Union."

Now the ILWU and the Communist Party were linked.

Later, in 1975, Gov. John Burns, who in the 1950s was a Democratic Party organizer and delegate to Congress, would reflect that perhaps there were Communists within the union.

"Every guy in the ILWU was at one time or another a member of the Communist Party of America. This is where they got their organizational information and how to organize, and how to bring groups together and how to create cells and how to make movements that are undetected by the bosses and everything else. ... I know what they were about. I said this is the only way they are going to organize," he said.

And Dan Inouye, the U.S. senator who during the 1950s was Burns' political ally, noted in his autobiography that Communists were probably enrolled in the union.

"No one with any sense of political reality denied that there were probably some Communists in the ILWU. ... There were those who felt that the Democrats' Party, by logical extension, was also controlled by Communists."

By 1950, the FBI had gathered enough information that the House Un-American Activities Committee held hearings in April in Honolulu.

Jack Hall, the ILWU regional director convicted with six others in the communism trial.

Jack Kawano, Honolulu ILWU leader, was one of 70 subpoenaed. He and 38 others who refused to testify- - dubbed the "reluctant 39" -- were indicted and charged with contempt of Congress.

Although those charges were eventually thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court, the congressional committee used the information gathered to indict seven from Hawaii for violating the Smith Act, which made it illegal to "advocate and teach the necessity of overthrowing the government of the United States by force and violence."

Those indictments also were fueled by Kawano's change-of-mind testimony: In Washington, D.C., he gave a congressional committee details on who belonged to the Communist Party in Hawaii. Though saying that he and Jack Hall were the only major union members in the Party, the damage had been done.

In August 1951, FBI agents arrested the seven purported Communist leaders: Hall, ILWU regional director; John Reinecke, the former teacher; Koji Ariyoshi, editor of the Honolulu Record; Jack Kimoto, Honolulu Record employee; Jim Freeman, a mechanic; Charles Fujimoto, announced chairman of the Communist Party of Hawaii; and Eileen Fujimoto, Charles' wife and an ILWU secretary.

The trial lasted nearly two years and despite the ILWU's all-out defense of Hall, the seven were convicted. Appeals kept them out of jail until finally in 1958, the verdict was overturned.

That Communist spectre, however, was still alive in Hawaii as the Big Five and businessman Walter Dillingham used it to fight against statehood.

One of the most telling showdowns of the era came during a campaign rally in Aina Haina in 1954, when Democrats, including young attorney Dan Inouye, were accused by Republicans of being Communists. Inouye, the highly decorated WWII hero, rose to answer the charges.

"We bitterly resent having our loyalty and patriotism questioned by cynical political hacks who lack the courage to debate the real issues of this campaign," Inouye shot back.

He raised his empty right sleeve and shook it: "I gave this arm to fight Fascists. If my country wants the other one to fight Communists, it can have it."

Although the forces against statehood and the Democratic Party continued to argue the danger of Hawaii's Communist-union links, the debate gained little public support.

About this Series

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin is counting down to year 2000 with this special series. Each installment will chronicle important eras in Hawaii's history, featuring a timeline of that particular period.

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Springsteen: stars and stripes to the red star


Live in New York - Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band - Sony Music

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band have released a new double live album that has achieved the unusual feat of winning extraordinary critical acclaim and commercial success.

In 1984, Springsteen's Born in the USA album sold 18 million copies. The man whose fans saw him as an avatar of the spirits of Walt Whitman, Woody Guthrie, Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck was suddenly a pop star. The songs slotted right into top-40 radio.

A close up of Springsteen's rear-end, in tight jeans, was on the album cover. The huge US flag that framed the shot of Springsteen's butt was there because Springsteen still hoped, in a Whitmanesque way, to persuade the US to call itself to account for the distance between its harsh realities and its legitimating myths of freedom and equality.

But pop stars aren't taken that seriously and most people missed the point. The title track was a radical critique of US society. When Ronald Regan, whose conservative politics Springsteen loathed, used it in his election campaign, many of Springsteen's new fans didn't see the contradiction.

In 1995, Springsteen made a decisive break with hit radio and pop stardom with his visionary album, The Ghost of Tom Joad. Inspired by Steinbeck's novel, Grapes of Wrath, each of the album's deeply moving and politically radical songs were about people battling against the odds. The album manages to simultaneously mourn social injustice and affirm the resilience of the human spirit. Because Springsteen dispensed with sing-along choruses and laid his half-spoken, half-sung lyrics over evocative soundscapes it's impossible to misunderstand the vision of the album.

While many critics regard The Ghost of Tom Joad as one of the greatest US albums, it was far too good for top-40 radio and did not win a mass audience. Springsteen had not expected the album to be a commercial success but was pleased that it won back his original fans and inspired the best amongst the new generation, including Rage Against the Machine, who later covered the title track.

Now, 17 years after Born in the USA, Springsteen has returned to a mass audience with Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band Live in New York. The album entered the US charts at number five and is selling by the truckload. It is rich with the choruses, riffs, melodies and borrowings from blues, soul, gospel and country that have given rock its excitement and popular appeal. But the album's often joyous and celebratory feel has not been achieved at the expense of political or artistic compromise.

Springsteen, a man who thinks very carefully about every aspect of his work, has chosen to join the Clash and Rage Against the Machine by emblazoning the new album's discs with the radical symbol of a five-pointed red star on a black background. The five-pointed star is an ancient symbol of imminence, the idea that the sacred inheres in humanity in the here and now.

An important part of the enormous spiritual power of Springsteen's work lies in his ability to transcend the division between the sacred and the profane by locating real value in the struggles, compromises, conflicts and triumphs in the everyday lives of ordinary people. He brings careful attention and real wisdom to the world of work, family and comradeship. Springsteen's art, in other words, is grounded in imminence. Imminence is an inherently radical idea because when God, America, The Leader, The Market or anything else is set up as a transcendent force above human life, humanity is debased.

Marx and Engels chose well when they decided on the five-pointed star as the international symbol of the first Communist League. Like Springsteen, they didn't anticipate any easy victories and so they made it red to symbolise the blood spilt in struggle. These days many radicals put the red star of socialism over the black flag of anarchism to distance themselves from Stalinism.

The US flag is a resonant symbol. But it's difficult to take the flag back from the conservatives who have set up the USA as a new God before which humanity, including most Americans, must abase itself. A red star on a black background is a clear, direct and defiant symbol of a commitment to the sacred value of each human life. Springsteen's political commitments may not have changed that much since Born in the USA, but in 2001 he is not allowing anyone to misunderstand or misrepresent his ethics.

Springsteen's latest album features dramatically new interpretations of some of his best songs. ``If I Should Fall Behind'' is turned into an exquisitely tender duet with Patti Scialfa. There are rousing versions of ``Born to Run'', ``Badlands'' and ``Tenth Avenue Freeze Out''; a stripped down and mournfully bluesy ``Born in the USA''; a defiant and resolute ``Youngstown''; a steaming ``Murder Incorporated''; a version of ``Mansion on the Hill'' even more haunting than the original; a soaring ``Jungleland'' and an interpretation of ``The River'' which could raise goosebumps on the dead or, which is much the same thing, fans of top-40 radio.

There are also a number of new songs, including the celebrated ``American Skin (41 Shots)'' which was written in response to the extraordinarily violent murder of an unarmed African immigrant by the New York Police Department. It has led to the NYPD calling Springsteen ``commie scum'' and refusing to provide security at his shows.

“American Skin” is an exceptionally powerful song and Rolling Stone was quite correct to advise their readers that this song alone is easily worth the cost of the double album. The slightly baroque “introducing the band” bit wears thin after a few listens, but that's a small price to pay for 19 songs performed with rare passion, insight and musical brilliance.

Red star over America

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In 1989 China faced a military crisis. China was about to become an ex-superpower. In 1989, Major General Yang Huan, Chinese deputy commander of the second artillery (Strategic Rocket Forces), wrote a paper in the National Defense Review. Yang admitted that China had to improve rapidly the red nuclear missile force or face third-rank global status.

General Yang outlined three areas absolutely necessary for China to "improve" its aging "first generation" of nuclear missiles. General Yang's three goals were to improve "the survivability ... the striking ability ... [And] the penetration technology of strategic weapons." According to Yang, "accuracy and power are chief factors used to judge weapon striking power."

Yang wrote in 1989 that China's strategic missiles were cumbersome, inaccurate and unreliable. Yang predicted that in the near future American anti-missile defenses would halt any Chinese missile attack. According to Yang, "strategic weapons can be used in actual fighting only when they can penetrate enemy defenses and reach and strike the target a necessary condition to protect itself and destroy a target."

Yang's fear was that America would deploy a "Star Wars" system large enough to neutralize China's nuclear missile force but small enough to not threaten Russia. The U.S./Iraq Gulf war that followed Yang's article was filled with nightly battles between Patriot and SCUD. The results from the Iraq war accelerated the military view that anti-missile systems could neutralize Chinese rocket forces.

In 1994, General Ding Henggao served as chairman of the Commission on Science, Technology and National Defense Industry (COSTIND). General Ding solved China's nuclear strategic problems.

In 1994, General Ding wrote a small article titled "Reforming Defense Science, Technology and Industry" that appeared in China Military Science. Ding wrote "in a future anti-aggression war, our country will uphold the concept of active defense. It means that active defense is not just defensive, it is offensive as well. Our air-defense weapons system and even the whole weapons system should have two capabilities. It could greatly help overall quality and effectiveness if we possess one or two effective weapons that can assume the offensive."

In 1994 COSTIND took the offensive -- target USA. COSTIND Vice Minister, Lt. General Shen met and consummated a series of satellite deals with Bernard Schwartz, the CEO of Loral. The technology obtained from the COSTIND/Loral deals saved China billions in missile R&D and turned the Second Corps into a deadly force of thermonuclear war.

The Loral operation led by General Shen revealed the many flaws in Chinese missile guidance and control systems. Improvements in rocket electronics design and guidance system assembly obtained directly from Loral were quickly applied to the Second Artillery's force of CSS strategic missiles. Loral engineers eagerly improved Chinese nuclear missile accuracy and reliability to near state-of-the-art.

Previous flight test results indicated that almost half of the CSS class missile force would fail due to bad guidance. Today, China operates with the verified results from Long March test flights funded by U.S. satellite launches. The Chinese missile force will perform flawlessly, dropping nuclear payloads within yards of any target on Earth. The second artillery has a reliable global reach with powerful accuracy thanks to the successful COSTIND operation with Loral.

General Shen also led the successful penetration of Hughes in the purchase of ASIASAT satellites. Again, through a series of meetings with Brown and U.S. Commerce officials, Shen or his operatives in front companies secured whole satellites from Hughes. The Hughes satellites provide the Chinese army with secure communications that are invulnerable to earth combat and highly accurate all weather navigation for strike bombers and missiles.

In addition, the Hughes satellites provide direct TV and cable TV broadcasts to most of Asia. Thus, cable and pay-per-view services help pay for the Chinese army satellites. The brilliant planning and logistics mean that Chinese military communications pay for themselves.

Another Hughes deal -- the HS GEM satellite with a unique 40-foot antenna will provide COSTIND owned Asia-Pacific mobile telecom with 16,000 secure voice channels, using man portable phones and radios. The APMT satellite can be used not only to provide secure military communications but the spacecraft also has "Passive ELINT interception capacity" -- or the ability to listen in on a wide variety of earth signals, including military communications.

The COSTIND penetration of Hughes was so successful that General Shen managed to get his son, Shen Jun, a job at Hughes as the lead software engineer for all Chinese satellites. According to Hughes, Shen Jun had access to "proprietary" satellite source code. Shen's access made sure that no secret back doors or special computer virus traps were included inside the Hughes spacecraft by American intelligence services such as the NSA.

COSTIND General Ding also spearheaded penetrations of American military technology, using his relatives. Ding's wife, Madam Nie Li, formed a "commercial" company called Galaxy New Technology. Madam Nie, using contacts with Commerce Secretary Brown and Defense Secretary Perry, purchased secure, real-time, fiber optic communications systems from American companies.

The Galaxy New Technology secure fiber optic network is invulnerable to interference from nuclear attack and currently serves as the communications backbone for the General Logistics Division of the Chinese Army. Madam Nie did have some technical assistance from other COSTIND officials. Colonel Deng Changru, director of PLA communications, and Colonel Xie Zhichao, director of PLA electronics, are also members of Galaxy New Technology.

Other COSTIND units working with the Ministry of Posts, China Great Wall Industries and China Aerospace, penetrated Motorola using satellite orbit contracts as paying bait for Iridium spacecraft. Motorola scientists eagerly modified, tested and verified a Long March satellite orbit bus that is capable of deploying two Iridium satellites.

In September 1998, the CIA testified before the Senate National Security Committee that the Motorola technology is being modified by China to double the number of nuclear warheads on the CSS strategic missile. The Motorola transfer also allowed China to upgrade their DF-15 (DONG FENG - Maoist slogan "East Wind") missile with maneuvering warheads that can avoid American anti-missile defenses such as Patriot and Standard. Motorola transfers significantly upgraded the nuclear firepower and accuracy of Chinese weapons. Motorola technology transfers mean that Chinese warheads can now "penetrate enemy defenses."

President Clinton wrote the waivers for Hughes, Loral and Motorola. President Clinton took money directly from COSTIND operations in the form of donations from the same American companies, and in some cases, donations directly from COSTIND related front companies. President Clinton paraded many of the projects as part of his golden era of economic expansion. President Clinton personally arranged for Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz to meet COSTIND Vice Minister General Shen.

The spectacular success of this single Chinese army unit turned China into a regional power that dominates Asia and a world power capable of flexing military force anywhere on earth. It is no surprise that General Ding and COSTIND recently won the honors of the Chinese communist party. In early October 1998, Vice Premiere Zhu Rongji selected COSTIND over the Chinese Army Central Military Command (CMC) to run all space programs, including manned space flight.

COSTIND won out over the older regular Army staff officers in the CMC for an obvious reason. General Ding is the most successful Chinese military commander since Mao. Mao took Mainland China in 1949 after fighting a 20-year war against both the warlords and the Imperial Japanese Army. General Ding turned the Second Artillery Corps -- the Chinese strategic missile force -- into a feared world power and defeated America without firing a shot in the short span of six years.

General Ding and COSTIND will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mao's revolution with a PLA space rocket. In July 1999, China will orbit a manned spacecraft. That craft will be under the command of COSTIND and a tribute to Ding. The new space powers granted to COSTIND are a reward to Vice Minister General Shen Rou-jun and Minister General Ding Ganghao for their brilliant and successful penetration of the Clinton White House.

Charles Smith is a national security and defense reporter for WorldNetDaily. Visit his site, Softwar.


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Crusade for Christ


TO: Hon. Tim Hutchinson
Sam Rayburn Senate Office Bldg.
Washington DC.

Dear Senator Hutchinson:

This is my first communications with you, so I wish to express my appreciation for the fine Constitutional job you are doing in our Nation's Capitol. Because of your current interest in The I.R.S. scandal, I thought you might be interested in my rather lengthy experience with the U.S. Government, both while in service and since retiring in 1964. I do not ask for your help in my continuing problems with the I.R.S. but merely write this for your information. Realizing how very busy you must be, and the length of this letter, I understand that you may not be able to read it personally. I just want this information to be available to you.

I am a retired Army Lt. Col. with 22 years of service in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam, and combat service in WW II and Korea. I am not a native of Arkansas, but came from the Canadian border of North Dakota. I settled in Arkansas because of the pleasant experiences I had while stationed at Camp Chaffee, and Camp Robinson during WW II. I liked the people and the area, so here I am today, in a Retirement Community in Little Rock.

Strangely enough, I was one of those men who went down to the Recruiting Office, the day after Pearl harbor, "starry-eyed with patriotism, and a zeal", to protect this country and the people I loved from a horrible enemy. I didn't know then what

I know now, about the Machination of politics, that cause a war where the American people receive nothing but pain, suffering, death and an unpayable debt, and that those who instigate the war, profited by selling war materials to both sides. They were our true enemies then, and still are.

After a brief period of combat duty in the South Pacific in 1945, I went into Japan with the Occupation forces and was there until the spring of 1946, when I was discharged as a First Lieutenant and went back to ranching in North Dakota.

After a disastrous farm year in 1946, where I had 5,000 acres of wheat hailed out a week before harvest , I was in the mood for a change, when I received a letter from the Dept. of Army asking if I was interested in going to Korea, at my former rank, as an Advisor to the Infant Republic of Korean forces. They were looking for men with a speaking knowledge of Japanese.

In the spring of 1948, I was sent to Korea and assigned as Advisor to the 19th R.0.K. Infantry Regiment, stationed in Yo'su, in the far SW of the Korean Peninsula. In the fall of 1948, Communist rebels who had been specially trained in a school in P' yong 'Yang, North Korea, who infilted the South Korean Military, staged a coup attempt to wrest the. South Korean government from President Sigmun Rhee . About 2500 men from the regiment I was advising, joined the rebels, and in ten days of terror, set up their typical Communist People's Court and brutally slaughtered over 3,800 men, women and children. Most of the damage was done in the little city of Sun'chon, in Challo' Namdo Province, which was known as the Christian city of South Korea. The Southern Presbyterians had a missions there for 45 years, and the Roman Catholics for over forty. As in most areas where communism has taken over, Christians suffered the worst. During the forty years of Japanese occupation, the Korean people had been completely disarmed, so they had no means of protecting their families from the rebels. This is one of the major reasons I have taken a strong stand against Gun Control, knowing that every time it eventually leads to "People Control."

I was captured by the rebels and the beaten up, When I tried to stop the execution of the police chief, as he was impale on a sharpened bamboo pole set in the ground. Eventually, after sampling communist brain washing tactics first hand, I was sentenced by a people's court to be executed as an enemy of the people. I was saved by the miraculous intervention of a rebel sergeant from my regiment, who volunteered to shoot me, took me to the village edge, where his firing squad fired over my head and turned me loose. I was able to escape to the mission station of Dr. John Curtis Crane, of South Carolina, where from a hill in the center of the city, I could see first hand what happens in a communist take over.

Very few Americans who have been softened by our Christian influence, can understand the brutality of a heathen culture especially one that hates Christianity. Very few of our people have ever seen babies taken out of mothers arms and swung against a tree or a stone wall. Few have seen women raped in the streets, then cut into pieces by soldier bayonets; few have seen a beautiful young woman, stripped naked, and nailed to a branch of a tree with spikes driven through her breasts, while a bundle of rice straw, soaked in oil was fastened between her bare thighs and set on fire. When I saw that, I promised God that if He got me home safely to the people I love and the Country I love, I would do every thing within my power to see that this never happened in America. I have been active in warning the America people of dangers we face, especially in our bankrupt foreign policy ever since, through lectures and the printed page. This is one reason I have received harsh treatment from our government, who cannot allow our people to know the truth of what is taking place! I was what is called a "nominal Christian" at the time, although I had never taken seriously the Christian life. But when I saw God act in miraculous ways on several occasions to save my life, I became convinced that He is much more than that "Big Spook in the Sky," that many blaspheme.

After this experience, I was given the option of returning to the States, or being transferred to Japan. I realized that if I left this area, I would have an innate fear of Communism that could effect me all my life. So I made one of the hardest decision I have ever made, and asked to be sent back to the area where I had been captured. During 1949, were in a state of Perpetual war With the rebels who has escaped to the mountains and were being supplied by an underground from North Korea. My regiment lost over 960 killed, and I came under enemy fire on numerous occasions. At this time, and during the war, I was living under a $250,000 in gold reward, "dead or alive!" offered by the North Koreans to "save face!"

In January of 1950, I was transferred to a border station along the 38th Parallel, north of Seoul at the village of Po' chon. This was on the major invasion route into Seoul. I was advising an Infantry Battalion of some 850 men at the time.

During the first six months of 1950, those of us who worked a long the 38th Parallel were conscious of an enormous military buildup in the North, which could mean only an invasion. Yet when we took our reports to the State Department, they were always scoffed at. After turning in one critical report I had a State Department official sneeringly say: "You military fellows see a Communist behind every rock and under every tree," and he wasn't far from wrong.

On Friday, June 23 I turned in a report containing 29 references to increased enemy activity opposite my position. An infantry company had been replaced by an Infantry division of some 12,000 men; a mounted horse cavalry regiment of some 1,800 men had moved in; over 75 heavy tanks had been reported in the area, and we knew the North Koreans had been supplied with 122 m/m cannon, out ranged our 105 howitzers by some 10,000 yards.

Yet when I turned in this information over to the Colonel from the State Dept., at our Saturday Horning briefing, he stated: "There is no sign of unusual activity along the Parallel, feel free to attend the bash at the Officer's Club tonight."

I was so sure that the invasion was eminent, that I had my gear packed and ready, and when I was notified of the invasion at 4:30 Sunday morning, I was on my way to my unit within minutes of receiving the call. What an opportunity to say: "I told you so!" But too serious to be facetious.

I arrived at my unit about 5:30 am to find them under heavy attack from mounted cavalrymen , infantry and heavy tanks. In an attempt to stop tanks that had broken through our lines, I towed a 65 mm anti-tank gun north of the village to defend a bridge. Yet when 1 fired on the tanks, I discovered that all my ammunition was high explosive, which exploded on the outside of the tanks without doing any damage. I hit the lead tank eight times at a range of less than 100 yards, without even slowing it down. Then watched as they ran over my jeep and flattened it. I received the first medal given to an American that morning, the Silver Star; the citation signed by Maj. Gen. Leven Allen.

On arriving back at Battalion Hq, I learned that all the anti-tank ammunition, had been withdrawn from the front lines ten days earlier, on order of the American Ambassador, William C. Muccio. It seemed that Mr Muccio, was afraid that the ROKS would attack the north.

We ended that day by walking through the mountains for 38 miles, with the remnants of our 850 man Battalion. We could account for only 48 men and one officer. The rest had been killed or captured. I arrived in time to kiss my wife good by, as she was being loaded on a bus for In' chon and a four day trip to Japan with other civilian refugees on a Norwegian fertilizer ship that happened to be in the harbour.

The evacuation of most Americans, including military had been completed by the evening of June 26. I was on the last plane to leave for Japan, and before we could take off, word arrived that Pres. Truman had ordered the American Navy and Air force into the war on the side of South Korea. We were ordered to return to Seoul. That evening Capt. Elmer Lowry and I went to the ambassadors home to get permission to burn a large gasoline dump on the southern outskirts of Seoul. A million 40 gallon barrels of gasoline had been shipped In only a few days before and we did not wan this to fall into enemy hands I'll never forget my reaction when Muccio literally cursed us out of his home, screaming: "I'm damned tired of you military types trying to tell me what to do. I'm giving the orders!" and four hours later, 40-million gallons of gasoline were in enemy hands, enough to run their war machine for three months.

Early June 27th the Ambassador and two of his flunkies left, for Tokyo, and Major Paul Hedstrom, and I were sent to the State Department building in downtown Seoul, to check and make sure no sensitive materials were left behind. In the Ambassador's office we found a locked door, which we kicked in, and in a little storeroom, a military type safe, with a padlock which we shot off. In this steel filing cabinet were reports of enemy activity along the Parallel for the preceding six months, which had never been forwarded to Mac Arthur's Tokyo headquarters. You may remember that when the war began, the media had a field day criticizing Maj. Gen. Willoughby, Mac Arthur's Intelligence Chief, because he did not know about the North Korean buildup. The reason, State never notified him although they knew.

When I picked out four of the most critical documents, Maj. Hedstrom asked me what I was going to do with them? I replied that I in tended to get them to Washington to someone who would to do something about it "You mean break the chain of command to do this?" he asked. "They will hang you if they find out! I knew this was true, because breaking this chain is a "cardinal sin" In the military. However at the time, I felt so strongly about it, and was sure that if it went through regular channels, either the Dept. of Army, or the State Department would cover it up.

The next day, I was slightly wounded when our headquarters was strafed by a North Korean fighter plane and I was flown to Itazuke, Japan for medical attention. I took these reports with me and gave them to a young officer who was headed back to Washington. He hand carried them to Senator William Knowland (R-Ca), a conservative who at that time, if I recall, was Chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee. He told me later that when he took these reports before this Committee, they laughed him off the Senate floor, at the idea that an American Ambassador would commit such a treasonous act. When he insisted on an investigation powerful Democrat liberals began a campaign of harassment, which later drove him out of the Senate.

You can imagine the harassment that came my way, when the military higher ups learned that a mere First Lieutenant had blown the whistle on State. I began to be given insignificant jobs that would never lead to promotion, such as Club Officer of the Fort Ord Officers Club.

The Public Information Office at Fort Ord used me however. and because of my war experiences I became a rather popular speaker in service clubs on the West Coast, and even served as a technical advisor for a movie on the war that was being shot in Hollywood. I was given Carte Blanche by the Commanding General to speak on any aspect of the war, stating: "Just make sure you can back up what you say, and tell the people the truth!" This was most unusual coming from a high ranking military man So I built up somewhat of a reputation as a speaker on the West Coast, even speaking on Don Mc Neil's Los Angles Breakfast Club.

About this time I began to do some Monday Morning Quarterbacking. I recalled how a few weeks before the war began, Col. William Baird, the KMAG Proost Marshall, and National Advisor to the Korean National Police, who at that time were more powerful than the Army, had left Korea via ship, for Oakland, California, where he was to retire after 36 years of service. His ship had not cleared Inch'on harbour, when the Korean Military Police arrested his female secretary, a beautiful former model who had worked for him for two years. It seems that she was the wife of a powerful military man in Pyong 'yang, North Korea. For two years, she had been using American Military Police vehicles, and G.I. drivers, to take information from Seoul to her mother who lived in the little Parallel village of Kae' song, NW of Seoul. This information crossed the line into the North. She had also been "shacking up" with seven top State Department officials, and had seduced them into giving her over $2-million in State Dept. funds which went to her husband. When the w¯¯‡¢began, the South Korean police shot her without a trial.

In the meantime, Col. Baird's ship arrived at the Oakland Naval Base in California, where he was put in "arrest of quarters" pending the possibility of a Court's Martial. He had such an extensive dossier on Mr. Muccio and the rest of the State Department, that everything was "swept under the carpet," Mr. Muccio was sent as Ambassador to Iceland, and the seven State Department fools, were all promoted. Not a word of this it the media, although high ranking men in KMAG knew about it. It was not until years later, that a little magazine called PAGEANT, published the complete story.

I began to realize that I was only a small cog in a mighty machine, and if I had experienced these things, then treason in our government must indeed be rife.

Later in 1958, when there was a big cutback of 5,000 Field Grade officers, I was given the option of leaving the service with a healthy lump sum payment, or staying in at my highest enlisted rank. I was fortunate enough to have a permanent rank of (E-6) Sergeant First Class, and with 14 years of service, I wanted to complete the time for retirement. Later in 1962, in Eritrea, when I again blew the whistle on State Department "dirty work," I was immediately transfer red to Ft. Richardson Alaska, where I came under the most in tense harassment. The CID even placed a full time man to watch everything I did. When my enlistment was up in 1964, I said: "Enough is enough!" and retired at my highest rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

During the Korean War, I became one of the highest decorated Army' men of that war, with the Silver Star, the Bronze Star with "V" device and four oak leaf clusters; the Purple heart with three Oak Leaf clusters, the Korean Order of Tac Guk, similar to our Distinguished Service Cross. I also received decorations from the Polish and Czechoslovakian Governments for my stand against Communism. During the Korean War, I held the record for the most consecutive days of front line duty without a break, July 10, 1950, until April 1951.

After retiring in September 1964 , I went to Mexico with my youngest son to work on a book , which was an account of my experiences as a game Warden in Eritea.

Returning to the States in the spring of 1964, we settled in Hot Springs, Ark., on the shores of Lake Hamilton, and I began my CRUSADE FOR CHRIST AND COUNTRY, which was a one man to exhort the American to return to the values which had made us great. It an effort to wake up the "rank and file" American to our responsibilities to God and country. My motto was "The Bible holds the key to our survival and OBEDIENCE TO GOD MUST COME BEFORE WE CAN HAVE VICTORY!"

At this time I was a "hard-nosed" Fundamentalist Baptist evangelist , holding meetings in some of the largest churches in the country, and was welcomed in schools such as Tennessee Temple, and Bob Jones University. My mind was so incased in "hardened denominational cement," that all I could understand was Baptist doctrinal teachings. It took the "dynamite of God", through a traumatic experience, to shatter this cement and allow me to study God's Word and see what it meant, without having some seminary educated preacher tell me what it says.

I was thoroughly Judeo-Christian in my belief, and even considered going to Palestine to volunteer to fight for the Israelis as a mercenary. Yet in spite of my church training, I had difficulty accepting these anti-Christ's as God's Chosen People, as I knew then too well and could see that this was not true. My Savior in John 10:26, said to them: "But ye believe (Me) not, because YE ARE NOT OF MY SHEEP." In Matthew 23:15. He accused their religious leaders of going over sea and laid to make converts , only to turn them in to "two-fold more a child of hell than yourself!" (hardly "chosen people" material). Yet when I asked the seminary professors what these verses meant I was let by stony silence, or was told: "Sit down! Shut up! and don't rocking the boat!" I never had a pastor or seminary professor attempt to explain what Christ meant.

In 1971 and 72, with the Vietnam War reaching it's hottest point, I worked the college lecture circuit, and came into close and Sometimes violent contact with members of the S.D.S. ("Student's for a Democratic Society"). Led by men like Abbie Hoffman aid Jerry Rubin, who were tearing our college campuses apart. In over 25 such confrontations, I was amazed to find that the leadership of these radical groups were 100% young Jews from wealthy families. Usually their daddies were criminal lawyers.

This Jewish affiliation with Communism so intrigued me, that in the summer of 1979, I took off three months from a very busy schedule, to study this phenomenon. I went to Jewish sources for my information. I was amazed to find that reputable Jewish sources, such as THE AMERICAN HEBREW, the largest Jewish newspaper in the U.S. in 1919, had a front page article which said: "What we did in Russia through Jewish money and brain power, we will accomplish in America!" In another place, it state: "The ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with the highest ideals of Judaism!" The leading Rabbi in America, Rabbi Stephen Wise, when asked about Communism replied: "Some call it Communism; I say it's Judaism!" I was amazed to find that over 450 of the top revolutionaries in the 1918 Revolution were Jews from the Lower East Side of New York City, the kind their own people Contemptuously refer to as "kikes." The money that made the Revolution a success, $20-million, was donated by the New York Jew Sidney Warburg, and was hand carried to Russia by another Jew, Nicolai Lenin. The millions of Christians who died horrible deaths under the hands of the Communists were almost always killed by Jews. As I also did some in-depth study into their religious book, the BABYLONIAN TALMUD, I began to understanding of their terrible hatred against Jesus Christ and for anyone who goes by the name Christian. Their leaders have openly declared their intention to "wipe out White Christian civilization.

After completing this study, I wrote a letter to 200 Fundamentalist leaders telling them what I had discovered , and promising that If I came to their church for a meeting, I would not push the Jewish issue, but would answer truthfully any questions raised concerning them. On the basis of this, fourteen week-long revivals scheduled for 1981 were canceled within a month after mailing the letter

Pensacola Christian Academy, one of the loudest in proclaiming me to be a "turncoat apostate," who had abandoned Bible truth.

About this time, another incident in my life took place, which added to the harassment I was already receiving from Fundamental Christian and Jewish sources. In the summer of 1980, I was invited by a friend who lived in Brownsville, Texas, to go on a fishing trip to the fabulous bass area of Lake Vincente Guerrero, near the city of Ciudad Victoria. Arriving, we found the weather too windy to get on the water, so we went dove hunting in the hills north of the lake. That day we came across a large number of heavy military vehicles including tanks and half-tracks, that bore the Russian Red Star, this included rocket launchers. One of our party had a camera with a telephoto lens, and took pictures. On arriving home, I hand carried these pictures to the State Department in Washington, D.C. where I was rudely told that we had been in an "off limits" area, and that what we had seen was none of our business. They were upset because I had not brought the negatives and threatened any of us who spoke about this to others. This angered me, as I felt that Texans had the right to know what was taking place on their border, so on a radio talk show, a few weeks later I discussed what we had seen. Immediately "hell broke loose, as F.B.I., C.I.A. and other government officials were "sicced on me". Most of their visits were "fishing expeditions," where they were looking for some reason to "nail our hides to the wall."

Up to this point, I had never mentioned Jews or Judaism in any of my lectures. Then one night, following a J.B.S. lecture, I forget where, during the Question and Answer Period the question was asked: "What do you: think about our open check policy with the "Israelis?" My reply was: "I believe the time has come when we MUST take a strong, closer look at this policy." I was called to J.B.S. Headquarters in Belmont, Mass, where Mr. Welch, head of the Society gave me a verbal tongue lashing for mentioning Jews. He said: "Never, under any circumstances are you to mention Jews, Judaism, or Zionism in a derogatory manner." My reply was that if I could not tell people the truth, then they needed someone else in my place and I resigned.

Since that date. I have had several audits by the I.R.S. It seems that "once they have tasted blood," and know they can get money from you, they never let up. In all, they have stolen over $80,000 from this Christian ministry. They have based this on the idea that since my religion is not "legitimate," neither is my Prison Ministry, which reaches men in 126 State and Federal prisons in 26 States, and is dedicated to bringing men to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, orienting them to what's happening in the country, and laying a foundation for them to live Christian lives when they get out. This is not the purpose of the so-called rehabilitation programs of most prisons. They make criminals, instead of turning criminals into good men! As the result of this thinking, they have not allowed me to deduct expenses for this ministry from my income tax. They also co all donations made to my Crusade work, as "earned," even when they are marked as "gifts."

In 1996, I received my seventh audit from the Little Rock branch of the I.R.S. and they are attempting to collect over $22,000 for the years 1994-95. It will be like getting "blood out of a turnip," since I am already deeply in debt from money they confiscated over the past ten years. This year for the first time I am striking back, and have a Tax Expert working on my case. Additional expense! I honestly believe they are trying to bankrupt me, and drive my Crusade work out of business.

They have threatened me with "levies" and "liens" and recently I received a letter from the Collecting Agency in Austin, Texas saying they would levy my Army retirement pay and Social Security, because I had not answered a prior letter in ten days. I sent him proof that I had sent answers to the I.R.S. in Little Rock; the Oklahoma City Area Branch, and Headquarters in Washington D.C. I have found from long and bitter experience, they do not hesitate to lie if it benefits their cause, and will twist the law, even their own regulations around to fit their own purpose. This is what has the American public up in arms. It will grow worse, until you men in congress do something to harness the bureaucratic monster Congress created in 1913.

I am not a "tax resistor." I believe a Christian should pay their legitimate taxes, and believe the Bible teaches this. My Savior, Jesus Christ told the Jewish authorities: "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things which are God's!" In Matthew 17:27, we have an incident where Jesus had His disciple Peter, that a piece of money found in a fish's mouth and pay the authorities: "Lest we should offend them!" He said.

Senator, it is a bitter pill to swallow, to have given over 20 years of the best of my life to the service of my country, and now have a "rebel gestapo," of the International Bankers, operating within our government as their police force, rob me illegally and unfairly.

I am an old man now, almost 82 and in poor health.

* * *

Senator, a day of reckoning is coming in America, soon I believe, in which the vast mass of caring Americans are going to stand up "en mass" and hold the President, Congress, and our "brainwashed" pastors accountable for what is taking place. It is going to be a most uncomfortable time for some. I pray you will not be among them.

I believe you the in the position to do this country and it's people a real service, by backing those who are looking into the illegal bureaucratic actions of this branch of government. I do not ask for myself, but for all concerned Americans.

Yours for Christ and a Free, God-honoring America


Gordon D. (Jack) Mohr

P.S. In March of 1998, the I.R.S. instituted an unlawful levy against my Military Retirement Pay, which will cost over $23,000.00 more and will end in January 1999. God alone knows what they will do then. But my FAITH is bolstered by the SURE knowledge that a Day of reckoning is coming, when the King will return to clean up this mess we have made, and demand an accounting from His enemies, (see Luke 19:27). In the meantime, His orders remain: "OCCUPY" until I come!" JM


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October 30, 2002

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Berkeley's Kooks, Communists, And Pro-Vietcong

by Gary Allen

Reprinted with permission from American Opinion, December 1965

Gary Allen traveled to the University of California at Berkeley with photographer Ken Granger to cover the International Days of Protest: October fifteenth-sixteenth for American Opinion. A professional script writer, Mr. Allen is now employed in the preparation of film-strips on current affairs by Bill Richardson Graphics. He is a graduate of Stanford and a resident of Los Angeles. Gary Allen is co-author of the brilliant article on the Watts insurrection which appeared in the September issue of American Opinion.

HALLOWEEN came early to the University of California at Berkeley this year. It came early. And before the anti-warlocks retired again to their crypts they had vandalized the national honor. The goblins, under the leadership of the Vietnam Day Committee, unearthed themselves two weeks prematurely to stage a propaganda spook-show known as the International Days of Protest: October fifteenth-sixteenth.

On Thursday night, October fourteenth, a sartorial preview of what could be expected for the weekend was staged at The Forum, a capitalistically run coffee house two blocks from the Berkeley campus. As curious specters paraded from the cash register to their tables carrying cups of exotic brews, it seemed to us as if their costumes had been designed by Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Addams. It was hard to believe. The young Leftists were uniformly dressed in ancient, drab, shabbily exotic, and unusually dirty clothes. The hair styles in vogue suggested a new guessing game—"Guess The Sex."

We drank our coffee, watched, and thought how pleasant it would be to just laugh and dismiss these exhibitionist misfits as incapable by impotence of being a threat to anyone but themselves. Such a view, while comfortable, would have been incorrect. For, as these strange young adults enjoyed their coffee and relished their own intense "socially conscious" conversations, as streetbunder Leftists like Berkeley mathematics professor Morris Hirsch stood on street corners passing out demonstration leaflets, a group of hard-core revolutionaries was busy behind closed doors making last-minute preparations for the International Days of Protest, a horror conceived in Moscow and coordinated from Berkeley, California. That handful of young California revolutionaries was providing the front for the coordination of efforts by tens of thousands of Leftists from Los Angeles to Paris to take to the streets in protest of American policy in Vietnam and in favor of the policy of the Communist Vietcong.

Since the demonstrations, there have been guarded insinuations by various government officials that a few Communists may have infiltrated the fringe of that pro-Vietcong activity. You will have to judge what was the fringe and what was the nucleus after you have inspected the evidence concerning what went on at Berkeley.


THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY area has long been a focal point for radical activity. As the California Senate Fact Finding Committee on Un-American Activities revealed in its 1965 Report:

Once we realize that the (Communist) Party has always operated the entire Pacific Coast and Hawaiian apparatus from San Francisco; that the major propaganda sources are situated in that city, and that the indoctrination and recruiting schools are located there—only then is one adequately equipped to begin understanding why the main force of California Communism is located in the Bay Area.

Many of you will recall that it was primarily students from the nearby University of California at Berkeley who staged the riots against the House Committee on Un-American Activities during its San Francisco Hearings in 1960. And you will also remember Berkeley's riotous Free Speech Movement of last winter, which was virtually controlled by the Communists. The outcome of the latter student rebellion against the weak administration of Chancellor Clark Kerr has been described by a Committee of the California Senate as abject surrender. As a result of that surrender, anything is permissible at the University of California. And where anything goes, everything is in danger.

Friday morning, October fifteenth, saw the building of a tumult of activity in the area in front of Sather Gate, the disputed area of the Berkeley campus which the Kerr administration has now totally surrendered to young Leftist revolutionaries, many of whom are not even students, so that they may accost the real students as they come and go from their classes. On that particular Friday morning it seemed that nearly every Leftist revolutionary organization in America had set up a card table at Sather Gate to display its literature, buttons, and placards. A bearded youth stood prominently at the Gate handing out leaflets bearing a timetable for the planned pro-Vietcong teach-ins and the march to the Oakland Army Terminal scheduled by the Leftists for that weekend. All around him young activists buzzed with the excitement of unreason.

Many there were rejoicing that years of apathy had given way to a new era of "social consciousness" and revolutionary youth. Included in the "socially conscious" groups with tables there on the Berkeley campus was the W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America, named after the American Negro "reformer" and founder of the N.A.A.C.P. who joined the Communist Party officially in Ghana after renouncing his American citizenship. F.B.I. Director J. Edgar Hoover has described the DuBois Clubs, founded in San Francisco, as being "spawned" by the Communist Party. Some of you who are "out of step with the times" might think that this would be enough to have the organization banned from the campus, but they are very "Liberal" about such things at the University of California.

As you peruse the list of officers in the DuBois Clubs, the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, and the Vietnam Day Committee, you find that the names are almost identical. The most notorious name there is that of Miss Bettina Aptheker, leader of the Free Speech Movement and the daughter of the official theoretician of the Communist Party, Herbert Aptheker. Though Miss Aptheker has admitted that she is a Communist, she was described in a recent probation report as "more moderate and responsible than the other Free Speech Movement leaders." Which may give you some idea that the others are not merely innocent "Liberals."

The Progressive Labor Party is another of the organizations permitted to be active at Berkeley. Progressive Labor is the organization of the violent Peking-oriented Communists. They are militant revolutionaries who want to see blood flowing in American streets— and they want to see it now. At the booth of the Progressive Labor Party buttons were for sale featuring a Red Star, the insignia of Communist revolution. Lettering on the button exhorted the wearer to "Fight For Socialism." Progressive Labor was also selling a variety of publications. One, P.L., featured an editorial on the Watts insurrection presenting these demands:

(1) Arrest the Nazi Police Chief Parker, Governor Brown, and Mayor Yorty and bring them to trial for murder. (2) Disarm the criminal police and punish the guilty ones. (3) Withdraw the occupation troops (police) immediately. (4) Release the 3,000 hostages.

Challenge, another Progressive Labor publication, carried the headline, "U.S. Gestapo Persecutes N.Y. Dominicans." Also, one could purchase Spark—Western Voice of Revolution, which editorialized as follows:

When people have the will to resist, they can keep an entire army at bay.... Since the government will use every weapon of terror to crush resistance, the people must build and train their own self-defense organizations.... The ruling class is weaker than it appears. In Los Angeles it needed the entire strength of California's National Guard to occupy 120 [sic] square miles of territory.

These are but a few examples of the culture and higher learning being offered on a campus provided by the taxpayers of California and permitted to continue by a school administration charged with educating the state's youth. There are many more such examples.

The Trotskyite Communists' Young Socialist Alliance also had a charming array of literature on its table, including a tabloid newspaper called Free Student. On the back of the copy we bought was a picture of the helmet of a dead U.S. Marine, impaled by the Vietcong on a bamboo spike. It was all to promote a "Get 0ut of Vietnam Rally" in New York on November eleventh (which was to include speakers from the murderous Deacons for Defense).

Yes, all the "socially conscious" groups had gathered for the festivities. Those organizations displaying materials included C.O.R.E., Students For A Democratic Society, The Independent Socialists, the Americans For Democratic Action, the Alternatives To The Draft Committee, and even the Facts About Abortion Committee. Among other publications for sale were The Malcolm X Story, International Socialist Review and the Marxist-Leninist Quarterly.

Available for fifty cents was a large, colorful directory of the coming weekend's events entitled, Did You Vote For War? Bay Area Vietnam Committee. The following groups listed themselves there as contributors to the International Days of Protest—October fifteenth-sixteenth: Industrial Workers of the World, Socialist Alliance, Independent Socialist Club of Berkeley, Bay Area Progressive Labor Party, Students for a Democratic Society, Communist Party of Northern California, Young Democrats, Bay Area Spartacist, Socialist Workers Party, and the May 2nd Movement.

The twenty-six page directory contained a brief rundown of the position taken by each group. Basically they are all the same. Here is a sample from the May 2nd Movement, a Progressive Labor Party subsidiary:

We support the National Liberation Front of south [sic] Viet Nam and other revolutionary movements because we realize that their struggle is our struggle, that when we aid our brothers in other countries, we are aiding ourselves, for we are struggling against the same enemy.

With this type of material in the Vietnam Day Committee's official program, and with so illustrious a list of sponsors, it is not surprising that even some of our nation's most timid officials are cognizant of "the hint of Communists" in the demonstrations. Yet in spite of the fact that reporters and photographers were in evidence throughout the two-day anti-American orgy, not one breath of the Communist domination of this demonstration has been specifically cited by any major newspaper, magazine, or network television program. Frankly, it just isn't because they weren't aware of it.

While treasonous organizations were selling literature in front of Sather Gate, seminars were being held that Friday morning scheduling such notorious "Liberals" as Dorothy Ray Healy, Chairman of the Communist Party of Southern California.

Friday afternoon was devoted to a "teach-in" featuring many of the nation's leading revolutionaries and Leftists. The University, which had provided classrooms for pro-Vietcong morning seminars, supplied a large athletic field and erected a sizable podium for the afternoon program. The tone of each speech was virtually identical: the Vietnamese war is an "indigenous fight for independence," the United States is run by "Wall Street warmongers," and the difference between the United States and Nazi Germany is "purely geographic."

One of the features of the afternoon session was a bitterly anti-Christian skit which climaxed with the "minister" stealing the crutch from a crippled colored man while proclaiming him healed.

Then, as students walked through the crowd hawking the Peking Review, Professor Gerald Berreman, Acting Chairman of the University of California Anthropology Department, informed the assembled that Berkeley led all universities in Peace Corps recruits due to "the socially conscious atmosphere at Cal." But since the United States had decided to make war on women and babies in South Vietnam, he said, he felt called upon to urge students to boycott the government in "good" projects while it was conducting an aggressive war.

The next speaker, Dr. Franz Schurmann, Director of the Center for Chinese Studies of the University of California, told the audience: "We've tried dialogue. We've tried patience and reason. It hasn't worked. Now we have only demonstrations left."

The most outrageous diatribe of the afternoon was disgorged by M. S. Arnoni, Editor of a wildly Leftist magazine called The Minority of One. Mr. Arnoni, whose magazine is financially supported by Communists, says he spent time in one of Hitler's concentration camps before being liberated and brought to this country. He evidently is not overly grateful as he appeared before the crowd in a black-and-gray-striped concentration camp uniform and stated, "There are stripes in this uniform and there are stripes in the American flag. I cannot take this uniform off as long as this country maintains concentration camps." Arnoni chided the students for the mildness of their protests and urged them to emulate the tactics of the Buddhists and to commit suicide in order to focus public opinion on the Vietnam war. Mr. Arnoni, however, did not volunteer to set an example.


OUTSIDERS who left the Berkeley campus and returned to the United States for dinner must have been struck, as we were, by the difference between what they had just left and the pleasant, well dressed people enjoying their meal and preparing for an evening on the town, totally oblivious to what was occurring a few blocks away where a gang of revolutionaries was demanding the destruction of the United States. We remember thinking that the old saw, "Don't worry — They're Still Ninety Miles Away," is inappropriate.

They were only nine blocks away.

There were, however, no reported cases of dyspepsia over it.

Friday evening began with a large crowd gathering at the Berkeley athletic field in preparation for a march on the Oakland Army Terminal. The parade was to climax the demonstrations. Since the Oakland Police had refused the Vietnam Day Committee a parade permit, it was doubtful if the march would ever reach its goal. The final orator was State Assemblyman William Stanton, who assured the throng of the righteousness of their cause and said that he felt sorry for the many government spies and informers in the crowd because they had a dirty job. As the assembled lined up to begin the march, Co-chairman of the Vietnam Day Committee Jerry Rubin, who recently returned from Communist Cuba, assured the crowd that no violence was expected and that they did not plan civil disobedience. However, he said, if any civil disobedience did develop, aliens, minors, and those on parole were advised not to take part. Marchers were handed pro-Vietcong placards of various types exhorting the United States to stop its "aggression" in Vietnam. Very few had brought their own signs, but the Vietnam Day Committee provided them.

Fifteen thousand persons participated in the Friday night march—no mean accomplishment if one considers the magnitude of trying to promote and organize a program of this size in support of an enemy which was at that very moment killing young Americans in Vietnam.

Most of the non-participants who lined the parade route were non-committal, though there were a few vocal "red baiters" who suggested that the marchers depart for various geographical areas outside and below the United States. At the front of the parade and wearing his Vietcong cap was Mike Myerson, International Secretary of the Communist W.E.B. DuBois Clubs. He was recently the guest in North Vietnam of Ho chi Minh—who announced that he had made Myerson his honorary nephew. He was also head of the U.S. Committee of the 1962 Communist Youth Festival. Mike Myerson wears a ring fashioned from bits of metal taken from a downed American aircraft.

One shocked C.B.S. television cameraman may be wiser for his experience in photographing the parade. A young female humanitarian tried to climb into the convertible from which he was taking his pictures. When he refused to let her climb aboard she called him every name that you have ever seen written by morons on the wall of a public lavatory. He was obviously shocked to hear such language from a "socially conscious" young lady.

As expected, the Oakland Police were waiting to block the parade's entrance to Oakland. But, rather than risk a confrontation with the Oakland Police Force (which has a reputation for being much tougher than the more "sociologically minded" Berkeley Police), the leaders of the march had planned to veer away from Oakland and to take the parade to a park in downtown Berkeley for the night "teach-in."

On hand at the park to greet the fifteen thousand marchers were fifteen clean-cut students of a patriotic bent. Although the odds were more than a trifle uneven, the marchers wanted no part of the patriots. Discussion between the pro-Americans and a couple of dozen marchers remained relatively calm until one of the beatniks made the statement that Communist Ho chi Minh based his regime on the principles of the American Declaration of Independence. Shortly thereafter the police stepped in to protect the fifteen thousand from the fifteen.

You are undoubtedly curious about the Vietnam Day Committee's strong desire to be genuinely non-violent. Conservatives have learned that when a Martin Luther King arrives in town and proclaims "non-violence," blood will soon be flowing. There is, after all, tremendous propaganda value in goading Southern whites into responding to invasion by outside agitators. Sympathy is rapidly aroused for the poor invaders by the mass media, and of course the "Civil Rights" leaders are willing to sacrifice a little blood in order to create a martyr. Outside the South, however, the psychological sympathy of public opinion for beatnik marchers quickly melts away—and with it the efficacy of violence. So "monitors" with red arm bands and walkie-talkies surrounded and controlled the Berkeley crowds. They were a tough looking crew. (Their leader, "Ringo" Hallinan of the infamous Hallinan family, has had intensive training in physical combat since he was ten years old.)

The point of the strong-arm protection was that with only the presence of the "hard core" there would have been no parade. Large numbers were required: sympathizers, united fronters, sincere pacifists, women, children, and even the physically handicapped. These people had no desire to be martyrs, and without them the hard core could not have gotten the nation-wide publicity it sought. So non-violence was the theme —and "hard-core" toughs were there to see that nobody molested their sheep.

During the Friday night speeches, someone did toss a tear-gas bomb into the crowd. Many did not return after the gas lifted even though the Vietnam Day Committee quickly restored order by leading the "Civil Rights" song, We Shall Overcome. The pied piper's melody brought the faithful back into the park, but most of the hangers-on had fled permanently. This song has an almost magical, hypnotic effect on the veterans of the "Civil Rights" demonstrations who compose a large percentage of the so-called "peace movement." The agitators are the same, only the buttons have been changed to confuse the innocent. Which says something important about both the pro-Vietcong demonstrations and the "Civil Rights" movement.


THE VIETNAM DAY Committee had announced that there would again be an attempt to march to the Oakland Army Terminal on Saturday afternoon, but things were relatively quiet in the Berkeley park that Saturday morning as a few hundred waited for the return of the "masses." Among those lecturing the faithful were William Worthy, a frequent visitor to Communist China, and Mike Laski, who shouted into the microphone that he was a member of the Communist Party—Marxist-Leninist, a violent Communist splinter group. Laski has claimed that his organization, which is headquartered in Watts, was responsible for starting the Watts riots.

Back on campus it was obvious why the leaders had taken the parade to a park in downtown Berkeley rather than return to the school. Saturday Cal was to play the University of Washington in football, and as it was Parent's Day, there would be thousands of visitors on campus. Gone from the campus plaza were the revolutionary placards, gone were the tables advocating abortion, draft evasion, and revolution. Why, it looked like a school, a school where students could come and learn without having their University turned into a circus by a handful of misfits and criminals, many of whom are not even enrolled as students. The average parent viewing the campus on his way to the game must have wondered what all the fuss was about. There was one lonely beatnik girl calmly strumming her guitar. Could she be a threat to the nation? Absurd! Why, such people only lend a little color to the campus and doubtless broaden the students' outlook on life.

Saturday afternoon approximately three thousand marchers, some bare footed, some in sandals, and a scattered few with shoes, headed once again for Oakland. The Oakland Police were waiting as expected; and also waiting, but not expected, was the Oakland echelon of the Hell's Angels Motor Cycle Club.

While the marchers were mostly an unbathed lot, their accumulated dirt paled in comparison with that of the motorcycle squadron. The beatniks apparently sneak a shower every six months, an act the Hell's Angels consider a sign of moral decadence.

The leader of the Angels, a brute of a man seven-feet tall and weighing three hundred pounds, with flowing black hair and beard, shouted "By God, I'm an American and I ain't no Commie," as he led his small group in a charge on the paraders. The Berkeley Police intercepted the attackers, bludgeoning the leader into unconsciousness. There was, however, not one cry of "police brutality" from the assembled Leftists. The Angels were, after all, just hoodlums—they weren't Leftist hoodlums.

What motivated the Hell's Angels is anybody's guess. Perhaps even these criminal renegades have (unlike many of their more sophisticated contemporaries) enough decency to know that Communism is a rotten hell. Possibly they were just looking for a "rumble."

The Saturday afternoon teach-in was a repetition of the preaching of hatred for this country that had marked the session on Friday. It was held in the middle of a main street, blocking traffic between Oakland and Berkeley. The Vietnam Day Committee maintained that their freedom of speech was being violated because all they were allowed to do was stop traffic; it was, they said, a right of free speech to invade a defense base. They vowed to keep trying and threatened to turn Oakland into another Selma—whatever that meant.

The featured speaker was Yale History Professor Staughton Lynd, son of two veteran Communist Fronters. Lynd is considered by the Communists to be such a good speaker that he was permitted to act as a keynote lecturer at the anniversary celebration of the Communist National Guardian on November 24, 1964.


WE WERE amazed that the Communists were so blatant. There was no phony pretense about these people being "Liberals," no hedging, no dodging. Thousands wore Red-star buttons and many openly bragged of being Communists with all of the candor of one speaking of being a Democrat or a Methodist. There was no hypocrisy about "better Red than dead." It was just better Red, period.

It would, of course, be wrong to draw the conclusion that the marchers were all Communists or that all of those on the program were Communists. But note that in the Committee's official program all of the contributors except the Young Democrats are avowedly Communist or revolutionary socialist organizations. (Of course, the President of the Berkeley Young Democrats, Ted Cohen, is a member of the Communist W.E.B. DuBois Clubs.) Having an all-Communist demonstration is contrary to the Communists' "united front" technique, whereby Communists attempt to create enormous propaganda by magnifying their numbers geometrically.

The fact remains, however, that most of the key leaders of the Berkeley affair have extensive backgrounds in Communist activity. Besides Bettina Aptheker and Ringo Hallinan, (who has two brothers who participated in the founding of the DuBois Clubs), the leadership included Jerry Rubin, a founder of the Vietnam Day Committee who recently returned from an illegal trip to Communist Cuba, and who was a participant in the "stop-the-trains" demonstrations in Oakland. Another co-founder of the Vietnam Day Committee is Cal mathematics professor Stephen Smale, who was the campus advisor for the Fair Play For Cuba Committee—a Communist member of which assassinated President Kennedy. While a student at the University of Michigan, Smale was an open member of the Labor Youth League, cited as a Communist Front organization by the Subversive Activities Control Board. The League's National Chairman was Leon Wofsy, former National Youth Director of the Communist Party, U.S.A., who is now Associate Professor of Bacteriology at Berkeley, and a faculty advisor to the Vietnam Day Committee. The Committee also included Trotskyite Paul Montauk; the former Cuba Travel Committee leader, Kipp Dawson; Free Speech Movement strategist and DuBois Clubber Steve Weissmnn; and Elizabeth and Sydney Stepleton, representatives of the Trotskyite Communist's Young Socialist Alliance.

Still, activities described here could not have taken place without the aid of a weak or sympathetic University administration and faculty. The Report of the California Senate concerning the Free Speech Movement, the progenitor of the Vietnam Day Committee, reveals the tenor of things at Berkeley:

Conditions at Berkeley in the fall of 1964 provided an ideal situation for Communist activity. The administration was opposed to the maintenance of proper security facilities; there had been an easy acceptance of radical student organizations that had become both arrogant and defiant. . .

Apologists for the Berkeley situation are quick to point out that many of those involved in these revolutionary activities are not students; they say that a disproportionately large number of those who each day invade the campus to harangue the students are not enrolled. This is true, but also misleading, because most of the agitators were students at the University at one time and dropped out to become full-time revolutionaries. Further, the University could easily prohibit revolutionary propagandizing on the campus. It just doesn't seem to want to.

On the other hand, the California Senate Report makes it clear that Berkeley's students are being conditioned in their classrooms to accept what the revolutionaries preach. In speaking of the Leftist Free Speech Movement, the Senate Report states:

Many professors who were sympathetic with the FSM used their classrooms for the purpose of expressing these sentiments to their students. There are many instances of . . . professors and teaching assistants deliberately indoctrinating their students in an attempt to gain support for the FSM.

Three hundred and seventy-eight members of the Berkeley faculty went so far as to send a telegram to Governor Brown requesting that eight hundred students who had been arrested for invading and seizing a University administration building and holding it for fourteen hours not be punished. The California Senate Report was clearly on firm ground when it stated that at Berkeley there has been "easy tolerance of pro-Communist faculty members who made little effort to conceal their profound Marxian bias either from students or administration."

In assessing the climate at Cal, it would be inappropriate not to consider the President of the University, Clark Kerr. Speaking of Kerr's background the Senate Report says:

Kerr served with several government agencies during and immediately after the war . . . he was brought into close contact with the many communists who were also working in these agencies.... We do make clear that many of Kerr's most intimate colleagues during these years were at the same time teaching at the communist school and participating in a wide variety of pro-Communist activities. Some of them came to work at the Berkeley campus after Kerr became Chancellor.

The tolerance of the radical student groups, the opening of the campus to communist officials, the reluctance to curb the activities of the most harsh and defiant student refuels, and the obvious distaste for adequate security precautions, speak for themselves.

It was inevitable that those who were subjected daily for a long period of time to a relentless, highly-slanted barrage of communist propaganda, and who were in daily association with dedicated party members either came to detest Communism or to accept it as a way of life with an attitude of easy accommodation.

No Communist speakers had been allowed to lecture on university property since January 1952, until President Kerr persuaded the Regents to rescind that prohibition about three months before the Berkeley Rebellion commenced.


NIKOLAI LENIN said, youth is the key." He was right. As a result, the Communists have worked on college campuses for decades—and the situation at Berkeley is certainly not unique.

While Communists at Berkeley were leading 15,000 marchers to support the Communist Vietcong, as many as 100,000 students, according to Newsweek, were elsewhere involved in the same kind of activity we have described here. That Saturday, 10,000 demonstrators marched down New York's Fifth Avenue in support of the Vietcong's anti-American position on Vietnam. At the University of Michigan, Texas, Ohio State, Yale, Harvard, Wisconsin — throughout the land—the revolutionary Left was on the march. Officials at the University of Colorado even permitted a flashcard section (demanding negotiations with the Communists) to demonstrate at a football game.

That week in Vietnam forty-nine young Americans—many the same age as these Communist and Leftist demonstrators — were killed and 113 were wounded. They did not wear beards, or chant slogans; they did not march or demand or demonstrate. They just died. More correctly, they were killed— by the friends of the Bettina Apthekers, the Jerry Rubins, the Leon Wofsys, the Stephen Smales, the Mike Myersons, and the placard-carrying young revolutionaries who marched at Berkeley and elsewhere to try to make their deaths a mockery.

Meanwhile, several thousand non-students continue to haunt the environs of Berkeley, auditing courses from Leftist professors (at no charge except to the taxpayer) and participating in "political activities." Their numbers are growing as many are enticed into the maw by the spirit of rebellion, the veneer of idealism, and the seemingly romantic life. Many will pass through this phase, but many won't. In the meantime, the society that they hate so much, the mixed-economy whose ills they mistakenly ascribe to capitalism, provides them with free schooling, a place to plan their revolution, a forum to preach it from, unemployment insurance to live on, and young men to die in Vietnam in their place.

There need be no further proof that Communism does not spring from the fields or factories, but from the marbled halls of a socialist education system sucking its blood from the patriotic body of the nation's producers. This is the system that has given the world its Mao Tse-tungs and Fidel Castros. Out of such a twisted crew of demented "intellectuals" have come revolutions that have captured Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, China, Hungary, Poland, Albania, Cuba, and so many more nations.

Of course, it can't happen here.

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The John Birch Society, Inc.



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- Born In The U.S.A. -

Born down in a dead man's town
The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
You end up like a dog that's been beat too much
Till you spend half your life just covering up
Born in the U. S. A
I was born in the U. S. A
I was born in the U. S. A
Born in the U. S. A

Got in a little hometown jam
So they put a rifle in my hand
Sent me off to a foreign land
To go and kill the yellow man

Born in the U. S. A
I was born in the U. S. A
I was born in the U. S. A
I was born in the U. S. A

Come back home to the refinery
Hiring man says "Son if it was up to me"
Went down to see my V. A man
He said "Son don't you understand now"

Had a brother at Khe Sang fighting off the Viet Cong
They're still there, he's all gone
He had a woman he loved in Saigon
I got a picture of him in her arms now

Down the shadow of the penitentiary
Out by the gas fires of the refinery
I'm ten years burning down the road
Nowhere to run, ain't got nowhere to go

Born in the U. S. A
I was born in the U. S. A
Born in the U. S. A
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